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You mean like me? Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, are you tired?


Sorry I just saw you on the right. Yeah, I do. I'm good. I'm alive. You look good by working, man. Good. I mean, me too. It's a little goatee going on, dude. I noticed that they. Come on, I have more facial hair than it. I shaved my life like I mean, I've hated I just had so much of so much every week I made an impulsive decision and I just fucking shaved it off.


But it's literally the one month that you shouldn't do it, right?


No, I thought about that, too. I'm like, I'm a fucking idiot. I only got to shave, but now I'm going to do is really I totally forgot. I'm just going to do the mustache. That's what I was going to do this thing here. Oh, just I leave everything else fast.


I'm just going to like, look like the biggest pedophile and playing around the world within a hundred yards of the fucking school zone.


Also got a haircut right here. I was down. I really you know, I look at a little thing, you know, and think I've been, you know, I mean, I've been I've been so busy with the thing. I want to talk to you about it. I'm reading all the way house, all these fucking guys, all the best thing you guys are doing. So what's your latest should be working right now? I mean, we got a bunch of stuff.


I can't say all of it, but one that we've been working with. Lynne Table. I don't know if you saw that Business Insider post I saw briefly.


What is it?


He so basically imagist for one case. Right. So people that they don't you leave a lot of cash out on the table. Right. Whatever it is, you know, some people can't afford it. So basically they go in and give them money and they. So you can draw out for your floor. OK, nice.


So what is what is your guy's role in that company. You a piece of it or you guys.


For me it's more like I'm from like a small town place and I feel like I can relate to a lot of small town people because as you know, like they can get stubborn, especially, you know, middle aged older adults. They you know, they're just like stuck in their ways, whatever. But so just a small town kid, I feel like I could relate to them a lot. So I was pretty passionate about you guys.


It's all the Silicon Valley guys I see with and. Yeah, yeah. And I also saw something I had to bring up to it. Did you slide in some of these dorms recently? What's going on with you?


Right. Dude, I saw you somebody it was in port. I caught you red handed.


Yeah, well, him and Josh so they brought on, you know, Alexander Cooper. I have said in advance before I said, yeah, that's nothing crazy, nothing crazy. Just like is kind of like I was tossing out the worm, you know, to see if they take the bait.


OK, didn't work. Wow.


We've got seen she didn't even open it but she was cool about it. She was cool about it. It was funny. I just always cool.


She blasted you on the internet.


Well I wouldn't say she blasphemies she just said I think it's Dmae before. And then it turned into, you know, how it goes. It makes it bigger. Yeah. It's me and Alexander Cooper. Of course, people are going to blow it up. Right. Right.


But yeah, barstool. The only thing on that is barstool did me dirty by using a shitty video of me. The worst video did. It was a joke. I was making fun of my friend Vinny Hacker because he always does like these mirror bathroom videos. I literally Tagami says Avi Hacker. That's it. And that's the video they use. But there's no context. So I just look like a complete guess. What do they want me? They used it.


They just they put a video for you.


Yeah. It's like she was like ranking us. Right. And she they use videos of all of us. They use the dirtiest words.


Video me if you didn't have the right context because it was like it was it was just me like being like a complete douche, like did you get roasted for it?


I don't I haven't seen a lie about me getting roasted, but like it was more like just us in general, but like definitely could have done me justice and used a better video.


I mean, let's get back to the meat here. I mean, if you get a chance with this girl, I think now is sparks in the air.


I think I don't know if going to do up there. I think I look at it. I think a job. I feel like he might have tossed me a lot. I mean, are you going to you're going to go go after.


I feel like that's just I don't know. I don't even know how old she is. I just like, man, this girl has it going on. She's successful and she's good looking. I have to at least try. I don't actually know exactly what she does or like because I don't watch her episodes. But but and I also don't know what she is.


Maybe now you kind of know, but you're both in a weird spots being talked about. It's out there. So now you have to fall.


Woman Right. You have to at least investigate it. She she does she live here?


Does she live in New York? Uh, I don't think she loves you.


So does your research. Do you know exactly every move she's making right now? You are one hundred percent invested in this girl thing.


And so I kind of I I'm starting to know you a little bit and I can see a little fucking weird little twinkle in your fucking.


I did I did it in September, man. It's been like two months. All right. I'm just saying now it's hot. It's a hot topic. By the way, when I Googled, I Googled something about me and you or something like that, and you popped up Kelly Osborne, what is what is your relationship with Kelly Osbourne?


Fuck. What does that really pop up? Yeah, I was fucking popped up. I like Bob Griffin. Johnson's like Kelly Osborne. I'm like, what? What is going on there? You hooked up with Kelly Osbourne.


Oh, all right. Sorry, I'm I'm not. OK, so what happened was, is did Ozzy come in and bite your head off? Oh, no, no, no. Kelly's great. But we just went out to eat dinner because we had mutual friends. And it's actually funny. We were not even on like a dinner date together. It was like three of us, but like they just got the pictures of Kelly and I kissed. I, I took her home after.


But you took Kelly Osborne home. Where to? Really apart. Why are you smiling?


Because you're like, oh, no, no, no, no. Oh yeah. She lives like literally down the street from my house on us. So I just dropped her off on the way out. Nice. Yeah. So you just like, pulled the car up. It was like just, you know, in the car. Yeah. Nice. Did you go inside the house at all. No, it was as you say. I don't think so.


I don't like filming a reality show and fucking Griffin walks in there by bats heads off and the to your husband. I really didn't know honestly. Well, you were you were behaving Kelly. Yeah. Who was the third wheel? His name's Jeff. Jeff Beatty. Oh, nice. Cool.


So there's nothing there to check up. See that you make the press. I don't. So whenever I see it I have to bring it up.


You have to be like the National Enquirer over here, you know.


Yeah. Yeah. Kelly, Kelly and I are good friends. She's great.


All right. Any other ticktock drama missing or anything? Is there any, like, stuff going on right now in the world? I need to talk to you, but I don't mean to categorize you that. But dude, no, it's fine.


There's not a lot of drama going on because like all the guys are covid. What does that mean? I have a girl, but it's like literally I go out and it's like all the guys with the girlfriends and then it's just me, like, oh, we all act like adults do not do this.


We try to play this card to get more pussy, which, you know, it's just I don't do it. I know exactly like everybody has a girl but me. No, like face drop.


No, literally. It's like it sucks like actually because like we go out to eat, it's a guy and the girl guy in there, girl guy and the girl. Me, just me and uncle in the engine. It's like, all right guys, who is it.


Who's the girl from Barcelona. Alexandria, Alexandria. Ann Cooper. Alexandria Cooper. Alice what. Alexandria, Alexandria Cooper, Addison Rae and the other one's Kelly Osborne. Mary Fuck killed. Oh, my God.


I don't even know, bro. That is such a good Mary fuck Hilary right now.


Kelly Osborne, Alexander Cooper, Kelly Osborne, Mary fucking.


Oh, dude. Well, I'm not going to lie. I'm not going to lie. Addison automatically.


I'm sorry, but you get the kill for me because of Bryce sleep. That's just crazy. Wow.


Just respecting the boys while as ready to be a lot of unhappy people there if you're going to murder a killer.


Dude, sorry, it's for Bryce Brown. Radisson, I believe in Radisson. All right. Will you marry who. If I'm going to marry Kelly.


Because I know and I know she's great because you already fucked. Oh, sorry. I'm joking. I'm joking about the way he I do. I have no knowledge of this and I'm definitely going to have to smash Alexander.


All right. That's not the answer I thought you're going to give. Yeah. It's really interesting if you like forecast. Right. There's so many ways I can play out. Perfect. But dude, are you trying to get me Castle?


No, no, no.


I mean, we can always edit this if you want to try to save at, you know, saying like, imagine if I set it any other way, like, oh, I was hoping you're going to do the thing.


That's my job angle. Things that struck me a horrible I mean, everybody else makes you look good. My goal is to beat you up a little bit here locally. Brotherly love, you know what I mean? Yeah.


I mean, obviously, I would never kill my son for the game. Like, it just happens. I think I'm going to I might have I might have got the video game gig. The voice of the video game really just got me sick. I think maybe the voice of an entire video game where you what do you think about the hype?


It's going to be pretty cool. I guess they're going to do it. It's like twenty six hours in a booth. And you to say everybody's name, it's the every outcome possible, like it's a football game. Right. I'm going to say which one it is because I don't know the details. And I always talk about things when I talk about they end up falling apart. So probably not going to do that. We had that happen with DKA there, Scottie.


But yeah. But anyways, we got a guy coming in today I'm very excited about. By the way, Robert O'Neill.


Robert O'Neill is a very, very interesting guy. I'm not going I don't know a whole lot about his stories or anything, but I'm excited, man.


We went we went to USC. Together. That's how I met Robert, and then that's how, you know, I went, you see my old ex girlfriend and his wife and we had a little bit of a party.


We were also were to go tomorrow was the Medal of Honor recipient. I felt very secure.


I feel very regulation, like, yeah, please try to touch me like they're you. Yeah.


It was at a point where I felt really safe. But then Robert told me that he had a bounty on his head for like he was the most wanted man in America. I mean, over like he had like a ten million dollar bounty because he took out Osama bin Laden. So everybody wants to kill him. I think about that. He's the most fucking hated me on that side. Did walking around was just like any minute knowing that just people want to fucking kill you badly.


You just took out their leader. We even think about that. Did couldn't be mean, man. All right.


So, I mean, look at I think we just kick right into it here. We think datum down. I'm excited to talk to him. I know his story.


I am as well. All right. So let's get right to it. Let's bring in Robert O'Neal. Come on down, Robert. Patiently waiting for Sir Robert O'Neal.


Mr. Robert, what's up, guys? What's up, man? How are you doing, Bob? Mary, good to see you, sir. Good to see you. I mean, I just I want to get right to it, obviously.


Griffin, have you heard the fucking story bits and pieces from Michael?


Do you know what I'm talking about? Robert, have you ever talked about the thing that you did publicly before?


Which one? There's a couple of them. But I think you're talking about the bin Laden went to Pakistan. Yeah, that where? That one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I actually just I watched a special yesterday was Veterans Day and I was watching that like one of the networks, History Channel or something. And my wife was doing something that she came out, she's like, hey, we got a thing. I don't know, I've got to see how this ends.


They did a good job producing it.


I love it. And this is the big three bullets, correct? Yes. Three bullets into his head. It was three.


Yeah, three bullets. You just had to as he was standing behind his wife, because when we went up the last set of stairs, I had one guy in front of me and he went he went through a set of curtains at the top of the stairs. It kind of tackled what he thought were suicide bombers to take the blast for the guy behind him, which was he didn't know it was me, but he knew was one of his guys.


And it was simply a matter of he went this way with that where bin Laden was standing there like a matter of feet away and wasn't surrendering. He was acting like a suicide bomber. I had to treat him as a suicide bomber, so I had to shoot it twice. He was standing up and then once, once on the ground. And people have given me a little crap about that, saying, well, you shot him in the face, you can't recognize them, but they've never dealt with a suicide bomber.


And away a suicide bomber can can set off his explosive belt simply by putting his wrists together. That'll attach to leave that it goes off. It's very fast, really scary and loud. And there's one way to deal with them and shoot them in the face. And that's what that's what happened. Did I know you were coming into the country because it was in Pakistan, right? No, no, they didn't know if we would have told anyone in Pakistan that we were coming just because of leaks and things like that day.


Someone have tipped them off somewhere to tip their intelligence agencies off, because there there are people in the Pakistani intelligence agencies that had interest in keeping him alive. So someone knew where he was for some reason. So we just we kind of had anything the US government had. We we had use of it. And so they were giving us all kinds of options. One to be the stealth helicopters that we flew in as many guys and one dog that we could fit in there and we would have a.


So it was all by surprise. We didn't know if it was a surprise or not. We didn't know if they would see us on radar. We didn't know if our technology worked, but we knew we had to go. That's what we came for. And it was even one of those, you know, we could die. We probably will die tonight. But I have to go on the mission because like like the Braveheart thing, if I could if I was on my deathbed 50 years from now and I could give every day back to have that one night, what I do, what the answer is, obviously, yes.


We all came to do it. We all knew it was a risk, but it was just to having the acceptance of death, just knowing this could be made it just cool because there's no fear. This is just it. So I'm just going to take everything. I'm going to take it in and remember this night and at the scary part is when what he was dead. Shit, we got to leave, but now we can get out of here, right?


So then we got to fly out. So we took the the least amount of time we could gather up all the intelligence and then fly out and in a 90 minute flight to cross the border of Afghanistan to Pakistan. And at that point, though, we'd already been it was a 90 minute flight in, but we'd been on ground for forty seven minutes. We only wanted thirty four minutes, but there was so much shit what is only one thirty four minutes for?


We had kind of the weight of the fuel we needed to get back out because one of our concerns was what if we can't make it out, we'll fly as close as we can that we'll, we'll run or something like that. But that's like, that's an afterthought because we're going to blow up the house. But then we're flying out and it was only thirty four minutes out. That's a calculation of the guys that were smarter than me came up with.


But there was so much stuff in there, so many computers, so many hard drives, so many isidoro, so many CDs, all that stuff that we're just putting it in backpacks and stuff. And I was one of the guys running around said, guys, we got to go, it's time to leave. And another helicopter came in to get us. And it was it was actually it wasn't a stealth helicopter. It was it was a very I mean, excellent pilots, very good helicopter.


But there was a SEAL Team six guys in it to help us. So part that doesn't get talked about is that SEAL Team six, rescue SEAL Team six on the on the raid to kill bin Laden, which is awesome. And then we're in the flight out and that's when we're like, OK, we've got 90 minutes and now they know we're here. And if they scramble any of their jets against our helicopters, that's not that's a no brainer.


Just going to take a helicopter down, not even a contest. And you're kind of sitting there realizing. Like in life, if you're worrying about something that you can't change or affect, stop wasting your energy, you're just trust yourself out. So me worrying about getting shot down by a jet, is it going to stop me getting shot? That's whatever.


I'm just not going to worry about whether they've just they've just shot you down no matter what. Yeah, I think so. Either or forced landing. But we're not going to land because God knows what they do to us in a Pakistani prison. So we're just flying out and. And again, even if they did shoot us down, I'm not going to know. It just lights out and then I find out. I find out what the hell like like we're counting.


Just counting the watches go on. It's like ten minutes. 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes, then you're kind of looking at your guys, and I love the sports analogy of watching a a no hitter get pitched at the top of the eight at Fenway. It's like I'm not saying anything, but this could happen right at 60, 70 and 80 minutes. And then my best sports analogy is when the. The American hockey team has beaten the Russians at Lake Placid in 1980.


They're not supposed to be a miracle, right? You can still watch it on YouTube or whatever, and it's like 10 nine and the people are nervous. Six, we can still screw this up five, four. And then the pilot came over the radio and pilots are always really cool. Like even when you're on a plane, fly somewhere that you always make fun of that Barry White voice, you know, hey, we've reached cruising at blah, blah, blah.


The reason they're doing that is they don't want you freaking out for no reason like it. It's when you get a bump in the air, he'll say, obviously we hit some weather, blah, blah, blah, because if he says we're going to fucking die, it doesn't do anything to freak you out better. And then you're read the drink cart, you know. So this pilot came over the radio saying voice and I love pilots. And he goes, All right, gentlemen, for the first time in your lives, you're going to be happy to hear this.


Welcome to Afghanistan. Does it mean. And that's, of course, part of the story. It wasn't even what happened in the House, because we do that every night like one of my guys, even cool as ever before we went, I was like, you nervous? I'm not nervous. We do this every night. You know, we fly somewhere. We fuck with some people. We fly home. This is just a longer flight. That is that is actually so crazy, it's like nuts, I can even imagine, and you said you've done multiple, multiple different things like this.


And does it ever get like, I don't even know it?


Well, it's one of those things where the problem with being in combat so much is you never want to get used to it because people die, because they get bored or complacent. And if you think, oh, I've done this so many times, you know, a bullet only needs to tell the truth once. So you need a sense of your game. And part of the reason I got out before 20 years was because I stopped getting adrenaline and it was this time.


But but we've done that before my team. My team had been on some of the raids, my first deployment with SEAL Team six, we we were part of the team that rescued the lone survivor, Marcus Luttrell, and we were in Ramadi the same time as American Sniper. My team rescued Captain Richard Phillips by pirates in a bin Laden raid and all that stuff. We were actually on the base when that dude, Bowe Bergdahl, while Bergdahl walked off the base.


So, yes, our guide. Robert, go ahead. No, we're just we were kind of there all the time.


And that's that's one thing in life, like work hard, it's sometimes better to be lucky than good. But one of my sayings is, wherever you are, be there because you never know what's going to happen.


Did you look him in the eyes? Did he look you in the eyes?


No, it was too dark. And I wasn't sure. I mean, I knew he was in there. And when I turned the corner, it was just it was very quick, very quick. And and I recognized it because of his nose. His his beard was shorter and white because I guess he was dying his beard before his appearances or whatever. And the videos he made taller than I thought he was taller than I am. He was about six, four and skinny.


But I recognized.


How long do you think it was in there for in the in the house? Yeah, I think it was five years he stayed in that long.


We always thought we were under the impression when he was running around the hills, everybody thought five years in that house, the story we got was five years and they found out about the place they'd been tracking his the people with whom he worked for a number of years. But they found that house at about two thousand two thousand nine, I would say. And they're not going to tell us everything they've kind of told them. But they did tell us enough where when we first got the brief about.


Who were going after they were telling us so much. We're like, enough, enough, just I'll trust you that is there. I don't want to know the rest. I don't need to know how the sausage was made. I'll eat the sausage. That's it. I'll just. You're smart enough to find him. I'm smart enough to carry a sledgehammer and a gun. I got in.


What was how did the intelligence agency gather up the intel to figure out that he was there?


They they tracked down one of his they call it a courier. What they'll do is they'll give this guy something, a message, a mission, some intelligence, and they'll send him out in town. And these guys, were they worked with him before 9/11 and then they had to really tighten it up after 9/11. And these guys, when they left his house, they wouldn't even turn their phones on for 90 minutes before they drove out hour and a half, two hours.


But they for some reason, they were tracking this guy's mom in Kuwait and she was worried about him. She said, where where are you? And he said, don't worry, mom, I'm working with the people we've worked with before. And that's what made them try to. And he was driving around talking. So they're trying to find that vehicle as he's making the call. You got ID. So that takes years. And those are the smart people.


Those are men and women, Americans and Pakistanis and Afghanis working with the with the three letter agency guys. Very smart people, very capable. Like I you know, we all mess with each other, interservice rivalries. We say Marines, crayons or whatever we say. The CIA watches way too many movies about the CIA. This group was what the movies are made about, like that movie Zero Dark Thirty. That's what she was like. There was a woman.


If you haven't seen Zero Dark Thirty, if it's on, I'll watch it like that. She was like that was pretty bad ass. Great experience, literally.


So how many movies have been made about you now? Basically, none of them been made about me. They were was about the mission. Sorry. Excuse me for for Tone antiseptically.


I wasn't with Chris Kyle. I was we were there, the same base walking out of the same city. But I'm claiming that because he was I love Chris Kyle because. His movie got a big boost of his book because it was released a couple of days after our raid and everybody wanted to know the Navy SEALs were, so they bought the book. Great book, great movie, amazing guy. And I was sitting at home with a how do I wrap my mind around killing Osama bin Laden?


It's a lot to handle. And I got a book in the mail and it was signed by Chris Kyle. And my arrogant ass is like, why the fuck would I want a book signed by another Navy SEAL? And I open it. And I said, Great shot, Chris Kyle. Like, this is the coolest thing that is fucking up. Yeah. Yeah. How close was Tom Hanks to his character in the famous movie?


Oh, nailed. Nailed that one. Yeah. They just they spice it up the movie. But Tom Hanks was awesome. What do you think of his accent? You know, it's actually funny.


I just I haven't seen it in so long. I kind of go I do remember him doing a fucking awesome job in the movie. I just don't remember it completely. But I remember it when he came out.


It was huge. Yeah. It was like it was like so talked about everywhere. Did he win an Academy Award for that or.


No, no. He showed it but he that because when so many Academy Awards they got to spread that.


Well, Tom Hanks is a fucking man. So take us take us to that one. I mean, that's see that that was great. I love that story because it's not as accurate. Because the Hollywood needs they need to Hollywood it up, we didn't go in there to kill, we went in there to just rescue the hostages, but we now got it wrong. If I'm at happy hour and someone asked me, is that movie after? I'm like, yeah, spot on.


I took all three shots.


But what was the what was. Hold on. Because I refresh my memory. What was the mission? There was a guy on a boat kidnapped.


So what happened was there was a boat crossing the Horn of Africa right around Yemen. I'm sorry, Yemen's on the other side. Somalia is the Horn of Africa. And these they weren't even terrorists. They were pirates realizing that they speed up, get a little ladder hike if they're not armed, international waters, they are the pirates will be armed. They won't kill anybody, hurt anybody. Then they'll sell them back for ransom. And people were paying the ransom.


So they kept doing it. And it was they weren't terrorists. But once they got an American, the problem is they're they're going to sell him to al-Shabab, which is al-Qaida in Africa. So that's a problem. So they there was a fight on board the ship. Captain Richard Phillips actually surrendered himself to get his crew back on the ship and they jumped off in a big orange lifeboats. Right. So four pirates captured and then they're trying to drive back into Africa.


The Navy's trying to stop it, but no one can engage. You can't shoot each other. They can't the Navy can't shoot into the boat because they've got a hostage. All the stuff fixed end up. Now. It turned into a point where they're going to start, they're going to tow him and they'll give them water, give them food, but they're going to talk to him while they figure out what to do. So I was a SEAL Team six at the time and our job we were designed to rescue American hostages.


That's all we were supposed to do forever. But here's something no one no one knows. We had never done it. And that's over twenty five years. Never been done. They called us. It was so it's a long weekend. It's a it's an Easter weekend. So we got money off. It's Good Friday, April 10th, which is my birthday. I'm at my daughter's Easter Tea Party at her preschool. Yeah, so we're she's four and I'm I'm going through this.


They have a buffet like they put the kids in the middle of this classroom. I'm going through a buffet. I have a pick plate in my hand. I got Marines behind me, sailors in front of me. I've got a kids. I'm covering this thing with like cookies and smiley face cupcakes and shit that four year olds eat. Right. Just stacking up, picking my daughter up. I go back. And. I got a message and a captain, Richard Phillips, had been captured by Somali pirates.


We're calling you and your team to go get him now. What does that mean, a fucking Grabow? That means that means you have a certain amount of time to get to work. A plane's right there. We already got the boats, but the parachutes on them. Get your ass in there. We got to take off. We're going to be the right. So I have to put the plate down. Look, my daughter in the eye, give her a kiss and I can't even explain.


I got to go to war from a preschool classroom in Virginia Beach on my birthday. Holy fuck. So it gets better. So I'm trying it in. I have a set amount of time to get there, but there's a 7-Eleven outside the base. So I stopped there. I got a set amount of time, but I'm ahead of schedule. So I stopped there to get as much cash as I can out of the ATM. A lot of Copenhagen and a carton of Carmelites parliament lights.


Because what I'm thinking is I'm going to be jumping today on the east coast of Africa. I'm not everything works out. I might not end up where I want. If I land in a semi permissive environment, I might be able to buy my way to safety with the cash. I might be able to barter with someone with the tobacco. I might end up like on a Kenyan beach on my birthday with cash and tobacco. They got casinos. So I'm in line to get this stuff and there's a dude in front of me and a big dude like that just got off of work.


I work on a construction or something, finished the night shift, not in a hurry whatsoever. Slow as ever. I'm looking at my watch. He slams down this newspaper, a USA Today, and the headline on the newspaper says it's talking about the mission. I'm trying to go do right and very patriotic. And he looked around the store and slammed his fist. It goes, man, I sure wish someone would do something about this. So I tap on the shoulder.


It turns out like a buddy picture fucking shit and we'll do something about it, right? And he kind of looks around and realizes he's right in front of the base. So he was caught. It took off. I got to work on time. All my guys got to work on time. Fifteen hours and forty six minutes after I got the page at my daughter's preschool classroom, we had a full head count. One hundred and three shooters in the Indian Ocean, full head count.


And a day and a half later on Easter Sunday, we rescued Richard Phillips with some shots for our snipers. But here's the cool part. I told you we hadn't done this in over twenty five years. It was a long weekend. The snipers were not the plan, they were simply there to watch them. Make sure nothing unsafe happens as we prepare to rescue, as we're preparing to rescue, something happened and a shot. Their guns did not need to be sighted in for the most difficult shots of their lives, but their guns were sighted it for the most difficult shots, their lives, because they were prepared.


Do you think you can imagine one weekend we've never done this. I'll take care of my gear on Tuesday. They didn't do that. Their guns were ready and they shot. And when we got done, here's how cool these guys are. One of my guys I wasn't on that, I wasn't a shooter on this one, one of my guys came up and I said, Dude, you realize that you just led and took a shot on the most important mission in SEAL team history.


And his response was cool. Can we go home? Unbelievable.


That's awesome. That's it. Yeah, it's.


It's like beat this. It's the clubs could still be open.


So how much how much of the like was it like did it matter. I'm always curious because it's so much detail that goes into what you guys do. Did it matter what like if it was a choppy sea or did it like kind of plan it out?


Yeah, I mean, the training that we go through, especially as snipers, even if you're in a if you're in a helicopter shooting in a vehicle that's moving a different way, you got to adjust for the wind. And the guys are taking shots so far, they adjust for the rotation of the earth like they got their shit together. They were really good.


But you have one hundred three guys. We got we got ten minutes left here, Robert. Hundred and three guys that went there. Yeah.


And that's all I guess those aren't all seals. We were like jumping tandem with some people. They're their first jump was jumping into combat for Richardville because like he could do radios and we want better radios. We we jumped in some like yeomen people to do paperwork because we didn't know what we were going to do, like we were on the flight over. We had everyone in that every seal there come up with a plan because we never thought of of an orange boat being told by a Navy destroyer.


So someone think of something and then we'll just narrow it down. And the snipers were just they had the opportunity to win.


You would think, though, you would think that there would be snipers would be the only way to do it because you're there on a fucking boat by themselves. You're on a boat.


But the boats cover up that there's no it's it's close. It's not open. Oh. So you can't even see the heads happen to be in the right spot at once. And they first was never there was never three to one. It was a probably like one guy hurt him. He shot, they shot. How many guys.


How many guys took control of the boat. The Somali.


But there was four total one got off. We got him off. We said we could negotiate with them for the release. So we they just arrested his ass.


Now we're down to three guys up there. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. Well, people do consider, too, they were all out of court, which is their tobacco slash THC and they're high on that shit all day. But they ran out. So now they get seasick. They kind of want to get out. But they did a mock execution and had a gun to Richard Phillips head. So snipers took them out. How long were you just floating around before you guys like I mean, you get that right.


When we got there, we got there Saturday that killed them Sunday because we jumped Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So it was a whole day basically. Yeah.


But then we were on the ship for. About a week ago, we were stuck in Qatar for about a month because we had spent so much time training on what do we do when we get there? No one ever thought, OK, how do we get home? So we did this. So we're over in Qatar at this at this camp where Army does go for R and R, and we're buying fake Oakley shit off of the vendors and stealing the Army guys beers.


Just kind of. Did you spend all the cash you took out? I know, I know, absolutely there was well, there was karaoke night that was not bets bets on the finer points of elite US military time, karaoke night.


Let's watch. What's this like the after?


Like whenever you're done. What's it like when you go home and you just wait until.


Well, we had rotations where we're constantly training and constantly coming up with new tactics because guys are up. Since nine 11 guys are always at war, they'll see the enemy do something and then they'll make adjustments and the enemy adjust and we adjust and the guys will come back, tell us what they did. We'll train with each other, make up new stuff, try to come up with the best tactics, and we learn about combat to whatever you do.


Just keep it simple. And if you want to be fast, slow down, slow, smooth, smooth as fast. So we're training all the time. And then sometimes we're there and then we go to war and sometimes we're there. But occasionally you just get the call. Like when we got the call for bin Laden, we went to a room and it started off with, hey, this is not a drill. We found a thing. And this thing is in a house and this house is in a bowl between these mountains.


And this bowl is a country. And you guys are going to fly into this bowl. You're going to get this thing and you're going to bring it to us and show us that. Cool. What's the thing? I can't tell you. OK, hey, where's the bowl? Can't tell you which country. Can't tell you how we get in there. Can't tell you. It's like, all right, I guess we're right. Just go. And then we did go down.


Well here's a good story too. I've told Bob this before.


They never get old. By the way, Griffin, these stories never get old. When we were we were get we would soon we were going to North Africa, to Libya to get Moammar Gadhafi, because after he just a lot of shit going on in Africa. So we assume we're going there. But then. They said, OK, go home for a day, come back Sunday, we're going to drive you down to a place, we're going to read you in on where you're going and who's going to be there.


They're like, OK, the vice president, secretary of the Navy, blah, blah, blah. And they're going down this list like, holy shit, this is a weird list for Gadhafi. And then they said, QCAT, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I went home and I'm like to keypad is the CIA counterterror Pakistan, Afghanistan, if we're going to Libya, why is OK? And so we got back and we get in.


Vans are driving us down to. To a place in North Carolina, and as we're driving four guys per van, we're down. And I look at my boss and I told him exactly what I just told you, and I said, this is a Khaddafi, this is bin Laden. They found Osama bin Laden. And he looks at me and goes, Yeah, yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. So we're calmly talking. And my buddy driving the van goes, looks me in the rearview mirror, goes mad.


Oneal, if we kill Osama bin Laden, I will suck your dick.


And hopefully you can pay his debts now. But three weeks to the day, we were standing over his body and I said that was a good a time as any. He goes, thank you.


So so what is what is the closest mall actually know? Back to this. Back to the real key with bin Laden thing. A lot of people are saying kill the conspiracy theorists right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But did you dump his body? Why didn't why did you bring it home? He's responsible for a hundred deaths, orchestrated the biggest tax in American history. Why didn't you fucking fly home and show the American people?


That's what I wanted to do. My it's not up to me. A lot of times higher ups won't listen to you because they said, well, we don't want a shrine to bin Laden. And I was explaining there won't be because these are these are radical Salafi Sunni Muslims. They're not allowed to worship of anything other than a law. That's why they get so pissed when you draw Mohammed, because that is depicting something other than the prophet. But they're convinced they're going to bury him at sea.


We have a ton of pictures. We have we have pictures of the place you go there or somewhere. I don't have any. But they're there in a file cabinet at the CIA. I'm not even like I'm on the wall in a cabinet. And then these conspiracy theories come out because the far right wing doesn't want to believe that President Obama gave the order. So they get pissed. It was all conspiracy. It's all I mean, it gets to a point now.


It's like they need to just stop and realize the people that went in there, the people that found him. These are real people with real families that really said goodbye. This really happened. We did it. And not just us. We did it for over 80 countries, lost people in the Twin Towers. We did it for the the people on Flight 93, the first people to fight al-Qaida that crashed in Pennsylvania. Those people actually took a boat to fight al-Qaida, which is amazing for our democracy.


They voted and as opposed to, you know, put the tinfoil hat being in the basement typing on how we killed a body double. Just take a step back and fuck your own face. It's like the moon. Like the moon.


That's why Buzz Aldrin used to punch people when they asked him I would lose my fucking mind. But, you know, it's weird, though. It's like being basically the only person to see it happen. And if I can't convince you that I'm at the point now, I don't care whatever. Yeah, I didn't think that I would get so tired of trying to explain myself there as well in person, in person. Everyone's cool. It's like you guys get all the time the haters on the Internet.


That's the people who hate the keyboard. Oh, yeah. You guys know even more hate than I do. Yes.


That is so real quick, though. The body you got you in the helicopter that took him back. No, I was in the other one. But when we got back off the roll off the side. No, no, no, no, no. We brought it back to Jalalabad, Afghanistan, one where we launched to show the admiral and show the woman that found him. And then we flew him up to to Bagram Airfield, where they had a hangar, a hangar set up where they had all the table set up, going to give all the intelligence, all the stuff and lay the body out.


And and they're going to do the no shit DNA test. So he's there and they're taking pictures of DNA. And I was actually eating a breakfast sandwich after I turned on my shit and watching a huge TV ad when President Obama came out. So I'm standing like basically bin Laden's feet eating a sandwich and President Obama care about. And he goes tonight, I can report to the American people, to the world. The United States conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda.


I listen to the president say Osama bin Laden, I looked at Osama bin Laden, I took a bite of my breakfast sandwich with extra hot sauce. I thought, how in the fuck did I get here from Butte, Montana?


But that's a simple it's funny, these stories are it's not just break glass and go to war like these are normal dudes that get it, I, I work.


I would ask you how much pussy you got off that. But I mean, you know, you're happily married.


Happily married. And I have met your wife. Yeah. A few times. She's she's not. Yeah. She's Blatche. We're good.


I don't even I don't want to ask you what's next. What does a guy like Robert O'Neal do now? And he's just he's already accomplished everything. If you don't get adrenaline from that anymore than I did, I don't know. What are you going to do? I know my next plan is to come out to L.A. and do one of these live kinds of stories.


Listen, I mean, you know, the invite the house is always open for you, you know? Thank you. I appreciate it. I think we've got we've got a little a couple of troublesome times.


Me and you together had some fun. Yeah, no doubt. No doubt about it. We had some fun.


I mean, look, I know you're you've got probably some shit you've got to do right now.


I know the Griffin now got to know we're all doing the zoom shit the podcast yet. So we're stacking them up like bombers.


Man, the world is the world is fucked. That all on a apart here. Yeah, I know each other.


A fucking computer. What are we supposed to do.


It's stuck in the same room for four months. I'm trying to figure this out. I even went out and bought some very nice headphones for you. I was going to say, well, these are war. These are physically warm. How much were they? I don't know. I had just by Mr Credit Card, she has a job you can send us. The bill will happily pay. I've got I need some of those sweaters. That's all I ask.


When the ugly Christmas Magoo's come out, I'm sure fuckface over here has come out.


This is probably a lot cooler, but he's got to get the younger demo, you know, so. Oh yeah. Robert, look at can't thank you enough.


Also talking with the guy. Seriously, he's been great today. I had my day. You are mad buddy. We still love. We'll be in touch. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it, guys.


I mean, that was that's fucking incredible, dude. There's two points here I want to make. The first one, he said he was eating a breakfast sandwich with extra hot sauce while watching Obama with Osama bin Laden dead right next to him, just looking over at him as he's talking.


It's fucking nuts who can eat a breakfast sandwich with a dead man. Just chilling. Chilling they're looking at.


I never get sick of that story. He's told me a bunch of times, I've just never fucking everyone's like, I'm not going to lie coming in. I didn't expect him to say that much, but that story was insane.


Like, I was just sitting here like, well, it's just so it's crazy. Not only just bin Laden, but he did. I mean, the fucking Captain Phillips mission matches going on a fucking boat in the middle of the middle of the ocean with fucking just having no idea what the fuck you know, you've no control. You're at sea. It's just fucking crazy. So hats off to do.


Not only that, but he said he does even get adrenaline anymore. Imagine like going on a mission to like the biggest missions in the world to, like, kill people. And you're you're on the verge of death at any second and you're just like, yeah, I don't get adrenaline anymore.


That's what they do, I guess makes us feel a lot shittier about ourselves, what we do. Griffin Huh? I know. It's like, man, I had a hard day. Yeah, exactly. It's like I had a hard time. Exactly. It's dude, it's it's just amazing what those guys do. And, you know, the crazy thing is to he was telling me before that when they were taking off in the helicopter to go and kill bin Laden, just that was like what was the atmosphere like when I was talking with his face?


What was the atmosphere like in the helicopter? Like, you know, one guy was, like, asleep. One guy was down on fucking headphones because it's like, think about it, you're going in there and they're guaranteed pretty much they're going to kill Osama bin Laden. The chance of returning isn't to like.


Yeah, right. You're like going there. It's like, all right, we got this done. Now, there's no way we're going to get lucky twice. I'm like, that's just crazy. A dude asleep.


Did you know the helicopter crashed to. In. Oh, yeah, dude. So they landed in there, he didn't really because we were a little pressed for time, obviously he didn't really dive too much into it. Two helicopters flew in there and one of them fucking crashed. And these are the best pilots, the best helicopters in the world. And he explains the reason they don't want to say because I don't know exactly what it is, but something I think with the wind or something, it wasn't the pilot error and the helicopter crashed.


So they had to have, I think, a backup helicopter come in and get the guys and they detonated the old one. Like before they left, so they killed bin Laden, they first they blew up the side of this house and they found out it was like a trap. They saw a brick wall, I guess, and he was like, he's in there because whilst they have a trap door, they invaded, climbed up the stairs, shot three times, gathered up all the intelligence, ran outside, blew up a fucking blew up the helicopters.


For the reason being, they didn't want to do anything behind and then get the fuck out of there. So they loaded like more guys and they should have into this one because they came in with, you know, I think they had backups come in and get them. So like, they had to scramble another helicopter in there. The other one was down. It was out. Right. It was gone. So I don't know how many were on each, but the that it was fucking and he said, thank God that pilot knew how to like, crash land that helicopter, because otherwise, I mean everybody everybody survived, which is fucking which is incredible.


Would you think you could ever do it. You could ever go into the service, dude. I don't think so. I do. I'm not going to I don't think I'm soft, man.


I guess I'm just soft because when I think about it, I mean, like you got to remember, though, this guy is like hard core dude. Like, I know a lot of people that have gone into service and they never actually go to combat. Yeah. It's like he was just like SEAL Team six.


He's sitting there in fucking donuts, in his daughter's preschool, whatever, and getting called in the middle of the ocean.


And yeah, he's the extreme dude, like top of the top, you know. So, I mean, does that guy ever have to buy a drink ever again? Dude, I. I hope not. You think about it, too, he must have to tell that story so many fucking times, you know, if I were, I would imagine I don't know him personally. Right. But I would say he's very choosy. I'm sure he just doesn't go around.


And I go to the bar and be like, hey, man, yo, here's a story.


You know, I'd be wearing that shit on my chest, dude. I'd be wearing like bin Laden T-shirts that I killed him and all that. I would just fucking rocket did.


I mean, I saw he got on to next March. Really, he went on full Senate, was he? I think it was him, uh, was shooting Osama, right. I know he's got his own merch thing. That's that front toward enemy. I think he sells those things. But I never saw him in the full Senate. But, uh, I don't know.


It might have been someone else. I feel like it might have been him, though. Maybe Chris Kyle. Maybe that would make sense.


All I know is I'm just blown away. I've never really been like just like it's just those stories are fucking nuts. But now I'm pretty sure it was him. I'm pretty sure it was him. Yeah, I think so. He was right. And, uh, he was taken, uh, Sentebale the Christmas sweatshirts, they just were popular. Son of a bitch go bad. All right, well, I mean, that's it for the for the show.


Yeah, man, that was I feel like he just basically dropped so much knowledge and everyone is just sitting here still in amazement. It's fucking crazy. Hats off to everybody who serves this country. And that's it for me. We'll see you.


We'll see you next week. Next week, baby. All right. And then yo, with this this one beginning with G, I think we just shoot the shit like we we don't even talk about. We'll do ten minutes of just talking about whatever randomly. I am I love this game, we can let me know if.