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Thank you very much. It's been a clap for sync. Thanks. My guest at this time is a man who is about to win Money in the Bank tomorrow night. La Knight, how are you, sir?


Wow, look at this. He's boasting for me. I don't even need to be here. Go on.


Well, it's not a question of when. No, it is a question of when. It's not a question of if. It is or isn't it? No, I know. Well, I think it's a question of when you win money in the Bank. What are your plans next? Are you going to cash it in on Seth? Roman, what are you going to do?


You know what? We'll see. Because at this point, when you're carrying a case like that, it's all about opportunity. What's in front of me right now at this moment? I can plan anything I want, but you got to strike when the iron's hot, right?


I talked to Twitter earlier to ask, What do you want to ask LA Knight? You talked to Twitter? I did talk to Twitter.


The nebulous. The all mighty Twitter.


I literally walked through the door and I said, Twitter, what would you ask LA Knight? And one of the questions that came back was, What's the best thing about being LA Knight?


Well, he probably also told you not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. But the deal is, what's it like to be LA Knight?


No, no, no. What's the best thing about.


Being LA? What's the best thing about being LA Knight? Hell, I don't even know how to answer that question. Best thing about being an LA Knight is everywhere you go all around the world. I walk into an arena, that music hits, people jump out of their seat. Now, whether they cheer or they boo me, man, it is a hell of a time after that.


It's been quite a year for you. One year ago, you were Max Dupree, now you're LA Knight. How's I think it happened. But how's the year been for you?


How's the year been? It's been an interesting one, that's for sure. There's been some ups and downs, some roller coasters. But at this point, it's just me doing me. And I've been having a hell of a time for the last five, six months.


So my final question, once again, I went through the doors to Twitter to ask this one. And the question they came back with is... The all.


Seeing, all knowing, omnipotent Twitter.


Which was, you're going to step into the ring with social media megastar Logan Paul, but what's it going to be like for Logan Paul to step into the ring with an actual megastar in LA Night?


Well, he got to find out at Monday Night Raw a couple of weeks ago when I already made him go viral then. So at this point now, tomorrow, we got a chance to do the same thing and he'll find out.


Wonderful. Thank you so much, man.


One of my favourite stories was we were doing an interview and I don't want to sound like I know it all but I don't think Elton was aware of what the clap did. So the camera man at the time said, Can you just give us a clap? And then the presenter was going for the clap and then and then Elsa at the same time was going like...


Oh, my God. It's a version of the story. And I'm.


Ruining it. And you saw the camera guy three times and be like, Can I just get one myself? And then he was like...


Okay, so Rashem on style. What actually happened?


No, actually, I will agree that I didn't really know why he was laughing. I will agree. But I didn't just clap crazily. When I noticed then when he was about to clap, I tried to sync it at the same time. So as he went, I tried to now he remembers the real story. He's got his fabricated version for the stories. I just tried to as he went, I tried to get it at the same time, but I didn't. And then that definitely irritated him a little bit, which is fair now understanding what it does.


Well, my guests at this time to kick off this interview is perhaps soon to be the next WorldW e Tag Team Champions. P retty deadly, perhaps. Well, I mean, I don't know. I can't pick you up. I would leave that to you.


To pick yourself. Let's take the perhaps. Let's throw it in the bowl, let's mix it up. Throw yourself in there. Yeah.




Me in there.


Let's get it out. That perhaps changes into a definite. Tonight is the night.




Do you want to reveal any strategies that you might have going in?


I don't mind giving a few away if you want one, you can do.


No. Okay. That's fair.


It's too big. Too high stakes. Too high stakes.


No, I've got a tactic. I'm going to go, I and you are going to go to the ring and we're going to let that English crowd, we're going to let that energy fill us.


It's going to bubble up. And that's a tactic.




A tactic in itself. That's what you're getting though. That's what you're getting.


And a little bit behind the scenes thing. Just before you came to do our interview, sorry that we had to pull you back in to do more chatting. But you were having a little photo with Bayly, and she seemed so desperate to have her photo taken with you guys. So I mean, I guess makes sense.




Didn't call her desperate.


You saw what you saw.


I saw what I saw. I say it like I said. So how has it been like acclimatising to the main roster, being welcomed in to Friday Night Snackdown?


I think that the legend. The thing about Nxt is obviously, we're around the performance set and so often, and I think often a lot of the main roster guys will come pop in, pop down, and we were very much lucky enough to meet Bayley there. We sat down with her a few times. We chatted a few times, picking her brain. A former tag team champion, which is our area, but also let's not forget a former women's champion. She's done it all in this business. A former Money in the Bank winner. And through that we've come close. I want the photo just as.


Desperately as maybe she did. Yeah, I was desperate too, just to cover it. I was desperate too. It's an interesting choice of words. But it's very exciting when someone of her success is it? Caliber. Caliber is great.


Calibre is.


A great word. Calibre is a really good word. Wants a photo of a pretty deadly. It's interesting, isn't it? It's very interesting how things work out.


Well, I've been admiring your style as you've been walking around. And I am trying to dress much smarter. I'm a man of a certain vintage, and so I'm trying to dress like a bit more appropriately, a bit more of my age. Can you rate my fit out of 10?


You remind me of this makes no sense to no one. But you remind me of my cousin, Gavin.


Oh, cool. He sounds like a great guy.


Do you know what he is actually, genuinely? We like Gavin. Gavin Stoker. Shout out.




Say out of some of the things we've seen here today, not too bad. Top 10. Yeah, I'd.


Go top 10.


I'll take top 10.


Someone earlier, I don't want to give too many details away, but they were wearing sliders, which is fine. But just buy some that don't mean that your toes are curling over. I don't want the curl. I don't want the to go wrong. It's like the sports sliders were too small for their feet. They must have been. Well, they were wearing them weird.


Things are weird.


Give me your hand so I can use your hand. This one.


Right. So say this is the shoe and this is the floor. The toes were coming, almost touching the floor. The toes were on the floor. And I know I spent a lot of time on toes there, but I just think it's important that people know what to.


Look at. Do you know what? Sometimes if you talk about toes, you get more clicks. We're always looking for those new audiences. Thank you very much for that. Before I let you go, two questions that came in from the old Twitter sphere that I do have to ask you. I took to Twitter and was like, What would you like to ask pretty deadly? Question number one was Oasis or Blur?




Bang straight in. Easy call.


I was a big big Oasis guy, but I have recently... My Blur love has grown over the years and I'm a big guerrilla guy as well as of the past few years as well. So it is Oasis, but it's closer than that once was.


And last question from the Twitter sphere is, Would you rather have a horse sized dog or a dog sized horse?


Oh, no, I think for sure horse.


Sized dog. Yeah, I think horse sized dog. I think so because my.


Sister's got a horse They are massive, though.


They are big, but horses are a bit dull, I think. My sister's got horses and it's just like, they don't really do much. You know what I mean? So whether it's big or small, what's the point? Kind of thing. So I think I'd like a big... And don't get me wrong, it'd be tough to fit him in the house and stuff.


That'd be the big problem. Although at least we got a headline out of this, which is horses are well dull, though.


Aren't they? Yeah. Well, you know what? Everybody has it.


I'm a linguist. A cunning one, perhaps. Last question from me is you're back in the UK. So we love our British snacks here. Obviously, you don't get some of them over in the US, but we got a bit of an office debate. Would you prefer either a Cadbury Double Decker or a Yorkie?


Well, let me go though. Before you go, though, I'll say, to help us decide, did you bring us one?


What's in the pocket?


Pull it out. That's my microphone. Well, that's my wallet.


I'll take it.


I'll take the wallet. Okay, fair enough.


No, I like a solid Yorkie. Yorkie for me. I actually.


Want to get one of these. Rich wallet. Is that what it's called? Yeah.


The rich Holland Wallet. You had it here first.


Wow. Thank you. Thank you.


Very much. A Yorkie for me.


Yeah, a Yorkie. Well, this is what you come to us so for heart hitting journalism like that. Good luck tonight. We'll be rooting for you. Of course, we are. Tonight is the night. Thank you so much.


That was.


A lovely episode, guys. Thank you so much. And my guest at this time, Sallina Faker. How are you today? I'm great. How are you? I'm doing very well. Thank you so much. No one ever asked me how I am. So yeah, no one ever said, Thank you so much for asking me. It's very you. How are you enjoying your time in London so far?


Good. I just got here yesterday, but I got to see a good friend of mine yesterday, Elam, and I haven't seen him and his girl in a while. So it's cool. I got to catch up with them.


I was reading earlier, actually, that apparently you became very good friends with AJ Lee after fighting with my family. Would you like to see AJ back at some point?


I would love to see AJ back. I would love to have that Spiderman moment of like, Oh, oh. But it's funny to have somebody else in the Northeast to be able to say, Wow, she made it. She was the blueprint for a while. She was that girl. So it's cool to number one, to even have that opportunity to play her in the movie. So it's, my gosh, I probably listen to her voice for so many hours and hours to make sure I get the pitch and everything right. When I told Punk that he was just like, You probably listen to her more than I have. That's interesting.


You've recently gone so much into the baby face role now. How has that been for you? Are you enjoying it?


I'm enjoying it, yes, but I was so not expecting it because I am so far from a natural good guy that it's just crazy. Different for me.


You seem so likable. Surely you're a great baby face.


I don't know. I don't like humans. I like cats. I think that's what makes it cool is there's a bunch of other people who don't like humans either, and they like cats. So we just jump into that.


How was Puerto Rico? This must have been an incredible experience. I know you must be asked this a lot, but I want like, surely it's a great time to relive, right?


It really is. And I love it. Anytime it gets brought up, I get really happy about it because it's such a cherished moment. That was my wrestle mania. That was it.


One final question before you head off. Have you been watching any Money in the Bank to prepare yourself? Do you have have a favorite Money in the bank match?


I don't have a favorite, but I have little people that... Certain things I watch from certain people. I've been watching a lot of Jeff Harding stuff because I'm like, If you're going to do it, you got to overdo it. So we're going to delve into the craziness. You think crazy, you think him. You think like, very mysterious and just being able to have that wow moment. That's what I'm looking forward to.


Thank you so much for joining us today. I really appreciate it. Thank you. We're joined today by Sant'Alesse. Goodbye. How are you today, Sam?


I'm great. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this one on one with you and my double universe.


Well, speaking of which, you are a sharply dressed man today. An incredible, incredibly sharply dressed man. What do you guys think? So much so, in fact, actually, as you were coming around, Editor Adam, our camera up here said, Have you seen his shoes? Do you want to talk us through this incredible shoe set up you've got here?


I love them. These are Versace, by the way.


Are they? How do they compare to mine?


Well, it's not what you're wearing, it's.




You're wearing. Oh, okay.


That's something my mom told me when I was a little kid, and I wanted these specific shoes that I couldn't get. So I had these other shoes and she told me, Son, the sooner you learn this, the better. It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it. And ever since that, it's how I wear things.


So can you apply that to money in the bank? It's not how you hold the briefcase, it's what you're going to do with it?


Precisely. I love the logical metaphor that you created there because I was just saying before that London is the city I love. It's the city that begs to be walked. I haven't had time to do it. But tomorrow night and then through the night, you will see a man walking through London with a briefcase. He's going to be a sharp, well dressed man. That'll be me.


Not LA Nine?


Of course not. The man's got no style. Come on. I know it's not not what you were, but how you were, but that man, he just don't get me going.


To be honest, this is my last time. I got my one question for you now.


Don't jump on that train. Okay.


It's my last question for you now. I am a man of a certain vintage. I'm trying to dress more of my own style and trying to dress like I'm a father now. I'm trying to dress more appropriately. I'm trying to dress like I'm 14 years old. Am I wearing this correctly? Is this how I'm wearing it?


I will tell you this, you are unique. You are unique. And what I'm saying, what I'm going with this is sometimes you want to dress like so or so. Because everyone tells us, Hey, don't dress like a 14 year old. I would say keep doing what you do and be proud of what you do. And guess what? If you do that, you will be LWL because that's what we do. We're proud of who we are and we're proud of what we represent.


Do you hear that, mum? It's okay for me to dress like a 14 year old. Respectfully, of course. Respectfully, of course. I love you, mum. Thank you so much for joining us today. Pleasure to have you. I am now with one of the scariest people I've ever stood next to in Shane & Basel. Shane, how are you today in London?


I'm doing all right. I got full of caffeine, so I'm doing okay for now.


What's your coffee of choice?


This is a Moca, but honestly, I'm more of a cold coffee drinker. Most of the time I like just a cold brew ice black. But this is, I don't know, there's a fancy machine. I just push the button that looks familiar.


I'm genuinely too terrified to try cold brew. I've been recommended it enough, but I'm too scared to try it.


It's usually pretty strong.


Well, speaking of strong, how are you feeling being tagging with Ronda? Obviously, you've done a lot of tagging in your time in Wwe. You've won the tag totals before, but now how is that different doing it with Ronda?


I think it's just a lot. Ronda and I have been friends for a decade. So I think just the chemistry we have, we can have conversations without talking. You know what I mean? We're those type of friends. So I think as far as being on the same page, and I think you see it in Ronda's ring work as well, she's a lot more comfortable in there now that we've partnered. And I think it's just the ease of how we've gelled together.


Because you've done singles, you won singles titles, you won titles. Do you prefer singles or tag wrestling?


It's just too different. It's apples and oranges. You know what I mean? I like apples, I like oranges. It just depends.


We got pretty close to doing the horsewomen horsewomen match of the Wwe 1, the UFC 1. How close were we actually to making that a reality?


Well, here's the thing. We, for 10 years, have been an actual team, actual friends, an actual stable. Those other four, they aren't even friends. They don't even like each other. So you tell me where the problem was.


Would you like to do... You and Ron are going to tag titles, probably going to still keep those tag titles, right? And would you like to do something with Bayley, Charlotte?


If people want to challenge us, we said we want to defend these titles every week, all the time, every brand. So whoever that happens to be, everybody has limbs to tear off. That's just details to me. But yeah, we wouldn't turn anything down.


Before I let you go, I do have to ask you about Warhammer. And specifically, have you played Bolt Gun?


I have played Bolt Gun. I streamed it. It's awesome. Download it. It's great. It's retro. It's great. It's awesome.


That's my speed of Warhammer because I was a 90s 40K player, but I haven't played in so long. If I was trying to get back into it now, what would be your recommendation for me to try and pick back up? Since I haven't played it for 20 plus years.


10th Edition just released. So I would say if you're wanting to get back in, grab the Leviathan box set, start learning. It's all good. It just released, so you're not.


Missing a lot. Either that or I'm going to stick to Blood Bowl.


Oh, yeah, that's good too.


Shane, thank you so much for joining us today. It's been an absolute pleasure. Thank you. My guest at this time is one half of my favorite WWE match of all time and probably the interview I'm most nervous about today. Bayly, thank you so much for.


Joining me. Thank you. What match was that?




That's what I thought.


It has to be Brooklyn, right? It's the greatest match ever.


She's the best.


Have you spoken to her recently?


Yeah, just today. Well, yesterday I guess. I don't know what time it is back there, but I just want to say hi. Thank you for cheering for me, and we'll celebrate when I get home.


Speaking of cheering, the UK fans adopted you. They made you one of our own. I like to think so. Yeah, I think so. I think our Hey Bayly chance that we used to do for you in the Nxt shows. I feel like you are one of our own. So how are the UK reactions for you?


Honestly, this goes back to 2015, right? I felt so loved that ve never... That's what I fell in love with wrestling for, was that energy and the fan interaction and the fact that we just give to each other, the performers, the fans, you just give to each other. And that was a crazy feeling. And the fact that it still carries on eight years later or whatever. They try to adopt that in the states, and it just isn't the same. I feel appreciated. I appreciate that, guys. Thank you. But let's keep it to a minimum and I'm trying to focus. Do you guys want me to win or not.


Are we putting you off?


Just sometimes. I mean, it's beautiful.


It's beautiful. But you heard that, don't we? We need Bayley to win tomorrow, so knock it off.


It's been nearly a full year of damage control. How does this rank amongst your other years within Wwe and in Nxt?


It has been different. It has been long. Our schedules have been crazy. We've been on everything. It's a lot of work, but it's very rewarding. The fact that I hate that Dakota's hurt, but she knows we love her. She knows we're dedicating this win at Money in the Bank to her. I love that EO's in this match, though, and that they are two time Women's Tag Team Champions. They performed that wrestle mania. That's what I want. And there's just more to come with damage control.


Just one last thing before I let you go. There's a word I caught in there, which is we're dedicating this win. It's in you and EO. But both of you can't win, right?


Well, if EO wins, I win. If I.


Win, EO wins. Is that how it works? Is that the agreement you have?


Yeah. You remember Lake Cool?


Oh, yeah. It worked so well for them as well.


We're like that but better.


Thank you so much for your time today. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.


Can, I can, I can, I can, I can.