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Goodness me, the tribal court, hey. That's the thing that happened, didn't it? Wow, what a segment. Hello, I'm back on Saturdays. That's crazy. What day is it, Sat?


It is Sat's E d. Saturday, yeah. No, you're saying it wrong. It's Sat E Day.


Saturday, we're saying the.


Same thing. We're not. It's not tomatoes and tomatoes. It's Sat E Day, Saturday, two completely different day. Sat E Day is the days I'm on. Saturday is the days that I'm not on.


It's Saturday. We're talking about smackdown. Hello. Welcome to the Rostov podcast review. I'm your Jam That Champion, Pete Quesen. I'm joined by Sat E N'Yangee. The E stands for Equestrian.


I'm joined by Sat E Horse for this show today. Tempest is in Canada, so I am covering for him and we're talking about smackdown today. If it's your first time here, by some chance, then please do subscribe to the channel, like the video, etc. We do reviews of these shows and we have reviews of raw and dynamite and collision and all sorts, so hello. The one I want to talk about today, Sat, is the tribal court because this was the through line of smackdown. Really, the only thing that matters put it on Swag Down, which I talk more about later, was the bloodline, obviously the fall out from Money in the Bank. Obviously, J Uso pinned Roman at that show and they announced ahead of time this was going to be the trial of Roman Reigns as a mirror to the trial of Samy Zane that they had before, which began with the Usos coming out and saying, we're the ones, etc. Now we're now in your city. Which first off, very minor criticism to start with. They didn't set up the ring like they did for the trial of Samy Zane. They didn't have the table in the middle.


There wasn't any the pomp and circumstance. It felt like very much an in ring segment, much like any other, which immediately put on the back foot when I'm comparing it against the trial of Samy Zane, which is one of my favourite wrestling segments ever. So instantly like a minus one from that. But regardless, Usos come out and say, we're the Usos, we're pretty cool, and we beat Roman Reigns, and we're awesome. Paul Hayman and Solos Okoa come out. Paul Hayman interrupts and says, I'm still the thing for the tribal chief. You guys are not the tribal chief. Roman Reigns is still the best. You guys need to show him respect, etc. And you just tell him to shut up. Paul Hayman says, There's only one man in Wwe who can tell me to stop talking. And Solos Okoa immediately puts his hand on top of Paul Hayman's microphone and then just throws it out the ring.


Wasn't that not interesting, that part?


I'm a big fan of that because I love how... I don't think they've said a single word about... Aside from the Usos saying that they wanted Solos to go to be the next tribal chief, they haven't had any interaction between Solos and Roman, with words that indicates that Solos looking to take Roman's place as the tribal chief. They've done it all through visual storytelling. They had a bit in the money in the bank match where Roman was despondent after, I think, Jimmy kicked out of a bunch of stuff. And Solos started ordering Roman around. Roman was like, Oh, yeah, you're right. And then started following orders. That was amazing.


Then there's also the part when solar looked at him, incredibly, and squinted closely, that this is the guy I'm protecting? Okay. Who's this guy? The mystique was gone for him. I think now he's just going through the motions now.


Not some leader, not like I am. Then in this one here, he's controlling Paul Hayman, throws the mic out the ring. Very good little teaser, what was coming later as well. After he throws the microphone out for Paul Hayman, Roman Reigns comes out, ad break. Then we come back and Roman does his usual spill, acknowledge me, etc. And says, I can't believe you guys are putting me on trial. Last time I checked, I'm still the tribal chief. Who do you think has the authority to put me on trial? T he crowd started going, So low, so low. Everyone's getting on board with this. And the users say, you're not going to do this to us. You're not going to manipulate us like you have every time before. We've even got a video package to prove how much of a dick you've been. Exhibit A, which came up with Exhibit A, and I'm like, Great, this is just like the trial of Samy Zane. This is what I wanted. It's a video package from basically the entire tenure of the Bloodline and Roman Reigns manipulating and abusing J, Jimmy, Sola and even Hayman. Everybody involved in the bloodline.


It was really nice revisiting some of the old lines that I'd forgotten about. One of my favourite ones was just like, Isn't that right, Jimmy? And J goes, I'm J. And Roman goes, Does it really matter? Such a good line. I forgot how good that was. After this video package of Roman being shown to be a dick, I thought from this point onwards, Roman's acting was absolutely sublime. Him refusing to acknowledge this evidence and just being like... He looked so confused and was just shaking his head. He's like, No, that's not who I am. No, that isn't me. The crowd was just like, Yes, it is. He's like, No, that isn't me. Then they started chanting bull S at him back and he's like, How can it be? This isn't what I wanted to be. This is what I was forced to be. This is what I needed to be for the family. Look, I was a main eventer before the bloodline. I don't need the bloodline. The bloodline needs me. I did this for J, I did this for Jimmy. I did this for Sona. I've got five kids at home. Do you really think I wanted to add all of your kids as well?


That's a good.


Line as well. In his mind, you can see how he's justified in the way he thinks. Just saying, I don't need, I didn't need this position. I did this for the family. I did this to represent our family better. I didn't need this for me. I needed this for all of you. And after a while, he just says, This is what it's all about. And he's wearing the lay that the tribal chief wears. And he says, This is what this is all about. I'm done. I don't want to do it anymore. He takes his belt off, throws it to the side, goes to Jay, takes off the lay, puts the lay on Jay Uso, and then kneels down in front of him crying.


Huge moment.


Tears pouring down his face. The crowd deservedly chant, Holy S.


At that moment. Holy Sharon. Holy Sharon. That was a Holy Sharon moment.


That was a Holy Sharon moment right there and well deserved, I think, for that moment. But of course, it's Roman Reigns. Of course, he's lying, whether to himself or to others. Who knows? But he is lying in some form. Low blow to J U. So I love this sell from J just from a logistics standpoint. Like he got shot. Well, yeah, that. And also he bent over and the lay fell off of him as he was selling the low blow. I'm Well done. That's just good selling right there. Then Jimmy started attacking Raines. Solow got involved. Some of it spiked to Jimmy. Then Solow standing there looking down at the lay on the floor. It's in the middle of the ring and he picks it up and he just looks at it.


The power. That's actually the way. And then Roman, what.


The heck? Roman comes in just like holding his hand out, expecting Sola to give it back. And Solove's just staring at him, not giving it back. Very slowly moving it towards Roman. But before he can give it back, J Uso comes in and starts attacking.


Him again. Or not give it back. They haven't been giving us conclusions of what Solove's going to do. It's just the usos keep getting in a way of finding out what is Solove's.


True intentions. J comes in and attacks him again. They brought to the outside. J gets put in between the ropes and Solove holds him there to make him watch as Roman beats up Jimmy.


Which is J's worst nightmare. Yeah, exactly. That's the whole reason why he joined in the first place. This is preventing the brother from getting.


Hurt and it got hurt. It's just a full circle. The whole time you'd see these characters be so consistent. They change and yet their core beliefs and characteristics are the same. They are the same people at the end of the day. It's wonderful. J immy gets beaten up a lot. This is my only other minor criticism from this. Two minor criticism from this is one, I think the braw was a bit long and a bit slow.


I was watching. I was like, It's like 30 seconds.


Yeah, it was a bit long and a bit slow. I think all the spots were good. The time between the spots took quite a long time to get to where they need to get. And the only other bit was I thought the beat down peaked with Roman repeatedly bashing Jimmy's head in with the title belt. And then he carried on afterwards. It was like, you missed the over kill. You missed the climax after the beat down. But he beats him up with the title belt, hits him with the steel steps, and solo does a splash through the commentary table, which was the spot that he missed at Money in the Bank, which was quite nice for him to get that. And was stretched out. J joined him in the ambulance, and that is the end of the tribal court segment.


And that cameo appearance by LWL.


Yeah. And also Jason Jordan came out to try and break up the thing. What's your thoughts of the tribal court overall, sir?


Overall, I felt like it was well performed by everyone involved. Roman Reigns, he must have saw social media because someone on Twitter was posting videos when Roman Reigns lost out money in the bank. He was outside doing a tantrum. Some people were like, We're praising the acting. And everyone goes, Oh, that's community fear. It doesn't deserve any awards. So Roman was like, Bet. That's what they say in America, Bet. He goes, I'll show you guys what my acting capabilities are. And he acted the heck out of that scene. It was emotional. It comes to a point where they always say, a great villain, because not the mustach toiling villain, I'm going to do evil things because I'm evil. The best villains are the ones that believe in their own BS, that believe they're dead, the good people there. They hear their own story. He said it. I have main event in Rastamania. You guys used to jerk the curtains, not doing anything in terms of Rastamania in terms of being on the show. So in Roman's mind, he elevate everyone involved. There is elements of truth of that because Jey Uso, before that, is one of the twins.


In fact, he was almost like the Genetti of the Usos because Jimmy was with Naomi, the total divas. He was much more bulkier. He seemed like to be the leader of the team. And J was J. But when Jimmy was gone, J became the main event, J Uso. You knew who he was. His motivation, he had more time on the microphone. In fact, he became more comfortable in the microphone and developed his own style because Jimmy and Jay now talk a bit different because Jay is more the top of the mic and Jimmy is more smooth with it. Jay finally got to find his own identity through that. But what I liked in the segment, I feel like each of the guys stated their motivation. J ae's nightmare came to fruition, which is Jimmy getting beaten the heck out by Roman. I feel like the beat down with the belt and stuff like that, that was like, oh, this is what Jay's always feared. This is why he basically was manipulated by Roman Reigns. And that happened. It's like, this is the thing I never wanted to leave in the first place because look, it actually happened.


And with with solo, what I find incredibly interesting when Paul Hayman said that only one man can tell him to shut up without even missing the beat, the person told me to shut up was so low. That's interesting. For me, that's for shadow wearing because this is my hypothesis of how this bloodline storyline is going to completely end for Roman Reigns, the fall of the mad tribal chief. I think the plan has always been for Roman Reigns be a baby face in the end. That's always been created to do. The only way I could see Roman Reigns being a baby face in the end is for the monster that the elders, the Usos, Samy, Paul, Roman himself created, solo. Each of the monster turns on his creator. Because that's the only way. Because as much as we like in Solow, we get involved in that. I call it the Bateist the hype when you want the henchman to turn on his boss. That's not the story they're going to tell. I think very much so Solo's got more equity as a heel. And Paul Hayman's proven to his apt at managing Monster Hills a la Brock Lesno.


So I could see Paul Hayman seeing that each month for... Up until R ocel Mania 40, the mystical Roman rains were fall from Paul Hayman. Paul Hayman would see you're just pathetic, you're losing it, you're whining. I don't find you scary anymore. Solowh scares me more. Oh, solo? Hi, solo. I could take you to the promised land. So I could see Paul Hayman dangling delay. And I could see Paul Hayman and solo turning on Roman rains. I think when Roman Rain loses at wrestle mania next night, whatever it is, probably give respect to Cody to throw in that little humility, whatever, possibly. Hopefully it's Cody who knows? I could see Paul Hayman and solo turning on Roman Rainz the night after wrestle mania to give Roman Rainz a long overdue break. And then Roman Rainz comes back to Summer Slam to do a bit of solo and he comes back as a baby face. I could see that.


I still think they have some work to do between now and then to make people want baby face Roman because I think right now people want heel Roman still. People still want him to be a dick.


They're not. But after fantastically, nearly three years of being a tyrannical monster villain, there's probably a lot more smoke or left to the fire or gas to the fire. But I wouldn't mind Roman Rain's turning face because he does great vulnerability. Even that moment when he said, I didn't need it, the tears out his eyes. I did it for the family. The things that he tells himself, he does it in a way that he's vulnerable. He's not all gruff with it. He measures himself. He poses himself and he shows you his heart. Because at the end of the day, I still feel like he's the guy that shunned from everyone. The guy, everyone booed him. They turned his back against him. Even when he had the leukemia and he came back, people still didn't really accept him. He still has that chip on his shoulder. All the he wanted to be was loved, respected, and acknowledged. So he had to do it his way. He tried it a nice way. It never worked. So he tried it his way. So I do believe at the heart of it is a scared, insecure man. And then that part, everyone can relate to having negative doubts about yourself.


I hope they don't go the route of, S olo turns on him, therefore, he's a baby face. And then Well, cheer him now. He's the same person, but cheer him now, because everyone's going to go, Well, he's still a massive dickhead. He was manipulative and toxic and terrible.


Pete, let me talk you through this. As a wrestling fan of close to 30 years, Sean Michaels, the night before, faced the was a massive Bell, the end.


His monster bodyguard turned him in the next night. We accepted it. His best friend came to save him. The Usos have to come out and structure him.


I think it's slightly different because we've seen the lengths that Roman goes and the fake outs that he's done where he's like, Oh, I'm vulnerable. I'm just kidding. I think if he actually goes vulnerable and sad, people are going to be like, All right, boy, you cry wolf. No way this is real. They've got some work to do to make us believe that he's actually good now.


I don't care if you believe he got revenge. Give him some edge. I think tweener, I guess, let's make him a tweener when he comes back. Then it can be a full fledged face when he starts shaking hands with people again. But yeah, to summarize everything, it was a great segment. Please watch it. There's only one exhibit A. That's why I think you're about to say there was no exhibit B, which you're like.


You wanted that, isn't it? I wanted in trial and the S ammy's end, it's like, look at all of the things in this story and here's all the different pieces and how they link together. And this one was Roman's been a dick.


And that's all. I think in a lot of ways that was their point. It's like there is no rebuttal. He is that guy. They get Paul, look at the moment. There's this feeling far between. And then once when Paul Haywood was putting the clips together, Oh, gosh, this isn't going to work. Oh, gosh, this isn't going to work. But yeah, it was good. It wasn't as great as the trials of Samy Zane, but I like the.


Set pieces. That's like a five star segment. It's so.


Hard to even compare it. But again, solo. You got to watch for that guy. He's getting addicted to the power. And like someone said, the elders sent him. And then it's always been a massive critique for me and Tempest is we've never seen the family. It would have been even better if you had a family there because it's like they've missed moments. It's like this would be a great time to bring in the whole entire family because they mentioned them. We see them once, which was Helen, the cell, Arthur and Seeker. That's the only time they're acknowledging Roman added to that segment. And it's a shame we haven't.


Seen them since. I think he wouldn't be the tribal chief if they didn't. It's them accepting him and giving him the lay. They'll go.


Oh, because up until then, because up until then, it was a case of like, Roman's making it up. Does the family agree? The family did.


I was like, Oh. Right. Okay. He's the tribal.


Chief now. I feel sorry for J that time. I was like, Oh, your whole family. What's going on here? Yeah, we needed more of that. But yeah, to wrap it up, good segment. We need a family one day. I want that segment. It would have helped with Kishi there and then you got Alphyn Seeker there and then you got Samu there. He's been in it for a while. Maybe even the one that was in Legacy and flopped Man News there as well.


I think if they do end up putting solo as the new tribal chief, having the rest of the family for that bit where solo turns a Roman and they give solo the lay thing, that will be the big, like, here we go. That's the time to bring him in thing for that.


Well, I hope so. If it doesn't happen, missed opportunity, man.


Absolutely. Absolutely. There was one other bit, which I guess we should talk about briefly at the end of this show because I thought, Cool, what a week. Great stuff for the Bloodline story. Excited to see what happens next week. Then what they did was next week's segment, but at the end of this show, for some reason, because J went off to hospital with Jimmy during another match. They were like, Breaking news. J was back, by the way, guys. Why? He should be with Jimmy. Jimmy's not okay. He should still be with whatever. He then comes in and then Paul Hayman backstage says to Roman Reigns, J aevis is back and he's looking for you. Roman Reigns goes, I'll be in the ring. Okay. Reigns comes out and he's like, Hey, Master Twer Gordon, acknowledge me. It's like, You did this earlier. This is next week's segment. You're just doing now. What's happening? J then comes out through the crowd and attacks solo and then attacks solo again, but with a chair and gets in a couple of hits on Roman Reigns, but Reigns gets away. Then he calls himself, he's the judge during execution and he wants a one on one match with Roman and you better accept, etc.


I'm sure that could have been next week's segment. It feels like it was a weird inclusion for this week. Come on, Pete.


There's two things. Number one, back in the actual era that everyone reveres, they used to do segments like this all in the same show. Austin gets arrested. Austin comes out the same evening.


You see everyone, not this guy.


Some people.




Most people. Most people. I meant most people, not everyone. Most people. I'm sorry, Pete, that was offensive. Most people like myself, that used to be a thing. But but also in modern day speak, this is what we're talking about. Is he going to be here next week?


I don't know. Okay, here's what I took away from this. This is not a bad segment at all. I thought this was a good segment. I quite liked it. I'm curious now what else they've got planned.


They haven't got.


Anything planned. Because if they've got stuff planned between now and Summer Slam, great. If next week it's like J Uso cuts a promo in the ring saying, I'm going to beat Roman Reigns, and Roman's not there, you have to get him back for this next week. If this is going to be the build to Summer Slam, Roman should be there.


Do you want to build this? It's going to be heartbreaking. It's Solow versus J Uso every single week until Summer Slam. Some iteration of that. Oh, God. Disqualification, rematch, street fight, rematch. Don't do it. Hey, I'm done. That's me. If I was in the writing stuff, I'd be like, There you go, guys. Bear minimum. I know you like that, but that's great. Sharon.


Great Sharon. Goodness me. Good Sharon. That's some good Sharon.


Right there.


Yeah, that's some good Sharon. I'm just curious why they did it here because it did feel very tacked on this show.


It felt.


Weird to me. I understand where you say that, but it also book ended the show in a great way. It made you think it's a full circle moment. If you're watching a one-off TV show, you're like, Yeah, I got my pay off. I can go home. But like you're saying, it's not a one-off, there's weeks. So we have to trust the process and the system. And what's the word that the kids say? Let it play out.


Let it play out. That's the one. Yeah. Like I said, it was a good segment. I enjoyed it. It just felt I think it was because it was just like, J's gone to hospital, Jimmy's been written off. All right, cool. That's the end of that week then because J's obviously not coming back. It's like, J's back and Romy's going back to the ring for some reason. And then J's here and then he challenges for match. He's like, He could have done that earlier or next week. Why do we need this whole segment for J to challenge him to match? You know what.


I mean? Question. Let's just say the show ended with Edge winning his match that we're going to talk.


About in the meantime. I'm not saying that should have been.


The main event. No, but if that was, how do you feel about the show then?


Bad. Really? Yeah. That wouldn't have been a very good end. I don't think it would have been very good. I'm not saying that this is the worst finish or anything. I'm just saying it was a weird inclusion in the show, but whatever. That's what I think anyway.


What you think matters, what everyone else thinks matters, please comment in this section and let us know what you think. Yeah.


Let's talk about the rest of the show, shall we? Because that was all the Bloodl and stuff. And the rest of it didn't really matter, did it? Because it was Austin Theory defending his United City Championship against Seamus. This was a match. It was all right. It was something. Yeah, it was all right. Austin Theory retained. There was some pretty deadly interference. Then there was Brian Bruce to come and retain even the odds. But then Seamus still got distracted and then got rolled up and.


There you go. I want to say, Rich, why do you feel so low so much? The guy stuck his thumb in your neck and you haven't got revenge. It's been two weeks. Ridge, find him. Find Solow and get your revenge. Give me a week neck. Necks like sand.


I have nothing else to say about this match. It was fine.


This match is an example of Austin Fever's title reign. Very forgettable.


I agree.


Yes. They should have did the whole Carlito debut and Carlito wins. They should have done the open challenge. Austin Fever's the open challenge. I tell to anyone here. Carlito comes out, beats him, spits it up on his face. United States Champion. But no, that didn't happen. We got this instead.


Let me add the Grayson Waller effect.


The best one, the best show of us all. The guy's been doing the show for weeks. You said that this wasn't... The scene of one was in a Grayson Waller effect show. No, it wasn't. That doesn't count.


And it also wasn't very good.






The one with Sina.


It wasn't a good promo, man. I did not like it. But the concept of Sina coming out and saying, Hey, man, wrestle mania London. That's awesome. That's such a good way to use Sina and to not announce him and bring him out on the show. Awesome. That promo went on for nearly 30 minutes.




It's so long. It was so much talking and nothing happened.


I actually got adjusted in the end, Grayson Wallace.


Whoop, dee, and also do.


And he passed the test. What test? He went toe to toe with John C and he was comfortable. He was comfortable in the microphone. He played the douchebag very well. He's a very good douchebag. He's very good. He's very good at the douchey guy. He's very believable. He feels like an authentic person. I know a few of these, they're down to Earth, but there's a pretty few douchebag or these, and he seemed like the one you run into in real life.


Look, Grayson Waller is not bad. I got time for gray Smaller. I think he's all right. Grayson Waller effect is boring.


But Edge did a good job with it. I feel like he was more antagonistic because usually he was like a bystander to his guests. Yeah, you do this. How do you feel about that? This time he's like, Yeah, whatever, mate. Why are you here? Are you retiring? Is that what you're doing? He's more antagonistic because before then, he was more like... You knew he was a villain, but it seemed like he gave, except for AJ styles, everyone else, it seemed like he was a bit neutral grounds. But this one, I think after the scene of thing, it left him a bad taste. His attitude did change. He's actually got adjusted a bit and he's a bit bitter and he hates it. He's like anyone from Rufra and his aggression, main event scene, he hates them.


In my humble opinion, Sat, I think you're giving him so much credit. I am. I am. Because it was Grayson Waller effect. He brought out Edge as a special guest. Edge cut a pretty nice like promo to be like, Hey, my first premium live event was Summer Slam 98 in this very building.


It was a.


Pay per view. It was a pay per view. But he said, I came up through the crowd right there. Our entrance rep used to be there. I throwed over these ropes back when I still could and I did other stuff and it was like a nice little story. And then Grayson was like, Bata, you're retiring, though. Yeah, I like that. Edge was like, No. I like that too. Also, I'm having a match with you tonight.


It was a It wasn't like that. Come on, Pete. It wasn't. No, it wasn't. It was a case of a returning legend. And Grayson Waller has no time for this returning legend that's hogging his screen time. He's like, What are you doing here, Edge? I know you broke your neck before, but you're here.


To retire. He's the guest on Grayson Waller's talk show. And they're hyping up like, The biggest name on the Grayson Waller effect that's far away. Which is what Grayson Waller would want then.


Hall of Famer.


Why does he not want him there? Because you should want him there. It's helping his show.


Yeah, but I guess he just wanted him there to berate him.


You're giving him so much credit, S a t. I am.


It's the Grayson Waller effect. What can I say? I'm affected by that.


Yeah, you are affected by the Grayson Waller effect. I am. Edge showed up a match for the two later on in the night. Again, it was totally bog standard fine is what I would say.


It was a match, a world match.


I meant the promo, sorry. Bog standard fine.


Oh, yeah. Listen, but it was my favourite one because all the other Grayson Wall effects, I felt it was a bit anti climatic, most of them. The Charlotte one being the worst one.


Yeah, you know what? This was bang average mediocre, an improvement. Well done.


It was the best one, guys. You got to be away and watch it. And then Grayson Wall had his first match at Madison Square Garden. Who can say that your debut match of a hall of fame in Madison Square Garden? They think highly of him. The Rockets is like a strapped to that Oze. But they need to work on his nicknames. It's all whack. Mike Zone, you understand how great he is.


Yeah, sure. But before that match, though, we also had AJ styles versus Karrion Cross, which ended in about a minute and AJ styles won.


If you're planning to use the loo or make yourself a nice set, and which to enjoy the match, don't do it or at least pause because this match was over before even began.


Yeah, you would not be back in time. Wolf, that's what I say to that. Sucks to be Karrion Cross, I suppose.


This is the issue. I spoke to Pete about this. I guess there's some people that don't like Karrion Cross. I like the idea of Karrion Cross.


I like the idea of Karrion Cross.


I might be honest. I like Kill'A Cross because I know who Kill'A Cross is. He's got a body of work. Karrion Cross in Nxt was a thing because during the pandemic, no one really knew how they really felt about him. That was the awkward part. It's like, Triple H pushed him against everyone's favour. I think that's left a bitter taste. Then Vince cucked him on the main roster when he had Jeff beat him in a few seconds. Then he wore Demolition Gimp outfit. Then again, that tarnished his image. Then he came back, growing hair because he did a film where everything he continues to grow his hair. Sometimes hair goes through an awkward phase. Nice part of awkward phase, now a little bit longer, luscious and flowing. J. S. Dick Roberts made it work. Long hair guy, mustache old, creepy promos. But the issue with Karrion Kross is they let him do creepy promos, but he's like Bray Wyatt in his original iteration before he perished the way that character because he loses. He does spooky promos. Here's a terrific card. It could be Naka Mura. It could be Rey Mysterio. It could be Drew McI nter.


It could be AJ styles and he loses. So fans are conditioned to think this guy is delusional. He's got a card promo because the thing is, though, make this feud even better is if Karen doesn't give up. Karrion now next goes for AJ's kids and his wife. Then that story behind becomes interesting. Everything we're carrying across so far has been surface level. They can sink their teeth into it. If it's this maniacal individual, let him go after AJ's family.




Aj opens the door. What the hell? He picks up. There's an hourglass there. He'd be like, Wendy, did you put that here? He'd be like, you know what I'm saying? There's so many things I can't do. Then Wendy's at work and then she got a tarret card in her desk. There's so many things you can do. Yeah, it sounds jammy, but it's more than what they're giving him right now. And then everyone's like, he's talking out of his behind.


I think those ideas would be really good if he hadn't already feudeded with AJ styles for ages and lost consistently. Just stop this feud, please. Just let him do someone else now.


That's the issue. They try. Who's the next person he's going to hang his hat on?


Oh, I.


Don't care, though. That's the reaction people are now feeling towards him. He's now getting Rob Conway, the go away heat. You know what I'm saying? So what I'm trying to say is I love the idea of carrying cross. It's just not executed properly. They can do so much more with him. The guy's got something in the ring. He's got the intensity, he's got a cool move set when he's allowed to show it. Trust me, they're not letting him show what his full capabilities are. I think he's got potential. I refuse to give up on someone that's got... Then again, it's because Bray Wyatt's here and it's like, I can't push both of these guys. They're quite similar. Because in my head I was thinking, what's next for him could be a faction. At least a faction will hide whatever negative traits that he may have. He needs underlings. I'm like, Eric Young sitting at home? I keep waiting. Just bring Eric Young and be his underling and get... I'm like, Killing Dane.


Saturday Reunion. Yeah. All white 765. I don't know. Do something. Something thing. Yes.


So that match lasted about a minute.


My writing was longer than.


The match. Yeah. And then, we've spoken about it for longer than the match. It was significantly longer.


And then.


You had the infamous Michael Cole line when it's like, Well, we don't have time for this anymore. It goes, Switching gears now. It's Kiss of Death, that one. We got a recap of stuff at Money in the Bank. So we had the thing with Escob and Bianca and Charlotte and EOS guy winning the Money in the Bank. And then Escob came to the ring and said, Nobody's ready for Escob. And then here comes Bank of Valera and they few and they brawl and then Charlotte comes out and then they brawl and then EOS guy and Batey come out and then they brawl. And then they tease the cash in. It doesn't happen. And then that was the segment. Do you want to know how long all that took? About a minute. That was everything that happened about that fast. I'm going to speculate here. Not a report, not anything like that. I'm going to speculate that the bloodline segment overran. So then they were like, oh, we need to cut back on some time. Aj, Cary and all the match time has been cut for you. Women, all the time has been cut for you for this.


No women wrestled? Yeah. Oh, yeah.


So it just feels like they just cut a bunch of stuff because speculation the bloodline initial segment overran. That would be my thought. A couple of interesting bits here. No, just the one interesting bit here, sorry. I thought it was quite interesting that Bayley was the one to hand the briefcase to the ref to attempt to cash in on EO's behalf. It's like a little thing where I think maybe EO could win the belt and Bailies like, Well, technically, I'm the one that gave the briefcase to the ref, so I feel like I'm the one who cash it. I feel like there's things they.


Can work on. Question, did you watch the press conference conference.




They established the gimmick that they are champions.


Really? That's fun.


What happened was, just to add context, for those of you that didn't watch the Pulse Money in the Bank press conference, EO Sky came out with Bayley together. Bayley was more like EO's spokesperson. Reporters start inquiring about their relationship. This is their response, We're fine. We're great. Yeah, we're great. We're good. We won this. Damage Control won this. Bailie went with that. And Eero agrees, Yeah, there's no issue. We won this. We're together. We're celebrating. We're great. So that's the story and they do. And they're doing it. They're fine. So that's the story. Interesting.


I think that's an interesting little note for L ayer. They're fine. But this segment was bobbins. Hated that. It was no time for anything. No time for anything to breathe. Stuff just happened and it didn't.


Further anything. Strangely enough, because it was so fast, I appreciated it. For me, I felt like it established the feuds going in and the...


But we already.


Know the feuds. But we speculated. Now we've actually seen it in person.


No, we knew the feuds. We knew that three way feud is a thing.


We're talking about that. But then the ego was now in the background. And then there's also Lailie, what's going to happen? Eo was now in the background and then also Bayley was going to happen. But now it's shown in front of us. It's in front of us. We saw it. It happened. It was mapped out. It's like when I blurb through a story, you read the back of the book, you're like, this is what is going to happen. But then it's going to all be drawn out. E for the autumn season. That's the thing I like. But the only thing I'm worried about is the issue I've always had with Oscar being champion. Oscar is always like the afterthought in her own story. We don't get a POV. No one's ready for Oscar. Why is she? She get flandered into a single sentence. You know what I'm saying? There's more to her. Yeah, she speaks Japanese and she speaks some English, but you could still do more with her. I was a bit worried to give her the title and it was like, Oh, man. Quote unquote, Vince's bigger stars, make some noise and whatever.


She could be a world beat her. The whole thing with what made us a great as a champion is she went on a wrestle and beat people. Just do that every single week. Since she's won the title, we barely see her as well. She barely wrestled. She only wrestled I think, once since she's become champion. Just do that. Let her wrestle every single week. That's her strength. Accentuate the strength. But I like the fact that EO did a Munto on Asuka. Again, that's interesting. That part I was into. What we all speculated is the same thing, confirming. Yes, it's true. Asuka could face EO. The Triple Threat match could end up Asuka winning and EO, all that stuff. And then Bayley's in the background. So for me, as much as it sucks that the segment was quite short, but I like that they maximized the minutes. It reminded me, it's almost like the female equivalent of that smackdown 2001 ending with all the rest of the finishers. It's like base bash, boss, next scene.


I still don't like it. We got a recap of the Men's Money in the Bank match and then we got that Edge versus Grace and Warlor match.


What did you think of the match?


It was all right. It started off, I think, quite boring. And by the end, it got okay. I think this match was designed to get Grayson Waller over in defeat. This was supposed to be like, Wow, Grayson Waller is a guy you really need to look out for because he's great and he's the future. And I don't think it did that. I think they tried and I think they came close to it, but it wasn't that. And then through the whole thing, Grayson Waller was yelling at Edge about like, Oh, you want me to sink or swim? Sink or swim? Sink or swim? He kept saying that thing. And then Edge got on the mic after the match, after he won, and said, Hey, Grayson Waller, you swim. And I was like, Did he? Did he swim?


Yes, he did swim. He swim magnificently. Did he, though? Like in the Bondi Beach.


I thought he was fine.


The match was fine, but he can do a lot more than what he's been given.


But that's my point is you didn't see it in this match. Even if you think he's got more potential than this, you didn't see it in this match. And then for Edge to go like, Oh, wow. You were amazing. It was like, Well, we haven't seen that. You need to.


Show us that. He wasn't clunky, though. That's what I'm saying. He was fluid.


What you're saying is he wasn't bad.




Wasn't bad. Yeah, and he wasn't. I agree with you on that. But he wasn't great.


You don't need to be great. Yes, you do.


You just need to do well. For Edge to say that, for Edge to be like, Man, you swim when you were given the opportunity. He does need to.


Be great. His in ring work didn't offend me in this match. That for me made me very happy. Didn't offend me either. But also at the same time, he was in the ring with a hall of Famer in Madison Square Garden. He won in defeat because you're going to remember it from years from now when they do a trivia question in survival series or if it's Prison Mania, you're going to remember that in defeat, Grayson Wallace's first match on W. E. Smackdown was against Edge.


Are you a Grayson Wallace salesman?


I've become. He used to annoy me in L XT. He used to annoy me. In the few with LA Night, I used to hate it because I feel like LA Night got cucked because we lost to him three times. Yeah, sure did. But I also saw the potential in him. But again, trust me, if it's L XT times, I'll be like, I can't stand this guy and all that stuff. But he's won me over. He's got good mood sets. He's believable in the microphone. A lot of love his gyrations. Got a great song. If they change it, whoever Def Repple is, I'll approach them and I give them a stern talking to. That's a bang of a tune. I played it out. People don't know what to rest and say, What's the name of this track? I said, No, it's a wrestling song. It's such a bang of a track.


Yeah, I agree with you. I don't dislike Grayson Waller. I think he's good. It just felt a little bit disingenuous.


To be honest, you know what? I was.


Like, Oh, man, you're great.


I'll give you this. I'll give you this. I'll give you this. All right, I'll give you this. I've been doing this part where I'm picking up Grayson Waller because you know what it is? Because we're Austin Feary. So that's why I'm not going to take this guy for an argument. You know what I'm saying? This is what we do have. And this is what this guy... You know when you're like, Oh, my God. Grayson will exist because for years, Austin Feary... No offence to Austin Feary fans. Austin Feary is not it. No matter how much they try it, when you see Grayson Walla, it's so effortless. With Fierre, it's so constructed. Try this, you might get over. Try growing your whispery beard, you might get over. No, he doesn't. So the only issue I do have, there is something, there's a disconnect. Grayson Walla was great in Nxt because it was authentic. I have noticed, even with the Grayson Waller effect show, it's not the same as the Grayson Walla effect show on smack it down. Even the energy is a bit different. You can tell that there's more people telling him how to beat.


Yeah, for sure.


That I do believe. Because if you watch the Nxt stuff, the charisma is there on the main roster, but you can also almost feel it is disingenuous. Time is like the like, try this, try that. Even like, Swing, Swing, Swing. The guy, he's very natural in his verbiage and his delivery. I feel like the material they're giving him is not showing the best of what he can do.


Yeah. Edge even referenced that in the Grace and Water effect promo when he said like, Hey, last week you were facing off against John Cener in London. Now you're in the ring against the Hall of Famer. Someone clearly likes you. And that was like a... Wait, so it was a weird fourth wall break moment for me where I was like, Wait, what? It threw me through a loop for a second. But it's basically referencing it like, Well, some people like you in the back. Let's see if you're up to scratch thing. And it wasn't bad. Some people absolutely could have done worse in position.


Absolutely. And I used to hate the rolling stoner because he has to go outside to stay out, but they still know him. But now I just find it endearing and funny. I don't. It's funny. It's still bad. Hey, listen, him and hangman one day have to have a match against each other and they both have to go set up their finish.


Hangman is much easier because it's only on the apron.


Rather than completely on the outside. Exactly. See, he's a drafter.


Yeah, that.


Must be it. Wall is a crafter. He goes outside, he rolls into the ring just to make it... Is that extra momentum? And then get speared. Yeah, he got a spear, but next time you'll.


Get him. You'll get him next time. Maybe mission fail, we'll get him next time. Like I said, this was almost very good and make him want to look good. That was my thought of the match. It was.


Almost very good. The propaganda is there. They're going to say it's great. So we're going to acknowledge that. Yeah, it's great.


Yeah, exactly. And then we had the final bit of the show with Jamey. So coming back and all the stuff that we've already spoken about I thought this was a weird show in terms of pacing, in terms of opening segment was super long and then rush, rush, rush, rush, rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. And then here's the final segment. Bloodline stuff was great. Everything else, meh. It felt very unimportant overall.


Again, I want to ask how many matches were on that show? I feel like it was three?


Three. And one of them was AJ Siles and Karrion Kross.


Did AJ have a longer minutes, though? No. I know it's weird. That's the theme. In terms of segments, if you do decide to watch smackdown based on this review, watch it for the segments and watch it for Edge and Grace and Wallace because a lot of you have never seen Grace and Wallace wrestle if you don't watch Nxt. So watch it for that Mystique like, what is he like in the ring? What's his gear like? Even though he's on his video package. Yeah, so watch it for that and watch it for the bloodline stuff. And also watch it for the women's stuff because it's so quick. You can go through that.


Sure. You got a spare minute. Might as well.


What would you grade it? Because Tempest.


Likes to grade. I gave this a low four out of five because as much as I didn't like a lot of this stuff, I thought the Tribal Court stuff was incredible and therefore elevates it up.


Bloody heck. I was going to give it three out of five because I said the Blood Line stuff is the only reason why it gets a three in the first place. That's why I said a low four. No, listen, you explain it really well. You eloquated it very well. But I was going to say that watching the show like you, I felt like there was a dip in quality, especially with how the show started. Your am tapping hype and then it just fell off a cliff a.


Little bit. Here's everything else we.


Don't really care about. But guys do watch it. I mean, it's smack down the end of day in Madison Square Garden. And then the reactions to most of the.


Things were... Crowd were great. Crowd were great on the show. Not say that much.


It's Madison Square Garden. They tend to be very vocal.


They have to be very good. That is going to do it, I think, for this review of smackdown.


What? We don't have any shout outs or nothing?


I forget that we do those. I haven't done a podcast in so long, sir.


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