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The following podcast is a dear media production. Welcome to What You're Going to Love Me, the podcast where we open the eyes, the ears and the hearts of anyone who is judged or been judged, while hopefully I'm your host, Katie Maloney. Hello and welcome to if you're going to love me. I'm really excited for my guest because who would have fucking thought?


I never would have thought, but here we are. I have James Kennedy.


What's going on? Is this weird for, you know, for me now?


I feel like it's going to be weirder for the people to hear about this, like more so than the actual podcast itself. But we'll see.


But this is like the first time we've been like, just you and I chatting and hanging, like, ever.


Wow. That's a trick. I know that's a trick in here, which I never thought about it like that. I know.


Well, I feel pretty comfortable when your house is beautiful over here in your place. Thanks.


Thank you. I know I'm glad you're here, but like and thank you for coming on. I think this is going to be fun. I want to get to know you because I feel like even though a lot of people might think, because we have such a colorful past in history, a dark one at that. But I don't actually know. You like real personality.


Right. And I don't know your past from.


Well, I mean, well, this is a long one on want dive right into that.


I mean, we can we can we can start easy. OK, OK. I want to ask you though, just like a fun question, OK, if you could read minds, whose mind would you want to read from like our cast and why um.


Whose mind would I want to read the most out of the whole cast.


Maybe Jack's mystery.


You know what goes on in there? Yeah, I think Jack thought I had to think about it honestly for a second, but yeah, I'd say Jack's just because me and him and our relationship, our whole life has also been a very, I would say weird one.


And we go through we're living a different life as to most people, you know, me and Jack's on this show and stuff, you know, it's crazy, but I feel like, yeah, I would like to get into the mind of Jack's Taylor for about three minutes. That's all I need.


Like a thirty six. I think that's all we could take. Yeah. I mean, that's, that's a white.


That place is wild I bet. Very colorful in there.


OK, I mean I don't know who I don't know who I would pick.


Maybe, maybe Lisa. Yeah. That's an option. I'd like to because this is OK, you're the boss.


What does she really think. Yeah, but is she really actually thinking I mean she says, I mean she's pretty open and honest, but like I would want to know what she's actually really thinking.


But anyways, OK, so let's talk about you. Yeah. So OK, where were you born. Let's start from the beginning.


I was born in North London in Hampstead and I was born in nineteen ninety two on January 24th.


OK, we don't get that specific.


OK, I don't know, I don't know where abouts but I was in, I was in London and I was born there and pretty much raised there until I was fourteen years old and I had my first little brother when I was eight and I've got another little brother I had when I was, I mean our first little one when I was two and then second moment when I was eight. So I was the oldest and I think I was a good older brother too, you know, like I always wanted to include my brothers and be a good brother.


I was so protective over them growing up. And Ostry were always a team and still to this day, but, you know, left London at fourteen.


I used to go on like family vacations every year, just wherever my parents wanted to go. And it was just us five, my mum, my dad and my two little brothers. And so at fourteen, we went to Baeza, Spain for a holiday. And my dad was in the music business like through the eighties and nineties and pretty much and did that whole thing with George Michael. But that's OK.


That's what I wanted to also ask you about. So when you were younger, did you always want to be in the music business or be a musician? What did you want to do? When I was did what did little James young James want to be when he was older?


I did a whole bunch of things. You know, I was a soccer player. At some point I was skateboarding. At some point I was really active. I was always riding my bike around, you know, and I was really artistic. You know, I was more into art class in school than my class. Yeah. And, you know, it was it was something like I thought, yeah, I could do something like something to do with art one day, but it was like music or anything.


No, I mean, I was in like drama class, in theatre and like God in London. But then I kind of all faded away after I moved out of England. And, you know, honestly, getting bullied in England was so hardcore that I kind of stopped doing all of that shit, like for you.


And I was, you know, through the ages of, like, I want to say. 10 to 14. It was just like not good at school for me. Yeah, and it was tough, you know, like like what would happen?


Oh, just like constant name calling, picking, you know, forced fights and shit like at the park would be that kind of stuff.


Like just old school shit, you know, physical stuff too. Yeah. She got really physical as well.


Like I had to leave secondary school at some point because some kid just literally like twisted my ankle until they heard like a pop and they were all laughing and it's like it carried out the school. It was awful stuff. My bike, my bike one one day got stolen, like right out of the class. None of the teachers really cared either.


Like, this is England and this is after like, you know, while there was a time frame in my life where my parents had a lot of money, they were very wealthy in England, you know what I mean? And then as I was getting older, you know, my dad's job kind of, you know, went to shit and the recession here and just all the money was just going, you know, we put our house on sale and it was like, God, it wasn't selling.


So it was just a really tough time for my family, like and for me. So I had to go to this fucking public school and I get bullied. I was kids and they knew, like, who my godfather was that didn't help, you know, went back. And it was that was just a whole bunch of stuff in private school. That doesn't happen, really. You know, people have famous godparents or whatever.


Parents and kids are more private, literally. Like they don't they don't know your business and public school was crazy anyway. So flash forward.


I was just into art and stuff in school and moved to Spain after a vacation in Spain. Like my parents literally had the best time on a vacation. My dad had some work friends there that were property developing and doing, like buying and selling houses and like.


One day my mom was like, we're moving, we're moving to Spain, we're moving to Ibiza like next week. All right, so you don't even need to pack your bags up.


And you were happy because you got to leave. Well, I was happy.


I was like 14 and I was just, like, ready to get the fuck out of England because I'm so sick of school that I was like, wow, I could just start again in Spain and just, like, do it up.


So that's what I did. And me and my brother, I learnt Spanish and everything like that. We went to Spanish school and it was a really beautiful time of my life. Like everything changed for me. And I discovered music and house music and how that made me feel. And the culture and community that came with that was so inviting. And Spain was so beautiful and it was just such a crazy time.


So was that when your your attention and your you started thinking like, OK, maybe this could be a future for me or what was like.


So still I just looked at just like God, like I was a kid, like I literally all I want to do is like who was like the deejay would get a test if I could help me.


OK, I was having to be like Dirty South and Kaskade just like it was. It was fresh though, but back then, you know, so good. And that was like them.


And I had mix tapes that I listen to these songs 100 times a day and I didn't even know who produced them because it was on like a fuckin iPod the chefs gave me at this restaurant is great.


Clams are like all day on this beach.


But I to burn CDs when I was in high school. So that's that's the the difference between my high school and you in high school.


But it was amazing. I didn't even want to DJ then though. I just looked at them like gods and I was going through school and just living it day by day, you know, I thought I'd be there forever and this was going to be my island life.


And then like two years went by on the island.


And my parents then just was like, oh, we're moving to America like backpack's, you know? So it was like, OK. And, you know, I was actually excited. I don't know why, but at the time I was just like overdesign. Like, I was just like, this is been cool, but I'm ready for, like, English speaking everyone. And I couldn't even imagine that again, you know, and I was ready for it.


And I always wanted to come to America. And Los Angeles was the place. Had you been here before?


Did you ever come here on vacation?


Yeah. My parents had a house in Los Angeles. My my little brother was actually born at Cedar Sinai on a vacation. My parents were on in L.A. like. Interesting. Yeah, my mom was here for six months and how she was born. But then we moved back to London and they raised us. That's yeah.


But yeah, it was really cool. And we moved to Maine, by the way, which is on the other side of the country. Weird. Yes. So weird.


Like my mom's my mom's from the East Coast. She's from New York. OK, my dad's from East Coast too and my dad's English.


But like when we moved here, my mom had family in Maine or in Boston, Massachusetts, and was like, we're going to move around there. And I was like, not California. What the heck?


So we moved to Maine for a year and it didn't really work out. You know, it was snowing all the time and I was freezing and, you know, it was just nothing special.


And are you still in high school now? So I started freshman year in Maine and it was fucking crazy.


No one knows this about me. If I went to if I said the high school I went to, like people would probably freak out people. It's cool.


It was cool, daring, high, daring, high, daring with a daring high school shout out. Daring.


Let's go. Yeah. Is this such a flashback? I haven't even thought of this in so long. But like so we all had a car. We had a Hyundai Sonata, OK? And it was my three brothers in the back and my mom and I drive a minivan.


It was like. It was like a Camry or something like a normal.


It's like I thought I thought it's not always was like a minivan. OK, never mind.


Now it wasn't a minivan like so American. Hey. Yeah. And drove that from Maine to Cologne. Like I typed in this apartment on Doheny Drive and we ended up on Doheny like a week later.


Wow. That's quite the drive. And I told my dad I smoked weed on that drive too.


So it was like, yeah, I smoke weed.


I let you know, because I'm not going to be able to get off of you guys for a week and hide this. You know, my mom was livid. She was so mad at me.


Rip that Band-Aid off. Yeah. I was like eleven years ago now. Did they smoke weed with you now?


Now, now my dad did later, OK, when it became legal.


So then you come out to L.A. and you go to high school out here at Beverly Hills High School.


So this is where it all started.


Like I was like, yes, I made it. I watched videos on mediator and I made it.


I made it to Beverly Hills High, like I see the Lambo and for hours pulling up kids that are 16 years old. I was like, I'm going to make friends with rich people and do it up.


And yeah. So then, you know, I'm in high school and kids going to Coachella EDC and I wanted to know what the hell that was. You know, music festival was very different.


What was your first year that you went to Coachella?


2009 and. I've been every year since my first year, two thousand, seven sec. Yeah, it's crazy how time flies. We can take over. A decade ago we were like, how old were you? How old were you? Like 17. Oh, my God. You're the baby there, baby.


That I was. I was twenty one. So nice. I was legal. But that's crazy.


Oh yeah. I would hop the fence into the Heineken God and all that naughty stuff.


Red Bull. So were you, were you like a naughty kid in high school.


I wouldn't say naughty but like. What do you mean naughty. Like did you like break curfew, like sneak out. Did you like with drinking and doing things that you weren't doing things you were supposed to be doing obviously.


Yeah. Yeah I was. I definitely was. I kept my grades up. I was but I stayed in, I was with, I was with kids in their mansions like that where I had cool parents and the cool mom would be drinking in the kitchen and I would be actually made out with my girlfriends like Mom, are you kidding me?


And my friend were in the Jacuzzi like after school was like at the house where the Jacuzzi is like, oh, I bet you one hundred dollars I could make out with my mom.


Oh yeah. Yeah I bet I could, I could I literally like, you know, two bottles of wine and whatever. She starts kissing me in the Jacuzzi and all my friends just go while we got married, which you know, I don't know where the husband was. And it was kind of a sketchy situation, but I think the husband was like out of the picture or just out of town.




And, you know, it's a crazy story, actually, because, like, it started with her, like she was like, oh, help me pick a bikini in my closet, like a woman closet upstairs with a big old mansion.


And I'm like, in high school. No, this is it was crazy. And then, you know what happened.


Actually, that was a crazy day because she fell out of the Jacuzzi and cracked a head open and then the ambulance came and she was like, partisanly. Yeah, I would say so. She was like blonde and American, had fake boobs and her daughter was there.


And I was in school, you know, I was like, oh, well, like who their daughter was just like your friend.


You weren't, like, dating the daughter.


Yeah, she was like a friend again. Like I didn't really have, like, a girlfriend in high school.


I just ask you about that, if you like, dated to high school, if you were more just like now this is like, um, you know, no, I didn't really date, but I did have a girlfriend, like after high school. Yeah.


I feel like because I felt I like had like guys I guess that I considered like boyfriends in high school. But I was kind of like, oh, this is dumb because like, what am I going to continue dating after high school?


Like, no. So that's. Yeah, yeah.


It was a really fun time, honestly. And it was it was cool like but I think I got that whole L.A. thing like out of my system pretty early because you and your team. Yeah.


No, no, I meant to. Yeah. But like kind of I mean I was in clubs, I remember there was this nightclub in Beverly Hills called like underground or something or it was the Beverly Hills Ninety when I was born or something, and it was an escalator ride on Rodeo Drive. And they would come in like under twenty one years old, like to a party and like got tables and I just don't get it.


Thinking about just like the movie Clueless and just I was just like that. I really like the hills high and the whole thing.


It was just like but it's like two thousand nine. Oh my God that's crazy.


Because in while you were doing that I was like working at sir is actually mental that because what year did you graduate.


Like two thousand what? Oh, my God, yeah, I feel old, I graduated two thousand four. Wow. Whatever. I know it, it's not, it's not but so did you plan to go to college or you like. No.


College is not my thing. So by the end of high school, it was music. So during also during this time at Beverly, you know, I was deejaying at lunchtime on the law and I was throwing the parties.


I wasn't allowed to go to my senior prom, but I ended up deejaying the after priority allowed to go because I think I drank like a formal before that or something.


And they knew, but I didn't like my teachers were there and they were like shocked.


It was it was a moment. But yeah, I was making music the whole time through high school.


Is that you like music or were you sports or just music? Music every day after school I went home and just looked at my laptop for like seven, eight hours every day, just making music, trying to learn, taught myself how to produce music. Wow.


And honestly, I sucked for such a long time.


It was such a long time before I made something. But I was like, wow, this is so good.


But what like so were you from the days in Ibiza and in high school when you were like listening to all like the, you know, the DJ gods, you always were you hip hop or like when like when I was like the first time, like music became like really important to you. Like what was it, your first CD that you bought on music.


Are you too young for CDs. But I don't know.


But first CD I ever bought was um it was actually fifty cents unit album night and S.R. Cierra didn't stop, you know, that's all.


But yeah, I would listen to CDs.


I remember I made like a B on my mom's friend's place in Ibiza and I was like fifteen. I was babysitting her like son and I remember she had like a studio in our house and I ended up teaching myself how to make a song that night before my parents came home and I was like, listen to this, the kids asleep.


And I was like, listen to this. And I played him like a little house track. And then I remember, like years later in L.A., I thought back like, wow, I didn't think that one be in Ibiza. So now makes sense. I'm doing this now. I guess it happened when I started going to raves and stuff during high school, like I was seeing DJs out here and I really just wanted raves in high school. Yeah.


Like juicy fresh fruit and all these like crazy underground raves.


I drove to the desert raves a couple of times and like, you set your speedometer to zero in like the California desert and you go like eighty six miles north and then set it to zero again and go west like 13 miles. And next thing you know, you're in just like a circle in the desert. Yeah.


And you see like year in high school, I was with friends that would just take me like I mean when I was in I think back what I was doing in high school, I was not doing that.


Like, I feel like you're way cooler than I think the the like speed maybe.


And also I was living in Park City, Utah, which is like night and day to Los Angeles.


Really, there's that too. But like, whatever, you know, my first city well, there's two at one time it was three eleven and the Grease soundtrack, so. Oh yeah.


That's an amazing soundtrack. That's an amazing soundtrack. It is.


I don't know what three or three eleven fits into all that.


But, you know, my dad used to play a lot of Elton John and like Bob Sinclair and like all the fun stuff in it because it was the best. Yeah.


My dad did a lot of the classic rock. A lot of the Eagles. Yes. A lot of like Doobie Brothers stuff like a lot of that kind of stuff. I love that stuff, but yeah. OK, well then when did I meet you. How old were you. How the hell did you start working at.


OK, so I was looking for a job. I was, you know, like a field day waiter is something I don't even know.


I wanted to deejay actually. So I was going around places asking can I deejay here? And it and then my mom was, you know.


Yeah. Like connectives kind of with Lisa. She, you know, she knew her.


And I just remember you like it was a dinner that my dinner set up. My mom was there and Lisa was there and that's when my mom kind of planted the seed like, oh, my son should come and work for you at the restaurant. That's a lot. And they mix in like a week later.


I was sitting there, you even twenty one, you know. No, you Kristen. I was with Kristen, my 21st birthday. So it's like that I was like I was like, yeah, I was before that I was like I just remember like I was like a 19 year old like Stober meeting you and you were just like this, like really just like sweet quiet just like that.


I mean, you probably weren't that, but you feel like giving off and like an invite also.


You were like in an environment where you're with like people that are like older than you and, you know, it's like probably like your first job. Yeah.


I did want to be as cool as possible for sure. Sure. I mean, who wouldn't? And you want to and you think you just you know, so but I remember yeah. We talked about music that was like outside. Yeah. It's the only thing we ever talked about was, was music. And I was like, yeah, life.


Everything, everything. Yeah, yeah, and then and then everything so everything sort of started OK?


Crazy, I don't even know where to start with this. So Vanderpump Rules has been an interesting time for us both, because you came on because you started working as sir and then a couple of years after you working there, you started seeing Kristen and then we saw a whole nother side of you. Mm hmm.


And so, you know, it's like I feel like you and I like our friendship, never really got off the ground. Like we were like we worked together. We would talk about music. And then our our lives became sort of intertwined because we worked you know, we worked at this restaurant and out. Now we're on the show together. Yeah.


And it just became this sort of powderkeg, um, of an environment for just shit to just, like, pop off. It was nuts. Yeah, crazy. I mean, I don't know, I wasn't expecting honestly, looking back like I wasn't expecting for like to be in the position where I am now today.


I wouldn't have been able to say when I was 19 working at Certa or even 20, like, you know, I mean, I didn't think so.


I do not think taking a job at a restaurant would lead me to where I am now. I mean, it's I mean, life is crazy, crazy.


And I think it's been an amazing experience for me, you know, I think yeah, it's been I feel like you and I have had, like, similar experiences in terms of like how we've been viewed and received by the, you know, the viewers in the audience.


We're live in our life and we're doing us and other people are looking at us to screen. You know, it's two completely different things. We have the backing story. We've got the entire out side picture.


You know, we've got we can look at the bigger picture and, you know, gay people can. And it's just something that I accepted the day I signed up for this show, you know, and I didn't even sign up. It just really happened.


But yeah, I mean, it's so so for you, OK, like I mean, now today is different how your as has changed quite a bit now. But, um, so back in what season would have been season like five maybe.


Yeah. What would you have said if someone would have called you a villain. Would you agree to that. What did you see yourself as someone who was like a villain on the show ever like.


Would you like. You know, I didn't ever think of myself as a villain. I was getting confused when I started hearing that, like James Kennedy, a villain or Vanderpump Rules, that kind of crazy.


And it was like, damn, a villain. I like what the hell?


And yeah, it's an interesting word.


But again, I don't even like to think of it as heroes and villains because there is no such thing in this world of reality television. You know, there's everyone's personal story and that's it, you know, and it's what you do with that. I think that truly matters.


You know, I think that, yeah, I did things that were completely wrong and fucked up. And you could say like, oh, yeah.


But when I think of a villain, I think of like the Joker, the Green Goblin, like people that are like really bad and want to hurt people, you know, mean, you know, for me this I think that, you know what?


I would have been the villain if I continued the ways that I was heading towards, you know what I mean? I didn't want to be that person acting the way I was at twenty one at thirty one years old. You know, a whole decade goes by and like, I don't learn any lessons. I had to make a change. And, you know, I'm really lucky that I even got the opportunity to make a change because who knows how long it would have taken me to realize, you know, what really matters in my life, you know, to quit partying all the fucking time and get, you know, get right and.


Yeah, looking back. Yeah. It definitely could say is the villain. But I think the beauty in reality TV and people that they get a story of redemption story somewhere to be really bad at one point, but then really bright and like, you know, I'm getting so many beautiful messages that people like, damn, I never look to you the way I look at you now. And it's like, shit, you know this.


You know, I'm so blessed that I stopped drinking. I made this decision for myself. And it's only done so many good things for me so far. And I, I keep following that. But had I had not, you know, I would have looked at myself at the end of this year.


I would have seen myself at the reunion. And, you know, I would have felt really sick to my stomach, honestly, because how much more could I really endure? How much more can I do that, you know?


Yeah. Yeah.


So, yeah, I got really blessed this year. I changed this year, you know, my headspace just completely took a flip turn around.


Yeah. I mean, I know you've talked about that in the season of like what that like sort of turning point was in terms of like the sobriety. And it just like is I mean, was it just sort of like the compounding like over the years of just everything? Or was there was there like a real, like moment? Was it worth Kella was yeah.


Racheal was a huge moment. I didn't want to lose her. And yeah, every time I drink I would end up saying in the morning after like I shouldn't have done that. I regretted this, I shouldn't have done that. It didn't make me feel good the next day. And I, I was sick of not feeling good during the day and yeah.


You know, like if all I have to do is stop drinking to feel good every day, like, damn, I got to do this, you know. And you know. Yeah. It's just it's crazy.


It's like sort of battle for me any more.


I don't need like like I used to go to shows and play these gigs like it get so fucked up like it was literally going what did you what did it worry you that you would have to be in this environment or how could you be in an environment that was such like a party atmosphere and not be able to be a part of the party in that?


Yeah, that was like the whole thing of training. Like, I didn't stop touring through the through my, you know, first couple of months of quitting, you know, I was still going to AA, but like go on a tour of my tours continuing. So yeah, I would be around thinking my my my rider still says bottles of vodka on it because like who updated that? I'm not my manager. Like, he doesn't know anything that's going on.


So, you know, the girls would come with the bottles. On the lighter, you know, it'd be freaky, I would be poor invoker for other people and telling them to drink and really just trained myself to not do it. And it was it was pretty uncomfortable at times, but I felt always so fulfilled after my show that I didn't drink. I knew that I could call Raquel and she could see my eyes on face time sober and could read me like a book, like anyone could read me, like I'm fucked up, let's be real.


I mean, to say, yeah, it was just good. And I wanted to keep doing that, you know. And then after like three months, it was like, well, I'm not going to start drinking now. What's the point of that mean? Six months happens and you just get used to it, I think.


Yeah. And you don't miss it. I don't miss it. I don't miss it. Now, with quarantine, it's been pretty easy because I never drank at my house ever.


Oh, really? OK, I was going to say, is it harder in quarantine? Because I think so many people that have struggled with certain, you know, dependencies are alcohol or substances are doing more of them now that they're home all the time.




And I think about people who who are sober now and who are, you know, maybe struggling with that. Yeah.


You know, well, I still do my AA meetings, you know, sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. And it makes me feel really blessed and.


Gives me more hope, you know, there's so many people that are in this together and, you know, I do like that constant reminder of how often you don't even need to turn your camera on. You could just listen to these people's stories and it just, you know, it's an hour and it just uplifts the rest of my day. And it makes me feel good.


It makes me feel good. And yeah, I've just been making music during quarantine. I've been staying busy, really cooking, working out, making music, walking the dog, just trying to stay active and positive, because once I find myself on the couch in that rut, you know, and I mean, I'm just like and I love watching my shows don't get me wrong.


Like, I curl up to like, what were we watching lost right now?


Because we can never watch never seen an episode of that. So good. But I watch like so many episodes of that. But those are our show days. But it's just all in. It's a balance.


It's a balance. Yeah. But I'm sure like has your relationship has probably improved tremendously and.


Oh my God. So much better. I mean, Raquel was definitely going to leave me and she talks about, you know, I feel like and it's just it's great to see. I mean I mean, I don't know I don't know Raquel obviously, like personally and I don't know you much as a couple, but just from what I do know, seeing you all together now, it's it's really nice to see. Thank you. Know, it's it's it's the overall improvements that I've seen just from where I'm sitting.


Obviously, I don't sit here and pretend like I know everything clearly.


But I think, you know, you have so much to be proud of.


And I know it's crazy. It's a crazy journey. And like I knew Raquel was going to, you know, leave me if I did and my friends, like, I wasn't able to even text you, like, I couldn't I can't believe I'm in your house right now chatting. And these are all the blessings that have come with this. You know, I'm able to, like, chat with Lisa. Lisa is also another person that helps me so much with this and my my sobriety.


And she checked up on me every single day. And I know that she's so proud of me.


And, you know, I think there's an extra responsibility now that I'm on the show and this story is being told, there's an extra thing inside me that's pushing me to continue to succeed because I really don't want to, you know, knock back a bottle of whiskey and, you know, do that thing I do.


I say that that day at the softball field. I mean, I was very. I was not expecting to talk to you and I was expecting you to, like, apologize or say anything that you said to me, and so I was just I was a little taken off guard by that for sure, because also there was no anything that came along with it.


You were just like, here's the apology. I think I didn't know what to say. And I was just kind of like because I was of course, I was just like, well, I've heard this before. And it was just kind of like just something I would say to you. And even though I didn't, it just it just that was something obviously very different about it. And I had my reluctance, but I could tell even then that there was just something different there, something just behind your eyes that was different or something else going on.


Wow, that's amazing. And, you know, that's what happens when I was like, you know, there was no intention behind anything doing. You know, I had to be honest. I really fucked up. And, you know, it was it was it was really the moment I made the decision that I'm actually going to stop drinking. You know, I wasn't worried about hiding it anymore. You know, like, you know, I try to quit drinking so many times and I would be at parties or events in L.A. where, like, literally, I would say I'm not drinking tonight and get wasted, like low key, like I'm being low key.


I wasn't. And it's just like, oh, God, they say, look, this isn't me. I can't be doing this over and over. I yeah.


Accountability. A weight was lifted for sure. For sure.


Yeah. I mean because I know I've seen some response to to that apology and people feeling that I owe you an apology. And because I know the last year, you know, when everything had gone down at that pride, oh my God, that day was such a disaster.


And, you know, I don't I don't need we don't need to bring up the things you said. But, you know, it's just I had really strong reactions to that. And then, of course, me going to Lisa and ultimately giving her ultimately giving her an ultimatum.


Right. You know, that people thought that was very extreme. And I know you were rocked by that because, you know, it was like I got you fired and I got you fired from this.


And I can really take myself take my own responsibility for that. You know, it took me a minute for that. And I don't think that it was too much to give Lisa that ultimatum, you know? And I think that you handled the apology at the baseball game really well. You know, who is this kid now coming up to me and really doing this thing again, you know what I mean? Like, for God sakes, how many times?


And it was the whole time we'll have to tell kind of thing, you know, behave on the next time you guys see each other and everyone else chats so much in this group that it's like, you know, if it's true, the word gets around the you know, they mean. And if it's not, the word also gets around and. Yeah, yeah.


But I just I just think it's important for me to say that, like, I didn't take pleasure in, like, trying to hurt you or or ruin your life for like I'm going to get him fired and I'm going to steal his night at CERN. I'm going to he's not coming to this trip. It's like it's not something I, like, enjoy doing.


And I don't I didn't want you to think that that's something that, you know, but it was just like I had enough, like, really, you know, and like I was also somebody who was hurt because I was going through my own struggles as an individual who was insecure and, like, not feeling great in my body.


And when someone's coming out and pointing out all my insecurities and like putting, you know, so I'm going to I'm going to like have that reaction and I'm going to say it's not OK. And, you know, but I'm really glad that now all of this ugliness is behind us and we can move forward from this.


It's a beautiful thing. It's it is a beautiful thing. I just want everyone to know that it's all good. It's all good. Guys, I love Katie. And you are like I will say that, like, you are producing some amazing music right now, like, what is it, the into the jungle of like the jungle of light jungle of lights up.


That song is so into the jungle, jungle, jungle like EP.


It's five tracks, basically all original music. I started making like at the beginning of quarantine and yeah it's super sick. I did all the sound design myself. It's something that I'm going to be able to play at live shows after this is all over one day, you know, who knows.


I might have an EP another one by then. But me, I just wanted to give some the people a visual of what I'm doing, where I'm doing it, you know, recorded my studio up for my birthday just in January and I called it my neon jungle because she put these fake plants everywhere in the neon lights with strobe lights so sick. So that's where the OK.


Yeah. So well, the music was built in there and I'll say I'm in Miami on jungle. It's kind of like a jungle of like, you know, with my friends just talking and imagine that like a whole jungle by.


It's like got rave lights in it in the Amazon, and I kind of wanted to make something like Bassman that I love, that I'm hopefully hopefully this can be over soon and there can be more live shows.


Yeah, but I do. Do you do any like live sets on. Yeah.


So I do a live stream of the apps out now by the way on Spotify and Apple Music and title and anything you want to listen to it on. Just type in jungle like and yeah.


The live streams.


I'm doing a lot, I'm basically doing home streams like, like Schwarze actually I watch history so I love watching your streams, but you know, just having fun at home, playing records is like what I like to do. I should be doing more of it. But I'm doing some collaborations too with some charities as well, like trying to raise money. I'm doing zun recordings and then sending it to them. It's a cool way because then they post the streams.


So I, I've been doing as much as I can, you know, and just trying to stay proactive.


And in the DJ world, you know, they say like if you're a deejay, if your favorite DJ isn't doing live streams right now, it's probably because he doesn't like to deejay.


And it's like it's so true, like where you guys are.


So that's that's crazy. I know.


Like, we watch Diplo, so gas prices blows, you know, they're they're very, very entertaining.


I like I do like those a lot, but yeah.


I've got to get on that level. I got to get on my level. I love that. I love that one. Like whip out the pinata.


Like who else is like your favorite deejay right now. Our favorite is the favorite artists right now.


I think the loud luxury guys, I do their names loud luxury allowed luxury lounge, Lux Slaid or so.


Yeah, they're killing it right now with some really fun tracks. Justin Martin has a new tracks day.


And honestly, yeah, my boy Biju I'm like I so out of touch with like jazz that's there's so much music out now that I have to literally look at my phone to name them because it's like being a DJ.


I download like tracks whenever I do download session, like every other day or every three days or something. I would get like 80 tracks or something. And then I'm like, OK, from like other DJs.


Or I could pull one hundred Billboard and Beatport and I check all the streaming stuff to keep up to date with like that stuff.


Stay current gone. I know, because if you like playing the old tracks on the stream that's boring, unless you're doing like a throwback to that like well yeah I'm still like living in 24/7.


I like it though. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I like, I like it. That's when I go. Oh I literally will go on iTunes, listen to like two thousand radio.


You just showed me an artist that I really like Freddie Dread.


Yeah. Yeah I it's hard. Um so he's part of this like underground hip hop sort of group that's like I don't know, it's something, it's like not anything I'm hearing so. Yeah, totally. Yeah. Yeah. Well no, no also. OK, like um I'm kind of shitting myself a little bit but I will also stay current as well. Well like I'll be listening to like a playlist or a radio or something like that and I'll like hear a song like Shazam right away.


And then that's how I build like my like. Current up to date stuff that I'm listening to that's always like really cool and exclusive. Oh hell yeah.


I'm actually going to start doing these curated playlists through with Bravo and they have me making the first one right now. Could you party y, which is going to be like a pool party vibe. So get ready for that, people.


Are you going to have some, like, throwback sound that you got to have some throwback semi some some throwback idea McDonald's, some Doobie Brothers Toto for the party for the.


Yeah. You got to mix it in there. Yeah.


If you're going to have your party you got to have some yacht rock music, some classic rock rocks and like blues rock from the 80s in their 80s. Yeah. You got to have that.


OK, cool. Well this is really, really fun. This is so much fun.


I feel like.


I feel like I know James.


I hope I don't get in trouble for that. That little high school story I told, I was over 18, by the way, at that party.


Just for the record, I got it's a long time ago now. Yeah. How old are you now?


You know, I'm twenty eight. Oh, my God. Is a whole I'm going to be thirty years old. Remember when you used to make fun of us. I know. I know. That's so cringe. Honestly, that is the little villain in me. You know that little James Kennedy, you know, in a way that I want to slap myself.


But, you know, I even you learn you live and you learn because guess what?


You blink. And the next thing you know, you're thirty yourself and you're like, I'm not going to talk shit. I can't talk shit because guess what? It catches up with you. Right. But, well, let everyone know where they can find you. Oh, it's going to be Instagram.


It's James Kennedy on Twitter as well. And make sure to go stream jungle of life.


Do it, do it, do it, do it. All right. Thanks for having me. Bye bye.


Thank you so much for listening. Please make sure to subscribe, leave a reading and review, follow along on Social at Musicales and tune in next week for an all new episode.