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Do you.


Remember when Sting joined A EW and we all thought, I didn't do a couple of cinematic matches, maybe.


Well, it's all he's ever going to be able to do with the cinematic matches.


He's a 62 year old man.


Yeah, well, and that. And he had his career ended when he wrestled Seth Rollins in W W, not blaming.


Seth for that. No one is.


No one's blaming Seth for that. Except for Brett. Accidents happen in the ring. But he had to retire because of that match. So he will just do some cinematic matches and that all smoke and mirrors hide around things.


And then, like, he maybe took a few bumps in those cinematic matches, but on loads of crash pads.


And then there was a time, he wrestled in to.


Wear a T shirt. Yeah. But on with the full straps and stuff. We saw his shoulders, his sexy, sexy sting shoulders. And before you know it, he thinks he's 25 again, and he's jumping off of the highest thing in the building like he's Jeff Harding, circuit 2003.


Yeah. Actually, I think we got a nice little graduation of things, a gradual escalation of things. Kinematic matches, taking the T shirt off, having a match with no crowd brawling, and then it's, I'm going to dive off this balcony onto seven people to catch me and stuff. And then I had so much fun doing that, I'll do it. But with five people this time.


And then three, and then two, and then just one guy who's on two tables further than any human can jump away.


And what I'm going to do is climb a ladder that's inside the ring, and I'm going to jump off that ladder.


If you haven't already figured that out, welcome to the AEW Dynamite Review podcast. I'm Oli Davis. I'm joined by Luke Owen DAD. Please press the thumbs up button, give us a subscribe, leave a comment down below with what you thought of AEW Dynamite, and send in those Omega chats to wrestletalk. Com forward support. We'll read out every single one of them over $5. We've begun with that... Did you want to say something about the event? I see you popped up the event page.


No, I was just doing this in the background.


While you were chatting. You're just looking at analytics.


I'm not doing analytics. There is something that will be later in the show, but I'm not going to bring this up now.


You can't flash up money in front of me and expect me to pay attention to what I'm doing.


I can't flash up stats.


And figures. What's Luke doing? I know I'm being broadcast live, but anyway. Sting teamed with Derby Island in the main event against the Sex God's Chris Gerico and Samy Kavara.


That wasn't Chris Gerico.


My apologies. It was the lame maker. It was pain maker Chris Gerico. He set this up in a promo backstage before the main event. He comes down and he's got a remixed version of Judas. He's got one of the Ascas masks on. Then he gets down to the ring. I'm like, The mask, whatever, but it's going to be lame underneath. And then he took it off. I was like, It's always lamer than I remember it.


Do you remember when you thought it was a work?


When you thought he's working all of us, he doesn't think this is cool. He knows this is lame, and he's working the internet marks.


This was when he first debuted it in New Japan against Naito. Did he do it against Kenny? He didn't do it against Kenny. He was the alpha, wasn't he? Against the Omega. So it was against Naito. And to my eye, I thought he was intentionally bulking up in the gut area to give that impression of I'm just a big, burly, slightly out of shape bruiser from America and also crap makeup.


And I made the argument. Now, I think Chris Gerica thinks this is cool because Chris Gerica is a fan of Kiss. So he probably thinks this is.


Well cool. And he genuinely believes there are two different realities with different Simbad movies. Does he really? Well, he had someone on his podcast to debate it.


He did. And that person also said that time-shifted and the reveal in Empire Strikes Back is different from when it was first released. Really? The line reading is different from when it was first shown in the cinemas to how it has become now. The timeline shifted somewhat.


As in it wasn't I'm Your Father, s poilers. What was it?


Well, because of the line is.


No, Luke.


I am your father. But I think this guy's argument was he would have said it was... I can't remember what it was now, but he said it was a different line originally and the timeline shifted now and it's now changed into what we now know it as.


I love that people like that exist. That their instant thought, as mine would be, would be, Oh, my memory is getting worse.




Misremembered it. Yeah, I'm getting dumb. There's something wrong with me. It's, Oh, no. The fabric of space time is incorrect. Well, I.


Like in Gerica a little bit to Joe Rogen. My favourite Joe Rogen meme I've ever seen is Joe Rogen interviewing Principal Skinner. Principal Skinner says, Where I come from, we call them Steamed Hams. Joe Rogen was like, Yeah, I've heard that before. I feel that's what Gerica is because Gerica brings these people on. He's like, Really? Is that what's happened? The guy's like, Yeah, absolutely.


I would say Chris Gerica is a very, very, very, very, very, very poor man. But I had Joe Rogen. Anyway, he's a the rest of the day. I really enjoyed this main event. It was a tornado tag, which just all the stuff to cover for the fact that Sting is 64 years old. He's got the shirt on there, brawling in the crowd through the break. And the big spot is Sammy has put on two tables outside the ring, near where you'd usually have the commentary area in W WE, or even Collision, I can say in A EW on Saturdays. And when they put them up, I thought, That's far away.


It's quite far.


But then Derby.


But then Derby, I was like, Oh, well.


It's Derby, isn't it? The breeze will carry you. He sets up a ladder in the ring and he starts to climb it. I'm like, Oh, I mean, it's still quite far, but I've seen him jump that far to hit coffin drops and whatnot. And he was going to go to top of the ladder. And then a great bit of camera work, you then see Sting climbing the other side and being like, No, son, I've got this. Have you?


Darby looks at it and was like.






Your funeral, bud. And then I can't remember, but I imagine he then walks down and very carefully holds the ladder.


Yeah. I mean, in the...


Oh, crap.


Are you all right? Did that hit you?


Dodge me.


It dodged you. The tile just fell off the set.


Wow, look at that. That was scary. That felt like we tampered with the timeline too much. Space time is.


Getting revenge. Someone came to hurt us for talking smack about Derek's podcast.


Do you think Sean Ross just came in yesterday and.


Screwed everything? I mean, did you show him this room? I did. Well, then that means that we have our number one suspect.


It's never fallen down before, Sean.


That's right. It hadn't fallen down before he was there. That was almost T shirt wall days, that was.


A lot heavier than T shirt. Where were we? Sting, he's up there.


You were saying that Darby was then holding the ladder. In fact, in the picture that I used for the thumbnail, you can also see Aubrey Edwards holding that ladder as well. As they should do, let's be safe about things.


Just don't let the camera catch you. Sting then jumps and to his credit, covers loads of distance, but still nobody could reach both tables. He goes through the table with Sammy on it and headbutts, I think, the corner of the second table.


Apparently busted a tooth, knocked the tooth out and had to get stitches in his lips.


He immediately had this red goatee down his face paint.


Yeah, so I hurt myself pretty bad. Although he apparently also said it was like, Oh, it was so much fun. Thank you to Tony Khan for letting me do these things and live out my wildest dreams. The press conference he did after Forbidden Door really was like a winding up. This is probably my last year of active in ring stuff, so I'll just take it easy. I'll put the effort in, but this will be my last year of wrestling. And then three days later, he's jumping off a 20 foot ladder to tables on the floor doing what you would do in the fight for a video game. Yeah.


The only thing was missing was him hopping on the skateboard and doing an olly along the apron, grinding the apron. What is an ollie?


That's a jump.


Okay. An ollie and then you would grind? You would grind, yeah. That's what you would call it?


Yeah. I play Tony Hawk.


Stings down. I'm like, Okay, right. He's probably not getting up. The camera again was not focusing on that part of the ring side area. Usually you get a few shots of people going, Oh, no. Look at the wreckage. They're all like, It actually doesn't look okay then. Then we had Derby versus Gerica, and that was good. Julius effect so strong that Derby flew out the ring. I wasn't expecting it when Sting then appeared behind Gerica. When Gerica and Sting were in the ring together, I thought that was a really properly climactic, you are delivering my expectations here. This is very satisfying.


And they just did the three minute match that you want to see out of them, which is they play their hits, Stinger splash, the code breaker, walls of Gerrico, Scorpion Death drop, ducking of the Judis effect, and then the Scorpion death lock for the win.


And that was it. And it was just, yeah, baby faces stand tall. Really, really fun. This is what AEW is very good at, and that is treating their legends with respect and somehow not not making it feel like Sting, the 64 year old part Timer, is being forced down our throats.


No, or overshadowing the younger talent. I thought this was tremendously... It was fun. It was quite a chaotic and wild brawl. My first note is just like, Pain maker is real lame. It's a really lame unit. There's no one on this planet that thinks it's cool, apart from Chris Gerico. In the promo we had in the night where it's like, You're not facing Chris Gerresco, you're facing the pain maker. I was like, They're the same person, mate.


That's less intimidating.


He was copying what Balor does with the demon on the main roster. He's like, Oh, he's had to see it's such deep down in this dark side of it. I was like, No, he hasn't. He's got some face paint that's left over from Darby's. He's got any left over for me? I'll do a little crush it on my eyes. But then the brawl itself was dead fun. I really enjoyed the fish. But the dive, I couldn't really believe my eyes because when Sting started to climb the ladder, I was like, oh, that's good because he's being a responsible parent and holding that ladder still for his son.


I thought he was going to maybe launch Darby off the ladder to help him cover the distance.


But instead, him and Darby at that moment. And there's this shot in the crowd of a person doing this, What? He's got his head in his hands and he's like, What? And then he dives and it just cuts to another person and just goes, Holy S. It was really cool. I had a bit of a blast with it, to be honest. And it's interesting for me that this feels like that's the end of another Gerico feud. We criticize Gerico a lot for his over long feuds and his long running feet. Finally, Tempest told me this today because he was watching dynamite. He said, Gerico's feud with Eddie Kingston, which we all agreed was too long, is the same length of time that the elite have been feeding with Blackpool Combat Club.


But that's interesting.


And that's it. And it also doesn't feel old and or stale. And it actually feels like it's actually was like, It's grown and whatnot. And then I was like, In fact, you could already argue it's gone longer because Moxley and hangman started feeding in October of last year. But this is like the Stark's feud was just Stark's beat Gerico a lot. And then the feud ended. And this feud with Sting has been, well, that's Gerica lost to him at Forbidden Door in the Sixth Man's hack. And then he lost to him again here.


Lost to Cole Beating him twice in a row? That's right. Yeah. That was the last feud for Gerica. That's right.


C olle's last feud was... It was... Derek's last feud was Cole and he lost all of those matches as well.


So it doesn't feel like we're getting another Gerica sting encounter. No, it felt.


Like the end of it.


But it does also feel like Gerica is charging up for a year long feud with Samy Givara. Because that is like... Are we losing sight of the lead here? And that is really, Gerico is trying again to get Samy and Tony Khan and A W as a whole. They're trying to get Samy Givara over as a baby face. He came out and he did the placards thing, weirdly, in the middle, like at the bottom of the second hour.


Yeah, doing the old gimmick that he did back in the very early days of dynamite.


I was like, Okay, cool. Right, we're getting the main event next. Then it comes back from break and it's the women's match. So I think Gerica is just storing up energy for a very prolonged feud with Samy, which we've already seen.


Yeah. And it will probably... Yeah, Samy and Gerica are all out, maybe even all in. Tag match is about.


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What you all think on the Omega chats. Please get in all your Omega chats to wrestletalk. Com support. We'll read out every single one of them. Over five US dollars. First one, Dante here. Someone must have caught sting after that match and said, Look, I know you want to hang with the kids and all, but I think derby is becoming a bad influence on you.


Did see someone else in the live chat being like, Derby is a really bad influence on Ston's thing. He wasn't like this before he started teaming with Derby. He was just doing very safe crowd brawls in CNA. Eleven minute main events, nine of them are walk and bras with your T shirts on.


One minute is botching a move.


And then you just go in there, play the hits and off you pop. You're the champion.


Hannah Allen, hello, lovelies. Could you imagine if we got a hold of Eddies and Moxie's DNA?


This is a bit of a reference to our most recent episode of Result Talk Extra, which went live yesterday of us reviewing TNA. Speaking of T shirt Sting, Crowd Brawling.


Versus Matt Morgan.


Versus Matt Morgan. With Matt Morgan Winds, he gets to be part of the main event mafia. But what we were more interested in was the live chat of the rebroadcast of it.


On YouTube. And one particular person just saying how... Because Matt Morgan's whole thing was that he's the blueprint, and apparently they sent his DNA up into space. It's the most perfect DNA. And someone in the live chat just said, Oh, if I had Matt Morgan's DNA, I'd make a clone of myself, turn it female, and then I'd F it. I'm like, What? So you're Matt Morgan? Well, that's it. Have you made a Matt Morgan clone?


Because I read it as I would make myself, as in another version of me, the original poster and a version of Matt Morgan that's a female. So we could both have sex with the female Matt Morgan.


Female Matt Morgan to me just feels like Matt Morgan in a wig.


With the beard.


Elevate the time.




Hannah continues, We can make clones female, of course, for the boys. The Matt Morgan clone is looking for work, and we could even Gen Swap ourselves and ramp it up in numbers. Lots of love, Jam That Jam. Very good. Survivor 1993. I thought Jungle Boy's promo was really good, but with that look and those sunglasses, all I see is hide from that 70s show. Now I can't take him seriously at all. #jamthat Jam. Of course, if you know hide just from that 70s show. It's fine. It's fine. What a.


Fine reference. What a fine reference. He was my favorite character in.


That show. So Sarky. Yeah. It was great. Always with a little clippy one line and quite a nice story about how he fancied Donner.


That was always great. I liked it when he was dating Jackie. I thought it was a really good fun series, two series thing they did when they were together. But then nothing.


Then he was like, What happened to that guy?


What happened to that guy? Disappeared off the face of the planet.


No one ever knows. Heal on hook. Bmw Whitehouse 76 says, I was starting to sour an M JF, but then he said, Hey, what's up, dude? In pure glee, a mommy over again. How are you starting to sour an M JF? I don't know. He is just consistently the best thing in whatever he does. Who all do you hope he feeds with next after Adam Cole? Personally, I'd prefer either Orange Cassidy, but I'd love to see how he reacts to Hook.


Well, Tempest was making a very, very impassioned plea in the office today. During that opening match, Eddie Kingston just walked out to ring side. Tempest paused. The broadcast looked at me and said, He should be M JF for the title. He said, Good, hear me out. You do Eddie Moxley at All Out, Eddie wins that. Eddie M JF at Grand Slam, Eddie wins that.


Yeah. And then Tempest said that to me, presumably not having got the enthusiasm of you. I would love to.


See that happen. I was like, Dude, I agree.


But why? It will never happen. I want a good DC movie, but I don't think about it because it's a waste of resources in my head.


You've already had your.


Black Adam. It's unfair. Batman is amazing. I want a good DC expanded universe movie.


Maybe this eight threesets will.


Be the one I would say CM P unk. Cm P unk wins the O in Heart Cup. You actually add something to that where you get a title shot and then boom, MJF punk.


That's my all.


In, all out. That's my.


All out main event. The prediction is MJF punk. But I also think punk, M JF goes over.


Charles Burke, I'm beginning to think the blind tag tournament isn't actually blind. I'm pretty sure these teams were planned out in advance. Also, Oli, how's your head? And why did you hire Brian Chauvin in the first place? Hiring children at wrestle Talk is a bad move. Well, they're much cheaper.


They work that well for Pete. Yeah. I just got hit in the head a lot by the bat fight, which is something we didn't talk about for the main event. Derek, Owen Sting, both had bats at the start. They did their bat fight. And I found this hilarious because one of my favourite little sketches of all time is the bat fight one from Funny or Die. I came in this morning and I'm like, Pete, there's a bat in the other room. We used it on Quizzle Mania. I want you to hit me because of bat fight. And he went, What are you talking about? I was like, Well, it's this. And no.


One knows it. It's an internet meme from 15 years ago.


To say 2008, that feels like 12 years ago. But you're right, there's been three years since 2020.


Yeah. Actually, if you'd have asked me how long ago was 2008, I said, That's probably eight years ago.


Yeah, which it was. Dean Boretton, at last year's Blood and guts, C lodio stole the victory from Eddie. This year's, could we see Eddie ping C lodio or Eddie end up on the side of the BCC causing issues for the finish? Say Eddie tries to steal the win from Clodio. I like that stuff with with Clodio. I wish they followed up on it, though, and then just have a year of not really anything. I know there's been ring of honour bits. That's it. I feel like.


We've just got that feud back. It totally some of them, they were just digging around the sofa looking for small change. I was like, Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. There's Eddie Cloudy. I wondered where this.


Got to. Oh, my God. That was one of the best finishes of the year that we booked and we didn't do anything with it.


How did it end up back here?


And finally, for now, Dodd's 666. This is entirely unrelated to the episode of dynamite. My now six year old daughter has heard Olly since she was a baby and always says, Give us a subscribe whenever she sees him on the screen. Olly, please could we have a give us a subscribe for Emily? Give us a subscribe.


Emily. That's very nice.


Cool. Let's get back to the...


Do you mind if I do my thing then?


Do your thing.


So if you saw Monday's episode of Sorry, the Tuesday podcast we did for Review Monday Night Raw, you'll have seen the very exciting moment in which I had to issue a refund for someone who could no longer attend the watch party. And that meant that we sold out the event for a record setting third time on.


The stream. Usually that happens when you release more seats. Yeah, this is a good way of doing it.


But certainly then there is a fourth because we did do the extra Quizzomania tickets, which sold out in under an hour. But it also has resulted in someone else letting us know that they can no longer attend either. I'm going to issue another refund, which means there will be one ticket left for our record setting fifth sell out of Money in the Bank Watch Party of the Long Island Pub & Brewery. In fact, what I might do is I might just play the... Oh, no, that's the wrong thing.


That's the actual list.


I'm just going to play the video while I'm just doing this. Now, you can.


Talk over it if you like. We can talk over it? Yeah. Look at the quality of this B roll footage. Oh, look, it's Adam and Sullyey. And there's Luke. That's good that I've seen that. That reminds me not to wear the exact same clothes.


Well, funny enough, actually, so not only is this a refund for admission, it's also a refund for Quizzle Mania Live too, which means there is one ticket available for the show itself and there'll be one ticket for Quizzle Mania. I will let you all know moderators will be spamming the live chat with a link to the event. So if you haven't got your ticket yet, but you still wanted to. Now is your chance.


There we are. Oh, it ended at the right.


Time as well. It's almost like I timed it. I hadn't. But there are means there is one ticket available and there's one seat for Quizzile Mania Live2 available. So head on over and our moderators will be spamming the link to that stat. Sell us out again.


Right, so this episode of AEW Dynamite, the post Forbidden Door episode. Full disclosure, I've not seen last week's dynamite. I've seen about half of collision, which I love. And I haven't seen a single second. Oh, no, I've seen Brian Danielson's entrance. I've not seen anything else from Forbidden Door.


You have not seen Omega.


Rosbray too, yet. I heard it was okay.


Yeah, I'd say it was pretty good. That is how I would describe it. Pretty good. But pretty good. In fact, what it was was awesome. I think both matches will end up in our match of the year list.


I was going to watch it on Monday when I got back from Glass then and Barry. But I was like, Actually, no, I want to concentrate. I don't want this to just be on in the background, like what I ended up watching, which was the tenacious D movie, Pick of Destiny, which is very funny. But yeah, so I try and watch it on Sunday. I was thinking I was going to watch it on Sunday when we're in for Money in the Bank. I thought I could watch it in.


The downtime. That's a good idea. I would actually quite like to watch.


I want to watch Collision as well. Goddamn it. Anyway, this was the first dynamite post that you'll have to fill in for any context that I miss. I know the results and read the descriptions and reviews and whatnot. But we started off with Tomahiro Ishi versus Jon Moxley, who just went straight into an excellent, stiff, rock hard.


Shop fest. This was a very good reminder of when Mox first left Wwe and he went to New Japan and he had those series of matches and did the G1. And he had that match with Tomahiro Ishi where I was like, oh, hello. This feels like a very different Moxley. And then he just...


And that was before he went chunk.


And then we got this and it was just this match was awesome. It was so good this match.


It was pretty much just strikes. You had a few moves here and there. I think it was a brainbuster, a few death riders, but it was mostly chops, kicks, punches. It's all that again. Thank you. What was I going to say? What was the other thing? Headbutts, which was a bit much for.


My taste. You don't have the headbutts.


Well, ever since Shabbata, I'm like, I don't want any of my favourites to have to stop wrestling. Not like he stopped wrestling.


He was on for a.


Bit at all. He worked on Sunday.


I get what you mean.


Because they did bust themselves open.


Didn't they? From those headbutts. You don't think it was just a blade job?


It could have been.


Yeah, but it was brutal in terms of them and how hard they were hitting each other. I particularly like the larriet stuff. My favourite spot of this match actually was after the series larriets, and they both ran each other to do larriets, but collapsed at the same time. So while they hit each other, it was just like a... And then both crumpled to the floor. It was awesome.


Such a good match. Best match on the show for my money. And it was a night of very good matches. Eddie Kingston comes down just before the break, not because the Blackpool Combat Club are attacking Ishi or doing anything behind the referee's back, but he just got aggy, I guess. He just started shouting at Claudio, shouting at Mark sley, and Mark's like, Dude, what are you doing? And Eddie's just there watching, making sure nobody interferes in the match, while Claudio, the entire time, does not leave Eddie's face, just staring at him from across the ring.


That's really cool. I'm so into this Eddie Cloudy thing. I'm really, really loving it. It's probably one of the reasons why you'd be fine not to watch much of last week's dynamite because there wasn't a very big follow up to the sweet ass angle they did two weeks before when Eddie came back. But this is my favourite thing in AEW at the moment. I love the Blackpool Combat Club versus Elite storyline. I actually really like the Elite's presence on this show and the stuff they did with the Dark Order. But the thing I'm so into and it draws me in the most is this Eddie Moxley, Cloudio thing.


Eddie just has this ability to pull me 100 % emotionally into whatever he's feeling. And that's why he's such a beloved figure. He gets the pops for him are just at the same level as the top guys in the company, I'll argue. And after this, I knew it was a bit in between, we'll get back to it. But Moxley wins and then backstage it's Rene Paquette talking to Victoria's Mox and the Blackpool Combat Club.


You say talking to, yelling.


At Moxley. A bit of a domestic there.


They were a bit of a domestic. She was very upset at what Moxley had done because after the match, Mox bumped past Eddie and then they had a bit of a sparring thing, sparring War of Words. So Rene's there being like, What is this? And Eddie walks in and immediately she's trying to break them up. And you've just got Cloudy or Stan and they're just not taking his eyes off Eddie, also there. And just like Rene just trying to separate them and they're just screaming at each other. And then he's just like, No one gets to kick the crap out of you but me. That's what I do. I get to kick the crap out of you with that scumbag over there. And Moxie just fires up. And it was like, it was 10 years ago. This Chikara BS, you really need to get get over this.


He says, Nobody cares about this Chicago BS. And Eddie just starts screaming, I care. It was like, fight me, energy. And it's just like, that's what I love about Eddie's character because he really does care and he's not going to let it go until he beats the crap out of Claudia. And then Mock Storms off and Renee's like, You better fix this or I'm done to Eddie.


Because I'm done.


Right. As in she is done trying to make peace between.


The two of them. Okay, that makes more sense. I was a bit confused there. I was like, Is Renee joining a faction?


She's joining the.


Blackpool Combat Club. But that was really good stuff. Great match, good angle as well.


I find it to be a fascinating character and person. And there was part of me that was like, Oh, I wonder if this is... It always just is this big character thing. And so I interviewed him on the rest of the podcast. I was like, Oh, no, this is who he is.


He's authentic. I think that's why he's so magnetic. Renee also caught up backstage with MJF and Adam Cole. First off, it's Adam Cole in the parking lot. And they're asking about their pairing in the blind eliminated tag tournament, which is where people are just put together randomly to be a tag team. How will they co exist?


That was our thumbnail last week.


And Max just walks in and goes, Hey, buddy. They're best friends now.


Well, it's because Max has got two things on his mind here. Number one, we could win tag trials and that's always great. That's more money for the purse. Two, seems to think that Adam Cole no showed Forbidden Door because he also thinks it's an indie Fed and Max didn't want to do it. Because he walked up and he was like, Being sick to not do this show. I wish I'd thought of that. That's a really clever idea.


That was so funny. And then, because he's a smart baby face, wasn't like, Oh, no, I hate you, blah, blah, blah. He's like, Okay, I'll go along with this. I'll be the master thinker here. And yeah, I think Max said, Well, let's go out in the town. We don't want to hang out at a wrestling show.


No, exactly. This is a place for losers. We should really get to know each other, get to know each other. I've even got our first bit of merchandise, and he has got merchandise for their tag team in this blind, which suggests to me, they're either going out very first day. This is Y2AJ. I forgot about that. Or they're going.


All the way. It's a better than you, baby, I think. And he looked into the lens and was like, available now, awshop. Com. Just a T shirt company.


They keep making them. Have you seen that Aubrey Edwards has got her own T shirt now. It says Aubrey Edwards, 1 0, undefeated. Legitimately bought it this morning.


Well, we could talk about the bit later because Adam Cole is like, Well, I'll go. I'll catch up with you. I'm just going to say hi to some friends. Then much later on in the show, Cole's talking to Roderick Strong and Roddy's like, Why are you hanging out with this guy? He's going to betray you. Cole's like, No, I'm going to turn on him. I'm just suck him in. Roddy's like, He'll find out. He'll watch the show and Max walks in and he's like, Come on, let's leave this place. I hate this show. He doesn't watch this show. He gets in the car with him.


He walked up and he was like, Hey, Cole. He looked at the road and said, Hey, generic white guy.


Great line. That's Fabian.


Eichner, as.


We know. I really hope that we now get one of those classic MJF way too long vignettes of Max and Cole partying on the town.


I wonder if Max has, probably not played it himself, but has seen people playing the fight forever video game and seen the cut scenes you get in between the Road to Elite things. He's like, This is what we need to do. Car wide montage. We're going to hang out in the woods.


Go get some food. Avocado on toast. I thought Max and Samy were really something special. It only lasted two weeks and I'll treasure that time forever. I really hope they can do the same thing with MJF and Adam Cole here. It's nowhere near there yet, but if they do a full on zany thing, Max should start showing up on Cole's twitch streams.


That's so good. Problem is that Cole's twitch streams are like the rule of Chugs is that there's no wrestling chat. His time away from it being a wrestling thing.


After that, we got Orange Cassidy and Vikingo and Keith Lee versus Daniel Garcia and 2.0. The way Cassidy put together this Franken team was essentially turning to the nearest person to him in the locker room. It's Keith Lee and Vikingo. Do you want to wrestle? Yeah, sure. They had a really fun match, I thought. Get a bit all over the place in parts.


Yeah, I would agree.


With that. Vikingo is a bit botchy. Keith Lee is also a bit botchy.


Yeah. Well, so the big spot that they count, or one of the big spots they have planned for this is that Vikingo was going to do this dive over the top rope and everyone would move out of the way. 2.0 would move out the way and then he would land onto Keith Lee in a powerbomb position. Keith Lee would catch him and then use him as a battering ram type thing on 2.0. Fun spot. Good idea. Problem was Vikingo landed him and he just lost his footing and fell over. So it looked like Vikingo had just done a move on him.


Well, it looked like he, and I think he did, just twatted him in the face with his heel.


And so then I thought Vikingo was like, Sorry, mate, you all right? Yeah. And Keith.


Lee looked momentarily very annoyed and then just picked him up anyway and did the spot.


And he would just do the spot regardless. But then I think Keith Lee got most of the other stuff in. There was a spot where Daniel Garcia was dancing on his back. And so he stood up and got him into position for the Big Bang catastrophe, which was a lot of fun. He also had shaved his beard and redied his hair again, so he wasn't like Silver Fox.


Keith Lee. You're totally right. I forgot about that.


Yeah, he didn't have the cape. It was just him in the trunks. A lot of people said like, oh, man, 2018, Keith Lee's back. This is PWG Keith Lee. Might be why I was so excited. So the match was fun. I was thrilled out. Orange Cassia's got even more tape now. So he's got the battered hand, the tape on his back, and now he's even got tape up onto his neck.


Do you remember my pitch for Derby's TNT title run? That over the time and then come out as a mummy in the body bag. We could get comedy version of that with Cassidy.


It's always chance. I thought this was a very fun six man tag that was a little bit all over the place and a bit chaotic.


Do you think, so Cassidy, well, no, Keith Lee got the win. Who next for Orange Cassidy? Do you think we'll see Keith Lee versus Orange Cassidy?


It could be. I mean, Keith Lee was the one that picked up the win. It could be.


Although he's now I did you a favour last week. I want a shot.


At that. But he is in the blind tournaments because they announced later on that he'd been drawn with Swerve Strickland against, funny enough, Orange Cassidy and Darby Allen. So maybe you could use that. Swerve's got the history with Orange Cassidy there as well. Could be something with that.


I quite like the idea of the blind tag eliminating. I feel like a lot of it is just a bit too obvious. It doesn't feel like chance. I don't think that's fair. I know it's like, oh, the Royal Rumble entrance, a random. Oh, but this person just say it happens to be the person fused in with that person. But that's not the entire match, is it? You do just get some random entrance here and there. I feel like every team so far has been too obviously orchestrated.


I think, apart from Orange, Cassidy and Derby, that just feels like just two names picked that random, like you would have got on fight forever. But the rest, I agree, Swerven our glory as a former tag team and people they're feuding with. And you got Cole and MJF doing that. That I will give you. Two of the three teams, I will certainly agree on. Here's my thing. I really like the idea of the blind eliminate tournament. I think it's a really fun concept. They also said they were going to announce the brackets this week. They didn't do that. And I'm actually even more annoyed that it was just a three second graphic that was like swerving our glory of teaming together. Where was the angle? Where was the backstage of them drawing lotto balls and being like, can you believe these two people are going to be teaming together? Make it a bit of a thing. Don't just put it up as a graph and be like, Oh, sorry. And by the way, actually, they're going to.


Be a team.


This happened earlier. And it's next Wednesday. So you better tune in.


You're right, actually. Maybe that's what my gripe is. If they did that, I'd be like, there's some context was there.


Because they did it for Cole and MJF last week. You had RJ City and Tony Schivane drawing the two names, and then Tony Schivane during the Cole and MJF segment stood up and said, By the way, you two are tagging together in the tournament.


Do you think the whole tournament idea was actually MJF's idea? No. So it really was all of this is just an angle for them. So they haven't put as much thought into the rest of the tournament?


No, because I think if this was an angle by MJF, it would be Adam Cole facing different opponents of MJF's choosing.


Kind of is. Not of MJF's choosing, but he's got to face a series of opponents just working together this time. After that, we got the hungbacks backstage. They're issueing an open challenge, but the dark order interrupt and say, You're not our friend anymore. We want a match with you guys. Yeah.


Okay. We got a video for Dan and Sonny Caterpillar and Renee interview, Derek and Samy, Derek is well lay. On to the Dark Order Elite match. This match was awesome. Oh, really good. I thought that hangman Adam Page's performance in this was great. I thought the Silver Reynolds and Oona's performance in this was great. The Bucks were awesome in this match. All six men were excellent in this match. I know in particular, Adam Page. I thought he was so great in this. We'll go into a bit more detail what he was doing throughout this match. But I really wish this story had been better told because the performances that they're putting in for this makes this feel like it is an epic storyline that's been running for months. And it has been just not on TV. It's been running on YouTube skits that the very small percentage of the dynamite viewership watch them. So I applaud them for all of the effort they were putting in to make this feel like a big deal. But me as a TV viewer, I'm like, I've barely seen Hangman and the Dark Order interacting. And even when they were a team together, I didn't really see them interact a lot then.


They had that small run during the Hangman Danielson feud, but then I didn't see them. So yeah, there is drama here and there is story and there is relationships, but it's not something that we have been told on screen.


Yeah, the last stuff was Mox doing a huge blade job. Sorry, did I say Mox? Evil U no blade job for Mox.


Which would have been October.


It wasn't that.


Far back, was it? It was during the.


Hangman feud. Yeah, but that carried around until revolution. I think it was in the build up to February. Okay. But yeah, I mean, it's still four months ago. Yeah, I agree with you on that. But great match. My criticism was going to be the crowd. I thought the crowd weren't great on this show.


They weren't, were they? What's up, Canada? You were so good at it. And as we all know, all the Canadians are the same. So no matter what town you go to, every Canadian is just a carbon copy of the previous one. But where your noises.


Yeah. There was a this is awesome chant near the end, but I was like, come on. A lot of this has been awesome. So the story was hangman didn't want to face his friends. He kept.


Tagging out. Someone there said it's also been done on ring of honour. It's watched by less people than being the elite.


So hangman doesn't want to fight his friends and the books are getting frustrated with hangman. Dark order are like, No, fight us. Don't patronise us like this. And then eventually hangman snaps and he goes for them. And usually that's the bit where he gets the win. But it actually led to the Dark Order getting a really good three minutes of comeback spots. I thought it was amazing.


Silver and Reynolds' tag flurry that they have is so good.


But ultimately, I think it was dead eye, BTE trigger, Buckshot Lariat from Hangman Page on John Silver. And he made the pin. And then as soon as the Bell was done, like Festus, he got up and he was like, What have I done?


And he was almost trying to apologise to Silver as he was knocked out cold in the dark order trying to tenter to Johnny Hungry. I like that it ended with Paige and Silver because it started with them as well in the match because Hangman Page tags in, Silver tags in. And Hangman Page got this like, I don't really want to be wrestling you because I think you're my friend. I don't really want to be doing this. And you don't quite understand where I'm coming from in the position I'm in. And then he just like, But we're competitors, so we'll wrestle. And he thinks it's a bit of a friendly competition thing. And then Johnny Silver just whacks him in the face with his for arm and Dan is like, I'm done. And he tags Dan and he's like, I'm not getting involved in this because no one understands me. No one understands where I'm coming from in all of this.


The post match was really good as well because BCC attack them. Them with Takeshita and Don Callis.


They're not.


Officially part, but they're associated.


They're associated with. The reason why I don't think they are is because at Forbidden Door, it was Blackpool Combat Club teaming with Takeshita and Shota Umino.


They all beat up the Ali and Hangman. And Eddie Kingston runs down because, I care. I care. And he's in there and they're all brought, Eddie gets taken out. But Hangman Page all the time is really blooded almost immediately. He's looking up at the dark order, dark order just looking down at them and they walk away.


When the BCC first jumped them, the three of them there just standing in the ring watching this. Then all together it's like, no, let's go. Then Paige gets hit with the screwdriver and he said, just looking at them up the ramp and they're not moving and then looked down and just walk away. It was genuinely heartbreaking. And it was, again, I loved all the performance of this. I just wish this had been a story that had been better told on TV.


So there was actually something even better that happened here. The Mox and Kingston stuff. Have you heard about this? No. Right. Okay. I didn't catch this either. So after the dark order of walked away, my Moxley gets a microphone and he leans on the top rope and he's just looking out to the crowd. He's got his back to what's happening in the ring. And that's because... C lodio, P ilmanizes Eddie Kingston's arm.




And the idea is Mox did, I don't want to see it.


Yeah. Ignorance is bliss.




Amazing. Because I did hear on commentary them say, he's turned his back on this. We don't see what they're doing. But the camera did miss the p ilmanizing of the angles. They had so much they were trying to capture. But that's a really good detail.


I love that. I thought that was probably the best little detail in the whole show. But that's when Mox gets the mic and he lays it out. July 19th, Boston, it's time for Blood and Guts.


This led to a little bit of confusion online because it came up in the bottom corner, Boston, whatever it is, Garden. And it had the two logos, Blood and Guts Rampage. What a lot of people thought was, oh, Blood and Guts is on rampage? What a weird thing because what you couldn't see is above the Blood and Guts logo, it's a very tiny AEW dynamite logo. And what they're advertising is it's a double taping of Blood and guts or dynamite and rampage.


I know you could KF A have explained this, like Moxley had already had it pre approved, but I got a bit annoyed that the graphic came up so quickly. It was like Moxley said Blood and Guts. And then, oh, yeah, we've got a graphic prepared exactly for that. When to me, it was more chaotic and the BCC are unpredictable. And this wasn't a planned production segment. They jump people at the end of a match. I know that's so nitpicky, but I just thought later on, have the graphic as if like, oh, we've thrown something together. Tony Khan's made it official. Maybe.


It might be hyper nitpicky, but I take your point. I also particularly loved in this match, the young Bucks barking at Hangman Pace to tag in. It's almost like they were frustrated that he was not getting involved in this match.


Don't go say barking around the young Bucks.


Sorry, but I didn't.


Think about it. Jungle boy then came down to explain his heel turn on hook. His hook turn, a forbidden door. Apparently he was wearing his father's jacket.


Was he? Because it looked like he was dressed.


As Christian. That's what I thought. Christian or that guy from.




70s show. That 70s show.


He chose.


His heart. He could only think of Forbidden Door. I think he used to watch Forbidden Door on trouble.


Forbidden Door?


Well, no, I couldn't think of the name of that television show.


Sorry for saying that. I was like, Was there a TV show on trouble called Forbidden Door?


He doesn't just look like Christian here. He cut a very Christian style promo. He referenced a natural disaster. That Canada has to deal with right now. He said he's banging the hottest bitch. He said the bitch. But not in a You bitch. You bitch. Like a threatening way in reference to a woman. He did.


Did you see Karl Fletcher's tweet about this?


Yes, he believes he has a hole in his bitch. He does. He's dating Sky Blue, right?


He is indeed, yeah.


He's cashing fat checks and he's going to get rid of his Tarzan boy entrance music. Yeah.


This was actually in a very Christian way, a 2000 Christian. He got his local sports team heat as well.


What did he say?


I thought he was making reference to... Maybe that was when he was referencing the national disaster?


Forbidden Door.


No, what's the word I'm after? Not national disaster, a natural disaster. That's the word I was after. Like John Tenton. Maybe it was, but anytime I hear people boo, I'm just like, Oh, it's a sports team reference.


Are you booing my wildfires?


Exactly. They're called the LA Wildfires. I don't know who they are. But he was like, Did I turn on the hook? Did all of you turn on the hook?


You people.


He said he's going to take the belt off of hook because even though it's not recognised by AEW, it's a belt that means a lot to his family. That family is Taz and pointing up to the commentary desk. Then he's like, I'm going to beat you. Eat the S out of hook when I see him. Hook's music hits and Taz just goes, and I.


Quote, Well.


It's on, boys.


Again, Hook comes down, chases Jungle boy out the arena like Jungle boy is sprinting. T here's a car with an open backdoor waiting for him in the parking lot and he does a topie suicide into it and the car drives off. It was so funny. It was great. Brian Alvarez said that the other door should have been open and he just slides through.


Have you seen the turn? Oh, you haven't seen it?


I've seen the turn.


So have you seen the commentary for it? Because obviously Tas was doing commentary for it and Tas was selling this so great because he takes his sunglasses off to show how serious this all is.


It's getting hot in here.


He takes the sunglasses off and it cuts the coverage desk and he goes, Well, he's a dead man.


I like the motivation. I think Jungle boy really wants that singles title. And here's this guy with a fake singles title. I think that's good.


I really like it as well. He was holding a lot of this title, he's better than me. We went out for dinner last night and my big pitch for this is that it's going after Hook's title here. So desperate to win a title this year that he's going after a belt not even recognised by EW. But he's also going to lose that as well. That's what's going to lead him back into the arms of Christian, who has.


A title. Chris definitely his.


Christian knows how to win belts. Jungle Boy needs that guidance back. He needs to go back to his real father.


Him and Lucas Aura's reteam up again. Heal Jurassic Express to win the tag titles.


Brit Baker was unfortunately sick. So the fight TV thumbnail was Ruby Soho versus Brit Baker.


Yeah, I had to full screen it because I think because it was the match, which is Rubio Soho going, and it was massive on the screen either side of the video player.


Yeah. So that was a bit confusing. I didn't know that it had been cancelled because I saw it was advertised previous day. But they didn't say anything, did they?


They did say on commentary earlier in the night that Baker's... The same illness that Adam Cole had over the weekend, Brick Baker's now got, so she's unable to compete tonight.


Yes, that's unfortunate. But Rubio Soho instead took on Alexa Nicole, who was a local enhancement. She's from Round here. I actually prefer this way of doing it because I know Ruby and Brit have been feuding in their various factions forever. But this allowed a bit of oomph for the tournament match next week. I think the tournament match will be better because Ruby got some momentum with a squash local enhancement talent win here.


Did all of it. She was doing Baker's taunt. She goes up to the referee and steals the rubber gloves that they have for when someone gets busted open, seemingly Moxley matches, and she applies the lock jaw to this poor lass here to win. And then she got a hell of a promo.


I think Christian told her how to cut a promo as well.


This promo was awesome. I wish the crowd reacted like it was awesome. This promo.


Was wicked. Yeah, she said, Adam Cole got sick. Now, Brit Baker's sick. I hope they don't have any children because they will be weak.




Little bastard. Weak little bastard.


Like Baker's this shell of a former self. I thought this was a great, great promo.


Like I said, I'm glad we got this to build next week. I think next week will be better. And then we got the bat fight.


Bat fight. Well, we had some other bits and bobs as well because we had a recap of Boeing's telling Cameron what to face from QTV that he's gay. And then that led to what happened on rampage, the debut of Johnny TV, who's part of QTV, the former John Morrison. He is now all elite, I guess, and he's part of this faction. He's got a match on rampage. Then they just randomly announced then the Lee and Strickland are one of the teams. And then we got the main event.


I gave this overall 76 %. I thought it was a really enjoyable episode to watch, but I felt like the build towards Forbidden Door was very good. We're talking top tier 95 % good. This was nowhere near that.


I loved the opening match. The opening was great. The trios was mad nonsense. I loved all of the elite Dark Order stuff. Problems I have with the fact that it's not had as much TV time as I think it's probably deserved to make the story feel as umphy as it should do. But the match itself was great. I thought the post match was really great as well. Umphy. And I had a tremendous amount of fun in the main event, but it's not like a strong 4 out of 5 episode, oddly enough. This was a 3 out of 5 episode just with some really great.


Stuff on it. Luke hates A&W.


I do need to put up the.


Poll because I'm going to put up the poll. I'll start doing the chat. It's end of the month so we've done all our Patron shout outs. But thank you very much to everyone who is a pledge hammer. We're at record numbers at the moment, 2,400 plus, I believe. So thank you everybody for joining now. And in our wrestle Axtra go live yesterday?


It did indeed. Yes, it's had very good feedback to it so far. Everyone's very much enjoying our review of Slammersery 2009, featuring not one, not three, but two King of the Mountain matches, one of which has got Jeff Jarret and Mick Fogley and Kurt Angle in it, and AJ styles and Samoah Joe. The most hidden machine guns, lethal consequences and suicide.


Matt Morgan.


Matt Morgan and sting. Christopher Daniels versus.


Shane Dodge Douglas.




Douglas. Shane Doug Gas. Gas Daniels. He's got very tired.


Very tired, very early doors, and hurt himself as well. The best match of the night, the Monster's Ball tag match of Obvious and Taylor Wild versus Daphna and Raven. It was good. A KA the Dream team, Luke's Dream team.


Let's go over to Patron. Com forward slash wrestle talk to sign up there. There's not just that, but loads of exclusive stuff along with early access to Monday Night War and when Adam and Sully played through at Wwe 2K 23, my eyes. We'll be doing the second half of that this month, I believe. Next month, July. Wrestletalk. Com support though is where to get your Omega chats in. Last call for those. We'll read out every single one of them over five US dollars.


Do we also want to plug what's happening over on parts of Unknowing, not only on Friday, but today.


Well, we don't know about that yet.


Do we know?


Okay, well then.


But tomorrow we do. Well, yeah, that.


Was going to be the tournament. The tournament, definitely. Pfk tomorrow from 1PM BST. We will be having a PFK World Cup to determine who's the best in the world at a EW fight forever.


Yeah, I'm very excited to watch this because I'm not part of this World Cup. They decided to take me out of it because I dominated too much of the 2 K tournament. As we all know, I would have won if I hadn't got myself de queued against Dave.


Well, yesterday I beat Sean Ross at.


Yeah, Sean was making all these big claims that he went 3 0 against the Restor team. But what he failed to mention there is that he lost twice previously to that to me and you, and I beat him as Aubrey Edwards.


Who with Aubrey Edwards counting the pin. Yes, very confusing visual. I'm Just Marcus says, The Dark Order turning on hangman makes me sad, but it makes sense given how he treated them lately. I love that his rival is keep starting because of his own decisions and actions as a character. Also, will Danielson be in blood and guts with his injury? Not a chance, I.


Don't think. Even if it was just 6 to 8 weeks, it would have taken him out of Blood and Guts because it's in two, three weeks time?


About a month, yeah, three weeks.


Month maybe. I don't think he's going to be there for that. But they do have time now to make this a three way fuse with the Dark Order as well. The time is now, even without Stewart Grayson as part of the team anymore.


Graham Shaw says, for the blind tag tournament, I hope we get Evil U no and Desperado as team cool masks. They wrestled at Evil U no's mystery wrestling Friday and Despy tweeted, Join Dark Order after. Also, Wadlow with someone to give him something not the TNT titled to do. I actually forgot about Wadlow. I forgot about Wardlow. The Guilty Hat. Luke said it back when this began and I still stand by it now. Add Dark Order to Blood and guts, you cowards. Finish up the Rol story with stew and make it 4 versus 4 versus 4. The lads are over. I'm more involved with the story than Eddie also put UNO in Fight Forever.


I would say one of the big plus points to fight forever is that this is the game now and it's just going to have just characters added to it.


Oh, is that.


The case? So they got the engine, so they could do an annual release. But the plan is that you bought the game and then every year you basically just buy the patch to update all the.


Roster and stuff. It's a terrible business model. Well, I get the fight forever, clues in the name. Kevin says, It's unfortunate that Brit got sick, but it gave us a really good promo from Ruby to build their future match up. Jb as a heel has potential. He has good delivery and knows how to work the crowd. What did you think? I wasn't blown away.


By the promo. I thought it was good. It's the most character I've seen out of him. So maybe I'm giving it some plus points for that. But what I would say is this is the first promo that Jungle boy has cut where I've not gone on Twitter the following day to see people be like, That boy cannot cut a promo. Whatever. I was like, Huh, that was a pretty good promo, actually.


I'm waiting for his in ring heel debut. It'd be interesting if he changed up his style that much because it's a very baby face style wrestler. Hyped for blood and guts, is it five versus five? Who replaces Brian? Maybe to repay Don, Ospreay can send one of his stable mates or even one of his Protegees. Callum Newman to AW confirmed. That'd be... Callum's amazing. Sorry, I know you guys wouldn't even know who that is. How dare you, Kevin? I imagine you're trying to get in the rest skin.


Well, that's a reference to Mark Marcusson on the...


Oh, of.


Course it is. Of course it is. Because he presumed that I did not know who Callum.


Newman was.


Because there would be no way I would know who that is. Actually, Kevin, I'm going to take a couple of steps back there to go with what you... I thought you might have already said, Who replaces Brian? Don Calles.


But in one of those by accident things. Yeah.


So it's Moxley, Claudio, Uta, Takeshita, and Don Callis.


And all the while he's like, No, protect me, boys. He's got like, he gets to the top of the ramp. Yeah. Oh, that's fun. Yeah.


Put Callis in the match, you cowards.


Yeah. A hot tag to you.


Eddie Pat here says, Hey, Luke, if you could assign each version of Chris Gerico, best in the world pain maker, the list Y2J, to a ninja turtle, who would be who? So I'm trying to think of a cool nickname for Patrick. My name is Patrick. Do you have any suggestions? Always and forever, jam that gym.


Pretty Patrick.


Pretty Pat, yeah. Always and forever, pretty Pat. Just because he said always and forever there.


The Pat's trick.


I've got to assign best in the world pain maker list in Y2J. Mike, he's probably Y2J.


Is Mike a good one?


Mike is great. But also he's like, well, maybe he's a bit rough, that Y2J. That's a bit of a brashness about him. But I'm trying to best in the world, maybe that's a heel so you can't really give it to Leo, but maybe it's the most noble of them, so you give that to Leo. But the problem with Pain maker is all the tells are good and I can't saddle a cool character with something as light... Because I think if you say that, oh, Raph's the Pain maker, it's like, Well, poor old Raphael. Sure, he's not my favourite turtle. He's probably third. But I can't settle in with the Painmaker, but I can't saddle him with the Pain maker. But I feel like going to have to, which means that Donny is the list. And Donatello does do machines. So maybe he makes a list of tasks that he needs to do when he's doing those machines. So maybe that does add up. Do you want to add anything to that?




You excited for the new movie?




Do you want to watch the trailer in a bit?


You've shown me the trailer, I think. It's like the stop animation style. Yeah, it looks fun. I've got a new trailer out now. Yeah, it's a kid's movie.


Elendras here.


Says, I'm fine with my Wesley Anderson. Something childish or emotionally stunted about Wesley Anderson movies.


Untras. Now, last week, UMTRAs sent in some very odd OCs last week. It is a Super Mario reference, but here we go again. Hey, guys. Welcome to Mario Mozirelli's House of Mammoth's Magic Marinerra. Can I interest you in some starters? Got a wonderful caprice topped with a delicious balsamic reduction or a bootleg copy of Borat on DVD.


So how's Dan the reference to Super Mario?


Well, he has said the word Mario there. And there's some Italian things.


In there, too. Okay. All right.




Here says, Hey, gents. I thought Mario was Japanese.


Ryan here says, Hey, gents. I sent an odd chat on Tuesday asking how a wrestler make a British crown boo, and I think I figured it out. R estler brings out Boris and Matt Hancock. I'm not going to read the rest of that. Oh, okay. I'll skip some of that. And Teddy Burn Media here says, Hey, guys. I thought you would like to know that my girlfriend and I no longer say the word blue normally. Friends think we're crazy because we're out of just our blue. Anytime someone's the color. I have found myself doing it at home to my wife who's no idea what I'm talking about.


I do it out and about outside the office.


Kevin also adds in it, Olly, quick question. Are you Eddie Kingston, Keith Lee and Vikingo, part of chaos now? Does that mean we can have Sue Keighley and E. C. E. For the trio's titles?


Why? Well, because they tagged with Orange Cassidy. Yes, sure. What are the rules for that faction? I don't know and I stopped caring a long, long time ago. Life is too short.


I think it was the moment that Sue was part of a faction that you decided you were done with the group.


Nackamora started chaos. Yeah, well, there it is. Well, that's it. Thank you very much, everybody, for joining us here today and for all your wonderful Omega chats. Remember, go and watch the Restor t News over on the Restor t channel. Check out the Money in the Bank predictions on this Restor t podcast channel and set a reminder for tomorrow a PFK because we will be having another live stream tournament to decide the best in the world at AEW Fight Forever. But for now, I've been Oli Davis. It's been Luke Owen, Jam That Jam.


Jam That Jam.


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