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Jima Jam. Don't Jam. Is there a brand new WWE faction forming? We might have got the first tease of something brand new on last night's SmackDown. I almost stumbled, and then I spat everywhere. This is a great start to the show.


SAP is it fantastic. You didn't spray on me, so I'm all good.


That's all good. I did spray it a little. Hello. Welcome to the SmackDown review. I'm Pete Cornell. I'm joined by Sat Eniangi. The E stands for enema. Enema.


Google it, kids.


Why Enema?


You said you got to put me in a spot, and that's what happens. Put me in a spot, and I can just any east use up my mouth.


Any okay.


Ecstasy, for goodness sake. Excitement.


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But Sat pete, what day is it?


It's sat a day.


No, it's not. It's sat e day, everyone. I tell you down the comment section. Sat e day. Sati time. I'm so glad to have you back. This week. We had a hat, boys.


The hat, boys. That is, I think, genuinely the worst tag team name I've ever heard.


The hat, boys.


The hat, boys. Hat Boy. Look at the hat.




Anywho, I think we have seen the tease of potentially a brand new faction over in the old land of WWE. This one is quite interesting because it's a couple of a few talents. In fact, you haven't really been seen or been doing a lot lately. So we just got randomly on an episode on an episode on a segment of this episode of SmackDown. The street prophets were in the parking lot, and they were just walking back, being like, hope he's on time. Wonder where this guy is.




Stretch hammer pulls out. Who walks out the back? Bobby Lashley.


Bob Lash.


Lashley walks over. He's like, hey, how you doing? They hug, blah, blah, blah. And then he just gestures to the car. They all get inside, and they drive away.


He said, Are you ready to talk?


Yeah, ready to talk. And then get in, and then they drive away. Like that's the whole segment.


That's great.


So now we need to talk about that for, like, 15 minutes.


Oh, I can stretch anything out for 15 minutes.


Tightly. A sex tape. Anyway, this, I think, is really, really interesting because street profits haven't done much.




In quite a while. Lashley hasn't really done anything since winning the Andre the Giant battle royal trophy at Mania. And then he obviously was supposed to be in a feud with Bray Wyatt and then because of Wyatt's illness, he didn't have a feud anymore. So really since then he hasn't really done anything.




And I'm curious to see what this is going to be because these are three really good talents, really popular, really over. I'm curious to see what they can make together.


You know what this made me? What I found fascinating about this is usually you'd hear creative has nothing for you. Right. That's always like the reason why certain people don't get used. Look at that. Creative has something, it's created a buz and we're talking about it. So I saw on social media, a lot of people are excited about it. I'm excited about it too. The only thing that I find is a negative is people say, oh, is it a new hurt business? If it is a new faction? I think this faction have a new name. Unless people say unless MVP was in that stretch. Hummer.




And probably OMOs.


Why not?


The reason I'm saying is because OMOs is one of those people that's undrafted. He's a free agent, so he can go any way he wants. I feel like it's another excuse for like we don't know where he's going to land, so we don't know what to decide yet. But I want to say get out of way. So Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin are currently attack team as attacked him by themselves, they really don't hold up as much. They really use this fodder for other people. But street profit has proven to be a credible tag team on their own. By the same time it seemed like they've run their course in their current formation or iteration. So this gives the opportunity for street because as much as people want him to break up and I'm happy they're not breaking up because I feel like they haven't exhausted every Avenue's attack team. One being a heel or one doing something different, being part of a group gives it something different to do. Bobby Lashley is another guy who's proven that he can work by himself. I was worried when he broke up with MVP because part of the reason why MVP was with him in the first place was he wasn't doing well by himself.


Well, actually he wasn't doing well with Lana. He did well, Leo Rush, but he just couldn't stand up.


Yeah, he couldn't stand up okay with Leo Rush.


He did okay with Leo Rush. It just the Vince had his fetish about Bobby Lashley bending over and showing his favorite move, which we didn't understand. His favorite pose. Yeah. So then MVP legitimized Bobby lashley the main eventor. And then when he became a baby face, I was worried because it seemed like Lashley's better as a heel, he got over the baby face miracle and therefore would happen. But it did. He got over the baby face. I initially thought that Lashley was being saved for Summers after SummerSlam to feud with Roman Reigns. That made the most sense because Roman Reigns need more opponents. After Jay USO, who better than someone he hasn't feuded with in a few years? Who better than someone has actually pinned him before? Than Bobby Lashley? Bobby Lashley took time off. The last time we saw him, he was busted open in a triple fret match involving Seamus and Austin Fury. So to see him come out there wearing his fresh garms as he always does, montez Ford dressed apart. Dawkins was the only ones that didn't get the memo because he had his street wear on. Mighty trainers inside the stretch.


Hummer can't be doing that.


Yeah, but the whole point of this conversation, we're happening, we're meant to speculate, right? That's the excitement of imagination. Let's get out there. What do we envision? Is it a new group? Possibly because lashes say, let's talk. Maybe lashes like, you guys have been winning much, you've lost momentum, you're overlooked, you're over like I am. Yeah. But at the same time, I still can't help but Fouseire for shorten, benjamin and Cedric Alexander. Because, you know, deep down it's like, oh, that could be us. It's weird. Maybe Triple H got around it. You don't want her business, but I got something different. So someone said that if they get Bianca involved, this would be the perfect group to go against Judgment Day.


Oh, that's really good.


Someone said it could be a bit.


That'S a great idea. Yeah, because that was going to be my next point. Do you think this new group is going to be a heel group? Is this the long reported speculated thing of the street profits? Heel turn? Do you think this is going to be the catalyst for it? And if so, is that going to line up with Bianca belair's heel turn? Because she's been having a bit more edge to her character now, even on like a prom on the show, which we'll talk about later, she was still a face and she was appealing to the crowd and she was like, you guys are great and everything. She's like, I've had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get back to that I should have been given. Anyway, that's like a slight tease of heel inclinations to start with. Do you think this is going to line up together?


So it's an interesting question. My response to that question is, how much baby faces do we have? That's my kind of feeling.


Because you can don't worry, there's always Charlotte flair. The best baby face.


Right. So technically, the bloodline as a group is over. Even the bloodline still is weird. Bloodline is like the smoke of the bloodline still lingering around the smog. That's my word. Of the day. Smog. This could be potentially the new heel group for SmackDown. I mean, I've said already, Bobby Lash is at his best when he's an unstoppable monster heel street profits. I feel like Montez Ford is probably itching to show the other side of him. He could play that obnoxious side. I don't do comparisons, but I can see Montez Ford has that intangible, chaotic spirit that we see Juice Robinson has over an AEW collision. I can see if you let Heal Montez loose, you're going to see unhinged promos. Maybe not a lot of frothing because he's a man of style, but you're going to see an unhingedness. And then Dawkins, he can shoot his stuff off. In terms of being labeled as a genetic group, possibly a lot of chip on the shoulder of this guys.


And I think as well, like, Dawkins has improved dramatically over the years.


And he's taller than Lashley.


Yeah, he's a big dude.


And he looked like he didn't wrestle.


Like but he's been showcasing a lot of power. He's been showcasing a lot of speed and everything. And I think he can kind of like channel that into a really solid he will character if he's he gets a chance to show it. I'm really excited for this because whether they're still a baby face group, whether they're a heel group, I don't even know if they're going to be a group. I don't know what's true. This is still just like the initial tease of the thing. I don't know where this is going to go, but I am genuinely curious about this. I think this could be something that's really great and I hope that WWE notices that as well and puts everything they want behind them to make them a big deal.


Do you think with the success of the Bloodline and the Pivot judgment they took post Edge has made Triple H think this could be the formula in order to boost wrestlers, put them in a group, make it interesting because we're buzing about it. That's a good buz, right? You didn't get Street Profits going a car with Bobby Lashley, but everyone's excited. Everyone's speculating about what could it be? I could see it. They can initially appear to be baby faces and then they turn hill. There's two options. Either they're going to be outright hills, but hills on whom?




Because at the end of the day, if rolling brutes. Yeah, why not? Yeah, why not? But I was about to say at the same time as well, roman is not around that much and we're not idiots. It's obvious that Roman Past J USO is not going to drop the title possibly till next year WrestleMania, if that is even possible.


If it's not payback, it'll be WrestleMania.


Yeah. So in the meantime, it's like, what do you do? I guess you create a new monster group that dominates the plays and then possibly post WrestleMania, Lashley may have another run, possibly challenge Cody. Potentially, if I'm fantastic booking ahead into the future when Cody inevitably wins and goes to SmackDown as a result of it.


Sure, yeah. I think that there's, at the very least, potential for this to be great because I think each of them individually are great packaged together. I think there could be something better. And I think it's about time that all three of them have some sort of direction, because they have been lacking in that in quite a while. And I think that even if they still maintain a baby face act, it gives each of them a different avenue. It gives them a different edge to their character. And that is something that I think the street prophets have desperately needed. Because while they are great in their current get up, I think they do need something different. It's about time for them to have something slightly different.


They've been overlooked and disrespected recently. When the last time we saw them? I think last time I remember seeing them was when they did commentary for La. And La Knight came out. And La Knight had his match. It was post match, and La Knight caught a promo on them. And then that's like the last time you saw them, and it seemed like they haven't been as popular compared to the other flavor of the month or whatever it is. And also, as well, people be talking about splitting up the street profits. Here's why you shouldn't split them up. So people for ages been talking about split up New Day. Right. So at the moment, Xavier Woods is around.


Are you sure?


Exactly. Break them up. Okay. What's Avia Woods doing right now? Absolutely nothing. That's why you shouldn't rush to break things up. That's what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to use the example of, like, this was the creative time to show New Day. Hey, if we did break you up, we would take care of you. All it did is prove even more. You'll do nothing and we'll get east. Keep us together with street profits. Obviously, they see Montage as the future main eventor. Don't sleep on Dorkins, be on Monster Hill, by the way. But at the moment, if you did break them up, it might be an oldest tucker situation where one will probably swim, the other one will probably sink. Because creatively, we have nothing for them. So I'm glad. Exhausting the Avenue of China. Ms. Hills. Try them as hills.


Yeah, try different flavor trimmers hills. I think they combine. They have enough charisma to easily pull that off. I would be really curious to see a Montez Ford Heel. I think that that is an avenue that has not been tapped into yet. It's not a direction they've gone. And I think that he would be captivating as a heel, but differently.


But also, let's go back to the infamous photo that was on Twitter. Just to remind you there was an infamous photo on Twitter backstage, it had MVP, it had OMAS, it had Carmelo Hayes and had street profits and then people said oh is this going to be the new hurt business? So Ilya Dragonov is now going to face Carmelo Hayes for the title NXT title. I forgot what show? Pay per view show it is. Great American bash probably wherever, something like that right? Yeah potentially if I wins Carmelo Hayes could potentially join this new faction as well. Yeah if all fantasy booking, all options that picture could come to fruition. That could have been like a precursor it could have been a premonetian.


Yeah the premonition going into broken matt there for a second there.


I always love his pronunciation words. Yes.


Anywho yeah I'm super excited about this. I think this is a very good idea and I'm glad they did it. You've got the tippy tap so open on your phone. Was it doing little tappy noises when you did that? It shouldn't got tappy noises.


Maybe I got tappy fingers I shouldn't it shouldn't do that yeah.


What do you guys think about this new potential WWE faction? Let us know in the comments below. I'm pumped for it. Let us know your thoughts like that you let's talk about the rest of SmackDown though shall we?


Let's talk about what's causing all this.


We started off the show with Bianca Valair yes we do. Who came out to cut a promo being like hey as we mentioned earlier this tiny little like teasers of heelness. She's not a heel by any means but there's little hints of her being like look I should have had a rematch for my title ages ago. It was May 27, a night of champions when asked to screwed me out of the belt and I haven't had a rematch since and I've had to jump through hoops to get to this point to even potentially get a match. That's dumb. And then she said I'm going to win because she's great cool but then it's Bianca versus Saska tonight and I was like I wonder if that match will end in DQ. Who could possibly say charlotte then comes out because of course she does and they put each other over. She did one of my favorite things by the way when Charlotte came out with some people do it where they don't quite have the timing down of their entrance or they're looking for certain points. She has to hit her mark on the spot so she walks like a SIM.


So she comes out and she's just walking and then she just has to take a step just like now I need to pose. She did it just before she walked up the ring steps as well. She walks up and then it's just.




And then walks up the steps. It's one of my favorite things.


Look at that. There's a little extra Easter egg for you guys to watch Charlotte.


Funny. So Bianca and Charlotte, correct me if I'm wrong.


I will correct you if I have to.


Did they brawl last week? You know, on that very quick, like, minute long segment where it was, ask us here, then Bianca's here, then Charlotte's here, and then EO and Bailey are here. And then they all brawl. Yeah, Charlotte and Bianca were brawling last week. Cool. So Charlotte came out this week and they were like, you're great. Like, no, you're great. And we're like putting each other over. And then Charlotte was saying, I really hope you win tonight, because when you do, I think I'm first in line. And Bianca was like, well, the queen, you're great. And I'm the est versus the queen. That sounds like a good match, doesn't it? And Charlote said, yeah, I should be first in line. And then Bianca is like, ha, that sure sounds like a great idea. And Shauna said, I know. Me versus you sounds like a great idea. Right? The Empang is like, what a great idea. Maybe we should do that, SummerSlam. And Shauna's like, yeah, so when you win tonight, it's going to be me versus you. And Bianca is like, yeah, sounds like a great it was very repetitive is.


My point is an equivalent of two people sat at a table and they both have guns underneath the table at each other. That's the way I saw it. If you're wondering why do they engage in that style of conversation is obviously meant to be disingenuous. Also, it's kind of like they've tried the violence part. So to go back to what you said, which I find interesting, so Bianca had to go all through that hoops, all through the rings of fire to get where she is on the show. And then Charlote comes out. Yeah. After you win the title, I'm next. Dawn Oscars rematch claims I'm next in line. Even though technically she lost that she should fall somewhat down the ladder. As much as she tries to be a baby face, it is hard to ignore that she's that baby face that's annoying. A baby face that constantly thinks that she's old, something and that makes her heel, that makes her the biggest heel. But she doesn't see it, but doesn't make her delusional. But I find it interesting how Charlote always has to be in a title scene because I think that's always been a criticism and I think she knows it.


Charlote flair will probably go down as one of the most interesting case of boggling potential in Ring. She's great. Everything we ever criticize or nitpick or pick at, it will always be character based because I feel like they never nail her character. Fair enough. That's what her character was initially is they refuse to evolve her and she becomes stale and stagnant. And it's horrible because she's so much more than what the company's given her. It's kind of like they're underrating her in a weird way, even though you think, like, they should not underrate it, but she can do so much more than they're given her, is I give her a chance to flourish and try something different. Heck, let her be a brunette. Let to try something different, you know what I'm saying? It's just afraid Charlotte flair is almost an equivalent to a movie franchise. They refuse to do anything different. Kind of like, nope, got to do the same thing over again. Gotta, you know, refresh, copy, and paste all over again.


I was furious.


Yes. Yeah, but yeah, but why I hate why I hate is Oscar isn't afterthought she is the champion. She might as well be a podium with a belt on him because it seemed like they never said it. You're going to beat Oscar. Oscar, be gone. It's like, where's that sense of urgency? Because it wasn't just a title. Oscar blinded Bianca Bella. So it should be a blood feud. It shouldn't be like, oh, I want my belt back. Sure. I want my belt back, and I want to humiliate the person that basically took the title from me and kicked me in the head and knocked me out. You know what I'm saying? That should be the urgency. Be like Oscar. Whatever. She's holding the belt. Oscar's a fret. They talk about her 947 days she had the title, and then everyone's overlooking her. I just don't like that. I just don't like and the fact that Oscar didn't come out and interrupt the promo, bloody heck.


I agree. This was a fairly I don't think this segment needed to be that long, and it didn't further that much. What I did like, though, is how it was referenced later, and I'll talk about that more later. But there was a backstage segment that I think paid off on this segment quite well. No problem. We got an announcement. In fact, we'll talk about that later. We'll just go straight to brawling. Brutes versus pretty deadly.






Yes boy.


Yes boy. I really liked this match. I had such a good time in this match. I don't know what it is. I got a real soft spot for Pretty Deadly. I think they're fantastic.


You do?


Yeah. I love pretty deadly. They're amazing.


Tempest, I love you're, my brother, but you see, you need to be more like, how Pete's? Being pretty deadly is awesome. So I've been trying to really good preach the virtues of Pretty Deadly to Tempest to the point once I teach their individual names, because he used to call Pretty Deadly blonde and Pretty Deadly Brunette or whatever. And I was like, no, I like the blonde one is Elton Prince. I think of Elton John and my favorite artist, prince. So that's how I remember Elton Prince. And with Kit he goes, Kit harrington. That's a wet thing to remember. But Kit Wilson and Elton Prince. Yes boy.


I just really like this match because they were just telling the story of how because basically since Pretty Deli have come up to the main roster, I like that they haven't just been like, oh, you're terrible, wherever. And granted, they more often than not win by cheating, but it's in an endearing, like, oh, that was clever cheating way savvy. Savvy. Rather than being cheap and being like, oh, you're actually terrible wrestlers, but you're lucky. It was like, no, you're clever, you're smart cheaters. That's what I really think is the difference with Pretty Deadly. And it was a fun match. I had really nice back and forth. I really liked some of the offense from Pretty Deadly and from Braunen Brutes. I think Ridge actually looked really good in this match.


He was improved usual, no unusual. Okay, let's not sleep on Ridge the Fridge. I'll say 2023. He's been a decent to good wrestler or good to decent wrestler wherever the thing goes. Yeah. So I can't say anything negative. He did a fisherman, a sit out Fishermen Buster. How many of you guys can do a sit out Fishermen Buster? Clean. He did it. So give Ridge the fridge his respect. Okay.


I thought it was really good. He's improved and I really liked the finish as well. Again, it's just smart people where it was. I think it was Kit Wilson, wasn't it, that was in the corner. And just as Ridge was going to come up, he pulled the turnbuckle pad off, dodged out the way straight into Ridge's throat on the exposed turnbuckle, playing into that throat injury that they've been talking about since the Samoan spike. And then managed to get the pin. He just did a little splash and then that was it. Leg drops.


He did a leg drop.


Leg drop.


Elton Prince removed the turn buckle pads. And then after Ridge The Fridge has got a weak neck, neck like sand like mirror. And he hit it on the turn buckle and he did a leg drop. And where leg drop often goes on the chest neck area. So all the movements he did made sense. He didn't do that. And then super kicked him in the knee or super kicked him in the face. I got a victory and it didn't make sense. Everything made like you're saying. The reason why Pretty Deadly on paper shouldn't be able to beat brawling Brutes because broaden Brutes should be able to run over them. What they lack in brute strength, they make up in ring savviness and they use their brains. You almost call them the ultimate opportunists. Because they're that.


You could say that.


Yeah, they're that savy.


I'm sure Tempest would love that. Using the nickname of his favorite wrestler.


He's on vacation. Not watching this.


Maybe why he won't watch this.


He was chucking his mask at the screen as a betrayal. I didn't mean to be I wasn't betraying you, my friend. I just want to make you see the vision pretty deadly are pretty great. Yes boy.


Yes boy.


SmackDown two taste of snacks.


Yeah, we got a recap of Waller versus Edge from last week and then we had Gross and Waller backstage cutting a Primo talking about his match later on, which we'll talk about later. And he was talking about The Rock and how The Rock called him out on social media and then he went back and forth and he was like, well The Rock's using my name to try get clicks. And then after the promo is done he kind of pops his head back in and goes, if you smell what.


I'm cooking and he giggles, no, but what I like is when he said that your family is crumbling but you got time for me. Which is true.


Which people were pointing out on social media being like, hey Rock, you should have other bro.


Yeah, but I hated that. There's a lot of sociopathic people on The Rock's mention afterwards I watched the interaction and someone goes I said, come on guys, relax. You're doing TikToks where your family is crumbling. It's like, come on guys, it's not real. I know story, I know they are. They're like, you're doing TikTok in a gym, you're enjoying yourself. And I've never seen so many people being so miserable towards someone. It's like leave the rock alone. He doesn't want to wrestle. He's in his 50s. But then again with the writers and screen actors strike, he's going to have a lot of time in his hands. Who knows, he may visit but just be nice to him or he may not come back.


Yeah, we got a recap of the tribal court from last week and we got an update on Jimmy Uriuso from Michael Cole who said he had ruptured rib cartilage and he's going to be out for the foreseeable future.


Who talks like that? He's got a broken rib, man. He knows when he'll be back.


Ruptured rib cartilage sacks.


He's got broken rib. We don't know when he'll be back.


Yeah, that's basically it. Which I think is really good because it definitively says Jay is going to be by himself for his tire match against Roman, which he should be.


Get Rikishi involved and that'd be fun.


Get Sammy Zane and Kevin Owens back. Bring him back.




Why not?


No, they just left there was that weird after lingering fingers like are you still living here? I'm finding the house. I'm still living with my ex. So awkward. Oh gosh. But now they're separated and now they own role doing this stuff. Even though they're universal tag titles they should be defending it on all shows. But anyway, that's a whole different story. But yeah, please keep Kay on Sammy away from the storyline. They did a bit, they elevated storyline. Now leave them with a reward of the tag titles. Jay USO is his time to wrestle and not win the title because. We got to talk about that later, about if jay USO sustainable as a baby face.


We then had a backstage promo. And this is the bit that I liked from the opening promo where Charlotte is talking to Adam Pierce and she's like, cool. Well, I think my job here is done. I'm happy with what's going to go on tonight. I'm going to go home. Adam Pierce was like, you are? Okay, cool. She walks off. Bailey and EO Sky then jump in and be like, ha, we're excited for tonight with their money in the bank briefcase. They walk off and then Charlotte comes back and goes, you know, on second thought, I think I'm going to stay. And that I think, is very interesting because Charlotte is pretending to be a baby face here. She's trying to be noble and heroic and be like, well, I'm going to stop the Dastardly Heels from interfering in this match. I have integrity for the women's title.




What she's actually doing is protecting her own title shot because she needs Bianca to hold the belt because Bianca has promised her that she will get the title shot.


You hear that guy?


If EO Sky cashes in, wins a title, then Charlotte doesn't get her title shot. Charlotte is acting selfishly but pretending not to. That is good character work.


That is incredible. You see that if you missed it. Now you know.


Now you know. That's what I like. That, I think, was very good. I still didn't like the opening promo, but I like the way that this referenced it and paid off in it. It was good. There you go.


The journey is the destination.


It's to say, surely this is the journey, though, and the destination would be like the pay per view or whatever.


No, maybe you're right. Maybe the destination is the main event that we're about to talk about later.


Yeah, maybe. We then had a heatless match between Zelena Vega and Bailey.


Wow. Yeah.


I had nothing to write for that match, that one. Nothing really happened. Bailey won quickly.


Well, Zelena had an offensive flurry, baby face flurry in the early parts, early portions of the match. And then Bailey used her heel tactics, the whole thumb in the eyes and whatnot. And then she did what I consider probably the worst wrestling finisher in all of wrestling.


It's not good.


The rose plant, because it's so fumbly. You know, there's like a mechanism to doing wrestling moves. And it makes sense. It's like she has to do a lot of yes, just do reverse. She just should just do a reverse. She should do like what's that move? Let me see the original. Dirty Deeds. Was it called Dirty Deeds? Yeah. The reverse DDT or the reverse you know, I'm talking the headlock driver. Yeah, headlock driver. Just do a headlock driver who looks sick. It's like a mild version of a headlock driver, but she just gets you from the knee or just do an overdrive.


Don't do an overdrive. It's so much worse. It's so much worse.


No overdrive, I get it. Because at least the arm and locks rose plant looks a bit too fiddly, if that makes sense. It's kind of like, I got my.


Arm, I got your head.


I'm going to drop, you know what I'm saying? At the end of them, like, is your knee getting the impact? Is her head getting the impact? Where we you know I'm saying, yeah, just do a Russian leg sweep, you.


Know, that'll be the way to do it.


So crushing finale, you know, that's all the moves I feel like those are like all the other moves that I feel like these are from the same family and that's like the runt of the litter. You're like, you pick just Bailey to belly. Belly to bailey.


She's gone from a bad finisher wait.


No, that wasn't to a worse finisher. No, I refuse to say that. You know why I refuse to say that to anyone on social media. On the comment section, they say the belly to belly suplex is rubbish. Right? The next live show we do, let me do it to you on concrete and you tell me if you're going to wake up after that.


The Bailey to belly was bad. No, a belly to belly suplex is a good move.


No, but the Bailey to belly or there is a quarter Bailey to belly suplex anyway, no, that's not a bad move. Basically, I think on moves you can do in real life. I've done that in the playground and I've nearly crippled someone. So don't that's not exactly how they landed because they're not wrestlers. They're not trained bump. Yeah, I've done it on grass. You hit a FUD again, try on someone and you see them being a hospital, and then you tell me there's a rubbish finisher. Sound like the wasteland, the bray white barrett move.


I like the wasteland.


Yeah, some of you used to hate and I'm like, let me do it to you on concrete. You tell me it's rubbish. Again, if you guys are so malfunctioned in the comment section that belly to belly suplex is rubbish, let me do it to you in real life. And you tell me afterwards if it's a crap finisher because you're knocked out on the floor, you're complanking.


I don't know if the caliber of a good finisher is does it hurt in real life?


Okay? What's the difference between that and a rock bottom? It's a similar thing. Put you on your back. Yeah, exactly. But there's a rotation.


But the AA is also a terrible finisher. It would really hurt in real life. It's still a terrible finisher.


Again, limited to in real life and your neck and your spine. You'd be in hospital, you'd be spine stenosis all over, man.


Doesn't mean it's a good finisher.


Like DDT. Again, let me just smack your head on again. And neck breaker. Let me just jack you on my shoulder. I'm trying to get out.


Every wrestling move would hurt if it was done legitimately. That's not the barometer of a good finisher.


And I just realized a rose plant would actually yeah, rose plant would really hurt. Ko, you in the flu. All. But I feel like, you know what the setup is, what is confusing, because she does the whole arm leg thing.


That's why I don't like the Bailey to belly. Because she only had it because she hugs people. That's the whole reason that she had the Bailey to belly.


And it went with her name. And it does actually hurt people. It hurts. It hurts. You know what? Where's your favorite shoddy finish? And I'll poopoo on it. My favorite finisher shoddy is a shoddy move, but you accept it. It's a move that you shouldn't accept to be like, yeah, I'll take the WMD or punch in the face. Or I'll take the aleister. Black fate of black whatever.


It's a hot take. There's a finisher that I think is quite bad, but I love it anyway.


The stunner there, you know, because you know what? Again, see?


Quite bad. Wait, I'll take it.


Wait, you you thank you. You asked the question, why is a move here that you can't do in real life? And that's stupid. It's don't coast, Dunner, because you're spying. Your spine got completed, and someone's next like, I'm okay.


But the thing is, it's not about what does the most damage in real life, because it's about the shock factor of hitting it or the move that gets over. It's about, like, the pageantry of it. Right.


To be honest. To be honest, the execution is dodgy. Yeah, it is. But the stunner, I get the stunner, like, in wrestling sense, as in is meant to stun breaker. Yeah. And your jaw. And if you would have been in fights, you get hit by a jaw, you get knocked out. It makes sense. But the fact he has to do it there you have a callous on your butt cheeks in order for it not to feel it.


Yeah. I feel like we got sidetracked from SmackDown to me.


No, we didn't. This is an extra side portion to our wrestling moves into the mechanics of wrestling moves. This is an extra portion for you guys. Enjoy.


So after the match so after this Zelena Vega versus Bailey match that was near, we then had Shotsy doing a video promo. She just appeared on the Tron because during the match and afterwards, bailey was showing off the lock of hair that she had from Shotsy that she cut off. Doing all this, doing all that. She's doing the Bianca bel Air. Twelves, but with shotsy's. Hair.


Notice what she's channeling.


And then Shotsy popped up on the Tron in this really well shot video promo. Kind of like there was a front on camera. There was a side camera and it was cut in between. And she shaved her head. And she's crazy now. Was really well shot. And I think I'm interested in shaved head Shotsy. I think some of her lines were a little on the nose of her being like, I'm going to show you how chaotic I am. It's like, well, I don't think you needed to say that. I think we could have seen that. But that's okay.


She doesn't irony. She wants to say hi. She just wanted to scrabble us in a tin. There is no subtext. There is no layers. She says, what's on the yeah, she's on the nose character. She has a tank, for goodness sake.




And also there's reasoning behind it for those of you that check online, wherever, short seas. You know what? Sorry. Finish it. No, you got you no drinking. Okay. I'm the guy that talks after you say the important thing. Because I'll be like, yes, that was very important. Cause anyway, yes, shots, his sister has cancer. So in solidarity, she shaved her head. That's a real life reason for why she did it. But for character motivation, that also helps her. Because the simple fact is Shotsy has not translated well on the main roster. She was great in NXT, but at the same time when she was in NXT, she was in a cool tag team with Athena, who's known to Ember Moon. I really enjoy that tag team. Then they made a mistake of bringing up to the main roster with our tag team partner and they gave a new one to Tegan Knox, who eventually started to look more like a radical like her. And then they released Tegan at that time. And since they come back, they pretend they don't know each other. Me and Temper say, I think we're tag team amnesia. Because the amount of times tag teams are never teamed up or shouldn't team up against the old tag team happens a lot on SmackDown.


But yeah, Shotsy is now deranged. I should be excited, but then I realized one of my favorite female wrestler, she's on Raw, she's also unhinged, but now they've turned her into a flipping puppy. And I'm talking about Nicky Cross. I'm just saying they track record for unstable female wrestlers. I've not been great so far. I was excited about getting old school Nikki, but no, she's more obsessed with looking after Candice Lorraine because there's also.


Been unhinged Liv Morgan, which lasted no couple of weeks.


No, it hasn't. It hasn't. No, actually, she's evolved from that. She's now hardcore. She's now a masochist now. Yeah. She's a masochist. Yeah. Dude, you do listing video. I'll do a video for Russell Talk right now. I'm breaking down and analyzing how she went from being I'm crazy to table breaking and to now she's now that confidence she needed from being that Wimpy baby thing. She was. I'm going to try becky keeps beating me and then oh, my gosh, I can't believe I beat Ronda. Then she lost the title and then she became crazy and then she became a sister tables and now she is who she is today. Watch me.


Which is just liv.


Morgan still no. Have you seen her talk? She still talks like a woman. That's unstable. And I'll do things to you guys that you wouldn't want to be done in front of a camera. She'll snap your elbow and probably pitch a Nippon and yank it out. She gives me that vibes.


You have a way with words.


I do. And she was in that Chucky series. I watched that Chucky series. Yeah. Exactly. How is that not part of the evolution of a character?


Because that's not canon. She is not part of WWE story.


Is what's not canon is that she slapped she slapped raquel at a TACTI chef. She's a smiling to this day I'll never forget. She said, come here. Whack what did she do? What's your title? But let's hold it. But yeah, again, she is still crazy Liv Morgan. That's not the precious underdog I'm going to win someday. I can't visit her crying now. If she did cry, it'll be tears of laughter when she's burning the place down.


J USO cut a promo.


Those were crazy. Ladies, we're moving. Okay. I spent too much Liv Morgan, she is psychotic now as a character and I believe it now. She's yeah, she's crazy.


Sure. J USO came out to cut a promo and he was saying, like, look, I respect every person in my family. I respect every mother, every father, every uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, every single person in my family. I love them all and I respect them a lot. But when it comes to Roman Reigns, man, I'm disrespecting you. He's going to spank his younger brother. Whoops?


Solo Sakura.


That is that's solo? And he said, wise man, you've been puppeteering my family for 40 plus years and that stops now. Jay is the real tribal chief. He's main event. Jay USO. It was a really solid promo. There was obviously more to it than that. I paraphrased, but really solid. Hyped up promo. Great stuff from Jay. Then gets interrupted by Paul Heyman and Solo SACOA. And Paul Heyman said that Solo is here to enforce the piece because he just wants to talk. Just wants to talk. Nothing else. Jay and Roman Reigns will be facing off next week to discuss the rules of engagement, which I assume means they're going to have a stipulation.


Just say it's a stipulation. But yeah, sure, put some of Kutchamar. Dress it up as you want to.


Dress it up a little bit. I'm curious. Worried now? Yeah, I say worried. That's not true. But I would think that what they were going to do was do a singles match at SummerSlam, which Roman wins to set up an I quit match at payback with Jay again, because then you have the history of the I Quit match from Helen A cell. I'm now slightly concerned that they're going to do the I Quit match at SummerSlam, and I don't know what they're doing at Payback. You know what I mean?


Roman Reigns taking a break. He's like, I've been on nearly every.


Other he's got to be on Payback. He's got to be on Payback. That's the first time they've done Payback since 2020. That's got to be a reason for it. It's the show that he won the Universal title on in 2020.


He's probably assuming the NXT show. This is a bringing impact. I meant to be there. It's not on Wednesday. What? Yeah, that's it's probably assuming. Yeah.


So they're facing off next week, and Paul Heyman just tries to emulate the manipulation of Roman Reigns and just said that whatever, everything that happened to Jimmy last week, him being stretched to hospital and everything, him being injured, him being out, that's all Jay's fault. Because Jay is the one who stood up against Roman Reigns. He forced Roman Reigns'hand, and that's the reason that Jimmy's out. And it is all Jay's fault. Nobody will ever forgive him for this. His father won't forgive him for this. His mother won't forgive him for this. Roman Reigns will never forgive him for this. Paul Heyman will never forgive him for this. But then Solo, before Haman could say, and Solo will never forgive you for this, holds his hand up for the microphone, which you may notice, it's exactly what Roman does. Just, again, nice little tease of things to come. Heyman hands him the mic. He walks up to Jay, gets in his face and says, I'll never forgive you for what you've done. Which I think is awesome because Solo was the one that did it and Solo being the one doing it, and yet still blaming Jay for it.


It's like everybody in the bloodline knows exactly Jay's weaknesses. They know his vulnerabilities, and they're like, now we're just going to exploit it because we can. Which is great. Jay snaps, attacks Solo, gets him out the ring, and then you just feel this ripple of euphoria, and everyone just goes, jay's alone in the ring with Paul Heyman, and everyone goes, J kill him. And Jay lands a super kick on Paul Heyman, which was awesome after the.


First fake out because after a fake out and then he didn't.


And then he nailed a super kick onto Paul Heyman.


A safe one. You could tell he didn't go full.


Oh, yeah, of course. But so cool. It feels like such a cathartic moment because you very rarely see Paul Heyman take a wrestling bump. And this was really, really it felt big time for it. And then I loved when he just started stalking Haman. He was stalking him. He was having a great time because Haman had brought in a chair with him to attack Jay with. So Jay was going and grabbing the chair, big smile on his face, being like, Come on, then. You want this? He was, like, getting really amped up. Everyone was like, yes, Jay, kill him. But of course, Solo takes the bullet for Paul. Heyman. Jay manages to hit Solo with the chair. Jay stood tall in this one. I really enjoyed the segment. I don't think it necessarily furthered the dynamic between Roman and Jay, but I don't think it needed to because I'm now more excited for the SummerSlam match than I was before, and I think that is the point for me.


It started off appallingly, not because of Jay USO, because the crowd was watting him.


The crowd wanted him. What are you playing at?


Yeah, I didn't like that was my.


First note of this segment. I said, Why are they watting him?


But the good thing about Jay USO is him and the usos in general have this style where they kind of, like, list things when they talk. So he kind of leaned into it and turn it around when he's talking. He's, like, listing things. He kind of, like, turn it around where it's more of a positive because people forgetting what used to be a positive chant, I guess it's about how you can spin it and make it work to your advantage.


It was the structure of the promo because he would listen, let the crowd do their what, and then he'd say a long line at the end of it to cut off the what chance?


When he did the fiery baby face promo, that's when the crowd had they're like, you know what?


We had our fun.




Let's pay attention.


Yeah. He's saying some good stuff. Now you're saying what? If you listen, you don't have to say what? You know what I'm saying? They listened. So I've looked on social media, because that's what I do. I like looking on social media and what people are talking about. People saying it's. J-S-J It's got to be J. It started with Jake, ends with J. The same people say it's Sammy. It's got to be Sammy and Sammy. I've always been consistent. It's Cody, because Cody wants the title. The bloodline storyline is not about the title, so do not get confused. Yes, it's what Roman covets, but Jay's whole motivation has always been family. So Jay's portion of his story or his bloodline story is about family. Okay. Like those Fast and Furious films that people talk about. It's about family. All right. Okay. Here's where I quit. The barometer of knowing someone's truly over Jay USO is over within the bloodline story sense. Okay?




So if you give him the title and I'm not going to be, like, condescending, then what? Obviously, as a storyline, as a writer, you come up with storyline ideas, but he hasn't proven his worth as a baby face yet. Outside against Romans, that makes sense. We haven't seen him as a baby face against other guys other big main eventors. I'm actually blanking right now. Outside of Roman, who else could he face?


Like big heels.


Yeah, that's actually quite scary.


Carrying cross.


And then I hate to say this because I've been advocating that carrying Cross could be something, but then that'll be a step down for him. And if he'll be booing that match, nah, Jay USA is a bust because he faced carrying do you know what I'm saying?


Austin theory. God, yeah. So many great heels.


Oh, gosh. You see what I mean? Outside of the Roman Reigns is a hot heel. And I guess that's another issue because I haven't redeveloped more heels.


But Brock lester, that's what I want. Jay versus Brock.


And I would work, actually, because Jay really cool. Again, Jay USO doing great, passionate baby face promos. You can argue Eddie having that one month feud and winning the title from Brock elevated him so good. Exactly. So for me, again, they made that issue with Batista, but Batista made it work in the end where he was only over within the evolution storyline and then he start wrestling other people and you're kind of like, it's not the same. So let's not confuse you. Him being over within the storyline sense of him being over as a baby face by himself because same thing as.


Wardlow Super over while he was being controlled by MJF, all that stuff. And as soon as he broke out and everyone went, hey, he's broken out, he beat MJF.




And then it was like, oh, he's actually got nothing beyond that.


Thank you. Thank you for making this guy's been on the game and he's retired from podcasting because he's a busy guy. I appreciate you being in the last couple of weeks because let's break it down. Let's not confuse someone being over in a storyline sense as them being over in a wider scheme. That's why at the same time, weirdly enough, as much as we want La Knight to get money in the bank, they're saying we want to know if this guy's a flavored a month. So we're going to work things and take our time. But I'm kind of rushing because of the whole age things. I know how Vince is and I'm like, quick, before this Endeavor deal goes through and he gets 100% power and he's a manager again or back to NWA or something like that. For me, it's more timing. But yeah, if he's over, we have to see him. Small steps of building to get there. We haven't seen him with Jay USO. In fact, he was a Heal a few months ago. He only got over because Roman Reigns is that despised. So people willing to forgive the fact that he betrayed Sammy in the first place, although we knew he was being manipulated.


But there's so many things at work we need to see him after this feud, what's next? Obviously, Backs has been attack team because being part of the greatest tag team of all time, according to WWE, but it's not his time. What I'm trying to say is his time was that tag team match he won that, for me, was that his moment? That's his moment because it makes sense. He's a tag team specialist. So he beat Roman in a tag team match. It's about family and about family. So he's not going to win the title, so stop pushing it. But again, you're in touch of opinion. Whatever backspling reason why? No.


Good chat.


Thank you.


Like that one. We then had quite like this idea, the US open invitation. US open? The US. Title Invitational, which I don't like the frame. Who's inviting them? Same words.


How can we get invited? I've got some mild wrestling experience.


Yeah, exactly.


I got a decent drop kick.


Yeah? Prove it. No, not right now. Well, I always get a kick out of qualification matches. I just care more about them because the stakes are so much more tangible. You know what they're fighting for? They're fighting for a qualification, for a title, and they're fighting for no more contendership. That's fine. I like them. I don't think it's too crazy.


I'm trying to figure out when did they become a WWE trope of making invitational tournaments but just multiman. Have you realized shovel them in the ring.


And I don't mind it because we had a fatal four way this week. We can have a fatal four way next week. And I assume they didn't explain it, that the winners of those two matches will then face each other. The winner of that, and then they go, but we don't know.


Again, the only thing they didn't explain is, yeah, it's for Austin Fury's title, but we don't know if it's for SummerSlam. We assume for some of them it makes the most sense. And the fact that Santos was won, it kind of telegraphs who going to Bay, potentially.


We'll see. So we had this week it was AJ Styles versus Santos Escobar versus Butch versus Grayson Waller, which I thought was an interesting lineup. I quite like the mixture of these four people. Again, Grayson Waller trying to elevate him up a little bit more now that he did his debut match against Edge. Trying to keep him kind of in the conversation, keep him in the picture of the US title. Makes sense. AJ Styles, big veteran for this match. Love that. I did really like at the start of this match, though, because on the latest episode of Three Count, which you should go and watch, went up yesterday, ollie and Luke were talking about Grayson Waller. And Ollie said that Grayson Waller is WWE's new Miz. And Luke said that he was WWE's new Austin theory. And he's like they're like Russian dolls. You start with Miz, then you go to Austin theory, then you go to Grayson Waller. So when Grace and Waller went out and started mouthing off to Austin Theory on Cometry, I was like, oh my God, I'm seeing double here. Four mises.


You know what? Yeah, I feel like that does a disservice to wrestlers who are loud mouth and brash on them and with a microphone because they instantly get compared to the Miz. Because even MJF in the beginning had the mis stigma.


I will say, though, WWE don't help themselves because they go, oh, you're loud mouth person, have a talk show.


Why? They're not very smaller. Why? Because Carlito was loud mouthed and he had a talk show, too. Why they're not ready pipers. Because at the end of the day, this Trope because I like using Trope. That's going to be my thing. Trope originated with Rowdy. Rowdy Piper. They're all pipers. They're all variation of pipers.


Kind of like but much worse.


I want to say this. Yeah. Because I want to mess people's mind up. Kind of like how the shield are variation of nexus, and nexus are variation of spirit. Squad. Yeah, I said it.


We don't have time for you to explain your point of view but I really need you to explain your point of view on that one.


And then it originated in W with natural born thrillers. Chuck Palambo shone O'Hare, Mark, Gingerk Reno and Mike Saunders. I call it the Young Hungry Faction when it's full of young guys I was fought by the other day. I was brushing my teeth and I was like, poor Spirit Squad. They got such a poor history in wrestling because they were in the main they took out Sean Michaels and took out Triple H. They were Tag Team Champions. They were actually doing well because the cheerleaders cheerleaders. But they were W's first attempt of just a group of Young Hungry guys. No leaders, no veterans. Young hungry guys. Start with them, one tag titles next, the same thing, one tag titles too. Young hungry guys. And then the shield. So spirit Squad called So. Shield can run yesterday. I'm going to mess up your mind because you're going to yes, sure. Yes, sure, yes. Give me a short video and then I'll do it again. Give me the clips and I start explaining how Young Hungry Faction originated in WCW with young natural born thrillers. And then you had Spirit Squad, then you had Nexus and you have the Shield.


They were related young guys on the main roster from developmental causing chaos.


We simply must move on.


And it was a SIM punk. Tell me what I'm telling lies.


I really like this match, though, this fatal four way. I really like this match. I thought there were some really good spots and I think in WWE multiman matches, I really like that. These days they're doing less and less of the it's a singles match, but with people on the outside they're doing less and. Less of that now. And this never really felt like it ever was. Singles match, but with two people outside, there was constant interactions between all four of them through, like, the whole match, which was really great. There was also some really cool spots I hadn't seen before. Sunset flip Triple Power Bomb. Tower of Doom. Spot was awesome.


That was sick.


Really, really cool. And then later on, as we get towards the finish of the match, AJ Styles is about to win. Hits the phenomenal forum, lines up. The styles clash onto Butch and carrying cross. Comes on the tron. And AJ Styles gets distracted because Cross was attacking the OCS by himself. By himself.


He looked like a badass. He took two of the guys on. I'm so helpless. We can't take him on. We're bullet Club, but we can't take on this guy by himself. I loved it.


Yeah. TikTok, I just can't care about this feud anymore. TikTok, I just can't care about it anymore.


You know what?


Styles just beat him.


I know he just beat him.


Why is Cross still caring? Move on, pal.


I know, and if he loses again, that'll make even worse. But if AJ Lou loses, you'd be like, that's even worse.




It's a losers situation.


Exactly. So stop doing it. Don't book it.


No, it's bad. No, but Carrie and Cross is an investment. They have to no, they don't.


They don't have to do anything.


Listen, WWE and Endeavor a thing now, so they're looking around. We didn't cut some people loose. Quick, make it look like he's tangible. Make it look he's part of the fabric of the product. Do side quick.




B AJ is a former world champion. Lulu. Look, he's worth it. He b AJ stance is going to win.


Got distracted by Cross, went out the ring and was going to go try and help the OC got attacked. Waller hit the rolling center onto Butch, but then Santos Escobar came out of nowhere, hits a splash onto Grayson Waller and gets the pin. Santos Escobar wins and moves on to next week where he will face the winner of because we got little video promos from each of these people. Next. Ray mysterio cameron grimes. Seamus And I was like, Wait, that's three people. Who's the fourth person? Cuts to the arena. La Knight's music hits. And I went, oh, what a genius idea to have the fourth person instead of La Knight cutting a little video promo backstage like everybody else. No, he gets to come out in front of the audience. That is a very good idea.




Him coming out cuts a little promo and all he says is like, hey, I'm going to win next week. But that's all he needs to say because all he needs to say is, let me talk to you. And then everyone goes, hey, he had the Kovaka. And then it's La Knight's game. La Knight.




And everyone's on board. That's all he needs to do. It's so easy.


I love it. Yeah. This bandwagon I've been on since the Bray White feud has gone bigger and bigger. I said it from the beginning. I said, for me, everyone thought I was crazy. I remember I was sitting here with Ollie, what Ollie was covering one time, and I was trying to explain to him, I'm like, you don't understand. I'm actually enjoying the feud because he wasn't afraid of Bray White. Had he been cowing and like, oh, no, what's going on? Then I would have been like, I hate this feud. Oh, yeah. Do you see what he did to him? Yeah. No, it's because he was over his head, but he didn't know it. And I find that cute and endearing. And it also made him look a bit like a badass as well. It's kind of like standing up to him. And he even beat up uncle. Howdy? Like this stuff that he did that that made me think, hey, this character, I like him. He's loud, he's possibly stupid because he's in danger, but he's brave and he doesn't back down. And all those qualities made I love the cats from the beginning, but happened.


I was like, that sucks.


But I was like, you know what? He's one of those people. Despite him not being given anything, despite giving the Konowski takes the push, which is losing all the time. He got over you love it. Reference today. He did tell me why I'm telling lies. Did he not get put? Like Tekesta was not losing often matches, right? And he's still got over, like, to Kesha. And then now instead of turning hill, turn hill. He's turning face the reverse to Keshta.


Jesus Christ.


Yes. Amen.


This is a hell of a podcast today. We then got our main event of the show, which is Bianca Belair versus ask her for the women's title before the match even starts. We had Bailey and EO sky in the crowd. I do have to mention it because it is one of my biggest pet peeves in wrestling currently, where wrestlers will show up in the crowd and be like, got a ticket. I've got a ticket. So I'm going to sit down. I'm going to sit here because I've got a ticket, you see? And it's like, you don't need to get a ticket because you can already be there. You're a wrestler in the company. You can already be there. You could just go out of ringside if you want to. There's nothing stopping. Go on commentary, do anything. You're allowed to do that. You do not need a ticket. Like, if if the storyline was they're barred from ringside, they can't come out there and then they find a way to get to ringside because they subvert the expectation. They go, oh, I found a loophole. I can buy a ticket and I'll sit in the front row.


Fine. But they were just there with tickets. And then Charlotte Flair comes out. It's like, I've got a ticket. It's like, why? You can already be there. I'm shouting too much. Something that doesn't matter.


No, a light bulb went off. It's not the lights in the studio. A light bulb went off. We should do Pete's Pet peeves.


Pete's pet peeves PvP.


PPP. What I want Pete to do is go on social media, do a survey and ask if people want it that way. You know, because you're very much because that's the business thing. Because Pete go, I'm going to do this video, because he has to show there is an audience for it. So he does a top ten Pete's Pet Peeve of all time. So that will be on that list. And I want to know what more pet peeves you have.


That is just Cocolic Straight to Hell series. That is what that is.


Well, if it's called Pete's Pet Peeve, I don't see any similarities, is there? Pete and Coptaholic answer the question. The answer is no. So. I want to see Pete pet peeve.


Anywho pet peeve. We've got to stop getting distracted.


Peace. Pet peeves. Peace. Pet peeves. Can you hear the people? They're chanting. I can hear it in my head and I can see the comment section. You type in Pete's Pet Peeves and we're going to make it a reality.


So many plosives right into the microphone.


It's Pete's pet peeves. I've had peas before. Blue for AIDS.


Anyway. Good God. We get so sidetracked about something that ultimately does not matter.


Pete's pet peeves.


The important part is the important part of Pete Pet Peeves is that EOS Guy and Bailey were at ringside and so was Charlotte Flair. The match itself suffered because of shenanigans at ringside. The inring action was fine at best and it broke down. EOS Guy and Bailey looked like they were going to cash in. Charlotte came out to equalize. Charlotte got involved and attacked EO and Bailey. But Charlotte went to spear EO, EO sidestepped and she speared Bianca Belair instead, causing the DQ. So that was the end of that match. EO and Bailey went to go cash in. But ask her misted Bailey preventing the cash in and got away with her belt. So I didn't think it was very good either. No, it was fine. It was insanely predictable and not in a good way because wrestling wrestling doesn't I know a lot of people say this. It was like, well, I knew it was going to happen, therefore it's bad. And that's not true because there's a lot of stuff that is predictable and good because we want it and we get it and that's great. This was just like, well, I know everything that's going to happen before this segment happens.


And well, there it is.


Yeah. Listen, we can all predict it. We still have to see in the end if it comes to fruition and it did come to fruition and I didn't find it bad. I should enjoy the fact that EO Sky is this looming figure in the background because in a weird way you got a freeway feud even in the mostly making it as a two ways. It's us two for the title. But yeah, ask us the title and he was like, yeah, so cute and beautiful. But I'm just going to since you're ignoring Oscar and you're posturing I'm just going to beat Oscar, take the title, leave and yes can go kiss each other and have run off and go ha. And at the same time my best friend could potentially stab me in the back. There's all of this storyline thread and beats being played out in front of us and I like it. I like it. What I don't like is that's the only besides shots his promo besides Bailey didn't have a match. There was two women's matches. They need to be more because I feel like Raw has been providing multiple women's feud and you can argue Raw has another hour so they have got more time to add more feuds but at the same time you are getting probably two separate feuds lumped into one.


Yes, in a weird way. So maybe I'm getting what I want after all. There you go. I'm happy now.


Yeah, I thought it was fine but it just didn't add anything exciting to it because all of this I think had already been established last week. It didn't further a lot of it. All of it kind of we left exactly the same as when we went in. Like there's tension between Bianca and Charlotte. And ask her. We already knew that. And there's tension between EO and Bailey and EO tries to cash in and doesn't do it. We know that that also happened last week. It's like all of it was just kind of like the same and it wasn't changed in any meaningful way.


And guess what? Next week we may get a can they coexist TACTI match? Who knows?


Whoo can't wait?


Can bailey and Charlotte Coexist. Can ask and EO coexist. Because Ask is still is a heel. Just so people remembers.




So we could get that.


I thought it wasn't great but I thought there was a lot of stuff in the show that I thought was really good.


Oh, I'm glad. The women main evented and that was like the match ending segment so that this is for me. I feel like there's a lot more positive there are things we can nitpick. It is a nitpick match stuff. But I feel like they're doing stuff with women.


They are doing stuff and I do think that this week was kind of like the apology week for last week because last week a lot of stuff got cut down on time, especially women segments and stuff like that and this time a lot of stuff got a chance to breathe.


It was breathed really well.


Yeah. So that was the show overall. I gave this, in my editing review, a high three out of five. Like, I thought it was pretty good. There was nothing, like, excellent on the show, but I don't think there was anything majorly bad.


I can't give it that's three out of five.


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Probably better than Kyle philip O'Reilly, the.


Man who wears the gold. The man recognized by Swath Nation International as a 24/7 champion. Our legend.


Rose brad. Ambassador. Red man 24 90.


Reese Cook. What the rock is smelling.


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Burley. Rob Burwell. Daylight robbery. Rob Jean. Sorry, I think my eardrum just burst.


I'm trying to w when.


You'Re adrian Rocky.


The farm, general. Roman Dietrich.


Very good. Thank you.


Farm General.


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But you're going to get Pete's pet peeves very, very soon. Guys. Look for it. He's happy.


Don't promise things because it's probably not going to happen. Peeve. It's not going to happen, though, is it?


Pete's pet peeve.


At most it might be a Twitter thread, but that's about it, guys. We'll see.


Speak, wrestle. Talk, fans, speak. Pete's pet peeve. Tell them what you want.


Thanks for that. Thanks, me. Thank you, Jammu.


That Jam.


Goodbye, everybody.


Jam. That Jam.


Jam. Jam. Jimmy jam. Jim jam. JAMA. Jam. Jima jam.