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All right, so here we are, a bright side, by the way, you guys obviously your fucking like Boissier right now and I don't actually know this dude.


I brought him in. It was a little random. So I Worboys thanks for coming in here.


This episode, one of Young and Hungry, by the way. We put this shit together fucking fast. Griffin Yeah. It was pretty fast, not as fast as his, but mine was like a week. Oh, wait.


You have a podcast too now. Yeah. Fuckin A.. And you launch right around us.


No one in business business. Yeah. You don't strike me as a businessman. Really. We can talk about it while I smoke this. But this is a children's show, Bryce, for God's sake. This is a fucking kid's show. That was like a skit skit right there now. But I am a businessman as I light up this blunt real quick, what is that off of? I'm not I'm not a businessman. I'm a business. And I forget I don't know what it is.


I'm a business man. He was funny, though.


This is our first guest, right? Think about it. We the show guys are pretty cool people in here. And you guys, fuck. Did you just live in the same house?


No, no, no. Not at my house every day. Yeah. So much I know about the stuff. Who gives more pussy to probably Grif.


Really no way to be able to openly admit that it takes some balls and it's just like he just plays. Where are you serious right now. I'm being honest. That's he's full of shit.


You arguing that point Griffin. You like straight because like the shy under the radar one. But when a chick comes in the room you just fucking frat boy.




He's he's talking everything and feel free to Rosta the shit out throughout the whole episode. That's what we're doing throughout the whole course of this fucking show to the things kind of hard to lay. By the way, be very careful smoking that thing. That thing is going to knock you into planet Mars anyway. So. All right. So, Bryce, you're obviously mega famous. Every time I put on TMZ or any of that shit, you are fucking all over the place.


You two don't get a big head. But so I guess that's why. Well, no, I mean, Bryce is obviously a lot more into the media scene than me.


So what does a controversial guy you are kind of controversial, bro.


I'm not going to lie, you know, like you are out there and you're getting some like, you know, the thing about you is you started with what Vine?


You know, you now live broadcasting platform. It's not a thing anymore. And then you went to did you guys get, like, famous at the same time? No, I've been doing this for seven years. Yeah. He's been in this game forever, dude. So do you, like, ride his coattails to fame or how does this work?


Yeah, kind of actually low key I wrote is really I mean like so so Bryce, you know, he kind of had like his thing with you now and then musically, he kind of took off and then there was like a while weird like one year period where you just didn't do anything two years to year period. Yeah. So basically we found I mean, you just hold it up in L.A. with with with Taylor and we all just came through, Jane ended up living with them.


And that's kind of how I kid you. Not last year around this time I was getting like sixty thousand likes on Instagram. Now what are the numbers pulling over a million. A million likes on Instagram. That's fucking ridiculous. And you look. It's crazy. Yeah. So every time you go out somewhere in public, how often is it that somebody recognizes you? That's just a random question.


I'm sorry. We ask tough questions here. We'll get to the good ones later. Don't worry. Yeah.


I'm so famous that I get recognized literally everywhere. Do you like it though? Like some people, like I mean, I get recognized once every fucking week, maybe if I'm lucky.


But that was sarcasm for anyone to catch that tone of voice. But yeah, I like it. The only time I don't enjoy it is when I'm either eating or if it's outside of my house. So what do you do?


Somebody comes up to you're eating dinner, you're on a date with a chick or whatever her name is, Addison or whatever.


So it's so either if they're outside my house or out on dinner and then somebody comes up hypothetically while you're out to dinner, you what do you say to him? Like, fuck no. I still say I don't really tell him to fuck off. I just take the picture. And then I'm like, it's just it's just like kind of like I don't want to be an asshole. No. Yeah.


But the thing is, is you guys are young, you're twenty one twenty one twenty one twenty one. It's like that's fucking new right. It's like it's you guys do you look on TMZ or any of that shit now it's like no more like Paris Hilton or I'm dating myself but like it's like you guys are all fucking everywhere. All from like tick. Right. Well yeah. Yeah. I guess you know I think more my fuckups, but a lot of the name of Swayze came from all the boys like and all of everything that's been messed up and put into the media.


Like if we just did our take dogs and when day to day and danced every day, we would be maybe a quarter of what we are now.


Do you guys like plan your shit are controversial, not your cobwebbed that too. But like do you guys plan like your dances and shit?


You know, I just watched it on my for you bedroom is enough. I know you guys a big tick tock Vollans. We talked before. I'm kind of I'm on the come up. Really. Yeah. I got two point four million. Oh you're getting up. You're about we're Griffin is Griffin hasn't grown since. The situation is he's only going downhill now from here. Yeah. This is just downhill. I did lose about eighty thousand followers in a day.


Meatball's. Yeah but I'm coming back. Why did you lose fucking eighty thousand. He's coming back now. He's only losing like fifteen thousand now and I've, I guess I've been getting like back up to like ten. Now, you guys are pumping to like you've got the cool thing about you guys, you're actually like people know you is like these tick tock people, but like you have so much more going on behind the scene. Like you, I went by the house do the day and it's like this fucking massive truck of like HONY energy and energy, that high energy drink any energy.


How did that kind of like how did you get your own energy drink? I shotgunned Red Bulls all the time before my videos. My videos are very high. Energy requires me to just be like literally either. Absolutely like shaking almost like I take every workout. I like Shocking and Red Bull and then I just start filming. And I always used to film and be shocking to these Red Bulls. And I was like, why am I promoting Red Bull for free?


Either I want to Brandell or I'm going to make my own energy drink. Obviously a brandell. Yeah, that's one time like a little money making thing or maybe even like long term like two years. But an energy drink, you create it yourself and that's that's a fucking long term source of income. Right. There are people like Nike coming in now to like all the the big I'm not really brand friendly at all. Now I'm going down the route of like I want to own everything.


Right. Which is smart. I mean, I don't know, is this a touchy subject? I never know if I'm asking too much. But last time we spoke, I did see you were dating that famous chick. Yeah. You guys still what are you guys doing? And they still why are you looking at me, Batman asking a bad question. I want to fucking know shit. I'm as invested secretly in this stuff than anybody else's. Not our we're we're just we're friends.


So the only thing that I want to touch on this so like I use like Segway away from Madison, well, I usually try to stay out of that whole thing. But, you know, it was her birthday today. And I want a story. She got flowers. I was wondering if maybe you I sent her flowers as a friend. Oh.


What about when you meet a girl and you promised them to swipe up stories, three tags in a Twitter post if you can have them hang out with you? That's a move. I know. What I'm saying is he gives me shit because sometimes if I meet a girl, I'll immediately blast her on the fucking Instagram. Why wouldn't I? It's my biggest tool.


Oh, you meet a girl and then you start posting about her.


Well, I like to show my life like always as it happens. So he called me on the phone the other day and he said, Go like, what are the odds like you'll do at this video? And he's like, got this girl next to him. And so that was time I forgot about that. She said, No, this is Bob. Like, you'll be like he's like put on a story like tweet about him or like put up a tick tock and like tag in it and follow her on takes Twitter.


That's you flexing. Yeah. But is there anything wrong with that? Like, I mean like is there any way we can get like so consistently to a point where it's. Yes, there's just a different poster with a different girl every time. Yeah. Well I mean yeah. That just looks like either you play girls and tell them that you like them and then you just kind of, you know, I mean they had to defend myself. I get feelings in and out.


I just pop in and out of sorry. You're just trying to you're flexing like all the girls you get. What I used to do is I used to follow zero people and tick tock. And then any time I met a girl, I would follow her. And then if it didn't work out, I would unfollow her and I would do the same rotation for weeks.


I mean, she would be the only one I followed didn't come on. So that's kind of a clever move, right? I mean, this is a small show right now. Listen to this.


He flew a girl from Denver all the way to L.A. and now he's talking about flying back to Denver to pick her up and bring her back to her.


I'm going to go and fucking pick her up and be like the pilot. No, I'm going to send a send a plane. But American Airlines or something is going to fucking have her board the plane and fly back. I like this girl. Anyways, back to Bryce Hall. We're going to Segway office.


So what what do you what do you think you would be doing if you weren't what you're doing right now? Like, what would it for the hours I wasn't doing if you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?


Dude, honestly, I wanted to be a lawyer. Really? It's like before obviously all my you know. Yeah.


I always wonder, like lawyers, like how you can feel like I have to like my buddies, like, oh, you don't want to know how much I've spent on lawyers this year. Holy fuck. You needed a call when you were a what I preach in my videos that I'm going broke up the merch please. It's serious, right. So lawyer fees or. Yeah, lawyers are fucking expensive, especially when you have multiple cases. Can you imagine it being like a massive criminal defense attorney?


Right. And like knowing you go in the room with the guy and he's like, I killed my wife. And your goal is to fucking have to tell people that he didn't kill his wife. Like, how do these guys sleep at night?


I mean, if the bags right now, I mean, how much money now? But it is true, though. It's like it's for me, it's like I don't know, I just wouldn't fucking be able to do that. I'd literally be like how much you pay me. So you get into the fighting game and all the fighting game. Yeah. No, the box wasn't a boxing thing. I read about who I was. I was going to I offered to back somebody and they didn't know it was a pretty good outcome.


It was like five hundred thousand dollars. Any charity of choice.


Wait, hold on. So you're telling me that you had five hundred thousand dollars to any charity?


This is all beef. What what is this shit I'm seeing? You got caught doing some dumb thing with the fight or something. Is everything good there. Yeah. Yeah, I'll go with that. Should deal with that I. Right, good. I was worried about you guys. I was actually trying to break it up.


Good. I'm just trying to stay relevant here. Sucks because it's like every 20 minutes, every twenty one year old. But like I'm just, I'm like a normal, it's a normal life.


All the, all the videos, like only the bad shit gets highlighted. Speaking of that, like, what is some of the things you're working on right now, though, it was one of the some of the things we take away from, like, baked fights. What are you doing? Business. I am trying to I'm trying to show the side of rice. No one gets to see me. And I like to a nice guy over to my podcast, Capital University.


You're not allowed to plug your podcast out here. You're not allowed to do that. We are competing against each other. I'm working on a lot of things.


I'm doing my energy drink. I have my Parolin party in my university. I'm turning the website party Animal University into like a legitimate website, like a college website. It's going to be such a joke. That's funny. I'm actually going to submit our university to, like, be an actual university, obviously going to get declined. But be fucking hilarious. Like your own college. Yeah. Oh, that would be cool sic. That's cool. And then like it's own community within the website, like it'll be sick, you know, it's going to be that.


Yeah, it's going to be crazy. It's good because I have a potential collab like with a label three million views two which is pretty crazy stuff and that's fucking nuts. What was it about. It's funny you say that I'm joking. No, I swear to God I ask him this. I don't know, Bryce. I swear to you all, I am so fucking busy that night, all the things that I don't have a chance to really get caught up.


My buddy here, I don't know. What the fuck is this talk about Griffin? It's just like it's a good little song about some stuff and media and, you know, an ex-girlfriend and was the ex-girlfriend that I'm not caught up who is like Bryce is a little more invested down the blood.


Guess who's my friend.


Charlie Amelio is that her name is on some sixteen. Charlie. Oh, Charlie. I always I figure I get them confused. I don't know her sister. Yeah. Oh, Alexa Amelio. I swear I'm not being a dick. I really don't know her name. Who is XY? Dixie DeMille. OK, well whatever. They're just. Oh yeah.


And I feel the awkwardness and I'm not even involved with the drivers. Yeah. We'll have to ask. He doesn't, he doesn't want to say. Yeah. Like he was like this huge scandal, like a cheating scandal with him.


Oh really. And now he's like he's really good.


Let's talk about that then. Let's talk about this. How hard is the lie detector test. What. Yeah, I did the fox. You mean because like it's like kind of like a he said she said thing. So I'm like, all right, I'll just hook myself up to a lie detector test. Easy. So I did. And did you pass. Yeah. I mean I have a whole YouTube video coming out.


I'm going to post it but yeah I passed. What was the toughest question?


I did it twice actually, so I did it the first time. Jason, that's great dude. Love them. Came over and did it and then like someone asked him not to put the clips in because they didn't like the results. So I'm like, OK, I'll do it myself then so then I can post whatever I want. So then I did it again and then I passed again. Which price was there both times and watched me pass. So yeah, I'm going to post it myself.


And if somebody just sitting there panicking awkwardly, I'm just chilling out and prices the blood. Right. What I grew up in here is face another one of those things, although they hook things up to your fingers and they chase your heart rate, you know, like. Yeah, I did too. Yeah.


Bryce failed miserably. I think it was fucking the machine exploded when Bryce went on it.


Yeah. They're asking me some serious shit. It was like a real guy. No, it was like this. Duties tested over ten thousand people like he works for the feds, like he's like he was a long time ago now sits there and fucking gets the information out. Oh, yes, absolutely. Drew, is there a guy like standing behind him doing this? No, no.


He he does. It does not a word, bro. What's going on over here? I got to get one up in here.


That's all he does right now. I need to do it. Everyone's fucking doing it. Back to the cheating thing, though, because it is interesting. It is very hard for people. I mean, it's very hard, I think, not to to stay faithful. Right. I guess is the right word.


That's what a cheater would say. Yeah. I'm amazed that I've done it before and I don't feel good about it. You know, as you get older and you get to be my age guys, you get to, you know, but I you know, it's hard at girls, especially you guys. You have chicks throwing themselves at you left and right everywhere you go.


I mean, I've seen you guys at Saddle Ranch and there's chicks everywhere around you. It's fucking nuts. I'm extremely jealous.


That's why I'm saying that. I mean, like you said, shit, right? I mean, is it possible I'm not going to say yes, really. Fuck you. Who's the hottest girl? Who's the hottest girl you hooked up with? Like to say that.


Well, I don't kiss and tell her I said the exact same thing yesterday. We went through our fucking bucket list of chicks, the girls we'd want to fuck. And it was Ariana Grande Day. And who is yours? Jennifer Aniston. I put Jennifer Aniston. Mila Kunis. Dude, if I had you. If I had you. Yeah. You think I would do with your account, bro. I would just be like two a.m. up hammered and just floods like Mila Kunis fucking brandy.


I would just hit them all up because gonna be a numbers game. If you messaged 30 of these like superstars, smokin hot chicks, they got to get back to you.


I mean, you're fucking I mean, even if it was like, let's let's even raise one hundred to one. Yeah. I mean, come on, if you hit one time, you're still winning. When I first moved out to L.A., I used. Tinder will only have hooked up with one girl, did you do like was your game, like swipe as many times you and then just go through them? This is like, what, I'm 17.


Do you secretly still have an account? You have a burner account? I literally don't like that. I'm fucking with you, dude. I don't think you need one. You do. Tinder is the. Yes, you know, I didn't think that person farted. That was not me doing. That was Bob. All right? I heard it was the lie detector test, I swear to God. And I didn't. That was Griffin. That's next to you.


I'm not going to lie. I've never met someone that farts as much as Bryce genuinely. I don't just sit here like, you know, how some days you have days where you like Fardella. It's him every single day. Oh dude, I shit my pants twice recently. No, I swear to God actually you can ask. Aaron's in the room. Aaron works for me. I dude I shit my fucking pants shit fart explosion big ass brown shit on my ass.


I call Aaron. You can ask Aaron after this. I'm like Aaron I need you to think there was somebody at my house and the only way to walk in there was one way to walk in at the time. And I was like, you got to get me a new pair of pants or like a towel. And then it was bad dude. And the other one was in high school football game back in the day.


Did I can I relate with you on that? I think when I can. But I'm going to explain the story. A bunch of people. Yeah. I just realized it's probably a lot of people watch this. I probably shouldn't have said that. But once again, I don't really give two fucks. I would like an average chick have a chance to like, get with somebody like, you know, I really like how I listen.


I'm serious a whole lot. I want to fucking know this. Don't make fun of me. How would like a chick like do you only date famous chicks and it's like I'm like a Greek God. If I say no, he's always hating on me a boner. Dude, that's your high bro. Listen to me. I fall your shit, I see the chicks you fuck with and I'm secretly jealous. And the reason why you're in here is I need to know your secrets.


So that's what I'm saying. This is like between honestly, dude, I think it's my humor because like I know because like a school teacher just sneak in there and get it, get you open. You know, STDs are a thing. I went through one STD, really. Chlamydia. So you got rid of it. That's for all the people watching right now. That is a curable STD.


Google. That is not true. His cock is gangrened. He still has. It was gone. It was gone.


But had that one time so started fucking with condoms is embarrassing. We have to go in there and fucking DVR NWT check me. Yeah. Really. You get chlamydia to go minie. Who are you guys. No I didn't. I'm not involved in your two.


All right. I guess I'm the only real one on the list. But dude, I'm. You told me when you had chlamydia do. No. How do you guys. I have AIDS. No big deal because I never told them I did.


I thought I had I was like looking up all of the the things he fucked a girl with chlamydia, Jesus Christ. So he could get the medication for so her parents wouldn't find out. This is classic. Yeah. So now we're being real on this podcast. That's what you should try to do on this.


Yeah, that's all I want to do. So when you had chlamydia, did they take a Q tip and like rub it on? How do they test it out of that and when you test it. Yeah, how they test it because I should probably go pee checked. Oh, you pee in a cup of sugar remember it comes up and then the doctor calls you and I'm like, oh, I've never had it.


I just pee in a cup. It's like a it's like it's like I don't know, you know me. I'm good. I'm good. All right.


What's your well what's your body count. I mean just I don't know. I mean I've been with a lot over one hundred. Yeah. Definitely even that seem like it's low. Over three hundred. Yeah. Yeah there. No way. Yeah.


And I've avoided chlamydia completely and I've tried to talk to everybody. You did. OK, that's B.S.. Then what is your stance on condoms.


This is I mean we're supposed to make this a kids show, but Jesus I mean once you said you guys do the condom thing for you or no condoms.


Yeah. Fuck we comes every time. Yeah, me too. Me too. Safe sex is very important. It's very important thing. Safe sex. Make sure you're doing it. If you're listening at home, always wear a condom. We would say a brand right now, but we don't have it sponsored. By the way, I imagine that you're making a commercial right now for condoms and then say, do you have chlamydia? Did you have to get your cock swabbed by Griffin Johnson?


Try to lie about it, have to take a lie detector test, and then they all find out you really did have chlamydia. Go to w w w double battery, dot com slash chlamydia, Griffo Johnson for a free trial.


That that would be it said, oh my. But there's no way you've never had. No, I just never been like I've never gotten tricked. I think I had a scare once but. But you've never gotten that just kind of just rub, rub some dirt on it and it was good. Do you this do you actually hear this guy? I don't know if he's being serious or not. I'm kind of by the way, nobody's ever came back to me and said, like, they have gotten it.


Like, I've never I feel like, what is it like? That's such an embarrassing text.


Like the the hey, by the way, you gave me committee, gave me chlamydia. But you think like people are like if you have chlamydia. Checks that they have it, they just don't tell you and they'll just bang you because that's really awful. If they do, I mean, probably I feel she's asking us for reassurance. Yeah, he's actually scared. This like we've been talking about comedy now for like the past have said, you know, look at like I said, boys, I am I'm good.


I have no good to take a piss. He's like, that's why. What does it do? It burns. That's a sign I am so fucked because I've had that for ten years. I am so, so fucked. This is from Aaron from the room next door. Does ticked of beef still exist? Is there any beef between the houses. Between the houses. Yeah. The Bible and swears. Yeah.


I would say there's like all the drama that's happened, like between the two houses is like actually legit. Like no one is actually smart enough to structure, you know, the fake news for viewers, like people always.


Oh, it's not it's not about anyone being smart. It's just us being real. Yeah.


Yeah. Hate fake beef. Yes. Everything about fake shit on the Internet. Right. Because a lot of it's fake. Right. Like you think everything's what you see is what you get dude. Like there's no any controversy or anything that happens is because like we were just doing what we do and shit came up. But like I would say for me, I don't really like the hype house. I don't really care. There's some members I like Dismembers I don't like, but definitely like before they all of their members left, it was definitely some beef.


They're like now I think they're falling off personally.


But lately they have Ryan Garcia's shit like Ryan Garcia, Jake Paul are like people. Is that real? I don't even I know Ryan Ryan's the fucking man. I love him, but I just feel like that. Yeah, no, none of us.


I mean, but it could be as well, right? Yeah. You just never know. You know, it could have actually it could have started as something real.


He would fuck him up though like I mean why would Ryan ever if Ryan would fuck the shit up like literally shit out of you would fuck to shoot Benji go over and fuck the shit out of. Oh, finish this sentence for I mean, we don't know. I mean, they're in completely different weight classes and Jake's going to be a tough guy.


Ryan Garci is a twenty and oh fucking professional boxer with the hands.


Everything that deals with the boxing industry. Yes, I completely agree. He's a very skilled fighter. But when new boxers that have incredible talent to build their their portfolio, they fight lubes for like half of their shit, like half of their shit's legit. Half of it. Half. It's like newbies, like people with good records.


It's the build there that's like a shot at my boy Garcia. You know, it's not that at all.


I'm just saying it's like just because he's twenty, like, Jake is two hundred, ten pounds. But he's good at boxing. He's nice. He's OK. Ryan is one hundred and forty pounds right now. Sixty when he fights at one point he's one sixty right now. That's just like it. Yeah.


No I like both those guys but I think it comes down to just like it's fair, it's like no it is not as much as people would want to say.


It's not like Jake is 210 pounds dude. That's like a heavy man, that's a heavy dude. And Ryan fights. The only way that that I'm not saying that Ryan Ryan's punching power is fucking ridiculous, that he couldn't sleep.


Jake, if he gets one good connection to Jake, the. Yeah, that could fucking sleep. So how would he how is Jake last? So what would would know cardio wise, Ryan would have way better, harder than Jake.


So getting fucked up is any party and stuff right now because he's training for Nate Robbins and he knows he's going to take that.


Oh that's true. How did that happen. Needed him.


I mean, I feel like it's just a quick back. He's fighting on the undercard of Mike Tyson. That's huge exposure. Oh, that is. That is it. That's a good one. That's where I was going to find a good one. I was going to fight on the undercard. Yeah. You just didn't want to do it. From what you just said before, you never accepted the deal. You didn't look for anybody else, wouldn't want to fight anyone else again.


I don't want to start Fagbug. So especially if I'm fighting someone. Yeah. Like you do a fight like that, you got to go in with some hatred behind it. You know, I guess if someone were to say, would you be surprised, four, five hundred thousand dollars right now and be like, I would absolutely fire.


I just beat him in beer pong for a guy like the like yeah that's that's dope. But it's like the amount of training what you want some like real people watching it, like real audience, real hype.


Like you can't go on stage at all these press conferences and like shit talk like be real like actual show like put on a good show if you like are good with someone. Right. Unless you're an incredible actor. Right. Made you guys want to start a podcast. I just I fuck Griffin. Yeah. That's Griffin. I think I fucked with Griffin. You fucked with Griffin. You know, I think with Griffin he just he was, he was a fucking he's he's hungry.


You know, I like guys are hungry that like want to that work put in the work. Look how skinny is he's got to get back. Right. You guys are always fucking each other. But see this dude is the one that convinces everyone that I'm like taking Royds. But then he says I'm small.


You guys kind of look about the same size. Who can lift more though? He can. What can you beat me? I'm like two. I did three fifths. One time a Brads, Jim, did you really hear them? My YouTube video, that in person tomorrow, what does that fucking dude bench? He said five thirty, I think. Have you ever seen they do it now? I mean, the person I was with him. He definitely has.


He did. He did three sixty five for like eight. And when you do that's just one rep. I don't work on a show.


But is it what's it called. That Treston kid. Yeah. Yeah. One hundred and forty five thousand. And lifted him. Lifted with him the other day. He's one hundred and forty five pounds completely shredded, 18 years old and he can bench three hundred and forty five pounds. That's two hundred pounds more than his body weight. He's also like one percent body fat. Makes a big difference. He's absolutely shredded.


You know Greven reminds me of I think Griffin would've been perfect for is the movie. I'm not trying to be a dick, but like the Twilight. Twilight. Did I get all your pictures? You look like one of the fucking vampires.


You do look like Edward Collins. Cullen Yeah. You give off those vibes.


You kind of an older movie, but he's trying to. Yeah, you're like a like when I Googled your name to find an image for this like thing, I just thought I was on, like, the fucking Twilight fan page or something.


Griffin gets all the moms and like all the who's the oldest trick you ever hooked up with? He said that he can't shut up.


I don't even know the answer to that, really. I don't I actually don't know.


I mean, but did she look really fucking old when you hooked up with her? Like, could you guess that's true. It's like, is it going that's going to be like walking in like I had thirty.


Really nice. Nice. You Brize cameras are always rolling, motherfucker.


I got we were filming. Yeah. That's the point of the we do the weed which makes you forget. That's what it is. Okay. I mean if you guys do push the answer, I'll just say what I think it was like. Seventy four was the oldest. No way. Not fuck with you. Forty five I think.


Forty five. I mean it makes sense though. You're thirty three. Come on now. I'm getting up there. I'm getting up there.


I like, I love I sometimes we fuck because he's older and he's only like eight months older than me.


I know they're always call me old and shit. I'm like dude don't even listen.


I respect your elders is all I could say boys.


All right? You know I respect your elders. Yeah, respect them. This is an interesting dynamic, by the way. I get to see this, like, live in the flesh here, you know, because I do. I follow your shit and I see you guys on line. But now it's like you're really here. It's like, yeah, just like brothers. Yeah, we are all I would say like boys, the core like Swayze Eskimo brothers.


What does that mean?


What does that mean for your word.


Yeah, well, that's a debate that was completely normal. Every time they're like, I'm kidding of their sentence, it's like what I do. But it's obviously everything is true that we're saying once, you know, he's kidding. It came out of episode one. I'm with me. He's like, I'm just out of this shit. This is just not happening. Everything is coming out. I love it. And, you know, the thing is about this, and Griffin and I kind of decided, like, we went back and forth and I want to be I just wanted to be kind of like that style of like, hey, just what you see is what you get.


Like, we'd be like three dudes, like, just kicking. It has balls, high balls, like sometimes like I'll never smoke weed again, probably ever like a fucking Elon Musk. Actually, you just look at when I am. Oh my God. Erin, can you give me that bottle in the cabinet? You have to figure this shit so you can't even say those words do. I'm high. Can't panic attack.


I like I like where you're going with the sweet thing, though, because a lot of people want to know about the sway dynamic, right? Yes, of course I fucking.


Yes, definitely. Yes. Yes. See that fucking reindeer go. Bye.


I love this stuff. It's I'm like really close with everyone. But like, you got like Josh and Bryce, they're like like the click. Right. You got you got Blake and Noah that are like the click. Who else like comes over. I guess Quinn and Jaden are kind of like their own little click now and then. Like I'm kind of like overseer's. So like I'm close with all three of the groups, but like I'm not like meshed with all of them.


So it's kind of it's funny for me. He's trying to make us feel sad because he doesn't come over and I feel he comes over during the work days and then just doesn't hang out with us.


I come over every day during work hours. Yeah, I spent all weekend with you real OK.


Were blacked out. That doesn't count on the weekends. What else do you do. Stay sober and like you know and with the boys that's due.


That's SOCAP. Okay, fun. We always go out every Saturday. I'm like except you sometimes actually most times he doesn't come, he just doesn't want to come on Saturdays. I literally don't drink during the week because first off my hangovers are just terrible.


Yeah. Wait till you get to be my age. I can only imagine because I was having the shittiest hangovers at age 19.


Oh yeah. Thirty three is tough. Like I used to never get hangovers. I used to like drink a shit and wake up and just be able to go the run though. I like stay in bed too. When I said his membership, you know this key is to a hangover, I said his membership is place. Burke Williams. It was like the sauna and I used to go in there and it used to be a steam for twenty minutes jump in the sauna and our house was never used it then.


Cold pool, hot pool, cold pool, pool. Like that's the secret. You got to get one of the spa memberships even though it's covid-19 you can't right now. I'm just give my secret to to how to maybe if Griffin comes out more on the weekends, he'll be a part of a click was your spot. Now that place celebrates why you guys are always welcome in that place.


It's the place where we pregame. Yeah, nice. You guys blew that place up like I remember going to Salomon's before you guys went there and it was fucking like nobody I know it's. Yeah we did. Who was like the person that went there and like made it us. It was like us.


How do we start going there. Actually started going there because it was the only outdoor.


Well actually we were going to settle before the war covid because David kind of initially made it popular, but it was like dead, just completely dead. We would still go there and like post. Yeah.


Because we I don't know why we went there the first time.


I think it was actually because of Olivia O'Brien, because she had went there and recommended it to us and we walked to settle for ever. It was the Poppins spot during like right before covid. Oh my God. It was like it's so fucking weird. You couldn't even moon even walk in Seattle really? Well, because.


Yeah, because David, we had David Dobkin went there and filmed some vlog. So like it was really everyone just goes there to pre game and then they all went to clubs after because. Yeah. Right in the middle. Like the club. Yeah. It was like a cool spot like like it wasn't like it is now, like there was never a line like you could just walk in and get a table or do whatever you wanted and now you can't even like it's been arrested in the back of the line, like waving to you guys trying to get in.


So you guys notice us.


We couldn't even you can't even stand there. No. Like it was it was cool, though. But like now if it was still open the way it was, I guarantee you, like, the line would be a quarter mile.


Do you guys do you mean after after covid? That's definitely I mean, like it's probably not going to be the spot, you know.


Well, what is this shit coming back? You think like when is it going be like we're going be able to go into a restaurant, be like actually able to walk over a table and say hello to somebody who doesn't have one six fucking people there ever.


It's going to be, I think, till at least after the election, nobody six I think states are local, like Florida, some parts of Florida.


It's just completely open. You you have to wear masks anymore. Clubs are open like bars or everything. I think it's going to slowly become like that.


And then eventually, you remember how crazy that was. That moment like it all happened when it was like they shut down. Yeah, dude, we didn't do anything during, like, the first half of covid, like, we would literally just like get drunk and then wake up the next day. Like, I would really wake up at 1:00 p.m. and I would go up to his room and he'd still be asleep or vice versa.


Like it'd be like once you guys like store footlong, like by like go to the grocery store. Dude, I panicked. We ordered we just ordered food every day. Dude, I got so like I get so paranoid.


I thought there was a fucking like it was going to shut down the world. So I had Aaron go and get like four pounds of rice. I had like armed guards outside the door. I was fucking freaked the fuck out with this thing, dude.


Yeah. No, it wasn't like that for us. I'm not going to lie during that period of time. I think we were all at our ultimate lows. That's the lowest I've ever been in my life.


Yeah, we were like just coming up, we're living on the high. We were yeah. We were just living in it and like it is a waste of time.


Was there one thing that got you guys, like super? Was it just a gradual thing? You know, I've been in national covered controversies. Right. Like on accident. Right. And I don't know. I think that's the reason. And I'm like, I'm I'm a pretty fucking entertaining dude. If you actually get to see my shit, I'm an entertaining motherfucker, but I don't know why I'm this big and you and you.


And so you do the blogging thing to both you guys. I never get into that. I just can't imagine having a camera following me at all times. I lose my fucking mind. So it's like your whole life is just broadcast in front of you. That's all vlog works. Just teach me. I don't fucking know.


I'm asking no up. Everybody. Welcome back to the motherfucking law.


Yeah. No, rice is better at that than me. I've, I mean I do OK on blogs and cameras and stuff, but he's definitely adopted.


What does it do though. Like you wake up in the morning like our guys were going to fill my life and like how many you really a we I mean, I have my bits spread out word.


All right.


Well, I mean, I think that is an amazing start to episode one we get to see ending with Griffin. Shit, we just ended with with Griffin shitting his pants, although it is up for debate. I know, but it smells really bad over the first faade that just came out. There's been three farts and now this room smells like dog shit. And it can't be me because I'd, I had to be too talented to be talking at the same time and farting.


So I'm eliminated. What was it like interviewing Mark Cuban?


Bryce would honestly like obviously a fucking genius, but the luckiest man in the fucking world.


And what is your show? Because you're obviously this fucking goofball, Rip's Ass and other people's podcast rooms with whoever did it did. But I'm assuming the first one was you, like I said, because the amount of time it took to smell. But is your podcast like are you like this new podcast? You more buttoned up? I'm way more about smoking. Yeah. I was going to say and see the blow of Mark Cuban, like I just chiefdom blending, but it would've been pretty baller if you were.


Yeah, no, I kind of just the podcast is more about making connections and teaching the people like the viewers, how to invest, how to use their money. Spend your fucking money because the cash flow that a lot of people, a lot of their a lot of the people they look up to, it's only temporary. You're going to see five years. They're absolutely broke. And that's what I'm actually going to show my path, which is awesome.


And that's why that's what I like about you, is like you'll have your times where you don't give a fuck. You'll be like, you know what I'm going to be, what the fuck I want to be? I'm going to be drunk on camera. I'm going to be fucking high on camera. I don't care. I'm living my life. But I also know at the same time I can be fucking serious at times when I want to, because I think the hardest part is like, you know, when you get to be the level of, you know, like my success, I'm saying, well, you know, when you get to be like a level like, you know, we're all kind of like kind of relevant in today's times.


Right. You know, that always in the back of your head being like I have to be a different person is like the shittiest feeling for me ever, like the second where I have to, like, put a guard up. I fucking hate it. And that's why I like I think I fuck your shit because it's like, you know, you're always, you know, what you're getting like you're real, which is which is sick, you know.


Appreciate that. Yeah. This is right though. You you see all these Tic-Tac kids like I walk around Vanier's and new cars and chains and like, like, you know, designer clothes, but they're broke. They're broke.


They're not doing chains and shit. That's bad. That's bad. You have a Brice's doing his own thing like he's built brands. He's building like all of this stuff, like no one else in social media, really. And history in general. There's not very many. But like even now, nobody else is doing it but us. Like like Hsueh is the only group right now and we're like trying to teach everyone and show everyone, like what we do on the business side investing.


And we've put out a bunch of tweets about it, but we're actually trying to show people how to be successful and how to take any money you make and how you can make longevity.


So don't go to Vegas on a private jet and put a hundred thousand dollars on on blocks.


You're making a shitload of money. Yeah, unless you're a really good gambler. Yeah. You know what the hardest part is, has been for me is the trust factor. Like you guys obviously have came up fast and you're at a point where a lot of people want to grab you. They want their hands on you, they want them, whatever. How have you been able Bryce and obviously Griffin Schyman been able to get past that point? We're like, all right, I trust this guy.


I trust Michael Graham with my life. Michael is a good guy. I guess he is guided me to where I am today because I took my shit seriously and I owe everything.


Michael is very, very good guy. He helps out Griffin helps upset Josh. He wants to help out everyone in some way. But it's going to take it seriously. Right.


Which is which is awesome. Michael helped put the show together. Everybody, everybody in ways building like at least one business. So each side we're trying to go down the route where it's like, I want fucking hundred different sources of income, like like, you know, like longevity. And our big thing is generational wealth. Yeah, generational wealth. I don't care. Like, I'm not going to live between both of us sitting here combined. There's people that have a one tenth of our numbers and make quadruple what we make and Brandos a month.


Right. Well, I don't know. What's your biggest splurge ever?


What's the most the most expensive thing you've ever bought or spent money on the car?


Nice. And it cash mine was probably the Vegas trip, but we're not going to get into that. I had a bad, bad trip to Vegas once I went to my hospital. Money like that. Yeah, well, you know, the car is like, I don't want to uber everywhere. I close like a big thing with you guys. I was the same where the guy where I every either wear one nice fit or I wear my merch.


I probably have three thousand dollars in my closet total and I have like tons of outfits because I just get it for free.


When I first started doing my thing I just put, I had the shittiest merch of all time I had at Bob mentoring a sweatshirt and I had like two of them and all I wore for a year and a half straight. I never took it off for the first year and a half. And it was like then I realized I'm like, I'm kind of a fucking loser. I'm like, I'm wearing my own name on my shirt.


And then I switched over to it like a loser thing to be proud of. What you're making, you know, mean it's kind of like, who are you? It's like, oh, it's right there. OK, cool. And a bad thing was I was doing what I had like twenty six thousand dollars, so I was like kind of a loser. But hey worked out I guess. Got it right. Did.


All right boys, what do you say, what are your plans for tonight. You guys going out. You'd be evidence where you guys going to go out on Saturdays.


I let out the fucking ball. Yeah. Like our schedule literally. Like telling racing to our schedule. We start our workouts by nine fifteen. Finish by ten, fifteen, ten, thirty. We have a group meeting in for breakfast. At eleven we start planning whatever it is. Twelve, we start filming our videos like for an hour Tic Tacs only in trailers. From then on you go right to YouTube like YouTube or you taking business calls, investment calls like everything.


What do you do, get away from all that? Like how do you like to go fishing my belly? You know, we haven't we haven't we don't really have time to get away.


Do like I'm not gonna lie our work days. Like we're like, oh yeah. Sundays are our days for podcast today. Yeah. Now you told me it's fucking nuts. Yeah. This is my fifth. So are you going to be. Well, thanks for saving all your energy here. We honestly Saturday nights is like the only day we get off and by then we just want to go out with friends and stuff like. But you have to have.


Some way that you like that, so that's our I guess you never, like, go to the fucking woods for, like in a cabin or something for five days, like meditate or anything.


I mean, either can't do it. I keep working as well. I can't help it unless Bryce has some secret I don't know about.


But I don't. It's all right.


Let's wrap it up, shall we? Wrap it up, gentlemen. It was an honor. I mean, this is this is this is great. This is kind of a weird first one for me because, like, I'm with them every. Well, that's the point. So, like, I usually would do like more a question asking him or listening. But it's like, I don't know. I liked it, though. Dude, if this is the way every podcast went, I would be in fucking heaven.


I would actually literally this is the best part, chill, kick in how it really is. And that's it. And that's the end of episode one. And what do you see? We have a guest of Episode two. It's a fucking doozy. Young and Hong Bob Bomaderry. Good having you with us.