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Jimmy jam jima jam jim. I Jam. Jimmy jam. Kota Abu. She is finally all elite via video package. Oh, it's the most terrifying video package of all time because nobody can finish their pulmonizing moves. I'm Ollie Davis. I'm joined by Luko in dad, who's looking at me with a grump on his face.


I've got a grump on my face.


Because he's like, why do you have to go burying?


I'm worried about people having a negative reaction to this for a segment that everyone's really enjoyed. And I don't want to be the only podcast in the existence of wrestling YouTube that's coming in me. Like, actually, I wasn't that good.




Because it reflects poorly upon me.


Oliver Davis if you believe in the truth of Ollie Davis's opinion, press the subscribe button. Also, if you believe in other things, please also press the thumbs up button. Leave us a comment down below with what you thought of this episode and send in those Omega chats to support or read out every single one of them over $5. While we get into our main discussion point, which was the closing segment of the show, blackpool Combat Club revealed their fifth member to be Pack. A returning pack. That's very exciting.


Very good storyline. Makes complete sense as well.


Used to feud with Kenny Omega. It was Kenny who sort of injured him, fractured his face.


They took the trio's titles from them and had that best of seven series.


And or like even before then, the sort of Pack Orange Cassidy, Kenny Omega. Three way feud and all that lark. And they beat down Kenny Omega. Kenny Mega sort of walked into Don Callus's trap because Don was like, I'm not scared of that gutless coward, Kenny Omega. I'm going to announce the fifth man all by myself. I'll be all like the perfect bait. I'll just be there in the ring, the cockbait that he is looking so one of the mods, I think it was Jenna, don fallas.


Don Phallus. We had someone who messaged to say you should call him Don Phallus because last week you said that Don Callus looks like a penis.


Yeah, especially with the scar. It feels like a drawing of the penis.


Add the sunglasses.


Yeah, well, yeah. Does yours not?


Oh, that's what I mean. It's because I've got mine has sunglasses.


And it just goes removes them and.


It'S just got access to video packages from 1987. Here's how we started, kid.


So Kenny walked into that trap and that's when they revealed Pac. And John MOX is there. I think Claudia was there. They're all beating them up. They're about to pulmonize Kenny's neck. Pac cut a promo as well. I missed his promos. Yeah, really like Pac promos.


Because Pac was a genuine surprise. I don't think people really knew who the fifth member of Combat Club antikeshta's team was going to be.


Well, we were worried.


Well, that's it. But I think that was a really good red herring.


Yeah. Jericho.


We're talking Jericho because they set up Jericho last week to possibly be in Blood And Guts. And even on this show, again, they had the segment with Don Kallas asking Jericho to be part of his family. And I said last week, being like, oh, man, I don't want Jericho in that match. Nothing against Jericho, it's just I'm really enjoying this storyline and he doesn't need to be there. Like, he's not part of this storyline. So Pack was a genuine surprise because I thought it was going to be one of two names. It is either going to be Eva Luno or it's going to be Centimer Punk. It's going to be one of those two names. And this second name here seems very unlikely, but what if and I was.


Like, that'd been amazing, but I was.


Like, But Evil Uno or Silver or Reynolds makes way more sense. Like, that makes sense within the story. So when it was Pack, it was a genuine, like, oh, that's a great that's a brilliant option. It works so well with everything they're doing. I just hadn't thought of Pac and.


I hope Pac joins the Blackpool Combat Club, a faction befitting of his character, as opposed to why he's not really a lucha door, is he? But it's it's he's not related to Pentagon.


They're not called the lucha doors, they're called death triangles.


I never and he loves triangles. Speak any Spanish?


Of course he does. Have you been to Newcastle?




La Greg's.


But the Costa del Greg. I think Pac is a good fit for the Blackpool Combat Club. He's got that very intense style. And also, apart from Wheeler, Utah, there is that unsaid. They're the X WWE guys. Moxley danielson claudio. I know you could also say they're the ex indie guys, but don callus take Don Calus, at least was. So yeah, good point. They're about to pilmanize Kenny's neck and Moxley's kind of the promo, and he shoves the microphone in Kenny's.


What he says is, do you have any final words you want to say before we break your neck in front of your countrymen? And Kenny says, yeah, I do. We've also got a fifth member. Check the screen.


Yeah. At which point that paralyzed the Blackpool Combat Club for about a minute.


They checked the screen?


Yeah, they checked the screen.


They did exactly what Kenny told them to do.


And I suppose you could also argue the lights went down, pac wouldn't have been able to see the chair he was going to stomp on.


Yeah. And I think you'd also make the argument that maybe the Blackpool Combat Club want to know who the fifth member is so they can start preparing.


Well, they could have turned around after 10 seconds, then, because they told you who it was in the first 10 seconds and then it continued for another 20.


But when the lights came up. The Elite were there to stop them.


Well, obviously I wasn't a fan of this staging. It's a kenny goes check the screen. And then the screen goes, he's coming, he's coming. But that's like, I didn't feel like a pre produced video package worked for me in regards to this. And then, yeah, you get the clips of coder and you're like, Wait. And it got a huge pop in the audience, so, you know, it worked there and I'm sure it worked for a lot of people. And then the lights come back on. Alita there, they clean house and Kenny makes the promise that we're going to destroy all the members of the Blackpool Combat Club with love and friendship and then I'm coming for you. Don presumably setting up a big bump for Callous to take at Blood and Guts.


I hate that it was actually setting up a Don versus Kenny singles match.


And you think he's going to chase Don round the two rings?


I don't know, but it sounded like.


What he said was, Don is scaling the cage. This is to escape Kenny.


This is all going to be over at Blood and Guts and when it's all over, then I'm coming for you, Don. Which made it sound like, yeah, they'll probably do some spots at Blood and Guts, but I don't know, it sounded like we butted to a Don Kenny singles match, which I think would be amazing.


Yeah. God, when was the last time Callous wrestled? He wouldn't really wrestle. He'd probably have a load of worker STIP where it's no DQ, so everyone can interfere. For him. It could be a lot of fun. Mega heated.


Yeah. You do like Kenny versus Don Antikesha as a two on one handicap match. I agree with you, is actually one of the other things I'm going to say on this segment. Not fully.


That's all I need, but in the door is all. I'm sorry. Thank you.


I think that it's a tricky situation to be in if you're AEW when putting this segment together, because what you have here is two options. You either don't announce anything on this segment and you just have the pack return and you say, next week at Blood and Guts, you will have the reveal of who the Elite fifth member is. The argument, the business argument to be made against then is that, like, surprises work one way. Actually announcing something works way better. A surprise does not pull in as much of a rating as an actual announcement does.




So business wise, you do want to say it's Kota rabushi.


It's also a good go home angle.


It's a great go home angle to announce Kotarabuchi is joining the company. This is an incredible signing and a very exciting signing for all Elite wrestling as well. But on the flip side of that, he's not there because that's the one thing we haven't mentioned yet. If you haven't seen the episode when the lights come back up, hangman and the bucks clear the ring and they stand tall, but this crowd were waiting for Kota Rabushi to show up. So they popped when Kota showed up on the video, but then didn't pop as much when he wasn't in the ring because then there was this sort of ripple of realization of, oh, he's not he's not here. So I don't know what I would have done in this situation. I don't know which of the two.


I get him there.


Done. Okay. But if you don't have that as your magical third option of just having him there, I just don't know why.


It isn't an option, though.


Maybe you can't get into Canada, but.


There'S been enough time to set it up. I think a video message would have been better.


I think the crowd would have had the same reaction of, he's he's not there. Like, this angle needed him there in order to be the big money angle that it was. So, I mean, like, case in point, we do, like, reaction videos on this channel where if we've got something like a really cool or hot angle, I'll watch it in the morning, I'll be like, oh, we should do a reaction video to this. We'll get some people in the office who haven't watched it yet to come in, and they can give their reactions. And because I kind of figured it was going to be Koda Rabushi, I was already mentally preparing myself of, like, who could I get into do this? I know that Pete will be available, lori's around, so we could get Lori on there and we'll sort of formulate it. In my head, when the angle actually went, I was like, no, I won't. Yeah, I'll scratch that off my to do list because I don't think we need to do a video to this because there's not a lot to actually react to.


This is a reveal, like, five years in the making. Ever since day one of AW in 2019, everyone's like, when is Kotar Abucchi going? When is Kodarabuchi going to travel through the forbidden door? When he's working with New Japan. Oh, he's fallen out with New Japan? When's he just going to join all Elite outright? And you've had all this time and the Elite are so good at long term storytellings, but sometimes they do whiff bits. And I watched this reveal, and it was kind of like, how? And I know he's gotten actually amazing since, because CM Punk's likely booking him, but Jay White, I'm like, you've had all this time to prepare for a J. White debut. You want him to hit the ground running when he enters the company, and this is what you've got for him. And this is how I felt towards this. I was like, this is your big Kota Abuchi joining AEW Reuniting, the golden elite. Back with Kenny in the go home angle for Blood and Guts and it's.


This, but he's not there. And so it's hard to do a go home angle where someone runs into the ring when that person who's going to run in the ring is not there.


But still, I don't think even the way the video package was set up, it still lost me just that bit. I was talking about how goofy just having everyone stand around was and watching. I don't want that from the Blackpool Combat Club. They're not sports entertainery. I get a very sports entertainment. But it's a pro wrestling I know by and large, it works for me. This one just didn't work for me. Yeah.


And I think that's absolutely fair. I think on the J White thing, they didn't know they were going to get J White. I actually thought of it. Dan, about this on the collision review we did on Monday, still of the opinion, everyone thought he was going to go to WWE and so have made no plans for Jay to come in. And when it found out that Jay is available, they were like, oh, brilliant. Well, let's get Jay now before someone else snaps him up. But now we need to figure out what we're going to do with Jay. But we actually haven't made any plans for Jay because no one thought he was coming here.


But that's also terrible because he was.


Going to go to WWE before they had the hiring freeze.


How many times have we criticized WWE over the years for not having creative in place call ups? It's your choice when you debut someone.


But I also made the argument of everyone wanted more things for Ricky and so they put him on the ring with one of the biggest free agents and everyone said, like, a bit of a demotion for Jay Wine. It's like, well, what did you want then? Do you want to elevate Ricky? You wanted more for Ricky. But I also agree that they could have done something bigger with him other than some people's arguments were just putting the title straight on him, because I don't think you could have done that. I don't think this was great, but I think it is probably the best you could have done with someone who isn't there. The argument is then to not do it because he's not there, but then the business argument is you should do it because you need to announce that he's going to be there if the.


Rule is he can't. Where is Blood and Guts in America? Okay, if it's a Canada blocking thing, yeah, but still, like, you've had so much time to prepare for this.


But travel issues within wrestling in particular are like they run rifle, like, weeks up until something it's like, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine. Now they can't come in. Like, PAX had these issues before. Jamie Hater has had these issues before. Australians have had these issues before where they can't wrestle for a while because their travel arrangements can't be sorted out. The visas are not.


You. Let's see what you all think on the Omega Chats support. Get them in there. Kid cutty says Kotarabushi is all elite. Okay. And then the male symbol I know he's good, but I'm not going to pretend like this is needle moving. The reveals sucked tonight. Not expecting much after the match from him, but then again, he is friends with the Elite, so Tony will push them over the others.


Yeah, okay, that's fine. If you're not excited for Koabushi, I guess that's your prerogative. But he is one of the best wrestlers on the planet.


Yeah, he is one of the best wrestlers on the planet. And he got a huge pop when just the name was announced. But I also think this falls into the more self indulgent side of the elite stories because this is not something that really has ever been addressed in the AEW world explicitly. They've always been subtle references. So to just say Kota Abuchi to the 850,000 people who watch Dynamite and we always disagree on this, I think there are more casuals than you give them credit for. I feel like the Kotar Abuchi thing won't connect and resonate with loads of people because they won't really know who he is. And even for me, who does know who he is and was watching New Japan when they were having the Golden Lovers storyline, I'm like, yeah, but I don't know would have felt I don't know. I just did the reveal.


Didn't do much for I totally get it and I get that point. And Kid Kelly's point that he's making there is like not expecting much. Not expecting much after this reveal. The flip side of that is that this crowd were going nuts for Nick Wayne, who is probably way less known than Kota Rabushi is because Kotar Abuci has been wrestling for like he's got like 15 years behind him on, you know, on the the wrestling scene. Nick Wayne is literally 18 years old. This is his first TV exposure ever. But this crowd, we're going nuts for him because I think it is just more of a and I'm going to use the word smarter crowd because I think that's unfair, but a more tapped in crowd that are more tapped into the independent scene than the actual audiences.


I think that is more of a tick in the video package column because Nick Wayne was put over in a very good video package earlier in this episode. And I feel like that did a lot to invest the crowd into him before they ever saw him. Maybe a lot didn't know who he.


Was, but if you Kerry Bush, you got a video package here.


Yeah, but it didn't dead dad, Ollie.


Not every rescue could sit down and talk about their dead dad.


But then who's Christian going to feud with.


Oh, Christian's very excited.


Yeah, he's very excited. Nick Wayne is Moxtober ten says love the additions of Abucian Pac to blood and guts. I hope Pac becomes a permanent member of the BCC. As much as I like the Lucha Bros, I was never a fan of Death Triangle. BCC feels like a better fit for Pac than me.


Lot of people said that at the time. You even said it. A lot of people made fun of the name as well, because it's not a good name. Death Triangle is not a good name. It's a silly name. It's a silly pro wrestling name and that's why I like it. But it's not a cool name. But I actually would much rather him in Combat Club than the Lucha Pros.


I'm just marcus says, Love the Pack was the last man for BCC. Makes sense. And I'm surprised no one thought of it. Also at last, Abuji and in blood and guts. The match will be amazing. That said, I have to agree with Ollie here. What was the Elite's Plan? And where was Kota?


Well, the Elite's plan was to announce Kota Vuchi and they did that and.


Let Kenny get the crappy lounge of him first. The perfect ambush.


They won, didn't they? Won the evening. Yeah.


Nathan says, I hope this spins off into a pack versus either Kenny or oh, my God. Can you imagine that? Well, for all the people who are underwhelmed by a Bouchie because they might not necessarily be familiar with them, you're in for a treat. Because he is incredible. Pac versus either Kenny or Coter in a singles feud. His trial to join BCC unleashing. His full unhinged bastard gimmick. Also, Luke, I was wrong the other week and Kevin Kelly is the best thing in wrestling. Better than Michael Carl?


Yeah. I mean, look, some people are allowed to be wrong, I guess, but I will not have any Kevin Kelly slander on this channel. He's the best commentator and there was, and I won't stand for it. Not in these four walls.


If he's on cameo, please, please pay for him to send us nice messages. I want Kevin Kelly to know who we are by the amount of requests on cameo that say, please say, I really like you, Ollie.


And Luke, surely you've got enough connections within the wrestling sphere now.


No, I can't reach out personally because.


We have the voice of British wrestling sat upstairs.


That is so racist. Not all commentators know each other.


He probably knows some people that know some people that can get you in touch with Kevin Kelly.


Yeah, I can't find Kevin Kelly on cameo.


Can you get Cocoa Melon on cameo?


I don't know who that is.


Oh, well, cocoa melon is horrific. Kids cartoon show. Absolute garbage. It is like proper, cheap 3D animation with awful songs. One of the songs that she goes, Peas, peas, peas are nice.


Taking the peas they are with that stuff. And finally for now oh no, two more have just come in. Riley says Blood and Guts prediction everyone's laid out and Kenny's going for callous. Jericho comes out to stop him, to protect his good old buddy. I hiccups when I was speaking good old buddy on a Bouchie. He's been signed yet? Is he heard a lot that he's not wanting to sign to a large company generally at the moment. Did we get the big All Elite graphic?


We haven't. I don't think he's actually officially signed.




I think they'll do that next week when he's actually on the show.


I like that. I actually don't mind that with Jericho.


No, but for me, this for me needs to spin off into Kenny Takesha. I'm way more into a Kenny Takesha feud than I am another Kenny Jericho feud.


And Justin Reed. I'm with Ollie on this one.


Join to play the outro music.


We'll see if it happens again, then we can the coder reveal kind of felt weird and flat. If they want to announce him ahead of Blood and Guts, have him actually be there on Dynamite to run in and even the numbers, if he can't be there, announce it without the BCC Kenny beat down.


Well, that's the problem. We're all running this under the assumption they could have him there. And the only reason I'm positing a worldview sorry, I got to say that is a big ick for my wife. But I'm only positing the worldview that he couldn't be there because he wasn't there. If they had the option for him to be there and they didn't have him there, that is beyond sick. That is a bad, terrible, good decision to be made. The fact that it was a video package made me realize like, they can get him and that's a real shame. Which is why it goes like man.


Then what do you do?


Like you can't have him there but you want to announce him. This is a really tricky way to do it, but in the end what we got was a flat reveal. He is coming. It is weird and flat, as Justin Reed has just said that it was weird and flat. It's just it I guess you couldn't get him there.


The shit. Yeah. Keep on getting your chats into support.


I meant to mention you actually someone suggested we've been looking for what we're going to call the Omega Chats on Collision because it's the punk show. There's no Kenny, omega there. We've been calling them Cmdms, which is what you and I came up with on the Collision show. Someone sent me a message saying they should be called no Mega Chats.


Oh, that's also good. Woof. This show began with Chris Jericho taking on Commander Decent Match.


Yes. Right.


Commander's Good. He does the rope walking really fast. Very impressive. And I thought Jericho was a good base to that stuff. Like we did the cobreaker reversal. They caught one of the dives splash into a lion tamer for the finish.


Yeah. He was going for like this sort of hurricane Rana, dragon rana type thing from a springboard and dropped that into the lion tamer. Good finish.


Yeah. But the big thing was more the angle afterwards.


Don Callus comes out with his entrance. Like, a few people have pointed this out now and even AEW said it looks like Vigo the Carpath from Ghostbusters Too because it's all on his eyes at the star and it feels like that's what they're going as far as for Vigo from Ghostbusters Too.


Yeah, because the camera is zoomed in on the tron of Callus and then it tracks barrett zooms out. That's not part of like, the video, it's part of the broadcast. Yeah, I knew there was something oh, my God, he should come out with a purple goo.


It was pink. I'm not going to split hairs or anything. I proper laugh, though, when he came out, went, Hell of a match, kid. You're the same age. Yeah.


Jericho goes, kid. I like that. So the Jas weren't a ringside and that was very much noticeable because commentary kept saying it every second. And Don's angle this week to get Jericho to join him is to tug.


On the old heartstrings, to emotionally manipulate him.


Emotionally manipulate? I don't think people want stuff like the words emotionally manipulate. That's why ASMR is for emotion. What, emotionally manipulate? No, ASMR ASMRs for masturbation, I just thought it was for people to get to sleep. Funny enough, I use both. So Bad News Brown was their joint mentor back in 1995. Don played video footage from 95.


So awesome.


Really good.


It was so great.


And Jericho afterwards is like, I've got hair still. Yeah. And it would Josh and it felt like actual real joshing, a good natured friendship there. And Don was like, Bad news. Brown said to bad news, Allen.


Bad News?


Yeah, because Bad News Brown was his WWF name, that he wanted us to always stay together because they were an all in a faction together. And Jericho said, he said the same thing to me. And Callous was like, it's what he would want. And Jericho left, like, looking up.


I'm sure he's looking down now, seeing us in the ring together, and he's got a smile on his face, really was emotionally manipulated.


Yeah, it's good stuff. Yeah, good stuff.


I really like this.


Jungle Boy won't get out of his car backstage because he's scared of hook.


Well, he's not scared of hook. Sorry. It's an unsafe working environment.


Hook got into the car on the other side, chased Jungle Boy out, jungle Boy ran round, got into the car, the car zoomed off because it looks.


Like the group just isn't a group anymore. Anna Jay should be the one driving the car.


That's nice.


Have Anna J and Hook be Hannah j and Jungle Boy being a little.


Tag good heel couple.


Yeah, a little heel couple thing. Kind of what they were doing with Sammy and Tay. But he's a good guy now, so do it with Jungle Boy. And the other one remarkable.


Renee Piquette. You got annoyed by that last week. It seems like he's here to stay. Like you might have done.


They've been doing Remarkable Renee for, like, months now.




I don't think I've ever commented on oh, right, okay.


Did someone say that in the office to me then? I can't remember.


Probably Lori.


And that teased the fifth member announcement. Callous got heat just by walking into frame. And he somehow managed to mention that.


Gutless gut cow Kenny Omega. I think it was on the MJF thing. I just like how commentary don't like don callan Spat has obviously. Yeah. And like, Tony Sharon is like, he's an idiot.


Yeah, it's really good. Then we got the greatest thing in pro wrestling. Honestly. No, actually, Bloodline is still best, but this is getting close to the most enjoyable current thing. It's Max and Adam Cole.


Are you still rating bloodline above Punk MJF?


That's going on right now, right?


Because the bloodline is the best thing in wrestling. This is like a very close second best thing in wrestling that is currently.


Happening on I'm with you.


Sorry. I apologize.


I don't think this is already the second best story.


I think this is a bold claim.


Two weeks in, you push back on that. And it was similar to last week. But rather than in the gym, MJF and Adam Cole are having this blossoming friendship at the bar. They're doing shots. Four lovely ladies walk past. And Max is like, I'm a numbers guy. I see two for you, two for me. And Adam Cole's like, do you like, actually, I love Bret.


I'm with Bret.


And Max goes, I really respect that. And he walks off and he shags them all.


He comes back doing up his flies.


Then he say something like, they took the maximum ride. Yeah, sounds like Rick. The Rick's space Mountain thing. And Cole's like, you can't say that anymore, but he's getting a kick out of it. And they talk about how Adam Cole isn't wearing the shirt, and Adam Cole's like, Well, I lost it. He's like, well, the truth is and I didn't lose it, but if we do what I want to do now, I will wear the shirt. And he whispers it in Max's ear. And Max goes, oh, no. And it jump cuts. Hard cuts to them playing AEW fight Forever together. The crowd you can hear the crowd audibly laughing. It was so good.


Oh, not this is for nerds. Nerds play video games.


They put over the game so well.


And Adam Cole's in with MJF was like, you're into this game. And I was like, I am. He's like, yeah, and your stats are really. Good, too. They are. We can work together on this game. It's like, oh, we can. And they're playing this game, and he's having fun, and then he says the line, wow, this video game thing's really fun. As Phony are kind of like playing with each other, playing games with each other. And Adam cole's. Like what? You never played multiplayer before? And MJF just says, I had to play multiplayer. You need friends to do that.


Adam Cole pauses the game and says, like, Look, Ma'am, honestly, I was going to betray you at the start of this. And Max is like, I was going to betray you, too. And Cole says you're actually pretty cool. They can coexist. And then, sorry, they work together in the video game to beat FTR and win the World Tag Team Championship.


They got that DLC.


Yeah. Because FTR aren't in the game.


Yeah, they're DLC.


Yeah. Really, really great. This is excellent storytelling.


So good.


This is sports entertainment done to a perfect tea.


So there's been it was a common thread I saw when I was checking, funny enough, not threads about people sort of their feedback to this episode, and that is Collision is the show that Dynamite used to be. But since Collision is now the wrestling show, dynamite is more sports entertainment than it is a pro wrestling show. And I think it's segments like this. It's the stuff they're doing with Don callus the big, goofy reveal that you had at the end of this episode. And I kind of see the argument that some people are making about that, because Dynamite and Collision do not feel like the same show.


Yeah, I totally agree. I think was Tony Shivani said that they're all really enjoying booking Collision because it's something totally different to what happens on Dynamite. But I don't look at Dynamite and go, this is the soap opera show.




Like how I would a SmackDown. But it really is by AW standards. But this is honestly terrific. It is so emotionally investing, and it sets up the matches where you can do absolutely nothing. And the crowd are the loudest of the whole night.


They work smarter, not harder. Which we will get to when we get to that tag match, which was Match of the Night.


But before then, we had the other half of the semifinals in the tag team eliminated tournament, which was Darby Allen and Orange Cassidy taking on Sammy Guevara. And Daniel Garcia thought this was a very good match.


Very excellent.


Yeah. And when I was watching them, particularly when Swerve turned up for the finish to do a running knee on Darby on the apron, which directly led to Derby getting pinned, I was like, this is my mid card. This is the actual AEW mid card that I like. Daniel Garcia orange Cassidy Darby Allen Swerve. Swerve.


Keith Lee. Kind of in the periphery on this one.


Not so much sewing of Ara but just keep those guys in the mix.


But it feels like with what happened later on in the show, nick Wayne's going to be sort of, like, slotted into that position there, which is why the international title is, like, the best mid card title in AEW right now. And I'm loving what Christian is doing with Luciasaurus, but the international title is the matches I'm most looking forward to.


So the finish, really good match. I love Daniel Garcia and Orange Cassidy wrestling.




It's one of the more longer term storylines this year that I just get really excited about every time they touch.


Daniel Garcia yesterday was shared by a Meme account, like a regular not connected to wrestling meme account. And it was the spot from Forbidden Door when he's dancing in front of Shabbata and Zach Saber Jr. And they keep beating him up, but the more they beat him up, the harder he dances. Both beam up at the same time, but it really was one of those moments like, oh, Garcia is breaking through.




That's people who aren't watching wrestling being like, what's this weird thing?


He's great. It feels like he's the same as last year because I think his progression has been very gradual. But actually, if you compare him now to Pre last summer, he has really improved. And it is adding that sports entertainment vibe to his technical wrestling.


Jericho was right.




Do you see in the clip from A Ring of Honor where after he wins his match and Aubrey Edwards raises his hand and he sort of, like, puts his arm around and puts it on her wrist instead, then spins her around and does his little dancer, and she literally goes like, oh, no.


Very good. But yeah. Prince Nana came down distracted well, the referee by giving Garcia a skateboard. That was when swear running to help Sammy get the win. But Sammy wasn't really aware that Darby had been hit. Plays like the baby face ignorant pin because they're still trying to make Sammy a baby face. A lot of tension between Garcia and Guevara. I don't like it.


Yeah. I was genuinely surprised that they won.


Yeah. Because I think the better final is Cassie and derby versus MJF and the Cole.


Absolutely it is. That is a much, much better final. The only way that it's not a better final is that MJF. And Sammy had their OD couple tag team a couple of months ago. So you can probably do a couple of backstage segments based around that. But in ring wise, I think I'd much rather cull MJF and Orange Cassidy and Darby Allen because I prefer Darby and MJF's history than I do MJF and Sammy's history more. So I kind of see MJF. And actually then you got the Orange Cassidy Adam Cole dynamic, and I want.


To first Beauty HAB.


And I want to see orange. Cassidy and MJF International champion versus world.


Champion yeah, I was quite disappointed with not just because I'm not into Sammy at all in his current form, but yeah, I thought it was right there for you.


I think this is the weaker of the two options.


Definitely did sell me on a bit on the episode. Honestly, that decision I was so disappointed by. I was like, but then we got the best stuff again. They brought it right back because we continued this Cole MJF stuff. We have Cole backstage first with Renee trying to interview him. But Cole's pacing on the phone like, I'm so sorry, Renee. Britt, I'm really sorry. Obviously Britt's given him a hard time for staying out with Max all night.


And Roddy then walks in, sad Roddy by decade of brace. I can't be part of the tournament. I got knocked out of a different tournament. Now my friend is this go be here. And he's like, look, dude, it's funny. You know what, he's not that bad. You and I didn't like each other when we first met each other, but I think of, you know, as a brother now, so maybe it's okay. Oh, sorry. I've got a text from Max. And then Max texting to be like, I've just walked past Brian Cage. I think I've got the flu.


Yeah. And then Cole paces off like Max.


No, because he was doing that on social media in the week as well. Being like, I think I call whatever. Adam Cole had a couple of weeks and I think I could make it to dynamite after Big Bill and Brian Cage won on rampage.


Really funny. And they also teased hitting the double clothesline again, very important because then we had the actual match. Big Bill and Brian Cage, who are terrific.


Yeah, they're a great team.


And Brian Cage, I don't know how he looks bigger. Yeah, he looks bigger than he was like the last time I saw him.


You see the video?


Is it because he's standing next to Big Bill and he's thinking, I'm a bit small?


Yeah, I need to jack myself up a little bit width ways. Oh yeah, he's as tall as he is wise.




Have you seen the video of him being booked for someone's wedding? And he just like during the groom speech, he just comes into the room with his music being played and power bombs him through a table. No, I mean, not I was awesome because social media Abby was like talking about her wedding. I was like, you should do book Brian Cage. Brian Cage would come in and power bomb your your husband to beat through a table.


Does that does then he sort of officiate the ceremony?


No, I think he just then collects his paycheck and leaves. He does it in his pants as well. So you can just have this ginormous man. And his wife runs walk in lantern check.


Because I thought he would also be in a suit but with the arms torn. That's the visual image I got. This match was even better than the stupid match we got last week. Max is in the ring. First Big Bill, and he goes for a body slam.


He calls to the crowd, body slam, body slam.


Then Max tries the body slam. Can't do it. Back hurts too much. Tags an Adam Cole. It's Brian Cage versus Adam Cole. They do push ups like no one really does a wrestling move for about three minutes.


Like rock hogan.


Yeah. It's triple H John Cena on that first Saudi show. Shoulder block. I don't usually swear in my notes, but this is effing marvelous.


When they were doing the push up spots and stuff, and I was into this at the start of because MGF tried to hug Adam Cole on his entrance. Adam Cole's like, well, we're not there yet, but I will fist bump.




MGF running around Adam Cole as he's doing entrance, doing the Roddy Shawn Michaels thing, and he tries to do it again to Big Bill, but he can't do it. So he tries to do some push ups just like Adam Cole had done. So Big Bill just boots MJF. Stop doing this. Look, there is an argument to be made. You should not be booking your world champion like this to be this goofy goofball. I kind of love it. And I love MJF is a tremendous baby face.




One of the things I love about MJF is people kind of say, oh, he's just a promo guy. Then he goes out and has, like, the best Iron Man match and the best dog collar match you've ever seen. She's like, oh, no, he's also an incredible wrestler.


Singles dog collar match, singles column match, of course.


And then he's doing this, and he's like, oh, he can also be an amazing baby. He can literally do everything. He can do series, he can do comedy, he can do horror, he could do drama, and he can do baby face heal. And he's amazing at all of it. He literally cannot do wrong.


Yeah, he was worked over. And last week, I felt like it was weird just, I was good, but it was weird seeing MJF be worked over for the majority of a tag match. Same thing happened here. I was like, this feels right.




Maybe because it was more set up in the earlier video package with that, I've got no friends, so you've got a bit more sympathy going in with him. But of course, he's still a heel. So he builds for that hot tag with a poke in the eye.


Poked to the eye and gets the hot tag to Adam Cole, but not.


Before he bit Bill's fingers first, then hits the body slam the third time of trying. Yeah.


Finally hit.


The crowd exploded.


Nuts for the body slam. It was so good. The hot tag to Adam Cole, who runs wild. But in that running wild, adam Cole also uses the eye poke. Learning from MJF seeing. Like, actually that is a tactic that does work. It's that heel within Adam Cole just rising to the surface every now and again.


That's something I haven't really thought about, about how not into Adam Cole I was two weeks ago. And now I'm like, this is like old Adam Cole. I never would have thought MJF would give Adam Cole the baby face rub.


But it's also because he's doing a.


Deal with the devil.


The devil does bring out the worst in you. And I thought this was so great. And then they both set up to do the double clothesline, but they got stopped and their heels beat them up with a double clothesline of their own. It was awesome. Then worked together to get a clean pin. Not with the double clothesline, just dropping the boom to get the win.


Awesome match because they're saving that double clothesline. But will it be for the final or will it be for the FTR tag team championship win? It'll be for the final and it will be used for a very good near fall in the FTR match. I think the way they win, by the way, because you don't want to beat Sammy or Garcia with a double clothesline on its own, you would do boom. MJF is like, pick him up, double clothesline. And that's how you get the pin. Afterwards, Max and Cole both grabbed Mics. They did a straight up baby face tag team promo, put over their shirts on AW shop and then said, the double clothes line is coming. That got a chance. And we're coming for the tag titles.


Yeah. July 29, on collision.


If they can what was the what they said something very specific. If Cole said, if we stay on the same page, we will win the tag team titles. So that to me says that's the out for them to lose. Something will happen between them, I think.


So. I think we're likely going to get Cole MJF all in and then MJF punker all out a week later. So yeah, I thought this was great.




Also, I mean, maybe this is just me, but when they did say they were going to face for the tag that was on collision, I thought that was a mild boo.


Oh, really?


I was just like, no, not that show. No, that's his show.


FTRs on collision, aren't they? Yeah. After that we got oh, sorry. We also had Roddy watching annoyed backstage.


I was grumpy with my sore neck.


So maybe he'll split up stuff. Renee backstage with Jake Hager. They're outside Jericho's locker room. And Hager goes in to talk about JS, says, look, I've been with you from day one in this company. I saved your life in 2010. Can't remember, in Kuwait or somewhere on an overseas tour.


Overseas tour.


And you owe me to tell me what you're going to do. And Jericho was like, I don't know. Right now I'm thinking it through. And Hager took off his hat and gave it to Jericho. A surprisingly touching gesture.


It's probably the best thing that Jake.


Hager has done in AEW.


Been there for nearly four years.


You know, like, Brian Pillman Jr left the company this week, which I'm a bit like, that sucks. I think he's actually very good. How's Luther? Still there.


Sign a big contract.


We've got to that point in Venice.


He did sign his contract after Pillman.


Yeah, but we've got to that point in AEW where I'm now like, why are these people gone and these people are still here? Just a natural part of any promotion life cycle, I guess.


There was someone posted the thing up on Twitter and I feel bad because he's getting dunkin a little bit for it, but he posted up a list of people who haven't been on TV for three months. But we're all excited about Kodarabuchi. He's like, what about these three? What about these people? And amongst it peter Avalon's not been on TV. Yeah, I suppose we probably should put Peter Avalon on before we have Koda Rabushi come onto this show.


Would have been a better reveal. Ruby Soho then took on Sky Blue in, I thought, an actually pretty decent match. He's very good. Meltzer and Alvarez were annoyed. Not Alvarez, but just Meltzer was annoyed. The outcasts through Sky Blue into the steel steps right at the start that the referee saw 100% of. He ejected them. I just felt like that was referee's discretion because it's a tournament match.


What was he wanting?


An immediate DQ? Sky blue advances.


I only threw her into this stairs. It's not like they hit her with Kendall sticks and stuff.


That was the start of the arm injury. That was worked over for the entire match.


I think it's more referees discretion.


Yeah, I ejected them from ringside and it was worth it for Tony Storm's overly heel reaction. Like, what? Tony Storm is so much better as a heel.


Yeah, I got a little bit distracted on this one as well, because it's defon Smith who was doing the refereeing. And have you seen this month's Botcher Mania when Tony Shivani mispronounced his name, calls him Stephen Smith and Taj goes, Stefan Smith got little animations and stuff, but I'm correcting them and he's like, So it's Delphi Kingo. Delphi. Like del taco. Yeah.


Ruby had a really good spot in this where she worked the heckens out of me. Sky Blue seemed to botch a move. Ruby landed face first, of course. She had that nose break injury and she genuinely played possum. Referee checked on her. Sky blues going up top. It was a ruse, all a ruse.


She was putting Stefan in the way of Sky Blue doing her move off the top rope so that she could then run into the rope, knock her off and then hit the no future from the middle rope for the winner.


I thought this was good. I liked it. I think Sky Blue's gotten so good in the last couple of months as well. And I'm really enjoying Ruby's work, too.


I think Ruby's been great.




Recently, that promo she had a couple of weeks ago I thought was awesome. She had a promo that was aired on social media yesterday that I thought was superb. I actually wouldn't mind her winning.


You've been watching a lot of online videos recently, haven't you?


I'm not that busy.


You keep telling me about all the you've seen this video. What about this meme threads, man.


No, it's not.


Who could she be against in the final?


It's either be Willow or Athena. It was taken rampage.


That's got to be Willow, surely.


I would have thought it'd be Willow.


We then got QTV debuting Harley Cameron's music video. Answer the acclaimed she dis down the acclaimed a bit and then she mostly talked up the various members of QTV. It was very well produced. It was well performed. That didn't really do anything for me, if I'm honest.


Harley has a song they celebrate. Those were my notes. I am a 40 year old man who grew up in Berkshire and now lives in rural Kent, and you are.


Very excited by this.


And I drive a Kia Sportage. I don't think I'm in a position to be commenting on rap culture.


Well, you don't want to talk about the spitting of the bars, the cadence of the delivery.


I mean, you can do that because you're for Whartham, stoke your ends, can.


Do that sort of thing. That's how you've got to order coffee, drop a rhyme.


I mean, you and E 17, like, you've got all the grounds you want.


It's legacy there. Yeah. After that, we got the final thing we'll be talking about, because then it went into the Abuja segment. Nick Wayne versus Swerve Stricken.


I thought we were going to save it for this because there was a video package before the MJF Cole video. Yeah, the second Nick Wayne intro video, that was this time him talking to the camera as opposed to Darby talking about Nick. This was him talking about his training the day that his mum told him about his father's passing and how he sort of, like, used that and wants to continue on the Wayne name. He's a third generation Wayne. He's been in wrestling ring since he was six months old, because they've always just had one in the back garden or the backyard. So it was a really, really good introduction to Nick Wayne and his story. And I thought it was tremendous.


It was really good. It was so good. And this very rarely happens that I must have just been watching it and I never wrote a single note.




I must have been completely absorbed. Yeah. Really good. And it really helped the match as well. When Nick Wayne came out, darby Allen came out with him and gave him quite an emotional hug.


He felt that this means so much to them. One of the things I was kind of very much enjoying yesterday on yesterday evening on social media, as I was sort of coming home from work, was the excitement that people had who've known Nick for years. So Craig from The Brian and Vinny Show has known him since he was, like, so little and was just really, really pleased for it. Denise has, like, interviewed Nick and stuff and has done some shows that Nick Wayne was on. So she was, like, so pleased. Brian Zane has called some of his earliest matches. He was really excited. It genuinely was like, a wonderful, lovely moment. And Derby gave him this big, deep hug that was just like a you earned this spot because he turned 18 on Monday. Yeah, they said, you can be on TV once you turn 18. And they did not wait around. Three days later and here he is on TV.


You can see my theory. I've written here. Theory. Not asked him, but theory. Right at the start of my notes, darby is going to cost Swerve the match to help Nick Wayne win. Because I was like, oh, that's why. Darby lost the tag match and Swerve interfered. There it's to set up interference where Swerve would be cheating with Prince Nana. Darby takes. Darby knocks. Swerve as a bit of heel comeuppance. And then Nick Wayne gets the win. Nick Wayne gets to win his first match. Swerve's protected. All is well with the world. That's not what happened. Wayne did win sorry, swerve did win a really good match.


Great match. It was there to showcase Nick. It was there to give him all of his big spots and stuff and to do like, the Big Poison Rana and to hit the Wayne's World and all this sort of stuff. But I never thought he was going to win this match because I'd swerve is the biggest star here and it reminded me of Rollins and mysterio, like dominic's first feud he had when he came into WWE was against Rollins and his first payview match was against Rollins. And I was like, surely Dominic's going to get the win because you want to put over the new and upcoming star. And Adam looked at me, I was like, there's no way that Dominic was seth's the biggest star. Seth's going to win. And so I went into this match being like, Swerve's the biggest star. Swerve is going to win. So I was never surprised. I know there were a few, like, Dave Meltzer on it was like, really annoyed and really quite angry that Nick Wayne didn't win here, but I guess I didn't ever think he was going to. So I didn't have that reaction to it.


I didn't know which way they were going to go, but I certainly knew what I would have done, and that was book Wayne to win and his debut. So, personally, I think this was not an effective booking decision, but the match was very good. Yeah, hopefully that's enough to get Nick Wayne over. But I do think now, hopefully he's got stuff to do immediately because you don't want to lose your debut and then you appear on rampage next week and then you're on collision three weeks after that. You need something.


Well, I feel we've already set ourselves up a little tag thing here of Swerve is already starting a feud here with Nick Wayne and Darby Allen's involved in this world. So you can do a Darby and Nick Wayne thing, which I think has got lovely little parallels to it because Sting's become like, a mentor to Darby and now Darby is like a mentor to Nick Wayne. So I think there is stuff for Nick Wayne to get out of this. Plus, he kicked out that top row power bomb which Rivens like, drove through the earth.


That was a great there were a couple of great near falls in that. Particularly Swerve's foot on the ropes.


Yeah, exactly. Like, you know, Swerve only got the win because, like, you know, slight error in judgment on the part of the youngster. You know, he's 18 years old. Like, we're not putting belts on him straight away. There's lots of time ahead of him. Another fun fact in this dropped in this match, aubrey Edwards refereed his first match in North America. It's kind of incredible, just like the story that the young man has got. I very much enjoyed this, and I get the argument of giving Nick Wayne the win, but I don't think it's the worst thing in the world, which is what some people have reacted to it as.


Overall, I gave this 81%, which is pretty much a four out of five. Most of that is because of the Cole MJF stuff. I thought it was extraordinary, but there was a lot of stuff on this show that I wasn't actually a fan of in terms of bookings. So Nick Wayne not winning, Derby and ORAC Casti not winning and also the execution of the main event angle.


Honestly, if we were on your percentage scale, I'd have probably gone lower than that. I'd probably gone, like, 75.


Yeah. Well, let's get into our wonderful shoutouts to our pledgehammers on patreon before we get into our remaining Omega chats today.


In fact, restaurant after dark. Sorry. No. Restaurant behind the scenes will be going live shortly. In fact, it might even be live as we speak. It was recorded just before this episode of Dynamite and the Restaurant podcast. Myself and Pete going over what happened over the last month. We talk about Sean coming into the office. Recording survival series the Money in the bank show some behind the scenes things that I had from when I interviewed the people for money in the bank.


When it's like Bailey and La Knight.


And things like that. So lots of topics to dive into. Pete gives his winning formula for survival series and how he did so well.


Oh, a secret sauce. Sign up now. Right. Well, thank you very much. These wonderful pledge hammers, $25 a month or more. The big hitters, lord chris Zando, too.


Lots to handle.


Lottie McLough manipulate emotionally manipulate. Manny Omaria how'd you like them apples?


Marcel Juror, have a glass of sherry.


Martel j Simmons he's got two first names. Matt Howard, the real boss. Matt Robinson.


Max Kurt Wallander. Wallen.


Michael Mark for life.


Ploughman Paul the Enomatic bell tower toff.


This is some kind of patreon shoutout. Nate drops her name.


And lastly, for this hall of Fame class on the 13 July 2023, the batsman Nathan Batty.


Let's get into the remaining Omega chats. Last call for those forward slash support. Charles Berg says so I like the Cole MJF story, but it's always important to remember Max is a sociopathic narcissist with a penchant for emotional manipulation. His main goal is to ruin Adam's life. Cole's combo on the phone with Britt is proof of that to me. It's good.


That's really good. I believe it's also poncha. As opposed to what?


Did I say a ponchon?


No, you said pension a penchant. But yeah, I mean, that's a really good thing. He is driving wedges between Cole's actual friend in Rudderick Strong and actual partner in Brit Baker.


I don't think you can discount the insecurity that drives Max as well. So he might really want to be Adam Cole's friend, especially because he looked up to Cole.


Yeah. Or he just doesn't realize that he's doing it.


Will Campbell. Yeah, that's another good will. Campbell. Other than the bloodline, the story between Adam Cole and MJF is the best thing going in wrestling right now. And to be honest, I actually kind of want them to beat FTR for the titles. Also, I popped for Coter even though I kind of knew he'd be the fifth. Man, we'd all figured it out.


Yeah. Do you think that plays somewhere into the disappointment that he wasn't there is because everyone had kind of figured that it was Kota?


Yeah, I guess because we all knew it was going to be that you needed more than just the name, you needed a move.


Yeah, I guess because if Kodarabushi had still been signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling and they hadn't dropped any teasers of who it could possibly be and then out of nowhere it's like it's Kodarabushi would have been like this whole, like, oh, wow. Oh, my God. Amazing. Howard because they've essentially told us ahead of time that's going to be Kodarabuchi, and then like, it's Kodarabuchi. Yeah, I guess it is.


Yeah. Via video package Josh says nick Ethene Wayne, all seriousness was really glad to. Be there live. Oh, awesome. How did the crowd sound on your end? I didn't think the crowd sounded that good. They were good in parts but overall not great.


No. I wrote during the Nick Wayne match, they are giving this match the respect it deserves.


It was a great and loud atmosphere but I've seen comments that we weren't very good. Yeah, I'm sorry it didn't really come across on TV.


It's bad production on AEW's part.


Bacon rasher. Hi lads. I think I've sorted. Streamlabs.




Oh good. Oh yes, we met. Bacon rasher?


Certainly did.


Much better show than last week for me. Wrestling was decent and great to see. Wayne MJF and Cole was the best part of the show. Hope this gets through. I've missed Omega chats. Thanks for the name drop the other week.


I was going to say it was one of my favorite interactions from that money the bank party when he told us his name and then just sort of raised his eyebrows to watch me figure out like your Sonny's Bacon. You're bacon rasher.


Cheeky chappie is what he is. Fred Versed. Hello gents. Really enjoyed last night's. Dynamite. Admittedly, not as much as I've enjoyed Ms. Paint though.


Ms. Paint is an artist that I discovered recently through a new metal podcast called the Podcast. On their patreon series they review like suggestions that people send in and one of them was an artist called Ms. Paint and the song Titan of Hope. And I've been like, this is awesome, it's so good. And so on the Monday Night War stream I was like, people go check out Ms. Paint. And it's like, that's the new scene queen. Because I've been getting people message me being like, check out Ms. Paint on your recommendation. They are dead good.


Yeah. You're a thought leader, aren't you?


Some say I'm an influencer.


Titan of Hope has been on loop since the Monday Night War livestream. Thanks for the recommendation, Luke. Lisa McCullen McMullen. Sorry. Has been a member for six months. Greetings from Sunny Gran canaria watching this next to the pool. Haven't had the chance to watch yet. Can't wait to watch you. Love you guys. Jam at Jam. Thanks very much.


Thank you very much.


Enjoy. Grand, canaria tk 82. It was a solid show. Overall. It was only a little bit, it was only a little bit. But excited to see what's to come for Nick Wayne. Much loves. Many hugs, Tina.


Very good.


Dan, how would you end the MJF Cole angle? I love it. What if since the tag title finals are on collision, punk screws MJF out the win. You can do Cole. Punk are all in, punk MJF are all out and Cole MJF stay friends for now. Jam. That jam.


I hadn't even thought of that. Of yeah. Punk costing them the match because punk's obviously got his red bag his friends.


With FTR his red bag of mystery.


And that can play into their match. I hadn't even considered Colon punk at all in, but that's a great idea.


There is this thing. Do you ever need to split them up? Could Adam Cole be MJF's one friend forever? I'm starting to feel that way. Matt Hennessy loving the Colon MJF partnership. I think whatever original plans AEW had for Colon MJF feud, they should call an audible. Have them win the tournament and beat FTR for the tag titles. Have them be the most obnoxious heel team that thinks they're faces.


I think they need to be faces, though. I think that's what makes them an endearing team is they are baby faces.


Jonathan Hedman member for 22 months. Speaking of Nick Wayne, I wish they would do more in the packages like they did with this week so we know who guys like the kingo are. So I know who they are. I agree. I said the same thing about Abu Shi for just the overall audience.


Sometimes there are guys that just do it in the ring. I don't think you needed a video package for Vikingo ahead of his match with Omega because the second that match died, you're like, oh, that's why. This guy is amazing.


Matt Hennessy that fits in line with MJF's character. Someone who is scared of getting hurt so he hurts others first. Setting up setting us up with Cole versus MJF at winter is coming with Cole. Beating MJF for the world title, stopping Max from leaving AW with the title. Look at that. We've gone from like, well, will this work? Cole's a bit cool to let's have this go until December.




Nathan it was on collision when the crowd chanted this is wrestling. And Kevin Kelly says they're not wrong. At least they're perceptive that I realized how wrong I was. Also. Kota should have only debuted at blood and guts. Could have had a few weeks of winding BCC up. Josh salon, your name already came through, but thanks for donating. Very generously. Again, not sure if my first one came in or not. Nick Efin. Wayne super hyped. How was the crowd from your end? I was there live, but I've seen yeah sad face. So yeah, didn't come through. Great. Blakey I'm hoping that Bullet club gold wins the belts and then we get golden lovers versus Bullet Club gold would be super fun and they could play off the Kenny and J white history. Bullet club stuff. I think we'd have MJF and Cole versus bullet club cold with Cole.


Yeah, with his bullet club history.


Jay White versus MJF Heel. J white versus baby face. Max on the mic. Juice Robinson.




Max, I'll tag to you.


Justin Reid said yes. Luke the arena are hardcore fans, but Ollie is right. The 850 watching at home are going to have a mix of hardcore, casuals and first time viewers context for who what is happening is needed to convert casuals to hardcore.


Yeah. I agree.


And I'm not saying you're wrong on that one.


Even hardcore fans like me, I like the sort of catch up packages.


I agree. But they had like a video package here and put him over as a big deal. It's not like they were doing Ask Karabushi, like they literally had a he is coming. Like this is the biggest deal it possibly can be, I think. Yeah. I'm not saying that they just were like, what some lad, I guess. They made it seem like it's a big deal. So if you are a casual, like, wow, who's this guy? Better tune in next week to find out who it is. And again, you can tell it in the ring. An unknown user name here who's been lost. Please do let our moderators know. I said I feel like it would have been better if BCC beat up Kenny at the beginning of the show with Pac elite check up on him in the back. And we have a phone ring to Kota's music teasing fans and the show. At the closing the show, Kenny reveals Kota is coming into the ring with the video.


Yeah, that's better, I think. Yeah, Kenny, maybe that's the way you do it. And Kenny says the name and you just go off air with the video package. You never come back to the ring. That could have been a way to do it.


You would have said, but what happened to Kenny's neck?


No, but you wouldn't have the beat down. The beat down, that would have happened at the start of the show. It'd just be Kenny in the ring.


With the only thing there is just it's playing Coter's music. If our argument is we need to be appealing to the casuals here, playing someone's theme song is even more available. Who is that?


But then you announce what it fully is.


I think saying the name is way less than having a video package that shows who that person is. Jake says, like Luke. I knew of Budy Wayne through the Brian and Vinny show. It teared up a bit, that video last night. And I'm so happy for Nick to see his future in AEW. Also, I was wondering if Luke inspired the Restock presenter's shirt reminds me of an old Limb Bizkit t shirt.


It was your idea, wasn't it?


That one. That was Andy's. But Cola Stapia here says Bullet Club. Bullet Club gold Win. So we can have heel. Bullet club versus face. MJF face is a cola all in a seven man ladder match for International at all in PS colon, MJF had faces, so they're going to face the heel of the jas. It seems logical for me. The point that Cole Sophie is making there is that because MJF and Cole are the faces, they need to be going up against the Heel team in the finals of the blind tournament. Right?




Which is why you can't have orange cast in Darwix, then it's just four faces as opposed to two face and two.


But they're saying they would then go on to Winstand now, but I don't think it matters. I think there's enough shades of gray amongst them to make it work. Yeah.


Also, Sammy's a baby face. Tyler MGF. Broke mine in my wife's heart when he said what he said. I'm sorry, but this is better than the bloodline. It is the best thing in wrestling right now. You were wrong to correct yourself, Ollie. It is the best. Their character development is magical.


Yeah, I love it, too. But I do think that's hyperbolic when you really look at the last couple of months of the bloodline.


Anton Reinhardt has been in member for six months in a row. Said, I thought MGF or Cole would have turned on each other already, but now that it's to this point, I never want this team to die. Give them all of the belts. Dane Ray said, would love for Cole's friends to hold an intervention for him, saying Max is turning him to the dark side. Max looks sad, then turns on Cole in order to save Cole from his buddies. MGF. Keeps his heat for turning and Cole is a remorseful baby face to Max.


That's one way to do it. I like the idea of bringing in, like, Kyle back. That could be one of the big story beats of this. Kyle comes back. What are you doing, bro?


Yes, good point, daddy deeds duncheep says mr. Ollie Davis, I apologize for going on topic, but, you know, money. Anyway, after some thought, I've come to agree with you. Seth Curran gimmick is annoying and frankly, there is more mileage with Finn or Priestess champion hashtag ollie is always right.


Thank you. There's two just there.


Oh, sorry.


Should I do them? Because I've got them. Lucas Patterson says, I think having Nick under derby is great. Work for a few months, then have Nick and Sting turn on derby. Ultimate swerve. Nick and Sting turn on derby.


Maybe you can't have Sting be a heel. Sting can never be a heel.


Blakey says, don't break the cole MJF. Tag team up. But also the heartbreak on the turn is going to be amazing.


It really is. And lastly, here from the mayor of Painesville, dan says hi, everyone. Hope you're all well. First of all, Luke is very right. Retro games are the best with those save data can't corrupt and be gone forever like it happened with my PS Five. It's all gone. Subscribe to cutscene for actually good game. Cool game info. Oh, and dynamite was okay.


Good plug there. Go over and subscribe to cutscene. Luke's, other channel, please. The poll ratings are in. Thumbs up 79%, mid 17% and thumbs down 3%.


That is an overwhelming thumbs up show. Yeah, it's good to see. I feel like this is my Kong Skull Island episode because you didn't really like the reveal, and I also didn't really like the reveal, but I've come across as the guy that liked the reveal and is defending it. But I'm not I'm just talking about it from a different I'm looking at it from a different side of things, but everyone's reaction. This is like, oh, luke's nap. These are Markey's a shell.


Why does Luke hate video packages to announce wrestlers?


You don't always need them.


Funny enough, in this one, you were saying the video package was okay.


The video package was great. Again, I'm not saying it was a good angle. I'm not saying that this was a win.


Stop it with your bad takes. Luke, Owen, thank you very much for joining us here today and for all your Omega chats. It's much appreciated. But for now, I've been Ollie Davis. It's been Luca and D-A-D down.


That jam.


Jim jam. Jim jam. Jim jam. Jim Jam.