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Jimmy Jam. Jim. Jim. I jam shima. Jam MJF and Adam Cole are going to be a tag team, baby. But can they coexist?


Probably not.


I don't think they will either, but we'll certainly find out. I'm luko in D-A-D. I'm joined by Tempest, who is claiming to be your jam. That champion is holding on to that thing.


Listen, Pete doesn't appear on this channel anymore. He didn't have to be a slacker.


So you're just holding on to it? For the time being. Yeah, liw is fine.


I can't just give him this belt. It's not like we sit across from each other in the office or anything. This has to be done on the Wrestle Talk Podcast channel. And when he wants to come on the Russell Talk Podcast channel, he's more than welcome to have this back.


It's a very good point. He will be here this Sunday, though, because he'll be doing live reactions to Forbidden Door with the professor, Dan Layton, and then me and myself and Pete will be doing a review of Forbidden Door the day after.


It's a shame I won't be there.


You won't be there on any of those ones, though. So I suppose we'll have to keep an eye out what happens with the gem that Jambie Jim. But please do press the subscribe button if it's your first time here. Give us a little thumbs up as well and get in your comments down below. If you're watching this on demand with what you thought of this episode and your excitement levels, Forbidden Door. But if you're watching live, get in your Omega chat to rest support. We'll read out all of them above the five US dollar amount. A few people asking, where is Ollie? Well, ollie's at glastonbury. Yes, he is in a muddy field somewhere. Although, actually it's probably quite a nice field this year because the sun is shining outside, so he's probably having a lovely time getting ready for Glastonbury. So he is not here today.


It was a warm sun this morning. Nice cool breeze, but a warm sun. I don't know if it's the kind of sun you'd want to be outside in the summer heat in the middle of a field, but yeah, I've only been to one music festival and it rained a lot.


Oh, man. Sometimes that's a nice thing.


I listen to Lord in the Rain reading festival.


Three. Might be four. No, it's three. I think it's four. I think it was 2004, reading Festival four. It absolutely chucked it down while we're watching Prodigy. And it was great.




Dancing in the rain like an absolute madman. My shoes had come apart, so I had a tear from like one half all the way around to the other half. So when I got home, I just got some duct tape and I just taped that sucker up.


That's the most luko and thing I've.


Ever heard in my life. I ain't got 40 quid to drop on new shoes. So I'm just going to get some duct tape around these and they'll last me another couple of months.


Hey, if it's not supposed to move and it does duct tape.


Exactly. So, yeah, we're going to be talking about AEW dynamite here. Please do get your commented about this show. Now we are going to be talking about the MJF Adam Cole thing to kick us off. And I know what some of you might be thinking. Well, there's other big news that's happening right now, and there's other things that people are really, really excited to talk about. And I get it. But we can't dedicate this podcast to me getting tickets to see Scene Queen in October. As much as I would love to dedicate the next hour of chat to me getting tickets to see Scene Queen, we just can't.


Listen, if Pete was sat in this chair, he would be the perfect person to listen to that chat. But we have to talk about Adam Cole, baby.


We have to talk about Adam Cole and MJF. So Adam Cole comes out for this promo to, hey, I didn't win last week, but neither did Max. And he was right to not go for those extra five minutes because he's a coward and he knew that I would have beaten him. And MJF comes out to address this criticism and he just goes, I had you beat.


I love this promo segment so much.


It was really funny. It was like, I had you beat. And do I want your challenge, Cole, for a rematch? The answer is no.


He says no because he's worried about Adam Cole's health. But he also knows that he had him beat.


He had him beat. What does he need to prove? He doesn't need to prove anything. He hadn't beat. And yeah, you're right, because Adam Cole had the concussion last year. He's like, look, I don't want to put you on the shelf again. I don't want that on my conscious. I think you need to take it for yourself and just chill out for a little bit. And all of a sudden, Tony Shivani stands up with a microphone that eventually works. And earlier in the night, he and RJ City were drawing names for the blind Eliminator tournament that they announced on collision. Now, we all said, what does that mean?


It's a deadly game or a deadly draw tournament that they did a few years ago.


Yeah. So we were like, okay, what does this mean? Is it just that teams are drawn at random and they don't know who they're going to be facing on any given week? Or is it names are pulled out of a hat at random and they become teams?


I figured that would be what it was.


Kind of what I thought as well. They did it to great success in TNA a number of years ago. I'm going to say a number of years ago, 1015 years ago. Times a tricky little thing. So that's what they got. And they had RJ City and Tony Shivani draw out two names and he went, Hoho. Those are interesting. The brackets will be announced next week. In this segment, Tony Shivani announced that the first two names that he drew who are going to be teaming together in this Blind Eliminator tournament are MJF and Adam Cole.


So I have a number of thoughts about this, please, because I typically am not the biggest fan of these blind tag partner tournament type things because either you gimmick it and you just happen to pull the name out of the hat of the two guys that are feuding for the world title. How did that happen? Wouldn't you know who won the pony?


Or these things happen to this.


Yeah, I'm not going to spoil the next blood on the clock tower, but there is some nuttiness in terms of random assignments of characters and things, but you either do it the other way, where you do it as a shoot, and you just get a bunch of random pairings of people and go, all right, well, none of this means anything.


Yeah, it's Pencer and John Silver.


So with those being the two options, I prefer this one. I'm willing for it because I think the can they coexist thing has been way played out over the last few years. But I think this is one I am more than willing to tolerate because I said in my editor review, this is something that gives me flashbacks to, like, the Kurd angle. Chris Benoit 2002. We hate each other, but God damn you two. Just let's put you together and see if you can make something together type team. As opposed to like Sasha and Bianca on their road to WrestleMania for some reason challenging for the tag titles here. They have to be a team because they've been assigned here, and there's a lot of things they can play with in this where MJF looked up to Adam Cole. So maybe deep down, he does want to earn this guy's respect. Maybe he does, deep down, look at this guy and go, I get to team with Adam Cole. That's kind of cool. You would never say that. But there's a lot of things that they can play with here. If they make it through a round or two of this tournament before maybe losing in the semifinals because MJF inevitably turns on him or something like that, there's just a lot more depth to this rivalry that I think can help with a gimmick.


Like the can their coexist type thing.


Yeah, I don't think this is Cena and Michaels winning the tag belt.




I think this is part of the story. I've made this point on episodes in the past on the can they coexist thing. Can they coexist is a good story. It is a perfectly fine and legitimate story. The only reason. Why can they coexist? Became the meme that it did is because WWE did it on a weekly basis. It was every week of TV. Can they coexist? To the point where WWE's own social media were making fun of the fact that they always do the can they coexist thing. But can they coexist? Is a good story. And it works very well within the world of professional wrestling because you're right, like, I hadn't even considered what the matches could look like. Do you just have MJF just drop down off the apron immediately and walk away? Which is certainly an easy way out of it. But wouldn't it be really fun if they started working together? Well, they have that moment where they do like, a couple of double team moves and they look at each other and Max has this realization of, like, oh, I could win more gold. I could win another belt to add to my collection here and make even more money and have Tony Khan over even more of a barrel.


There's some really fun that could be had with that. And then I love actually making it out of the first round, getting to the semifinals or something like that, or getting to the quarter finals. That could be really fun.


I think there's so much that they could choose to do this. Now, granted, this is a deep cut. They did the I think it was the second ever Dusty Roads tag classic. And I was thinking, oh, they could do so many fun things with Bobby Rood and Ty Dillinger as a team. And then they did exactly that, where Bobby Rood just hopped off the apron and walked away in the first match. And I went oh, never mind. But again, the fun of all of this is the fantasy book and talk about what they could do. But imagine if this is a sort of run that starts getting people to kind of cheer the team, because this act is very over right now. This is a hot angle. I had a good match. They're having good promos. People like Adam Cole. They hate Max. So if they then go out there and win a couple of these matches, I don't think people are going to boo those matches and boo those wins. So if they have a couple of these wins and MJF starts looking around a little bit and then turns again, like he is always one to do, I just think there's so much to play with here.


Yeah. Particularly because they had a moment in this segment where they were on the same page, because Tony Shivani, when he stands up, both of them on the microphone, looked up at the commentary desk and at the same time said, shut up, Shivani.




So good. Because Max hates Siobhani and Adam Cole really hates Tony Shivani because of his friendship with Brit Baker. And they played off of that, and they had this moment of just like, it's something we have in common.


Yeah. I'm really excited. Like, I am really kind of hoping that this lasts more than just a week or whenever they do the first one of these.


You did the show with Ollie, I believe you did the show with Ollie. When the Sammy and MJF team broke up and Ollie made the point, I'm just like, it's almost over too soon because I was actually really enjoying their act together.


Yeah, it's so fun because MJF is such a character who has perfected the sports entertainment side of wrestling. He is someone that the longer you drag out a turn or him working his partner or trying to just work the fans into thinking he's on someone's side when everybody knows that the thing is coming. But he's so good at just making those weeks entertaining, and that's something that not a lot of people have been able to do. And it's really, to me, the key of long term wrestling storytelling is just being able to lengthen things out and not have people get tired of it. And he is the master of it in AEW right now. He's the one who could take something like this that under somebody else, might have a two week shelf life and make it something to last halfway through the summer. If they want to have MJF Cole be the all out or all in title defense, either way, they could make this last a month. A month and a half or two months or something.


Yeah, we're making the assumption that it's MJF punker all out just based on what happened on collision, but hey, there's every chance that it could be something else. They just drag that out even further and just not drag it out like a negative, but extend it out even further.


I'm really excited to see the other teams in this tournament as well.


Just like, what other random pairings are we going to get? Some random worked pairings.


If we start getting a lot of other main event kind of level guys in this who get paired with whoever else the plethora of excellent workers in AEW, all of a sudden, there's a lot of really fun matches that could come together that we normally wouldn't get a chance to see.


Do you know what pairing I'd want? Because this is a worked thing. Eddie and Claudio. Yeah. Can you imagine Eddie and Claudio on the same team?


That's the one where they are facing a couple of heels, and the heels just, like, step back and they just fight. They don't even try to coexist. They just fight. Exactly.


No way they're on the same team. And I kind of like the idea of tag teams being broken up in a certain way and then being across the ring from one another. The FTR on the tournament, they're the tag champs. But say, for example, it's the Lucha Bros.


I was just going to say different Phoenix than someone else. As a tag team, it ends up.


Being Pencer and Vikingo versus Phoenix and Commander. That's your first round match.


That's very luchurific.


I love that. Or you could even have okay, I'm going to fancy put this even further. It's Pencer and Vikingo versus Phoenix. And Brian Cage like Lance Archer, like this lone monster hungry lucha, dudes.


It's fun. And to me, this sort of tournament again, gives them the ability to be kind of creative and just do whatever you want for a couple of months. You're not locked into, oh, well, these guys have different allegiances to different factions or tag teams or whatever. You can just mess about, make some fun TV for a couple of months and I hope they do that.


Orange Castium and or Suzuki. Yeah, that's one of your teams. It's a lot of fun seeing people like Mero and Malachi, black OC and MOX. Jungle Boy and Christian. Jungle Boy and Lucirus would be like a tag team that split up, being put back together. That's quite fun.


There aren't that many of those in AEW, like the proper tag teams that have split up.


Yeah, sometimes you pointed that Swerve and Lee get put back together. We couldn't eventually get a singles match out of it, but shout out as well. We got an AEW R in the chat, so hello, everyone. They only had one question on their mind, which is, where the hell is Ollie? He's a glastonbury, everyone, but yeah. Thank you very much to AW for joining us today. I hope you're writing these suggestions that we're saying down because some good ones I'll text Will later. Here's a really good idea for you, will you let's get into your Omega chat on this one and see what you have to say about this topic. BM whitehouse kicked things off to say fun fact, MJF in theory, have held the AEW new US titles for around the same length of time, seven months. And yet both men feel like they just won them. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Personally, I feel like they've barely done anything with the belt.


I disagree strongly.


Well, I agree that it only feels like MJF has had the belt for a short amount of time, but then I think, like, man, he's done so much with that belt since you won it. Theory. I would have said won that two months ago because he has done nothing with that.


Yeah, I mean, I've said like, every week on the SmackDown podcast that I don't understand what we're doing with the US title. Someone tweeted, when do you think Austin Theory should lose this title? I was like, last Friday. Last Friday when he faced Jay USO or any of the other times that he's defended it recently, just like, yeah. MJF, on the other hand, has had two absolutely banging pay per view defenses of this title, as well as the Ricky Starks promo and Match and Match that were both very good. He's had the Adam Cole promo. The Adam Cole promo and match. There's a lot. He doesn't get as much credit for this sort of thing because he doesn't wrestle as often on TV. He had the Takehta match, but I think we've named every match he's had this year aside from the tag he had with Sammy Guevara.




But it's a very solid range.


My point was more like every match has been great.




He hasn't had a bad match since he won that belt.


His batting average is impeccable this year, and where I find the difference to be here is Austin theory. I'm thinking he should have lost this title, like, a week and a half ago or a month and a half ago. MJF, I'm like, if he holds another six months, I'm not mad.


Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I'm off theory train.




I'm ready to move on to something else.


I thoroughly agree.


I'm real glad he ain't on Roar anymore.


Yeah. Can I have Walter back?


Oh, no.


Can we know we've got the IC.


Title now, I'm afraid. OOH Kingslayer says, hey, just wondering, do you guys think that MJF and Cole might win the tag titles? Will that be pure, Mandous, and I would love it. Maybe MJF walks out the tank match and Cole wins the titles alone. Problem is, like, I don't want to adapt to FTR. Cole just beating them two on one.


If he could beat the guns two on one if they were still the champions.


Absolutely, yeah. If the guns were still champs, 100%. But it's FTR. You need to protect FTR a little bit more than that.


I doubt it, but getting MJF back into the gravitational pole of CM Punk like, that could be a way to do it. But again, I don't necessarily see it.


Salman Ali said, It's time to eat crow. When Jeff Jarrett debuted back in November, I figured it would be a short run. And here we are seven months later, and I look forward to Jarrett segments more than CM Punk. Hashtag Luke was always right.


That double or nothing match won me over. I'm on the team. TNA hype train.


When you pull it down, he goes.


Yeah. I feel slightly defeated, but also all elevated.


Well, we'll get into the rest of your Omega chats later in the show because we get to talk about that Jeff Jarrett segment very, very shortly. But this episode of Dynamite opened with the hardees wrestling on Dynamite. This doesn't happen very often. Taking on the ass boys of Colton and Aston Gunn. I've got one note for this. I've written basic but fun tag match.


Yeah, it was solid enough.


Solid enough.


There's a lot of cheating from the guns, just like standard heel stuff. One of them, I think, Colton put Austin's foot on the ropes after he was hit with a twist of fate. They went for a lot of Twists of Fates in this match.


Yeah, it was a fun spot because they did the twist of fate, and then one of the Ass boys put the other Ass Boys foot on the ropes, and then they reversed that into a roll up of their own and put their feet back on the ropes to get the leverage. That's fun.


That's fun. They went for another twist of fate. I think one of them, like, pulled their arms so they wouldn't fall down and stuff like that. And then finally it was just kind of a distraction. Finish is fine. I suppose you got heat with me, Tony, having the Ass boys beat the Hardy Boys. But I know what the game is. I know what you're going to do. These guys have to be off TV, apparently due to that report that Jeff can't make it into Canada, where they're doing a lot of shows.


Yeah, there was a fun spot where Jeff split the uprights on both of them at the same time. That was a fun spot. But yeah, you're right. So the report is Jeff can't travel because of the DUI that he got. He can't go into Canada. And they're doing a bunch of shows in Canada for the next month. So can't have the Hardies on TV ride them off TV for a bit.


Yeah, which is funny because I didn't think they beat them up that bad.


No, I think this was more just like they take the lost golf TV for a bit, then they can come back and refued.


With everything I saw of this was, oh, they were written off TV. I was like, were they?




They didn't get pulmonized or anything.


I read it more like when I said I was like, oh, well, that's why they lost then.




As opposed to, oh, that's why they beat them up. So Bullet Club ran down, and to cause the distraction, the guns hit three 10th of Yuma for the win. Jay then hit the Blade Runner on Matt after the match. Ricky Starks ran down to make the safe, but that wasn't enough. So FTR ran down to make the safe, but that wasn't enough. And then Centimer Punk runs down. Juice Robinson avoids getting hit with the GTS. And Punk stands alongside FTR and Starks and he challenges them to a match on Collision this Saturday. And this Chicago crowd booed that announcement.


This has become a real trend as of late. I've found where if you have an announcement to make and you're like, I'll do it on the next show. Everyone in attendance is like, God damn it, I paid for this show.


Punk makes an announcement. Challenge for collision. The crowd booze and Punk are like, Why are you booing? I'm a collision guy. It's like, Dante, I'm not even supposed to be here today.


My big takeaway out of all of this. Centimer punk ran in to save Jeff Hardy.


That's true. Well, I mean, you say that, but I felt like the Hardy's one thanos.


Out of existence as soon as Ricky Starks ran it down.


When he got hit with the Blaze run, he also snapped the finger. I don't feel so good, Mr. Ricky Starks.


I don't feel so good, brother. Nero, enough.


They dusted away.


Yeah. I mean, I was kind of hoping when I heard that's what happened? When I checked my email the first thing this morning, I was like, oh, man. Maybe they set up something for, like, a few months from now with CM Punk and Jeff Hardy now. No, it's just me. I really like that feud they had 14 years ago.


We got a video package. The hype up. Jeff Jarrett versus Mark Briscoe in their concession stand brawl. I will read you my notes on this match. Verbatim, please. They're fighting in the concessions. Jeff Jarrett goes through a table right away. Mark throws hot dogs at Jeff. Karen runs in and sprays ketchup and mustard in Mark's eyes. Mark is still on top, though. He climbs a ladder. Sanjay pushes him off that ladder through a table. They roll down to the ring. During the ad break, lethal appears and attacks Mark Briscoe. Jeff Jarrett orders Jay to get a table, but Papa Briscoe stops him and he lays out Jay Karen.




Low blows. Papa. Briscoe. Satnam Singh runs down to stop the JD driller. Christopher Daniels runs down. Best friends run down. Lucha brothers run down. They all take out Satnam Singh. Mark pins. JJ. That was great fun.


Yeah. You covered every single thing that happened.


When the second like, Daniels and best friend. And then I was like, Bring them on. Let's have more people run in. Who else can we have run in here? Where are the machine guns at? Have them run in for this.


I don't know where we go next from all of this, but I am getting because I was one of the people that really enjoyed the Aubrey Edwards match on Ramp.


Loved the Aubrey Edwards match.


They got something here. I don't know how long the shelf life of Briscoes and Jarrett and Team TNA and everything is, but I've had fun every time I've seen it since the Pay Per View.


I feel like this was the end of it.


I would like to hope so.


Yeah. Jarrett cut this primo on the road to dynamite, saying that if he doesn't beat Mark Briscoe, he's going to step away from AEW. But they never brought that up on commentary. So I don't know if that was just Jeff being Jeff and then Tony Khan was like, no, I've booked you for too many things. Yeah, but so I don't I don't know. I didn't don't feel like it played into anything on this, but I had a great time with this match. I thought it was real stupid, silly fun. And it's one of the things I really like about AEW. It's the variety. It's a proper little pick, a mix of a wrestling show, because you had this on the same show that Zach Sabre Jr. And Shabbatta were wrestling.


Yes, 100%. And it is a slight nitpick because it is my biggest well, not biggest, but it's one of my pet peeves about wrestling. Anytime you have some sort of falls count anywhere, brawl, street fight thing, and they start somewhere else and they end in the ring.


Yeah. Weird to end in the ring.


The ring has a gravitational pull that draws wrestlers towards it. I never understood it. Anytime a false count Anywhere match ends in the ring. I was like, you guys are just not creative enough.


Yeah. As Adam Blompey might describe this match, it was silly bollocks.


It sure was. It sure was an accurate description.


We got a recap of last week's incredible ending to Dynamite that sadly did not get the big follow up this week because the elite were not there this week. Hanger wasn't on the show, bucks went on the show, Omega wasn't on the show. Instead, they did this backstage pre tape instead, which we'll get to in a little bit. But first, Don Callus and Takeshta were hanging out with the Blackpool Combat Club with MOX challenging the elites and some partners. Bear in mind Kenny can't be because Kenny's busy with Will, so he's challenging the Hungbucks to a five on five matchup. Forbidden Door with BCC teaming with Takeshta and Shoda.


Umano, yeah, that's my guy.


And Danielson promises that he's going to call out. Akada later on said Okada was a coward. Yeah, he did.


How dare he? Fighting words. So is Takesha just in this group now?


No, he is with Don Callus, but.


Don Callus were just hanging out with them this time.


Yeah. Because they would challenge him to a match.


Yeah. I don't know what it was about this one. Where this segment in particular, I think it was just Moxley being like, we're the top guys in this company, we know it. Don callus and Takesha know it. They're here. I was like, okay. Interesting. There's a lot of synergy going on between these two little faction group things.


I think, because we're likely building towards blood and guts. Sorry, I apologize if I'm just looking at my laptop, it's because there was a Don Callous thing that I really wanted to find. You carry on.


Yeah. I mean, I don't have any problem with it one way or the other. I like these guys together. I always thought that Blackpool Combat Club would be kind of a fun place for Takesh to end up just I don't know, I think they work. He's a good guy. He's not that young. He's not actually that young. He's just kind of a new he feels young because he's a new. Face for the American audience and everything.


It's kind of like a Damien priest. Damien Priest is not young. Damien Priest is older than Cody Rhodes, but he feels younger because he's kind of still new within WWE.


Yeah. Relatively speaking. And, yeah, I mean, I am very excited for this ten man tag because I love Shoda, umno, I love Takeshda, I love Claudio, I love John Moxley. And Wheeler, Utah is also good.


He is also there.


I like him.


I found my Donkhousing I was looking for. He has done an interview where he has said, kneske Tekeshda walks into a room and his dick has already been there for two minutes.


Thank you, Don. Appreciate you.


We got a video package hyping up collision. And then we got a six man tag of Chris Jericho, sammy Guevara menorah. Suzuki taking on AR Fox. Action and ready. And Darius Martin. I particularly enjoyed Menorah Suzuki doing the Sammy Guevara pose with Chris Jericho. Thought that was good fun.


I particularly hated the cameras cutting away from that shot.


Yeah. Didn't like the camera missing it. Yeah, there was some fun trio stuff in a lot of this. Like AR Fox did his sort of inverted 450 and all that sort of stuff. They kind of played up the action and dready Chris Jericho history with him getting a couple of near falls. But eventually Jericho got the lion tamer on Martin for the win.


I thought this was a very fun trio's match. And to me, this was another one that kind of stood out as the fun trio's match of this show in that kind of variety pack wrestling style that you were talking about. Like, you have your kind of garbage, nonsense, concession stand, weird street fight tables, tornado tag, whatever you want to call it type match. In this case, the concession stand brawl that's over there on one side. But then you also have, like, the fun high flying trio versus the heels that are big stars and everything kind of trio's match. And this was my favorite match on the show. I really enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of AR Fox. I've been a big fan of his for a very long time. Big fan of Darius Martin, been a big fan of his for a very long time. And of course, anytime I get to see Minor Suzuki in a match that just immediately boosts the match, an entire star, it's always great. And the showdown that Menorah Suzuki had with Darius Martin about halfway through this match, when Suzuki had the sleeper hold on someone, probably AR Fox or something, and Darius just came up behind him and hit him.


And the crowd starts chanting, you f DUP, you f DUP, you f d up. And Suzuki just turns around. He's like, hey, I got to kill you.


Murder Grandpa shows up.


Yeah. And he just does one shot, one little forearm shot, and he drops.


You only get one shot.


This was again a crowd that knew to respect this man, treated him like a star and he came off like a star. And I find it so funny that in this match with these three high flying young guys and a really good old school Jericho and Sammy Guevara pairing and everything, the things that got the biggest reaction in this match were menorah Suzuki posing and menorah Suzuki doing a slow turn.


A pro, Renee Piquette comes down to the ring to interview Jericho and asks about Sting. And so Jericho takes the mic off her and Renee leaves. Thanks for coming, Renee.


Renee has good questions, though. She does. I want to give her credit for this because it's like the craziest thing about all these WWE backstage people, the question they ask is always stupid. It's like you're facing someone tonight. Your thoughts? Yes, I am. Thank you. Whereas Renee in AEW always has a good question. Ash, he feels like a real reporter interview person.


Absolutely. And he says that Sting is not a hall of famer, he's a whore. And he challenges ahure, as they say.


In Western Canada, he challenges Sting and.


Darby and a partner to a match of Forbidden Door. So it'll be Jericho, Sammy and Suzuki versus the dudes with attitude and whoever they want to have. And Sting comes out to accept the challenge and Darby says, we've got a guy for this Sunday and you'll find out who it is on collision.


Funny, I've seen Shingo tweet like, I guess it's not me. You guys didn't call me this time. So it is in fact, as we're being led to believe, not Shingo Takagi, which makes sense because Shingo doesn't have any history with Chris Jericho because that's.


The other line in this. Dabi says you made a lot of enemies over your history. So I know it's like some people are running with the idea that it's Goldberg, but we talk about this on we've got the predictions, forbidden Door going up tomorrow and you and I talk about it then. But we are both thinking naito, yeah.


Makes the most sense for a Forbidden Door show. New Japan guy doesn't have a match, has a lot of history with Jericho. They basically feud it for a year. Really good matches as well. So a lot to get excited about if it is indeed nito, but we'll find out on Saturday.


Did you hear who the other potential match was for punk? Because you know it's kojima.


I've heard a couple of them. There was like elf antsmo.


That's the one. I was like, damn, man, I'm psyched in this kojima because that's fun, but I love ELP.




And I was like, ELP versus punk. Yeah, I don't really like that his.


Baby face ELP these days as well. It's interesting because he's like I feel like everybody really got used to him as like the dickhead douchebag bullet club guy.


It's less fun ELP. Yeah, but it's still ELP.


He's still a fantastic high flying junior heavyweight.


We then had RJ City and Tony drawing the names, and they said they will announce the brackets next week. Backstage, the Elite, in a pre tape, said, look, we have friends to accept the Blackpool Combat Club's challenge. And Eddie Kingston walks in and is like, Justin, we're not friends. We're not friends.


See, I feel like it was a poor decision on my part when we were all playing Heard Mentality, and I said that the best promo in wrestling is Eddie Kingston, simply because of the timing. I think if we get another two or three promos from Eddie Kingston on TV, I think I would have gotten a lot more support because he is the goddamn most entertaining person when he's talking.


He's the best promo in AEW, but he's not been on TV for a while. And when you're playing Herd Mentality, sometimes you need that recency.


I didn't play into the recency bias of it, but seeing Eddie Kingston in any sort of situation where he can talk makes me so happy.




He puts a smile on my face every time. No matter if it's a ten second promo or a ten minute promo, he's going to kill it. And this was such a little thing, but he just comes in, he's like, Listen, I don't like you. Here's a tiny violin.




I hate Claudia more.


I think Claudia is worse than you guys. And he said, and because I don't like you guys and I don't trust you guys, I'm going to be the one to pick the partner. And I'm going to announce who the partner is later. Yeah, partner.




It was awesome. And the great thing about Eddie is that he rules in these sorts of segments where he is just like, it's Eddie. But when he needs to turn on that drama and he turned on the drama when we got into that main event segment.


Oh, I can't wait to talk about it.


So good. We got the Adam Colon MJF segment, and they announced the brackets for the Owen Heart Cup this year. So, as we mentioned earlier, it's punk versus kojima at Forbidden Door. It's also Roderick Strong versus MOA Joe's. That's hell yeah, that's one side of the brackets.


Sign me up for that.


Punk. Kojima strong and Joe. And then on the other side of the bracket, it's Dustin Rhodes and Powerhouse Hobbes and Juice Robinson and Ricky Starks. I'm looking at this as a final of Punk and Starks.


Yeah, that sounds about right. Yeah. You do the Ricky Starks Powerhouse Hobbes reunion match in the semis over there. Yes. That's fun. You do Punk and Joe and the semis on the other side. That's fun. And you lead to Punk and Starks. I think that's pretty good. They're doing a little team thing in the eight, man. There's some history building. He's the one guy from team Taz. That punk didn't face when he came in two years ago. Well, I say that he only faced hobbes, but he called out everybody.


Yeah, he did, didn't he? I thought he was faced hook for a second night. And he also, when he came in, said, he's one of the guys I want to work with. He's one of the young guys I want to put over is Ricky Starks. It makes sense for Starks to be the one to make to the final, and I think him teaming with them at collision is a good bit of foreshadowing for them.


Yeah, it is interesting. It does feel like a bit of a telegraphed tournament, a little bit in that respect. But still, there's going to be some really good matches like Roderick Strong and Samoa Joe. Make me feel like it's 2005.


We're bringing back that Ring of Honor X Division magic.


Oh, yeah.


On the women's side of things, it's Brit Baker versus Ruby Soho and Anna Jas versus Sky Blue on one half of the bracket, and then the other half is Nyla Rose versus Willow Nightingale. That is taking place this Saturday at collision. And on the preshow for forbidden door, it's Athena versus Billy Starks.


Yeah, Billy Starks. Whoo.


We go into this a little bit on tomorrow's broadcast for the predictions, but you're really excited that Billy Starks and show, and I'm stoked that Athena has made it back to pay for you, even if it is on the buy in.


I'm such a fan of Billy Starks. I was at a Black Label pro show that she wrestled on a year and a bit ago, and she was, like, by far the biggest highlight of the show to me. It absolutely blew me away. I was looking at this tournament bracket earlier. I think this might be a tournament that Sky Blue wins.


I was about to ask you who you think this could be, because I think Baker beats Soho.


I don't know, though. I think they might give Soho something.


That's a good point, actually, because Baker's the only one going in there as the defending champion because Cole's not in the tournament this year. So yeah, you're right. Like, Soho beats Baker, probably with some outcast.


That was the finals last year. That's right, it was.


Yeah. So you can do some outcast interference. DeLeos there. Sky blue beats Anna J. Willow beats Nyla Rose. And Athena beats Willie Starks, her brother Billy Starks. Then you can have nightingale beat Athena. Or do you have or do you have Athena win? And then do you do Athena? Sky Blue in the main event in the finals? I don't know, because they're strapping the Rocket to Sky Blue.


Yeah. Getting that win last week on collision, I think, is a big tell. And she has come a long way very quickly. It's very clear that she has star potential. You look at her and yeah, it's going to work out for us as soon as the wrestling could catch up, and the wrestling has caught up. Her matches recently have been very good and very crisp. And if that continues like it looks like it's going to, there's no reason that you don't capitalize on this right now and give her a big win like this.


At a moment on Sunday when I was scrolling through Twitter and I felt like I couldn't go three tweets without seeing Sky Blue's ass being like, tweet all over. Because not only was it Sky Blue's butt, but everyone praising Sky Blue. And I had this real, like, do it for her. Every picture was sky blue's. Butt.


Listen, that one person who posted that video knew what they were doing.


They sure did.


Sky Blue knew what she was doing. She turned around and winked and everything. Yeah, everybody knew. Everybody's in on it.


We then had the tag match that we were all excited for last week. This was my match of the night. Orange cassidy and shabbatta versus zach sabre jr. And daniel garcia. I loved this so much. Even just small little things like Orange Cassidy felt like he had to do chops in this match and in doing so, hurt his hand because those injuries are catching up with him. The Battery is running low on that poor boy. And then you just got to watch Shabatar and Zach saber Jr. Rekindle their fire and their feud. And it was so good watching them wrestle again. We got through two ad breaks, and so much of this was dedicated to this match. And then all of a sudden, Orange Cassidy does Daniel Garcia's dance. And this is an incredible tag match. And the other bit that made me pop so hard in all of this, garcia is the only man in this match who isn't a champion because Orange Gas is the international champion, zach Saber Jr. Is the TV champion, and Shabbatta is the pure champion. So Daniel Garcia almost felt like he was the one that was trying to show, no, I'm just as good as you guys as well.


And he has this moment where he sits down, he does the Shabbata sit down and he's like, Kick me. I want to show you how tough I am. So Shabbat and Orange Cassidy do Orange Cassidy's kicks on him. No, not like that.


It's such a perfect mix of characters, though, isn't it? Because you have the very serious Daniel Garcia, his character from the last year, where he is a pro wrestler in disguise as a sports entertainer, doing the dance, doing the dance and everything. But deep down, like, he is a technical wizard on the same style tier as Zack Saber Jr. And Brian Danielson, that kind of wrestler. So he is deep down wanting to show you, I'm tough, I can hang with these guys. And then to have the sports entertainment thing start being thrown back at him, by Orange Cassidy and Shabbata of all people, right? It's so much fun. I had so much fun with this match for a few different reasons. If this was a different era, I would almost want Zack Saber Jr. And Daniel Garcia to be like, a PWG tag team for a while. Because there was, like, an era a few years ago where it didn't matter. If you were aligned with different factions in New Japan, you could go to PWG and just do a night's worth of tag matches, and they would just be fantastic, because you could pair guys like Zach Saber Jr.


And a Daniel Garcia together. I think they would do so well as an extended tag team. And this whole match really did kind of set me up to go like, you know what? I am on board with this four way match at Forbidden Door that we didn't know we were getting at the time, but it was announced soon afterwards. I was just happy to see Shabbata and Zach Saber Jr. Wrestling on a dynamite card.




Who would have thought, like, three years.


Ago, I mean, they were even saying this on commentary, being like, if you don't know who Shabbata is, let me tell you a story. And he tells the story of the brain surgery and was like, this man nearly died, nearly died, nearly died with his open brain surgery that he had to go through. And here he is now. I will never forget the day he came back and took a bump. Yeah, he just stepped into the ring and he just took a flat back bump. And it was like, what? It's insane. Cannot believe it. He's not human.


No. Absolutely not. Thank God for modern medicine and everything, but, yeah, I'm not getting into the whole Shabbata thing again. But, like, Shabbata missing that golden age of New Japan where he would have been everybody's favorite wrestler in the world if he had wrestled for those few years when Omega got hot and drew all the eyes onto New Japan and he just missed all that. The first Omega Okada match and Shabbata ending are like a month and a half apart. It's tragic. And so now just to see him back wrestling again, like six years after that, it just like I don't even have words for it, really.


It's the same thing we got with Danielson. We all thought edge wrestling. We thought we'd lost getting to see these guys again. And here we are. We're now, like, four days away from watching Brian Danielson wrestle a card. That is nuts to me. But I'm glad of it. So, yeah, great, great stuff, this. And, yeah, it was friendly fire that cost the good guys the match in this between Orange Casti and Shabaza Garcia got the win on Shabbata. Perfect guy to win this one. The only one who wasn't a champion going in who was looking to show himself as being on the same level as these guys. So him getting the win in this match, I think it's a very smart move. And they announce it'll be a four way, and all four of them grab hold of the international championship and eventually Orange Cassie. Like, people are now sharing the picture of it because all three of them are holding the belt. And Orange Cassie is looking directly at the camera, being like, I'm so I'm so tired.


Please just give me my belt.


Let me let me have one night off from defending this belt.


This poor guy.


Poor guy. He is going through it at the moment, but I love it. Backstage, Will Osprey is chatting with Alex marvels running down Canadians.


Just sickening.


And then Don Gallas walks up and he says, will, you're right. Kenny Omega is inciting hatred and violence from Canada. And I know those people. They will be violent and they will be hate filled when you get there.


Yeah. I mean, you ever see Vancouver after the 2011 Stanley cup? That was some hate, some hate fire. It's the only Canadian riot I could think of.


I was amazed you could think of one. And Callis offers Will his personal security to make sure that Will can get to the airport and get to the building and not be mobbed by you angry Canadians that want to destroy this young man's life. And Will says, what's in it for me, bro? And Calla says, I just want to see a fair fight. He is such a piece of crap.


I love it.


I love him for it so much.


Him and Haman are the best heel managers of, like, the last 30 years. Who else? Granted, the managerial pool is thinned out a lot since the everything, but these are two guys that would be right up there with the best of the best of the everything. Also, when Maurice Bershard got suspended by the NHL in, like, 1940, something that was another one. There was a riot in Montreal. I remembered another case they both have to do with hockey. We take this sort of thing very seriously.


Sometimes I think the hockey thing is a meme, but no, then you tell me stories about Canada's, like, oh, no, it is like it's a real thing. Turns out we got a video promo out of nowhere. It's Tony Storm versus Willow Nightingale for the AW World Champion women's Championship at Forbidden Door.


I bet it'll be a good match.


I'm sure it'll be great. I love willow. I love Tony. I know they've been doing some bits and bobs on TV, and they had the tag match at collision, but wow, this was just like, oh, yeah, we're having a title match in The Forbidden Door, the new Japan Show.


Yeah, I guess.


Speaking of the women, this is technically the main events of the show for the TBS Championship. Chris Statlander defending against Tyre Valkyrie. Here's a fun fact. For your kids. Chris Statlander has had more in ring minutes since winning the TBS championship than RIA Ripley and Ask.


I also saw that tweet and it blows my tiny little mind.


That is an insane statistic.


I mean, what can you say at this point? I get it that this is the wrestling show, but my god, give me a break.


I said this in the Raw review. RIA Ripley has wrestled for like less than 15 minutes since she won that belt. She's had that belt for a while now.


Yeah, since WrestleMania.


It's been a while since WrestleMania.


WrestleMania was months ago.


Whole bunch of stuff's happened since then. Shout out to Chris Statlander for getting her minutes in. And she had a really good match here.


I really enjoyed this match. And it feels difficult a lot of the time to praise what we're getting now from Chris Statlander as TBS champion without sounding like you're being really harsh towards Jade Cargill and everything. But it is such a breath of fresh air to see this title, like, defended regularly in competitive matches. Because that to me is one thing. The title was still defended fairly regularly when it was on Jade Cargill. But you would be lucky if you saw a competitive title match that wasn't on pay per view. It was often just Jade Cargill is.


Wrestling beats full local talent later on TV.


On TV, you beat a local talent, she beats whoever it might be. Whereas this is like, I don't necessarily think yeah, I don't necessarily think that Chris Statlander is going to be beating people the level of Tie of Valkyrie every week by any means. But I think Chris Statlander is going to be having competitive title matches on TV a lot more often. And it's going to be really interesting if all of a sudden the TBS championship kind of becomes the women's title that's defended on TV a lot. And I could see that kind of making it in people's eyes, maybe become the A title in the women's division.


She is doing a lot to make this title feel very credible because you're right, it's nothing against Jade. It was against the booking of Jade, really, which is just that the title belt just felt like this prop that Jade was carrying around because title defenses never really felt like they meant much of anything. But all of a sudden, Chris Statlander has made them feel really it's long competitive matches has helped doing that. He's got something real special about her. And maybe it's just because she's doing like the American sign language stuff, but all of a sudden, I'm like, she just feels so much different to everyone else on the card. Tyra Valkyrie very much playing the heel in this match as well. She was not baby face Tyre here. She was kind of like not making fun of Chris, but she was very much healing it up in this I'd it's a shame that it was good. But if you're watching this on the Fight feed because you got to see all of the match, it felt like a lot of it took place in the commercial break. They did it, went to the commercial break, came back and did the final third back on TV.


But that final third was dead good.




Statlander muscling her over into that superplex and then hitting her pile driver for the win. Real good.


Yeah. Tya hit the wing clipper angel Garza's finish and she hit the sliding German suplex. And it's always one of the things where I, of course, really enjoy Dynamite probably a lot more than I would because I watch it on Fight and therefore see everything that happens during the commercial breaks and such. So the matches always feel much less interrupted than WWE matches or even matches, if you're watching in picture and picture. But I saw this and just went like, this just feels so refreshing. And again, I totally agree with you that Chris Statlander just feels I don't know what word I'm looking for. It's just organically, kind of popular, and maybe we just haven't seen a real wholesome baby face in the women's division on top in a very long time. Because even like, Britt Baker and Jamie hader, they're still like, well, we were bad and we never really turned baby face. We're just kind of like good guys with an edge at this point.


We're just fighting other bad guys.


Yeah, exactly. And there hasn't really been anybody else because Willow Nightingale and Sky Blue haven't been picking up wins on TV until very recently, that now you do just get to see like, a baby face. Who's. A baby face through and through, just winning matches. Maybe that's just it. And I'm all for it.


I'm all in. I think this is really great. And back in the day, I think back to our old Dynamite reviews that we did when Chris first came into the company, she was doing the alien gimmick and stuff and the booping of the nose. I mean, nolly were like, yeah, she's a really great wrestler, but this character is not working for me. I don't know what it is. She thinks she's an alien. I don't really get it. But a lot of people were really, like, defending it and not, like, having a go at us for not liking it. But we're like, Guys, I can't see what you can't see, like that sort of thing. And I now see it. I get it and I'm like, oh, I now see what people saw. They saw through a lot of the gimmick stuff that she was doing and just saw this really affable, likable person. Yeah, of course she's cutting promos on poor old Leila Hirsch.


Yeah, I completely agree with that. I will say that not necessarily the booping of the Nose, but people selling the booping of the Nose, like if they were mind controlled into whatever. When they got booped on the nose, that was my limit. Yeah, I couldn't handle that. That was like, enough orange Cassidy doesn't have anything on the ridiculousness of this. And as far, like, I don't know when she stopped doing that, but it was fairly early on. I think people only sold the nose, like, a couple times.


She was not the alien for very long.




Then she just became like since she was with best friends and it was just the face paint still probably build.


From, like the Andromeda Galaxy and stuff.




And that's fine. I don't care where you're build from and stuff. But once they got rid of that, I really bought into Chris Statlander. And it's such a shame that she's missed so much time over the last few years because if she had been healthy this entire time, I'm sure she would have been like, AEW Women's World Champion by this point.


They announced a few things for collision. We got Brody King versus andrade a show. We got this eight man tag with Centimer Punk FTR and Ricky Starks taking on Bullet Club Gold and the Ass Boys. And Swerve Strickland versus Hiroshi Tanahashi.


I didn't want to do a real spit take because this is a lovely new studio, but god damn.


Oh, yeah, and by the way, Swerve strictly okay. We're doing that, are we?


If he wasn't involved in the World Championship match. Put that on. Forbidden door. I want to see that. A show.


It's time to feel that way, man.


A show. Look at these matches. Brody King wrestling. I'm all in.




Andrade wrestling great. Buddy Matthews wrestling. Great.


That buddy andrade match. That was my match of the night. I've not stopped thinking about it all. It was so good.


Everything just, again, is not a collision review. But that show feels so fresh because it is populated with people we haven't seen in a bunch of matches for the last year. Yeah, it's a bunch of trouble children in some cases, but they're trouble children. I haven't seen wrestle lately, so I'm into it.


But then you pull in Swerve, who's not been a problem child, and Tanahashi like, oh, cool. One of the best ever and one of my favorite guys.


Show us in Toronto this weekend.


I'm really looking forward to collision. And then our main event was kind of a two way segment. It was advertised as two different things. And I was looking at the clock being like, I don't know, you get both of these done. Yeah, it was Eddie Kingston coming out to address his haters and address his enemies and announce the partner for Forbidden Door, but also to kind of call out Marks. And it was also advertised as Brian Danielson calls out a carda. So let's talk about the Kingston bit first.




Kingston comes out and he's cutting a Kingston promo. That's great. It's captivating. He is a captivating presence.


It's a great word for it.


Yeah, that is how I feel. Like, he comes out and I want to hear my ears prick up and I just drop everything, stop taking notes, and I just want to listen to what he has to say. And he cannot stand Claudio. He's just like, I don't know what my boy, my best friend is doing hanging out with that scumbag. I've told him about how he's a scumbag and he's still hanging out with him. And out comes Marks.


No music.


No music. And it's just marks. He comes out from, like, his crowd entrance and everything like that, but it's just Marks. And Marks gets in the ring and Kingston as cool as a cucumber, just hands in the microphone. Not that MOX got a lot to say because Kingston was still shouting at him, talking into that microphone. But MOX had this line where he said, look, I'm drawing a line here, or, you're drawing a line here. And Eddie's like, you already drew that line. He fires up on Moxley about teaming with Claudio. He's a scumbag. And MOX is just standing there and he's not saying anything. And it's like MOX knows he's right, but they're part of the same team and he can't tell Eddie that he's wrong. It was an incredible forms by MOX. Eddie was so great in this. And you probably could use this as a great example of why Forbidden Door is detracting away from great AEW storyline because we didn't even talk about in the MJF segment. Tanahashi just appeared on the screen to talk about their match because really, that's not the thing that no one's focusing on. They're just focusing on the mocks, the MJF.


And I think the same thing here. Like, they announced that Ishi is the partner. That's cool, but Ishi comes out, just gets beaten up because we got to move into the next thing with Daniel. And I was like, what I want here is just more Eddie and Marks.


Yeah. That, to me, is what I'm most excited about in all of this. It's not even Eddie and Claudio because I've seen a lot of the Ring of Honor stuff that they've done this year, and it's really good. They had a sit down promo where they talked about their title match ahead of SuperCard of Honor, and that was fantastic television. This, to me, is now even more interesting because John was like he was kind of, like, murmuring to himself almost. He was saying, like, Every time, every time. And Eddie starts firing up and being like, Every time what, MOX? Every time what? And you could take to so many different ways. Like, I don't know what Moxley is saying by that. I don't know if that's just like, every time, Eddie, you get close and something gets in your way because you won't let things go, maybe, or something. But there's so much just brewing underneath the surface here. And it's so much more fun now looking at what we could see between Eddie and MOX who are friends, who are now on opposite sides than it is just seeing Eddie and Claudio who hate each other.


Because don't get me wrong, I'm all in on that too. More of that on AEW programming would be fantastic. And I'm sure they're going to fight in the match at Forbidden Door and it will be fantastic. But this to me now is maybe how you start to pivot away from the Elite and Blackpool Combat Club when I would imagine we're going to get Blood and Guts at a certain point in the near future and you do that match. And the big problem everyone's always had with Blood and Guts is that it's never been the feud ender that it should be. I think this could be a really good way to end the Elite and Blackpool Combat Club rivalry that we've got brewing and still continue a thread of all this with Eddie and the Blackpool Combat Club, but specifically Moxley. This was such excellent storytelling.


I loved this so much. I'm so excited for Kingston to be back on TV. I'm excited for Kingston and Moxley doing stuff together because I think back to the Pandemic era, like when Kingston came in and they had that full gear feud that was just these awesome promo segments that were so great. Captivating again, is the word I'm going to use. And then I remember how excited I was when Kingston came out for the save in that the barbed wire death match and how crushingly disappointing the fireworks ended up being. But then them having that little tag run and like Moxing Kingston versus the Young Buck.


I've watched that match like four times since it happened is so awesome.


Awesome. It's so great. So I love seeing them together. But you're right, this is now. They are both good guys, but they're not tagging. And Moxley is instead tagging with someone, not even just Claudio, because he doesn't like Danielson much either.




So he's tagging with people that he hates and Kingston doesn't like a lot of people. He can count on one hand holding something, the amount of people that he trusts. And MOX is one of those people. And MOX is hanging with people that he does not trust. There's some real good stuff in all of this.


Listen, we have been trying to say, we've been trying to theorize about who could beat MJF and stuff. I know he's been on TV for like two weeks, but I promise you, if you heat up Eddie Kingston between now and the end of the year, I don't know if you could have a bigger pop than someone beating MJF than Eddie Kingston beating MJF.


He feels like AEW's guy. It's only from the fans perspective anyway, because the fans just love Eddie. At the very least, I would do Eddie MJF at Grand Slam.




Do it at Arthur Ash because it's Eddie in New York. It's MJF from Long Island. I think there's some magic to be done there.


His name's on MJF's list.


Yeah, that's right. It isn't it?


Yeah. Edward.


So I want to see MJF. Kingston real bad. And I'm so excited for all this. Kingston, MOX and Claudio and the Blackpool Combat Club stuff. Loved all of this. And yeah, he announced that Ishi is the partner. Ishi comes down. The rest of the Combat Club show up. There's no elites because they're not on the show this week. So not the greatest thing for Ishi because Ishi just gets beaten up and then he disappears because well, we got other stuff on Forbidden Door to promote. We're running low on time. So Brian Danielson has to call out a carda. So then a carda comes down and Akada gets like Wheelie, Utah, the little sneaky brick that he Is jumps in behind and attacks a carda. And they're setting a Carter up to do the pusycho knee. Akada moves out the way Danielson hits Utah with the knee plus. And then a carda goes to hit the rainmaker on Danielson, but he escapes. So Akada is like, oh, cool, a young boy.


I like what this chat here says, but I prefer the head cannon. That Okada. Looked at the guy who turned on his Chaos brethren in The Best Friends and said, oh, yeah, you let me hit you real quick. Grabs yuda long term storytelling.


Grabs Yuda, hits him with the rainmaker, his music plays. That's how we end the show to promote Danielson and Akada, which you should do. It could be one of the greatest matches of all time ever. I'm real looking forward to this. You'll see this tomorrow on the predictions video. But man alive, am I excited for Forbidden Door.


I am as well. I really enjoy these kind of segments that AEW has started doing more of recently where one segment will kind of lead into another more or less organically. And I think that is a very fun way to keep a show moving. And I again, thought that this ending could have felt very rushed. And maybe if you were looking at it from like, they only got two minutes left and Danielson still has to do his thing. I guess from that aspect it kind of could. But I was just looking at this and nothing felt rushed as it was happening.




So it all still felt organic in how it happened. It was a really good main event segment.


This the only thing I think was rushed was the Ishi thing because yeah, Ishi comes out and just gets beaten up. And it's like, well, it doesn't really fake. Him feel like he's the cool fifth partner because him and Umanho are the only new Japan representatives in that match. But we've made this joke on this podcast before, but that is what ishi is here for ishi is a guy that you can send out to other people's promotions to be beaten so that your guy has beaten a new Japan.


Guy and have a four and a.


Half star match exactly the same time. Or in the case if you send him to Britain, he becomes the British heavyweight champion and has four and a.


Half star matches on a near monthly.


Basis because he's superb. But, yeah, I would have given this show four out of five out of five.


Four out of five. Editor Review so we're gonna have a poll up.


Let us know what you thought of this show. Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs in the middle. We are going to shout out some very special people. Our ultra sorry, our pledgehammers over on forward slash WrestleTalk. If you are one of our $25 and above Patreon pledge hammers, you get your name read out on a show like this. It was Wednesday yesterday, so you know what that means. WrestleTalk after Dark was released. And I know that there has been some back and forth about what the show is going to be for wrestle talk extra, it's TNA Slamiversary 2009, but it beat King of the Ring 2001 by 1%.




In fact, when you break it down because we can download the poll results, it was like one or two votes. Wow. But it meant for some people it was displayed as 33 and 33. So there was some conversation about whether it was a tied vote or anything, but we can 100% legitimately confirm Slam Averse Rio nine one. And it's not like I'm just pulling for this because I wanted Slammer versus oh, nine to win. I'd have happily reviewed 2001. I could have viewed DDP calling out the undertaker to make the famous and then get him beaten up because he.


Sucks shane McMahon being thrown on his goddamn hair.


Exactly. It cut angle wrestling three times. Like, I wouldn't have had a bad time doing King the Ring One, but Slammers 309 very much won. So that is what's going to be reviewed next week. Ollie and I've already recorded it. And if you are one of our $25 above Patreon pledge hammers, you get your name read out on these shows like these fine folks. Daylight Robbery. Rob James. Yeah.


Jodrin Rocky. Yeah.


Der farm general. Roman Dietrich. Yeah.


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Yeah. Rue the day Roario. Brienne Kelly. Yeah.


Enter sam, man. Sam Register.


Yeah. Great one. He smells like beef and cheese. San Santa. Yeah.


The man with the scoops. Sean the movie.


Lucas never seen. Selena. Yeah.


Here's why. Simon Dormer.


Yeah. Wheeler and Dland. Stephen Everett. Yeah.


And the pharaoh. Stephen mazafero.


Yeah. That is your hall of Fame class for the 22 June 2023. Thank you all so much for being wonderful Patreon pledge hammers. We have now going to get into the rest of your Omega chat. So ding, ding, ding. Last call for those. Connor kicks things off to say I think the final of the tag tournament should be MJF and Cole versus Strong and Ward Low. That would be interesting. Keep up the great work, guys.


That's neat. That's a neat little idea there.


John Wick says, Love you guys. First of all, on the Ripley front, SRS has said on his past raw reviews that she has a kneecap issue. Whereas where it keeps popping out during matches. Hence why she hasn't wrestled much. Also, does MGF leave AEW with the belt? Leave with the belt without losing? Playing up that idea of end of the year. It's the bidding war of 2024. His contract runs out the end of 2023 and he just leaves with the belt.


Listen, listen. If I had my way, if I was the king and ruler of the world yeah. Have him show up in the Royal Rumble with the belt or something and go to WrestleMania. Do Cody versus MJF for the belt at WrestleMania.


Look, I'd have Cody.


Come on, AEW. I would have a million things happen.


I have said many times over my big fantasy booking is the end of the year. In fact, it was my wild prediction for the end of year. The final shot of Winter Is Coming is MJF blowing a kiss to Tony Khan, hopping over the barricade and legging it with that belt?


That's really good. I don't know. I don't think so. I think someone just beats him. But I wouldn't be upset.


Puckhead 1994 said, house is about this for long term booking. A Carter beats up Wheelie Utah, who turned on his chaos buddies chuck E. T and Trent OC. You're welcome. Ollie.


There you go. Long term booking.


I mean, I did see Will. You to be like, I guess I'm out of Chaos then.


Yeah, you made that decision.


Wheeler harrison l said, Sorry, lads, I know he's your boy, but I cannot buy Osprey's hard man brov act. I've never seen someone scream privately educated. No. Harrison earl, you've never seen someone more privately educated than Will Osprey.


This is someone not from England.


I would harrison oh, my guy. No, that's not what I'd say.


No, I would not either.




Seems like a very nice man, but.


He is a lovely chapter. Privately educated. Not a word I would use to describe my boy. Will Osprey. Also Orange cassie might be the best wrestler in the world. Could you see him slowly turning heel due to desperation to keep the title? Not turning heel. No, I think you could turn OC heel.


He's so organically popular with the crowd. I think turning him heel would be a big mistake.


Williams says, I was at the show last night. You couldn't hear the Elite promo at all because of how loud the booze were. I think it's safe to say the elites in Chicago are the new HBK in Montreal. Given how clear Tk was about Chicago being the home of AEW. That should be interesting to see play.


Out considering we've still got like all outs in Chicago and I would imagine the Elite will wrestle there. Yeah.


Jam Beard said the thanite was ace. The payview looks like it'll be fantastic. Luke, I got to say, for the MyGM stuff, you and Peter are always worried about getting a certain fail heath. Why not do a promo to change someone from face to heel? It wastes a week. You've got such limited. Granted, it's not so much of a problem now because you can do a submission match on, like, Raw or SmackDown to end a feud, but you get that big pay view bump, so that just wastes a week. It's just easier to just deal with the face and heels you've got. That's always my argument for it. It's a waste of a week.


I hear there's no tempests allowed, so I don't follow.


Also, it's a waste of a promo segment when you could do a charity promo or a call out promo or something like that. Jambia said my pick for the third man for Sting's team is either Naito or a surprise at Juicy Thunder. Liger for one more match. I did see someone in the chat suggest Ultimo Dragon.


OOH, that's fun. I like that. I don't think Liger is coming out of retirement. I don't think he deserves a nice long restful retirement. Ultimate dragon, though. That's fun. Give me like a post pay per view dynamite match where it's like Ultimo Dragon versus Brian Danielson or something like that.


Yeah. Ultimate dragon became good.


I like ultimate Dragon a lot.


I really like that idea a lot. My other one was like, oh, what if it'll be Lance Storm? Matt here said, sometimes I love AW. Sometimes I hate it. Why, for the love of God, are the Ass Boys bidding the goats of tag team wrestling into the Hardy Boys? Why does Tony Khan troll us by pushing? These two have no business being on TV. I was mad when they beat FTR. I was angry when they won the tag titles and killed the acclaimed momentum. I'm furious that they're beating the Hardy Boys, who are the greatest team in wrestling history. The Ass Boys got the wrong kind of heat and shouldn't be on TV. Move them to Ring of Honor so they won't be on my TV. They're like AEW's. Baron Corbin. Remember when WWE had the best roster in 2019 and instead of pushing the best talent VK and pushed Corbin even though he was given the wrong kind of heat, that is what Tony is doing with the Ass Boys. I don't get why Tony Khan pushes them.


Did I write this?


I was going to say that sounds like you tempo.


I mean, I think I agree with a lot of what he says. I think some of it might be a little bit harsh. I don't think the Hardies are the greatest tag team of all time neither.


And they certainly are not now.


No. They might be my favorite tag team of all time, but I wouldn't say they're the greatest. They're the legacy team of AEW right now. I think that the Ass Boys being in Ring of Honor would have been a perfect place for them. I think that's a great place to learn in front of people, but also away from as many eyeballs as there are on dynamite.


I also don't agree with them being AEW's Baron Corbin. And the only reason I disagree with that is I do think they get the right kind of heat from this crowd. I think it was once go away heat has now just become heel heat. It's not as strong as it once was when it was go away heat, but my other bit of data that I would probably provide for that and perhaps that's a bit this is a bit sort of bubbly. For example, when Baron Corbin was on top and he was like going for the universal championship and feuding with Seth, everyone in our live chats and our ultra chats and comments were railing on Baron Corbin for not for being in that position. When we rail on the Ass Boys, there is a good 60 70% of the comments that are like, you guys are far too harsh on the Ass Boys.


I suppose this is true.


So there is like there are a large sway of our audience that do like them, which is why I'd say I don't think they're AEWs Baron Corbin.


I think them winning the tag titles got a similar reaction than if Baron Corbin had beaten Seth Rollins. Like with people chanting BS and everything.


Beating FCR was not a good idea.


I don't think so. I think this is a bit more accurate four months ago than it is right now.


I agree with that.


But the rest of it, I think.


Beating FCR is a mistake. Beating the Hardy Boys is not a mistake whatsoever.


Well, they had to write the Hardy Boys off TV. If they're not going to be on TV, there's no real point in keeping them around. Although what are we going to do with either page? This is madness.


Mark said, I love dynamite. However, it's with that the Hardees vanished when everyone ran out to save them. I understand it's Jeff being written off. Worse is FTR saving the Hardees but leaving Mark Briscoe to be assaulted by Team TNA in the very next segment. It felt wrong. Well, they're Lucha bros and the best friends. And Christopher Dan, his run out. Granted, I'd have had FTR run out as well because I'd have had more people run out for that match and have more of a schmars finish. But I get what you mean, Mark. As do I. Charles Berg said, I enjoy MJF's biggest issue with the tag team is that he has to wrestle every week. I really enjoyed the fun and dumb energy of the concession stand brawl. Fun fact I hate Ketchup. If I was to be sprayed with ketchup, I'd immediately cry and vomit. Also, just so I don't forget. What do you guys think Sting whispered to Jericho? I'd like to think he said it's the shock. You must have been trying to get Jericho to laugh, right?


I don't know. I didn't notice Sting whisper anything to him. He said, I'm going to beat you in your hometown of Toronto.


I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot.


I love ketchup, by the way. Yeah, it's not my fave it's not my favorite.




But I will play it with my child.


Put American mustard on something more than I will do ketchup or cats up.


I'm not a big fan of standard mustard.


So american mustard because English mustard is very different to American mustard.


I love honey mustard.


Okay. Yeah, that's very much. Yeah. I like French mustard as well. French mustard in a burger is very, very tasty. What was the other thing I was going to say about ketchup?


I mean, over my head here.


Yeah. I can't remember what I was going to say about mustard and ketchup now, but anyway Graham Shaw says, beyond excited to be going to Forbidden Door to see a car that exceeds every expectation I had going in. Still hoping for Li J versus House of Black. Have Akayama come back to AIW to join Sting and Derby for a grandpa fight. A card of dragon should main event. No one else is following it. Do you know who can follow it? Omega and will osprey. Because they had the goddamn best match, one of the best matches I've ever seen this year and they are going to follow that up. It's like six and a quarter stars.


The highest rated match ever in the Tokyo Dome. Beating the first omega. Okada crazy.


They're going to have a banger of a match.


Yeah, absolutely they are. Yeah. I would also like to see LIJ in the House of Black. Jun, Akayama is not a new Japan pro wrestling talent. It never has been. Really?


No. Your local metalhead said, my favorite thing about Eddie Kingston is that he's an island alt unto himself. He has a short list of friends and a long list of enemies. So all of his interactions are exciting. Also, MOX calling Tekesta tall, dark and sexy was terrific. Hashtag jam.


That's also not wrong.


Brandon says late leaving. I'm not sure if it's been already sent in but I need Swerve and Keith Lee put together in the tournament.


I think you could do that with one of these broken up teams.


I think it'd be so fun.




I'm just marcus said I love that Eddie's motivations are the most in character motivations ever. I hate Claudio more than I hate you guys and more than I love mocks. Therefore, I will team with you guys so I can beat up Claudio. Also, I forget how much I love his promos.


It is like, aside from you have a belt and I want that belt, so I'm going to beat you for it. This is just like the most baseline pro wrestling, but done at the best level. I hate them, but I hate you, too. But not as much so any of me and my enemy, I'm going to beat up that guy that I hate.


Yeah, I was going to say it's not the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It's just the enemy of my enemy is probably the lesser of the enemies. Yes, we have an unknown username here. It's a streamlabs issue. Please do let moderator know and we can get that corrected. And it's unfortunate as well, because they say it's our first time ultra chat.




Very excited for Forbidden Door. Do you feel that they're waiting until after the pay for you to resume the Centimer Punk Championship in the Bag story? Thanks for all the entertainment you guys provide. I mean, in fairness, it's only been one show since he's come back, so we got another collision coming up.


This I wouldn't say it was paused. I think he just had a run in and didn't want to bring his luggage with him for a save.


Juan Perez has been a member for 21 months in a row. Who says Centimer Punk ain't nothing but a false prophet?


You'll see. You'll all see.


I don't know. There's a lot of double negatives in all of this. Jake WCW says Callous did mention that he's going to get Osprey his military grade private security. That can only mean one thing is the Return of the Truth Commission. Just kidding. I'm so excited for this show. Sunday cannot get here soon enough.


If it was, shout out to the Truth Commission. Adam's guessing Intelligence.


Recon shows up of a bitendor. It's the greatest paper you've ever seen in my life.


And sniper.


Exactly. And if you can get Kergan back. Man so our moderator has told us that the next two chats, they don't know what they're saying. They think that's possibly Mario Puns, but no one's quite sure, apparently. But Earlmont says, John of Duty, big bahunka bing bing wahoo. Let's go.


Let's go. Indeed.


And also says, legally speaking, do you think you're forbidden? Forbidding the door is make is make? Are you thinking forbidding the door is make is breaking they're entering. Sorry if this is getting political. Papa biceps, London school in glando in training. I'm not sure if I follow a lot of that.


I don't follow. Yeah, I don't indeed.


I apologize.


I don't think entering the forbidden door is breaking and entering.


Yeah, and I will apologize if anything we just said there was bad. I take no responsibility for that. I mean, I do take some responsibility. I read it out. But apologies if that was bad. Please do let me know. Twjp said I'll be at Forbidden Door on Sunday. Tempest, would you like me to open a portal from Toronto to the UK for you?


Yes, please.


Luke, I know you always say that you hate roster splits, but would you enjoy them? Or if they're done correctly, no crossover of stars? No, just have them all on both shows. Roar and SmackDown be so much better if there was no brand split. I stand by that. And AEW and Collision would be better if there was no brand split. I stand by that. Ryan Blade said, I'm going to bidden door. I'm so excited. My mum is incredibly jealous that I'm seeing MOX, Brian and Jericho live, because they were her favorites when they were in WWE, paying for both me and my dad's trip. So hopefully this will be the best two grand I've ever spent.


Goodness me. What are you doing in Toronto?


Eddie Pat, 14 says, a lot of topic, but I think WWE is trying to work La Knight as a tweener after his promo one Raw. I don't think I've ever seen him cut a promo on another heel before. Could be something to look out for in the future.


Could be. I mean, he's certainly getting more popular than, like, by the week.


And he continues to say, have you noticed anything different about Tempest? I don't know, man. I haven't seen Pete live in quite a while. I'm worried that Tempest and Ollie might have got rid of Pete to cran Tempest as the champion. PS. You might want to read this one in your own head. Oops. Read that one out loud.


Watch yourself, Luke.


And Joel here says I can't wait for forbidden door. I hope Brian children is okay.


I'm sure he'll land on his feet.


I mean, he never does.


No, but a million times the charm.


I mean, that's what give me my point. I was going to make Brian's never been okay. Yeah, Brian Children has never had a good go of it.


Maybe we can hire him for a tournament or something in the near future.


Oh, maybe we can give him a little bit of work. Yeah, I think he needs it.


He certainly does. For his kneecaps.


Right, we are going to end the poll with your thoughts on dynamite. And it was 1% thumbs down, 11% in the middle, and 87% thumbs up.


I got a good one. You did get a good one this week off, Ollie.


Thank you all so much for joining us. We are back tomorrow with predictions for Forbidden doris, myself, and Tempest running down the card, previewing the whole show. And then on Saturday, you'll be doing a review of SmackDown with Satini ANGI. And then on Sunday it's Forbidden Door. Live reactions with Pete and Dan. The truth, Layton. Then on Monday it will be our forbidden door review. And then I was about to. Say it's back to normal but it ain't because Tuesday is raw, wednesday is Money in the bank predictions. Thursday is dynamite, saturday is Money in the bank live reactions live from the long Arm pub and brewery in shortage and SmackDown as well.


No days off and then on Sunday.


It'S our review of Money in the bank as well.


I say no days off. I take two weeks off.


You are then off for two weeks?


Yeah, for sure. Thank God.


So we have got a lot of content coming up in the next couple of weeks so please if this is your first time here and you've made it this far, press the subscribe button enable notifications to know that when we do go live and we will see you tomorrow.


I like this cheer there.


That has been tempest supposed to jam that champion jam that jam JAMA. Jam jim jam JAMA. Jam. JAMA. Jam.