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Joked about it in the past, I know that we've had our bit of fun with the idea, but it's.


Now a reality. It's very possible.


We thought that it was just going to be the six guys in the Money in the Bank ladder match, but it's become lucky number seven as Logan Paul, YouTube megastar, Logan Paul, social media entrepreneur. I'm trying to be as W. W. E. S. I can on this. Came out on Raw and announced himself as being in Money in the Bank. And then a load of wrestlers came out and said, Well, that's fine, I guess.


You could say he has a prime opportunity to get the briefcase. Welcome, everybody, to the Raw Review here on the wrestle Talk podcast. I am Dan, the truth. This is Luke and DAD. When you make the joke of the day, we're not even a minute into the podcast.


Don't you be bringing your no roles barred things over here. Thank you very much. Don't you be bringing your NLP gags and nonsense over here.


It's a multiverse of madness. It's multiverse season. What can I tell you?


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When I thought about the Ultra nats today... Okay, this is not the lead part of the show.


It's the Natalia. Natalia is not our lead for a second.




Running, we fobbed her off as the lead for this story.


But there was... Well, the s poilers. I really enjoyed this episode of Roar. And there was a moment in here where my heart aches a little bit for Natty. We'll get into it. But then I was like, Oh, no, I hope we're not piling on an actual genuine moment of identity crisis for this human being with the Ultra Nats. So I'm making sure... The Ultra Nats are a tribute, all right? That is a tribute to Nat.


Not for me, they're not. But anyway, the thing we are going to be talking about in this part, I'm sure she's loved it. I'm sure she's a very nice person, IRL. Don't care for her on my television. But the main talking point we're going to be discussing here to kick us off is, last week they announced Logan Paul was going to be appearing on Raw. He's in his hometown of Cleveland. And there were some people who theorised, Oh, maybe he'll just be entered into money in the bank. He'll just announce he's in money in the bank, or he'll do a qualifier or something along those lines. I thought, I don't think they'll just do that. I don't think they would go through the rigmarole of having six qualifying matches and then just have one man come out and be like, Oh, I'm in it as well now. Because I think that sets a precedent that the other six are losers that had to work to qualify for this match, but this guy is an actual star, so he just gets to be in the match. Then at the end of this segment, he took everyone out and he stood tall and he was the star of this segment.


My big takeaway from this episode of Roars was I don't think this did any favors for money in the Bank. Interesting. In terms of, I don't think it made the six participants look good because Logan Paul just announced himself for it and then beat them all up. Damion Priest got pinned, Shinsuke Nakaimura got pinned, and that was because Rikoshay is an idiot. Not really. I think that's a bit harsh, but Rico Shea s cost Nakaimura the match and things like that. I just don't think it did a great job of making the money in the bank guys look good. I think the women side of things is a much better thing. I quite like the Trish and Raquel thing. Although I thought the match wasn't great, I quite like the story that they were going for in that. I don't think they made money in the bank feel good or special, but Logan Paul being in Money in the Bank, I think it's a big thumbs up. Oh, my God. Huge. I think this is... I know I've been joking about it and I've been saying it's like a bit of a trawling thing, but deep down I've also thought I think this is a great idea.


It's a great opportunity. I was chatting with people at the last live show that we did and people were like, Who do you want to see in Money in the Bank? I was legit saying it's like Logan Paul. Because can you imagine when he's doing his podcast and that briefcase is all over? Because he's never around, when he then just shows up, it becomes this huge deal. It's like, Oh, man, it's not just Logan Paul is here, it's the Money in the Bank holder is here. Mr. Money in the Bank is here. Champs beware. There's some really cool excitement around that. You put the world title on him, which may as well do. You can have that behind him on his podcast and stuff. I think there could be some really good that could come out of Logan Paul being in Money in the Bank. Before we talk about him possibly winning the bank, what did you make of this segment and the whole story.


As a whole? It's interesting that your take on it was that this show didn't do a lot for Money in the Bank in general. I do see where you're coming from. For me, I actually felt the opposite. I don't know if I just woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, but I had a really good time from the moment the show kicked off right the way through to the end. I really enjoyed this segment because when the lights came up and he's already sat atop the ladder, I instantly knew why he was there. Last week I was like, Maybe he's answering Steph's open challenge. When that went out the window, I was like, Okay, so he's not. So he's here for Money in the bank. And then he started cutting his promo and he's really good about it. And he brings up the famous people from Cleveland, LeBron James, Jerry the King Lawler. And I was like, I wouldn't necessarily think of those people as inherently famous because of Cleveland. And then he's like, Because we left. And I'm like, What brilliant little heel work you've.


Done there. Very good at getting the local Cleveland.


Yeah. And I think that when I started to think about the positioning of Logan Paul being in this ladder match, and then I realized who else was in there because they all came out, I was like, do you know what? I'm into this because it's that whole thing of I'm actually so big. I'm Logan Paul. I'm one of the biggest stars in the world. Like me or hate me. I can negotiate my way into something. And that doesn't necessarily make the others. But to me, it doesn't feel like jumps, but it does make him feel like a big old heel, a big old smart Brock Lesner, I'm only going to do that. If I'm not on first, last time on first main event person, he's in the match and now I can't wait to watch him be battered by a load.


Of ladders. I think he's going to be. I mean, Rico is in there.


I was about to say it's a Rico. When Rico comes out and is the first one to come out and they had that moment, that unreal matrix moment in the Royal Rumble that went viral and Ricochet was like, I made it. Without me, you're just a guy doing a move. His point was like, I helped you go viral with that moment. Don't count me out. Rico Shea and Logan Paul in the same ladder match. I just want to watch Logan Paul be bashed on a bunch of ladders. But you're also going to see some real athleticism. Also, they do this PR move. They do this bringing in a celebrity for these big shows. It's in London. Ksi will probably be there again. It's his home turf. You want to have that crossover appeal. You want to have that mainstream.


The whole point of having Logan Paul here.


It's the whole point. Now what they have already going into the show is Logan Paul holding the money in the bank briefcase. That's a steal. He doesn't even need to win the thing, but they've got a picture of him with his hands on the money in the bank briefcase on the top of a ladder. What makes it so great, which is so different compared to other celebrity PR moments that we have had in the past, Pawel Anderson, for instance, is that I think we all know at this point, based on Logan's experience in the ring, we're going to be in for.


Something good. He's going to be really great in that match. I think it's him and Rico Shea are probably going to be the human highlight real estate. I think in the three count, I said Rico Shea is like the Shelton Benjamin of this match. He's not going to win. He's not going to come with an asses roar of winning, but he's just there to do the fun spots that's going to be really impressive. Logan Paul is also going to be able to do those really cool and impressive spots, but be that.


Threat of winning. And it's the threat of winning that makes it so compelling.


That's exactly it.


Because I was.


Saying it's to Pete. When he is close to winning, he's going to be getting that great London UK crown heat because we don't want to see him win. And that's what makes him nearly winning or potentially winning really great.


It's interesting because I had this with Pete when we had crown jewel. Pete really obviously did not want him to win. He's like, he's not winning. He's not winning. I'm like, but there's a chance. All it takes is three seconds. As long as you've got a 1 % chance that he might do it. We said this, I think a couple of weeks ago, no one expected Roman to win a wrestle mania. So but it happened. This could happen. He could win this match. If it were me booking it, would I have it happen? No. I think you get the PR. I think I would. You made a good compelling argument about the idea of him having the briefcase. He's not around a lot. He'll come back. I just think that for me, you can do more with the briefcase with someone who is present, who you're going to elevate to the next level. And I have a winner in that match in that regard. And I think based on the crowd reaction, so do.


We all. For me, there's two names and there's one name that it's greatly outs hined to the other.


I think the idea of Logan winning is fun, but I think more than anything, WBW have the PR they wanted by having him in the match full stop. They'll get the great viral moments and then Logan can go off and do whatever he wants to do until the next big show. Yeah. I mean, Summer Slam is on the way.


I still think this is LA Night's match to lose. I do too. I don't think you can be a wrestling company and not hear those reactions and not think, Yeah, we should probably push this guy to.


The moon. It's so funny because I wrote that down. B ecause basically what happened was, I don't want to take over your game, but what happened was Logan starts talking and then one by one, all the participants come out, which is such a WBW thing to do.


Isn't it? Brand Split, L or L. It's like, Why was LA Knight there?


It's pro wrestling. It doesn't matter. The Brand Split doesn't exist. It doesn't exist.


It was important for a week and.


A half. To try and get the NFL bump.


And then they were like, No, not asked. Just be on whatever show.


You want. So I've chosen to move on. They all start.


Coming out. Dana Brook was drafted to Raw and then showed up on Nxt last week and said, I could be on any show I want. All right, cool.




Draft was pointless then.


So they all start coming out and everyone has something to say. Everyone has a bit to do. La Night.


Comes out. Look at you say everyone's got something to say. I think there's a difference between having something to say and saying something. Because like, Rico Shea came out and said something. No, I think he had something to say. Nacomora came out and said something. That one's true. Santos Escobar came out and said something.


That one's true. I think Rico Shea had something.


To say. Pete Dunn came out and Logan Paul, I don't even know who you are.


That line was, but that's Logan Paul, he's a heel. He should say that. But my point being, they all come out, they're saying some stuff. La Knight comes out and he's like, I'm cutting a promo like Old style Rock, Old style Steve Austin. I'm basically on a role. I'm barely taking a breath and I've got all these things to say and then the crowd are with me. Yeah. And it's just like, oh, that guy is a bit of a star. And I loved Butch coming out and he didn't have a microphone in his hand. He just got in and went for a fight. You don't know who I am. You know who I am now. Starts a little brawl. We have a tiny little brawl. And then as Logan Paul is climbing the ladder to get his shot of him holding the briefcase, the crowd are on their feet, chanting for LA Knight, who isn't even in frame. And I'm like, there's a bit of spice here, take advantage of this. I just hope that Vince Mcm an's mustache didn't start tingling because if he notices that we like a person, he will not give it to us.


I think that there's a chance that that's not going to happen for a variety of reasons. The number one of which, though, is that when LA Knight came out, the commentary were going out of their way to be like, did you hear that reaction? Wow, did you hear the reaction that LA Knight got? Because I think they.




That he is getting this incredible swell of crowd reaction. This crowd love and people are really getting behind LA Night. It feels like one of the biggest stars that they've got on smackdown at the moment in terms of crowd reaction. So I think you can ride that wave of momentum. In the three count predictions video that we did, and I'll go into a little bit more on this when we do the predictions video, I suppose. But for me, it comes down to LA Night and Damion Priest. And the reason why I'm leaning more towards priest is because I think it's more likely someone catches in on set than they do on Roman. Right. So if it goes into LA Knight, then you decide either it just moves across to Robb, and I don't know why I'm putting so much emphasis on this whole Raw and smackdown thing. They are. They aren't. But I think if we're going to at least try and pretend that it is a thing, then you do want to keep some delineation there. But I want it to be LA Night more. But do I want it more on Logan Paul?


It's what makes the most narrative face heal storyline. La Night, they all cut promos that were put on onto Twitter. And LA Night, he even mentioned the whole thing of like, Oh, you can just walk in and declare yourself. I didn't know that was a thing we could do. The rest of us had to do matches. But you know what? Whatever you're in the match, I'm going to take you out, thing. And I think that's a really good way of... It just shows. It's a heel tactic for Logan Paul. I think it would be very, very satisfying for him to take this briefcase and the Stephanie Newman model of trancing around like he'd really earned this thing when he actually hadn't, although he probably would.


He probably would do. But that's the difference with Logan Paul is that you can't really do that celebrity that has just stepped in here and it's just taking a spot because he's good. He legit has earned most of the things that he is doing because he's dead good at what he does.


Annoyingly so. This is the thing. I don't care about Logan Paul. I've never really consumed his content. I don't know what prime tastes like.


I literally know him as a wrestler. That's it. That is the extent of my Logan.


Paul knowledge. As a YouTubers, I have found his framing of the notion of a YouTubers irritating. I did find the Suicide Forest extravaganza to be so distasteful. But in the context of the Dwe, he's doing a fantastic job. I just think for me, if I'm booking this match, I'm using that name value, the talent that he has clearly got for this. I think he's a far better rest of the world than he was ever going to be a boxer. A lso, I love that he called him his own brother and loser. People from Cleveland who are losers, like my brother. I would have, if I'm booking this match, I've got the opportunity, I'm going to have a huge, massive, unbelievable, viral, Ricoché Logan Paul moment. They're going to take each other out and that's LA Night's opportunity to go up and get it. So you get the best of all worlds.


People pointing out there as well as like, You also scam people with NFTs. Of course, he did. But within the wrestling world, I think there's a lot of upsides to Logan Paul. I think having him in the match the most sense. That is what I would do with my... If I had Logan Paul on my roster, I'd put him in Money in the Bank, I'd have those moments where it looks like he's going to win. But then if it looks like he's going to win, then from out of nowhere, LA Knight stops him and then LA.


Knight wins. You want to make a statement having LA Knight do that with a London crowd?


Because that's going to be a hell of a reaction when LA Knight stops him and then he wins. That's the moment that you want to book. But equally like him having money in the bank, I don't think it's the worst idea in the world either. I've got got my grievances with him just being in the match because I get what you're saying. He could do this Brock Clez in type thing, but that's not what they said on television. He just said, I'm in.


The match. We said he called the executives.


Yes, but I think you're not making more of this. T he rest is being pissed off that he's just in the match because Rikoshay just comes out and be like, Oh, you're in the match, are you? Okay, cool. You're officially in the match. Then Nackamora comes out. He's like, Actually, Rikishay, I've got a problem with you. It's like, Well, why haven't you got a problem.


With Logan Paul? I disagree with you only because Rikishay did come out and say, Don't forget that your viral moment was mine. There was a reason.


That's a difference to being like, Sure. Why I had to fight to get into this position and you just got handed to it. That is a story you can tell. Him saying, I made you go viral, which I don't think is true.


Rikshay doesn't know it's important.


It's a weak source argument. It's also not relevant to the point at hand that Logan Paul is making. So I think that something more could be made of it from there. Maybe my grievance here is it's an open goal that's not being taken. I think there's a laziness in just being like, A is in the match.


Almost instead of everyone coming out, why not just have LA Knight come out and read him a little bit? But then again, you potentially make LA Knight of the Week because what you want is that final shot. Yeah, I know what you're saying.


It doesn't bother me that much. It's just a minor grievance that I've got with the Segment, but I think my minor grievance is completely overshadowed by, I think, the larger positive of him being in.


The match. I think it's a massive positive.


Yeah, I would completely agree on that.


I just can't wait. I want him to break a ladder on his back. You know what I mean? I want them to throw him through, make a pile of ladders and put him through all of them.


What I find very interesting about Logan Paul, which going to get into your ultra chats, sorry, your ultra nats on this topic as well. Logan Paul is not a draw for us.


In the UK.


Well, in terms of like, wrestle talk content, we have done wrestle talk news episodes where Logan Paul is the lead. And you'd think, I mean, literally the whole point of having Logan Paul is that he's got this mainstream crossover appeal, right? But anytime that we've led with Logan Paul, News doesn't do it very well. And I'm leading with this on the podcast now because I thought this was the most interesting thing on the show, which I thought was broadly a totally fine show with a handful of highlights and not even like, I wouldn't even say there's loads, just very few highlights. It was a totally fine throughout a five episode of Raw. But we've led here, our concurrent viewers aren't as high as they have been previously. And then I look at the alternate, one person has something to say about it. One person has an opinion on this.


And I look at this, it's amazing. They keep telling me he's this big mainstream draw, and yet we put him on things and doesn't.


I'm going to give you the key phrase, casual viewer. It's like the person who would just be watching the show or would be reading the thing. My mate, Jack, who doesn't watch wrestling, but does try to tell me all the things that he knows about wrestling when wrestle mania comes around and I go, Okay, Jack. He would hear, Oh, well, Logan Paul's wrestling at Money in the Bank in the ladder match. I'll watch that. If you're watching it, let's watch it together. That's the person who's going to be brought in by Logan Paul. Us lot, who were here every single week and we believe that someone like LA Knight or an opportunity to get Santos Escobar over to another level or an opportunity to see Butch have that huge hometown moment, we're far more intrigued by those story lines and by that development than something like Kevin and Samy and Cody being this main event trio or Trish being put in the money in the bank letter match for the first time Evs. There's other things for us to care about. It is the casual viewer who they are trying to get. And I think it works.


I don't think it is. I don't think it is because I don't think he has shown to be a rating... He's not been shown to be a needle mover.




Don't think he has shifted extra pay per view buys or extra signups to Peacock. You can't really look at the ticket sales because money in the bank had already sold out, so you can't say, We put in one. Like CM P unk, for example, they put tickets under the United Center and they sold out on the rumor the punk was going to be there. They announced punk, ticket sales then sold out. You can look at that and be like, That's hard data. He sold that building. He's a draw. He sold that building out. I don't know if we can have... I don't know if we've got that data for Logan Paul to show that he is, but I don't think that's a reason not to do it because the idea is solid enough. He has got a billion followers on whatever platforms that he's on. So you'd think that people will then migrate over. I don't think it works in principle, but I think the theory is there and I think the Austin theory is worth exploring.


A gain, at the end of the day, what do I care about enjoying the show? And I think I'm going to.


I totally get that. I like the business aspect of it. It's why I like ratings. It's why I like ticket sales. It's why I like diving into numbers because I'm a creative. Because I find that bit interesting. So I am interested in that side of things. But I think if we ran a poll now and just said, do you want to see Logan Paul win? Or should Logan Paul win? I reckon he'd probably get a 60 40 result on that. And there's a part of that which is like, oh, that's interesting. A split audience. But I think you'd also look at that and be like, yeah, I don't think people are bothered either way. I think if Logan Paul was as hated as a heel, it would be 90 %, no 10 %. Yes. But I think there'd be more of a split audience on that. But you know what? Let's put it as a poll. Let's see if my theory is true. Mod mother, if you can hear me, let's have a poll. Should Logan Paul win money in the bank? Yes or no?


A good way of getting actual data from our lovely people. That's very smart of you.


Well, thank you very much. Also, I would say there might be a very strong no contingent there only because people will want LA Night to win.


I know. Yeah, that's very true. I do love the idea of him having the briefcase on his podcast or someone who's not there all the time showing up. It makes a huge moment, especially after theory being most previous winner. But I think it's hard to look past someone like... Especially because this one, as we spoke about last week, and people were more keen on it than I was. This idea of this midcard match being a real opportunity. I've been going back and watching Old Money and the Banks and realising that...


A very good.


Twitter thread as well. Thank you very much. I had a break because I had a full weekend of Mission impossible, but it's very fun to go back and look at them because you see, we actually had a run here of some really main event people in this, like AJ styles, Kevin Owens, whatever, in these Money in the Bank ladder matches. This is what the match was.


Supposed to be. That's what I like. That's why I like the original six line up that they had. Actually, I'm probably more interested now with the seventh entry in there with Logan Paul, I am not a person that's looking at this being like, oh, what a midcard Money in the Bank. I was like, no, this is good. Let's elevate someone into the main event scene.


And that's what's making people be anti the idea or pro LA Night or Damion Priest. We want that. We want to.


See that. I think I might have even said this on last week's episode or on a dynamite or review or something like that. But when Randy Orton won Money in the Bank, I was like, What's the point? When John Cenero was like, What's the point? They get to every other week anyway. So what's the point of giving them money in the bank? You're better off giving it to someone like a Dean Ambrose or giving it to someone like a Seth Rollins, giving it to, in this case, an LA Knight, giving it to someone who you can elevate up into a new position. I was excited when they gave it to Sandow. Because it's a potential to try and create someone new. I mean, they did take it, but they.


Had the potential to. But they could have.


All right, let's get into your ultra nats. Joel Shepard really just repeats what we've got as the title of this, which is so Logan's winning money in the.


Bank then. I don't think it's wired on, but it's a possibility now. There's always the 1 %.


We have had a few more come in since I said that no one's talking about this. Father Bebs has become a member who just says, Hi, truth and Luke. Has to be Knight, right? Him or Logan, but we need a full Timer to get the briefcase over. But will they put the belt on him? World heavyweight? 100 % I can see them putting on him. Universal? No.


So my question here then about that is, I don't personally think Roman is holding the belt all the way to mania? I don't. I have a lovely little conspiracy theory for you because I love them. The payback is on the way and he's going to lose it.


Oh, yeah. He won the belt at payback the last time they did a show called Payback. It's the same weekend he won it. Also, J makes him lose the belt whether to himself or he loses it to someone else. That's Payback, mate. You know what I mean? The show is called Payback. So I'm like, You could have a look. You could play with that. And they loved their little poetry through three symmetry moments.


That's actually a very good point. I had not considered it. I'll be honest, I was more annoyed that they announced a pay per view the day.


Before All Out. Well, All Out hasn't been announced yet. It has. It hasn't been official.


Yes, it has. It's September second. No, it hasn't this morning. No, it's September second.


They said that pay back. Yes, that's what I said. No, All Out hasn't been officially made yet.


They said All Out a week later. Did they?


I thought that was just... It hasn't been officially confirmed.


I'm pretty sure that had been confirmed.


Either way, at least it's not on the same night. If they announce an Nxt show for the same night as All Out, I'll be the human.


No, it's worse. It just makes our lives so much harder. Also, All In's the week before, it's three shows in one week. They never... Oh, you're right. It hasn't been officially.


Confirmed, but.


They never think of the content creators.


They never think of us. You're right. We should strike.


And that is why I hate them. They're petty little bastard running a show there. I'm busy, man. I've got things to do.




Got kids. I've got kids, mate. Kid, no plural.


Singular. Anyway, to bring me back on top of it with LA Night is that if the belt comes off Roman, Night doesn't have to cash in soon. He could cash in Royal Rumble or whatever. He could hold it until next May. It's a part of I don't know. I love the idea of him walking around with that briefcase in the promo.


So then they're just being like, Roman won't drop the belt in a B pay per view. Didn't think he'd win a wrestle mania or either. Anything can happen at this point. 1 %. Sheldon Jackson says, Logan Paul confirmed it last night that he won't be winning Money in the Bank because he climbed the ladder and touched the briefcase. We know in W W history, if you touch the briefcase before the match itself, you ain't.


Winning it. It's it is written.


We all thought the Roman was going to lose a wrestle. Anything could happen. Hector Henrique has been a member for 17 months in a row. Let's say Logan wins the briefcase. What happens if he only catches in on the Universal Championship? What happens to the gold undisputed title? Because Romans got three.


Belts at the end. So my thing about that was the undisputed title is a Roman exclusive title because he's the only one who deserves that big old gold one. So when he loses the belt...


But Askew's belt looks.


The same. It does, it's cooler. But when... Don't get me started on Ascas belt.


But it's supposed to look like the main title. I know.


Cody was supposed to win.


It, mania. Roman having all three belts was the funniest thing. I know the Friday segment was really great. I know that J. U. So had a really good performance. I know that Jimmy was great. I know that Roman and SeLoger and Hayman were all great. I could not take my eyes off the fact that there's three world titles on him now. The whole point of giving the new one was to get rid of the other two and he just kept them. When I read three walls, there's a backstay segue. They're all piled on top of each other.


It's the most ludicrous thing. An internal conversation about whether or not they're going to keep all three hours. Of course there is. Of course there is.




So stupid.


Nonsense. I have no idea what they're doing with those belts.


This wasn't the plan, was it?


Sky shadow right here said, Honour delay, so apologies if it has been said, but LA Night said it best. The people who are drawn to Logan Paul are 14 year olds. They're the one watching his videos flooding shops to buy prime. I don't think anyone else really cares this much. That was from our moderator, Rob. Sorry, I think Rob just agrees.




That. Rob said yes. Yes, I agree with all of this. It's funny. When I was walking through one of my local town centre. I've never actually seen prime in shops before.


I haven't either.


But then I did. It was in a specific gaming... We sell squid games stuff. We sell plushies and they had prime on sale there. I did see a 14 year old go like, Oh, sweet. Prime. I was like, It's the first time I've actually heard that out loud from.


A human being. Like you're getting the next generation of fans in.


It's what I'm saying. The Guilty Hat here says, Hello, Logan. The only truth in wrestling worth a damn. I hate to say it, but Logan is the best choice. It works for the character. Maybe draw some casual fans by his tock tick, but mostly for me, you can't beat Mr Money in the Bank like a drummer. He's not there.


That's also a very good point. That's a very good point. All right.


Let's get into the rest of this show. But actually, before we do, Dan, I just wanted to have a little bit of I don't know what I would call this, but we got a live show coming up.


I fully don't know where.


You're going. We got a live show coming up. We're doing Money in the Bank in a couple of weeks' time. We are going to be back in the Long Arm Pub and Brewery. We're having a great time with all of you and people. It's sold out. Sold out. Quizzle mania is sold out. So we have something made to promote anyway, just in case ticket sales weren't there, but we're sold out. But I just want to show the video anyway. It's going to show off. So it's going to be playing, but we're going to talk over it. But this is what you can expect when you come to our live event next time. And I'm going to also use this as an opportunity to tell you that on Thursday, if you are a ticket holder, you will be getting an email. Well, tickets will go on sale. Extra tickets are going on sale for Quizzle Mania. We're opening up 15 more seats for Quizzle Mania Live 2. So you can come and join us. And also, if you've got your ticket, you're going to be part of this great fun as well. Hanging out with some of the best wrestling fans on the planet as we enjoy Money in the Bank at the Long arm Pub and Brewery.


Here is the moment where Deca Dayne won a replica jam bad championship in our raffle. There's the professor, Dan Layton.




A lovely.


Fantastic time. Aska had just won, so I was like, Oh, I could win this belt. It's very spicy.


I just wanted to show this video because I'm dead excited for us to do.


Another one of those. It's a good vibe. It's a very good vibe and I can't wait. Genuinely, I just cannot wait. It's going to be a lot of fun.


Anyway, let's get into the rest of this episode.


Of Raw. I have to tell you, I really liked the show. You were talking about it being a three star, no lowlights, but no real highlights. From the moment the show opened, I was like, Oh, hello. I sat up in my seat. This is the best thing in the show. The moment the show ended, I thought this was genuinely very high in the star rating. I will tell you it when we get there at the end. I had a great time. I like these more. I like these shows where we're slightly differing because it means we're going to have a fight. But also like...


I don't think we're going to have a fight on this though, because you're going to really enjoy yourself. I'm going to go, Yeah, it's fine. There's much of a fight there because I didn't actively hate anything on this show. I think there's one bad match on.


This show. I can't wait to find out which one it was.


It was Raquel versus Trish. And it was all Raquel. No. I thought Trish was totally fine, but I thought Raquel was a charisma vacuum in that match. And I thought she was. And I thought Becker's performance won all that either. Let them fight. But I don't think it was a... I don't think there was anything on the show that was bad. The chat, right?


You pay attention to this and tell me when I'm telling lies.


But the report...


You can play that game.






Stealer. The report is from various sources. Vince Mcm an made a lot of changes to this show. Yes, he did. Most of them were minor changes. It's placement things here and there. But the thing that he did change was the opening of the show. I think you can tell when Vince has changed the show at the last minute remotely because the pacing is way off and ad breaks coming at funny times. There's a moment during this show when... They have this saying, Fin Banner attacks Rollins, then the judgment day make an entrance to cut a promo about the fact they attacked him and lay out a challenge. Then have a match. Then Cody Rose makes a full entrance to come out and accept that challenge. I'm like, oh, we are just filling time because we have scrapped whatever we had planned, which was probably the open challenge that Seth Rollins was going to do. Now we need to try and scramble and fill for time. But the show did open with Seth Rollins to talk about his open challenge. But Fin Banner attacked him while he was posing and then just kicked the tar out of him.


He went for it.


Didn't he? Yeah, this was great. This was good from Bala. He needed this to make him feel like he was a credible threat to the belt. Also feeds in from what Seth said to him last week is I want that guy from seven years ago, the guy that beat me seven years ago because I haven't seen that Fin for seven years. And we got that here. He had a Kuda growl off the stairs. He had a Kuda growl off the announce's table. Security were leading him off so we just ran round and hit another Kuda growler off the stairs. Very good. Otherless, was an excellent segment.


I completely agree. I think it was exactly what was needed for balance from last week because Fin's intensity in this moment was really off the chain. When he basically rammed Steph into that table, a break neck pace, then yeah, being pulled away when he did that leap off the stairs into a Kuda grass, I gasped and I sat forward. I was like, oh, we're doing this, are we? Okay. And then doing it the second time, he did it the second time and fell backwards as you can do with a move like that now and again. And he was grabbed by the army of security and WWA officials. Including Jason Jordan. Including Jason Jordan.


And then he.


Ncluding Jason Jordan, and they dragged him back. And it made him look like he was a psycho. It made him look like he was being dragged away after causing some form of giant crime scene. And I thought it was a real bit of an improvisisation from him in the moment to still make himself look intense and cool while on the ground. And that feeds into what I was saying last week was I was maybe a bit too harsh on Fin last week, but what I was essentially saying was step up and take the moment and respond to it. That's what the best do. And he really did here. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I thought he nailed it. And I thought the selling of it was brilliant as well. When it continued into the backstage area.


Rag dolling in round in the back. I mean, it was filmed horribly, but it was like that's production. But I think the intensity of the brawling was dead good. I thought Rob Lenz was great. I thought Bala was really good in this. I actually.


Enlisted a lot for Bala.


I run a bit hot and cold on this. I thought Bron Breakers promo that he cut later on in the night because Rob Lenz is facing Bron on Nxt Tonight. I was right.


Last week. You were and I apologise.




Big enough to apologise.


I really second guess myself on that because I was like, it felt like it was announced for next week, but no, it was. It's happening this week here. It wasn't paid. It wasn't just you. Everyone else was correct. But I thought that they actually... The promo was really good from Ron, even though he is dressed like Dominic Toretto from Fast and furious these days. I thought that was good. I don't think it's the best use of Ron. I thought we could have done something bigger with him. I wonder if they did have something bigger for him planned before the big plans changed. Then Rollins at the end of the night was just like, I'll still be there for an X tomorrow. I'm like, It's slightly downplay some of the attack. But that's also the problem with booking two open challenges within two days of.


Each other. That is a good point. When we get to those parts in the show, I actually really enjoyed them for different reasons. And we would spitball and a fun idea in the office earlier on, which I think will be a nice little thought experiment for us later on. But yeah, I totally see what you're saying. Actually, when I found out that Vince had played with the segment, initially I was like, Oh, I have to give him credit because it was a good open. But you are right that later on does cause a couple of wobbles here and there narrative and just pace and structure wise is.


What I'm looking for. You book three title matches in the space of two weeks, which is what they had at Dunham because it was an open challenge tonight. There's the match with Bronon on Nxt tonight and then there's the title match of Money in the Bank. One of those has got to suffer. It was the one tonight and it moves into the one tomorrow.


You're getting some defensive.


About it, isn't it? Yeah, you're against it. But really, we're just looking ahead to Money in the bank. And even then, I think most people are looking past Money in the Bank because Fin ain't winning.


Corey Graves, I'm just going to make a little note here. I don't know the other thing you said. He's just dressed like someone I'd want to avoid at my local weather spoons. He was.


In a very casual affair.


I know. And I looked at him and I was like, I would definitely move to the other side of the bar. If I saw you queuing up at a weather spoons, I'd be like, I'm going down the other end.


Normally with Corey's drip, I'm like, Yeah, I'd like that. Not this one. You'll never see me in a Polar Neck.


Speaking of that weird pacing, the Ms was just in the ring. And it was like, Oh, well, I was going to answer the open challenge, but now that's not here, I'm going to have an open challenge of my own. And it was answered by Johnny Guy... No, sorry. It was answered by Tommasso Champa, and he then beat the Ms.


What a great return pot for Champa. This crowd I want to put over because they were great all night, I thought. But it was a big old pot for Champa. And again, I'm in a really good mood for some reason this morning. So I thought he gets right in there and gives him straight right-hand, no hanging about. I was like, All right, I like this opening. This is good show. I'm into it. I didn't care about the... At this point, I wasn't really noticing any of the pacing issues and stuff like that. For me, I was just seeing it get on with it. And a big problem I have with the Rew, especially when we have to get up first thing in the morning to watch them, is I'm like, Can you just stop talking? Do something. A ll I got on this episode of Rew was people doing something. I appreciated the continuity of having Champa return against the Miz. At one point in the middle of it, he went over to Kevin Patrick and was like, Never text me when I was poorly. I quite liked it. And if you didn't know Champa, or if you'd forgotten, or if you.


Were like, whatever. It's been eight months.


It's been eight months. And when he left, he was Mrs. Lackey. This was a great reminder of with the Crowd Pop and the moves he.


Was hitting. Exactly. Cleveland's a good place because he's got the connection to Gargano. Him beating Ms. Makes all the sense in the world as well. And that's what you have the Miz for. Fun fact, he hasn't won a match since December 19th.


What? Miz? Miz. He doesn't need to because he's so good.


Because, well, he's just there to be pinned. That is.


His role. And look strong in defeat.


I don't think he did that. But But the match was totally fine. It did exactly what it needs to do, which was bring back Tommasso Chamber. I think there is a very valid complaint about the show is that there was no Johnny Gargano on this show. It was in Cleveland. He was backstage. He was there at the show and they just chose not to use him.


I wonder if there'd have been a moment where Miz was like... And then John Gargano comes out and it's like, It's not me, it's this guy. And I resent when they do that. So I'm glad if that was the plan that got nixed.


I think he was going to answer the open challenge.


Oh God, that would be such a shame.


I would have thought that's what you would do with Johnny Gargana. I said this on last week's show, the whole point of doing an open challenge and it's in Cleveland, like, well, Johnny Gargant can come out. And as the workhorse, you can go out there.


And have a banging match. When I say a shame, I mean, a shame for Gargant and that didn't happen if that was what was going to be because that would have been a fun little moment.


He seemed quite sad about it on Twitter that he wasn't on the show as well. Then we got that judgment day promo that I mentioned earlier. And he, basically says, Look, I canceled the open challenge because I'm going to be the one to take the belt off of Rollins. So maybe he's going to be on NXT tonight as well because R yan Brockles might take the belt off of him. Ria says she's got the division on lockdown. Bauer's going for the world title. Priest is going for the briefcase and Domdom is going to beat Cody Roads. And then they said, we're going to... If you can find two partners? We'll have a little trios match in the main event. We then got a recap of smackdown. Kevin and Sam, he got interviewed backstage. And then I was like, I don't want to talk.


About the bloodline.


And it got a bit... This is a bit of a show long storyline, but one that didn't have a pay off, which is.




Samy challenged Owens to not freak out on this show because he said Ow has got anger management issues. Owens is like, I don't blow up on the shows. He's like, You do it all the time. Here's a challenge for you. If you don't blow up tonight, I won't mention it ever again. Ow's like, Yeah, okay, cool. We'll do that because I don't blow up anyway. Then they did two segments where he nearly blew up but then didn't. I was like, Oh, and this off into something in the main event, but they just wrestled a normal match and it's fine. I guess Sam, you now can't bring this up because I went and kept up his part of the deal.


He did. I actually don't mind that it didn't end up going somewhere. I did initially write down how I was quite excited to have this. I thought it was quite fun to have a whole show. I love a show. I loved the segments as well. I liked all of them.


The guy bumping into me with water was proper like that bit in Friends.


100 %. Oh, it's hot coffee. And he's trying to make him shout. Yeah, very much. I liked that. I liked the moment with Riddel because I think Kevin Owens is all of us. And in the moment with Riddel, he was especially me.


The bit with Riddel, I was like, this is written specifically for Dan Leighton.


But yeah, I don't know. Because I was enjoying it when it did expect in the main event for it maybe to be a moment that made him boil over and lose it or something. But actually, I don't care.


I wonder if this is just like... As I said, I'm not saying it's a huge down point on the show. It's just like it's setting up and it didn't really pay off. But it's fine. But it's fine. But that's because that is the story of this week's show. It was fine. We then got some TikTok videos featuring Chelsea Green having various different Karen freak outs. And then she and Sonya Deville lost to Kevin Carter and Kata and Charles in... Well, it was a match.


Okay, so I have a couple of things on this. First of all, I enjoyed the TikTok segment.


Amazing. You got a couple.


I enjoyed the TikTok segment. I thought it was fun and different. I thought it went on too long, but it was a good opportunity to see a little bit of about Chelsea Green doing her thing. I think she's great in the role. I had fun with that. I loved the John Cina bit. I liked all of that as I was scrolling through the TikToks. I have to talk about the party girls who love to party, right? I have to, because because I like them a lot. I think they have great potential. I think their double team moves, in particular are really good.


Their little springboard things are.


Very fun. The moment where she's got the... It's like a reverse DDT into the 450 splash. I love that. I think as a team, there's a lot of potential. I like that the Women's Tag Division is having some clarity, some purpose. Actual tag teams, it's a wonderful thing. It'll come back again when I talk about Bron breaker later because when you take something from Nxt and you just pop it on the main roster. It doesn't always work. One of those things is their entrance because this is sick party music. I guess it works in a small venue when you've got a smaller number of people and they're coming out and they're giving it and it's like, get the crowd out. And then it's a regular crowd who are always there and they want to play along and they're having a little bit of fun with it. When you put that in a big arena and they do the exact same thing, but they can't connect with 10,000 people at the same time, it does a little bit look like their dad's entering a wedding floor disco. Do you know what team. And it's like, needs a little tweak in here and there.


They're not polished yet, but I like them a lot and I really don't want to let... I spent yonks talking about the women's tag division, so I have to give it praise when they're doing some things right.


I got five words for you. Go ahead. Adam Rose and Emma Dance.


There you are. It did feel a bit like the Emma Dance, especially.


Because that's exactly what happened. I remember when...


Oh, my God. With Santana Morella.


When Emma was in NX team, she was doing her dance. I was like, That's going to be massive on the main roster because you can get the whole crowd to do it. Because everyone was doing it in Nxt. You have a really fun time doing it. And she went to the main roster, they didn't do any video package to explain it, and it got over like a fight on a church. I was like, Oh. And I used to be that guy. I was like, I was like, it's because they didn't give it a chance. They should have used the video they got from NFT to show you how cool and fun this thing is to do. And then people would have done it, but they didn't. And then Adam Rose debute in NFT. And I was like, That's going to get over massive on the main roster because look how over it is in the NFT. And I think I was that fan that was in that NFT mindset of like, Well, it's over in NFT, it will transfer to the main roster. I've now seen so many of those gimmicks not get over on the main roster.


The Vort Viliance is another one. And it gets over like a wet f oot. Now I'm then I'm like, I think a lot of these just don't work in bigger arenas. It worked when you were in a small tiny venue. In a tight venue. It's like the impact zone. You do things in front of the same people all the time. That's why Lance Hoit gets massively over it because people bring Hoitomania T shirts because it's the same people there every week. But you take that on the road and it's not as big. I think that's the same thing with Kitana Chance and the other one here is that your party atmosphere s tick when you're going out there and doing a party and everyone's sat on their hands, it makes you look a.


Bit lame. It does make you look lame. And also your tiny, tiny human being in a giant arena. The other one I think of is Wendy Chew, which is the sleeping thing. I don't think that's going to get over on the main roster at all. I just don't think it's going to work as well. I think it'd get on a main event if they sell it with the crowd, but I don't think the main roster will work. I think it is a different beast to the main roster. And I think ultimately it comes down to can you back it up in the ring? And the next segment is evidence. When you can, there's just no point. I think that the party girls can back it up in the ring. So I think it's not lost on me yet.


Kathy interview Cody Roeder on the stage to accept Judgement Day's challenge because we've got to fill three hours somehow, I guess.


But I got in a weekly Kathy and Cody segment.


So why was that? You certainly did. And then Cedric and Shelton lost to Indershowe in... I mean, to call this a heatless match would be an insult to heat because good crikey did this Cleveland crowd.


Not not care. And this is precisely my point. We now got the match that I've been waiting for for weeks after weeks of squashes, we got a match and it was nothing in it. It was crap.


I did get a bit of a chuckle out of this because it's so heatless and it's so silent in the crowd. All you can really hear is these two British lads do their big moves. And normally you just hear that underneath the crowd reactions. But with no crowd reaction, it's.




Like, oh, man, you're laying on a bit thick.


Chill out a bit, mate. Yeah. Just doesn't... You know what's interesting? If I'm not wrong, I think Villa Mahan has a great story.


He's a handsome dude as well.


It's a really inspiring story. I don't know exactly what it is, but I remember reading a couple of weeks ago being like, use this. Why are we trying to make him this emotionless or characterless figure? Just do something with him.


He's foreign, isn't he? There you go, everybody. I mean, Dan, what else are you going to do with him?


I see him as a big foreign dude. What else am I supposed to do with him?


Put him with Jinder Mahal.


What other character can I.


Give him? There it is. There it is. Vince is back.


Works with Gunther. Owens and Zane, Bump Into We did the Friends Gang that we talked about earlier. Then the Matt Riddel thing where Matt Riddel was asking about his favourite films and Kevin just goes, Matt, love those movies. Good luck in your match.


He mentioned the film Little Giants, which is a film that I watched a lot as a child. I did find myself in tame by that. But I was like, again, it's this moment of like... The second he walked out of Matt Riddel, I was like, Oh, my God. Here we go. And Matt's going to... I like Matt Riddel in the ring and I will put over this match in a second, but he's going to give it all this nonsense. He's going to do, Oh, Matt Riddel is funny. I'm a stoner. And that's my whole personality. And so then when Kevin starts shouting at him, I'm like, Yeah. So it just made it feel like a blink and a nudge thing. We all know that actually Matt's a bit much, and everyone has that person in their life. I liked it.


We got the Money in the Bank segment that we talked about at the start of this show. And speaking of movies, I thought it was so weird that Raw was sponsored by Asteroid City. What a twist. There's the Flash out of the moment. There's Spiderverse that's out of the moment. There's Transformers out of the moment. There's Indiana Jones coming. There's big triple A blockbuster movie. And then we're sponsored by West.


Anderson's Asteroid City. It felt.


It was sponsored by Donny Darko.


A couple of years ago, it was like, Wow, that match between Dana Brooks and Shots, he really was something. Anyway, just before we go to the break, here's a story about the film The Lighthouse, starring Will and the Fow. What was that?


Let me tell you a little movie called The Lob. It's mad.


But you know what? Fine. Bye. Go and see Asteroid City. Not you.


Not me because I think Wesley Anderson's terrible. That's harsh.


I think he's terrible. Apparently Asteroid City is very good. But why was it on an episode of Raw?


Couldn't tell you. I'll be honest, I probably would be told by people who like Wesley Anderson movies that it's good. I was going to it and I was like, it's like every other Wesley Anderson movie, it's not for me. It's just not my cup of tea.


But Renfield, that was something.


Matt Riddell took on Ludwig Kaiser, recapping the story that Matt Riddell took out Giovana Vinci two weeks ago, and then Imperial beat him up last week. Riddell won this good fun. I won with the Bro Derek and then Imperial beat him up after the match, targeting his leg. Do you think this gets announced for Money in the Bank?


I hope so. We have a week left and I actually really liked this match. In fact, I wrote down this match is the tits. I love it. I just really liked it. I thought there was a lot of great pace. I thought there was a lot of great striking. I think you've got Riddel and Kaiser in the ring. It's going to be a good time. But what I really loved and there were a couple of moments towards the end were moments where moves were just given into snap reversals that quickly. I think Riddel was on a kick and then Kaiser got him on his shoulders to the point where Corey and Kevin weren't keeping up. They were like, Who was that I move on? Because it was such a quick moment but I caught it watching it, he turned it into a rollover thing and it knocked Riddel for things and they knew what they were doing. So it wasn't even an accident. There was that amazing moment where Kaisers on the rope and he goes over to give him an upper cut and Riddel turns into a German. I love that. It made it feel a smart sporting contest.


I'm into that match and I would like to see more of them. So thank you for giving it to me. I know you're watching Triple H.


I did very much enjoy that match. If I could pop on a little hypercritical hat here, if you.


Don't mind. I left mine at home this week because everyone was cross at me last week.


Because I was mean about Fintech. I thought.


You were fine last week. I did too. Because I thought you were speaking your truth, Dan.


And yeah, tell me what I'm telling lies.


But if I may put on my little hypercritical hat on, if I may, I think we need to stop trying to set up Imperial as contenders for the tag titles because they did another backstage segment here where they were like, I think you're fine though, we're contenders. I was like, How? I wouldn't have beaten you multiple times now and I literally just watched.


You lose. And Vinci is not around anywhere.


And I was like, L iterally just watch you get beaten by Matt Riddon. And then you walk up and say to me, I think we'll be the contenders for those tag tiles. How? And it's like, is that? And I just hear that idiotic road dog interview where he's talking about, Well, I think when you think about it, wins and losses don't matter. And then could proceed to tell you why wins and losses matter because he's a moron that doesn't know what he's talking about.


We actually have an example of a wins and losses mattering.


Very much coming up. Oh, don't we just? I know. Because there's two. I brought this up in my edited review, but because they pin Damion Priest and they pin Nacko Maura, there's no favors then go into the bank. Well, wins and losses don't matter. Why do we protect Rick.


Hell then?


Because wins and losses do matter.


Also in that piece, I just watched it before we came down because you made so many references to it in your review that I was like, I need the context for this because I hadn't seen what Road Dogg said. And it is that thing of he's basically making a point of like, wins and losses don't ultimately matter, but you do need to find a way to make people care about your people so that when someone does beat Vecchi Lynch, it really matters. So what you're saying is wins and losses matter.


Okay, in the defence of Road Dogg here, and I will come to Road Dogg's defence on this one. I'm going to come to Road Dogg's defence on this one. I very much enjoyed his 2006 shoot interview that he did with Billy Gunn that I used to listen to back when I was working my night shift days. In the defence of Road Dogg, he is a man with a big wrestling pedigree behind him because bullet Bob Armstrong. He comes from a wrestling family. In that shoot interview, he said, Look, I can only do two things in this world. I can wrestle and I can kill people because he was in Desert Storm. So it's like, these are the only two things I can do in this world. So like, wrestling is within his mindset. So he understands that wins and losses matter, but he's also part of the Wwe machine that boil people's brains into believing that wins and losses don't matter. So when you get in to an interview, he's like, Okay, well, I've been told wins and losses don't matter, and that's the company line. But the wrestling instinct in him is to be like, But they do.


So here's why they do. Anyway, Alpha Academy took on Viking Raiders.


Time for the cinema.


Portion of the evening. They had a backstage segment from earlier in the day where Chad Gable was teaching Max Dean how to do a.


Suit in his dad shorts.


And his Polo shirts. Love it. This builds on from last week where he was teaching her how to do an arm track. This week we actually got to see the full class and everything. He talked about, Hey, Otis, it's all in the hips, isn't it? I was like, What, these? And he's doing his little hip motion thing. It's so wonderful. They then have this match in which one of the Viking Raiders goes to hit a suplex on Otis and he reverses it into a suplex of his own, just like Chad told them. And then Chad gets this hot tag that plays, goes mad for him because he's awesome. And he runs wild doing all these wicked stuff, doing suplex of his own, various different suplexes, because he's more masterful than his students. So he could do teebone suplexes and explosion suplexes.


And they look like works of art.


And then on the outside, Maxine grabs.




And hits a suplex. Only this time, the Viking raiders learned from their mistake. So he's teaching them things too, and they use the distraction to pin Chad Gable.


It was story told throughout the match. It was simple. It was to the point. It all made sense. Everything that you've just said is exquisite narrative storytelling. Maxine comes round the ring. She's not reacting. She's being proactive. She's saying, You know what? I trust in my source. I'm going to make this happen. She did it. And it was so good, so legit entertaining and so legit perfect that when she did it, the move itself wasn't perfect, but Bella was wearing a lot of fabric. So when she does the move and it works and this story is so good. When Chad loses, I was shoot gutted. I went forward, I was like, No. God, devastating. But it wasn't even in a sense where you're like, Oh, there's 50-50 or dissension in the rink. It made sense that because they were so excited because.


They're learning. Because he was excited for Maxine and he took his eye off the ball. And this time he didn't get the upper hand on Eric like he did.


Last week. And you know what? They're going to have this.


Now and again. I don't mind it, mate.


I just loved it. This was great. I loved it.


I loved.


The tight, basic, brilliant narrative here. It's brilliant.


Judgment day carer promo. Saying they're on the same page. I don't think they are.


What makes you say that? It wasn't really telegraphed.


And then Ria Ripley was set to take on Natalia, my first note here is, l ool, what?




Then Cori made a reference to her Instagram story.


I haven't seen it.


The Instagram story? I don't follow it. I don't think it's actually, it's not appropriate to tell on a podcast either. Who's Instagram story? Well, Ria Ripley's Instagram story. It was a thing.


It's a naughty thing.


Well, it was. Not her, though. I I don't think she realised it was a naughty thing that she had shared. What share? Okay, I'll tell you what. I'm going to whisper to you very quietly so the microphone don't pick up. How does she not know what she's sharing? That's fantastic.


We've all been.


There, Ria.


We've all done it. Christ, okay.


This whole thing on Twitter yesterday being.


Like, Oh, Ria, no. Oh, dear.


Don't investigate any further, children. Natty got a promo backstage saying this is a second challenge for her to show that she still belongs. Lo and match did not get started and Ria beat her up. Got to protect Natalia, I guess.


I actually like this idea of giving Natty an identity crisis. I'll tell you why. Because like I said earlier on, do you.


Know what it is?


I just...


Yeah, you just...


I like Natalia. I think she gets a lot of stick and I don't think she deserves it all. I think she's reliable. I think she's good. I think she's a nice person. I think she's in the wrong generation. I think she wasn't the right fit for the divas generation and she's maybe not the most flawless performer in the way that I would think of a Rio and ask her or whatever. But I think she's good. And I think that she's become a bit of a joke and a bit of a meme. And I'm like, Well, let's try and give her a bit of some character. Let's try and give her something. I respect her a lot.


You're trying here, buddy. I am. And you know what? I applaud you for it as well.


But also, I did love the fact that Ria would have seen her say that stuff and be like, Don't use me for your own identity crisis nonsense.


It was Badass of Ria.


It was.


Badass of Ria. It was Badass of Ria. Actually, I thought it was quite a nice little set up then for Raquel because Raquel watching this being like watching the whole like cranking the neck thing to watch on the screen and was like, What a disrespect to a legend like Ria R vley, like an Italian rather. And I'm about to step into the ring with a legend like Trish Strausser. What an honour that is for me. And Ria R vley walks up and was like, I don't care.


I loved that part. And the stare off between the two of them, I thought was like, oh, are they?


And I would agree. But then she had a bad match with Trish Strausser. And now I don't want to see that.


I thought she had a decent match. I thought the clothes line in particular was pretty...


It was one.


Good move. Okay, fine. I don't know. I enjoyed it. I thought they were doing well. I thought it was a good thing. Like, Zoey's suggesting that Trish does a little punch and then doing the punch and then the punch. I thought the punch looked great. I thought there were good stuff all over it. The Trish hook, Corey's delight of coming up with the name Trish hook. Loved it. I had a good time with it.


He was very pleased with himself for Trish Hook. There was a moment where Zoe Stark tripped Raquel Rodriguez and she can't even.


Do that right. That one was a big one. That was.


A new Raquel. My thing with Raquel is actually nothing against her. It's her lack of character. Her character is I have her back and maybe I'm just not a body guy. It's not an impressive back. But it's a monster. It is a back. It looks like everyone else is back.


She's got a presence that I think is. I don't think she has. I think she did on the next team.


But again, that's the smaller place.


But I think it was different is that she's not visually or staturally, it's not a word, different from people on the main roster like a Baisler or especially a Ria, who is also that big, dominating person. It's harder for her to stand out. I don't know. I think she's got potential.


Okay, here's what I would say there. Here's my big positive that I'm going to put onto this. I think this is a huge credit to Wwe on this. The one thing I have bemoaned about Ria Ripley's title reign, bearing in mind since winning that title, she has been in the ring for less than 15 minutes. That is appalling.


One of the things I've been moaning about her title reign is that she's not been set up any good challenges. Raquel is a good challenge because she has been positioned as someone who is a dominant force. She won a two on one handi cap match a couple of weeks ago before losing the tag tile match. So this is good. It is good to set her up. Am I into it? Not particularly, but that's not a reason to not do it. So I think this is, on paper, a very good thing. I'm not into it, but it is a very good thing.


And then I liked the ending of the match as well. This is a rare compliment for me for a DQ ending.


So Trish Straner's... Sorry. Becchi Lynch comes out and attacks Zoe Stark. Trish, crafty veteran, rolls out of the ring and in the relay, Becchi attacks her as well. Referee sees this, calls for the DQ. I think the overacting here was a little bit much when Becchi was like, Oh, no. Head in hand, he was like, What have I done? It was a bit over egging the pudding ever so slightly. Raquel's bad acting in the ring wasn't helping matters either. But Trish and Zoe walking up the ring laughing, I very much enjoyed. I think what sold me on this was Becky's promo afterwards because Becchi is awesome. She's so great. She has this promo with Byron Saxton where she said, Do you know what? I have got bad beef with damage control, and both of them are in this ladder match. I've got bad beef with Zoe Stark and Trish Straggers, and both of them are in this match. I don't know where I stand with Zalina Vegas. I don't think I've got good history with her either. I am either going to overcome all of these odds and I'm going to win this thing, or I'm going to crash and burn and I'm going to go out in a blaze of glory and I'm going to take Trish and Zoe with me.


Really sold me on her plight that she's got in this match because she's going in there with zero friend against two teams and against Zalina Vegas. I think there's some really good stuff in there and it's made me very, very very invested in Becker's run in Money in the Bank.


Yes, I completely agree to all of that. I liked the DQ because it made sense because it's the baby face. You always see it as the heel, I don't want to do this anymore, so I'm going to disqualify or whatever, blah, blah, blah, and the match. This one, I actually liked the way that Becker and Raquel sold it because it's that big in the arena doing the Melodrama thing or whatever. And they're both going like, I had her. And she's like, I know. I think what I heard say was like, it's not normally my way to get involved and I usually stay out of it, but I just couldn't help myself. And I'm sorry, I didn't know. Yeah, I get it. And I quite liked that you almost in this segment gave me a shot of Raquel and Ria and Raquel and Becker. I was like, Well, I haven't seen those little matchups before. And I quite liked the idea of Raquel being like, hang on, I got screwed out of a chance there. Ria is coming for me. I'm cross. I don't know. It was giving her a little bit of a spice, giving her something to do.


And then you're right with the promo Becker cut afterwards. It was full of fire. It was full of that idea of I'm fully the underdog in this. I don't think I have seen Becker as the person to win this.


I don't.


Think she's going to win. I think it's a US guy's to lose. However, what you've given me there is the big underdog and enough to drive her... You turned Becker Lynch into the underdog, which is unfamiliar. I like it. I think that was really cool. As a result, I would like to rescind my criticism from last week to two of the Irish. Becchi and Fin, I said both were slightly underwhelming for me. This week, they absolutely brought it big time. Kevin Patrick step up next week.


In between all of this as well, Zane Owens became the partners for Cody Roads and Kathy Kelly interviewed, is Kathy Kelly, isn't he? Yeah, interviewed Ron Breakker, who I quite liked his line of his, like, or maybe the doctor will prescribe Seth Rollins some courage so he can come to NX, he didn't want to defend his title. I thought this was a pretty decent.


Promo from Ron. I did too. And I really.


Liked the... And his wacky tan.


It's very tanned, isn't it? I actually quite liked that he was speaking quietly. And I know that sounds like a really weird thing to say, but it always gave him an extra bit of flavour. It was something a bit different. Normally, you get these promos and they're delivering their lines and it's very like that. But he was just like, there, he was talking and it was like, this is you.


That heel turn has been magic.


For him. Yeah. And I think if you're a raw viewer and I'm not a regular Nxt viewer, I dip into the big angles of watching tonight because I'm excited to see this match. I think having them pop up for these brief segments on the road to give them this opportunity to try something like this, to introduce them to the casual crowd, to give them that experience of dealing with being on the main roster. With DoE's dark last week with the watch hands and things like that, in contrast to the Party Girls entrance is not really working. It's good experience. We were happy, good experience get into this. We were talking, Pete Tempest and I, about the match and it was like, we were like, Why did they just put the title on BOM breaker tonight on an XT? And it was like, well, what do you do about money in the bank? And it's like, well, I mean, the ticket's already sold so you can't even argue that the set and Fin Match is the reason people are paying to see tickets. And we are all a little bit like, hang on, what's this match?


Make it a triple threat. There's some spice in that. If you want to push Bronze Break er, what a statement. I don't know. There's something interesting about the person and I think this was a really good intro to your regular audience for Bronze Break er. I liked it a lot.


Shinsuke Nakaimura lost to Bronson Reed basically because of Ricochet... It wasn't Rikosha Interference, but it was a Ricoshay distraction. Presence was there and it led to Bronson Reed. I think people have been a bit down on Bronson Reed effectively squashing Nacomora. It felt like a bit of a squash in all of this. Look, I wouldn't be pinning Nacomora before he goes to the money bank, but that's just me. I wouldn't be pinning anyone that is in money in the bank because I'm trying to give them as much momentum as possible. But Nacomora is not winning money in the bank. Nacomora is part of this three way feud with Bronson Reed and Ricochet, and within that, you do need to make Bronson Reed look good. I didn't mind this. It's not what I would do, but I did not.


Mind this. I think the reason I was actually quite pleased with this is that there was a time when a feud like this would have been over dog food or a mock or something. What's happening here is that these are just two people who aren't getting along and they irritate each other and they're both in this match and they just don't like each other and they're having a bit of a scrap over it and they're going to be in the money in the bank match. It's a way of getting heat for their sequence in the money in the bank ladder match to add an extra level of spice to what is otherwise a ladder match that we see twice a year.


Every year. I like the fact that we're getting different story lines going into money in the Bank. I like that it's not just six dudes. I like that it's six dudes, most of which have story lines going in involving each other, particularly in the women's one. I think they've really nailed it in the women's match with the damage control break up and Becker with Zoe and Trish. Here you got Rico and Nacko Maura going into there. You got LA Night story. I think it's a smart way for money in the bank. It's not just here are six lads going for a briefcase.


It's an extra spice. Exactly.


Seth cuts a promo on his phone. Sorry, it's because I was also reading promo at the same time. Seth was doing a promo on his phone or his prone. He doesn't give a damn what the doctor say. These doctors have got no sway in this whatsoever. They told Cody he couldn't wrestle. He still did. Tell him Rollins, he can't wrestle. He still is. What is the point of you doctors? And he'll be at Nxt tomorrow. Which led us to our main event of Kevin Owen, Sam Easton and Cody Rose versus the Judgment Day. This crowd was fired up for this main event.


Wow. Yes, I loved this.


This crowd came alive for this main event. And this was a really fun six man.




It as good as the one on collision? No. Was it as good as the one on dynamite? No, but hot damn was this a lot of fun. It was really good. And Kevin Owens got this hot tag. That was wonderful.


And he was doing... I mean, at one point, the crowd were chatting spicy things. It was being cut out and I couldn't hear what they were saying.


But the crowd was saying the P words. It was what they used to say for shame back in the actually, it's a chart I've not heard for 20 odd years.


It's a scandal. But it was Kevin Owens was like giving it all that if he's been... This is where your pay off it actually thinking about it. He's been controlling his temporal night and he's now finally letting go because all he wanted to do was punch someone. Go on then punch someone and he's like, Come on, let me in. Get the crowd going. Go for the hot tag. And what a hot tag it was. And then what I also liked was that Cody got his own little hot tag with a similar level of reaction because what that ended up doing was building this match where I'm looking at these three men and I'm like, There's your main event scene. Sorry, S ef. I know, right?


They feel way more open than Seth does. The song, granted, is massively over, but these guys felt way big time.


The song is over, sure. But when Beth finishes the show, when Beth is in the main event, I'm like, This is going to be good. When these three are in the main event, I'm like, This is a main event. I'm excited to watch this. Absolutely. I love the reactions from the crowd. I love their style. I love the way these two tag it together. Obviously, I'm a Cody Stan. I don't know. I loved it. I said it last week and I'll say it again, I'm happy with these two holding their titles in the air as the show goes off the air because it makes me feel like the crowd have been sent home happy. They feel like stars.






It. Yeah. I thought this was a tremendous match. I feel bad for... It was a weird one with Judgement Day though, because I was looking at it, I was like, Well, you can't pin Fin. You're not going to be pinning Dom. So you've got to pin Damion Priest. I was like, I don't think I'd be pinning Damion Priest either. He's like the best of the three to pin, but it's not the guy that I'd be choosing to pin. You find yourself in this very tricky position of like, Well, the good guys ain't losing, but I don't know what I'm going to do. Who am I pinning on the other side?


My other side of that coin, yes, Damion did take the pin. He got a near fall on Cody and it wasn't a kick out. He had a choke slam on Cody. And if Samy hadn't broken that up, he held him down for three, which I think was actually a big deal. And that's where your wins and losses don't matter stuff goes away because Cody has lost twice. I'm not wrong in that. He's lost.




Roman and lost to Brock.


In the.


Whole time he's back in WB, he has lost twice. Imagine if Damion Priest pinned Cody Rose. That would be a huge statement. It's when we had Cody and solo, which one of them who hadn't been beaten is going to be. So the idea of I think Preeze getting potentially very close near fall just gives him enough like, no.


He's actually very good. It's a little bit of credibility for it.


It's a little bit of credibility. I do take the point of when you do take the pin, who else.


Was going to take the pin?


Well, that's it. I think he was not satisfying to watch Cody take the pin. To watch Dom take the.


Pin, sorry. It can't be Dom because the whole point is you want to see Dom get beaten at the pay per view. And you can't pin Fin because he's going for the world title. So it had to be Damion priest. Sucks for priest, but it was the option of the three. I've seen some people in the comments they've been like, Oh, of course, you have to compare it to the AEW ones. That's more of a commentary on people comparing it to the AEW ones. Because when I went on Twitter this morning, saw a lot of unfair comparisons being like, Yeah, it was good, but it wasn't as good as the one on Collision or dynamite. I was like, Well, it doesn't matter. Just because it wasn't as good doesn't mean it wasn't good. This was a great match. I really enjoyed this main event.


I did too. I think you're right. I think it is that thing of if you're enjoying something, you don't need to make a comparison, do you?


But overall, I thought this was a totally fine episode of Raw.


I had such a good time with the show that I'm giving it four and a half. I had so much fun. From Bell to Bell, I just was engaged and enjoying myself and energised and I was excited to watch the next segment. I wasn't fasting forward like I normally do in some bits where I'm like, I'll skip that entrance or whatever. I was just in. I really.


Enjoyed it. I'm really happy for you. I don't mean that as a derogatory thing. My thing more on this was I could have watched the highlights package and I would have gotten... This did not feel like must watch television. This did not feel like... If I didn't see this episode and then I came into the office and people'd be like, Oh, you missed a killer episode. Two weeks ago when I was on holiday and I came back and Pete was like, You missed a great episode of Raw. That was not this episode. If I missed this episode because I was on holiday, I don't think I'd have anyone telling me, You really need to watch last week's episode of Raw. That's what I mean. This was a totally fine, missable, skippable episode of Raw. But if you did watch it.


It wasn't bad. And for me, I did watch it and every segment felt like it was simple and to the point, and I appreciated that. It was good.


We're going to give a shout out to our Patron pledge Hammers. While you're here in the live chat, please do get your votes in on what you thought of the show. Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs in the middle as we give a special shout out to some of our wonderful backers over on p atrian. Com wrestle talk. It's Wednesday tomorrow. You know what that means. Wrestle Talk After Dark is going live. Pete Tempest, Laurie and Dave Bradshaw are sitting down having a couple of drinks and answering your questions. And then next week it'll be myself and Oliver Davis reviewing TNA Slammersary 2009, featuring not one, not three, but two King of the Mountain matches, one of which, check this out as a lineup, it's the champion, Mick Foley, defending against Kurt Angle, defending against AJ styles, defending against Samoah Joe, defending against the King of the Mountain himself, Jeff Jared, in a match type he's never.


Lost before.


Also features Sting versus Matt Morgan in quite a bad match. Even more get this Christopher Daniels versus Shane Douglas in in 2009.




The highlight of the show, though, and of course, it was going to be the highlight of the show, the Monster's Ball tag match of and Taylor Wild versus Daphna and Raven. Oh, yeah. With Dr. Stevey in the corner. It's amazing.


It's a show painted.


For you. Oh, I loved it. It was so great. So go and check that out. That will be released next week over at Patron. Com tour. But if you are one of our $25 and above Patron player channels, you get your name read out on shows like this one, like these fine folk. Paul, the enigmatic Bell tower Toff.


This is some patron shout out Nate. Drop the surname.


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The number one villain, Nikolai Martinson.


And the intriguing infrared, N'er Afredo Wheel.


Peter Fiber Brandt oise.


Probably better than Kyle Philip O'Reily.




Inspiration, Preston. The man who wears the gold, the man recognized by Swamp Nation International as the 24 7 Champion R L egment.


Raw's brand ambassador, Redman2490.


Reece Cook, what the rock is smelling.


Burly, Rob Burwell. There it is.


Thank you all so much for being our wonderful backers on Patrick. We love each and every one of you. Hell of a lot of perks going up there at the moment, including Adam and Sullivan playing through my Rise Mode on 2K 23. That was on last Friday, so you can go watch the replay of that. There's uncut versions of No Holds Bored, which is the board game video series. We're doing everyone parts of Unknown, early access to the Monday Night War as well as the booking podcast available. So a lot of stuff to sink your teeth into for just five US dollars. Let's get into the rest of your UltraNATS. Ding, ding, ding. For the last of those, Charles Burke kicks off here to say, hot ish take. The men's money in the bank has two potential winners, LA Night's Logan Paul. They're the only two guys in this match. While everyone in the match is very talented, they are midfielders. Only two people have the charisma needed to hold the briefcase jam that jam. I don't fully agree with that, Charles, because I think it's three. I'd add Damion Priest into that. But I do agree it's those two and I would add Priest on.


The as a third. It's an opportunity to give them that room to turn them into the people who you could one day see as top.


Ryan Marshall says, The potential LA Night promos with Seth or Roman is what I need. And what's the chances of Triple A saying, Screw it and just bringing Butch out as Pete Dunne this weekend or next weekend?


High, I'd say. Yeah, I was going to say low because Vince, but you know, it's not it.


Why not? Joe strikes. Logan is a draw for the haters. Few of them say things like, l ool, best thing at the payview was a YouTubers doing a flip. Wrestling so fake. A YouTubers could pick it up in a day. Logan draws negative attention to W, similar to CM punk and A EW. Interesting take. That is an interesting take. I don't know if I fully agree with it. I totally get what Jo's going for and what Jo's means. I don't know if I agree.


I think from the conversations I've had, seeing the way he takes the stunner or the way he did that cool holding the selfie while doing the jump onto Roman, I think it looks cool. And I get the haters like to come and say anything, but they'll do anything.


Yeah. And I think you're right with the haters on punk and A EW. But I think punk's got way more people on his side watching A EW than people who are detracted from him. Will Campbell says, Cody taking a full entrance to accept a match challenge is the type of over the top campy BS I can expect to enjoy from him. Also, on another note, I have a very nutty feeling the Triple H is going to pull the trigger on Logan Paul because branding trademark. Speaking of Logan Paul, do you want to see him win? No, 73 % is higher than I was expecting. So I am wrong. Thank you very much for voting in that poll. Matt HennETY has got a string of chats here, which I'll read out in one go. He said, I'm going to start off being positive before the negative. Srs had mentioned in his Raw show last week that people you wouldn't expect to be high on Johnny Gargano are high on him and people you wouldn't expect to beg him to stay with WB were begging when his ended. So last Wednesday, SRS did a What do you guys want to talk about?


Which is basically Q&A. So I asked him if Vince was who he was referring to when he mentioned people you wouldn't expect being high on Gargano. And he said, yes, the VKM is high on Gargant and people SRS has spoken to in W W said Vince begged him to stay and wanted both him and Candice on the main roster as in ring talent. Vk made it clear to both of them when they were ready to return to wrestling to talk to him. So Vince Hunter and HBK are high on him, which is good. Better wrestling experience has a report over the last month saying D IY, are expected to be pushed was a top team and a major vocal point of the tank division, again, which is good news. Di Wever say no is yes, please, Summer Slam. So with all that good news that's come out about Gargana, it's great and happy to hear now, now to be negative, why wasn't he on this show? Why not do him in Rollins for 20 minutes to have him look good on defeat? Or if not, just give him a win on TV. I really enjoyed W W since Hunter took over, but not to have Johnny on this show was just a dumb move.


I can't defend regardless of whose call it was. You had an open goal and you missed. You got to be critical on that front. You have to do better.


Yeah. I think it's Vince changing things up. If that's what's gone down, that's messed with the order of the show. And the plan was to have Gargano.


We don't know if that's the plan. We don't know.


That's speculation. But let's say it was. Then that is a massive shame. That is an open goal and that is a thing that's been missed because I think in defeat you could look very strong and have Fin come out and do the attack at the end of the match. I think I love the idea of Champa and Gargano doing.


Their way again now. Yeah, I think it's DIY Reenan has been on the cards for quite some time, but they very much made that clear after the draft. That's where we were heading. I think even pre draft is where we're giving it that direction.


It's August fifth is Summer Slam. If we want to imagine Kevin Owens and Samy Zane versus DIY, you've got a whole month there. We've had Champa do the debut, Gargana coming back at another week's time. It's a shame to miss the hometown pop. I think it's the best choice to give them both on the main roster a run together. I think it will do us so much for... And especially, like I say, those main event tag team titles feel like main events.


Vanderley in 1998 said it looks like Fin watched last week's wrestle talk and saw your criticism and upped his game. I'm an influencer. Natari Hickson said, Hi Rastle Talk, you can just call me Nasty. A nd I laugh every time you try to pronounce my name. Speaking of Nasty, does Rob just not have credible women for me to fight? They have a give her nothing title reign. At least Charlotte is a big name. Oh, I think Nanny Raquel, I think is a big name for her to face. Brody here says, Too much fantasy in this booking, but what if priest wins Money in the Bank? Has a cash in interrupted in Fin versus Seth, leading to Fin leaving Judgment Day. Think he could be built to win Rumble this year? Priest think cash is in with Dom for the tag titles if it is still any title. I don't want them to be.


Used for the tag titles. I don't want them to be used for any title other than the main event. The only person who I think if you want to make this in any championship belt, there is one person on the roster who should be in that match. His name is Seamus. The one person who I think that briefcase should be used for to go for a belt that is not a world title is Seamus because he has not won the Intercontinental title ever and he's been cheated out of it time and time again and he wants to take it to Gunther. Give it to him. That's the only case.


Yeah. Fin leaving Judgement Day, I think are heading in that direction. I like Oli's fantasy book. He's good at this of JD.


Replacing him. Yeah, I do too.


Mr. Tof2 has been in member for five months in a row and it felt bad for Dom during his promo. I know it's meant to be heat, but it was clearly rattled by it. Have fun on the first. We'll see you at the next one. I didn't felt he was rattled in his promo.


I didn't either. Actually, I think I'm getting more and more confident that London are going to boo him out of the building. I think it's just more fun. I think what London are going to find the most fun? Booing Dominate Mysteria.


Either that or it's the ironic picture.


I don't.


Think it will be the RIAP thing. I don't think it will be either. Colbie says, La Night winning Money in the Bank will be Mr. Kennedy winning, but actually having it go the right way and having a good ending. Lots of love to Dan and Luke. This is my first UltraNAT.


Thanks very much, Colbie.


Dan Rosey has been a member for 22 months and Rosey says, Dan, my man, look, you brilliant man. Dan, Kathy was killing it. Keen to grab you both a pint, hope to find out about All In plans. I'm coming from Australia.


Crikey. Long way. You'll need a pint.


After that. The dingo man said... Eyes peeled. We don't know what the plan is yet for All In. The dingo man said, I believe LA Knight wins in London, but Vince is going to get cold feet and it's going to make him cash it in on Gunther after he breaks the record. I don't hope so, but it's what my pessimistic W W mind thinks of. I don't know if I'd agree with that. Booker B. Gaber Reyes, who'd been in Menburg for 23 months in a row, said, With theory being a seventh man who didn't qualify last year and Paul doing the same thing this year, I hope they don't repeat the finish. I want Knight to win. Edgar Khrushchev has been a member for 18 months in a row, says, The Rollins beat down makes me believe the Balor might actually win at Money in the Bank, but I highly doubt they'd have that. Wouldn't make the belt feel credible.


Sorry, I'm rereading.


It could be the Balor actually wins at Money in the Bank, but it doesn't think they'll do that because it won't make the belt feel credible. Just the hot potatoing it early doors.


And yet also giving it to someone with a level of intensity of Fin, maybe Will.


I don't know. I think he needs a bit more building up.


York here says, Ultra chat before work store, if this has been said already, I want Fin to win. Judgment Day Interfered, BC style in Judgment Day Show for the final help to get Fin the win. Also, it was so good seeing the full Judgment Day entrance. It's been a while. Ryan Marshall said, Okay, I'm with Luke on West Anderson movies, but now I want to see him take over and direct an episode of raw.


Everything takes place in the centre of the ring. There are no nowhere else.


Marcelo, Hey guys, didn't watch Raw and I haven't in a while, but I want to take a chance to tell you that your job matters. My girlfriend of 12 years broke up with me last Friday and I know I'm now in a darkest timeline. Your clips, your positive, your jokes and stupid stuff helped me through my dark times in the past and I'm certain the rest of us will do this again. I'm heartbroken and uncertain in my future, but you guys are the constant and I love you all for it. And what you're doing matters, you're amazing. Apples. Oh, Marcelo, I'm very sorry to.


Hear that. The thing that Fred says at the very beginning the first episode of Fraser is it's a whole thing about you're grieving the life you thought you were going to have, but life does go on. So I'm very, very sorry about that. That is rubbish, but you are going to be okay.


I promise. Everyone give Marcel some shout outs in the chat as well. He's a good dude. Vandalia here says, Dan, you said you think Nat is wrestling in the wrong generation. So which generation would you.


Put her in? It's such a weird one. I don't know. I just mean that she didn't quite fit the demon mold, but she doesn't quite fit the... She's in the wrong universe. I don't know.


She's in the.


Wrong timeline. Yeah. Because I think she's good. I think she's really good.


She had that SummerSlam match a couple of years ago that.


Were dead good with Becker. I think that's it. I think the thing that's let her down is that it was with N ommy?


Yeah, it might have been N ommy. It was with N ome. It was me. I think she had a match with Beckie that was dead good as well.


She had a match with Charlotte that was dead good. I think the problem is that the character work hasn't been as strong.


It's good to have a man for 16 years.


The boat is nonsense. I don't want to call the boat. That's not cool. Yeah, I don't know. That's why I'm like, Okay, well, let's give her a bit of spice, give her something else, because I respect her a lot.


Ben Vlerik says, Sorry, developers, we're not WB related, but I was wondering if you guys are going to play AEW fight forever next week when it comes out. I'm personally very excited for it. Seems super fun. It'd be great to see you guys play it anyways. Cheers. Well, Ben, twiddle in my moustache a little bit there. Perhaps, maybe something. It is currently installed on our PlayStation upstairs after all. I might have played it quite a bit today.


Oh, matron.


I might have won a match as Aubrey Edwards beating John Moxley in a barbed wire death match.


Of course you did.


One of the first things I did, basically, I was like, How do.


I get Aubrey Edwards? Oh, God.


I can't say it because we're embargoed on reviews, but that's what I did. Charles Burglars been a member for 25 months in a row. He says, member is also what I call my wang. Two years in and I just want to say you're welcome. And I guess thanks for the great content too. You're all decent. Thank you very much, Charles. 10 R uzzers said, Also down, wrestlemania 19, really judging you hard, man. I hate Logan Paul being involved in all of this. Not in a heel way, just in a switch off, don't care way. Dan, I hope CM P unk acknowledges you as the actual truth. Bring on Forbidden Door and Akartha versus Danielson.


And then bring on All In and Layton versus punk for the title of the truth, the truth on a ladder match.


Mr. Higginspeed here is also mean, you want to talk about your R estalm 18?


Here's the thing. On the episode of No Holds Bored, I said that R estalm 18 was not awful, but fine. And because I really like Restalm 18. In my experience...


It's what everyone always says about Chris Gerico versus Kurt Angle.


It wasn't Chris Gerico, it was Sean Michael.


It was Shawn Michael.


Shawn Michael's Kurt Angle. Right. In my experience, when I like something, people think it's mid. So if anything, it was a self burn and I should have more self belief. However, I will also put you the Miller like Catfight girls had a whole segment. U nentaker's match was supposed to be a tag with Nathan Jones. Then it happens that it was just a plotting match with Big Show and A Train. There was the match against Booker T and Triple H that nobody really cares about. There's Hulk Hogan and Mr.




Which is great. Sure. I really like the show, but I don't know if it's one of the best of all time.


No, I don't think it's one of the best wrestle menus of all time either.


But I also forgot Of.


Course, C an I was in the main event. What am I talking about?


Right. Well, I mean, it's a great main event. Do you know what? Whatever. I just thought people would think that I think I've got bad taste, but apparently I've got brilliant taste.


It's no 17.


Well, nothing is.


No. Higglesbee said, Luke, have you seen the Craven the Hunter trailer? Any idea if there is a movie channel that can see it in theatres? Have a lovely day, especially Rastock's most handsome lad, Professor Dan Leighton. I actually have not watched the Craven the Hunter trailer yet.


I've never watched it.


A friend of mine did say, Craven the Hunter? I'm craving a better looking movie.


Wow, what a line.


I thought the poster with that iconic image of Craven the Hunter, my first thought when I saw that was like, he'll be in that costume for the final shot of the movie. Everything else, he'll be in that little leather vest and he'll be waiting for the origin of that costume. My big, bold prediction is the post credit sequence will be him meeting Morbius, Vulture and Venom. And then he'll you go like, so who's our next prey? Cuts a black for a sequel that will never happen. And Fox, your man has been a member for four months and Rose says, Hey, lads, if you ever got a WV versus AEW, what would be some of the dream matches you'd like to see? Miner OC Walter, Usos versus the Bucks, New Day versus Death Triangle, Omega Roman.


Yeah, that's tasty. I did it last week, but I don't know if I did it on the show. My fantasy booking for a true Forbidden Door.




Yes, you did. Did I do it on the show? Yeah. I think it would be very funny. I also am... Who would I want? Who would I want? I guess K. O. And Samy against... Lucha Brothers. Well, I was going to say, or maybe books. I was going to say...


Actually, yeah, bring up some of that PWG Magic.


That's what I'm thinking. I was going to say FTR, but I was like, Well, we've seen that.


I've seen the revival. I like the Uso versus the Bucks, I think is a real obvious answer, but I was wanting to relive some.


Pwg stuff. But now, when they've all been the event people, when they've all been huge stars in this way, you know, real appetite, wouldn't it?


Did I have a laugh. There was an image went around last week of people sharing all of the current WWE, or people are holding Wwe girls and said, See, this is what happens when you have a performance centre and you can create your own stars. I'm like, can we have like, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Walter, Sam Easthane, every single person here is from the independent circuit.


It's literally Roman Reign, the only one that's in the house.


It's him, Ria Ripley, I guess. But everyone else.


Was wrestling. Famous performance and to find Oscar.


I there's some good options there, of course. Let's end this poll to see what you thought of this show. Wow, this is split. It's only got 5 % thumbs down. It's the mid and ups that are the interesting one here because 51 % thumbs up, mid 43 %. That's a real split of people being like, Yeah.


It's nice to be in a good mood sometimes. I've learned. It's a rarity.


Also, Dan, who's Claire and why is she an absolute peach?


Oh, yeah. So I was in the airport yesterday and there was a bottle of absolute vodka that was flavored absolute peach. And I just picked a random name and said, Oh, yeah, I know, Claire. She's a absolute peach. Oh, I see. It's very... If you come and follow me on Instagram, that's what you're getting.


Good comedy. Thank you all so much for watching, everyone. We'll be back on Thursday with the AEW Dynamite review. In fact, it'll be the AEW Dynamite Review, it'll be the go home show. Then on Friday, it'll be Forbidden Door predictions. Then over the weekend, Forbidden Door live reactions. The Truth Down Later will be in the building along with Choper Pete Quesenel. Then on the Monday, myself and Choper Pete Quesenel will be reviewing Forbidden Door. Door and then we have all of the usual stuff. So no collision review next week because on the Monday we're going to be reviewing Forbidden Door instead.


Get ready to join us for the Forbidden Door live reactions and see me react to people being kicked in the face because genuinely it's going to be a lot I love it. It's going to be great.


It is a show with Akata versus Danielson. Amazingly enough, I don't think it's going to be the match of the night because Omega Osprey 1 is I still think his is the best match of this year. I think it's the greatest professional wrestling match of 2023 and I don't think anything has come within an arse's roar of touching it.


Give us something amazing and then give us the third and final match.


And now we've got the sequel coming and it's a very different Omega. It's a very different Will and I cannot wait.


For it. And then the week after is Money in the Bank. They're feeding the children. I love it.


With our live show as well. If you have got your ticket for our Money in the Bank party, extra tickets for Quizzle Manual will be going on sale this Thursday at 1 o'clock. You'll be sent out an email notification, so be at the ready for it. Until then, I have been Luke Owen, DAD. That has been the Professor Dan Leighton, Jam that Jam.


In the gym. In the gym. In the gym. Can I jam?