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The Judgment Day look like they're going to break up. I'm Oli Davis, filling in for Luke in DAD. Huge. Joined by Dan Layton, the professor of Dan Layton. The truth, what's your... The Jam in the Jar.


Briefcase holder. Mr. Jam in the Jar.


Yeah? Yeah. That's it. Mr. Jam in the Jar. The people.


Call me the professor of truth. Okay. So it's a mixture of both. Basically, whatever you fancy. What are you feeling?


Because Dan won a... I'm looking quite short actually. There we go.


You basically were kneeling down. Do you want me to get smaller for you? Is that what you need? Yeah, that would work. I'll just go. How about that?


So you could merge the JAM and the JAR briefcase holder with the Truth and the Professor? Yeah.


Mr. Jam and the Truth and the Truth and the Truth and the Truth and the Truth. The Truth and.


The Truth and the J ar. That's all you've got inside there.


Dr. Truth and.


The J ar. Welcome to the Monday Night Raw Review podcast on the Rest of Talk podcast channel. If you haven't already, please press the thumbs up button, give us a subscribe, leave us a comment down below with what you thought of this episode of Monday Night Raw and send in your...


Ultra Nats. And it's a very themed episode this week because Natty got some real... No, she got some props this week. I'm not having it. I'm not standing for anyone. Natty had a great match this week. So get in your ultra nats to confirm precisely why we've chosen to name them after. The legend, the record holder, the Guinness World Record Holder of about 26 new records, Natalia Knightheart.


Yeah, she was there in a match that Ria Ripley was really good in. She was.


Good in it, too. We'll get into it.


But we'll open starting with another part of R ee R ipley's storyline, which is this Judgment Day Split. Last time we did this together, I think it was three weeks to a month ago, and that was the episode when we first got the idea that, oh, priest and Bala, there's a little bit of tension here. Now baller's lost his World Constellation Way Championship shot, because a priest.


I would say in no small part because of priest and his own insecurity. It's very much like priest stood up, put money in the bank with his briefcase in hand, a little bit too early, maybe, enough for Fin to see priest and stop going for that third coup de grace, which would have in absolute terms put Seth Rollins away. So Fin lost his shot.


Fin's been going that way. But priest, meanwhile, totally opposite. He's got the briefcase.


He was on Sunday Brunch this week. Was he? 100 % he was. Yeah, my mom texted me. She was like, I got a text from my mom. The first words were Damion Priest, and I went, What? Damion Priest was on Sunday Brunch this week. We'll talk about it.


This is so weird when Wwe come to England and they invade all our little bits.


Yeah, on our.


Tv show. I got a text from my girlfriend on Thursday, and it was just a screenshot of the description of the BBC Radio Show Women's Hour. Good. Okay. Because Ria Ripley was on it.


Was she on it? Was she on Women's Hour? Brilliant.


I love that. My girlfriend said she was a bit boring. She didn't come across very well. I know. She came across as quite monotone.


Oh, really? Jamie Preez came across very well. Oh, yeah? Oh, brilliantly. Have you.


Watched it then?


Yeah, I went back and watched it straight away. He basically sat there, man spreading like you wouldn't believe. He's a tall guy. He's a tall guy. He's a handsome, like, built big guy with a voice of a devil. With a voice of a devil. And they're sat there asking him some questions. And then it's that typical interview that I still can't believe we're doing this 23 years after it was at the absolute apex, where they're like, What's this wrestling, man? All of that stuff they give him. And he's absolutely fielding it and navigating them really well. He's coming across very chill, very warm, makes a few jokes, props up the presenters. And yeah, genuinely, I was like, Oh, okay. No wonder they're quite high on you. I think you represent this company.


Quite well. Did they do any... So Sunday Brunch's Baffinley.


Watchable Show.


Incredibly Watchable Show. I call it lads and food.


Precisely. Mcketa Oliver is on it now.


Oh, really? Do you remember her? Yeah, I used to work with McKeta. Did you? Yeah, back in my channel 4 days.


I didn't.


Know you were on channel 4. I wasn't on.


channel 4. You were working on channel 4.


But the it's not Tim Lovejoy and the chef guy anymore.


Tim Lovejoy is still there. But on this particular episode, McKeta Oliver was around.


So usually, I think you have a man and a woman hosting stuff. As you see here, we're really diverse on our rest of talk. I got nails. What they've chosen to do, apart from this McKeil or Oliver episode, is just have two bored.


Chaps chatting.


And making food.


Everyone's sat around the table eating food and then the interview people. It's a show about Brunch.


But did Damion Price play any of the games?


No, it was just one short interview segment.


He didn't stay on the table?


He didn't stay on the table. There probably wasn't room for him. It's a very little table and he's a large man. But no, he was quite chill, quite good, did his job very well. I think represented the company brilliantly. And then...


It's live.


So he.


Would have done that with.


The briefcase. I was thinking it's not like you got to be at work now. Get on the plane.


Well, sorry about that diet tribe. I was genuinely interested in that. And Raw was good, but not so good that I didn't want to talk about a Sunday Brunch appearance.


I found Roar quite... I was a bit sad for you because you came on to cover for and you were like, What are you all talking about? This Raw was great. And we did have a particularly good episode that one. This one I thought was a hot opening, two very dull hours, and then a decent final hour.


Yeah. So it's like the judgment day stuff. Yeah. Really? Because it opened the show with that start of the book and set, Rollins comes out. Whoa. I hate it.


Yeah. Absolutely hate it. I'm starting to get tired of it, too.


Only now?


Yeah. Because now he's the top dog again. Well, when he was in the middle, I wasn't really forced because he could always turn it on. And there was a little like Healy. I liked the heeliness of it, but now it's supposed to be Faith.


What is his character?


He's a man who has a belt and buys clothes that, in fairness, I would wear. Would you? Yes. Those red boots? Yeah, because they told me I was doing things for Lord of the Board and they told me I'm not allowed to wear my V neck because of my placement. So I acquiesced.


That's all of your.


Wardrobe out. Basically, I was like, I've got one option. It's this black shirt that I wear sometimes on laundry day. But that's basically this whole character. And they cheer and they sing his song. And that's more for us than it... For him and what he does. There's not a lot. I'm very nice. There's nothing to gash in on. Not on this main event. Yeah, he just doesn't really do anything. And now he's in the position where he's like, Welcome to Monday Night Raw. He's the host of.


Raw thing. That's the other thing. He came out and I hate this in Raw. But when they make baby faces or champions do the job of the announcers. So he's like, Wow, everybody, what a night we just had at Money in the Bank. You would never get The Rock doing that back in the day. Also, that is a John Cener template.


We just got a three four minute recap of Money in the Bank, and now you're here to tell me what happened? I don't need it.


But yeah, he came out. He was immediately interrupted by Cody Rose. Cody Rose came down, said the words, so? He was interrupted by Brock Lesner's music. Well, hey, they had a brawl. That was good. Cody actually stood tall. Seth goes to talk again and who should interrupt for a second time?


Judgment day. Judgment Day.


Not all of them.


No, conspicuous by his absence was the Prince. Fin Bella, not there.


I think Seth pointed that out as well, like, Well, there's not all of you here. And Ria said, Well, don't worry, we're fine. Fin just isn't here right now. And Dom looked at her like, What?


And Ria was like... That was nice teasing. I didn't know if they were trying want to say that, Well, Fin's in the back because they've got an ambush plan for later.


Or just like, He's doing his thing. Don't worry about it. We're not worried about it. Why should you worry about it? Thing. It was like, Which one do.


You want to be? Because even in the... Then goes on to Damion saying, I could beat you. He has this wonderful bit where Damion goes, That someone else in this faction could beat you. And he looks at Dominic, but then Dominic.


Looks at Ria. Yeah. Well, it's funny because in the Cody Dom storyline, half of it was actually Cody versus r eally was what we were interested in.


That was that moment from a few weeks back, wasn't there, where Seth did the dive and posed with.


Ria Ripley? Yeah, she thought it was Dom.


She's just the best thing. She's great. Everything, particularly.


In the tallium. Except on woman's hour.


Oh, yeah, dull.


Yeah, moment to hang.


Dominic versus Seth Rollins was set up for the main event, and Seth said, I believe this is a trap. I'm going to do it anyway. So the idea of Fin being in the back and this is all a big plot by Judgement Day, it's a good idea. I don't think that's the story they were telling, though, because everyone then seemed surprised. The baller ran down after the main event.


To scuttle. Yeah. Well, there was a backstage segment a little bit into the show after Ria's match where she basically said, Oh, Dom came in and said, Have you heard from Fin yet? And they were like, No, we haven't. So they made it clear that they didn't know where Fin was either.


So it wasn't an.


Ambush plan? It wasn't an ambush plan. It was very much Fin is MIA. Okay. And character wise, I think that's perfectly justified because I think from Fin's perspective, he had that match won after all those years and his mate stole it from him. And then that's the conversation they were having, isn't it? Basically what happened was we had the match between Steph and Dom.


Standard stuff. Yeah.


Dom got far too much in on Steph, I thought, for someone who was banded off by Cody Rose two days ago. I think Dom's character works best when he's not actually involved, but claims he's involved thing.


Which is why Brock Lesner should have helped him beat Cody. I absolutely agree. Imagine if we were going into this main event with Dom and the momentum behind him of.


I beat.


Cody Rose. I just beat Cody Rose. He's beaten you three times, seth Rollins. I'm coming for that title.




Completely agree. That'd be.


So good. I think it would have been so much more fun for him to... Another reason for us to hate him. It's like, we all saw that you didn't beat Cody Roads.


And Roads would not have lost a thing. No, I don't think so. And you could have done that angle with Brock. Apparently, that was the plan. That was the plan. And they decided, oh, well, we've got Cina and Drew both making shock appearances. Let's not be too good.


Let's not give him too much. We don't want to... You have too much of a good thing.


We're not going to get a wrestle mania for five years by the sounds of it. Give me a Brock right now.


I prefer that to what we got instead, which is a graphic that has apparently made Dirty part of Dominic's actual name. Did you see this? In the corner of the screen, it said, Seth F reaking Rollins versus Dirty Dominic Mysterio. Don't need that.


Just dumb Mysterio.


But then we got the Fin interference. And then what happened was something that I preferred so much more to the alternative, which is 25 minutes of stilted promos where you essentially had Fin... Dominic was really mad at Fin because he was like, You've just stolen my opportunity there to cash in and become champion. I could be champion right now. And Fin's like, I could be champion right now, but you stop me. And at one point, he was like, I don't care about your contract. I don't care about it. So Damion replies with, I don't care about your vendetta, dude. And they were really heated and they were really going at each other. And it was so compelling. And I was like, the announcement, thankfully, had shut off and let it play out. And I was really into it. And I think this was my thing with Money in the Bank in general, which is that I find I liked the idea of LA Night winning for the pop and I like the idea of LA Night holding a briefcase and cutting a promo about how he's going to cash in on anybody. But I think the briefcase can be a bit of an albatross and I think it can be something that weighs you down if you don't have anything else to do.


And especially last year, I think it's still got some stink on it from the.


Theory 1. The Theory 1, Otis' hand in it, the M rs.


I think it's a couple of bad years. And so what it needs is a compelling story. And the Judgment Day story is compelling enough for this prop to be useful in that regard. So I really like this.


Yeah. A lot of people were surprised by how many people thought it was a bad ladder match. Some even said a bad pay per view overall. That's not true. Because LA Knight didn't win.


You and I have spoken about this, and I've half joked about being a moments guy. I do like a moment, but it is about how you follow that moment up. I think about Austin turning heel at wrestle in 2017, and that's an incredible moment. But then was it followed up in the right way? Was it the right choice? Was it whatever? It would have been an incredible moment for LA Knight to win, but would it actually have been detrimental to LA Knight's character going forward?




Then nobody wants him to cash in on a midcard belt. I feel like he would have a much better... He currently would be served much better by having a a midcard title, taking it off theory and going on a run with the big champion belt.


Well, if LA Knight won it as well, I think Wwe would then start to resent the fact that they felt like they had to put the briefcase on him. I agree. And we'd get beaten. He'd get beaten every week for a year and then he'd lose his cash.


Because that's often the way with the briefcase as well is because your argument is, Well, you cash in the briefcase, you get all your heat back. And it doesn't work like that. So I think by giving priest a win against Nackamora, which we'll talk about in a minute, and then by having this big main event story and the gentleman they have gone from When I first did the review last August, they were spooky jobbers. They were nothing. They're now the biggest act on role thing. I'm far more compelled in their story. Seth is just there. Seth's a part of it. But really, these two and they have a series and in the end, Bala is injured and goes off screen. And then at some point, Damion catches in and Bala can make a return. You've got Bala versus priest. You've got Bala versus Seth. You've got priest versus Seth. You've got all of these different things to play. I'm into it.


Well, here's my pitch. I didn't get it at Money in the Bank, and I said this a month ago, but Fin versus Seth rematch at Summer Slam because Summer Slam is the actual pay the view where they fought all those years ago back in 2016 or whatever. Fin wins. Judgment Day, celebrate with him.


Oh, the whole return of.


The Bateasian. Cash in. Priest beats Fin. The Judgment Day have cast a judgment once more. Edge has been kicked out. Fin's been kicked out. Next year, the lead will be kicked out again.


I find that the most compelling. I liked the idea of Fin winning at Money in the Bank because Fin had the belt.


In his home country of England.


In his home country, right on his back garden. It's such an interesting little development for those two. I think it probably would have been the right call to give it to Fin here, to give it to Fin at Money in the bank, then do the run up of the... You wouldn't cash in on me, would you? And then JD McDonald's whole thing of like, You've got friends, haven't you? You wouldn't. We're mates, we're stable mates. You're not going to do that. Always want to open. And then, yeah, you do get that congratulations, bye bye moment at someone's land. I think that would be great.


You keep saying these two people, but what I actually find most interesting is Dom and Ria being caught in the middle. There was a lot of at the end when... Because what happened is priest started beating down Seth after the main event because priest had already caused the DQ loss for Dom by beating up seth. Rublish finish, but it is what it is. It's Wwe and they're beating him up. You got to protect Dom.


Yeah, of course.


Seth comes back, Dom hits him over the head with the briefcase. They roll him in the ring. Then Fin runs down and starts to beat up seth too.




This point, you're like, Okay, well, Fin's helping priest's case here. But it was when Bala pushed Seth and he accidentally pushed Seth into Bala that gave Seth enough time to run away, like the Harriet Baby face he is. Then they're both arguing and that's when you see Dom like, No, guys.


Please, dads. Dads.


Dad, he's a mummy.


Please don't fight. And then you had Ria cradling Dom and being like, Can you just focus? Dom's hurt. There was something... But what's really interesting is that they all had separate stories for the past month, pre pictures have been busy with money in the bank. Fin's been busy with set. These guys have been busy with Cody. Here they are. And there's such dissension. It's like, Can we stop fighting, please? I love it.


That's why factions are so great because you get these two person acts and feuds and you can tell where they're going. But as you see in the Bloodline story where you've got four people plus Paul Hayman, then occasionally It is so multifaceted and you'd think it would just add one more storytelling layer. But what it does is it exponentially increases every other person you add. Well done on the Judgment Day storyline. Really liking it. I was.


A big fan of that.


Let's see how many Natty chat. Ultra Nats. Ultra Natts. We've got them. Rest of talk. Com support, send them in there, read all of the ones over five US dollars out on air. Cody Moody F ive says, Hey, boyos, Damion Priest winning Money in the Bank, in my opinion, was a slightly better choice because of the long term story potential. And I think Knight will win the Rumble. Wow.


Yeah, I think that's a big call.


Also, Dax retweeted my FTR album cover concept. Keep being you boys. Jam that dam to retails c hip.


I don't know about the Royal Rumble, but let's get there first. Let's get to January.


Don't think the Rumble will be a bad match if LA Night doesn't win.


But this is it. If we start getting excited. I mean, there was this whole idea of the main event next year is going to be Cody Roman. And it's like, Well, let's get there first. Let's figure it out. But like I say, LA Night is fine. La Night is getting the reactions and is much better served elsewhere. And I think Triple H probably sees that. Whether Vince does, I don't know.


Vince isn't.


Oh, he's not involved. My bad.


Bayly Rikert. Shane there has to be the face in this round of fewed, don't force Ronda as the face, and by default for EOB and on smackdown, she's the second longest reigning Miss Money in the Bank holder.


In that segment with Ria backstage where they were talking about has anyone spoken to Fin, we did get a little face to face with EO, who again has made the very quick flight all the way back over because she's a smackdown superstar because the brand split is in full effect. Although Money in the Bank can do whatever they want. I like the whole, I'm here, I'm here. It was the whole thing of, I think you said it on the review, that by virtue of this show being on a Saturday, EO has already become the second longest.


Quite a big leap to then be the first day. Carmella's like 280 days.


Just bring the average to a minimum. But I would love if EO just hovered around in suites watching Rio matches. She's up in the crowd with the money in the bank briefcase and a glass in hand just going like, Okay, I'm watching you. I'm here always because it idea of it being that target on your back is what makes the money in the bank briefcase so compelling.


I also do get a bit bored of, I've got a briefcase. I've got a briefcase, I'm here. That's why I was quite a fan of the idea of Logan Paul getting it.


Because he wouldn't be around. He could disappear.


For three months and all of a sudden, what's these engines music?


I am Logan Paul and I am a Maverick.


Bayley says, Hey, Bayley here. Love the show on Saturday. All the boys went crazy for the shirt unbuttoning, disappointed you aren't wearing another button one tonight. Next time, I will be waiting for it.


You got to save these things. You can't just give away the goods.


All right, so let's get on with the full play by play review. We've already covered the opening, but we actually had a...


We didn't get into Cody himself.


We had an RIP graphic for Dross as well. Oh, yes. He passed away.


Oh, yes. So I was at smackdown on Friday, I don't know if I've mentioned it. I was at smackdown on Friday and that popped up and that was how I learned that news and that was really sad. And I think one of the things that I thought about a lot with Dross in particular is beyond his in ring work and the whole Beyond the Math stuff and all of that was I always associated him with things like bike this and being a dot com writer during the internet show, which is very much a precursor to the whole industry we have around us now. He was doing predictions in his website articles. He was brought in to bike this, their web show for analysis when it was all dial up internet still. I was quite taken with like, oh, we shouldn't forget his contribution on that front as well. And the fact that the injury that he suffered was devastating. And that's something to not forget. But it was what he did in the decades post that injury that I found quite inspiring in many ways.


Apparently a lovely guy who never really got bitter by the injury. Unfortunately, my enduring memory is he's got to appear he's going to.


P uke.


I still do that to my friends on nights out. When I see someone's about to go, he's just done a show. He's got a p uke. We had Seth come out. Cody Rose came out. I think he was going to set up something for the belt, but that isn't the story.


Did you see the press conference stuff in the interview with Eriel Helwani? Yeah, he said it's not his story. He said it's not his story. He said it's a great belt. He tried to put over the belt as much as he could while also saying, I don't give a damn.


It's not the real belt.


It's not the real belt. And then there was a little part of me that does what I do. I went, Okay, I could fantasy book this and see where I go with it. I was like, Maybe if like SummerSlam Cody wins that belt and it does legitimise it. And then we get to Maynooth and that's actually a unification match. And then, thankfully, we were caught off before I could go there. And then you introduce a new belt. Yeah. Well, this belt was supposed to be Cody's belt when he took it off Roman, but that's the side of.


The point. Roman wins that one as well. Yeah.


And then he carries on, Roman 4 belt.


We covered the seth.


And I just meant that when I was getting there on the being carried away, Brock came in and then we got a battle battle. And then Cody standing tall. Good brawl. Good brawl. Did you see that? I love that Cody got out there straight away and Brock is laughing as he's running up the aisle. And then they were right into each other and it was like, Wow, this. Yeah, I do actually want to see this again.


It's been a good feud, though.


Yeah, good opening.


Nakemora lost a priest in about 10 minutes. Fine, like normal match. Becker Mora. He just does stuff.


I think more important was priest getting the win to keep his momentum.


And then we got something really quite delightful. Please, Ronda Rousey comes out. She's there to presumably address Shane has turned. But before she can, Shane of Basel interrupts her.


This is a show of interrupting people.


Yeah, and short matches. That's raw. We are all tired of listening to Ronda try to talk on the microphone.




Then she just went all in on Ronda. She really did. That's one of Shane's better promos she's ever done. Was really passionate, well delivered, and the content was great.


Dead right.


As well. And then she beat up Ronda and then beat her up again. Ronda's like, I know I've seen this movie before. Ronda makes the comeback. Then Shane was like, Nope, me dates are in the face.


Dragging her by the hair. All of it.


Was brutal. Crowd are going crazy for Shane.




Big time. Now I don't know if if Wwe are actually booking Shane as a baby face.


It's one of those weird things where I feel like we perceive her as the baby face because of what she's saying. But if the mustache hears all of this stuff, he sees it as a negative because basically the good thing about this is both the right. Ronda Rousey is Ronda Rousey. She's a mainstream star. So she does get to go ahead of the line because she proved herself in many other ways. She had a far more impactful MMA career than Shane Baisler. Shane Baisler has come in the other way and made her name for herself on the indies in Nxt purely for a love of the business. Ronda, that whole business of her being so miserable and petty and whiny and making herself this natural heel and Bateson being like, Dude, I brought you into this and you're being ungrateful and I'm fuming at you is a really compelling story. I do feel a little bit like Vince looks down on the people who do 300 days a year, helps out the ring and do the indies and perform for people or whatever. Nothing that you did before you arrived on to WTV matters thing, unless you're Ronda Rousey.


So I think that from my perspective and from all of our perspective, Shane Bates is a massive face at this point because we've all been tired of being... I think you remember that first run for Ronda Rousey that first year?


That was good. It was good.


It was really fun, really compelling, really entertaining. I think she did a really good job. And then suddenly when she gets put in this promo with Beccy and Charlotte, because we were all was so far behind Becker and we were so mad at Charlotte being there, Ronda fell by the wayside. I think that bruised her ego in a big way. And I think her response to that is the reason that we're all a little bit against her and why this run hasn't really become anything. So if she's exercised her hard out because she wants to jog on and do the Holly home rumor and other things, then by all means, if she's going to do it to put her mate over on the way. Perfect. Yeah.


That's the big benefit in all of this. If Shaneer ends up as a super over Nxt champion of old Bateser because of this, I'm really happy.


Do you want to watch Shaneer Bateser versus Ria Ripley? Because I do.


Oh, yes. I don't want to watch any more women's tag team championship matches. I've decided. They just don't enjoy me. They don't.


Enjoy me? Women's tag teams full stop?


At this point because they can be very good wrestlers. They can be very good wrestlers together. But if Wwe don't care about it, I struggle to invest in anything that happens as soon as the bell rings, even when it was Bayley and Sasha versus Asher and Kyrie, that was yummy.


The pinnacle.


But now it's like, what is this?


What happened here was we bantered off three new teams for no reason. I like a tag team turmoil. It's a gauntlet match. It's a gauntlet match. But I used to call tag team tremor match back in 2000, and it was all too cool. And the head bangers running in quickly. And then before you know it, it's probably Edge and Christian again. Get the win. I like that as a concept. I like it as a match. I like a gauntlet. But really, we got some weird Melodrama from Nikki Cross that isn't working.


Because she wanted to team with Candice LeRay. Yeah. Candice LeRay was teaming within.


The Artwell. And this was Indie's debut on Raw, by the way. Oh, was it? Yeah. She was backstage in a promo once. This was her debut on Raw. Didn't even get an entrance.




Way on that. Or the way down.


Yeah. Nikki Emma said, our team with you for no real reason. And it doesn't matter because they all got eliminated in minutes.


Dana Brooks and Tegan Nox are also there.


I didn't know it was.


Dana Brook. Dana Brooks and Tegan Nox.


I wrote everyone's names down for the purpose of my review notes. And I wrote down Tegan Nox. And then I get to write in the actual script for my review. And I'm like, Who was the blonde person? It wasn't Tiffany Straton. I just kept on thinking it was...


It's Dana Brooks.


It's Dana Brooks. It's like the ninth version of Dana Brooks.


I'm sorry, Dana Brooks and Emma have history. Why can't they be a tag team? And also when we got to the end of it, because it was like all of these teams were banded off in no grace. It was all just done. Bye bye. Off you go. The Karens have made made a bit of a name for themselves because they were put together quite organically. We saw it happen on screen. And then they've been doing their segments and they've been entertaining and I've enjoyed them. I think Chelsea Green is great in the role. I think she's brought something else out of Sonia Deville. I think it's quite good. The party girls who like to party, we at least have been given an introduction. They've had some great matches. They love to party. They love to party and they got new entrance. They got a little steam thing.


What was that?


An attempt to make their entrance not look cringy.


But it was like a clothes steamer.


Like iron on crack. It was a huge one. I didn't want to say anything, but you know. But then they come out and they've got a fun entrance and they've got great moves. And what we got in the end was those guys versus the Karrons. And there was that incredible avalanche and Oh My God! From Cate and Carter. Oh, no, it was Catana Champs did that. It was both of them at the.


Same time. Because it was Chelsea Green not just sitting on the top turnbuckle as you would normally hit a Hurricane Rana.


Yeah, on the shoulders of Cate and Carter. It was.


Standing up.




Height, which Catan had leapt up and hit. Amazing.


Amazing. Why couldn't we just have those guys take a match? And if we have Raqqel and Liv there and they're the new champ and they say, hey, look, we also agree with... They were bad people, but we agree with what Ronda and Shane wanted to do, which is to make this division mean something. And then over the next few weeks, we've got three hours of television each week. Can we have the women be like, Why don't we team together? Hey, Dana, I'm Emma. We've got history. Let's try being a team together. Oh, Tegan Nox and Piper Niven. We're both British. Nikki Cross and Piper Niven are both Scottish. If you want to tell this awful story between Nikki Cross and Candice LeRay and Andy Hartwell, do it. Just do it and let it have time. Why have we just... If we're supposed to be invested in this division, don't show us it like this because it... I don't care.


You buried everybody.


Buried everybody.


By beating them so quickly. Yeah, I agree. I thought this was awful.


Really, really bad. I was like, What the F is going on in here on this day?


Tegan Nox and Dana Brook also got eliminated during a picture and picture break.


They were in power. They were in control. Then we went to ad and then it came back. And we don't get picture and picture on BT Sport. I was watching on BT Sport.


Where'd they go?


I literally was.




What? Oh, okay, I guess.


Nonsense. Terrible. I enjoyed the following bit, though, with Beccy Lynch and Trish and Zoe.


Big time. Big pop for Trish's face mask.


So this is the promo, calls down Trish, Trish comes out. She did break her nose, it seems like, because not only did she have that thing on, she had a buttoned up nose.


Did you see during the match, there was a great shot of Trish? And it had a full on. And I watched the match back and I spotted where it happened. It was when she's having her head bashed off the ladder. It wasn't there when she climbed up, it was when she climbed down. And I've done this a few times already, but I want to put over Trish. Because as a legend, she's 47, she doesn't need to do this thing. She's come back doing a program to put over a younger star and it's working. I think Zoe Stark is getting a nice little rug. Zoe Stark had a great outing in the ladder match as well. Program with Becker and entering the ladder match and not shying away. Was she flawless at it? No. There were a few spots that were a bit clunky, but she did it. And she wasn't afraid to take a bump. At one point, she took a manhandle slam on the ladder. I know. It was awesome. She did it. And so yeah, thank you, Trish. And I think this is really cool. And I popped big time. But when she had the classic Trish I've broken my nose mask on from the 2004 five run, she said, Let's get out of here, Baltimore, more like Balter less.


Yeah, Trish. Against my better judgment.


I laughed. That's funny.


But yeah, it was a slightly odd, unfocused promo insofar as Trish was saying, you were jealous of everybody going around saying thank you to me. But thought the point of this was that no one was saying thank you to you. So I was like, what's going on there?


But I did not consistency from W.


W. E. Characters. I remember when they hired a continuity person.


Oh, did they? I think it's only working on the.


Bloodline story. I think they hired him and fired him within a week. I think it was a PR thing.


I think there was a bit of potential teases here. So Trish at one point says, I'm the best wrestle here. I'm the face of the division. And so he looked at her. We're not talking solo Roman levels, but it was just a glance. And that feels like the thing Triple H trips feeds in now. And then Trish said later on, There's nobody better than me. Maybe Zoë can be at one point under my tutelage. And Becker Lynch points out, Well, what happens to Zoe when Trish leaves? You're not going to be here forever. So this already feels like it's been packaged around Stark to end up more over than before.


I think that's a really good thing. And I like Zoe a lot.


Cody Rose came out in a suit.




That. And he was interviewed on the ramp part with the audience behind him. Yeah, it's quite nice.


I've made my peace with the fact that it's not Kathy Kelly anymore. I've had a sad day about that.


Why is Jackie?


She's not Kathy, is she?


Who's Jackie?


Jackie, I did some googling. She's done an HL before. She's a sports journalist. She's here. She's not Kathy Kelly.


Yeah, who is?




Cody told us all to say hi to Jackie, which was fun.


Why does he come out and do the promos here? We've already seen him come out with the entrance. Why do we do two and I don't get that.


People like singing a song.


Diminishing returns. He said they'll fight Brock anywhere. We got Alpha Academy versus Viking Raiders next in the full on six man... Six person, sorry, and the gender tag. Everyone's finally in the ring together. It was really fun. They went straight to the final third of the match. The match breaks down, everyone's here and finished. Pictures. It's all to build up Maxine getting in with Valhalla. Arm drag, arm drag, suplex.


And then Otis is like, do the Caterpillar. She does the Caterpiller, kicked in the face.


But a few moves later, Sunset Flip pin for the win.


This was excellent. This was the moment where I came back into the room because I'd been so like, whatever about this episode. And then suddenly the Alpha Academy are here to save the day and everything was great. Gabels explored a Suplex to Eric like it was nothing. And Eric's not a small guy and Gabel is. So that worked. The way the crowd came alive for an arm drag and a Suplex. Do you know there was a Let's Go Maxine Chan at one point. It was the basic storytelling of like, I taught you how to do an arm drag. I taught you how to do a Suplex. And you did one of those each week. And now here they are in sequence. And then her feeling the Caterpillar, but you not practice that one. So she's not ready for that one yet. I'm so happy for this unit and for the Viking Raiders that this little program is so over. Do you know what I mean? Because I think it's hard work and they're doing it well. And I think I'd love it. It's so simple, but it's really effective.


I was disappointed with how much time they got here.


You thought they should have more or less?


More. More? Yeah. No, I thought this should.


Have been one minute. We need more tag teams in the turmoil match.


Because this is the pay off of a month long story, really. And I think it went 5 to 7 minutes. And you could feel it because they went right in at.


The end.


It was just like Otis tagging in, Chad tagging in. You started with the hot tag so you could get to the Maxine spot quickly. But I really feel like if you had 10 minutes of the opening, the middle third of the match, which they.




That pay off at the end when Maxine finally gets tagged in, you can keep on playing up the idea that she's going to get tagged. Maybe she misses something first and she gets worked over.


I see your point and I think it's an effective one. I just feel like for me, and I'd hate to make the same point every single time, but I wish this show was two hours because if it was, this is the perfect amount of time because you don't need more time really for it to like... Because it landed, didn't it? And we got the energy.


It did land. I had to come and talia, personally.


How dare you? But I just feel like the pops were there.


Big pops from a bad crown, too.


When she went, Thank you, I literally was on my feet. I was so excited. I was led forward. Everything was so much fun. I think part of its charm and part of the reason it's been so effective is the fact that it's so short. I think it was a similar thing with Cody and Dom. They were all very simple and very effective the whole way through. I'm for things like the judgement day stuff at the end because they weren't in a promo waiting for each other to finish their dunk sentence and put the mic down and pick the mic back up. Everything just felt snappier. I think pacing is so important. And I think that by going straight in at Act 3, we're already in the heat. We don't have time to lose our concentration.


One thing I might be reading too much into this, but Otis was the one calling for the Caterpillar from Maxine. Maxine did it. She got hit in the face. So if I'm Chad in the debrief of this match, I'm like, You can't be doing that stupid stuff. You've got to focus on pro wrestling fundamentals.


With your little shorts and your Polo now.


It's the JAS's sports entertainment versus Blackpool Combat Club's.


Death jutsu.


Rassling. Yeah, rassling. I don't know if that's, again, a little spot that predicates a split.


You wanted to keep them.


Together and I wanted to keep them together. I do, yeah. I just thought that's It's interesting. Triple H has made me pay attention to stuff, which I like. Rick has shared They apparently had a brawl with Logan Paul backstage after Money in the Bank. They showed us footage. Then Rico Shea called out Logan for a face to face next week. Reportedly, spoiler, this is because they're going to have a showcase flipping match at Summer Slam. Flipping nonsense.


Much better than an idea of a Logan versus Seamus match. No disrespect to Seamus. But that was the rumor was that Logan was going to go into a program with Seamus. I'd rather see this.


It should be amazing going by their spot they did together and money.


In the bank. Maybe just don't do it all from.


The middle rope. Ria Ripley then took on Natalia in...


Come on. You ready? Come on.


A surprise and a surprise. Coming good match.


Thank you. I managed to bring Luke round on the mids. My next way is to bring everybody round on Natalia.


She's boring me. Ria comes down to the ring and she's attacked by Natalia during her entrance. And it was that jolt of energy that shocked me out of, Oh, it's a Natalia match. And they brawled around the ring and it was really back and forth. I'm not saying this to bar but Natalia, but I really feel like I was so into this match because of Ria's selling. And the selling came down to, oh, I'm being caught by surprise by this.


I actually think they both did a great sell job here. You're dead right on that one. It was almost that like Natalia had she'd been beaten up twice by Ria in a very similar way. And she was like, Okay, well, I need to play you at that game. So she did. And it was effective and it worked. And then through the match, Ria was off her game. And then every time she got a minute to get back to her senses, and she did and she took control. Natalia reached down and found some more reserves, and they just battered each other. There was an intensity from Natalia that we haven't seen for a really long time. I have a lot of time and patience for Natalia because I think she is good in the ring. I think she is solid and dependable. Good.


She's good. She's there. She's solid and dependable.




Good in the ring. She's been there for a long time.


I think Natalia Straddle... I was saying this upstairs. I think Natalia Straddle's a generational divide weird. She was too good for the divas division. She's maybe not on the same level as the current crop of women.


That's really a cute summary, I think.


So I think it's a little bit like she's not on the performance level. I will always concede she's a little bit stunted with her delivery of promos and things like that. But I think she's good at what she does. I think she's a good, solid, dependable rest. I would love to see her have a big tag team run. I always like...


She got it with Tamina.


She got it with Tamina. She was.


Good in that. You want another one?


Yeah, with Beth Phoenix. I want Beth Phoenix and Natalie to win the tag team titles and put it out there. I'll make you care about the women's tag division if it's the last thing I do. Certainly more than they will. I think that whether it was a match she had with Charlotte, she had a good run with N omey, I think she's got something good here. And I think that there was a moment where she broke out of Ria's submission and it was like she was gulping for air. She was like, Oh, my God. I'm really going for this here. And it made me believe in her. It made me believe she was really trying here and really going for it. It was a level of intensity we haven't seen from her for a while to the point where she locks on the sharp shooter and I'm watching it go and like, I as the one who is always on Natalia's side, go on, tap out. I don't think for a second I ever believed that it was to lose, ever. But I was like, oh, could you a little bit... If Ria does have any trouble that she needs some time to properly heal from, it wouldn't be the right choice.


But I believed it in the moment. And I think that's a credit to the pair of them. And I think that when don't. She does get banded off and she has become a bit of a meme. And all of the world records that are like, congratulations, as you said in your news, you've been around for a long time. That's really what they say. And that is in this company a feat in and of itself, I think, especially for the women's division. So I was just like, maybe I'm overcorrecting, maybe I'm overdoing it. But good on you, mate. Good for you. You had a really good little showing here and people were receiving it well online and I was happy for her.


It was a surprisingly good match. That sharp shoot of spot was really well done because Ria went for the dom tribute of a.


Frog splash. Yeah, and it was so good in it, wasn't it? The way she was playing to the crowd. It was so good.


Natalia got the knee s up and then hit the running power slam, Bulldog, and then put it into the sharp shooter. Really well done. But yeah, I think actually my match of the night.


I don't disagree with you. Credit to Corey Graves as well. Corey on commentary was pointing out the British Bulldog thing, putting over Natalia where possible. It's the commentators that can really elevate something. And normally they're a bit difficult on this show and I think they did a really good job there.


And then Ria beat up, Ria won, of course. Beat up Natty afterwards and Liv and Raquel made it the same.


Because they're friends. And we had a little Ria and Raquel moment last week. So I guess it's following.


Yeah. Do you think there's going to be a... Is Ria getting a tag partner or is this Raqel versus...


Well, it was the idea. So they set us up with Raqel, Becker and Ria at some point. They also set us up with Bianca, but then now she's on a different brand. So I'd rather Raqel and Liv focused on their division.


Because backstage after that, well, we got a Champa promo on Ms. And then Ms. Cutter, a pretty good promo back on Champa. What was that?


Sorry, within the space of the same five minutes, you just compliment Natalia and the Ms. I don't like it. The impact I've had, the doors I've opened on this channel, I tell you.


They're going to have a no DQ match next week.


They are. And at the very least, what I can say for that, I thought the Ms. Promo was great. I think the Ms. Cutter is a brilliant promo. Remember the Talking smack promo?


Yeah, but there's no credibility there. He can talk really well. I don't believe anything he says.


You don't have to. He does.


No, but I don't believe...


Do you see what I'm saying?


Yeah, but it does make me excited to.


See him wrestle. That's fair. At the very least, in this example of the Ms. Card Vortex, there is previous. The teams do have a story to tell. Champa's come back on straight into a program with the Ms. Card Vortex, but at the very least, they have worked together. Champa has a reason to have a grudge. This was a good night for Dan Leighton's unpopular faves.


Backstage, that's when we get real war going on. We get that EO Sky briefcase tease. Ripley does say to Dom that Raquel and Liv are going to regret this.


She doesn't need to take any part of the character wise. She doesn't need backup. I think that's the whole smag.


I think having Ripley versus Rodriguez, put them in the ring, that could be a good back of the brain.


They're so big. People do like, I like big people bashing each other. It's why I was so high on Miro on Collision. I was like, Oh, he's big, isn't he? And Drew McI n tighter, which we'll get in a second, speaking of big people.


So Riddul has a match against Giovane Vinczi from Imperial because Riddel had injured Vinczi a few weeks ago. Riddel coming off a brutal loss to his ankle, really.


Just walked out fine. Walked out fine, did his little flip flopped kick, jumped up and landed. Did a kip up in the middle of.


The match. Run back and forth.


To hit knees and stuff. No issues.


I was annoyed by that. It made me cross. And the match went about a minute. Riddul rolled up and pinned Vinci, whatever. Imperial run in. Drew McI nter runs out. He takes both Vinci and Kaisa while looking at Gunther.


I am irritated by Matt Riddel at the best of times. No selling an injury. And also you're not wearing shoes. I like that you don't wear shoes. It gives you something. But when you're not wearing shoes, there's less support. So how is this injured ankle that Gunther absolutely mould two.


Days ago? Enough to make you tap out.


And Trish wasn't medically cleared to compete earlier on.


Oh, that was another really fun line. She was like, Oh, because they walked down to beat up Beckingham. Oh, sorry. Now I've got a doctor's appointment. Yeah, at 9 30. At 9 30 on a Monday.


So yeah, I know that that bothered me. Now we've got McI nterra and Riddel being mates. Also, the idea of like, Oh, thanks. I've been dealing with them for ages. No one's helped me. What happened to K. O. And Samy? What I want for the next five weeks, really is McI nterra and Gunther just absolutely destroying people and then looking at each other and going like, Your turn. And then they bash each other. And it's like my two action figures. I've been doing this for a bit.


Yeah, I agree. It's not imperium's fault. It's the way WFC imperium. You are a three man group. We must Franken three some other random combination of wrestlers to go up against you. Backstage afterwards, Byron interviews Drew and Riddel in the most awkward way possible. Just slide into the shot while they're talking.


Hi, guys. I feel like there's something hovering over my shoulder.


They say they're going to face them next week in a tag match. Let's go get some pints. Then Riddel said, Yeah, some tinnies.


I thought he said some Jimmy's.


Oh, did it? What would Jimmy's be?


Well, then I started googling what Jimmy's are and I got three different answers and none of them sounded tasty. One of them was a crowbar, one of them was like a Stanley knife.


Let's go get some pints.


He said, Let's go get some pints.


The people say that?


We do.


Fancier pints. I've never said, do you want to get some pints?


Should we go for a pint? I'm Northern.




Let's go for a pint. Yeah, let's.


Go for a pint. You wouldn't say, let's go get some pints.


Well, he's bigger than us. He can take more than us.


Because sometimes a pint is actually plural.


Fancy a point.


Fancy a point. We'll be there for the next four hours.


And that's the show. Overall, I thought it was a long three hours.


Yes, it was.


I like the Judgement Day stuff, but really... And the American Alpha stuff.


That last hour.


The R eard.


Natalia stuff. From the return of... From the Alpha Academy match, pretty much to the end, I was engaged.


But it wasn't really good stuff. And you had like, this is the money in the bank post episode when you expected a bit more. And I was really excited to watch it. Such a hot crowd on Saturday to what was actually a very dead crowd.


Yeah, they had moments, but it wasn't. Can I do one final whinge bit while you're getting up the old chat document? Go for it. So having been there on Friday, something that's been bothering me for the past few weeks has been that we hear the sound of a pyro, but we don't see a pyro. And I've been noticing this for ages, and I keep forgetting to mention it. They do do the bang in the live arena. It's behind a big curtain and you can see the smoke. And I've researched this. It's called a concussion bomb or something. Basically, it is the sound of an explosion that is a real physical thing because pyro, as in the old WCW days, can sometimes sound like...




It's to make that look like a big boom. But they're not doing the pyro unless your name is Cody Roads or Roman Reigns.






Do it. Do the Pyro. You're starting to get on my nerves here. Don't care.


Spend the money. They're hard up for money, WCW. They are.


You're fibbing. I know you're fibbing. I've seen the deals.


It's just they line up all the crew.


Yeah. Three, two... They've all got chalk in the hand. It's like we're going to get a new member all over the place.


Before we get into our remaining natty chat, last call for those, let's say a big thank you to our wonderful $25 a Month or More pledge hammers on Patrion. If you go over there now, you can listen to mine and Luke's very well received TNA Slammersary 2009 review, where we talk for three and a half hours, three and a half to four hours about that era of DNA, which is one of my favourites, but watching it back, it's bad. Have you heard about this Matt Morgan comment?


Which one?


I was watching the YouTube version of the.


Pay per view on YouTube. Which one is this from?






I realised there's a live chat from when they premiered it three years ago. This is interesting. Let's see what people are talking about. Mostly people going, Oh, what do you think is going to happen on A EW this week? But then Matt Morgan comes out.


In the live chat?


No, no, no. Imagine. In the show and Don West is like, This guy, he's the perfect human being. He's the blueprint. They sent his DNA up to the International Space Station. Very funny. Someone in the chat says, If I had Matt Morgan's DNA, I'd clone myself, I'd turn that clone into a woman, and then I'd F it.


There are so many leaps.


Of logic here. I know. You've got the technology to clone yourself in the form of Matt Morgan. So yeah, sure, you've also got the technology to swap the genders.


But also you're going to F some DNA. You're not going to make yourself a Matt Morgan to F.


You're just going to Y. Well, I wouldn't F a Matt Morgan. Only a woman, Matt Morgan.


Well, I see. I thought it was like.


I was saying like...


It's really confusing. I'll make myself a Matt Morgan. I make another version of me that's a woman to have sex with Matt Morgan. I'm like, There's so many leaps here. The people are interesting, Oli. They really are.


Anyway, you can listen to that if you go over to wrestle. Com rsultort, like these wonderful folk here. The $100 Man, CD Horver.


The Kessel Run, DXolo.


Double L, Liam Leonard.


Mad Mac, The Meet Father.


Have an argy bargy, Margy Margy.


The Mat Man, Matthew Allen.


Super Kick, nick Mazzesco. That was a concussion bang.


Didn't you hear? I heard it. Yeah, I was like, Oh, it was vivid. Ryan Disko Stewart.


The final judgement takes list nobody.


Thomas the prize hooker.


Solange no. Where there's a Will, there's a Will Campbell.


And the Machine Gun Alex Anderson.


Thank you, everybody, ever so much, please. Right, let's get on with our remaining Ultra nats. Will Campbell, speaking of. Can we just shout him out? A little bit. I love how Dom acted like the kid from a family drama show trying to keep his immediately divorced from fighting each other. Also, Mr. Helmsley, please push Alpha Academy up the card. Okay, thanks. Bye.


Yes, please put Chad Gable and everything.


They could face K. O. And Sam. E. Or you get the belt on.


Someone else. I would like the belt split up, but that's probably not going to happen. So in that case, at some point, I think a tag team title run is... Especially for this, they've had a tag team total run. This iteration deserves one. The work needs to be rewarded, I think.


Missing username unhappy face. If that is a missing username, please tell the Mods so we can get your name to give you a proper.


Shout out. If that's just your username, that's quite fun. That's fine.


After watching Money in the Bank, I'm completely convinced that the main event will be Roman versus defending champ, Solo Sakai. Every moment has had a purpose. At SummerSlam, J loses, gets reunited with Solo. Solo wins the title with Uso's help at payback. I can't see that.


I can't either. I can see Solo getting the rug because I want that moment when the double kick out and Solo is the one to take charge is great stuff. That's brilliant performance.


But I suppose we'll find out more. We didn't cover this in the Raw review, but possibly the most exciting thing to happen on Raw was the announcement of what's happening on smackdown.


Tribal Court.


The trible court, the trial of the trible Chief Roman Reigns.


I'm so compelled by this for a number of reasons, not least because why would Roman put himself in it? So this makes me think they're getting high on their Moxie, right? And Roman's going to get some form of revenge, right? Roman's going to have them taken out in some way. Or maybe it is because remember when we were supposed to have the acknowledgement ceremony and all of the Samoan family was supposed to be there. There was also in the match, this is me going a bit wild. Me, I get carried away, I get excited. Do you remember when J did the rock punch?




A little spit punch. And then they did the rock bomb. That's on purpose. That's on purpose. Give me Roman versus J with the rock as a special guest referee at Summer Slam. He doesn't need to wrestle. That would be huge. He doesn't need to be in ring shape. He doesn't even need to show. But you've got five weeks to announce that the rock is going to be at Summer Slam. That's huge.


That could be here. It's a nice idea. I don't think it will happen. I think it was just a reference to a shared history like how the young Bucks and FTR would do.


The 3D. Me and Sullivan were giggling that maybe J was about to do a sync face.


Main event frow says Shane of this troid, whatever ego Ronda had left.


Yeah, big time.


Aaron Dennehy, Hey guys, first ultra chat. Aaron from Ireland. I loved meeting you at the watch party. I was nervous but I talked to Oli at the end and got a pick. He's lovely. I told you, I never ultra chatted and feel guilty. Anyway, here's an ultra chat. Well, really nice to meet you, Aaron, and thanks for coming over.


From Ireland. From Ireland.


Tony Ramos, Damn Dan, I didn't realise that I want a Beth Phoenix and Natalia tag team run. I completely agree with you about Natty. She's solid and deserves better. Not so much a world title run, but tag team, yes. And don't let Oli.


Tell you any different. It's me versus the entire office. It's not even just Oli at this stage.


I love how when people try and make this argument, Tony here and you, you start to lose faith in your own argument halfway through. Let's take on the journey of this comment. I completely agree with you about Natty. She's solid and deserves better. Not so much a world title run, but tag team, yeah?


I think that's me acquiescing because you've got to butter people up to get them on the side. So when you agree with me that she deserves a tag team title run, then I can start making the case that, hey, that tag team title run was pretty good, wasn't it? Maybe a world title is on.


The way. The overtone window. Marlon Jackson says, Liv and Raquel both have history with Ria and Natalia is the one helped to get better in the ring. So the save made sense. I agree with the tag stuff, but I'm happy every woman on the roster outside of Piper and Zia was on TV last night.


They have had a few weeks of one token women's segment, which has been a bit frustrating. I'm glad that they got TV. It was nice to see Tegan Nox on TV. I just rather it was done in a more meaningful way. I would rather, like I said, use the allotted time for the bantering off segment to announce, get your teams ready because we're ready to take on anybody. And then over the next few weeks, they can have more quality TV time because is the TV time worth it if all you're going to do is get eliminated in the ad break?


And finally, for now, Tyler Robinson has been a member for 21 months in a row. Wow. Happy Independence Day, everyone. You're welcome, America.


We gave you the freedom you wanted.


We gave you your place back. Could you just close the poll so we can see what the... I'll be back. I've just got one more last minute chat as well. Mr. Higginsby says, It's Team Oden. Oliver and Dan. Oden. Oden. Happy to see you all. Happy to see you all. My question for you all is what if we have Don Pinkham Gunther to win the Intercontinental Championship? Just imagine the heat it'd get.


Probably not the right heat.


That's too far on the dom push.


Yeah, a little bit.


What was our final results?


Get into this. Negative 5 %. Oh, wow. Mid 48 % and thumbs up 42 %.


Yeah, it's a mid show. I think it's a mid show. I gave it 66 %, I think %.


I probably would have been like 50, but yeah, it did its job. Next week.


Well, thank you very much, everybody, for joining us here today, especially on a rare holiday in the United States. They never get a break. But from me and Dan Leighton, Jam That Jam. Now, Dan's going to end the stream.


Ready? Say it one more time.


Jam That Jam. There it is.


In the gym.


In the gym. In the gym.


In the gym.