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It is time for a Money in the Bank 2023 predictions. I am Luke Owen, DAD, and I'm joined by the Jam That Champion, Choper Pete Quesnel, and the man who is holding the Jam That Championship tempest. Now, as it was announced on the Forbidden Door review, Ressel Talk Management has decreed that it will be Choper Pete Quesnel defending the Jam That Championship against Tempest at Money in the Bank, a live Money in the Bank party that we're going to be at the Long arm Pub & Brewery in Shoreditch. But Tempest has been holding on to this belt for.


You, right? It's been totally fine. I really appreciate you taking the time to defend the belt on my behalf at Night of Champions. It was really great that you held on to it. Now you can give it back.


You got to win this thing, Pete.


What do you mean? I'm the champ. Why would I have to win my own belt?


He's the champion, bud.


No, I beat Dan Leighton for this belt.


No, you won it on my behalf. I bestowed it to you to defend for me. The whole time you were saying, This is for Pete. And everyone in the watch party was like, Pete, Pete, Pete. It was all about me that night.


I have no memory of this. Well, it's not giving it back.


It's mine.




Now sounds like we are in L IW Civil War.


Bum, bum, bum.


They're Brandon, right? L IW is fine.


Lw is always fine. But seriously, I want that belt back.


We need to get your predictions in for the Jam That Championship. I suppose we're going to crown the undisputed Jam That Champion with our one belt.


We're just going to crown the Jam That Champion because I'm.


The champion. Well, he's claiming to be the champion. And he's wrong. So we're now going to have to crown who the undisputed Champion is because otherwise it's disputed and we need to un that. T hat's what's going to happen this weekend. But the reason why I'm here is to also announce the final two entrants of this year's Jam In The Jar, the third annual Jam in the Jar. Hoping to make it a three pet for me this year. And those final two entrants are Adam Blampied and Sock Puppet Sullivan, who I believe is also trying to make it a three pet. Oh, no, this is his second Jam in the J ar entry, I believe. But we are going to be bestowing who they're represented by. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. There's only six names there and there are seven people in the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match. So I spoke with the rest of talk management, and what has been decided is that the loser of the Jam That Championship gets Logan Paul. So if Tempest wins the Jam That Championship and Logan Paul wins Money in the Bank, that means that Pete will get Jam in the Jar.


If Pete wins the Championship and Logan Paul wins Money in the Bank, Tempest will get the Jam in the jar. I suppose I could have added a seventh name to this, but then I would have messed up the women's match. So we were screwed either way. Thanks, W. W. E. Thanks, Logan Paul. Thanks, P rime.


So is it whatever match goes on second?


It's whatever match goes on second. So if the women actually go on second, which I don't think they will. They never have. They never have. And I don't think.


They will this year. They could open with the men's ladder match this year, though. Totally possible.


Could do. I don't see them doing that. But whichever ladder match goes on second, that is the official Jam in the Jile ladder match. Actually, if the women go on second, all of this is for nothing anyway, and it's totally fine. So we'll get onto that as we get into it. Let's crack on, shall we? Kicking things off with a singles match for the Intercontinental Championship, Guntur defends the title against Matt Riddell. Now I'm going to come to the official champion for your pick first, please.


Thank you very much, Luke. So I think this is one of the easier ones to produce predict on this show, of course, because we've still got a few more months to go before the lovely Walter will break the Intercontinental Championship longest reigning record. I don't think Riddell is going to be the one to break that streak of his, I suppose. I think this is one of the easier ones to predict on the show. I'm going to go with Gunther.


Pete? Well, that's everything that I wanted to say. So you stole my entry as well as my belt, it seems. Also, Gunther, for exactly the same reasons.




No, you.


Well, to break the tension. Well, it is now time to crown our first Gem in the Jar entrance. I was going to try and find a random number generator. Number? And a number one as well, but they're actually harder to find. So I was trying to find a number generator and that wasn't coming through. So then I search for number generator and that was searching for number generator, but that was a bit of a proving difficult as well. So as the three Pete... Looking for the three Pete. Oh, my gosh. The brewed dog box makes its return, everyone. From worst match ever, the brewed dog box is back.


Staple of the Russell Talk podcast channel.


Who's this one for? This is for me. For you? This is my entrant in Jam in the Jar. Should we do them in the order that we announced them in, actually? Yeah, you should. Yeah, we should do them that.


So it's either Sullivan or Olly that were first, right? Yeah.


Well, he is the head of this channel, so we'll do Sullivan's first. Cool. He runs this company and he has.






Priest. That is not.


A bad pick. That's a good pick. That's a good pick for Sullivan. If the men's match goes on second, Sullivan has Damion Priest. And because we only have one brewed dog box, it's the I heart Tucker mug from the Monday Night War set for the ladies.


We've just got stuff that we're getting in.


I love it. And he has got for his women's, Beccy Lynch.


Wow. Those are two good entrants.


Strong there for Sullivan & Bow Brown. Very good. So Sullivan there, that's his two options for Money in the Bank this year. Up next for the undisputed Women's Tag Team Championships. It's Ronda Rousey and Shane McBasley are defending against the Women That Never Lost the Belt. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. Peter, I actually do want you to go first this time, so please take it away. Yeah.


So I think that it would be weird for Ronda and Shane McBasley to lose the belt so soon after winning them. I think Ronda's quest to try and make it like an elevated division, I think they are going to get a bit more time than we would normally expect for a match like this. They're probably going to have a pretty good match, but I do think the champs are going to retain. I think there might even be some shenanigans with Liv and Raquel, maybe a bit of dissension. I don't know. But for whatever reason, I think Ronda and Shane are going to retain.


Tempest? Raqel's got that tag team amnesia thing going on where she probably will forget about Liv Morgan and bring Shotsy to the ring. I think this one...


Ask him where's your tank at?


I don't know. That tank exists half of the time. I don't know if it is as much of a foregone conclusion that Ronda and Shane are going to retain this match because it's the women's tag titles and anything is possible. A Leow on this Bell. So true. They could make any decision on any given day and it will make just as much sense. So that being said, I do think I am going to go with a retention here, but think that this is much more up in the air than just, oh, yeah, Rana and Shane are new champs. That probably means they're going to retain. I think it's just going to play out that way, not specifically for any particular reason.




Yeah. Right. Well, let's get our next jam in the JAR entrance. This will be representing Oliver Davis, and he has got LA Night. Yeah. That is Olly Davis' representative. That's a big one. That's a big one. A big one right there, which means a bunch of losers left for me.


And in the.


Women's match. You won last year with Liv Morgan.


I sure did. And he is representing the women's match by Trish Stratus.


Also not terrible. I don't.


Think she's winning. I don't think she's winning either, but that's a fun one. So that is LA Knight's taken and Trish Stratus taken in this year's Gem in the Jarr. Back to the predictions warfare for the World Heavyweight Championship. Seth freaking Rollins defends his belt against Fin Balor.


Tempest. See, I, again, don't think that Seth Rollins is going to lose this belt because at this point, I think this is a much more like, Oh, he just won the belt, therefore, he's probably lined up for a long reign with it. I think maybe if Fin Balor had had that moment of his a few weeks ago, and who knows what that could have led to, if that maybe kicked off a swell of fan support or something, maybe it would have heightened his chances. But that being said, like, Wwe is apparently very high on judgment day and everything they've been doing lately. So, hey, when those reports come out, usually if there's smoke, there's fire. I don't necessarily think this is going to be Fin Balor's night, but ask me again on a few pay per views, and maybe he's the next guy to be World heavyweight Champion for this one. Probably Seth Rollins, though. That's your official pick, S eth? I'm going with Seth.




I'm also going with Seth. I don't see him dropping it this early. I think that there is a chance, there is a non 0 % chance that Fin Bala wins the belt here. I just don't think today's the day. I think that there's been enough stuff with the judgment day that they can move forward with it in a meaningful direction, even if Bala does lose. I think there was stuff with J. D. Mcdonough for a little bit. There's stuff with the other programs that they have going on right now, but judgment day aren't going to be completely irrelevant if Bala loses. So I think they can lose and still be a dominant force. So I think set's going to retain.


Cool. Right, well, let's see our next entrant here. This will be my entrant into this year's gem in the jar, and I have got Butch.


Hey, he's English.


Yeah. What a.


Moment, Luke. Don't fancy my chances this year. What a moment, Luke. Butch is my pick. Come on, Pete. Done. Not you. We could do this, bud. Me and you.


What happens when he comes out as Pete Dunham at the show? He's still not winning. You got to put a stamp on that moment.


Have him win. And in the women's, also a single name, Bayley. I got double Bs. I got Butch and Bayley. I got Butch and Bayley. Ayley, for my entrance, I do not fancy my chances this year. The three Pete is looking less and less likely.


I think it could be worse.


Oh, yeah. I mean, I got to have Sandra Escobar and Angelina Vegas. Yeah.


I mean, maybe Bayley and EO Sherai have some title thing going on heading into Summer Slam, where one's money in the bank, the other is challenging Oscar.


Who knows? I think the women's one is more up in the air. I think the only reason I do not fancy my chances much this year is because I don't think the women are going on second. But fingers crossed, maybe they will. Back to you guys in a singles match, it is Cody Roede versus Dominic Mysterio. I think this will be quite an interesting one. Obviously, my opinion on this doesn't really matter too much. But is there a chance that this is not as a foregone conclusion as some might have thought? Pete, I will come to you first.


Why, though? Because I don't know on this one. Because the obvious answer is Cody's obviously going to win because it's Dominic Mysterio. But there's a chance. Think of the heat. But think of the heat if Dominic Mysterio beats Cody Roads via, of course, shenanigans.


Brock Lesner.


What do you mean? Dom Laird's just going to beat him. He's just.


Going to beat him. He's just going to beat him.


He's just going to.


Beat him. He's a better man. If Dom just wins clean, there's every chance that shenanigans can happen and that Dom wins. There's judgment day, there's Brock Lesner. Cody has so much adversity right now, but it is also Cody Roads. I'm going with Cody.


Pete picks Cody. Tempest?


I want to have some fun on this show. I don't going to go with Dominic. We got to have some.


Differing answers here. Tempest picks Dominic. I honestly, that's who I'm going to be picking in wrestle League. Please do sign up for wrestle League as well and compete against us. If you think we're morons and are bad at predicting, why don't you show us as much in the prediction to go to wrestle League that's available in the link in the video description down below and in the podcast description as well. But I'm picking Dominique Mysterio when it comes to wrestle League. I really do think there's a good chance he's winning here. There is.


I think there is a good chance.


Just think of the heat. Think of the heat he's going to have in London to punctuate that with a win. I think it can happen.


Is he going to have heat or is he going to be ironically cheered?


Why not both?


Why not both?


That's what I'm so curious about. His is the reaction I'm most interested by. I need to do my next gem in the Jaren tree, which means this is the Professor Dan Leighton's entry. I picked up one. There's three left, Obs. He has got Santos Escobar representing him in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match.


Don't fancy his chances, TBH.


A dark horse, that one.


And in the women's, he has got EO Sky.


Now, that one has a much higher chance of winning, I think.


Yeah. I think that's a good shout there for Mr. Leighton. Eo Sky is a very good representative there. Up next for you two, I think we're now going to get into the big hitters here. The three big matches on this card.


Don't want to.


We'll save the latter matches for last, which means the Bloodline Civil War tag team match of the Bloodline of Roman Reigns and Solosic, versus the Usos of J and Jimmy Uso. Pete, you went first and last time, so Tempest. Who you got?


I think this is probably your main event of the show because Roman doesn't do anything but go on last. With that being said, that always makes me feel like something huge could happen in these bloodline matches, even if it is a tag match rather than a Roman Reigns title defense or something. Maybe if the plan ends up being to do Roman and J at Summer Slam, is this the time that we see Roman get pinned for the first time since 2019? Does J Uso pin Roman Reigns to a ruptuous ovation from London? I think he might. I don't know if it's going to specifically be Roman getting pinned, but I think the Usos are going to win this one. Again, with the Usos. I'm going with the Usos. I'm not confident in it, but I'm going to go with the Usos to win.




I think this is the hardest match to predict on the card because I can... Harder than the ladders? Yeah, I think so. I think you can make educated guesses for the ladder matches. This, I think, is so close to a complete 50-50 because I think, regardless, if they are going to do J versus Roman, say at SummerSlam, I think you can quite equally do the Usos winning here by either pinning Solow or Roman, both work. You can also equally have Roman and Solow in by pinning Jimmy, and you still maintain that thing with J to then go on like that. You can have post match like Jimmy's brutalized by Roman and Solowin after the match, and J is furious about it and has to go off the rim and off that by himself. There's avenues ith either team winning to get to the same destination. I just don't know what way they're going to go. I really strongly think the Usos have a very good chance of winning this, but I am going to go with Roman Reigns and Solowin. T's a camera.


The bloodline. Okay, it is tense, you guys, which means representing Adam Blampied in this year's Jam in the Jar. On the men's side of things, we'll have Rick O'Shea. Do a flip. Rick O'Shea is representing Adam Blampied.


I think he's there to do flips, not win.


That's exactly he is the Shelton Benjamin of this ladder match. And on the women's side of things, he's going to be represented by Salline Vegar. I don't think Adam's winning.


This year. You never know.


I wouldn't have predicted Nikki ASH to win that one time. I don't know. I wasn't watching raw at the time.


You know what? Zalina could win. I just.


Don't think think she is. No, I don't think.


She is. But Pete, everyone keeps underestimating her. True. That's her character, full stop.


Let's do the women's first then, because we're on that subject. For the money in the bank contract briefcase is Lina Vegas versus Becker Lynch versus Zoë Stark versus Bayly versus EOS Guy versus Trish Stratus. Pete, coming to you first.


I think that it is unlikely that Trish Beck or Zoë Stark win. I think they're all too involved in their own shenanigans. I think that Beck has a good chance. They've been hyping up Beck a lot to win the money in.


The bank briefcase. She had the tease.


With Ria Ripley.


On Imagine what would she be like with that Briefcase. But she did touch the briefcase on Raw this week, so... I mean, she can't win.


Internet law decrees. That's how it works. So I think those three will cancel each other out. I'm going with EO Sky for this one. I think there's going to be damage control shenanigans, maybe a breakup, maybe Bayley will try and cost her, whatever. But EO will come out on top of win the briefcase.


This also might be one of the first times in a few years where they're not going to cash in on the same night that they win it. They might. Because there's no women's championship match.


And? Not yet. I will say I think there is a strong possibility of the women's title match that is on smackdown going awry and then running it back immediately after. Oh, you think?


Because Ria is on Raw next week. Ria and Nasty next week.


Yeah. I think Oscar and Charlotte on smackdown could have a schmazz finish and have them run it back at the pay per view with B. O. O. T as a triple threat match.




That's actually quite a good call.


It's a pretty good call. In which case that blows my things out of the water. On that note, actually, do you think Asuka retains or do you think Flair is winning that belt back or her new belt?


I don't know why I'm betting against Charlotte Flair, but I think Asuka is going to retain.


Because I'm picking EO Sky in wrestle League, and that is my Askew retention because I think you're doing Askew Rio into the Summer.


I think, regarding this match and smackdown and everything, I think if I were to pick in wrestle League, I would probably also choose EO Sky. For the sake of this, I think I'm going to go with Becker Lynch because she's she is another one of Wwe's four horse women biggest stars ever in the women's division. And this is an accolade that she has not had yet. Yeah, there it is. I think they will very much like to pad the Miss Money in the Bank list of winners with a certifiable.


Top star. And it's in the UK.


And it's in the UK. And we don't really have people here. She's not from. Yeah. Becker Lynch is going to win Money in the Bank in in her hometown of London. I think Becchi Lynch is going to be my pick here. I think EO Sky very easily could win this match. I think in regards to the smackdown title match, I think that Oscar retains, but probably through some disqualification.


On smackdown to do the triple thread of the.


Pay per view.


Well, we'll certainly see. Let's bring this to our final. Jamey and the Jaren twin. There's only one name left for both. T hat means that Puppet Sullivan is represented by Shinsuke Nakaimora.


Also not the highest on the betting odds there.


And in the women, he's represented more actually, sorry. Okay, so this was a potential seventh option I was going to have. He's being represented by... I've written Tony Stark at Zoey Stark, but I was going to do this thing where I was like, because I was going to have seven entrants, that the seventh person in the women's match will be represented by Tony Stark in the unlikely event that Tony Stark wins. So Zoey Stark is written down on a different piece of paper that I've apparently screwed up. It's over there in that pile of paper. Just a clarification, he's represented by Zoe Stark, but on this piece of paper it does say Tony Stark. So make sure the graphic is.


Right there. We are professionals.


Iron man is my favourite women's.


Right now. Hey, look, James Ellsworth has won it. So it could be. There's no denying that it could be Tony Stark. Which brings us to our final prediction before this episode. It is the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match as Rikosha takes on Shinsuke Nakaimura versus LA Knight versus Santos Escobar versus Butch versus Damion Preeze versus Logan Paul for the briefcase. Pete, you went first for the women's, which means Tempest, I'm coming to you next.


This is tricky.


I think this is a tricky one of the women's. I'm pretty set on EOS Guy winning the women's. The men's, I've got three potential names.


I agree. As do I. I think that makes these money in the bank matches so much more exciting.




I'm so pumped for just the fact that I don't know who's going to win and would be pretty much equally as happy with each of the three potential options. Maybe not quite equal. I'd like to see LA Knight get something going on. But if Damion P rist won this match as well, I'd be pretty satisfied with that. I seem to be a Logan Paul apologist when I'm sat next to Pete, at least. I remember last year when you blew a gasket about him facing Roman Reigns. Because it was stupid. Yes, but it's going to be great. And you know what? It was. I think it's real, wweified booking, but I think Logan Paul is going to win Money in the Bank.


If Logan Paul wins Money in the Bank, I think there's a real good chance this does open the show. And that's how you kick the night off with Logan Paul winning Money in the Bank. And then you do the Women's One Second. So you can give them the fan favourite, say, an EOS or Beckham Hodge winning. I think if the men's match opens, there's a real strong chance that Logan Paul wins. It's is Logan Paul your.


Official pick? Logan Paul is my guess.


And then at the end of the night with Roman Reigns in the main event, Logan Paul cashes in to become your new undisputed champion.


Or he cashes in on Rollins. So Logan Paul wins at the start of the night, cashes in on Rollins.


It's actually feasible. It's actually genuinely feasible.


It's a strong pass that they could be. Pete, our final prediction for the day before we get into our joker picks, you said you had two other names. Who were your two.


Other names? My three that I think are the most likely are LA Knight, Damion Priest, and Logan Paul.


Same disease?


I think those are the three most likely. In order, Damion Priest is third on the probability scale, I'd say. And I'm really uncertain between LA Knight and Logan Paul. I don't know out of the two of them who's the most likely to win here. Both of them have a very solid chance of doing it. For the sake of fun and for the sake of my heart, LA Knight is who I'm going to predict.


In wrestle League, I'm going priest.




Reasons. Number one, because Balor is not going to win the World heavyweight Championship. I think that's going to sow further descent in the judgment day for this split. Number two, he's been eating so many L's as of late. And that is typical Wwe booking. You beat them like a drum and then it's like, well, they've got the briefcase now, so none of that matters. And it's a big old reset point. And it was when he took the loss on this Monday's roar to Cody Rose, I was like, oh, I think he might win money in the bank.


What a stupid way of thing. Yeah, isn't it silly? Isn't it silly? I also like that both your predictions are going to ruin internet law for both the women's and the men's because Becker touched briefcase and so did Logan Paul.


Good. Internet law is not real.


So they here you go. That is the predictions. It's now time for the joker picks. Pete, as the actual Jam That Champion, I do want to make that abundantly clear. The actual Jam That Champion. Pete, you get to pick first for your joker.


Here's a question because I don't know if we've actually clarified this, but maybe we have. The briefcases count. The briefcases count as championship matches. They are worth two points each. Yeah.


So in our wrestle League and in the championship world that we live in, championship matches are worth two points. Your joker doubles those points. So if, for example, you picked Seth Rollins, that would be two points. If that's your joker, that would get you four points. However, if Fin Balor was to win that match, you would lose those four points. So it is a risk and reward. You could either double or lose a lot.


Pete, joke? I was just saying that more for posterity's sake, because I'm picking Gunther.


Fair. That's my joker. Gunther's gone weird.




I would have would like to have picked Gunther as the actual Jam That Champion.


You should have been Jam That Champion if you wanted to pick him.


But of the other options on this card, I think I'm going to go with Seth Rollins as my joker.


And that's a smart choice.


See, he does the joker laugh, so it's thematically.


Appropriate as well.


I'm going to be picking... You could dress up as joker for the wrestle.


He did do that.


There you go.


I'm going to be picking Seth in wrestle League. I'm either picking Seth or Gunther, but I think I'm more nailed onto Rollins than I am Gunther. It's always that chance that they could just like, We're nearly that record. Psych. But I'm going with Seth here. That wraps it up everyone. That is this year's Jam in the Jar. Contestants, that is this year's Jam in the Jar entrance and their picks and your Jam That Championship match. Liw Civil War has chopper Pete Quesenel defends the Jam That Championship against the man who is holding that belt for him in Tempest. We'll see you this coming Saturday for our Money in the Bank live reactions here on the wrestle Talk podcast channel live from the Long Arm Pub & Brewery in Shoreditch. Please do subscribe because you do not want to miss what will be an excellent night of fun reactions. We're going to have 150 other wrestling fans in the building with us and we will see you then. I've been Luke Owen, DAD. That has been your Jam That Champion Pete. That has been your Gallinger Tempest. Jam That Jam.


Can't let it down.