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You mean like me? Yeah, you know, I just want to I got I got a formerly truthfully apologize to you. I know that I've been a little bit all over the place lately.


Did I actually can't even keep up. So I thought that my life was crazy.


Dude, you've been around the globe. Back back across the country. Back. Yeah. Yeah, I did. I went to Abu Dhabi with UFC. Dana and NCLC flew out there forty eight hours now. We were supposed to be there for nine days for the fight, for the big fight. OK, it was a fight of the year. Dana set up everything. I set up the deal with the Nelkin UFC, put them together, brought them over fucking with myself over there.


We had to quarantine for 48 hours in the hotel room and then shit hit the fan. I had to go home because I had my father had a little tiny bit of an issue. I had emergency surgery. I needed to get done on my tooth. Christina had nothing to do with it because I'm getting raided by all Noakes fans for being a simp. They're now on board of calling me a simp.


So, dude, I'm telling you, I started a revolution. Bob, you did start a revolution because it's I think it started with you. You are to blame. But the trip was unbelievable. You know, the rules in Saudi Arabia, in Abu Dhabi, how I don't know how the boys are. They got away with some of the stuff. They were actually they were pretty behave while they were there. But we definitely I had to talk to him.


I had to give him. You had to bring him in? Well, I mean, literally, I'm going through because you know me, Peter, paranoia over here. I fucking I might be the most paranoid person on planet Earth. I was doing research. I'm like, what is draconian law? And basically rules don't apply to like over there. They don't give a fuck. They will cut your fucking dick off if you do anything wrong. You know, if you get caught Griffin with a speck of marijuana espec, do you know what the penalty is?


Death. Nope, not that severe, but four years in prison, mandatory in or 80 lashes. They will whip you like a bitch. Yeah. So what would you rather do for years or eighty less?


I would take those eighty lashings like a sock but that should be get whipped eighty fucking times and like eighty lashings is actually the punishment. Yes. Eighty lashings. And guess what if you screwed their gods or anything at all like that, they're very serious about that. They will logit probably cut your head off. So I was worried that I thought our head was going to get cut off and I'd be walking back as the headless horseman coming back home because those guys are very wild.


They're YouTube pranksters. For anybody who doesn't know, I think you all know they are. So that had two percent of the reason why didn't stay away.


So how long were you there? I flew 17 hours quarantine and forty four. Forty eight hours. Never saw a human being saw. Dana real briefly and then just left while the rest of them read camels. We rode camels and fucking lived the life of Saudi princes over there. And then I have to go to the dentist.


So you're telling me you didn't even stay the whole time? No, dude, it was actually now I kind of I kind of regret it, but I had to come home, you know? So it was basically a point of this trip for you. It was not a pointless trip I introduced. Look at this. I introduced myself to fucking Dana, Dana to the Dana brought them to Bob Trump, which we just saw, which hopefully they fucking by the way, they owe me.


So they're coming on this show next episode, hopefully. And and yeah. So I don't even know.


Man So you flew all the way there, 17 hours, quarantined for forty eight and left. Yep.


And then went to the dentist and it was the scariest thing ever because I'm afraid of the dentist. Are you afraid the dentist did. I'm not going to lie. I hate the dentist.


What do you hate about it. What's your like. Why do you hate it. My teeth and then, like the shots in the mouth are just so painful and it's like such a weird experience if your mouth is sore that just like fucks up your whole day seven times when I had the pain. I mean, like, it's just terrible. Well, you're saying all this. You're like, give me all this horrible information. I'm going in two hours after this to go and get like two root canals, a fucking cavity czinger and like all this shit, bro.


And I have to get lights so bad. So I'm fucking freaking out. No, I'm not myself today. I'm just have a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress because I have to go see Doctor fucking Gabriel who's like, everything's going to be fine. We're going to just take this little thing right here. And it's like this long dagger. And then he's like, we're going to use this thing and he takes a like a chainsaw out of the closet.


And I'm just like, oh, my fucking God. How have you been, though? You've been busy. I noticed that you've got a couple extra shows excuse me, podcasts, shows coming up. And you never done to broadcast the ones I've done, like 15 of them did. Exactly. I'm on my mind. I'm on to amount to a month to two at once. I'm doing three total. The one you're doing is going to be good with the sway.


The sway away. Yeah. The reason I did that one is because it's quick and easy with all the time I sit down for thirty minutes and we do one once a week. That's Spartan which shows that. Who's that. That's me. And then who else.


I'm bringing in a different member every week. Oh that's cool. Yeah. So it's like I'll be sure to tune into that. Basically it's a way for us like people to get to know us. I'm going to pick teams and then like to promote our stuff that we're working on so people can stay in the loop with what we're doing.


Nice. Any tick tock drama or anything you want to get us up to speed with or not. I don't know if I keep everything ticked off at any drama in your life or anything going on did.


Now it's just they're actually see like I try to be nice to everyone. And yesterday there's like this paparazzi guy and, you know, I'm usually pretty cool in the area, so, I mean, like, whatever. But he came up to me and he said, yo, what's up? Doughboy is like, you got a toe fetish. This is the first thing he said to me, whoa. And then I don't know, he didn't, like, get a lot of use on it.


So the videos just now, I think I think getting picked up. But I went off on him. Really? Yeah. What do you mean. I was like I can see I was like, why? Like I said, why the fuck would you ask when that what the fuck you idiot.


Really? Yeah. So like now the video is like starting to take off, but like luckily people like understand like how annoying it is. But I was like who, who walks up to someone and just says that is like.


Right. He's already sticking a camera in your face like paparazzi or not. Like if it was just a random person and I just comes up and says, I'd say, yeah, yeah.


I mean, when the paparazzi come up to me, you know, it's like, yeah, yeah. You just hit him with your announcer voice. Well, they yeah, they don't usually come up that often, but when they do, you know, I kind of just like, you know, just kind of. Have you had paparazzi come up to you before.


No. Never know Griffin. I don't think so. No I, I don't think they really were curious like Bob. So who scored a touchdown last week. Like what the fuck are they going to ask me? I have no I have nothing unless I go out with the Melior or something and I like I don't have a chance. Dude, I'm out. I have no chance whatsoever. Oh, and by the way, like you did, you had an explosion on somebody.


I had an explosion on somebody. This wow. OK, the airplane. And I'm, I was thinking it was like one of those things that could be on it actually might make me famous. If it goes out there, I flip the fuck out on an airplane.


Wait, you flipped out on an airplane and you flipped out on someone on the air? I flipped out on someone on an airplane. The guy was sitting next to me on my left. I had the mask on, OK? I had this fucking mask on. I was wearing it the whole time. Now I was taking it off and on, off and on because I had to do face idealogue for my phone. So do you notice did you ever run into that problem, your face ID?


Yeah, I usually just type in my passcode. Well, I haven't figured that out yet. Griffin OK, so I have to use face idealogues. So I take you down my mask and I'm doing face I.D. I'm taking a sip, my drink, my mask is on and off on the fucking airplane. OK, right. Basically the guy out of Nowhere Swing's, she's like arms around his body and it's just like, can you just put your fucking mask on, for God's sake?


And I was just like, listen up, motherfucker. I just blew up so bad. I was like, fuck you, fuck you. I just I don't know what got into me.


It must have been all the buildup anger for leaving Abu Dhabi. But like, I went off on him and like, you were right with the paparazzi. I was right in this case because I was following the rules. I was fucking eating and drinking. What is willing to poke a hole in my mask and feed, you know, so I don't know. And enough time went by where it was it was a minute long, like of like screaming at him.


So that's enough time for somebody to get their phone record it. So do you think if he were to square up, you would have hoped that I would have fucked that guy up instead of my nose?


I would have fucked him.


I don't think I'm some little and scrappy. Like I told you, I used to wrestle in nurse in high school. I'm squirrel. I'm squirrel. I was 103, though.


I stepped on the scale freshman year. I was one hundred and I was not. I was ninety.


I was. Ninety seven pounds, dude, freshman year and as well as four foot nine. Ninety seven pounds a day, usually to warm up the throat to put you with the girls they fucking love, like yo, I won my division this year.


I was like state champion of the thirty seven pounders, just murdered it just just running through people left, left and right. What are your plans for Halloween? Halloween is coming up. First of all, we thought of a costume yet.


Griffin Not yet.


I kind of to be Joe joder you in the Wabo is going to be like Power Rangers or something out there. What are you guys thinking? What do you guys think of Joe Dirt? Yeah, I want to be Joe. Do you know David Spade? Now we should we got to get you an intro to David Spade if you're going to be Joe Dirt. I would love that. All right. We got to get you with the with I want to get I want to dress up as joder and carry a red wagon with me with a block from an airplane.


What's the poop rock from the airplane? Have you not seen joder? No, I haven't seen you. So you know how airplanes, like, dropped the poop and they they they the bathrooms are connected to the airplane.


Right. Wait, when you take a shit an airplane. Oh it is in the air. Know it. It is like oh my God. I meant to say like you know how they like harness it in the airplane.


Right. So what do they do to store a bunch of shit in a jar.


It's like a portable pot, like a porta potty thing. You know, it just you know, they empty it later. But basically in the movie that job is or they just it drops out of the airplane and he thinks it's a moon rock.


But in all reality, it's just a poop rock from an airplane. But he carries it and he kisses me. Yeah, because.


Yeah, because actually you do realize that I mean, I try and take his little shits as possible in an airplane and just get freaked out. But like after you do take out take a shit, you press that, but it's like just like so loud it just sucks it out. I thought it just rocket blasted it out the back of the plane and just shot into the air. And then in my brain I thought before it hits the ground, it must disintegrate.


So that was my that's what I thought happened.


And obviously I was wrong. And you learn something new. I cannot be serious. So I really thought about it. I was like, this is disgusting. They needed to change this policy ASAP because they're shit and piss flying everywhere. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do for Halloween, though. I haven't decided.


You're probably going to fly to Denver, right? Oh, probably.


We got the new girl. I'm getting serious with her buddy. I'm getting I saw you were with her, what, two days ago. Yeah, she was. She accompanied me on a trip to Boston and we had a great time. She met the family and. Oh, my goodness. What what's wrong with that?


I've known for four weeks. Is now the right time where you meet the family? Oh my. I'm like rushing things. I like meet her. I'm like, this is my mother and father. This is Christina we would like I'm not jealous.


She agreed to go with you to meet your parents.


No, I just kind of ambushed her like she came to Boston and I was like my family, what are you doing here? And then I just brought them together. I mean, I'm getting old, dude. I'm thirty three. I'm a boomer, OK? And so like when you're a boomer thirty three and you don't have. How old is she. She's twenty five. It's pretty good. So that means when I was 18, she was I was banging a nine year old basically.


Not really, though that's different. Oh, the math you just did is now nine years. Eight years. So 10. So she was 10 when I was 18. She was 10. Wow. I haven't thought of it that way. Oh, my.


She's in fifth grade and you're graduating high school.


High school. That's all I know. Normally, like, you know, ten years apart I think is the max you can do for that and anything more unless you like some rock star billionaire who's like 60. That's like with a 22 year old girl.


You know, I think they call us sugar babies, right? Sugar babies. The the younger females that go with the older guys for money. We have a bit of sugar daddy. Oh, the sugar daddies and the sugar babies. Yeah, there's a candy name. Sugar babies, too, right.


I believe said the ones that maybe you could knock on one of those in your tooth would just fly out.


Yeah, those things are hard to do. I'm just not I'm just not feeling it whatsoever. I just don't want to do this. And, like, the guy is just like he seemed way too nice. Something's up. But he's like, I'm going to give you the gas. What is the gas to you have, you know, the night laughing gas like you're like makes you like loopy.


But am I going to be like because when I got I can be like almost asleep and probably not quiet and you just be like out of it.


So we have Tyler Cameron coming on the show today, which I'm very excited about. Tyler has been a pretty good friend of mine and I think an even better friend of yours here. You've had some time to hang with Tyler. And what is your relationship with him? Dude, I met Tyler at a bumble event. We were at a Warriors game with Bumble. This was before covid-19, usually January or February. But yeah, we we just met up there.


He he was friends with a guy that was recriminate Warren. And ever since we just always found time to to hang out and we've had we've had some good times together. And I became friends with his little brother as well. And I've made some trips down to Florida and hung out. So we're working on some stuff together. So I figured it would be great to get him on here. As everyone knows, I need relationship advice. Yeah. So I do.


You know, instead of getting it, you know, personally and being selfish, I figured I might as well spread it, especially for, you know, Bob who's three. Well, I mean, time out. Here's the deal. Griffin, first pump the brakes. I was going to say, if you need any relationship advice, the guy sitting next to you is the king who wrote the book. So if you want any relationship, I know you're going to Tyler Cameron who sit in a fucking hotel room, not a relationship right now.


I am. All right. So I'll give it to you.


Maybe relationship advice. Just not marriage advice. Yeah, not marriage advice stuff. We're talking like Bob is the king of like three month relationships. Well, I feel bad.


I took her to the casino the other day. Let's just say taking your girl to the casino and losing like thirty grand is not a good date.


She's not above is like he comes up with just the craziest shit, dude. Yeah, bro. My life took my girl to the casino for a day like, no, it wasn't a date.


It was basically like me angling to get to the because I wanted to go to the casino. We had a flight the next morning and where we were staying was 45 minutes in the airport. It just so happens there's an encore casino that's five minutes from the airport. So I said, hey, honey, I think we should go stay at the casino. Honey, no, I actually never called.


I don't know why I said that. I've never called her honey once in my life. So I was like, hey, baby, I don't call it that either. I'm like, Hey, Christina, do you want to go to the Oncor casino? It's closer to the airport. It's only five minutes away. And she was like, sure, little did she know. Let's just say I didn't I didn't go to sleep with her that night. I was up I was up so much money in the beginning.


Due to that, I just pissed away like an idiot. I'm never going back to a casino for the rest of my life. All right. So, I mean, do you think should we bring in Tyler?


Have we ever done the call and fans thing yet? I mean, are we going to do that? Are we going to ever have fans interact with the show at all? Did I mean, we can I think we should think we should set up something where they where they can send it to, you know, whether it be our Instagram profile, whether it be I would say just DMAs. DMAs, right. Just damn a shit. DME some dirt on Griffin or damn some dirt maybe to him on me and maybe we can fuck with each other throughout the course of the show.


Our goal I think is to keep making the shows entertaining as possible. We thank everybody who's been tuning in and subscribing and rating our show Five Stars and hopefully we'll continue to keep this baby on schedule and rocking and rolling. I'm ready with Griffin's lifestyle. You know, it's it's it's stuff, you know, guys everywhere, all across the world.


All right. So what's the let's talk further. Reduce. We bring in Mr. Cameron. Let's bring him in. Let's bring ready bring him in the show. Perfect. Cheesy.


Welcome to Young and Hung with Bob and I. Hi. How are you feeling today?


I'm feeling good. This is day six in quarantine. I'm losing my shit, but I do have some company here, so it's nice. What do you do? It when I was 16 and quarantine. What do you do when you fill in the past or seven? What's going on? Yeah, I actually am, Bob. I'm here. I'm here. You know, my boy Matt is the bachelor. So I'm they got me doing all these quarantine measures, measures and crazy shit sticking things up my nose to make sure I'm covered free, which I am.


So I'm ready, but they still won't let me out of the room. So how many total tests have you had up to this point, starting with you three? You've been at it yet? Yeah, probably like I mean, three or four am on like thirty seven. We did that. We did the Abu Dhabi trip to Copenhagen. It's nuts. What's your overall take on all of it? It's it's it's caused a lot of change. It stinks.


covid sucks. Everyone hates covid we now hopefully get a cure soon as we get over with this thing. It is it is just it's affecting a lot of people. So where are you? Where are you at Pennsylvania. I'm in Farmington, Pennsylvania. Math and chemical weapons especially going on here. Why?


And they're filming the back there. So the whole thing here, why? I told them they should have done it in South Beach, Miami. Isn't it cold there? It is cool. It's like forty degrees and raining. So you were you, as you were formerly friendly. Doesn't know, by the way. All right, Tyler, you were on The Bachelor. Were you The Bachelor? We I was. I was on The Bachelor. I was a contestant.


You were contestant odds. You were the actual bachelor. You are now vying for this girl who was vying for the girl. Yes. And who is the girl that her name was? Hannah. Anna. What place did you I don't understand. What's up, Griff? What's up, dude? I just love Bob because he really doesn't know what's going on. I always I always present these things like I'm somebody who tunes in and doesn't know what somebody does.


I do it for anybody, BitBucket, you know. So I got second place, Bob.


Oh, that's got to hurt. I'm not being a dick, but that's got second place on a little bit. But everything happens for a reason, right.


T.C. must not have watched your YouTube video. Oh, I did not see the YouTube video. Can you tell us what the YouTube videos about? What was he talking about? Your Infomania?


Yeah, the one that we made and I grew up was this group was just talking crap and making fun of it all the time. Typical fashion.


So so how does it when you're when you bring it down to the final two, you just hate the other fucking guy like you just want to fight them all the time. Because. Yeah, no, no. I mean, I mean now that he's a scholar. But before I thought he was a good dude too. I was like that. Either way she picks me, she picks and she's going to go on with a good guy and she picked him and then he ended up having a girlfriend all the time.


So he's a scumbag. So imagine you go through this whole show and then it's like, yo, I also forgot to mention I need to break up. And he had plenty of time when he was home trying to figure it out and end it with her. And he never did. And just it just turned out to be way worse than it should have been. And it was ugly. Yeah. Because the end of the it all ends like with marriage right now, just just an engagement.


And marriage is just down the road.


Here comes the bride. They fucking walked our girl there, you know, I mean, like the goal of the show is to get married. So she had this girlfriend and they're like engaged by the end of this show. And then usually it'd be different if they were just kind of like together at the end. And it was like a show and like whatever. But it's like real. It's like a really like, you know. Well, how much of it that's how much of it is real.


Do they ever tell you, like, I walk over there, go look her in the eyes like a love her and then walk back like how much the show is real. It's not like that. It's not that it's it's real that you and Jeannie, but Mason Rudolph is going to be the next guest.


We have a lot of talk about. Hopefully I'll be tuned in for that one. That'll be good. Good. Yeah, I just thought that was one of the first ones eliminated. Like it would be like me walking out the limo. I want to eliminate some guy. Night one, not even I'd be the one we step on a limo. They'd to get right back.


It was the last show Griffin didn't watch the show. He's too young. But remember, next.


Next I do I do remember it was on MTV. Yeah. Remember, they walk out the bus. The guy is like now next. Yeah. That was cutthroat. Savage, most inspirational bullshit they set you, right. Oh yeah. We were on about that. How ruthless MTV can be compared to now. It was like that then. They can do shows where it was crazy like shaming girls and so yeah. Now you kid is MTV is still relevant now after sort of I don't know what's on there anymore.


I don't know, watches cable.


They should have like music videos just all the time. That's all used to be. Yeah. They relate the savage like stations. So once like society kind of switch to how it is now they can like. Yeah. So you're a competitor. I mean obviously you played at another thing I didn't know about you. You were one hell of a football player, decent football fan.


I would say one hell of a decent football player. Yeah. We build our guests up bigger than that. I appreciate that, Bob. So I just like any more credit than we all do the best.


But I know you got a bunch of sports guys on it. Let me look at me. I can't believe this guy. Did you make it past a cup of coffee with the Ravens? But there's a reason why you didn't make it. And we could use this as an excuse. Didn't you blow your knee or something? I blew out my shoulder. You pull your shoulder negotiating excuse, you can walk, say, wow, this is what is fixed, but so back.


The thing with the girl thing, they give you a rose at the end. How are you? Were you confident that you were going to win when there was two people left? I was feeling pretty good about it. Yeah, I was the guy, you know, and at that point you believe it, you know, and then like you're in it, you think you're it. And then you go down there and it wasn't it was like, oh, shit.


And so did you. You the how was the ride back? Like, Oh God, that's going to ride the ride back.


I say is is like getting a million uppercuts to the gut. Is it definitely hurt a little bit. But you grow, you know, it's like you get out of there, you like height and then it's kind of like remove yourself from the situation a little bit. You kind of like drink some wine and figured the hell out at the restaurant. Did you get revenge? Fuck everybody out of that. Like that night we just like left and right.


I used to go. I was stuck in Greece for like four more days. Five more days. I'm just like so I was on the beach. My my was drinking margaritas every day until until the sun came down. And then I would just do the same thing on my crib and that's how I grew up through it. I'm not much of a crowd, but I would have been born. Yeah, it's going to be so like I mean I'm sorry this is the past.


I know, but like I'm very fascinated by. We had Kolten on before this show, just buckin intrigues me, I don't really watch it for some reason, the whole process of throwing like 30 dudes or whatever, five for one girl or vice versa, it's just got to be interesting with their guys that you just didn't fuck with, like it all. Like, they they put you out of room and you're all just chill and then you're just like, I fucking hate this guy.


Yeah. Yeah.


They're definitely became a guy who was just like a complete ass the whole time. And then towards the end of it, there was times where I was ready to fight him. I was like, come, come here, please. Like I give him one of these one time. Right. What was. That's crazy. What about chicks was like after you come in second place, all the girls are following you all season long on the show now know that you are available.


That you are. Yeah.


Your world definitely opens up a little bit about the world opening up, the world opening up. The dams were flooded for sure. They had to be there.




Do you know my one from the little small towns, you kids kids being able to to do it all over the country and do whatever and hang out with whatever and whoever. And it was fun. It was great.


So it was the most famous girl you ever slayed. Oh, my gosh. I don't want I want to know this, but you get what I'm talking about, I, I don't I don't kiss and tell man. But everybody has that answer. Everybody knows mine. Ariana Grande is mine. So everybody knows that we don't we don't fuck around over here. You know, it's it's funny because we were we were talking about all of this for this video and we are going back and forth.


He was asking me about my age.


And we've had we've had very both public breakups, I'd say, yeah, you guys have. I think Griffin was more hated to be, though. You think? Yeah. Yeah. Well, because you had the sympathy card because like you, she left you and then it was like kind of like a weird thing where they wanted you back together, but they couldn't really blame you. He is just like I hate groups. Was yours real too, Griffin?


Was your relationship real? Yeah. Tick tock thing now. Yeah. People think it's safe. I feel like he can relate with this too. Like there's some things that you fabricated because of media, but like the actual relationships and stuff are pretty real. They lie detectors. Sure told the truth. You sure didn't cheat on her. You know, I'm telling you man, I know he didn't cheat on her. Of course. I just I want to verify the lie detector.


Guys want to make him out. We met. I mean, you met at work. No. How do we meet? I don't remember. But I have I am the youngest kid with Alzheimer's. I think it's better that I was out. I was a severance way before. Sonorants was easy because I do remember and I was I was there for about a.m. until like eight pm and Bob's on the other side of the bar and see sense of whatever grabs me to come talk to Bob was Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Rupia off and we go back and forth.


He was fun. And we just kind of said and that's do you see, Bob randomly everywhere seem at the Super Bowl, see him everywhere? Yeah.


We actually have ran into each other quite, quite a lot. Smaller crowd. This is our first time kind of fuck with each other here. So it is it's good. It's good to see you. Big time out of your busy fucking schedule. We actually have a drink with me once in a while. I'm sure we'll make it happen. Do you miss you?


Would you be playing if you could? If you don't think the injury happened, you were good enough to play. The pros are now. I think if I got in the right situation, I would have a shot, but I don't know if I have a long career. What position did you play? I was like a tight end fullback and I wasn't a very big one either. So those guys don't really last long. What's up at this point is like two thirty five.


When I was when I was with the Ravens and then I was like my second year of playing time because I was a quarterback before I played quarterback, my first three years of college and my last two years of play fullback tight end. And you were you drafted by Baltimore now? I was a rookie minicamp guy, OK? And then probably back again for another workout. And then after that was it. So how does that work?


Have you done school? You go and you try it. You don't say you don't think you're going to be able to get drafted. You have to walk on thing. Anybody can come on. So I know they might you out go out. And I was having a great time, but they had fun with the Ravens have six better and tight ends. They're loaded. All right. And so there was no way out. So now, right now.


And someone gets hurt then, like two guys got hurt. They brought two other guys. They brought me into other guys out. And then they looked at my shoulders. They like they're probably back. We want to check your body, see everything. I on both my shoulders were torn. I should lie. I told my head shoulder injuries in the past. I won't do it. Why wouldn't you just fucking lie? Because I'm a good guy.


I lied about my, my, my history turnstyles. I'm not going to tell them that. So they'll definitely tell me no. But my shoulders are strong. I can do it. I do my shoulders. But then they look at them. There's a nice shoulder to next up. We're done with this guy. They caught me and that was it. Then I went into the spring league and did that for three weeks. And my my the first play.


The last game, I called the ball for Johnny Manziel. He's my last my last catch. You ever saw him? No. And once you get the first down, the guy and then another guy slap me around and I put my shoulder to the back and I was like, all right, that's it. Time to go back to school. Johnny. Johnny is a good Duna. Yeah. He was a fun guy to play with. A lot of intensity.


He makes you happy. And so it was it was a good time. Did you play with him off the field at all? Because I've had the opportunity to play with him off the field and not I have yet to do that. But we'll have to do that. We'll have to set that one up. I don't have to done it, Johnny. Right up. Quite a big bill on my out there. So, Manziel, if you're.


Oh, and by the way, he was seen with Franco, too. Well, that's a side note. I'm sorry. I'm going to my own personal relationships here. But Manziel isn't my my bad list right now really only Balas when we're with our group was here represent the top group is the top. But I mean, he's got he's got nine podcast's running now. He's like he's he's going crazy with them. Right.


I'm surprised. You know, the way I if I was taking him, I thought he'd be down as young and guys. But listen, you know, we got to always skew younger. We got to hit a younger devil. I know, Bob. You're smart, man. I have them strategically place. So he's he's got to be able to keep the schedule mean young. And how you look at it, I think I think Griffin is. I think, Bob, we have to we have to get you in there.


Yeah, I listen. Yeah. Where's your stand up. That's very strategic. Yeah. I see. Bob, Bob is everywhere. Bob's at the casinos. Bob's all over the place. I said shut the fuck up, all you guys. What's going on here? All right, man, this man we had an episode is an intervention for Bob right now. Yeah, I know. You said I'm going to Abu Dhabi. I was like, all right, that's random.


But OK, he's like, all right, I'm going to Vegas. Like, OK, all right. All right. I'm back in Boston. Yeah, OK. All right, Bob. So when are we going to get up? Also, how's your love life? My love life is good. I met a girl, Christina. She's great guy. Everybody laughed when I say that. But she's she's from Denver. From Denver, a veteran.


I love the updates on your social media. I'm staying in lockdown. This one, you know, the way I try and do it, it's just I try and show my life exactly how it is in social media to get the ups and the downs. I don't hide anything. It's as if I want a massive three day bender. Guess what you're going to enjoy with me? I'm not just going to church on Sunday. You're going to fucking enjoy.


It would be. That's the way I roll about who's the guy you're on the bender with and was in L.A.. The older guy. Yeah, that's Timmy. Bounce back. He's my partner in crime. Oh, my gosh. He is hilarious. He is wild. That's a guy. What, a guy starts drinking like 9:00 a.m. and he's out by 6:00. Go back to L.A.. I want to. I want to I want to day with you guys and see who can last.


Long as I. You can't roll with us. We're on level. We had to. But back to the code testing from the beginning. We we just had that. We went to Abu Dhabi with the boys. We flew 17 hours to to Abu Dhabi and we had to sprinting in the hotel for forty eight hours. Why do you have to do six days in a fucking hotel? Yeah, that's right. I do six days, three times all these things.


And then I get to see my buddy Matt and hopefully have a conversation for twenty minutes. That's. That's it. That's it. Yeah.


And so, so you guys are just like literally what are you doing while you're reporting. Tell you mean or have an option or drink drink.


Just eat. Or do you have a girlfriend or anything. No I don't girlfriend right now. Bingol Beelman. Trust me, I feel that they should bring like a stack like how many bachelors in their bed, like I see it was like twenty five over thirty five. They should bring the second people who came in second place in all twenty five. Like The Hunger Games, like the fucking Hunger Games.


Well I think you just need to make a show on your own and go for it. If I make another show, I'm going to have a head explode. I want to just go more shows. The show ends with the young. And how long is the last one? Was the last one. This is the last one that hopefully we can carry momentum. What do you think you would ever go to be? The Bachelorette? The straight out? I always say never say never.


But I because I want to do this early on my list. What are some things you want to do going forward? What are some of your goals, I guess, about some TV show ideas that I want to do and pursue and some like I want to construction is like a four to me, like I want to have my own company in Florida. So this is like baby shovels and dirt. So there good old, good old character building right there.


We're talking about building out a show. Oh, really? I mean, hey, you know what, Griffin? Just do it. Number seventy four, the show. I mean, I love I do love Griffin. Griffin is he's going to replace this one when you're done with it. Let's do this show is already on its way out now for God's sake. Better news show starting next week. Everybody with who's another one of these guys, they all locked up now everybody in the tick tock and got a podcast the last two weeks.


It'll be Delonte West and Bomaderry next live from the streets. Oh, that's messed up. No, I thought it that you hear that story. Mark Cuban came you for an incredible story. Yeah, that's right. He found him outside of it, like two blocks from where Mark Cuban was living and when he picked him up in and got him some help and he said, I guess he's on the up and up now. Doing well.


Good, good. And his thing was, is drug addiction. So it was really just something. Yeah, it's important. Yeah. Well, good for him I guess.


And that's another is another story about all my support system in one hundred percent, all that money you had around him and people just want to take it away from them instead of helping them out.


People always fuck you over. It's terrible world we live in. Are you humble Hinge Zindagi. I don't have any of those of any of those. Just rely strongly on your blue checkmark and your good looks. Yeah, I'd say so. I related guys like me. We have to make for a while back. What do you what do you want. I'm on Grindr, I'm on, I'm on Hinche, Tinder, whatever. In my profile I make sure they know the clout that I have.


Yeah. So what do you do. Yeah. I just like throw in a bunch of people that are like relevant and if I don't have a picture with them I just implement myself in the photo with photo or shoulder with the blue checkmark and all that. So how's your day, how's your day life on the outside.


I haven't had to make all I do. Usually I get like I don't follow up, like I'll just be like bored for an hour. I'll be like one a.m. and I'll just blast off like a bunch of different messages to different girls. And they reply, really, like I have the time to respond. So they just dies. Usually after one set back in the day we were we were child for football games. We would all get on the house wherever we landed and just start ripping off the most ridiculous pickup lines just to see what was it, what would it.


And then sure enough, when our two teammates broke out in the parking lot with one of the girls, like the night before a game, and that's why we went three nine every year.


But that's not as fun, doesn't we?


We got a bunch of people in the relationship. So what do you what do you think about being a saint? Are you are you the same kind of guy or are you more. I'm going to do my own thing. No, no.


The balance man is a time to sit. There's a time that you have to have your own thing, you know what I mean? You can't sit on simper. You got to be a fifty fifty guy you have for this time, but you got to do your thing to man. So do you think Saturdays are for the boys. I feel like that that's a fair rule.


I'm not into that. I'm sorry for everything. I mean I'm going to have your girlfriend, you know, other girls in bikinis. I don't want to tell you guys on Saturday night, I want to hang out with a bunch of people. Wow.


You know, I just got the utmost respect for you, Tyler. You are one hell of a guy because I agree with the fifty fifty cent rule. I believe there are times where you have to and there outside just go wild. Do you think you can ever go too far with the same thing. Like you're just doing too much. I've been good lately. Doing some stuff. Yeah.


Look at, look at Griffin's Twitter, you know on Twitter what he was doing in here. So I have said a research team to go and dig deep. Drew Griffin was the group was Sam King back then. I was actually I'm not going to lie, but I was like that. Was it like in the hype to you, man? He had nothing else to do. You know, so I'm feeling through not only that, but like it was kind of more like one of my own, like self-proclaimed like jokes and it was fun.


Yeah, it was good. I was I was with it was with it. Right. So I've never like you played into it. You were playing into it. Yeah. I've never heard a phone that person alive that give us some horror stories.


Give us a horror story. Come on Koshary. What date. Give us some give us some dirt like some shitty date you went on. It was fucking terrible. Like one of the worst dates I got. I got one. So the other day there was this girl who I was like to see finally meet in the city. And I was having like I was like a business dinner. And that's what I was. It was more drinks. I was like, so many places you go.


And you were sitting at one. So I was like, let's just go back to my place. And so we're all having drinks. They're not aggressive, but yeah, go ahead. So I was like, so I'm there with, like, just like six of us, you know? And then the girls, I want to get drinks after my dinner. Look, everyone wants to get drinks and go back to my place. You're more welcome to join us.


So cheers. All of a sudden I can hang out in more. So like, all right, whatever. No big deal. And so I'm just out in front of my place. So this you just played two hours later. So, hey, I'm finally free. When I was doing, like, going out, I was like, yeah, you can come over. So she comes over, she's trasher. I'm like, oh, Lord.


Now she goes on to tell me any guy in the city would have loved to take me out for a drink. And you didn't want to. I'm the one that she kept going on. And she was like any guy in the city would have loved to have gotten the drinks, like out of I was like I was like, whoa. He was hammered the whole time she was hammered. And it's like there's like other people that I work with, like these girls aren't shit compared to me.


I was like, I never said anything about that. We got we got get this girl. I was like, go hang out. People have fun. I mean, it's like people you interact with. She attracted them instead of cussing me out, you know, which are attractive, you know, very pretty girl. Yeah. Good or no. No. Or we sit her home. Oh, all right. She was issues like cussing me out because I didn't do it.


As you mentioned, a really hot hammer girl comes to your house is your worst date. That's like my ideal date. And this wasn't such a nice time, guys. Yeah. It's good to just like anyone would love to take me out for drinks. What was the what was your date? I don't know. This is like not as this isn't like a crazy story. This is like something I feel like a lot of people are not a lot, but some people can relate to is so, you know, a social media, you meet a lot of people.


We don't actually see them. Right. So this this was like a while back. But I think you got confused inter-group. Yeah. This was like not like this year but like twenty nineteen when I would come out here like November. And anyways this girl, me, I was like, yo, whatever. She lived in L.A. at the time. I was still at school and I flew in. I was all excited because it's like on the internet like she was very, very nice and she wasn't in real life.


It was just I was like getting already. And I get there and I walk in and she's like, go like I'm already here. So I'm like looking all around. And so you just walk past me. And I was like, OK. And I turned back around like looking around. And she's like, no, you're looking like to the right. And I guess she face time me and I was like, oh, OK, I'm not kidding you.


Like there's some people, you know, that look better on the Internet than they actually, you know, this girl was not hard to find, though. This is a different person. This this was like the same person, but like she is a pro at face to like she should honestly work for a company or like get sponsored by face to and like all of that because it was like night and day. You did you. Well, OK, so what does one do in that situation.


So you are obviously well that's where it gets sticky. So I try, I try to be nice and but whenever I saw I just like freaked out and I left. Well, that's fine. You know, I don't blame you because you're not. That's false advertising. No, thank you. So pretty in real life. It was just like not the same and like freaked me out because I was like, what else is this girl hiding from me?


Like, this is crazy. I've never even seen I'm from small town Illinois, Indiana, where it's like people don't even post on social media. But and then, like, I get here in this girl was like it was like my first L-A interaction and it just blew my mind. Yeah, I mean, that's I don't get why people do that, like, I would want to make myself look shittier and show up and exceed expectations. So, like, I wouldn't want to, like, put myself out there and look like fucking like, you know.


Well, you might get less white race, you know. Yeah, I get it. But still, it's and you have to deal with real life. You show up and you're like, er oh no. So I have a buddy, everybody named Chad who is a serial tender serial bubble guy. He lives on those things like what he's like, but it's just this doesn't look he just sweats, you know, does he have the toys that way?


And like I used to have a good relationship with the bubble people, he was always asking me to get him like the exclusive members, like I lived his wife's all this shit I might do. You'll never get to work if you do that, you know. Right. But his big complaint is always look different than what they do on Bumbo. Then I look at his profile, which so do you. You know, you also put on about twenty pounds that you last profile picture and and like he's a funny guy.


So like one picture he's dressed as Jesus. One picture he's dressed as Bob. Well just picture you dressed as Mr. T. It's like these girls don't even know what you look like, you know. Yeah.


It's, it's definitely, it's definitely something where they meet up because like I was expecting Bob Ross. No more lying, no rely on your profiles if you're listening. I think we just keep it the way it is to keep it. Keep it. One hundred that I. Boys, that's great. That was fun.


OK, cool. Well, I guess I'll wrap this show up here. Griffin's in his own fucking world. We're going to try and get the boys on as the next guest. I feel they owe me a little bit of a favor if you're listening. I know Steve's an active listener. You do us a favor, so you will be the next guests. Even though we haven't asked you yet on the show to talk about Donald Trump or Abu Dhabi, that was that was crazy.


I'm not going to lie. Whenever I saw that, my my jaw dropped. Yeah. I was like and what made even crazier was, is Trump put it on his actual Instagram page and tagged them. I know that is. Yeah. Trump put it on his thing. That is so I know. Like all politics aside, that is crazy. No matter who it is, the president posting you on their Instagram, doing the YMCA dance at a rally.


I could have been there. I don't even care.


Like, it doesn't matter to me, whoever whatever president was, that is absolutely crazy.


All right. Let's not talk about it, Griffin. I'm jealous now. I'm jealous. Meanwhile, I'm posting you tick tock while they're out there doing actual real things with the president. But it's whatever.


Plenty more opportunities to come. We will sit down with them, hopefully on the next episode, which will air Monday. We will hopefully be with the boys. I don't care what the fuck they have on their schedule, they will clear it after that weekend in Abu Dhabi.


Fast forward to next Monday. I didn't get them. I love it. All right, everybody, that's the end of the show. It's game over. Griffin, would you like to play the YouTube? Oh, yeah. YouTube young and hung. Just search it up on on YouTube. If you just really put that in the search bar, there's one. We got Bryce up there. We got Gary V, and now we're going to have Tyler Cameron so you guys can watch it there as well.


And other than that, NCLC noch next week, I'm sure that'll be a crazy, crazy episode.


Yeah, I want to hear the whole process of light because they are such wild, crazy guys like now. Yeah. It's going to be crazy. You've got to meet the president so like it's going to be buttoned up.


Dude, never mind. I was going to say we should get we should get Brad in here some time. Yeah.


We'll get everybody in here hopefully. Come on in the studio. Door's open, young and hot.


Well, if you have Steve and Brad in the same room, that might get messy. So we might have to, you know, split that up.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, we can have them like burst in mid episode. We can think with it.


We can play with it, smashes through the door, flips the table. Everything just gets fucked.


Guys, a big guy. Dude's a big guy. That's Bradley Martin. All right, everybody, that's it. Until next week. Monday will be Mike that episode. Take care.