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Jimmy Jam. Jim jenna jam. Jimmy Jam.


Is La Knight your next Mr. Money in the bank? Yeah, we're here to discuss I'm Tempest and this is sat enyangi. We're the house of the black mask and you're watching the SmackDown review podcast here on the wrestle talk podcast channel. Sat, talk to him.


What's causing all of this, but before we do it, let's is you.


Yeah. Very difficult to fuse while also holding my belt.


Oh, yeah. Listen, heavy is the head, wears the crown. Ladies and Jam Lips again. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to pay homage to the jam that champion. He is the leader of the house of the checkered shirt society.


He is.


Tempest B, Canada. I have to pay homage, man. When you're next to the champion, always pay homage. And yes, we are part of the checkered shirt society, which is an offshoot, the house of the black mask. And, yeah, we're here to talk about what seems to be the Internet's, darling. We're here to talk about La Knight. Is it la Knight's game? That's the question.


That is the question. Make sure, of course, that you like this video. Subscribe to the wrestle talk podcast channel. If you haven't already, ring that bell so you stay notified and you let us know in the comments who you think is going to win money in the bank. Of course, Pete and Dan will be doing live reactions for forbidden door tomorrow here on this wonderful channel. But as I still haven't seen Pete since before double or nothing and before.


Night of champions even, he's ducking you, man.


I haven't seen him to give him this belt back.


Not even what would you give it back to him? You're the rightful champion. You defended it by all rats. The title is going to get confused. The title knows who his daddy is and the daddy is Tempest. We'll see.


But onto more pressing matters like La Knight, because as has been reported and has gone around a lot over the last 24 hours, there were a lot of changes made to SmackDown last night and there were matches cut that were announced, like the Bailey and Shotsy match and replaced. And apparently La Knight had a different segment that got changed as well. But what we got on this show instead regarding La Knight was a singles match with Ray Mysterio. A singles match that La Knight won decisively and clean, beating Ray Mysterio with the blunt force drama after a really good little match. And with all the changes going on on SmackDown this week made by one Vince McMahon, one has to think, does this seem like a vote of confidence on behalf of Vince McMahon in favor of La Knight? And does that help his chances in money in the bank in a week's time?


My answer is no. The reason I say no is this is Vince McMahon. Expect the unexpected. The most weirdest of things might put him off a wrestler. He may think that La Knight's shoes is too short and that's why he can't be money in the bank. Because at the moment it was reported, there was a Daily Mail interview with our brother, our brother Alex McCarthy had with La Knight where Ellen Knight goes into deep details about the Max Dupee character, how it was created because he caught the eye of the right people. But then it was mentioned it's nearly 40 and then they basically changed route and made him a manager for a bit until of course, triple H got in, stepped in, intervene and he was back to being the La Knight character we all love near and dear to our hearts. But at the same time you cannot ignore that reaction. But I'm not comparing him to Zach Ryder, but you have to remember that a guy called Zach Ryder who got himself over and as his reward he was giving united his title and also cucking storyline with Eve Torres and John Cena and Kane.


So when Vince the most heinous thing John Cena ever did.


Exactly. Most horrible face.




The most horrible friend ever. Yeah. So when I look at La Knight, does Vince get it? I hope Vince gets it. But it seemed for a while Vince probably doesn't get it. There's been instances when there's wrestlers that have met the Vince McMahon criteria. I'm using the EC free as the most recent example where he didn't see anything in him. So you kind of go maybe he is out of touch of what is good with wrestling or what he likes. Heck, I might mention this guy's name, I shouldn't, but there's this guy called Ryeback who looked like a prototypical WWE guy. Did Vince go with him? Nah, not even. So you don't know what Vince likes or will go for. But you think Elliot Knight is the kind of guy you'd like. He's a throwback, because we're to say this, but he's a throwback to the attitude era kind of wrestlers like the Rock and stone coast of Austin. We don't really get wrestlers like that anymore. So when you see someone like Ellen and Knight who basically has a great grasp of cutting promos similar to like an Austin in a rock, don't mock it, be in all of it because we rarely get stuff like that.


I mean, the Miz was trying to bring that style back once upon a time when he started in the beginning. So the fact that Ellen Knight has cornered the market of that kind of style promos and his in ring work is not bad. I don't know how people say oh, he's growing the promo, but he's in ring. If you watch his match ray Mysterio, if you can keep up ray Mysterio, that for me is a criteria. You're a good wrestler.




He's not a great wrestler, but he's a good wrestler. Good wrestler better mean a crap wrestler. So, yeah, I'm going to wrap it up. And also it's sat e time. And it sat e day. Yeah.


I mean, it's interesting. I think La Knight had a better shot at being Mr. Money in the bank a week ago before Logan Paul got involved. I think Logan Paul might have a pretty good shot at winning this briefcase. But if you're looking at people who are building momentum towards this show, la Knight cut a promo on Raw that turned some heads, and now he was on SmackDown, beating Ray Mysterio clean. And maybe that's just sensible booking for a guy who's in the Money in the bank match versus a guy who's not in the Money in the bank match, in the case of Ray Mysterio. But that hasn't been a bar that they've met with La Knight to this point. He was wrestling Bray Wyatt and not winning matches. He was going into WrestleMania getting hell of a reaction and not winning any matches. He has not won a lot of matches this year, but that has changed over the last few weeks. He is now starting to win a little bit more. Granted, he lost last week to Santos Escobar, but now he's gotten a big win over Ray Mysterio, a clean win. And I would like to think that that bodes well for him.


I don't know if that means he's going to win, but there was another report that came out this week that said that there were lots of people who were pushing for La Knight to win Money in the bank again. Does that happen? Who knows? Because ultimately it's up to someone who's out of his mind to make that decision. Mad King but one can hope. I'm still beating the La Knight drum.


Listen, I'll always beat the drum, albeit I'm still hesitant because I don't want to get my heart broken if they don't go all away with him. Like you mentioned, there's the looming shadow of Logan Paul, which helps. The whole point of Money in the bank is they shouldn't be that predictable because there's times that people are like, oh, it's too predictable. La Knight is going to win. Oh, no, Damien Priest is going to win. But now with Logan Paul is in it, it ups up the game and the ante and the stakes, especially with people that like to bet on wrestling. It's like, oh, who do I bet now on? It's like, Logan Paul could be the disruptor, but I don't think they as much as it would make headlines, right? As much as it would make headlines, could be a case of Logan Paul wins, then he probably loses the briefcase to someone like Elliot Knight. That could be the route that could go. But I don't know. I'm not saying as bad as David Arquette, because Logan Paul, he can do moves really well. It doesn't make him a good wrestler. I read someone saying that, oh, logan Paul is a better wrestler than La Knight.


Nope, it's not true. Logan Paul can do moves really well. Spectacular moves really well. More than La Knight has more spectacular moves than La Knight. Doesn't make him a better wrestler. Better wrestler. Putting the story together, selling psychology, the stuff that Logan Paul doesn't know yet. But I'm not going to go into rental about that. But like you said, Logan Paul is a good antagonist to have because it makes us word for our favorite. But I do hope that La Knight wins. Kind of like how Brian Danielson wins. Daniel Bryan won the briefcase one time and we were shocked by the oh.


No, I was thinking about that this week because I was like, oh, man, they really haven't given this before. He beat Ray Mysterio, but they really haven't given La Knight that much heading into this money in the bank reign. I don't know if he's going to win. And I thought about Daniel Bryan as the other example, where it's like, well, Daniel Bryan wasn't even on TV most of the time heading into that money in the bank match that he had and won. And it's just because they made that decision on the day.




There was no thought being put into it leading up to that. They just decided Daniel Bryan today because they didn't want Wade Barrett or Cody Rose. They thought it was going to be too similar to Alberto del Rio with two heels winning. So maybe they're going to have La Knight win, maybe not. Maybe they have a plan now, but once they get to the two in eight days or no, in seven days, rather. Saturday pay per views. I'm still not used to them. Maybe they'll change their mind on the day.


That scares me. You're saying that one bad coffee trip for Vince McMahon could just make him go with the most random person to win.


Always. There's always that chance again.


I've been otis won. Yeah, that's because he found him funny. Exactly.


Random choices win these matches.


The weird thing is, if Otis won it now, I feel like he have a bigger chance of being seen, more of a threat because they rebranded him for it before. He kind of reverted slightly back to his old character, but not too clownish to a point where he's not winning matches. He's still winning matches. He's got more credibility now. That's what I'm trying to say. I do hope I've been on the La at Bandwagon since day one. Even back to the Bray White feed, I say, people, guys, I'm enjoying the feud from one reason only. There's this guy who does not understand. He's in a spooky horror film. Daphim made it interesting because he's the kind of guy you give him lemon, he turns to lemonade, and then you have to a guy like Vince McMahon, whose backstory is he had fought very hard to get the trailer park to get where he had to go. Today, you have to admire someone that could turn the littlest thing into something very big. They gave him a promo time on Raw, smashed it. Everything they give Elliot, he smashes it. So for me, I hope they reward it.


But history has shown us rarely people get rewarded for getting themselves over and doing well. They try to squash it.




Osteo Ziggler, he wants to point the Times to get big cheers. And we want Ziggler. And what the Vince do? Squashed it. And allegedly Triple H Four, he's just a bump card and doesn't do much. So, yes, that's a whole different story. But yeah. La Knight. Yeah. Let me talk to you. La Knights game. Come on. Yeah.


For help, put. But we're going to get into the rest of our SmackDown review here, which started with the usos coming down to the ring separate from the bloodline of which they are now free. They came down and Jay was still like he was shaken almost. He was just like, oh, my God, I can't believe this whole thing has happened. Roman, you disrespected me and you disrespected my brother. And Jimmy says, like, Jay, I think you made the right choice last week. And everyone's chanting USI. They're chanting USO. And they change their attention, turn their attention to Paul Heyman. And I think this is really neat. This, to me, is a very good direction for this storyline to go because they start talking about how there's a snake in the bloodline, and that snake is Paul Heyman, who's gotten in Roman's ear and is trying to split a wedge between two brothers. And you just don't do that with family. And they talk about how they're going to face Roman and Solo at Money in the bank, how they are the greatest tag team in the world. And that at Money in the bank, they're going to welcome Roman and Solo to the USO penitentiary.


Love it.


I thought this was probably the best segment on the show just because there weren't that many other there wasn't big segments on the show. I really like the idea that it is Paul Heyman that is the evil behind the last three years. I don't know how close we are to the end of the bloodline. Personally, I always thought Roman was going to lose the title first and then continue the disintegration of the bloodline as a way to keep that interesting and prolong the story a little bit. But it seems like those two things are happening kind of at the same time now. Not to say that Roman is anywhere near losing the title because who knows, might be a WrestleMania for all I know. That being said, however yes, I think turning the focus of this storyline onto Paul Heyman and his corrupting influence is a very smart way of going about things at this point, because otherwise, you're kind of missing a lot of the actual bloodline that had the intrigue, because that primarily over the last year has been the Usos. And where their allegiances lie. And do they side with Sammy Zayn, et cetera.


Now that that split has happened, you need something else to carry that storyline on and create intrigue and OOH. Is there going to be another split? Are we able to topple the Bloodline in some sort of way? Because I don't think that the Usos are going to really get one up on Roman Reigns at any point in a match anyway. They can't beat Roman Reigns. They might beat them in the tag match. I'm not sure. You can probably pin solo, but then again, maybe not. Who knows? This isn't a prediction show, but I don't think either of them are going to actually beat Roman for the title or anything. So there needs to be a way to have some sort of small victories along the way, possibly. And that could be getting Paul Heyman kicked out of the Bloodline, anything involving Paul Heyman and that kind of story development there. I think this is very, very smart.


I agree with you. To go back on the promo that Jay USO was cutting in in the beginning is saying that a Bloodline. And then Jimmy had to stop him and said, the Usos are in your city. What I appreciate about the promo, like you said, it was layered storytelling. They could have went down the route of, like, Roman, you manipulated us, you hurt us, the whole boo boo face. But then it would discredit what they willingly have done the past three years, right? It always be an insult, a slap in our face. We didn't know what we were doing. We're good guys. No, I love the fact that Jay says, Roman, we still love you. We always love you. We're family. So in their mind, this is just the latest of probably thousands of falling out they probably had as children or whatever. So in their mind, family fight, family squabble. But the poison, the root of evil in their minds, the person that turned their cousin into someone they cannot recognize is Paul Heyman. And I find it fascinating, like you said, they're going to Paul Heyman. Because remember, at the end of the day, you have to realize this entire storyline, this entire title reign, was always ultimately designed to get Roman Reigns to being the top guy in the whole of WWE top face.


Ideally, Vince McMahon and company would like Roman Reigns on the side of the good guys again one day. And what is a great way of doing it? I forgot myself. How do you get people to actually like Roman Reigns? How do you get people to want Roman Reigns to be baby face again? They have to be the quote unquote Lady Macbeth aspect, the person that's dripping poison someone's ear. And then it was also done in I want to say WrestleMania six with Andre the Giant and Bobby brain healing. Where the crowd embraced Andre once he got rid of Bobby the brain healing. That has happened before. Where the corrupt influence much a man in WrestleMania seven, the corrupt influence being sensational. Queen Sherry, she was the corrupt influence and much a man's ear, even though he really went mad. But she added more to his madness. So it has worked in the past where a top guy wants to get rid of a dead weight manager that's corrupting them. The fans embrace them. But of course the fans today are not readily accept stuff like that. So it has to be a slow process. So this could be the beginning.


Open microphone's up. Sometimes you can't hear me or whatever. This could be the beginning.


Adjusted levels and such.


Well, tempest can't do everything. Yeah, I see. As something that this is going to be the next phase of the storyline is can we save Roman Reigns? So this is like a weird intervention that the Usos are going to do. Solo is the wild card because it could be a case of like as Paul Heyman's influence is slipping from Roman as a humanity probably might creep back into him. He may like a virus latch onto someone else, someone impressionable, like a Solo SACOA and say, solo, I've always seen you as a future you are the future of the bloodline.


You are.


He can go very much like Iago Aladdin, who knows new Jafar. So I can see it that he tried corrupt Solo as yet. You're the next one up. It was never J. I wanted you. I wanted you to be the tribal chief. I wanted you. So he can go latch onto Solo and then Solo is the one that turns on Roman. Someone pointed out on Twitter, I was.


Just going to bring this up. Go for it.


No, you say I said enough. This is back to you. We're tag team. I tag you in.


Someone pointed out on Twitter that Roman has never turned on his partners. He was the one who got hit in the back with a chair with the shield. John Moxley or Dean ambrose turned on Seth Rollins. When Roman came down with leukemia, sammy Zayn hit him in the back with the chair. Jay USO kicked him in the face. Jimmy USO kicked him in the face. Bingo. Every single time. You can say that Roman is manipulative and he's a big ol heel right now, but he's loyal in his own way. In his mind. He's not the one that turns on people. And I think that is such an important aspect of his character. I think you can really start to play with that as you get further down the line here. When he starts saying, everybody is turning on me, and maybe that forces him to look inward at himself, like, why is this happening? Maybe I'm the one that's wrong or something.


Trouble, chief. It's not you. You prophet the way you are. Trouble, Chief.


It's so interesting. It's such an interesting character quirk for this big evil right now in WWE to be the one that's never turned.


And I want to add, Paul Heyman has a history of turning against clients once they find conscience. Brock Lesnar's and original run in 2002. Once he start finding respect for fellow wrestlers. That's when Paul Heyman had enough of him. He said it's his weakness was him growing a conscience and showing respect towards wrestlers. That's why he ditched him for big show. So Paul Heyman does have a history of jumping ship when the meal ticket is not going away. He wants when he come manipulate. Yeah. CM Punk's. Another one. So Paul Heyman has a history when we talk about Roman Reigns being the guy that never turns anyone. Paul. Heyman. Sorry. Outside of the coin, he turns on everyone that he's with if it doesn't suit his needs. So Roman Reigns. Watch that out. I think the users should mention that or someone else. It could be Sammy down the line. He's always trusting Sammy hey. J. Trouble Chief. I always loved you, didn't I? Stay away from poor Haven. I can see it. That could be the next storyline going into WrestleMania. Romans get a change of heart, maybe trying to find his humanity. We've seen storylines in the past, like Becky Lynch turned face at the same time when she lost against Bianca Belair.


That was at SummerSlam. It can't happen where the hill sees the error of their ways. It could be a WrestleMania where Roman Reigns loses. He might actually shake the guy's hands, acknowledge the person that beats him, which might make Paul Heyman mad that you're acknowledging him. You're looking weak, but I'm going too far ahead. But, yeah, we're excited about what the possibilities could be for the storyline.


Yes, absolutely. The Paul Heyman aspect of this is very exciting and gives us a lot to theorize about. After that, we had our first match of the night, that being La night beating Ray Mysterio, which we've already talked about. And that segment ended with Santos Escobar running La night off. So good stuff there. Backstage Ridge, Holland just, like, walks by solo. SACOA. And Solo's in a bad mood, gives him the spike and just says, like, not tonight, and walks off. And Paul picks up the phone and says, call Roman Reigns. He's stressed.


Have you ever done that with your phone call so and so?


No, I don't use that.


No, I don't use, siri. I assume it's an iPhone holder, probably. I don't use Siri because, I don't know, I feel like it's quicker because sometimes you'd be like, who Siri's?


Listening to too much yo.


For real.


Siri going to start thinking.


And someone wanted to point this out. And I must say, yeah, Paul Haman's got history of mobile phones because he's just smashing people's back of their head so they feel like they Easter egg him holding his phone.


I don't doubt it. Honestly. I feel like that's a cool little quirk.


He loves phones. Technology, right?


Yeah. But Seamus then comes and finds Ridge laid out, still hacking and coffin as Adam Pierce attending to him and everything. And then Seamus says, you want Solo? Goes out to the stage and calls out Solo Sokoa to face him that night. They make it official at some point that that's going to be the main event of the show. And then we had our WWE women's tag team title unification match between Ronda Rousey and Shana Basler, the WWE Women's tag team champions, and Ayla Dawn and Alba Fire, the NXT Women's tag team champions. And I didn't write a lot of notes about this match, I'm not going to lie, it was okay. Ronda Rousey did a poison. Rana say it a poison, Rhonda? Yes.




This was a foregone conclusion of a match. And I'm not saying that Iledon and alifier should have won this match by.


Any means, I said it should have won, sure.


But it's like they've done just about like just a hair above nothing with Isladon and Albafire since arriving on the main roster. They drafted the women's Tag Champions and then just unified the belts so had them lose their first big match. They've done a bunch of vignettes on them. They'll do like a backstage deal or something like that, but I'm surprised that people know who they are at this point.


I know what you mean. Basically it was a huge rush job, right? It's kind of like they should have established them on the main roster having of a defense and then possibly on a summer slam because it was done on a SmackDown, a random SmackDown. As much as I would say I want women's matches, they could have done, there could have been another way, a more creative way. I felt like it was creatively bankrupt, what they'd done, but at the same time I have positive things to say about the match. I felt like the match from the Unholy Union side, they added more because of the Rapid fire teamwork. It made the match look fluid and Rhonda did well in the ring and Basil is always reliable. And also I felt like the promo that Rhonda cut after the match was decent for this current run. But it's weirdly enough I'm like you. The NXT tag title should have never existed, but at the same time cause it did. Katana Chance and Kaden Carter and the Unholy Alliance, just two examples, got to flourish and develop the tag team repertoire because they had something to fight for and now they're saying, yeah, the tag team titles will be across the free brand, which is a great reason.


But I want to say that for me that the tag division is quite healthy. The most healthiest I've ever seen. It even more healthy than when they first introduced titles, because there's actually now, like four women, four or five women legit tag teams on the roster. Now, the fact that the title is going to go around different brands, you're going to get decent matches out of it. So I see it as a positive and I think unholy alliance with unholy union, they're not big show, an undertaker, they add to the show. Katana chance and Kaden Carter, they add to the raw side as well. I'm excited to see what Ronda rousey and Shayna basa can do with the tag titles because Ronda Rousey still ronda Rousey, and her having the tag titles is, on paper, still a big deal.


On paper. Yeah. And this all led to the return of Liv Morgan because raquel Rodriguez was sat at ringside during this match just watching. And then the match ended and she just went to leave, and rhonda called her out and she stopped, turned and said, I want a rematch for those titles that we never lost. And then Liv Morgan came out and they cleared the ring. And if I had to guess, it'll be raquel and Liv Morgan versus Shayna and rhonda at money in the bank. I saw a lot of people saying, why wasn't this match, this unification match at money in the bank? And I really am kind of also curious because there are three championship matches, including this one on this SmackDown and the next SmackDown that feel like, well, why aren't they just on the pay per view? Some of them? I feel a little bit stronger, in fact, where it's like Charlotte and Oscar. I am betting that there is a schma's finish and they run it back at the pay per view in some way involving Bianca belair, I have to assume that, but pretty deadly. And Kayo and Sammy Zane is just on SmackDown next week.


Why is that not the pay per view match? And maybe you do raquel and live at the pay per view, but this was a unification title match. Felt like it could have done with, like, if this was like 1215 minutes or so, given plenty of time, would have felt like a bigger deal.


And also unholy union, they're also UK gals.


Yeah, exactly.


Reaction next week because SmackDown is also in the o two. So it's kind of like in m mine is like, you're getting a two for one deal. SmackDown, in their mind is like, where are you complaining about it's? In the same arena, just different dressings. That's probably like, who cares?


You won the andrea, the giant memorial battle royal on SmackDown. It's in La.


Okay, I want to mention something. So you said raquel was walking away. So logically speaking, if ronda didn't say anything yeah.


What's Liv doing? I didn't even think about that.


But you're right, because it wasn't a case of, like, they won and raquel. Goes, congratulations, ladies, on winning the title. Wow. Now I want my rematch. She was walking away, so it's kind of like, wait, are you legit? Like Eva Vikel is a master manipulator, thinking, I'm going to walk away and she's going to say something and I'm going to walk back and ask for the title shot. And then that's when Liv comes out. That's the plan. I don't know if that was the plan. If that was the plan. You are mad genius, Raquel Rodriguez. You're mad genius. If that was not the plan. Happenstance. Happenstance. But yeah, again, what would happen is Alternative Universe with Ronda didn't cut promo. And as you walk back and live, probably pop up in a backstage as they're celebrating. I don't know. We'll never know. One of those SmackDown versus Raw games or what door you walk into would dictate what the storyline goes into. We'll never know.


She goes to the back and Liv is just like, you're supposed to set me up. I was going to come back. Oh, sorry, I forgot.


Now I can legit see it. That Ronda Rousey and Shayna Bayesa backstage. We're the champion. And then she walks up, watch me. And you're like, what are you doing here? And then run the cut in her usual promo and stuff like that.


And then, yeah, these nuts and all that. Anyway, these nuts.


That's ridiculous.


So, yeah, we then had the Grayson Waller effect. This is a weekly segment, it seems, this time with Pretty Deadly.


Yes Boy.


Who came out. They said they were going to beat Ko and Sammy in London. They said London was the best city in the world.


Yes boy.


It's pretty good city. I've enjoyed my time here.


Yes boy.


The crowd were like really getting all over Elton Prince.


Yes boy. Which was Elton Prince. What's his hair color?


The blonde one?


Yes boy. So proud of you.


I'm learning. I'm learning.


Also, you win stuff like this because you study. You study.


So this was again pretty normal Grayson Waller effect kind of segment. He starts talking about how incredible a performance Pretty Deadly put on in the Gauntlet match was. They call themselves the Iron Man of WWE, having beaten not one, not two, not three, not four, but five teams, of course, coming in last in the Gauntlet match. And they counted out all the different teams that they beat and they get to the street profits who then come out because they are going to have a match. And that's the next segment after this is they are going to have a match. Fine little tag match, I thought.


Question, what's the difference between what Cody was doing off the Rumble and what Pretty Deadly is doing? Because Cody said he beat 29 out for guys.


So bro, do not ask me. I do not have any clue why Cody Rhodes won that Royal Rumble from number 30.


Excuse me. Listen, I can't complain because it made gunta. That's why I can't really even though you could have said it could have been Cody and Gunta's number one, number two. But at the same time shame is right in the wave. He could be number three.


See, I know why Cody was number 30. I know why he was number 30. It's because everybody knew Cody was in the Royal Rumble. And if you leave number 30 available and Cody's come out earlier in the match, everyone's going to think that number 30 is Sammy. And then when he isn't, everyone was sad. So you get to number 30 in the match and Cody's not come out and everyone knows Cody still has to come out.


So we did this to ourselves.


We did this to ourselves sat.


We played ourselves terribly.


BS. So the Cody Rhodes of the tag team division here Pretty Deadly took on the Street Profits and they had a fun little match. There wasn't a whole lot to it for the most part. Just kind of typical pretty deadly street profits type stuff. The Street Profits have been kind of on a downward turn here for the last little while. You would think that this is probably going to lead to them being either turned heel or refreshed or something. Because here Montez Ford put on the not even half shirt like quarter shirt sleeve thing that the Pretty Deadly like to wear. Elton prince's came off. So he put it on. They did stereo dives to the outside and then Angelo Dawkins is the one, the legal man, and he gets rolled up schoolboyed and Elton Prince puts his feet on the ropes. And then Kit Wilson Yes Boy wraps the sleeve thing around the dude's feet and holds them there for the leverage and they get the pin as a result. So Pretty Deadly go in with some more momentum. Another solid little creative finish, I suppose.


Yes, boy.


Fine. Enough. Wasn't like a spectacular match or anything, but this was a solid piece of business.


Yes Boy.


Anything more to add?


Oh, two tastiest snacks of the SmackDown tag team division. Yeah, when I add yeah it's obvious the street profits are they want too much smoke but they're not smoking that smoke. So I hope that they're going to start addressing it soon and I'm looking forward to what they can do with because usually at this point I feel like Street Profits probably been attacked him longer than what the Dudley Boys were on the main roster.


Honest to God. I mean the Dudley Boys split up for a bit at the very least and Devon found God.


Yeah I'm talking about in terms of main roster doing an attitude era because people can be snarky like Hardy Boys were together for longer than what women they became successful but the ADALY Boys died in 99. They split up in 2002. If you add up Street Profits time on the main roster, they've probably been together continuously longer than some of the famous tag team. They've certainly been together probably longer than Edge and Christian, probably by now as a tag.




Yeah. So the fact that they could potentially be turning hill, that is a good sign because usually fish is like, spare them up one of them turn hill, but both of them turning hill, that's exciting times. That means more longevity is a tag team. The Usos are now Baby Face tag team, so they need a more hill tag team hit. Row are kind of not that kind of tactic. They kind of tactic to take pins. So it makes sense that the street profits the new vicious new vicious street profits, yes. Debuts soon because of the losing streak. But in terms of pretty deadly for me. If you talk about people that have come on the show or on the roster since the brand split, they're probably on the upper tier of the success rate. They've done really well. And Elton Prince is a strong talk on the microphone. That's why I noticed when he was doing the Grayson Wall effect, I like the fact that him, Kit Wilson, they haven't given a chance to turn the stick off and be straight. But Elton Prince has been given two weeks in a row. He went bar for bar with Sammy when he talked about Sammy's hair.


He can be very cutting as a promo guy when given a chance. So I like Elton Prince as a promo. Kit Wilson's great in terms of supporting that kind of hyping up his guy as he's cutting promos. But yeah, there's nothing negative I can say. This gimmick is evergreen. I could see them being in 2002, kind of like Billy and Chuck where you got two guys, they're more tapping into the metro sexual side of things. You probably see them on Queer Eye, probably trying to help people's. Fashion tips and sense and so forth. It's an evergreen character. I can see pretty deadly in the naughties. Two thousand and ten s and now Forever Together.


What an endorsement. We'll see. I don't think they're going to win the tag titles or anything like that. This has definitely been a good little run for them on SmackDown so far. Better than most of the NXT call ups anyway. Next we had Charlotte Flair beating Lacey Evans boo in a very short match. This was what it was. Charlotte did the Andrade pose in this match.


A tranquilo. Man, that was neat. Hey, listen, if your husband yeah.


Given a shout out back to Andrade after Andrade won with the figure eight on collision.


Okay. Andrade's he's got muscle mass. It looked hard for him to actually raise himself and do that. I'm like, man charlote. You make it look easy because Charlote And when Andrade is like muscle mass. When's the last time I clicked my back? So when he did, I was like, yeah, that's a hard move to do and even said on Twitter, because mommy, how you should have told me that this move is a bit difficult to do. But I love how the husband and wife are just shutting each other out. Someone said on Twitter, because I'm not going to take credit for it, that this is the most Vince McMahon match of all. His two favorite blondes got Lacey Evans. He's not really doing nothing at the moment. And you got Charlotte flair and there's no stakes in it. There's no reason why to have a match unless it's a two nut warm up match because isn't it like Charlotte's first match in what ages?


They didn't WrestleMania.


Damn. They didn't hype up like that. She just made it like a go away match, throwaway match. But what I do want to say about Lacey Evans, because she's an investment. Yes, we all like Lacey Evans. Yes. Boo, boo her. Yes. Boo, boo her. That's a disclaimer. Boo her. Yes. She hasn't worked out as a singles wrestler. So it came into my head. The women's tag division always needs more bodies. She needs a cadet. And then that's going to make it even more angrier because she's going to be bullying someone. That her tag team partner. There's plenty of women in the PC. Or someone like a Leah who's probably chilling and catering. Make a Leah her new cadet. And then that way Lisa can be part of a tag team where she's a drill sergeant with her rookie and they fight in a tag team division. Least I have her something to do because they invested so much into how many vignettes does one person get and succeed with nothing? Even Jeff Jarrett, when he came back in 98, he finally figured things out. Come on, Lacey. Figure it out, guys. Figure it out.


We were tired.


She gets new hat, cobra, clutch, drill sergeant, blah, blah. We don't want another repackaging. Keep this character just pulling a taxing division because she hasn't worked out the singles. It helped with other wrestlers. Chelsea Green with her name at the moment, protecting partner. But it works being in attack team.


She can go sit and catering.


I saw you deville. Thank you, guys. In the comment section, I'm going to.


Read late screaming at you. This match ended, of course, with the figure eight and then Oscar came out of nowhere and kicked Charlotte in the goddamn face. I saw a slow mo clip of this on Twitter and it looked fantastic and horrible at the same time, just absolutely crushing her. And, yeah, Oscar did her little dance and she's like, ha ha. I kicked you and then went up the ramp and that was that. They're going to have their title match next week.


I can't believe that is. Listen. Yay. I mean, at least we got Oscar on the show. I hope I'm one of those people. I could be deluded. I think Oscar is still going to be champion come September, but the way to booking her is not really giving me hope. What do you do with he'll? Ask her. Right now, they don't know what to do with her, so that's making me kind of scared.


Yeah, I agree.


That's a champion. That's a champion. And you wouldn't even tell? No, I had to book in her.


Not at all. And then we had Bianca belair backstage who was told that she is banned from ringside for the Charlotte flair Oscar match next week. I don't know if that is going to fly because Bianca Belair says she does not trust Adam Pierce. Good. You shouldn't. This man is a charlatan.


I'm with you.


He's got a dirty ass.


He's got a dirty bum. Bum. So Adam Pierce, before I was given a guy is due or not, he's doodoo now. I've reached my limit with him. He just pick and choose when he wants to be an authoritarian or a standby a passerby. In this situation, why would you bar Bianca Bellet? Yeah, he played into the trope like he knows what's going to happen, but so what? You like to watch other things happen? Do sign by the Roman reigns matches. There's too many interference there. You know anything about that rematches? That wasn't a thing before, but now's the thing again. Adam Pierce, your mom's reaching constable Corbin levels of annoyance.


Damn them fighting words. And then we got our main event, which was Seamus versus solo SACOA, which to me didn't really feel like a main event match. Certainly didn't have a main event finish.


I was shocked. Oh, actually made it. I was like, whoa, that's actually the last match.


Yeah, this episode of SmackDown didn't have a lot going on on it. Women's tag match was important because it was like a title unification, that was one thing. And the opening promo was like, it's important narratively. But otherwise on this show, there wasn't a whole lot. And maybe that goes into Vince changing things backstage with the script in and everything, but this was just kind of nothing really happened in episode of SmackDown because of course, we got this match, seamus and solo SACOA, which was set up on this show. And I mean, it was solid enough. Like Seamus and solo, they traded their big move. Seamus hit his, like, running knee strike. He did his ten swinging chest clubbering blows over the ropes and stuff. Solo hit his moves, went for the hip attack, and finally it just led to solo SACOA putting Seamus through the barricade at ringside and the referee calling the match off. Did solo win by knockout? Was this a no contest? I don't know. I don't know, unfortunately. But then solo got back in the ring and the Usos. Hit a number of super kicks and a splash on him to end the show.


Yeah, the show ended almost like there's an ever uncertainty around how it ended because it's like they did a super kick music's on. Another super kick music still on. Gone to Top Row celebrating. Then they do USO splash. I was like, oh, I'm starting to think probably something got caught. And then that just stretch things out for time.


I really did feel that on this show because I would have to imagine, just as an example, bailey and Shotsy would have gone longer than Charlote and Lacey Evans did, just for example. So, like, the timing of the show might have been out of whack. I'm not really sure. Of course, we haven't seen the rundown of the show to know what exactly got changed. But that's just one thing that we know because it was announced last week. But, yeah, this was a very kind of messy, all over the place kind of show. I still thought it was, like, fine. I wasn't offended by anything. Nothing on the show was out and out bad. I thought it was like maybe a three out of five. Just kind of like, fine. This was a SmackDown show. That was fine.


It was fine because it had much more highs than lows, right?




Ellenite winning the USO's promo. The USO is coming out later to take out Solo SACOA. I'm trying to remember the other one. Liv morgan's back.


Yeah, Liv Morgan's back.


The taxi was a unified I mean, it was a not worthy episode, but not much happening in it. The Charlote match. So the thing is, I think had it given it something like them having a competitive match, then you'd be like, yeah, it's kind of worth it least to give us competitive match. But in fact, it was a squash. Could we not just go on with the original? Because it's kind of like Oscar didn't have a match.


Yeah, I don't know. It was whatever the main event itself was. Like, I wasn't watching it frowning or anything like that. Just didn't really feel like a main event.


Yeah, it felt like, if I'm being honest, not to diss, it's a kind of wrestling show you have on in the background where you didn't have a stuff and you just catch the OD thing. What's kind of oh, live is back as you're chopping onions or something if you're having a sandwich? That cook from Oscar. Bloody hell.


It felt kind of like a SmackDown from, like, 2015 before the brand split, where it was just kind of like not a lot of important things happened, but it was like the matches weren't necessarily bad. You just wouldn't really remember. This wasn't a SmackDown that I'll remember in a week's time. Anyway, that being said, with the review portion of our show brought to a close, we have some very important people to give a shout out to before we get out of here for the day. Those being our $25 and above pledgehammers WrestleTalk who get their own custom wrestling nickname read out on a show just like this. So if you want your own custom wrestling nickname, make sure you go and subscribe to the $25 and above tier today. So a big shout out to the Incredible Tarzo.




Rita de king tomo.




Keep rolling. The rick peck.




Tony Gibroni.




Trev dog 316.




Vincent Shaloki Garcia.




Vito Ventura pet Detective.




Will a biggie singleton.




Where there's a will, there's a will. Campbell yeah.


Always leave the crowd waiting. Brian Moore.


That says wanting.


Always leave the crowd wanting a Brian Moore.




See it's punting to make sense. Super kick. Nick Mazesco.




Soul Survivor 1993.


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I love it.


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Yeah. Are we doing a show again together next week?


This is goodbye for a while.


I knew it. We have to address it, guys, the elephant in the room. I'm taking time off again next Saturday.


Then after that I'm taking time off because I'm going home to Canada for a wedding. So, yeah, I'm not going to see you for like a month, my good brother.




But this is not goodbye forever.




It's only goodbye for now.




So goodbye for now. I will see you next week.


The house always wins.


You, Jim. I jam. Can I jam? Can I jam? Can I jam?