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After teasing us last week that they might break up the group, it looks like we're all back on the same page again.


Oh, thank goodness. I can't believe it.


Because also on this episode, they teased me they might break up Imperial.


I can't.


I'm not doing.


Both of them. The second they give me, if they tease Alpha Academy, I'm going to run away. Yeah.


I mean, I think they're as solid as it gets.


And I needed it. Yeah.


I think Alpha Academy are fine, but with the bloodline imploding and with Imperial falling apart at the seams. I don't need judgment day also falling apart here.


Just keep the memories alive.


Let me have the nice thing. And speaking of nice things, I'm Luke Owen, DAD, and I'm joined by an even nicer thing, which is the professor, the truth of Dan Leighton, Mr. Money in the Bank, Mr. Jam in the Jar, I should say, or should I.


Say, Senior? I don't think I could pull off Spanish. I'm more like, if anyone can tell us what the Scandinavian word, like, what's the Swedish for Mr. I don't know. If you tell us. I know that boy is like rug. I don't know rug. Hedge. I did a little bit of Swedish on Duolingo. Either way, jam in the Jar.


What would be the Mancunian way of saying Mr.


I exactly. So it's our kid gem in the jar here. Honestly, this Senor money in the bank thing can get in the bin.


Because Damion Priest is abundantly Puerto Rican. There's no question that this person is of Latin heritage, but Senor just feels a.


Little bit like... Here's my take on this whole thing. I didn't actually bring this up in my edited review because I was already going long. I'd spent loads of time basically talking about Ricochets failure to go viral. My hot take on this is that this is quite clearly a Vince Mcm an thing, and you can tell that it's a Vince Mcm an thing because everybody kept saying it, honestly. One person said, send your money in the bank. And I was like, oh, that's quite a cute little thing to say. And then in the next segment, two other people said it. And then there was a conversation between Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves about why we should call him this. And every single person kept saying, send your money in the bank, send your money in the bank. And it's like, oh, cool. This is a Vince thing then, which is just I have to say it 50 times in an episode. So you know that's his new name.


The irony of all of that is that Vince looks more like someone who would claim to be Signor in the 1950's television world.


According to the chat, Hair would be Swedish. Hair is certainly German.


Yeah. All these languages, the Swedish language is very It's quite Germanic in that way. I love the word Germanic. Yeah, it's a great word.


It's a great word anyway. Anyway, welcome to the Rest Talk podcast channel. This is our review of Monday Night Raw. Please, if this is your first time here, press the subscribe button, give us a little thumbs up as well, and leave a comment down below with what you thought of this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. You're watching live, get in your Ultra net to resttalk. Com support. We'll read out all of them above the five US dollar level.


Five US dollars.


Five US dollars. None of your Canadian lark around here, Regina. As we're going to be talking about this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, which was the Judgment Day Show.


Yeah, it really was, wasn't it? I like it for that. I always like a consistency. I like a running thread through the whole show. We always used to get that back in the attitude era, and I think that it does make it feel like more of a cohesive piece. It's television, A plot, B plot.


C plot. Absolutely. And this was a show that started with the fracture of the bloodline that we saw last week and Fin Bala coming out full of piss and vinegar to call out Damion Preeze. And the show ended with them working together to pick up the winner in their trios match and standing alongside each other. So the show is book ended as a narrative device and as a narrative plot that has progressed from where it was last week. And sometimes it's.


All or one from a wrestling show. Your basic stuff done well.


It's basic stuff done well. And they were pepper throughout the show. They were doing stuff with REA. They were letting you know about Sennair Money in the bank. They were letting you know about what Finns' wants and dreams are. I thought this was a really solid way to build and structure Raw. There's an argument each other to be made there was probably a little bit too much of Judgment Day, but I would counter that by being like, Well, what else is going on in Raw that would.


Take them out? I think the argument of there being too much Judgment Day was more the way that some of the backstage sequences, I was a little bit like, You again? You keep popping up? And a lot of them happened very close together in that first hour. So I was a little bit like, Goodness, all right, cool. That said, when you look at the show as a whole, it does make sense. And it is this thing of Judgment Day runs raw. Ria is the world champion. Fin is in the world title picture.


She was going around and letting them know, Hey, we're going to win the tag titles. Oh, just let you know, don't step.


Up to me. She was saying, Step out of the business. I think she's leaving. Please leave the tag. Oh, you mean the men's tag titles? I'm thinking the women's because there was a question about that last week. Olly wondered whether or not she would find a partner or just take them both on her own. But yeah, there was coming in for the tag titles. She was there in the women's tag picture to let Raqqel know to leave me alone thing. It did make sense when you look back as the show as a whole. I would like to put over actually, we'll go into the details in a second, so I don't want to jump the gun. But from the off, there were lots of tiny little details here that I really appreciated that sold the story. As Fin comes out, for instance, for the very beginning promo, we do open the show with the Judgment Day logo, the AI graphics, which are the only AI graphics I actually like. Is there another one I like? I like Ascas big mask.


I don't like the masks.


You don't.


Like the mask? At least they're not faces, I guess. The faces I can't do.


It's Becker's one that stresses me out. I can't deal with Becker's one. It's a bit Reece Aurora. It's a bit on the hinges what it is. Reece Repulsa, more like. Very good. Thank you. But we came out, we opened the show with that. Fin comes out to Fin's music, right? And then Ria comes out to the judgment day's music because they all have their own music, but there was something about that little touch where it's like, Fin is currently a man on his own outside of the judgment day group. Meanwhile, Ria is wearing a Signor Money in the Bank shirt, which is like, I'm taking this side in a subtle way. I'm not saying that they always do this, but if they're giving us these little touches of like, oh, that's interesting. I appreciate some attention to detail. Skill there because it could have just been that Damion was wearing that.


Yeah. Ria, she's playing Peacekeeper at the moment and was successful in doing that today. It felt like she was almost the master manipulator in this, which is like, she goaded Kevin and Samy because they knew they were going to jump set before the match. They could run down so that she can almost force them into working together. I think if you were to like, you could make an argument that that was her plan for this show. I don't know if that was the intent of the show, but looking back on it in hindsight, I wonder if that's why.


They did this. It's not always the way. But you know when the bloodline... Speaking of the way. Hey. It was not. Where are they? Wow, we'll get to that. There's a bloodline bit t... So the thing with where Jimmy pinned Roman, and it was the whole... Excuse me, my apologies.


All right, Michael, cold.


Where it was like, Jade was the first person to get a pin on Roman. And there's almost people being like, God, it's like no, that's just like a happy coincidence. I don't think that was the plan from day one in any way. Or the three years... I have my little thing about the idea of Roman losing the title of payback because it was three years hence or whatever, which is like, I don't think that was the plan when they set out for him to win the title. But it's a little detail where you're like, oh, we can use that to our advantage. This is one where I'm like, imagine down the line, they do do the we're going to remove you from Judgement Day, like we removed Edge thing and reassides with Damion, you'll be able to look back on this and point to she's wearing that T shirt. There's little details here and there that I appreciate.


Where's JD?


Well, where's JD?


It's a lot of raw call ups. Where's Odyssey Jones?


Don't worry about Odyssey Jones.


What happened to the way? I know you can make the argument, well, Indy's injured and Johnny Gargano.


Has been injured.


Well, reported, but actually, I've always shot down by five or six. He's been fine.


For weeks. I'm going to ask you to put a pin in the way because we will come back to that. We will come back to the way, yes. Because more important is the J D McDonnell thing where I'm interested in the idea that... I don't know. I almost feel like we were getting ahead of ourselves with the idea that J D might be the one to remove, and maybe we saw the steps a little bit too further down.


The line. I don't think it's fair to.


Point that out on me. They told us.


This is what I'm saying. The show was telling us that that is an important plot detail because Fin was watching him from the rafters like he was sting Balor.


And then they had one.


Conversation a little bit later. And they had a conversation about these very specific things ahead of Money in the Bank.


I just wonder if it's something that's coming rather than something that was.


Immediately coming. Absolutely. You can still have him feature on the show, which is more my point because I would compare it to Hangman Page in the Dark Order. They would do a lot of stuff with Hangman Page in the Dark Order, and then they would have no interactions on TV. I know they might have done stuff with BNL on TV for months on end. Then they would just do some stuff where we're like, They were friends, remember? It's like, Well, I haven't seen them on TV together for ages.


No, that's a.


Very good point. My point with J. D. Is that you could have J. D. Do it going out there and doing some matches. You could have put him into a little mini storyline before we tie him up into this storyline, as opposed to just keeping him off TV for five weeks.


It's funny because we do come back to that in another story later on in a different part in the B plot of the show. So I agree with you on that one. That's an interesting one. It is peculiar that he's not been around because it was set up.


It was set up and then it has just been dropped.


But I do think now we've got... But it's not.


Been dropped.


That's not fair. It's not been dropped yet. The Money in the Bank stuff has added an extra spice to this dissension, and it's in the back of my head. Do you know what I mean? Again, I'm not saying that this definitely was their intent, but the idea that I'm watching this stuff, seeing them, can they co exist? Towards the end of the show, they made peace. Back of my head's going, Jamey and Dylan said, don't stay friends.


But I think, again, that's us doing the legwork.


Right. But they... Yeah.


So Fin opened up this show to come out to talk about, he wants to have a chat with Senor Money in the Bank. And Ria and Dom come out to try and calm him down. And Ria wants to deal with this in the back. And Fin basically just ignores the conversation, walks away from it, and he walks to the back. And Ria used this and opportunity to have a promo on the set of Rollins and calling out set of Rollins for Dominic Mysterio. And set of Rollins comes out with a plate of buffalo wings.




They're in buffalo. Because he's going to beat up Dom tonight. People got really mad at Olly last week for saying that he is not a fan of this set.


Of Rollins character. Well, it's interesting because I've been a fan of this set of Rollins character and then somehow I'm getting bored of it again.


Do you know what was at a moment... Like, s poilers. They lose in the main events, set does. One of the last shots is set looking really sad.


Good. Well, it's just because it's getting reaction, and it clearly is. But how much of that is people enjoying being in the group together singing the song and how much of that is genuine love for the character? Do you know what I mean? Because not for nothing. It's good heat. It comes out and people are singing. People are at least getting a reaction. That's a good thing. I'm just wondering, is the laughing? It's the.


Laughing and acting like an arsehole while holding a plate of chicken wings?


I don't even mind that because I can imagine I can imagine Chris Gerico in the year 2000 doing a similar thing.


You got to be a special level. That's a very different thing.


I'm wondering why... I think it's just that the laugh feels so incongruous with the world champion baby face now. Great word, guys. Thank you.


We're going to basically just cover all of the judgment day stuff here because it all does tie in together because we had... Priest was backstage and Ria said that they need to deal with this like men. Priest says that he tried that but I wouldn't listen to him. Then we later got a couple of segments later with Fin having a chat with Damion Priest where it felt like they're getting on the same page. We're going to wipe this slate clean. We're going to start again. This is a good idea it. But priest also lets him know that if you can't beat Seth, I've always got this, the money in the bank briefcase, which works as two ways, which is like, hey, if you can't beat him, I can beat him in the judge's hands up. But also if you do beat him, I've always got.


This, which.


Is like, Fin Bala was then trying to process through this. Well, well, well, well, maybe we'll do all the rear stuff later when she has a chat with back hell Roderick.


This was because immediately after that segment, the next segment was Kevin and Sam. That's right. Which rear and Dom were into. I was like, Oh, this is what I mean by saying it was a little too close together.


Yeah, because I've written here someone was interviewing Samy and Kevin.


It wasn't Kathy Kelly. Who is she? Do you not know this? Oh, you weren't here last week. Kathy Kelly has been moved to smack down. Riap and based in my feelings. And she's been replaced by this is Jackie Redmond. Her name is Jackie Redmond. They didn't shout her out on screen. She just was. It's Jackie Redmond. She's an NHL commentator as well or a sports journalist. She's by all accounts very talented, but the one thing she is not is.


Touchdowns. I think that's hockey.


She's in HR's hockey.


Yeah, that's touched down, right? No. It's goals. Three points. Okay. Definitely worth that to talk about. They were open to all challenges. Hey, it could be Alpha Academy, Street Profits, could be Viking Raiders. They'd like to face anyone. Ria and Dom Walk Up, it was at this point here, I wrote, They're all over this show. Ria mentioned that any version of Judgment Day could beat Kevin and Samy for the title. D o you think at SummerSlam, it's Kevin and Samy versus Dom and priest with Fin going for the world title against set? Or do you do the fun thing.


Of Dom and Ria? My brain went straight to the fun thing. I don't think that Wwe will do... But the problem is they keep teasing us with this idea of Ria taking on the men because my thing with China was always the fact that I... The rest of them? Yes. We're not turning this into... That's NRB thing coming up for me. My thing with China, the rest of them, when I was younger, and part of the reason that I find I love her so much was that I believed all of 10 years old that this woman could and would beat the man. When she was in a match, I was like, Oh, she can just... The rest of them wasn't right. But I didn't know that was 10. And so it's this idea of if you present me with someone, I can believe that they can hang together in the ring. And I think I high key believe that in a match between Ria and Dominic Mysterio, now that I've said those words, that's why I want this.


Storyline to end up. To build to is Ria versus Dominic Mysterio. They break up. Yes, mate. That's the one. That's the hair versus the hair match.


And that's an absolutely... Oh, my God. Yeah, it is.


That's the hair versus.


Hair match. And it would be money, buddy. I'm talking that's great. So I feel like I believe Ria could take them on. Brutality, like like, so stop teasing us if you're not going to give it. I want you to give it to us. And if you do it in the right way, it's a generous thing. It's fantastic. But I think probably more likely it'll be Dom and priest and they won't get the win. But that'll be Dom's fault.


Yeah. And I think it'll And it'll be fine because I think Damion Priest will then cash in later on to win the title. I someone signed that quickly. Win the title off of set because Fin won.


The belt. Okay.


And then in my fantasy vision of this scenario is that priest is there holding up the belt and Fin Bala has to not reluctantly but it's just like, Well, at least the team wants to he raised up the hand. He's got that eye on his belt but so does Dominic Mysterio. T hat's the payback match. It's the judgment day triple threat.


The judgment day triple threat, like we're on.


The shield. Exactly. Yeah. It's Dom versus priest.


Versus Bala. And then I... This is so much funny because Dominic Mysterio is one.


Of them. And I told this to Ollie earlier and he said, With Ria Ripley as the special guest referee.


I was like, hah, you've done it. That's it.


That's now the perfect version.


Of this.


That's so good. So we were supposed to get Dominic Mysterio versus Seth Rollins. However, Dom attacked Seth before the bell. Bala and priest just jumped in to get involved. Owens and Sam, we ran down to make the save. We're going to get a six man tag player, which we then got in the main event, which was Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens and Sam Higgins versus the Judgment Day. And this was a match that was all about peace, but peace, priest and ball. So there was a moment where they almost collided. Not intentionally, it's just that one of them turned around to pose to the crowd to mug, and then someone nearly ran into them.


Maybe throwing them into... Exactly.


So there was a lot of little moments like that, and they had some all awkward tags where they were like... There was a lot of sighing of like, Fine, we'll do this. We're on the same page, but really.


We're not. But all.


Of a sudden, right at the end, something clicked in them and they got back on the same page. And it was that moment when they nearly collided, it turned into Damion Preez getting hit with the pedigree. And Balaad jumped in to make the save. And Ria holds on to the foot of Sam Moussa, as he set up to do the halloufer kick, that leads to Damion Priest hitting Samuels Ane with the south of heaven shout out to S layer. Bala went up top to hit the Kuda graph for the win, pinning the tag team champions. Not that that's unique to... They've done that twice now. I think they've pinned the tag team champions.


I don't like it, but at the very least, you were hit by two finishes in a row. I can imagine that being slammed on your back by Damion Priest and then having Fin Bala jump from the drop rows and landing on your chest would probably wind you enough to not be able to kick out.


I'm not saying it from that. My point is that they have done it. They have pinned them before. I think they've been there for a.


Couple of times. I was not wild on pinning you champions, but that got me in trouble yesterday.


But then they all hugged in the ring. Bala and priest looked at each other and they hugged.


And this was a moment of staring. And then they had a smile.


But this was a moment where it wasn't the uneasiest the easiness of the same page, the clean slate chat that they had earlier in life. This was a genuine band's back together. We are the judgment day and we are on the same page. But there is then just that dot, dot, dot, but for how long?




Where do you think? Do you think this runs past Summer Slam? Are we going into payback? Do you have any feelings, thoughts, vibes of where we might be going?


Given where we are now, my more fun thing would be for both. I personally would have done it a money in the bank, but Fin and priest having both the belt and the briefcase in the same unit is a far more interesting compelling storyline to me. I would have Fin maybe winning at Summer Slam if that's where we're heading to, because it would be an ultimate redemption moment for Fin Bala. Fin gets to be the Prince s Fin gets to be the leader again. He's like, I'm back to being where I was. I've got this. I'm the best thing. But then you do have the little question mark, but I could always do that. So that's probably where I would take it. I think that's a more compelling story. That said, you could go completely the other way and have, as you've said, have Fin lose and priest cash in. And then that's where your dissension comes in. It's like, Well, I had to step up. And maybe they kick him out the way they kicked Edge out. Maybe they let him stay in. But if Fin can't acknowledge him, to coin a phrase. I really liked how in the moment where they did have a reunited and they were having a cuddle, Ria and Dom were celebrating.


They were seeing their parents get back together.


Ria was so happy. She was beyond thrilled that her team won anyway. But then she was very, very pleased to see that her friends were back on the same page and hugging once again. I think R i is a star within this group.


She's so great. She's brilliant. She's their MVP of the entire brand, to be honest with you. But yeah, I think I'm more compelled by this unit as a group. And I just think that if you don't take the World Championship and put it on the judgment day, they need to be removed from the World Title picture for a while. Otherwise, everything feels a bit stale. So I feel like for me, it makes more sense. I would like to see them all as a unit go off and do their own main event thing and have other people come in and be like, Don't worry, because if you lose your belt, it's one thing to be like, If you don't beat Beth, I'll get it. It's another thing to be saying, You could lose, but I've got your back. Because that then puts the paranoia of the champion in place. I think that's a far more interesting psychological story.


Also, it's a nice little sub as well because they're going to Nxt tonight.




Going to be on Nxt to have a little chat.


With scout.


Carmelo Hayes and then with Melo Hayes and then Tric. So be curious to see what they're going to do there. But I thought overall, as a backbone storyline that kept this roar up, I really enjoyed it. Obviously, the Alpha Academy Max Dean Dupree graduation was the best thing on this show because it always is the best thing on this show. But I do think this was a very good, comfortable.


Second place. They did a good job.


Maybe I'm being a bit easy here. I'm being a bit easy going on the show. But this was just a next step in a story. T here are some times when you get roar episodes where there isn't that next step. W e talk about this isn't it's not must See TV. You don't have to tune in like, Oh, man, I need to tune in and see what the next chapter is. But if you don't see this week's episode, when you tune into next week's episode, you're like, Oh, well, something did happen on last week's thing, then that means that I did miss something. But there have been times certainly in the Vince era and in the Triple H era of Monday Night Raw where if you miss an episode, you can tune in the following week and nothing has changed. So it makes it you feel even less like you must See TV.


Can I be a media study student for a minute? Oh, go for it. I have been really interested in the conversation around the ratings recently because people have been talking about, collision has debuted, it's on a Saturday. What does that mean for people's ratings? The raw ratings of smackdown. Smackdown last week just popped a tumongous rating. Yeah, 3 million tuned in to see the Bloodline. Just for the.




Segment. Which is massive. More interesting to me. And it's really interesting that you brought up, I think, a more pertinent way of viewing whether not a property is connecting with the fans because ratings... Linear TV is different now. Laurie and I chat about this in the first Collision Review. Linear TV is not the same as it used to be. The days of people sitting down and watching everything together aren't the same. A lot of the time I watch it in the morning. Guess why? We have to because unless I'm feeling fancy and I want to stay up all night on a Monday. In America, often you probably could be. It's three hours on your Monday evening. You might just be flicking through the channels. You might not even be watching anything. You might have it on in the background. The way people watch TV is different than the way it used to be. There are so many more things to watch now. And more distractions. And more distractions. So the ratings aren't as concrete away of measuring success for show. More interesting, I think, are ticket sales and also unmerched sales as well, whatever, but crucially online.


So when these clips are put on YouTube, when these clips are put on various different social medias, and I know that it's corporate speak through through Kevin Patrick to hear about the social media followers and all the rest.


It's important though.


But it is important because it's a really important metric to read.


It's a metric you can quantify.


Yeah. And when you're talking about things to make you tune into Raw, having moments that do well online and the perfect example of this is the LA Night thing. La Night wasn't on smackdown this week, did a segment pre the show and it went on their YouTube channel. Because a lot of people consume their W WE in bite sized form through YouTube, including myself in the past when I ve been behind and I need to catch up.


It's a three hour show. It's a big commitment.


That's got millions of views. So to have something like this, a storyline through line where you can recap it at the beginning of the show, you can give us a bloodline segment so we can recap the smackdown or whatever. But having a story like this on the YouTube channel is another way to get views and then perhaps get people, oh, I want to see what happens next. So I think that is a really fascinating part of the development of wrestling as broad cast media.


I was chatting with someone yesterday. Was it yesterday? I was chatting with someone recently. I can't remember what it was now. It was recently. I was actually mentioning this to you yesterday because this is the thing I know would interest you and it might interest a certain portion of the audience. But they said to me that wrestling is a really unique TV format in that it is a TV audience. It's a TV show that audiences pay to go and see because shiny floor game shows and things like that.


Are free.


And panel shows are free. Comments like sitcom audiences are free. But like, Wwe, AEW, Impact, because of the way they're like bizarre sports entertainment media that it is, it actually has an audience that pays to be part of.


The show. It is interesting. It is fascinating. Because to be a historian about it, when Bischoff took over WCW and set them up in the Disney MGM Studios, they originally were just free. Same thing with Impact.


Impact was in the Universal Studios. Basically, if you had a Universal Studios ticket out there, you can get into the Impact Zone to go and watch.


The rest of it. That's more traditional game show. Absolutely is. This exists in this weird parallel between Premier League sport where you do pay through the nose to go and see the show, which you can watch on.


Tv if you want. Football or hockey or whatever, it is not about the footballers interacting with the audience.


Well, that's what I was going to say because it's where it lives in this weird... I've always tried to explain it to people when they have been like, How do you like that wrestling thing? And they're like, Yes, I know it's a soap opera in front of a live studio audience of 12,000 people. It is interesting that people pay to go and see it and be a part of it. I know there are comp tickets. I know there are some people in hospitality or whatever, but.


It's because... The large majority are paid.


Yeah. And it's why it's so interesting to track and not even be like, Ah, this company is better than this company. It's just interesting to track when things are hot and when things aren't because Wwe couldn't fill stadiums about three, four.


Years ago. No, really, you struggle. You see the hard cam side. The hard cam side of the photos. It's what the AEW photos that often get posted around now are those empty hard cam sides where everyone's been moved down. And it's just been down for a minute. Because they are a hot product.


At the moment. They are. And having minutes back down, that place was rammed. It's a really interesting...


Sorry to cut you off. But what's interesting, I think about that is that that wasn't really like... That t wasn't an anomaly in the UK.




Anytime roar or smackdown was in the UK, we would always pack out. We don't get it weekly. Because we don't get it weekly. In America, it was. But in America now, it's the same as in the UK, where it is a packed out crowd every single week. Every show they're doing is the biggest they've ever done in.


Those areas. And that's why it's all part of the same ecosystem. It's all this Judgment Day storyline, this Bloodline storyline, all of the different little parts of it. And it's why it's so important to have a strong undercard as because you want to get people in to see everybody cheering for everyone. If you have a hot product, it's more interesting then to look at, Okay, how are they going to get people to buy a ticket? How are they going to get people to consume the pay per view? How are they going to get people to whatever? Using YouTube in this way, providing these... That exclusive clip of LA Night, exclusive to YouTube and the live crowd, is really interesting to me. I thought that was fascinating.


I think there's a very... We're going way up topic here. But it's interesting. The thing I find fascinating about the world of wrestling. But Melzner was talking about this recently that three, four years ago when A EW first launched, there wasn't really a crossover of audiences. There was audience and there was an AEW audience. A lot of those people that had tuned out over the years because they'd felt disenfranchised by it, they felt that it wasn't catering to their needs, flipped on over to AEW because they had been like, maybe they've gone to the Indies or whatever, but they've found some names that they recognize and have joined that show now. But they were broadly separate our audiences. But since Wwe has become a much hotter product, that crossover is now bigger because some of those fans that were there from AEW aren't watching that product as much anymore and are now either are still watching it but are also watching Wwe or they've stopped watching this one and have just moved over.


It's why I can't abide tribalism because the products are so much better for both existing. Aew is maybe not going through its hot streak at the moment, but my God, when it was in a hot streak, wasn't it great? That nd it'll come back. It's so much better to have both because it gives us a smorgasbord, that's another Scandinavian word, of things to consume.


Well, let's get into your ultra chats. Your ultra nats are on this, please do get them in. Restore. Com support. We're kicking things off here with Matt, who said, I really enjoyed this one. A lot of great character work and direction set up for Summerslam and Raw. Seems Brolin versus Balor will happen at Summerslam, which is poetic. Seven years after Fin beat Seth for the world title but was injured. I could see Fin beating Seth at the show, only for the rest of Judgment Day to come out and celebrate with him, given the thumbs up that turns to a thumbs down and beating him up and setting up priest cash and given Fin another short title reign, just like his first one, exactly the same in 2016. Also, it seems like Kevin and Samy will be fighting Judgment Day at the event for the tank titles. I wanted it to be DIY, but it makes sense to be Judgment Day. Speaking of which, it seems like it was a set up for DIY reunion with the Miz and Reed pairing. I know some are upset with Reed being paired with Miz, but Reed has been established as a hired gun for the Miz in the past seven months ago, I would argue.


He only helps if he gets paid. It's worth it if we get a DIY reunion or Champa versus Reed feud, hoping for a DIY reunion. We'll talk more about the Ms. Bronson Reed thing in a little bit because there's are positives to be taken from it. But there was a positive we were always going to get anyway. It feels like this is the lamest way for us to get to this point.


We'll talk about it.


Chris here says, It's off topic now, but with the news about Bray, I'm assuming that's what, with the news about Bray, what if he did it against Roman after his match at SummerSlam? With the news?


I think I'm understanding what's going on. With the news about Bray Wyatt, someone had buy saw a tweet. What Chris is saying is with the news, what if he reappeared, made a return against Roman after his match at SummerSlam? In the same way, Roman came back against Fiend and Brawn in 2020 and won the title at Payback, which is the next premium live event. It would be a full circle moment. So what Chris is saying is what if you have Bray return on Roman and then a Payback Bray.


With the. There's no reports of Bray.


Coming back soon. There was a report from Fiteful that basically said it stayed the same. And I saw one tweet that essentially made this same point. I was like, Oh, that's interesting. Then I went and checked with him and I was.


Like, Yeah, the report from Fiteful Select is that he is dealing with... It's not an injury, it's a health issue. An illness, yeah. And there.


Was a picture of him and it seemed to be doing all right. And that was really nice.


To see. But there's no time taken able for him to be coming back anytime soon. Not to say that he can't or he won't, but I just want to make everyone abundantly clear when you are reading things online, make sure you are reading the words that are in the reports, which is that he's not well and he's dealing with this issue, as opposed to people doing then speculative fantasy booking on that and reading that as reports.


Yes. Twitter was always an interesting place to try and get news anyway. Now that it's gone unhinged, it's an even more interesting place to try and get it because anyone with $8 a month can get a blue tick and that makes them look more legitimate because we still have that in our brains. So I did see this report and I went interesting and then I followed it up. You always need to try and do the follow up, try and cross corroborate it elsewhere. But also ultimately, it's an entertainment show where we are hoping for It could happen.


It might not happen. Not to say that it.


Can't happen. But I.


Just media literally using it.


Even if it did happen. Yeah, quite important to me. Even if he did come back, I don't think given the title.


It pay back. No. A ctually, yeah, I really would not be putting the title on Bray. You want to talk about someone who is cold AF.


Right now? Cold as ice.


This is a J story. If you want to really get people turning on the Bray thing, putting the belt on him instead of Jay. That'll do you. That'll do you.


Do you think Jay is going to win the title?


Not at SummerSlam. I think payback is a fun option. But also the rumoured plans for Mania is it's Roman Cody.


But that doesn't necessarily mean the title has to be on Roman. Could you imagine? Roman range returns at the Rumble and we've all the time been, oh, my God. They're going to drag it out all the way. Cody wins the title. And then Roman goes, oh. Anyway, sorry, I'm going to.


Have myself. It's just Roman versus Cody with no belts.


No, Roman versus Cody, but Cody is the champ. Roman wins the Rumble.




An interesting one. I thought, well, it would be interesting if the titles... I don't think it will, but I was like, if you're going to do that.




Parallel would be more interesting.


I suppose it's an interesting because I really want to know what does finish the story actually mean? Is it just winning the belt or is it beating Roman? Is that the story?


Well, speaking of finish the story, should we get on with the show because we can do finish the story? Because we even got elsewhere on the finish the story. There's a finish the story lore now.


So we had the Judgment Day opening and then our first match was Drew McI nter and Matt Riddel taking on Imperial. This is Drew's first match since wrestle mania. Drew McI tire is the third new best friend for Matt Riddel. And they got the win here by pinning Giovana Vinci. It's a funny little match. It built to two different Drew.


Hot tags. It did. It really did. Did you like the match?


I thought it was okay. I liked it. Good. I like watching Drew wrestle.


I do, too. And isn't it nice how refreshed he seems?


Yes. And I like watching Matt Riddel wrestle. And so this is all grand for me. And then after the match, it was like Gunther berated Giovane Vinci and Ludwig Keiser looked at him very disappointed. And he also walked away.


There were two really nice gut wrench suplexes from Matt Riddel in a row. They keep the German going. And I was like, interesting. You're going to just rag doll him a little bit. That's fun. Drew looking great off the tag was quite fun because it gave you, for me, it's give people time off, let them heal up a little bit because you carry these bumps and bruises the whole time and you just plow through. Let people have some time off, they get a hot return and they feel more refreshed about it. So it's a good match. Oh, that drop kick. The drop kick that said Riddel was essentially spinning off the apron was lovely. And it was all of that stuff especially from Imperial that made me so frustrated with this potential split.


Because I.


Don't want that. I'm all right with it if it's Gunther being like, The match is sacred. We're going to need to train you up again. Go back into this do heart Dungeon, or their version of that at the Dojo. Do I see a solid singles run for Giovana Vinci? No.


No, I do not. So I keep.


Them together because they're far better as a unit.


They are better as a unit. Not that they pick up wins ever.


But this is the interesting thing because I like Imperial. I want them to be this dominant team, so it's more impressive when they get a win. But I actually weirdly contradicted myself here and I was annoyed at myself because I like to be. But in this match, I was like, Oh, yeah. You being the hired goons that batter, like Team Rocket Grump or whatever, that take the fall, but when you look this good, it is all right. I don't love it, but also I don't want them to split.


No, I did not want this group breaking up. They announced the Fast Lane will be taking place on October seventh. We then got a long recap of the Triple Court segment from smackdown. Then we got the Kevin and Samy stuff. Then we got this promo for Indishur.


The promo was about like, Hey, we're coming. I was like, Lads, I saw you on TV not that long ago. But I genuinely did forget they were part of the show because they haven't been on TV for a number of weeks now.


Also, they rattled off all the teams that could potentially take on Samy and K. O. And Ender Sher weren't in them.


But this promo was so good. It was so funny. It was hilariously rubbish. I think it was supposed to make them look cool, but it made them... For me, this was well lame.


I think I can see that. I think it didn't do anything for me.


Not all the lightning and the rain and all that nonsense.


Sure. I think it's because they have no character, right? Of course they have. Foreign heel.


What more do you want?


Well, you know.


Foreign Savages. All right, there's another one. I've given you two characters.


For them now. It wasn't lame because it wasn't anything for me. I was like, Oh. I want everyone to have a great.


But I also feel like it's now a bit. The Vir Mahana's coming thing, even WW's own Twitter account are getting in on the active in the share. I think now it is just being done to get this reaction of, l oll, they're still coming. But that's also not a character.


I'm not lolling.


Then we got the Dominic and Beth bits and bobs. Then we got what was a very heavily promoted segment on the show because it is Logan Paul. On the same day as a big controversy scandal for the man himself because.


He's I haven't really read into what's going on.


So, Prime has got as much caffeine in it as six bottles of Coke.


That size bottle of Coke? Yes. Christ.


Yeah. It is dangerous to actually drink.


And consume. As opposed to all of the other perfectly healthy energy drinks.


Well, okay, so it's got two cans of Red Bull in one can of Prime.


The calm down.


I was joking in the office yesterday because, like, Prime, I now can't move for it. It's been sold everywhere I go. That I was going to buy some for us to do on a live stream or something because it's like, lal l look it's a punishment. Well, not even just a punishment, but lal l look it's the stupid drink that the silly man promotes. But now I was like, actually, I don't want to put any members of.


Staff through that. There's a moment in this promo where Logan takes a selfie with a tiny little child holding a bottle of prime, and I was like, Okay, we're all going to be... We're going to be a generation of kids who.


Are addicted to this. I was going to say there was a little toddler that was at ringside. It was like, I found the one person that's cheering for me, and he's three. His bowl of energy drink and stuff. But anyways, so Rico Shea came out for his promo. So Rico Shea does not get a lot of mic time. No. They do not afford him that because he's not a promo guy. No. He's a flip guy. He does the cool wrestling spot, and that's what people get into it. But because he's going to be in a feud with Logan Paul, who is a very good promo guy, you need to go and give Rico Shea the promo time. So plod. I like that they did that. I'm not going to use the word applaud, but man, they gave him nothing here to actually work with. He came out and was just like, I'm a good guy and I like to wrestle for all, each and every one of you. I just hope that at the end of the night, you can say that you saw a nice Rikishay match. And I'm like, This is not how.


Who are you? You're not a real person. Also, it sod off. It's pandering nonsense. This is not a way to get people on Rikishay's side. Case in point, Logan Paul comes out and Logan Paul essentially reminds us that that was not a great promo. Or basically tells us that wasn't a great promo. And Rikishade.


Was like, Rick, so like, well, that sucked.


Then Rikishade was like, well, no one really wants you here, bud. And so Logan Paul, and I think someone needs to have a word with Logan Paul about deviating from script to get yourself over because the thing he did was like, Look, this kid is literally cheering for me. And when they go take a selfie, it's like, Okay, so you're.


Undermining in the middle of your promo, they're all talking about me.


Exactly. Because then Rick and Shay start doing another promo and the crowd churning, Logan sucks. Logan talks over Rick and Shay talking over the crowd to be like, Even during your promo, they're talking about me. I don't think this is helping Ricochet in any way. Also, it doesn't help Logan Paul much either.


Well, I see your point and I agree with it. I think the only not count as much as it is a addendum to it is that I think what's not helping Ricochet more than Logan Paul is the promo he was handed. Because if he comes out with a little bit of fire under his belly and is like, you know what? I'd like to throw myself around this ring and I do all these things. You know why? Because I love this business and I love performing. And you went on your little podcast there and you chatted to all your followers and you made fun of this industry and me by proudly saying that you don't know what you're doing. So get out here and let's talk about this. A little bit of fire, a little.


Bit of passion. A little bit of fire, a little bit of substance.


To it. Because there's something heelish about Logan Paul being like, They're all chatting for me in the middle of your promo because they're not chatting for him. There's a delusional element of that.


It's the John Sina argument of the reason why John Sina was perceived to be as over as he was is because the chart was Let's go Sina, Sina S u cks. It wasn't Let's Go Sina, Let's go other guy. It was like every chance about Sina. So really, Sina is the only person that's over in that match.


I think that makes sense. But I think there's something about because Rico is just a flipping guy and that really is all we know about him. I was like, oh, we're getting a Rico promo. I don't blame the fans for not being fully behind him while he's got a mic in his hand. I remember when he was early days in Nxt, the bit where he does the run out of the ring and jump over and does a square up. I was looking forward to that part because that part was going to be cool. That's the moment where I was like, Logan needs to be reined in a little bit because banter you off, banter you off, and then he comes out and say it's my face. I've just flipped out of the ring and I'm this good. Logan saying that's great for TikTok is an undermining of that moment. I think Logan selling that a little bit presents us with an interesting thing. I think it was more on Rico not being so great in the promo than it.


Was on Logan. I think a lot of... I see that. I think that the material doesn't help Ricoch in this at all. I think Logan just... No, I don't want to use the word going into business for himself because there's every way that this was structured. But it came off like he was designed to undermine a lot of what Rico was doing, and that's not what we needed in this segment. So that is either on Logan Paul or that's on the creative. Either way, I think it's... I don't think.


It's great. Because it came in a little bit with the LA Night stuff on smackdown. And I think almost as in when he was with LA Night, I think it's almost that thing of he's so excited and he's getting in what are inarguably good lines. But in wrestling, it's a fine balance. So it's like he's excited, he's coming up with this line with this promo, he's going to say it because you want to punch him anyway.




That I think it's that thing of like, because he doesn't do it that often. It's the over excitedness of it. Pull it back a little bit.


There's also an argument that you should always be putting over the person that you're facing in promos because if you beat them, then you've beat nobody. One of the greatest promos ever, promo video packages ever is Royal Rumble 2000 is the best example I would show off this because that is to two guys talking about how great I am and how great the other person is. It is Triple H being like, You're the hardcore legend. You're the guy that had his ear cut off. You're the guy that was in barbed wire death explosion matches over in Japan. And it's Kef's Jagger being like, You're the game. You're the World of World of Warcraft. You're the World of Warcraft Champion. You're the best in this business. And then I'm the hardcore legend. I'm the man. I'm this. I'm the future World of Warcraft Champion. I'm the game. I'm this. And it's putting yourself over as well as putting the other person. So when Triple H beats him, s poilers, at Royal Rumble 2000, he's beaten a person who sounds awesome.


It's the same thing with I always point to this one. It's Triple H selling him, revealing that he's got his jacket now. Mankind is not ready to face him in a street fight. I've been making a joke out of you for a whole month. Well, I'm going to take my mask off and go.


To this place. I think I know a guy.


And if Triple H laughs at that, that moment's over. It's so good. And that's what I think Logan Paul was doing after the flip, which was a shame.


It is a shame. Yeah. And so Rick Shea does the flip spot that he did during the development scene dream for you in the Nxt. It didn't feel as cool as when he did it in Nxt that first time. The crowd did not react to it as much as they did when they did an NFT. It wasn't filmed as well as when they did it in NFT. He stumbled a little bit on it, so it didn't look as good. I said this in my edited review, I feel like WW are desperate for this feud to go viral. T hat's why they're doing this is because they think this can be a viral feud because that's what Rico... That's how he came to prominence was going viral as a restless with his matches with Will Osborne. I think that's what they want this to be. They want him and Logan Paul to have that viral moment. It didn't work at Money in the Bank and it's not worked here either. I feel like we're going to get to a desperation point on this future try and make this be a viral thing.


I had a viral moment in the summer of 2017 that was cleaned up by people at the Dean Street Express. It's a sexual health clinic, Luke. It's very good, Dan. Thank you.


I think the segment was mostly fine. But when Rik ish did his bump, terrible Kevin Patrick commentary, he went, Oh, my God.


Kevin Patrick and Curry Grave's got on my nerves this week. Plot twist. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Awful. I did laugh when Logan Paul said the Rick Shea was 90 % forehead. That was. We got Becky Lynch versus Zoë Stark. It had been reported earlier in the day that Becky Lynch was dealing with a minor injury. This match had actually been removed from www. Com and saying it wasn't happening anymore, but then was put back on to say that she was cleared to wrestle this match. I'm glad for it because this was very good. The crowd weren't really into it.


We got a tweet.


We did. We got a tweet. We got a tweet from someone who was in the building who said, I'm very sorry that our crowd was bad tonight.


I thought in this match this is where you could see it.


You could really, well, you could hear it. And Beccy was doing her dandest to get people into this match. I thought they did a fun little bit of Beccy having to deal with both Zoë and Trish on the outside, like overcoming interference. The block of the Z 360 I thought was really cool. But she took, Beccy, that is, took her eye off the ball for just one moment and it cost her dearly. Zoë Stark got a roll up and pinned Beckie Lynch. Very big win for Zoë Stark here.


I loved this segment. I went back and watched it twice because the first time I watched it, I was a little bit underwhelmed. I think I was too focused on the crowd. Just before we came back on, I wanted to watch the match again because I was reading other people's takes and a few people were like, Oh, they actually lumped each other in this one. They went for it. I was like, Okay, I'll give it another watch. A ctually, yeah, on second watch, it was a really difficult little match. I think Beck did a lot to try and give Zoe not only some moves, not only to get some offence in, but also to look like she was still taking her on and it wasn't a squash, which I think makes her look like a competitor, which I think is really good. There was a great... She did a missile drop kick springboard thing that looked fantastic. Beck also got some pretty stiff shots in. I thought there was another summer salt springboard thing that Zoe did that looked great. And it was this addition of Trish at the end that I think really gave you space to be like, It's the numbers game.


It is still stealing a win. It's a perfectly legitimate move. She wasn't pulling the tight, she wasn't holding on to the rope, but it was still stealing a win. I think if the point of this feud is to get a new star over, giving Zoe matches like this, following on from what I thought was a really good entry into the Women's Money in the Bank match, that's going to to work. The question now is, what's next? Will it lead her.


To even the numbers? That's what I'm thinking.


Which I love because I'm excited to.


See Lita. Also, she was.


Part of the story right at the start. She was and it makes sense. I couldn't help but think that it's a shame that is the logical storyline that it should be that because it could be used to put someone else over as well. Becchi could find herself on the light of a new star. Not even necessarily a new, new star, a Piper Niven, a Tegan Nox, someone who is there a just to fill up the numbers. But we're doing a pretty decent, I think, job of getting Zoë Stark some momentum. We could put that rub on someone else as well. But it will be Lita and I'm going to be excited when I hear the music.


I think Beckie and Lita versus Trish and Zoë Stark, I think it's a very fun match. Whether you do Trish and Becky as a singles match at Summer Slam and then do the tag match at Payback, I think you might go in that direction. Also then because you get that moment of Lita and Trish being on opposite sides of the ring again.


I think it would be fun to have Lita return out of Summer Slam.


Yeah, that's what I would do Lita returning at Summer Slam to build the match then to do the tag match of Payback. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Seth was chatting with Sam and Kevin Ow coming up with their strategy for their six man tag tonight, and their strategy is we'll beat them up. That's a people. Then we got the best thing on the show. What is always the best thing on these shows...


Hi, it's Key. Agree?


Max Dean Dupree's graduation in the Alpha Academy.


When this graphic popped up, I cheered.


I said, same thing. I was genuinely so thrilled. In fact, look, recap of Maxine from last week, she's graduating tonight.


So Chad there did the whole like, shooch. Thank you. To say that he was very proud of his student, the first female graduate of the Alpha Academy. And just when you think there's no way this act can get any more perfect, he introduced Maxine Dupree as a model student.


The model student.


The model student. All caps I wrote here, he calls Maxine the model student. Beautiful. It's so great. And then Maxine comes out in this pink graduation role. L woods. Kevin even said she's a modern day L woods. A rare bit of good Kevin Patrick commentary there. And Maxine, so great in this role because she gets to do her graduation speech. It was like, Chad, the first time I saw you, I thought you were a disgusting little troll man. But now I see you're an excellent coach and dare I say, a good friend.


Yeah, loved it.


And the fans are so in the starting chatting, you deserve it.


It's the only time I've ever been happy to hear a you deserve it, Jan.


I love that. But she turns her attention to Otees, always calling him Otees as well, and says that he is her muse and he is the reason why she is there. Without him, this would not be possible and we are just getting started. It. So they hand over the diploma, but there's one more thing. It got a bit sketchy here for a minute when I thought the chat was going to be like, You have to take off that robe.


Because then also been a dick joke.


Yes. Well, there'd also been a prison sex joke during the... So the Dominion Maria thing, Maria said Dominion Mysterio got so much cardio done when he was in prison. He was ready for this. Kevin was like, I was saying, he was like, Did she mean... This kid was like, What? And he was like, He would whisper into our ear. I don't know. It feels a bit sketchy if you do prison rape jokes, but hey, it's 2023, I guess. I guess it's just cool to do these things now, but very silly. And then I was like, When they had this moment here? But he'd left the pause for it as well. And I was like, This feels like the astute era or worse, the ruthless aggression era, which I will go on record as saying was way more explosive women than the.


Attitude era. But then so was the 2000s?




The root of the discretionary.


No, I mean, the 2000s in general. Agreed. But yeah, so he said she has to take off her hat and her gown and she'll wear the last jacket she's ever going to wear.


Did you see her just putting on his jacket? That was a piece of magic.


Because Otis took off his graduation stuff to reveal he was wearing the smallest white fronts, the smallest pair of pants. It was so great. Somehow put on a jacket in the most comedic way possible. It was awesome. And then those dastardly Viking raiders came out in the course of the distraction. Valhalla attacked Max Dean Dupree from behind and they stole.


The jacket. And then Otis yelled, That's her jacket, you animal. This is real Cinemart. You can keep your bloodline Martin Scorsese drama. I want Legally Blond. This is.


What's going on. And this is why I'll be seeing Bobby on day one and not Oppenheimer.


That's what I'm talking about. There you go. We're all here for it.


This is beautiful stuff. Beautiful stuff.


So good. I was thoroughly entertained by all of this. I was thoroughly entertained by all six people in this. They're doing a Vikings rules match next week. What does that mean? I think they've done Viking rules match before. I can't remember. But I'm delighted for it. I want to see more of this on TV.


Give them a big Summer Slam spot. There's your main.


Event right there. That's what I'm looking for. I want a big Summer Slam match.


For this. I think an early Summer Slam match would really, I think, would pop the crowd in a big way.


I feel like I'm doing a lot of spinners for the three count that will be released this coming Friday. But my big thing is when the Alpher Academy pick up the win, Chad Gable in all of the excitement accidentally kisses Maxine and realises what he's done and has a proper, oops, moment where he goes, Max Dean surprise, Otis down there shocked, shocked at Coach and you fade to black.


I don't want to break up.


I don't want this act to break up either, but I feel like we're heading for a love.


Triangle here. I do want the next opponents after the Viking Raiders to be maximum male models with a new model.


They have just been dropped from this.


Story and there's plenty of people. Call up Tiffany Straton.


We had Shane of Basel er very quickly tapping out Emma. Lol, sucks to be Emma, I guess. And then Ronda came out of broad with Shane. And this week it was Ronda that stood tall.


I think this week it was like, since she's on the way out, I think they're going to have a decent match. I think Ronda got in a decent little drag in there and I think she's had a non existent run this time around. That's what she's going, we believe. So I think it's enough to pull out something really special for her last match because I think it will be. I don't know if she'll come back again.


I think Ronda.


Will come back.


I think Ronda will tease UFC runs, but will eventually go back to WBA.


If if not, give us a good match with Shane and I don't think they can deliver it.


And put her over as well, which I think she will do. Cody came out for his promo to say that, Hey, look, we're selling out every show we're in, which is true. And he talks about that but it's feeding with Brock. So he talked about Brock and then he wants to match with Brock at SummerSlam. This is a weekly segment and it only ever really moves forward if Brock is there. It does. And then Brock isn't there. It's just the same Cody promo. Well, I.


Think it's tricky because we know it's coming. It makes sense to us because we've been watching wrestling for so long. And he told us. He told us.


But like four weeks ago that that's what we were.


Going to be doing. Yeah. So we know it's happening, so it's boring to wait for it to happen. And as a result, what I'm now saying is I need a stipulation for this rubber match. I think it's fight pit. I was going to say steel cage fight pit works as well. I don't know if fight pit works in a giant stadium. Maybe. Steel cage might be more of a fate for that. I want that.


And also Cody bloody loves the.


Steel cage. He bloody loves it. Caged animal, you can see cage beast, all of that stuff. My funny thing about this particular segment was that he talked about finishing this chapter, and I appreciate that because that is bringing us down to micro levels. We've got to finish the story, but you have to finish the chapter. I want his next view to be like, finish the sentence.


I think this chapter is we're going on a bear hunt?


You can't go on a bear hunt.


Don't worry. He said he goes like there's a mountain in my way. You all know his name is Brock Lesner. I've tried to go around him. I've tried to go under him. I've tried to go over. Oh, no, we've got to go through him. And so I did write for my editor's review, we're going on a Brock hunt. But I was short for time. We then got the Mizz versus Tommasso Champet in a no DQ match that was filled with modern day fans chanting for tables 90 seconds in. But they did the Good Heal spot. What do you.


Mean by modern day fans?


Well, attitude era fans chanted it at the Dudley Boys because it was.


Their gimmic. Now there's a match where there's a possibility for tables. We chanted all the time.


But they did the Good Heal spot. If you're going to have a crowd and you're always going to have a crowd chanting for tables 90 seconds into an 0DQ match, you can have a great heel moment here where the baby face gets the table out, the heel stops them, and then the heel puts the table back in. It's simple economics.


And the miss does it very well.


Doesn't he? Well, I think it was back.


Up hangman. Yes, I know the question. Does he do it well.


Well, playing it as a very...


Does the miss do.


His job very well? Does the miss do his job? Yes.


Thank you. Thanks for watching the show, everybody. We do our purpose. Don't think we're rational.


Yes, he is very good at being a bog standard heel.


Thank you. That's all I wanted.


It was back up hangman. I think it was back up hangman, I'm sorry. I apologise if it was not. Said that the miss is on a career high of five good TV matches a calendar year. They hit each other with plunder. It was very fun. There was some Tomasso Champa did his running knees into the corner with the trash can that was also fun. They did an air raid crash through the table. That was fun. This was good.


Fun stuff. It was a really decent match. I had a laugh with it.


As Tomasso Champa was getting the pin, Bronson Reed pulls Tomasso Champa out of the ring, beats him up, hits the tsunami, and the Miz pins him. They were doing their dandest on commentary to make it feel like, Oh, well, this is what always happens. Bronson Reed's always a hired gun. He's always available to the highest bidder. It's only happened twice since he's come back, one of which was when he came back in December of last year and now here, seven months late.


So who did he come and help out seven months ago?


It was the Mitzvah, which was paid off into nothing.


Long term stories.


No, Dan. There is a difference between long term story and a story that takes a long time to tell.


They started.


Telling it then. Or forgotten characters that you just.


Bring back. Yeah, it was an odd one. I was watching it next to you. You laughed. I did. It was so stupid. I think because I was happy to see Bronze and Reed. I was expecting this to be the pin. But then for you to... I think I just grabbed it and I was like, they remembered.


Seven months ago. Seven months ago.


Yeah, they remembered it.


I had to get a Wikipedia to double check. I was like, When did they last do this? And it was seven months ago.


I mean, look, they remembered whatever. It's at the very least a level of consistency. Champa coming back and taking on the Miz makes sense. Narratively, Bronze and Reed had that brief hired gun moment with the Miz. Makes sense enough because we are looking for a way to bring back Johnny Gargano and have DIY. And so it turns out that the Miz card Vortex has a tag team division as well.


Okay, do you know what I'm going to do, please? I guarantee you there was a better pitch made for the DIY reunion.


I think so, too.


I guarantee you there was a much better pitch made for the DIY reunion that Vince changed, and this is what we.


Got instead. Well, we can pinpoint exactly when it was because it was the night of Champa's return because he was supposed to take on... Were we doing the show at the.


End of that? We did the show. We speculated that it might be Johnny Gargant that would answer it.


We had confirmation that it was, in fact, supposed to be Champa answering the open challenge. Did we have confirmation on that? Sean Ross' app on fightful, and then it was elsewhere as well, was that that was originally the plan. Then Vince came in and ripped everything up. That's why the open challenge got banded off because apparently there was a 95 %, I'm aggregating this correctly, but there was a plan. Double check me, I'm pretty sure that there was a plan in place and actually they had a finish to the match that everyone was really happy with. Then because Gargana was.


Backstage in Cleveland. He tweeted out that he was.


Backstage in the building. I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe the plan was for Champa to take on Rollins and then they had a finish all worked out. They were all very happy with the match. Then Vince came in and ripped it up and it made a lot of people very angry. T hat's why we got Champa coming back against them.


That was the episode with the very messy first half hour and they did the Fin attacking Rollins stuff instead. I don't know. But I.


Was I think that's where the DIY thing was going to come from.


We'll certainly see. I don't recall that being the actual confirmed report. More speculation than was anything else, but I might be wrong on that one. But anyway, I thought this was hilarious that it was Bronson Reed helping out for the Ms here. I think this is a pretty lame way of doing it.


Right there, down the lane, the truth. Does my research.


There you go. There you go. Yeah. Tony was listed as a TVA versus was changed to have Rollins attack Chamber and face the Miz. That's where it was changed to.


Yes. Originally, it was supposed to be Chamber taking on the Rolans, and I believe that's where we were going to start to get the seeds of DRI.


That said. It says there has been an internal plan to reunite Chamber and Gargana and Gargana was backstage, but he wasn't planned for the show by the time it rolled around. So what saying it was just Chamber was going to do the open challenge, but it hasn't been reported that it was going to be the D iY reunion.


A DIY reunion that night, but I believe that it would have been somewhere around.


That's what I figured. That's where I was going with my eye guarantee. There is going to be a report where there was a better pitch made.


But anyway, I think this is a pretty lame way of getting to a DIY reunion, but at least we get a DIY reunion, so there is that. Liv and Raquel were hanging out backstage and Green and DeVille were having a chat with them about their tag match next week. Well, I do think they're going to win the titles.


I agree.


Because r eeal Ripley walked up to Raquel to tell her to stay out of my singles business. You do your little tag thing here. Well, she said, you got into my business at strike one, and then you get into my thing at strike two, third strike and you're out. Chelsea Green goes up behind Ripley and goes, basketball. Chelsea Green stealing my gimmicks.




Chelsea Green, I think you're a tremendous, tremendous, tremendous, tremendous, a tremendous talent. But do not steal my gags. I implore you, do not steal my material. This is my bread and butter. Thank you.


It's all he's got.


This is all I have. I'm not a funny person. And it led to Sonia Deville and Chelsea Green beating Cate and Carter and the other one. It seemed rather redundant because they beat them last week and the crowd reacted to this accordingly and they won quickly.


Yeah. I'm sorry, just checking whether or not recovered Riggs was a Raw superstar because... Yeah, they got drafted to Raw. I couldn't remember if they got drafted to Raw's, but yeah, she'll be taken on r eeal. I think is what's likely to come next. I hate this. I don't know why this week... I hated the tactic term all match last week. It was so bad, from a booking perspective. The final two, decent, but the match as a whole was just a complete and utter slobber knocker... Not a slobber knocker, Bolling Joggery S show. But here, this should have been the championship opportunity. At the very least, we have teams who have joint entrances now.


Dan was very excited about this in the office.


I just need tag teams to come out together. The only ones I'm allowing are Kevin Owens and Samy Zane because they both have the best teams in the business. Sorry, Cody. But I think having the Sony DeVille and Chelsea... I talked about this around the draft. I wanted the tag division to have some form of oomph behind it. We've got the party girls who have got their little spray going on now, so they've tried to amp their entrance up a little bit. We've got Sonya and Chelsea, they both have the same entrance thing. Liv and Raqqel coming out to one of their music, but they have Liv and Raqqqel. That works for me. We're just getting tagged teams.


The broad stroke basic stuff. It is a screen with their names.


Written on it. But it is basic stuff, but at least it's happening. It means that the tag division is being given some energy and I think the Karrons should win it because they are a proper full on tag teams and I would like to see what they do. I think Raqqel versus Ria is a great Summer Slam match.


I think there's a great opportunity you can have here. I didn't pick up on this. I'm going to shout out to Alex Queen of the Ring who highlighted this. But Sonny Deville and Chelsea Green's entrance is, it says Sonia Deville and Chelsea Green. On one side is Sonya Deville in her suit attire. And on the other side is Chelsea Green dressed as Chelsea Green. And Alex Queen of the Rings said it's Oppenheimer and Bobby. It is.


That's so funny.


Anyway, they won. And then backstage, Saxton interview, Drew McIter, and Matt Riddell, where they were like, Bro buddy. They're going to go party with each other. And I was like, You're not Elias or Brandy Orton.


They did the same thing last this week, the exact same thing. So their new gimmick is winning matches or making a big statement and they go, We're in local area. Shall we go and eat local cuisine?


It's a EW fight forever, the Road to elite mode. And then the main event we were talking about, which was the Trios match. So yeah, I was going to be Riddel versus Gunther next week with Imperial Bart from Ringside.


You've got them. Ludwig and Giovinci. Great. Good little bit of comedy there.


Three out of 5 episode.


I generally really liked it. I think it was not anything to massively write home about, but I think there was a lot of little stuff that I really liked. Some decent matches. So yeah, 3 out of 5.


It's funny. There was someone in the chat before we went on air that said like, Oh, I don't know why Luke hated this episode. I thought it was really good. I don't know how people thought I hated this episode. I thought it was... I gave it three.


Out of 5. 3 is above average.


3 is above average. It is a good score. This is another... It's a standard good episode of Triple H or Monday Night Raw.


Yeah. It was it. Actually, I'd say it's better than normal because often it can look quite bland TV, whether it's not a level of consistency.


I think there was some in Me 4.


With it. I think there was consistency. Head on over.


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Wavelength. Yeah. Look, I made a mistake. I tried to play the room and I read the room basically just completely wrong.


We've got herd mentality going in there. We've actually got new episodes of No Holes Bored coming very soon. There'll be uncut versions of those going up as well.


So head on over to producer RichE ddington.


Yeah, because we, well, we feel I'm only on one episode this.


Time around. We had to come and do our weekly appointment.


With you lot. We came to spend time with you guys instead. But yeah, so head over to p atri on. Com r uss talk. If you're one of our 25 dollar and above patron pledge h ammers, you get your name read out on this fine show like these fine folks. The wrestle Talk's personal problem solver, Jamey Donovan.


Spoken class today, Jeremy Smith.


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The singing luchador, Joseph Santana.


The voice of the ring, Josh Roberts.


Breaking News. Justin Edelheight.


The heiress to the throne, Kate Hears.


Up above and Keith Bello.


Stella Keller O'Brien.


Always leave the crowd wanting Brian Moore.


And pick him up, Lootspun.


Thank you very much. That is our hall of fame class for the 11th of July 2023. Thank you all so much. Head on up to patient. Com rest talk to get involved. Right, let's head into the rest of your UltraNAT and see what you had to say about this episode of Monday Night Raw. W e're kicking things off with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, clearly an AC DC fan who says, Hopefully this hasn't been said already, heading to work, we'll catch up later. Anyway, I hope the WME isn't trying to fast track a breakout angle with the Judgement Day and the Imperial because it's working so well with the bloodline. I don't think those are connected.


Well, it is a thing of that thing works, let's do it again. But I think it does make sense now creatively with the Judgment Day than it does with Imperial.


Rdp123 says, Hey, lads, I was catching up on AEW review last week and Luke guessed it will be MJF and AC versus Derby and OCE in the final. My fantasy booking would be that they finally hit the double closed line spot, only for Cole to lift up derby and hit the back side headlock takeover for the one, two, three. That's a very fun.


Little finish. It's funny how many factiony tag teamy, odd coupley stuff is going on at the moment in wrestling as a whole. Yeah. No, I.


Really like the side headlock take everything I think it's an excellent little addition to that. But really for me, it is all about that double clothesline spot. I can't wait for that. Charles Burks said, I've been searching for the funniest thing in wrestling and I found it. Derek O announcing the participants in the cruiserweight battle royal in WCW with such gems as this is Silver King. If he wins 12 more matches, he'll be upgraded to Golden King.


Gerrard Coe doing stuff in WCW because he wasn't allowed to do it is always a gold mine. For me, it's the.


Arm bar. Yeah, Man of 1,000, 4 holes. He's the Man of 1,000 for hold. He's the man of a thousand holes while I'm the Man of a thousand and four holes. And here they all are.


Just very funny stuff.


Aaron Hannahham has been a member for 22 months in a row. He said, Hey guys, just want to say that I was at Money in the Bank and the crowd was so good. Watch your live stream reaction and it looked so much fun. I'll be it all in and I am buzzing.


Sorry. Bless you. Thank you.


Darren here says, You know when the shirt with the rest of beer names is going to be available? I will ask Randy Andy Datson on that one to see if he's got any answer to that because he is leading up the merch stuff. Kevin here says, Thank you to An P for the great work on the My GM live stream yesterday. Luke, being more creative with his insults towards Triple H was fun and helped me go through the almost two hour train ride home. Jam that jam.


Well, for two hour train, it's a bit about the peak for me on.


Train times. It's a bit too.


Much for you after that? I've done three hours before and I did not like it.


You had to get trains up to the Northwest.




Are your four or five hour ones. They're a little stopover in Birmingham, maybe. Get to get to get to get to new street and they're just like, Well, got to wait.


Another hour before my train. They cost too much money, but the ones in Manchester at the very least are about an hour 50.


It is expensive.




Expensive. Prohibitively expensive.


It's cheaper to fly. And that's nonsense.


It is cheaper to fly and that is nonsense. Maybe we should nationalise them. Anyway, that is, in fact, all of our Ultra chat for this show. Please go and watch that My GM live stream that we did yesterday. It was a great and fun time. I had a great time. I have been thinking about a lot of my choices over the past 12 hours, and I regret most of them. I really did have a moment. I was walking to the station today and I was listening to a podcast, but I wasn't really taking much. Because you were too busy thinking. I was too busy going like, I should have done that.


What's one of them? Give us one. I should have bought the stadium. Should have bought the stadium. You don't have to book it straight away.


No, I know. Funnily enough, I made that exact same mistake in season two. I panic.


But at least, at the very least, Pete didn't. You're already even.


Healed there. But it's honestly that time. I know I bring it up, but it.


Panics me. I did also feel for the first time in the room watching you guys do it live, the live element of it is a bit like, you.


Never know. I have no idea if the stream is actually running because we don't have.


A production. There's a lot going on.


Yeah. I panicked and I made it. I made some errors. But hey, that's what next week is all about.


We got five more weeks of my GM to solve it.


Next week is the comeback, man.


And I believe.


In you. Thank you, bud. You're welcome. So you go and check that out over on parts funknown. And we'll be back on Thursday with the AEW dynamite review. And then on Saturday, the smackdown review. Monday it will be Collision. And then we're heading towards SummerSlam.


God, it's so close.


I know.


It's real close, isn't it? Yeah. In the gym. In the gym. In the gym.