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AEW Ex New Japan Forbidden Door 2023 had a couple of great matches on them, but which one was the better one? Or were they all just great? Two potential Match of the Year candidates. But let's discuss both of them. I am Luko and D-A-D. I'm joined by the gem that champion, Pete.


Yeah. As you can see, quite clear, Lee, I'm that champion.


So I did a show with Tempest last week and he said that you are the champion. It's just that he's got the belt at the moment.


Yes. No, he's just taking care of it for me. Our schedules just haven't lined up. Like, you're both of them quite busy. Just haven't had the opportunity to kind of just sit down together and he can just give me the belt back. It'd be really cool because it is my belt. It just hasn't happened yet. Yeah. That's all.


I'm sure Liw is fine.


Yeah, liw is fine. We're always fine.


Always fine. But welcome to the restaurant podcast review of AEW New Japan Forbidden Door 2023. Please press the subscribe button. This is your first time here. Give us a little thumbs up as well to help with that old algorithm and get in your comments down below. If you're watching this on demand, but if you're watching it live, send in your Omega chats to support. We'll read out every single one of them above the five US dollar mark. And speaking of marks, let's review this show. So, Pete, you did the live reaction sure did. To the show last night. Bit of a sleepy boy to sleepy boy.




The show would have finished, like, six.


It finished at about 05:15. 05:15. And obviously I have a few bits to do after the live stream, so I have to do, like, the immediate reaction that goes up on rest talk, et cetera. I got home at about 07:00 in the morning.




Slept for about three and a half hours, got to sleep at about 730, slept for three and a half hours, got up at eleven, came to studio, recorded the extra news video that we're doing today, and now I'm here.


So what you're saying is you're really excited for money in the bank next weekend because it starts at 08:00. P.m.. Yeah.


And then afterwards I can, like, sleep.


Crazy, just go home and then I'm not working the Sunday. No. I am, though. Anyway.




So you did the live reactions to the show last night?




Kind of like brief overall thoughts of the show, but in particular when we come to these two matches, if I was to ask you your immediate thought of which of the two did you prefer? Which of the two, did you think it was the better one? Because that was the big discussion going in. Is what is going to be better? Omega Osprey two or Danielson akada what are your thoughts, feelings, reflections?


So the show as a whole, very briefly, I think there wasn't a bad match on the card. I think everything was either good or better, good or up for everything on the show. And I think these two matches are the best matches on the card. Osprey, Omega and Danny Sonicada. For my money, Omega and Osprey is the match of the night for me. While I prefer the, I think the technical style oh, I don't know if that's true, actually. I get two different kicks out of the styles that these two matches were worked in. I really love the technical showcase being like, who's the best wrestler in the world style match that Dannyson and A Carter had. But I love the deep emotion and just the brutal war that Osprey and Omega had.


It was a brutal match, such a brutal match.


And it was these two kind of like, different aspects, and I got a massive kick out of both of them. But I think that, as I mentioned to you just before we went on air and also as I was talking to Dan on the live stream, my ideal part of wrestling that I personally get the biggest kick out of is when stuff is rich with story and rich with history and you have characters that have like in swannipes and stuff. And while Danny sonokada was just like, I'm good at wrestling and you're good at wrestling, we should see who's the best at wrestling, let's see who's the best at wrestling. The history between Osprey and Omega is so much deeper and so many more layers to draw upon in their match and so many callbacks and things that they did for their match that for me, elevated it above. And I think there was only one thing in the match that I did not like, which was the don callus return spot. Everything else was absolutely phenomenal in this.


Yeah, I think even because you could make the argument will and Kenny had a bit of a leg up because this is their second meeting as opposed to just being the first of the Danielson Akada matches and going by the finish of Daniel Nakada. I feel like there is more to come, but we'll get on that as well. Get on to that in a little bit. But even with their first meeting that they had at Wrestle Kingdom, they were really playing up on this idea that Kenny left New Japan and Will saw some shoes that needed to be filled and did everything that he could to fill Omega shoes, but his feet were too small and he could not do it. And he's now just got this resentment towards Omega being considered better than him because in his mind, he isn't. And he did fill those shoes, even though I think people can look up and down history and be like, no, Omega did more for New Japan than will did, and I'm talking purely character wise here as well. That's what I really liked about their first meeting and then with their second one.


Man, they played into that so much on this time around and like lots of callbacks. This was a pissed off will.




I mean, he was pissed off going into Wrestle Kingdom, but he was super pissed off in this match. Like, his whole thing is that he is going to Canada to cause riots because he's going to beat and maim and take the title off of Kenny Omega at one point, grab the Canada flag to wipe his ass on it and stick it up his nose to doing the Sean Michael spot and this and the other. But it was him getting his measure of revenge, particularly when he was smashing his face into the announcer's table cover. And like, usually when you're arrested and you get your face smashed in, it's, you know, you put your hands down to make the big slapping thing.


Oh, no.


Kenny thought the best way to make that slapping sound was to just use his face.


I'm going to do this spot, but for real.


Yeah. It was like, I'm just going to put my hands down. You just smash my face into this as hard as you possibly can. It was like these two beat the cack out of each other.


It was so cool because you could feel the emotion in every move that they did there's, just like, genuine or otherwise. There is just a chemistry that is fueled with hatred on both sides and it just comes out when they wrestle, where they just put everything into every move that they do. It's genuinely such a spectacle to watch.


Them both even in the ring. Intros kenny came out as the best bout machine, the cleaner, so he's like very much tying into his new Japan heritage there.




Will Osprey, they made a big point of the fact he has now gone back to the aerial assassin moniker and he used Elevated when he came out. So there's a lot of big history character stuff in here that I really, really liked.


And Kenny came out to Devil Sky.


As well, which was like, it was so and like, this is one of those things where Kenny came out and I was like and I wrote my notes here. He's on another level of star power, which is mad because then Danielson and A Carter came out later and I'm like, oh, no, that's a big star right there. I think he is incredible. And the crowd were chanting holy s before the Bellad even rung. But there is a Don Callus shaped elephant that is in this room. I feel like this is what there's kind of two talking points. Number one is, was that better than the first one? The second one is, did the callus spot work? So in the match, Don Callus came out with Will Osprey and security. This was set up on dynamite that he was offering his private security to help Will Osprey to protect him when he goes to Canada because Canadians are awful rubbish people that will riot and loot and this and the other. Ha. Very funny. And he gets ejected pretty early in the match because he trips Kenny Omega when he goes to do the Rise of the Terminator dive.


So the referee ejects him and off he goes and he runs in the security step between Callous and Omega. And they're like, oh, the security wasn't for Will Osprey, it was for Don Callus this whole time. And I wrote my notes here. Good. Now we can just focus on Will and Kenny wrestling. That's what I'm here to see. I love me. Some don callus. I think Don Callus is superb, but in this moment, I just wanted to see Kenny and Will.




And then that's what we got for ages, because this match went 40 OD minutes.


Yeah. There's 39 minutes total. Yeah.


39 minutes. Callous has gone for a large portion of it, but then Callous just comes back out.




And he comes back out and he interferes loads.




Because the first thing he does is he jumps round Willisbury to protect him from a V trigger and Kenny just does the V trigger anyway.


And Callous moves out the way because he's a coward.


Exactly. And then Omega tries to pull Will into the One Winged Angel and Callus holds onto Will, so and the referee is then stopping him. And in the melee of this, Callous hands Will the screwdriver. So Will gets the screwdriver, he stabs Kenny in the head off the One Winged Angel nice. And ties into the story that they're doing with Kenny and Don. And he hits the the hidden blade in the stormbreaker. Kenny gets his feet on the ripes. Very good sport forcemansh. We'll get to that in a second, I suppose. Then they do a bit of back and forth, back and forth and stuff, and then eventually Will gets the win. I was going through the moderators chat that we had and our mods were talking about this and there was this discussion of, like, I could not get back into the match after the second Callous spot. And I know you and Dan had your issues with this on the live reactions, because there's a big sort of logic hole of why didn't the referee just eject him for a second time?


Yeah. 100%. The thing is, there's the macro aspect when you zoom out in that this wasn't the finish of the match. Big plus on that one, because if it was, that wouldn't have been very good, because I think it would have really cheapened the whole thing. And I think people just want to see Osprey and Omega wrestle, like you were saying, and I think that would have cheapened that experience for the fans. That's a plus for that spot, that it was not the finish. And on a macro level as well, the interference spot in and of itself was, okay. I don't mind Callous getting involved in the match. It's the fact that he was ejected and was able to walk back out with no repercussions. It then says, well, why was he ejected then, from a storyline perspective? Like, what's the referee's power at that point, then? Because you can eject him and then he can come back with no repercussions. But also, why would you book the ejection spot? You can just have Callous be there.


Yeah, I was thinking this, like, when he got ejected, my foot. And I thought was great, because now we can just focus on Kenny and Will, and that's why they have him removed from ringside because it's no longer about Callous, because if he's at ringside, he just becomes a distraction for the entire exactly. Him gone. He can just have this. But then you want Callous for the finish, so then he just comes back out and I know I'm just keeping an eye on the live chat there. And there's a lot of, like, you're nitpicking, you're nitpicking, you're nitpicking. It's not nitpicking if it takes you out of a match.




If it ruins the flow of a match for you, if that's the thing that you're thinking about the end, that's not nitpicking. That's how you feel how you feel in the moment.


Yeah, exactly. And I think it comes from the fact that the spot could have been avoided so easily. Either you don't eject Callous at the start or you eject Callous. And one of the security has the screwdriver because the security was still out there.


Character then?


I don't think so, because they kind of are. They were hired by Callous. You can say, like, a thing like yeah, as Callous is going out, you.


Can sort of like I guarantee you that everyone like, who was the security?


You might be right. The bashrooms debut. But I think that there were ways around doing this spot, and it felt very convoluted and it completely undermined what the referee was doing. Because when cows come out and he was like, hey, don't interfere anymore. And then he interfered loads, and referee was like, hey, don't do that. It's like, you already ejected him once, just do it again. It was a really weird, like, what are you doing, referee? What's your power here?


My final note I add on this match was, I could have done without the Callus stuff, but there's no denying that that was incredible.


It's still a five star match.


Because it is.


Even with all that, it's still incredible.


Yeah. For me, their Wrestle Kingdom match is my match of the Year.




And it has been since January 4. And I don't think anything in professional wrestling has come within an asses roar of the first Omega Osprey match at Wrestle Kingdom in terms of Match of the Year contendership, yeah, mark Markson may have different ideals. Maybe for me, Omega Osprey is like, it's my match of the Year thus far, so I was super duper pumped. But also some fairly lofty expectations of like, well, your second bout is probably going to try and level it up somewhat. So what are you going to do for the second bout? And so I'm now sat here being like, oh, I don't know which one I prefer. I know Sean over on FIFA was being like, that's my new favorite match I've ever seen. And I completely agree. But I didn't love the callous stuff. And I think that's kind of, like I still think that Kenny Osprey won is tippety top. I think it was like six and a quarter stars in okay. As an example, Dave Meltzer gave that six and a quarter stars in the observing whatever you want to say about Dave Meltzer is fine. That's a numerical score that someone has given it.


This, for me is then six.




It's just that quarter star.


Yeah. Is that tiny little negative one that just drags it down a little bit.


Or it's six and a quarter again, but should have been six and a half.




That's that tiny little step down. So maybe that's kind of where I'm thinking alex yeah, it is of equal. But I think without the callous stuff, it would have been better it would have been better than the original.


Yeah, I think that's a fair assessment. I also just want to talk about as well one other spot from this match, which was Kenny Omega kicking out.


Of his own on Wing Danger. Yeah, I mean, there's a few a few other ones we need to pick up on, but let's do that one first because after they did the false finish, which, by the way, I love such a good false, and it almost justifies the callous spot.


That's the other point of the callous thing is it almost justifies the spot. Because the false finish was so good.


Because it is so good. Because I generally thought I was like, oh, that's the finish, because it's a screwdriver, it's a hidden blade, it's stormbreaker. And I was like, oh, that's the finish. That's real. That's a massive downer. And Kenny gets his feet on the ropes for the kick out, effectively. And I was like, oh, that's a superb full finish because I totally bought into it.


Such a good false finish.


Still could have done without the callous stuff.


But you did get me, didn't you?


If someone made an argument to me to defend it, I'd be like, I'd buy it. If someone came up to me like, here's why we did it, I'd be like, you did it for all the right reasons. Yeah, I'd have done without it, but for all the right reasons. And then Will goes over to doncalis, don. Calves whispers something in his ear. God's like, oh, I wonder what he could have whispered there. I'll tell you what he whispered. Go and do Coach Rabushi's finish on him because that'll really mess with his head. So he gets him bosch come by a knee, like, hits him with that and then picks him up One Winged Angel. And I was like, oh, man, that is my like, this is going to be an incredible thing. And Commentary couldn't finish the sentence. Nobody kicks out of the One Winged Angel because Kenny may get kicked out of one.


And it's a perfect callback because it's exactly like a Revolution 2020 when the Bucks did it and the kick out of one because you don't use Kota Reboot to move against Omega. How do people not know?


Now, if you use Coda's finish on him, it powers him up. He's a Coter type pokemon. It says it gives him more energy.


So good.


I loved it so much. Jumped out of my seat at the kick out of one. And it was punctuate so bodily because they scalable. Was like, nobody kicks out of the one with bang. He's already kicked out of it. So great.


You know when people say and I couldn't get back into the match because of the Caliph thing that kick out at one, I was like, oh, I don't care anymore.


Yeah, you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. The other two spots, I think, are probably worth talking about outside of the DDT on the stairs, which Christmas Day, that was a heavy bump. Also lovely. Tied back into the DDT from the first match is the Tiger driver 91 spot. Dropped him on his head. He sure did drop him on his poor and here's the thing is, I was like, oh, they bought the move. No, that's how that move is supposed to look.


Yeah, that was it. That's what they did.


That's the design of the move. They just dropped him right in his poor old noggin. The bit of a spoilers for my edited review, which apologies a bit later. Our editor is a bit under the weather at the moment. He's a little bit behind. I made the joke and I was like, people said that was the most, like, you know, horrific movie of the night. But I watched Kojima elbow drop CM Punk right in the cocks. At least Kenny's neck bumps are illusions. Kojima just elbowed him right in the knob.


He sure did, didn't he? He sure did.


And the other one for me. And I thought it was a real fascinating from a crowd perspective because there's a spot when I mentioned it earlier. Will goes out and gets the Canadian flag, wipes his bum with it, sticks up his nose, does the old Canada thing, and he locks the sharpshooter on Kenny and the crowd are going, We're Canada. Boo. And then he locks in the crippler crossface and the crowd go. And it really was. It's like, oh, I don't know how to react to that, because.


Do I boo? Because I don't want to boo. Because we just booed the Sharpshooter. Because you're doing a thing that we like and we don't want you to do it. And we don't want to seem like we like the thing that you're doing.


But we don't like the thing but boo. It was this massively, oh, I don't.


Know how to react to that.


And the thing is, they eventually figured out because they then started trying to you sick f at him.




And I was like, okay, they get it. And this is very much like a Will Osprey. I'm going to incite some riots in Canada.


Yeah. And the thing is, as well, I suppose they did do it intentionally for that reason, which I don't know if I agree with doing that spot.


It is just a crossface.


And people use crossfaces all the time. It's the fact that it came right after the Sharpshooter spot and they made you go, that was intentional.


I felt like that was very much intentional. But as I said, this crowd, they eventually figured out what to do with that, but in the moment was like a you can't do that. Oh, dear. Not sure about that. But I thought this was an exceptional match. I could talk about it for another, like, 20 OD minutes. But we do have to move on to the other big match from this card, the the debate rages on of which was the the better match. I'm gonna see if I can work out how to do a poll, because our chief moderator who does our poll is not here, but can I do engage with your audience. Click the plus. If I click the plus start a poll. Start a poll. You can also start a Q and A.


Do you look at that?


Okay, I'm going to do a poll in a minute.


Yeah. Which one was better?


I've started q and a Hold on.


Q and A. Which one's better?


Hold on. I'm going to do a poll in a minute. But anyway so our main event was Brian Danielson versus Kasicha Ricardo. Brian Danielson came out to the final countdown. I could not believe my ears.


Yeah, it was awesome, because, like, the.


Lights are and everything, and I'm expecting and instead, the final countdown played and the place went mad. Because it's the final countdown. And Tony Khan to say in the presser afterwards, that was a one night deal. We've all absolutely we've got it in perpetuity, which means we can use it on anytime. We restream that pay per view. If we release it on DVD, we can use that song. But I can't do it for more because oh, it's expensive. One of the stories that's been told on previous podcasts about that song is that it costs a quarter of a million dollars to license.


Yeah. Khan said that this is definitely a one night deal because it costs as much as a restless contract.


But I'm a mad bastard, so I just bought it.


It was worth it.


It was probably worth it. There's a real fun facts and commentary here. A CARDA's very first matching was in 2004 in Mexico. Brian Danielson was also won that card.




But this is the first time their two paths have crossed.




I don't know how I feel about this match.




Because I loved him. It was undeniably great. It was so good. Omega. Sorry. A carda was superb. Danielson was so great. So, like, the upper card exchange, they were doing like the fighting spirit was alive and well in all of this. It was so, so great. I thought some of the nearfalls they were doing through off the besychanine, the rainmakers. I thought the tombstone on the ramp was really, really great.




And there were some really, really good, like, near falls in this. But Danielson I didn't know this until after the fact got injured in this match.




About ten minutes before the end broke his forearm. He's going to be out about six to eight weeks, he said in the pro show press conference.


Yeah. Zo Carter did a top rope elbow drop and just kind of landed on Danielson's arm.


And still it wasn't as vicious as Kojima's top rope elbow drop.




CM Punkers. But I thought he was just doing incredible selling because he was wrestling as a one armed man and like, oh, that's nice. Because they were doing some work on the arm earlier.




That's a really good selling by Danielson. And then he started doing the label lock. And I was like, how's he going to do the labelle log one handed? Oh, that's a really interesting spot. He managed it by just using his feet instead because he's magic, I guess. And he gets the labelle lock in with one working arm. He realizes that he is down an arm, so starts using his leg. That doesn't quite work. So then he uses his legs again to just hyperextend out a CARDA's arm.


Gets his arm and just places the bottom of his foot. Imagine if this is a Carter's arm. Just takes his foot and just presses it down. Just the whole just so much pressure, like hyperextending the arm on the other side was an awesome spot.


It was a great looking submission. And then a car attacked, then a car tapped and the crowd fell into somewhat of a stunned silence.




Because I don't think a single person in that building thought that would be the finish.


No, absolutely not.


Brutal finish. Brutal.


It looked amazing.


A great submission spot. I don't think anyone and sending at home. I didn't think this I literally was like, oh, that's the finish. And they played it up on commentary that a carda is trying not to get injured before he goes into the G One.


Such a great cover.


So he is protecting himself. Realized I'm in trouble here. Best way for me to stop this is actually just to tap out here, reduce my risk of injury playing a pre match physio card in my GM.


Yeah, exactly.


And then I can go into the g one fresh. That works great on commentary and it works great for me at home because that sort of explains the finish. Obviously, the live crowd didn't hear that, so they didn't really know how to react to this finish. And I guess it's done because they're going to do the rematch.


Wrestle Kingdom I would like that.


That's kind of what I presume.


Yeah. Because I think coming out of this, it did feel like they've got another one in them. If they want to do another one, they can totally do another one.


Yeah. Because one of the arguments I saw online was like, oh, it didn't quite find its third gear. Like, it was just about to get into its third gear. It needed ten more minutes. I was like, it was half an hour.




They went 30 minutes.


Yeah. And I think people might be right, because it's an Okada main event.


Things, they get started.


Exactly. Yeah. So I think that there was more to this match that they could have done, but obviously I think it was probably cut a little bit short because of Dannyson's injury.


He did say in the press conference eventually kind of admitted to and cop to the fact that, yeah, we need stuff. I don't even think they stopped because they ran almost bang on time. That was when the planned finish was going to be. But I think they had to just tweak what they were going to do at the finish in order to make up for the fact that Dempson broke his forearm and then wrestled for ten minutes.


Nut job. But I think, though, I popped massively when that finish happened. I was like, that's such a great finish. Because it's just Danielson being amazing at wrestling. And he was the best wrestler. He's just the best wrestler. He did a great submission and Ricardo was like, I don't have a counter for this.


I'm the best.


Danielson was just the better wrestler. And that's exactly what the story of the match was.


Yeah. So it totally worked. But when it finished, I was like, I'm the one that's at fault here. I think I went in with lofty expectations because it's Danielson.


Forgiven for having high expectations.


And I had that when I went into Danielson Omega, and that completely met my expectations. And in somewhat superseded. And the same thing with Omega and Osprey. Wrestle Kingdom. And in here. And I've had this with Daniels, like Danielson takeshta when they rest on TV. I was like, this is going to be really great. Oh, it's actually even better than. I thought it was going to be. Yeah, that happens a lot with Danielson. He's got that sort of magical ability to him. This is one of those times where this is going to sound like the most ridiculous thing I've ever said in my life. That was a five star match into my time. But that really was my thoughts, like, oh, it was a five star match. Not like, oh, my God, what a five star match? It was. It was like just a five star match.


Yeah. The thing is, that is a valid a valid point in the Danison and Carter are going up against such high expectations for this match. If it wasn't the greatest match ever, some people would be disappointed because it's not met those expectations of it. These are the two best wrestlers, potentially of all time, coming to each other, the height of their careers kind of thing. They were going up against really high expectations, and I think they still delivered.


I think they absolutely, 100% they did deliver. And I think the placing of this match coming after Omega. After Osprey.




Omega Osprey is tough because that was like a 40 minutes war and you had the trios match come down. The trio's match was this weird, sloppy mess of a match, and the crowd didn't really know how to respond to that one. So they were really pumped but tired. It's a five hour show. It can be exhausting. And you've just watched twelve other professional wrestling matches and this crowd were like, I've had a final countdown party now, and I've had all me tea and now you're giving me more dessert. So I loved it. It was great. But if I was to answer the question that we posed on the thumbnail for this episode of which one was better? I'm going off spray Omega.


As am I. Yeah, I think so.


I'm curious, and this is why I wanted to do the poll. So I might need you to fill for time for a second while I type this out.


Absolutely. Yeah.


Do you want to dive into the Omega chats?


Why not? Yes. Let's do some Omega chats while Luke starts a poll. Let's have a look here. We got a missed chat from the live reaction stream. Mithral said, The Ejection into Psych not really ruined the Kenny versus Will match and I will die on this hill. It legit. Made the ending meaningless as the ref ignored Callus for like, ten minutes. Why even do the spot? Callous could have just hid behind the bodyguards. I think that's another way they could have got around the spot as well, is have Callous come back out, but the referee doesn't spot him, so Callous can still interfere and you do the whole thing, but the referee doesn't look undermined. That's another way to do it. Ben Varick said, dare I criticize the Omega Osprey match? I absolutely loved it. God bless both however, I feel like the finish as well as the order leading up to it didn't quite make sense. Interesting. So Will cheats using the Screwdriver doesn't work. Will uses the One Winged Angel. Doesn't work either. So he then kind of sort of wins clean. What was the point then of him cheating of Don Kaz and security being there?


Surely if Will cheated or beat Omega with his own move in Canada, it would have been the most effective finish. Imagine the heat that and the screwdriver and especially the One Winged Angel kickout with such highs. The finish didn't quite reach those heights.


I disagree with some of that. And the reason for it is because the cheating wasn't the point. And he doesn't win clean because there was cheating beforehand. And there's only so much a man can take.


I think that's it. It's a war of attrition.


It's war of attrition.


All of that isn't just like, well, now he's reset back to zero. Now he just wins clean. That is extra damage that Omega has been taking. And now when Osprey just hits his finishes, it's like he's done now after everything else that he's taken, it was just like, here's one thing, here's another thing. And the third thing is the thing that works.


And on top of all the other things, like what really knackered him maker out in that match was all the submissions, which was the Sharpshooter, it was the crossface, and it was him trying to recover from that. He got his wind and he got some psyched up from that, but the damage has already been done. So you do the screwdriver, that's one thing, and then you do the one with angel, that's another thing. But there is only so much one man can take. And unfortunately, he came up to his limits on this and Osprey, and that's an interesting parallel to that is because and they made this point on commentary, omega took most of the match at Wrestle Kingdom. They were talking about like he dominated 80% of that match here. It was Osprey dominating 80% of it, and it was Osprey that won because of the attrition this time around as opposed to Omega last time.




So for me, I totally get your point, Ben, but for me, it totally worked.


Yeah, I agree. We have a lost username here. Please let us know your name. This thing that Streamlabs does occasionally said hey lads was at the show last night. Toronto hates punk. Omega versus Osprey was easily match of the night for me. Best wrestling crowd I've been a part of. I'm 21, just graduated from Sport media. Y'all have inspired me to follow a career in wrestling. Jam. That jam.


That's awesome. Thank you very much. Please do let our moderators know we can get the document updated, but thank you so much.


S Morgan, or Smorgan if you will, said Danielson versus a carda was a Pokemon battle osprey versus Omega was the DBZ fight.


Having never played a Pokemon game or seen an episode of Dragon Ball Z. Is that accurate? Or Dragon Ball Z? I am British.


I'm trying to think why Danison a Carter is a Pokemon battle. Can't quite get definitely a DBZ fight for Osrina mega. That makes sense.


Is it because it's overrated? I actually don't agree with that. I just wanted to say he just.


Wants to make people mad.


Some people just want to watch the world burn.


Maybe. Anonymous said I went into Omega Osprey with all the hype in the world after their classic earlier this year at Wrestle Kingdom and I was still not disappointed. Danny San Akado was great, but Osprey will always be my boy. Also that tiger driver. My God. Jam. That Jam.


Yeah, right?


Absolutely. Power packers 90s. Been a member for 22 months in a row. It's weirdly. Out of time. Don't mind it. WWE already killed the Ejection gimmick in every Roman match. At least this wasn't a finish and it's still five plus stars. Also, happy new mod.


Hey, happy new mod.


Anthony Brewer said, hi, fellas. I was at the event last night. It was such an amazing time. Omega Osprey was my match of the night. Also, I liked how it was used as to take Pinfall loss this time in Elite versus BCC. Anthony brewers my name if the name gets lost.


Yeah, I mean, it's always going to be Uter, isn't it? Show to Umuno was there. They were like, still pin user great.


Limo Walsh had says, I had the pleasure of attending both WrestleMania 39 and Forbidden Door last night. Both amazing shows for different reasons. But that Omega Osprey Omega match Live was unreal, and being British rooting for Will while being surrounded by Canadians was fun. Match of the night and year. Hashtag brov.


It's kind of like the wonderful smorgasbord of wrestling in a way. To be in Vast at WrestleMania 39 and Forbidden Door and being like, oh, man, these are both amazing shows, but they're amazing for different reasons. Absolutely. You see this up and down on an AW card as well. Like, Omega Osprey is amazing for a different reason than a Carla Danielson is all for my money. That the four way match is also amazing for very different reasons. And one of the things that Liam Oil points out there, and I think this is very important, is that we can like all wrestling.




And it's okay to go to a WWE show and have a good time, and it is okay to go to an AEW show and have a good time. Similarly, it is okay to go to a WWE show or watch one on TV and be like, I didn't like that bit of it. And it is okay to watch an AEW show at home or on TV or go to a show and be like, I didn't like that bit it's fine.




We do not need to pick sides.


Everyone. E for Cassidy said, I saw someone on reddit say that the calistot would have been better if he didn't actually come down with Will at the beginning. He wouldn't have gotten ejected and could have come down and did the same spots just without the frustration. You know what?


Yeah. Just don't do the first ejection spot.


Just don't eject him.


Actually, that completely fixes the issue. Yeah, 100%.


If Osprey had come out with the security and Commentary had put over, like, this is don callus's security, and this is part of the agreement they made, kind of thing, because you can find.


You can still do the Kenny spot of Callous hiding behind the security. And that security is actually just for Callous. It's not for yeah, that fixes everything.


Don't do the first injection spot. That's it. Will Campbell said, Went and saw this in a theater last night.


Dan Layton, the professor, is watching at home. Hello.


Man hello.


Dan just said, I disagree. We must pick size. Lucas a shill for balanced.


Balance merchant.


So shout out to mikey says, let's not have premature ejections. Very good.


Very good. Will Campbell said, Went and saw this in a theater last night. And Luke, you're right about the Kenny kickout at one. When that happened, most everyone in the auditorium leapt to their feet and went bananas. I also did not realize it was the Crippler crossface until the chant, sorry.


Carter Three has become a member. And it said, hey, guys, refreshed, I just want to say thank you for all the work you guys do. Have been working construction, and I'm now working a graveyard shift. And I always look forward to your videos and podcasts. Keep up the good work and know that you are appreciated. You are also very much appreciated.


Thank you.


Thank you very much. We've got a few more on this subject and then we'll get into the rest of the show. Luis here says, I love Danielson's alteration to his lock. I think he should keep that as a super move. Same way that John Moxley has the paradigm shift and the Death Rider. Call it the Dragons layer or the Dragons horde. More wrestlers should use ex moves. Doug Sinova said I was there. Second Rome. Both matches were amazing. And I'd say that Kenny and Will had match of the night. That's DDT. Hot damn.


Yeah. So good.


Dylan says, Why was Callous allowed back out at ringside without much protest from the referee? Commentary said that he'd be fined, but couldn't one of the security guards just pass the screwdriver? That said, it's probably my favorite match of all time now. Yeah, that's the most amazing thing about this match. It's just like, oh, that spot makes no sense and it's really stupid. But everything else was so great that it is the best match I've ever seen.


Still just amazing. Yeah, it's wonderful stuff.


Right. Well, we're going to get into the rest of 40 minutes. Yeah, well, we've already talked about the two big matches. That should help us somewhat. But before we do, actually, Pete, a bit of an update. We mentioned earlier that you are the Jam That Champion, of course. And Liw was fine. Just holding onto it for the time. Take care of it. I spoke with WrestleTalk Management over the weekend.


We all know who Wrestler management is.


Well, yeah. I mean, of course, everyone knows there are constant presence in all of these shows. And it is not just a story crutch that I have created exactly to come up with.


And now we're going to have to figure out some sort of reveal for that at some point.


No, we don't. Did WWE with anonymous Raw GM. No, they didn't. Pete.


Hello, it's Russell talk higher management.


Okay, cool.


They've made a match. Anyway, that's all they need to do in WWE segments. That's all we can do, right?


Anyway. Pete.




I spoke with WrestleTalk management. I'm sure you did. Over the weekend and this morning. And it is decided that the first time you two are going to see each other is going to be this Saturday, because you're both doing the SmackDown podcast together.


Yes, we are.


And then you're going to be at the Money in the bank party.




And there needs to be a title match for Money in the bank this year. So it's been decided that it will be Pete versus Tempest for the Jam That Championship this Saturday at Money in the bank.


Oh, okay. Yeah. No, that's great. Great. Yeah, cool.


Yeah, cool.




Friendly competition.


Yeah. Okay.


Also on that show, it will be the annual Jam in the Jar Ladder match. We have got six participants entering this year, which is going to be very difficult because one of them has now got seven people in it. Thanks, Logan. Paul ruins everything. But the first two names to be announced for this year's Gem in the Jar are Oliver Davis and Sullivan Bo Brown. Two more names will be announced on tomorrow's Raw podcast. And the final two names will be announced on the Money in the bank prediction show this coming Wednesday. Are you trying to guess who's that.


Pokemon that one on the right? Who can possibly say?


Who could possibly say? I did that graphic and then I realized now I wish I'd put some strokes around the outline.


You'll be fine.


Anyway, right, let's get on with the rest of this show. I think we'll kind of skip over the zero hour opening.


I think all of those matches are good.


They were very good. I very much enjoyed Athena and Billy Starks. I love Athena. I wish ELP got more because I love I love ELP.


He's great.


Throw him as a heel. But you know you know but, hey, it's it's it's all right. I guess but, yeah, wish more for ELP. Also wish more for stu grayson.


I thought he looked really good.


He did look great, but it's like he's so good.


And also Shingo Takagai. Shingo Taggy looked really good.


He sure did.


Real good. But I love Heroma.


The main show kicked off with a match for the AEW World Championship as Hiroshi Tanahashi channeled MJF.


He channeled him.


What did I say?




Oh, he did that and challenged him.


Oh, crazy. Yeah.


Tanashi, for me, I think, is a bit of a magical wrestler because he is not as mobile as he once was. His body is very much broken down. He's just got a bit of stiffness about the way that he walks now, which is just like, I am living in constant pain. I cannot believe he's entered the G One this year. But when the lights are on and it needs to be the man can do the three and a half, four of Star match. Like it's nothing. He can just do it. And he just did it here. And this was a very good match.


Yeah, I think it was a good match.


Good match, yeah.


I don't think it elevated anything beyond good.


No, I don't think so.


I don't think it entered the realms of great.


No. At any point. No.


But it was good.


Yeah. I always say that would go as far as, say, very good. I think that MJF's heel shenanigans, smoke and mirrors made up for a lot of the limitations that she has. But, hey, thumbs up from me. Yeah, not bad. Solid stuff.


MJF One using the ring dynamite. Yeah.


Tana Hashi got a visual pin at one point, which I rather you don't do. And then in the Owen hard tournament, we got Satoshi Kojima versus CM Punk. I would say, like watching Collision on Saturday. Yeah, that was a mixed response.




I'd say that was probably 60 40. You could probably make an argument for 70 30 booze to cheers. This felt more like 80 20. Possibly even 90 ten booze for Centimer Punk. But what I love, there were people who are like, Centimer Punk's going to like being booed. Have you seen how much fun this man is having? He is having a ball being booed by these people. He had a great time here. He was playing up to it. I think him doing the Hogan Big Boot and Leg Drop as part of his repertoire is genius. Next level. So silly, because it's like when he did the John Cena five moves of doom in the Eddie Kingston match because he was being booed over Kingston. He just does things to make people be like, don't boo you even more and makes you cheer. The other guy, kojima got so much out of Centimer Punk being a dick, it's probably why he elbowed him in it. He did the tens on overhand shops. He did Kojima's peck taunt thing at one point because Kojima does the lariat. He started doing lariots in the corner while going lariot lariots.


And then started screaming Kojima's name. It was awesome. It was so great. Kojima blocked the GTS and hit a brain buster, but then punk duck the lariot and hit a second GTS attempt and got it. That time for the win. Very good match. He's not a heel, but he's playing up as not being a baby face.


He's going down the Heel tunnel at the end as well. And then was like Baby Face One.


Because he helped Kojima up after the.


Match to do and did a show of respect and everything. Also, Kojima did elbow him in the CM junk.


I dropped him right in the penis.


And it looked very intentional as well. It wasn't like missed that elbow and he hit somewhere he didn't mean to.


He get all of it.


No. Well. Oh, he did this time. He got all of it straight in the dick.


And Tim was like and the thing.


Is, he was trying to sell because he took an ear fall afterwards and was just holding his dick the whole time. He was like, oh, my God. I need to kick out of this, but I don't want to.


Really made me laugh. They confirmed. That all out.


Yeah, I know.


Will take place on September 3.


I Know.


That means that on August 27, it's all in. And then six days later, it's WWE payback, and then a day later, it's AEW all out. There's also a raw, a dynamite, and a collision and a SmackDown in between all of that. And of course, I didn't mention Rampage.


But there's.


Three pay per views in the span of seven days.


Okay, I don't want to sound like a Jaded Wrestling fan or anything, but when it is your job to cover this stuff, it's a lot.


But here's the thing, Pete, is that I'm not doing this as a Jaded Wrestling fan. I'm doing this as a tired content creator.




They never think of us.




Do not think of the stress that this is going to cause us for the week of trying to figure all of this out and making sure that everything gets covered and we can create content for everyone. It's going to be a big week. But at the same time, Pete, it's going to be a great week. All in is going to have amazing oh, dear. Payback is going to have awesome Wrestling, and Fallout Is going to have amazing wrestling. Boohoo Me.


Entitled Much?


Yeah, Right. Come on, guys.


And also, on a side note, content creation, I think that week of both pay per views, it's also going to be PFK week.


Oh, it will be as well.


This is when we're going to be back recording a bunch of PFK content that week.


It's going to be a big week.


It's a busy old time.


It's a busy old time. Well, speaking of busy old times, I genuinely think this might be my second favorite match of the night. Valid because this was a fatal four way. Orange Cassidy versus Katsu yuri Shabata versus Daniel Garcia versus Zach Sabrina for the AEW International Championship. Three different champions from three different promotions. Daniel Garcia is also there, and Garcia.


Doing his weird dance.


But this was an eleven minute sprint of pure wrestling fun.


So good.


I loved it.




I'd have watched another eleven minutes of this at the same speed. Don't slow down. Don't work people over. Just do what you're doing. But for double it.




Oh, I had so much fun with this. It was wicked because not only was this an eleven minute sprint, there were three different stories going through this because you had Daniel Garcia trying to prove that he can hang with these three champions from three different motions. The forever feud between Zach Saber Jr. And Shabbata raging on, and Orange Cassidy surviving by the skin of his teeth. Once again, I loved it.


I mentioned this a lot on the live reaction stream with Dan that I love that Orange Cassidy is now getting wear and tear from defending his title all of the time, and it is getting to him. He's now having to steal victories. It's not decisive anymore. It's just like it was a victory that should have been somebody else. And he was like, nope, I'll chuck you out the ring and I'll take that one for myself. Which is typically a heel move, but this is a desperation move from Cassidy because otherwise he would have lost his belt. That is a really cool story that I really hope we get to continue. See, playing out across and he gets like, more and more tape until he's just covered in tape the whole time, and then that will be the reason why he loses the belt. Not because he's bad, but because he literally just can't go anymore.


That war of attrition. There's only so much the body can take. He's got the tape on his back. His hand is still relatively broken. He did a chop in this match and immediately went because his hand is hurt, because it was worked over. I can't remember which match it was in now, but there was a match where I think it was like targeting the hand and working that over. But there was also a lot of really this match is about three minutes old and it's the greatest thing. Zack Sabre Jr. And Shabbato were having a slapping match. And then Orange Cassidy and Daniel Garcia tried to stop them. So Zack, Sabre Jr. And Shabbatta put them in chokehold and then continues to have their slapping match. It was awesome. Garcia tried to use title to score the win, but Shabbatta kicked out Orange Cassidy, and Shabbata then started having their strong style slapping match. But OC, hurts his hand on the Orange punch. That was the spot that I was referring to earlier. And the finish was shabbatta hits the PK on Daniel Garcia matches one orange. Cassidy slides in, throws Shabbatta out the ring, steals the win, and just by that skin of his teeth.


And Shabbat is on the outside, not almost angry at himself for not seeing it coming, but that grudge respect of like, okay, yeah, you got me, you got me there. And they shook hands afterwards. He survived. Once again, match ruled.


I loved absolutely ruled. Yeah. Such a good time with this one.


I mean, obviously, I'm going to watch Omega Osbre again, but this is the match I'm dead looking forward to. I got in today and Adam Blumbier said to me, it was like, which of the matches would you recommend? I watched? I was like, obviously, Omega Osprey, Danielson, a carter. But I'd actually watched the the I'd watch this and the ten man tag. Like, those are the four matches I would I would certainly say to tune into for this pay per view.


That is exactly because I saw Adam yesterday and he said, can you send me a list of the best matches on the card so I can watch him tomorrow? Not have to watch the whole show?


Because he's running up a list.


He's writing up a list, so he needs to watch it quickly so he can get the best matches from the show. So I sent him a list and it was those four matches. And I also said Punk Kojima, primarily for Punk, being a dick and then being elbowed in it and being elbowed in it in the CM junk. So then I was like, and if you need to can one of those from the list take off Punk Kojima? Because it is more just like the crab reaction in the funds. But the other ones, that four way, the Ten Man Tag and then Dennis in a carda and Omega Osprey are, like, amazing.


He also asked me in the office today, what is that dance?


What is that dance? He has his hands here.


Oh, yeah, he's done like that as well.


He's done like that as well. But why is it it's awesome. Is it?




Is it?


It's such a knobbish thing to do.




I love him for it. He's a menace.




He's a menace. And that dance is a menace.


I don't mind it as a taunt. He's just doing it as a taunt and being a dick about it. Cool. Weber he's not he doesn't dance whatever when he's continually getting pushed and kicked out of the way and his response is to dance what you doing. Like, he danced, no joke, like 20 times in this match. No exaggeration. Okay.


Adam Cole tells this story that he was doing his Adam Cole baby thing when the days when no one was doing a bag, he just did it 20 times in a match. That's my way. I'm going to get this over. I'm just going to keep on doing it. And it worked. So maybe we'll see the crowd doing.


It all with him next time.


Up next for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, it was Sonarda versus Jack Perry. The most exciting thing for me in this match was Red Shoes.


He was there.


Red Shoes was the referee. That was the big. I was in a simple match. I've literally written two notes. I've written, crowd are noticeably quieter for this match, but they are polite and are clapping the right spot. Simple match. Sonarda won with a moonsault. Then all my notes after that about the turn of the end. It was fine. Ten minutes. Probably the shortest match on the card.


Yeah. I borrow any preshow matches?




It'S fine.


It wasn't bad.


Wasn't bad at all.


It wasn't bad. I don't think anyone could say this was a bad match.


No, it was fine.


It was fine. Yeah. But after the match, I really liked the post match thing. Okay, I'm going to pretty be the dissenter here because I thought this is a really good post match for two reasons.




Number one, I thought it was set up really, really well.




Because Jungle Boy and Hook are walking up the ramp and the commentators are throwing to their Japanese partners because there's the Japanese commentary desk just next to them, and they're throwing to that. Bang. And the turn happens. So it really did come out. It felt like we were moving on to the next segment and then bam. So it genuinely felt like it came out of nowhere. So the execution of the turn by Jungle Boy hit hook was actually very.


Very well executed from like, a production standpoint.


Production standpoint, yeah. I've actually thought of a third option, a third reason why I like this two, taz. Taz was awesome. Taz was so great here because it's Taz's Boy.




So he's super mad at Jack Perry for attacking his boy.


I think Taz was the best bit of this segment.


And the crowd started China UFD up, and Taz like, look, I'm going to go in there and get in a fight. My son's his own man. But the crowd aren't wrong. The crowd are very much right, because that young boy made a mistake there.


Yeah. I really like there's one bit, because it looked like he was really trying to maintain his professionalism, but he took his glass off and he just goes he's a dead manny.


He's a dead man.


Dead man.


He's a dead man.


It's really good.


But here's the thing. And the third part of this and this is actually my favorite part of this whole angle.




Jungle Boy is so desperate to win a title belt.




He's made one promise to himself this year, I am going to win a title belt. This year he's failed in winning the TNT champ. He's failed in winning the International he's failed at winning the AW World Championship. Failed at winning the IWGP World Heavyweight championship. And he's so desperate, he's going after a belt that isn't even recognized by AEW. So desperate as he to win some form of gold to prove to himself that he can do this, he's going for a belt that actually means nothing in the grand scheme of things.


And that's why I don't like it.


I think it works so well for his character. I totally get what you mean. But I think for Jungle Boy, he's just reached this point of desperation that this is the only thing he can see, is, like, to make his life mean something.


Yeah, I totally get that. I felt like the turn was a bit, like, unjustified in a way, in that it was like, I guess he wanted to turn on Hook, not because he doesn't like Hook, but because Hook has the thing that he wants. He has the FCW title, and that's the thing he wants. Now. I find it weird that of all the belts he wants to go for, it's the one that doesn't count. I know he's gone. He's gone for everything. And I get that.


That's the level of desperation.


I'll also say he hit one larriott that Hook was selling for, like, three minutes. Weird. But whatever.


Hit the back of his head on there on the concrete.


Yeah, sure. And I tell you what. I really liked Jack Perry's facial and physical embodiment of being a hill. Now was really, really good in that after he hit the lariat, he was kind of looking out in disbelief at the crowd that they were booing him. He was like, you're booing me. Like, everything. You're booing me. And then he dropped to his knees on the ramp and just kind of soaked in the crowd. Booze. I was like, okay, this is, like, really good physicality for a hill. I think maybe he can pull it off like being a hill because he's such a likable wrestler that maybe he can make this hill character work. But I did think the pacing of it was very strange and it took a while for the thing to happen. I think thrown to Taz afterwards was a stroke of genius. But it just, for me, felt a little bit flat because the finish of the match was a little bit flat and nothing in the match had dictated that Jungle Boy should then turn on Hook. It wasn't like Hook interviewed and costed the match or anything. I'm not saying that should have happened, but there seemed to be no impetus apart from losing.


He lost the match. And for me, it felt very strange to come out of left field to attack Hook. And granted, he wants to go for the title, and I understand that it still, for me, didn't justify the turn happening.


Now I get what you mean. I think it's the loss and it's the snap and it's that level of desperation. Be like, my friend here has a title belt. I don't. I'll go after this one. Reason number four, I thought of why I quite like this. Haven't dragged it out because we've been talking about Jungle Boys going to be turning heel for a few weeks now. And I did have this sort of like pang of wherever, like, oh, we're going to be talking about this for the next three months when's the heel turn going to happen. There are sometimes you can't overrate the pudding. So I think them doing it almost out of nowhere actually was part of its benefit. And perhaps tangentially. Reason number five, christian Cage was right. And now you got Cage as a.


Heel Luchasaurus as a Heel Champion, no less.


And you got Jungle Boy as a Heel little reunite six man tanks.


And I'll say as well, there's a reason that I thought of while you were talking that I now can't remember.




So we'll move on. And I'm sure it will come back to me at some point.


Yeah, I think you could have made the argument. You could have done a summer of jungle hook of them going for the tag toes, him failing there and then that's part of it, maybe. But maybe he doesn't win the FTW championship either. And then that's like what leads him back to Christian's arm.




And then they can go for the trio titles.


Where does that lead you? Right back to me, Christian. I'll have a field day with that. Anywho anywho oh, man.


Coming up next, eddie Kingston teamed with Tommy Hiroishi and the Elite to take on the Blackpool Combat Club of Moxley, Claudio and Wheelie, Utah canesque to Keshta and Shota umano yes. In a 25 minutes.


This is great.


And it was awesome.


Really good.


Me and Tembis on the prediction show where we're like, this feels like an AEW match with added Ishi and Umano in there.




It doesn't feel like it's a New Japan versus AEW match. So the moxie came out to his New Japan theme. I was like, AHA, so they're representing New Japan tonight. That makes sense now. Good God. Darn. This was awesome. So Eddie was desperate to start this match and he wanted to be Claudio. And then Claudio tags himself and it's like, Claudio. And it was like, Ishi Takesa did some awesome work together.


God, yeah.


So great. And then Eddie and Moxley tagged in and I was like, oh, this is what I'm here for. Because I love the relationship between Eddie and MOX so much. Like, I love this character driven, beautiful, weird relations they've got tiny from Eddie, my boy. We'll get to that when we come to the finish as well. And they just start exchanging chops. And so Eddie throws a chop, MOX throws a chop. Fighting spirit, a strong style. Eddie throws a chop. John throws a chop and everyone starts fighting around them. Eddie throws a chop. John throws a chop. And everyone's going to do this right now. The Bucks were doing dives. Eddie's doing a chop. MOX is doing a chop. Hangman page moonsault to the outside. Eddie does a chop. MOX like they are only focused on each other. They don't give a hot dog dang what anyone else is doing. They would just focus on each other. And I loved it so much. And there was this moment when Eddie was like on the bottom rope because I think it's being up by Wheelie Utah. And MOX was right in front of him. Classic heel spot to take the cheap shot and MOX couldn't do it.


And Claudio steps in and kicks him instead. They're like, oh, you know, it's there. MOX didn't take the chance there. He didn't take the cheap shot moment. And it builds too. There's Bucks doing their super kick party and they're super kick partying everyone. And they go to do it on marks. And Eddie Kingston dives in front of MOX, pushes him out of the way and takes the bullet for him from his own teammates who were trying to attack the team that they're trying to beat that they hate.


Yeah, they've got legit hatred for.


But Eddie doesn't see. He just sees his friend. So he dives in front of that bullet. I jumped out of my chair. Oh, I loved it so much. But when it came down to him, MOX hit a cutter on Eddie like it was nothing. He just hit him with a cutter and eventually ishi hit Yusuf for the win. But really the brawl was great. The action was great. The high spots were great. For me, that the drama and all of the Eddie stuff in this. His fractured relationship that he's got with the elites, not as much of a relationship there. His legit friendship with Moxley, his hatred for Claudio, his respect for ECE. There was after this match, the Bucks were and the Hangman were like, what are you doing, man? We could have had that match one. And Eddie's like, I don't care what you're talking about, your little cry babies. And ECE comes. I was like, Good job, man. I really like you. I cannot say enough good things about this. It was superb.


Yeah, I don't have too much to add on top of what you've said. I think the interpersonal relationships is what carried this match. This wasn't really team versus team. This was people versus people. And I liked how they did. Not just the bits that we already know with Kingston and MOX and Kingston and Claudio and people like that. And also obviously the Elite and Lepor comic cup and feuding everything. But you also had Tekeshra and ishi having this little, like, mini feud during this match at the same time as well. It's really cool. That one spot where Tekesha is just in control, no tag made. Ishi just walks into the ring and takeshta just drops him.


Just and he just goes he knocked his dick.


Still wonderful.


Honestly, I saw his soul leave his body, genuinely.


And you don't see that very often. For Ishi, of all people, the classic.


No seller who's walking fridge of a man.


Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Had a really good time with this match. So stoked that Ishi got the pin. Yeah.


It's funny because we were talking about this on the prediction show, but Ishi is a guy that New Japan just send out to other places to lose because you're beaten a New Japan guy. He's got name value, but he's not someone that is pushed beyond a certain level within New Japan. But I guess because he was British Heavyweight champion for Kwa and I used to see him a lot at Rev Pro. He's one of my guys.


Yeah, totally.


So he got a win on pay per view and he pinned that punk wheelie Utah. So, like, I'm dead happy that Tommy Hiroishi got the pin here.


Yeah, very good.


I would go out of your way to watch this match. I loved it. Then we got for the AEW women's championship. Tony Storm versus Willow Nightingale. It's probably supposed to be Mercedes Monet versus Jamie Hater, but the world is a cruel Place, which is a TV match.


It was fine. Yeah.


Outcasted their usual shenanigans.


It was good.


Yeah. And then Tony won.


Both of them are very good wrestlers.


Great. Tony storm is amazing. Willow Nightingale is amazing. And I love the fact that they themselves were like, well, we're on a New Japan show. We're going to do our own strong style sequence as well. And I'm glad that they did that and this and the other. But it's just like the crowd went into it as much as they were. The Ten Man sagas, they were a little bit burnt out by it. If anything. Storm pulled the referee in front of her and it allowed her to rake the eyes and score the win. Sky Blue was watching backstage and Baker was also watching backstage because it's her versus Ruby Soho in the Owen Hart Cup on Wednesday. It's a thumbs up segment. Do you know what it is? It's a thumbs up because it is a thumbs up. It's not an enthusiastic thumbs up like I would have done for the Ten Man task.


Orange Cassidy. Thumbs up.


Yeah, I suppose so. I have to do so much scrolling there to get to all my notes for Omega Osprey there. Then we then got lost. Lonstingables I can't say the name. Los Ingo bernables Losingo D bananas. I can't do it, Pete. I've tried in Gob ingob.


Nah, nah. Bless Bananas.


Li J. Li J. Yeah. With Sting. So Sting, Darby, Allen and Tetsy Naito took on less sex gods and menorah. Suzuki. I at first thought it was Joker Sting. I thought he came out as Joker. And I was like he did. Well, I thought that, but then I was like, oh, no, it's more like, yeah, it's like Joker Sting meets pain maker Jericho.


But commentary put over that was Joker Sting and Sting mentioned it in the press conference after it was a joke. I'm going to do joker Sting more. And it was like, okay, I mean.


Look, I've written it's. Joker sting. He's going to join Team TNA. And then I was always like, oh, no, I think it's more of a pain maker thing, which I still to this day think is one of the lamest gimmicks of modern day cool. It's back on Wednesday.


Someone needs to aren't you excited?


Someone needs to tell Joe. I think about this every time it gets brought up. Ollie's hardcore defense of like, Jericho knows it's lame and he's working you. And I was like, Jericho's a fan of Kiss. Yeah, he he thinks this is cool.




And it and he's like, no, there's no way he could think this is cool. I was like, I bet you he does.


He absolutely does.


As the years have gone on, he's come to the realization like, oh, he does think it's cool. I was like, yeah, but it's lame. Yeah, it is lame. Isn't it cool? Pain maker Jericho. But this match was a bit pants. Yeah, I suppose.


Okay, I think this is the only match on the car that comes close to being bad. It still wasn't bad. I wouldn't call it bad. I think it was fine.


I'll tell you what it was. It was messy.


It was messy.


I felt like Sting got a bit blown up. He was sort of out position on a fair number of occasions. There was a moment when Jericho told Sammy to go to the top rope to do a 630 sent onto the floor. And I think Sting was supposed to move out of the way of it, but he moved too late, so Sammy still hit him. But then Sting just had to get up because he had to go and do a spot with Jericho in the ring. So it was a bit all over the place. I mean, there's fun stuff. Sammy did his little spinning taunt and then nine to got to do his tranquilo thing in reverse. We got murder, Grandpa. Murdering Darby Allen with a forearm. And that was brilliant.


That was awesome.


Jericho hitting the Judas effect as Darby was doing a cannonball dive. That's good. Was really fun. But anyway, Nito rolled up, Suzuki got the win and the finish felt a bit wonky.




I called it a pallet cleanser.




And then we got the main event, dancing a carda. So that was the show spoilers for my edited review. I don't think it's gone live yet. I gave it five out of five. There was no score. I couldn't give the show anything less than five out of five. Because even though there were some matches on this card that were like it feels like we've been in a bit of a downer there with the trios match, but there's nothing on the show that was bad and the stuff that was good was great. The stuff that was like, had high bars to deliver, in most cases over delivered, and in some cases just delivered. And that was exactly what needs to do. But some of this stuff excelled. And I don't think this is going to be in the top five shows of the year when our poll comes up later on, like when we get to the end of the year, maybe. I don't think this will be in the top five, but I think matches from it will be. So I think Omega Osprey Two will likely end up in the top five. I think there's an argument that Dangs and a carda might make.


It'll certainly make into the top ten, but I don't think this show will as a whole. Having said that, I thought this was a five out of five show.


Yeah, I still think I could see it being in the top five shows of the year. I think there's lot of people that I think there's also a real air of gravitas and importance to it. It's like, this is really cool, we're getting to see these matches happen. I think the Danielson Ocada match benefited from this being like, who'd have thought we'd have seen this match. And that kind of element of it will get votes.


It will certainly get vote, for sure.


Yeah. So I think that does help elevate the whole show. An extra, like half a star, a little extra degree to it. I agree that I think as an objective kind of like wrestling payperview, I think it was a very good show. If anyone would say, should I watch it, I'd say yes, because it got some fantastic matches on it. Yeah, I just think it was a pretty great show.


Here is why I don't think it's going to end up into the top five. Rumble is going to get loads of votes. Mania is going to get loads of votes. I think Chamber is going to get loads of votes. Backlash. I think people loved that show. Like, there's four WWE shows this year alone that I think are probably going to do really well in the votes this year.


I made the point, I think in one of last week's news episodes that we are on a real hot streak for WWE payperviews in particular. This year has been kind of outstanding every single time. And I think even Mania night Two would have been great if it weren't for the finish. And like, night one was perfect. Rumble chamber Backlash night of Champions money In The Bank Hopefully, if they can keep this momentum up, this might be one of the best years for WWE PayPal ever.


And that's insane, which is why I don't think it'll end up in the top five, but I think it is going to get a lot of votes, which will push into the top ten. But, hey, that's in six months time.


We'll figure that out.


We'll figure that at the end of the year. Thank you so much for joining us. But we are going to get into the rest of your Omega chat. So ding, ding, ding. Get those in. Now, I'm also going to end this poll, which I'll be honest is quite conclusive in terms of what was the better match, omega versus Osprey or Danielson versus okada can confirm that. Omega Osprey won with 83% of the vote valid. That is quite that's a landslide victory.




So, yeah, well done to them. And I and I agree.


I agree.


I love that match.




Right. Ding, ding, ding. This is your last call. Rest support. Noah Hickey kicked her off here to say this is my second time attending a pay per view live. The first was super showdown in Australia. I didn't think anyone could follow omega and Osprey but the final countdown play was my biggest pop of the night at the time of my life. Also, boo, cmpung.




Perry here says pay per view of the year for me wasn't perfect but I had so much fun watching it. Brian versus a carda was perfect. Brian Danielson said that he wants to do a carda again and break his arm next time. Also, I'm now the biggest will Osprey fan. He's such a dick in the ring and it's amazing.


I agree.






Because when they do Danielson, a Carter two, probably a wrestler king next year, they're going to do so much around the armbreak and really build that into the match. Yeah, that's very good. RUSA libre has been a member for 20 months in a row. He says whole card was gold but that elbow to CM in the punks and Suzuki hyping up derby before dropping him with an elbow to the chops. Good sword.


I loved how much time Suzuki took before he dropped derby. Just really like sizing him up. Kind of grabbed side of head. Where's the right spot? Here it is.


And he's gone. Well, he saw tekesta's four and he's a big lad. I'm up against a tiny little one here. Stevie Howland said, I've always assumed Garcia's awful dancing, taunting is because he believes he's a sports entertainer and that's how he should act. But he's terrible at it because he's actually a wrestler.


Now that's the metacometry. This is the Ollie thinking that Jericho thinks that it's. Lame argument again.


Big brain thinking right there.


And a galaxy brain tape.


And I don't mind it, you know.


I don't mind it because he does.


Do it because it's a sports entertainer.


Absolutely. Yeah. That much is undeniable. But also what don't what I say.


To that Will Campbell said rip to any future children that CM bill Brooks might wish to have. The target was a hard mark to hit. Pikachima's aim was true. Such a scathing takedown. Everyone in the auditorium laughed, winced, and went, oof landstorm 87 said Justin Roberts was the ringing answer for all the matches except Centimer Punk's match. Does Centimer punk hate Justin Roberts? It's true, actually. A dasha did that one. Stasher like Owen Hart cup person?


Maybe. Yeah, maybe. Could be that. I don't know if she did the Athena match or not.


I can't remember.


I don't know. That's an interesting point.


It's an interesting one.




Carl Mcvigga says. I was like Randy Marsh in South Park. In the episode, Randy finally fires the Internet. That was me after Osprey versus Omega.




Gross. Malik onks says, oh, Jason here. I was there last night in Toronto. It was an awesome event since show. First show since 2008. Mega Osprey was awesome, by the way. I was born in August of 1993.


August, as in the day I was born. We were born on the same day, apparently.


Happy birthday, Pete.


Not my birthday.


Mike here says, I went to Dynamite this week and had such a great time that I bought my first ever PayPal. As a 20 year plus fan of wrestling, I was not disappointed as an attendee at all. Out last year. I must say. Tk still needs to trim his cards down. Everyone was exhausted. That is true. But it's also that's the downside of doing a SuperCard, because there was a bunch of people on this show or the bunch of people in either company, they were like, Why aren't they on the card? Why aren't they on the card? Why aren't they on the card? And they had 13 matches. I suppose. We 14 matches. But Adam Cole was, unfortunately unwell, so his match with Lawlor got scrapped. So, like, you can't get everyone lawler just Tom Lawler. So you can't get everyone on the card, but everyone wants to be everyone on the other card. But then they don't want too many matches, but they also want everyone on the card. So it's it's a really difficult balancing act.


I got the answer. Two night event.


Do not give them kill pop says, Went to see an indie match. Excited to see Lee Moriarty. Sadly, he didn't make it. But who came out but Zach Saber Jr. Wow. That match made his match of the pay for you. That much more fun for me. And excited to see more of his stuff as someone who doesn't watch every New Japan show.


Fair enough.


Watch, I mean, because you can find him online. Any of his stuff with Will Osprey from Rev Pro, any of the York Hall stuff in particular, because those are like magical, magical matches. Because Zach's awesome. And Will's will, who's, you know, is one of the is a generational talent. And those two just create, like pure British indie wrestling magic.




JD Reezy says, today is my birthday. So happy I get to be at home and watch you lovely lads live today. Can I have Luke say happy birthday as the undertaker? Oh, man. I need to find myself and find.


My voice for just one more soul.


I just need one more soul. Hence, happy birthday.


There you go.


That's the best I could do, I'm afraid.


There it is.


There are certain phrases I could do with them to take it. Unless I get into a real role of things, then I can just reel things off the top of my head. But he did it. I'm a bad performing monkey is what I am.


Happy Easter.


Megatrain 84 says, any thoughts on All Out being the week after All In? Why does Tony keep shoving megatrade? Don't have a pop at Tony, have a pop at WWE. Putting one on the day before. That's who you should be angry at here. They've did it a week apart. That's a fine thing.


Having all in and all out one week apart is not great. For starters, having back to back pays on back to back weeks. And also, WWE announced their pay per view before AWS.


AEW do that same weekend every year, Pete. But the petty pricks have to put a show on on the Saturday. It is not ideal as a content creator. The thing is, we've already been prepping for this because we knew All Out was going to be on that weekend. It's always on that weekend fan. When they announced All In, everyone was like, All Out is a week later, so we all knew it was that weekend. So we've kind of mentally prepared ourselves for this. It's not great. And actually, we've been discussing, like, what do you do, essentially, to promote two shows at the same time? You got an All In card, you got an All Out card and we would fear the rest. You do it like Wrestle Kingdom, night one, night two. Some of the results from All In feed into matches. They're going to be all out. So I've got issues with it, but not as many issues as I've got of three shows being in the same week. That's where I draw the line. And that is it for now, but Pete Hamilton has become a member, so thank you very much. As a reminder, everyone, it is our Money In the bank party this coming weekend.


We are going to be down at the Long Arm Pub and Brewery in shortage live with 150 mad wrestling fans behind us and announced today it will be Pete Quinnell versus Tempest for the Jam That Championship, as well as the Jam in the Jar Ladder match. There's that championship one again, because we are going to be live the Long Arm Pub and Brewery in Shoreditch in London for money in the bank. We've got a hell of a week coming up here, because we have got raw tomorrow, we have got AEW on Thursday, we've got money in the bank predictions on Wednesday, plus maybe some fight forever stuff as well. Then on Friday, some potentially exciting money in the bank stuff as well. And then on Saturday, it is our money in the bank watch long party. And then on the Sunday, it's our money in the bank review. Myself and Oliver Davis will be going through all of the action. And then on Monday it'll be collision because there's all the content in the world. So thank you all so much. Please, if it's your first time subscribe.


Yeah. And granted, obviously there's no collision review today because we're doing this forbidden door. Yeah.


But the eight man tag in the main event was a hell of a lot of fun. That's what I just want in my wrestling now. I just want just do eight man add more people. Yeah, because they did it.


That's what they need to do. Forbidden door. Cut the matches down and just combine them.


Well, here's my point. Peace. They did a trio's match on collision and it was awesome.




Then they did an eight man on collision and it was awesome. Then they did a ten man of forbidden daw and it was awesome. It's like maybe twelve man. Twelve man, 14 man, 48 man. Yeah, now we're talking. And on that note, I have been going D-A-D. That has been your jam. That champion. Pete Quinnell jam. That jam.


Jim jam. Jim jam. Jim jam. Jim jam.