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Yo, what is up, everyone, thank you for coming back to Episode two. I got Bob back in here with me today. I'm glad you came back to do this. Me? I made it back, dude, but I am very mortified of the shitting the pants thing. Like, I've gotten a lot of not taken a lot of heat for dude. You are. Yeah. Like a lot of Sociales. Yeah.


Like a lot of people. My soldiers, my fucking parents, my sister, my family. They're like you shit your pants. What's wrong with you going to talk about that.


I'm just like I got to do it. I just, I can't help myself. Sometimes I have ADHD, like really bad.


Well you can take away from that is is a good thing that everyone's going and watching our podcast. That's a good thing. It is.


At least we're off to a good start. And by the way, you know, we I think we came into this show, Griffin, talking about it. We wanted to have kind of like anybody can kind of do anything they want on this show, right? Yeah.


I mean, we want to keep it, you know, as organic and natural as we can. We we let people just basically come in and take over whoever they are. And that's what that's why you're going to get. Right. Right.


And if you're Bryce Hall and on Episode one, we put this whole thing together, you spark up a blunt, I guess you spark up a blunt. And if you want to partake in that activity, which I did, which I, I was pretty paranoid after that after that show, you were holding it together, then I'll give you that. I was worried. I was like, is Bob going to, you know, freak out on this podcast or what are we about to get here?


I didn't know how aggressive your people are. Like, I'm I'm like now in the middle of these, like, things going on here, talking about people are like messaging me about Addison Ray and like, what are you saying her name wrong for DeMille? I don't know if I can do this any longer. This is what you guys deal with. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you butchered every single name ever. Well, I will get better how to do it, I promise you.


Well, we'll work on it. You know who would be your ideal guest to have on here? Oh, man, if I you know who I really, really, really want to speak to, and I'm guessing you're not going to be able to actually get it off the top of your head.


I mean, there's a let me guess, there's two billion people in the world, trillions of people. What is it? Right. Who just I just want to Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq would be super dope. All right. I'm going to lie. I would love that Shaq on here. But my number one would have to be Elon Musk. Elon Musk there.


Wasn't he just in L.A.? Didn't he just go to that place? You guys go to this place? Yes. So he went to BOA, actually. And I think it was because his kids watch our stuff and they watch all the tick tock and they see that everyone goes to BOA and Saturday. All right. So, Griffin, you know what to do, go down and fucking do some tic talks with Elon Musk is they'll give Elon whatever the fuck he wants and get them on the show.


I would I would love that. And Bob, what about you? Who would be your number one?


Honestly, I've had them on our other show before. I love Shaq. Shaq is the man like Shaq doesn't give two fucks. And we message Shaq earlier, like, hey, can you come on the show? And he was like, definitely we face time and whatever in the in the kitchen. And so we're still waiting for him. I think that hopefully will be guests three. You know, today we have a great guest, by the way, Gary V is coming on the show.


And I'm looking forward to, you know, he was dead on with the baseball card thing.


I I'm telling you, I've seen a lot of his social media stuff. I've messaged multiple times, not very many responses, but I'm excited because today we got on the show. So it's my first time I'm actually going to speak to him, but I like him a lot because he's so relatable. He can take business, which is usually boring. You know, I've taken multiple business classes and I might as well sleep, but I like him because he puts in a lot of good insight for for people that are just starting business or don't understand business and want to go into it, or just like people that are trying to make some quick cash.


I love him. Every interview is very different to like, you know, you'll have like we talked before, you'll have some guys that don't talk a lot, you guys that talk a shit ton. And what we got from Gary the first time we sat down with them, he he talks nonstop. The guy is a fucking robot. He is. But he gives us some good words of wisdom, hopefully. And then and, you know, I think without further ado, I think we just jump right into it, bring Gary into excited.


Let's get him on.


All right. Gary V, good to have you in here. The reason I'm having in here, too, I got to give Gary a lot of credit. I want to get down. I got to give him some credit down the road because he talked about this whole baseball card thing that we're going to get into. But first and foremost, welcome in, Gary.


Thank you, Bob. Good to see you. Glad to be here. Do you guys know each other, by the way? We've had some interactions on D.M. and things of that nature. This young man impresses me with his tenacity to connect. And once I knew this was happening between you two men, I was like, I need to get on that show and chop up with him and start our relationship. So I'm glad to be here.


Honest note, though, who's better looking?


To be honest, Bob, there's a reason you have dramatically more lighting on you right now. Like I will say this, I think your humor disguises your good looks. Oh, yeah. I think because people know you're funny and a little crazy and all that, that I don't think people like that. Like I think if you were coming up in the game right now is an eighteen nineteen year old, just like a little bit of boy on Tic TAC, I think he could have I think he could have won the looks game.


I just think that you're the and funny. And so we brand positioned you a certain way. Society has but I think you're sneaky, good looking. OK, I didn't know there was a compliment or an insult, but it's a compliment. Is it? Yeah, definitely. By the way, Gary, this isn't really a sports show at all.


But I got to ask you a little bit here you are, a diehard New York diehard New York Jets fan.


Oh, and fucking for what do they. Oh, and five. Excuse me. Do they take the season and just go after Trevor Lawrence, are you confident? And Sam Donald is a die hard Jets fan?


I am confident, Sam. I'm I would be an upset Jets fan if we didn't take the hall of what I think would be five or six meaningful draft picks, because we're going to have the number one pick this year. And when I dream, a little dream of three number ones in two twos, because I think the hall will get real big for Treb because Trevor's insane. I mean, I got the luxury of watching the LSU Clemson national championship game last year on the field.


And I turned to my brother and I was like because I thought Clemson was wildly overpowered talent and and Trevor was really keeping them in that game. And I was like, man, this kid is real, real good. So I think Trevor's going to you know, I'm scared because I think Trevor is going to be that good. But I think Sam has had a very difficult scenario of offensive line and weapons. And I, I believe in him and I would rather take the five picks we have.


We have a ton of money next year. I'd rather build around him. I really would.


The value of that is pretty good if you're the number one pick, you can trade for it. So I know you have some stuff for Gary. I guess we'll get into it. So I like like you already said, I've reached out to you quite a few times. A lot of my followers and myself. I've seen you on social media talking about, you know, young entrepreneurs and how to invest and, you know, how to be smart with money.


So I've been kind of getting into, you know, angel investing and made a couple of investments. The.


Now I'm building my own brands, so basically for for the younger audience that's watching this, if you were to have, let's say, a couple of hundred dollars or a thousand dollars and you really wanted to do something with it that, you know, would get a at least a five know, substantial return, what what would you say would be like a really smart Safeway or garage selling garage doing?


So? I think when you have a thousand one hundred two thousand, if you have seven hundred thirteen dollars or if you have two thousand fifteen, obviously with Robin Hood and obviously with your generation now showing even more interest in angel investing and things of that nature, like the likelihood of your angel investments doing well is quite low. The likelihood of your brands because of your platform doing well is much higher. That's going to come down to do you have idiots around you or or do you have good people around you?


Are you an idiot? And what I mean by idiots, not like really an idiot. Are you capable? Are you a good operator? Do you understand or you confused by the size of your audience that they're just going to it's just going to work? Because the amount of people that have huge social media footprints or fame that have failed products is extraordinarily high. So to answer your question back to the audience of this show, I think hundreds of dollars even up to, let's say five thousand dollars, I think day trading stocks is not going to pull it off.


It's by the way and Bob, you mentioned this. It's why I think sports cards has huge potential for this crew. And we and I was very hot on soccer and Pokémon and basketball, and it's really played out. And by the way, Bob knows this. This has been a three year conversation for me, not like the last three months. So I really saw that. And it got excited. And as you know, driven like a lot of my Tic-Tac content that has done well has been me garage sale.


And I do that. I got to do a better job explaining to everybody all the profits I donate to charity because I was like, fuck every comments. Like this fucking asshole millionaire is targeting somebody down from nine bucks, two bucks. And I'm like, no, I'm trying to show people who have one hundred thirteen dollars. Like I was that kid. I was that kid with one hundred thirteen dollars that wanted to make it. And I am like paying 50 cents instead of a dollar was important.


I actually think flipping, learning how to buy and sell things based on the market, based on understanding pop culture, human behavior. Why is a four dollar t shirt at a garage sale that is like an old spud McKenzie or old eighty five Chicago Bears or a Bruce Springsteen t shirt actually sell for eighty six dollars like I am who I am today and on the way to being who I'm going to be because of learning all this shit in the dirt at baseball card shows, at flea markets.


And I think a lot of people go fancy and want to buy like two shares of Amazon. And I just I don't think they're learning. They may make a couple of bucks like a lot of kids made money on Tesla. Like that excites me. And by the way, no downside to that. I think the learnings are limited versus you doing it yourself. Now, everybody listening doesn't want to wake up at five thirty on Saturday because Friday night they went to Craigslist or garage sale or app to map their drive to get a fucking Dunkin Donuts at five forty five and go hit it fucking go through people's fucking dirty shit to find a two dollar thing to sell for nine, which means you go home, you take a fucking picture and put it in, put it on eBay, then somebody buys it.


eBay fees, you only make two dollars and 19 cents and you got to take it to a fucking post office. But the reality is learning how to make money and learning how to market and learning stop buying the thing for four dollars. That's eight dollars on eBay. But you got to look for the thing. That's a dollar and thirty six dollars on eBay. Like all those scars, the scars are the game. I'm going to have a fucking stroke right now, Gary.


We've got to make a play, a movie about inside the mind of Gary V, like a Pixar movie. Your brain is unbelievable. I got to know this a whole lot. If you go back to this, let's keep it simple. Say everybody with all those words and stuff that we just talked about, I'm overwhelmed, say hypothetically as an audience, but I want to have a garage sale. And you know what? I want to motivate enough by this podcast.


I want to not having a garage sale, going to garage sales. Oh, I thought we were like, yeah, no fucking my mother. So what's the big shout out to my sister, Liz Novello?


She loves having a good fucking garage sale and clearing out all the shit and making two nineteen for the day and fired up. I'm talking about spending Saturday morning. You know, it's funny, but I mean, I know you love golf and my brother loves golf and my crew, Tyler, who you know well, they all love golf, my golf, my early morning Saturday thing when it's not covid life is waking up at five thirty to go garage sailing from six thirty a.m. to my four hour journey of a day is not golf, it is garage.


Sailing like that is my hobby. What I know though, that's a Griffin's question is the far majority of kids listening right now that want to take eight hundred thirteen bucks to ten GS if they spend ten hours educating themselves on eBay McCarty Facebook marketplace Craig's ten hours of education. They're going to charge eight thirteen at the 10K and that's a lot of money for somebody who's got any thirteen to their name. So let's hope. Let's hyper focus on the baseball card thing, because you were right, we had Gary on our show before and he nailed it.


I'll give you credit. I don't like to give Gary credit at all, but I will give you credit. So explain this to me, Logan. Paul, for instance. I this thing and I got put in a group message with you guys. You guys. Yes. Baseball card thing that you guys talk about. My messages get flooded every day. I'm kind of paying attention. I don't really get it. I'm assuming a lot of people that are listening right now don't really get it.


All I know is a picture of, like, fucking Pikachu on there and what the fuck is going on. So for the kids out there that may have a closet full of peacoat shoes or whatever, should they run and go find them right now?


Are you some of the Bob? Some of the somebody literally emailed me, said, look, it was a long e-mail. It was like I was like eighteen thousand in debt. Like my girl left me. Like this guy was finished. He's like, let me see your horseshit. I'm like, fuck, this guy is like a broken man. He's like, went to my parents, went through my shit. Holy shit. I had the true first edition shadowless punch line is he had like 40 k where the Pokemon sitting in his fucking do they have a mint condition, the same condition.


So if I eat dog chewed it up, it's not worth shit. Correct. By the way, on the record I've been checked out for five and a half weeks. You're in that thread with me. You can see I'm not active at all because media is so busy. I just have like I'm enjoying it because the rock is tweeting about his rookie card. Logan's thing is obviously I'm Pokemon's ripping hot. There's a lot going on. I haven't really been up to date as the filming of this podcast for the last five or six weeks.


But that's how I ebb and flow. I get in real deep, then I get busy because I have a lot of things going on. But yes, everybody who's got Pokemon's, especially if you're twenty seven to thirty six and you're listening right now and you have Pokémon somewhere, run right now to go home and find that shit because that stuff is wildly valuable. Yeah.


What, what makes them so valuable. The supply and demand. So why do they come back I think is why did you come back.


Because Logan's got money now and when he was a kid he didn't have a chart because people loved fucking Pokemon. Why are sports cards good? Because people love fucking sports like the art of the thing that people love. Is it true that Mike Trout's rookie card was sold for four million dollars by that guy?


He was like three point something. Yeah, yeah. I just at all. Is that a real thing? The answer is, I don't know. Karma, given the State of the Union of the industry, I don't believe it was fluff. I know the person that bought the LeBron at one eight and he did it for macro business reasons. So that definitely wasn't fluff. No clue who bought the trout. Maybe it's out there. Maybe it's not back to my last six weeks, a little checked out, but I doubt it because baseball cards are the historic thing, even though I think all the upsides in basketball, soccer and I think vintage football is interesting.


I think Lawrence Taylor, Mike Singletary, Ronnie Lott, like I think a lot of those are very cheap and underpriced.


He's got some more lines, though. Do they acknowledge the sport of baseball, maybe potentially dying?


Yeah, that's why I don't buy baseball. I think basically I'm a long term guy. I want to buy shit and look at it in twenty two years and be like, fuck, I paid forty for this and now it's six thirty. Look, I try not to play with money that I play with money that I can afford to lose. So I play long. I'm not doing the whole Tyler hero fucking ball ball rookie cards and hoping like every game flipping, you know, I'm playing LeBron is fucking LeBron.


And whether it was seventeen k a rookie or like it was two months ago when it was ripping hot or twelve K a week ago, I don't care because I know it's 50 K in thirty years. That makes sense. Yeah. That's why I buy vintage classic. I'm more shazad. If we're talking Pokémon then some new stuff that's out there to buy a target and rip it all over.


You can imagine how many people have fucking just like hundreds of thousand dollars sitting there cause they don't know. Yeah well that's what I'm thinking now because I literally was like the biggest Pokemon fanatic.


Griffin just got up and left right now, just like Granholm is like, I'm going to beat you to the house. But yeah, I have a whole closet full and Gary's going to actually make me probably go home and check it out because they're like in the original boxes and stuff. And I have them in, like the special cases. And I have so many legendary cards.


And here's what happens. Right. Logan's thing. And obviously, like I've been a little checked out, but I'm not unaware that Logan had a huge pull. I even told my guys to buy me a pack. We got dog shit. I paid eleven thousand dollars for garbage because I was gambling and that's what you get. But I also know that logic, you know, the very famous hip hop artist paid sixty thousand for a perfectly graded Chazan like things are happening.


The Rock tweeted this week about his bumble bee tuna fish insert card like not insert cheat of cards that were made when he was at the University of Miami.


And there's a Ray Lewis and that must all it takes, Gary, to drive the stock up is like with a rock tweed's out. This is where I'm going like. So I'll give you the big insight just for everybody wants to get nerdy about this. I mean, this is boring but real. I threw Vanner Media got to work with both Mattel and Hasbro. For the last decade on different marketing and what I learned was toy franchises reboot every 20, 30 years, G.I. Joe Transformers, because wrestling does this because fathers or mothers, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, fathers or mothers grow up with something and then eventually have a child of that age.


Call it twenty five to thirty five years. It takes for something that's red hot to reboot. It happens because they have kids or it happens because that person now has money and can buy the best thing. So in sports cards, there's a ton of people my age that didn't have the money to buy a thousand dollar Michael Jordan rookie card when we were all kids because that was crazy money in the 80s, but now have twenty five thousand dollars to buy the well graded rookie card Jordan.


And they've always wanted to have it. And now they're into money and that's what they buy. It used to be for our grandfather's generation, they would buy vintage cars and watches because when they were young suckers in the 20s, 30s and 40s, that was the thing that was like kind of like what they grew up looking at. But a lot of people, if you look at the cliche, coastal rich. Forty five year old. And Bob, you're friends with so many of these guys, they don't wear suits and like some of them buy contemporary art, but they're not buying suits and antiques like thirty five forty years ago.


They're all wearing sneakers, they're all dressing down, they're all casual, they're all, you know, the cliche. Fifty seven year old super well-off dude in L.A. and they're trying to be cool. They're wearing off the fucking Bob Kresse, a thousand fucking years old. And these weren't fuckin the ones. You know what is. Yeah, exactly. So so what's happening is that's why you're seeing this, the money that's going into sports car today. When Logan Paul got rich at thirty five, forty years ago, he bought and I mean, Logan may be doing this because this happens as well, but they were buying like besides cars and houses which I think that Cruz doing at least what I see on Tic-Tac on YouTube, what they're not definitely doing.


Logan Paul is not buying a fucking two hundred thousand dollar antique China at Sotheby's auctions. But the Logan Paul of nineteen eighty four dead right now is fucking Pikachu. That now is fucking Will Chamberlain's rookie card. I know this because I'm in that pocket and I'm not buying fucking some painting from eighteen forty seven. I don't give a fuck right now. Are you, are you, are you a gambler Gary. Maybe you should know you're not a gambler.


I'm not. I grew up being into gambling and then something happened in my late twenties where I couldn't win enough to get fucking fired up, but I could lose enough to be fucking devastated. And I was like, this is now a broken game. I can't win enough to get fired up. But if I lose. So this is like I told you, this is why I hit you up above your degenerate. So instead of, like, losing, which is what's going to happen, you know, why don't you take that skill set and that need to give a fuck?


If you want to get hyped for the fucking Kansas City Patriots game, go buy a fucking twenty thousand dollars Patrick Mahomes rookie card, because right now, with his Super Bowl win, that's already a guaranteed win. Maybe I just play to generate. I'm not really maybe I'm just like I read books at night. I play the violin.


Do know, should I not keep playing up your facade? I know that you're supposed to. You could but you could pass the fuck out. There is no fucking rules. But I am curious whether AQI a gambler is because obviously with the sports gambling world exploding right now, we just spoke about this a while back on our other show. And I think Griffin was curious, too, came to me and asked about the sports gambling world is interested in it.


Why aren't you fucking with any of these draft Kings fan busy with Penn Gaming doing what Dave did with Penn and all that stuff? Why aren't you touching this at all?


Because there's only so much energy that one person can hit. I've got something brewing that I think is kind of further away. It's the same reason I didn't do anything with me, but watched it for six years and now no Vener Sports represents Steep Middleditch, the fucking heavyweight champion of the world, because I just haven't gotten to it.


What do you look for when you show better? Media has a Rolodex now of pretty decent clients here.


You guys are telling me as we come to you've kind of wanted to you know, a couple of years ago I bought a company by name, a Playbook Burgmann, where he rapped Dan Patrick and Rich guys. And we do mean there's a very kind of stealthy it's a great question from you pump that you're aware of this. We're actually about to roll it out probably for January as a separate with Feigner media. I've expanded to like six or seven other companies to now have this holding company called Baner X.


The media is in it. The social group, which is for small businesses, is an agency. They are commerce for e-commerce. So we have a bunch of companies, pure one. Thirty seven pm, our publishing world tracer, which is the hoodie I'm wearing right now, is a business intelligence SAS company. So we're starting to build out this big fucking company because, you know, I got to buy the Jets so I can get a Super Bowl.


So the talent has been incubated inside of Bohner Media Lab. What we do in that world is we do consulting for personal brands, help them build a team. Gary helped them get on podcast's, what we would call digital publicity consulting, how to build out the website like console. Thing or we rap talent, right, so Rich Eisen, Jesse Palmer, why haven't you gone after any of these guys, these guys? Well, they seem they're very valuable right now.


They have tons of fucking idols like we will.


We will. And we have a lot of respect and watch what all that Uta's and Schwitters and all the youngsters that are building their own companies. We will we're going to honestly, for all my energy, I'm sure for people watching right now, we've never come across any like who the fuck is this crackhead? For all my energy, I'm quite calculated, impatient. So we will we want to decide who we're going to do that with, because I'm not looking to do a deal with someone.


I'm Tic-Tac and do a million dollars in brand deals and take my two hundred K, which is great and a nice business. And by the way, Bob, I don't know if you know this history. Seven years ago I started something called Grippe Story with Jerome Zha, who is one of the original Vine stars. And oh, by the way, I don't know if you know this story. We did a campaign for Virgin Mobile. I'm excited.


You don't know the story are going to get excited right now. I love it. Tell me, six years ago, we did a campaign for Virgin Mobile, who was a client of Intermediates, and we teamed up with Great Story, my other company with my partner, Jerome Zha. And we did a campaign called Finding the Next Vine Star. Literally, the campaign was Virgin Mobile presents, Finding the Next Vine Star.


Do you know what it was? That Logan? Paul Wow. Nice. That's great. So so, you know, seven years ago I'm in a fucking restaurant with, like, Getting Back and Britney Furlan and fucking like all that whole rudiment. Like all of them. All of them. And so I've been in that business before. I learned what I liked. I learned what it meant. I took a step back. Jerome exploded. I remember my first four meetings with Jerome like, oh, I got to do business with somebody who's not a family member.


So, Jerome, you're about to be very famous. Are you sure you want because he was a businessman, I was like, are you sure you want to be, like, doing this with me? Because this is work. And he wasn't scared of the work. I was like, but in a year you're going to be like, fuck, I can make four million a year being Jerome or make four hundred thousand eating shit, doing great story.


And he was like, yes. And then obviously he got so big that it did weigh on him and that's why we actually unwound it. And then he went to save the world. I mean like out in like Africa, like doing like he's an incredible kid. Nonetheless, we will. This is why we're spitting out Baynor Talent. We will sign seven to fifteen meaningful, quote unquote, social influencers because we were there early. Right. Like I've got my videos on YouTube, which Charlie did before it all exploded.


Like I know this world. I watch them all.


I know you're very good at that. You're very good at like you say, whatever. But like even like you said with me before anything, we were talking very early. What I admire about you is how you stay on top of people, too. I'm in the dirt.


Yeah, that part. I'm sorry. That part on top of people is because I because I'm a real human being. I like you. I want you to succeed. And, you know, going through that transformation is tough when you're a young dude and you're going through that transformation and all of a sudden the girls that you dreamed of are actually interested in you in return, that fucks with your head and you could lose your way easily.


Yeah, I've definitely seen that the the boys have to bug has it's crazy in social media because and by the way, when you're a young girl and you explode, you're going to deal with such ungodly douche from guys.


So like I like I like people. I like being a help. I like when people I like being in this place in my life where the people that know me the best and actually really know me have the nicest things to say about me. And then the rest of the world is kind of split between liking and disliking. And I'm empathetic, but I know that fuck them all.


I'll be honest with you. Always like you, you're fine. But, you know, look, I think I think I think I'm I actually have a lot of empathy for people that just dislike people. It means they're in a bad place with themselves and the envy just hurts them. And so, like, I've always dealt with that in a very different way than fuck them. It's actually I like to talk to every one of them one by one.


And I talk to a lot of people that throw heavy hate at me. That's actually a thing I try to tell a lot of the tock kids right now. It's like somebody is taking the time to follow you and say you're a piece of shit and your comments there, life's in a bad place.


So what's your response to right now? I'm on my phone. I'm a fucking Internet troll. I'm sitting there chillin and maybe a little jealous or whatever, envious of Gary V. Griffin, whatever. And I send a message to Gary V and he happens to open it. The message says to Gary V, Hey, Gary, go fuck yourself. You're a fucking loser. The Jets suck.


I usually LDM usually two or three people a day. You know, usually when I show up on your account, I get there's so much hate in there that I like pick two or three of them and be like, yo, I see you think I'm a snake oil salesman or my daddy gave me everything, which is like the great lie of all time because I built that business for him, not me and all these other things. And I'll just be like, I'm sorry you feel that way.


And like, honestly, I'm some real shit. If I can ever be a help to you, I'm here, you know. Fifty percent of those people double down. I'd be like, oh, fuck, fuck.


But but the other thing, and it's not about flipping, it's like, honestly, those people are actually hurting and like the fact that somebody came along and didn't say, you're a troll and you're a piece of shit and fuck you and cancel, then delete the mute, but actually went to them and said, hey, you you cool? Like, you're right. Like a lot. You have them open up and like it turned into some of my favorite stories of being alive.


Well, then I'm onto something is when my response is, dude, I just I have a very good doctor I could recommend to you and then I that's that's my response to them. And they said, well, which is that's that's nice of you because a lot of people delete, but I say go fuck yourself at the end. So I about I mean, well, it's not bad. It means you just need to keep working on yourself to a place where you don't feel like you have to say that.


All right.


Yeah, I like that. I like how you say that, because a lot of people always ask me if it bothers me. And of course, when I get it bothers all of us, it gets to you. Right. Like, honestly, I can never think really of a point in my life that I've just been like, I hate this dude, have no idea who he is. It's like he's doing well. I'm just like I hate it's just not worth the time.


It's another time to hate somebody. You're just we're too busy. Like we have too much.


I've only been able to do it in sports, not in real life, because in sports it hurts my feelings. Like it's easy for me to. I know Tom Brady is a good dude. I still in sports world, I can go there, like, because it's like that's my one delusional, not rational place, but in real life, like nobody else is. First of all, for everybody out there who gets hurt by the comments, if somebody doesn't know you, how can you value their opinion of you?




It still gets you still see it. But it's like, OK, let me tell you a flip side of this, guys, because I'm sure there's plenty of people who are influencers or have audiences that are listening. It also means that when people say you're super attractive or super smart or fucking amazing, you have to not believe that either. The reason I think I deal well with hate is because I deal even better with compliments. I know that I don't mean shit.


I know if I die tomorrow that I get twenty four, maybe eighteen good hours on social media and like I go all the time and I would have a candle, I would have a vigil going for you on the streets for seven days.


Gary, I would take care of you buddy. Twenty four hours max and then everybody would have to go on with their lives like Prince fucking look at all the baseball icons that are dying every day. It feels like like like you get twenty four hours if you're fucking all time. And once you realize your insignificance, it actually makes you happier.


That's actually a good point. What I would do though, truthfully, if Gary you know what I want to talk about this. I would just run to your house right away. I would let the people mourn because I'd break into your house and steal all your Pokemon cards and all your cards, cards, whatever the fuck the way.


And honestly, I'm from heaven would like turn into like a Beatle and like, go up your nose so that you knew that was a symbol of me being like, good move, dude, keep hustling.


You'd hot the shit out of you. Oh, you really did. He said you. So we have a garage sale. Yeah. But everything, by the way, that would prove it, that would get me fired up. Everybody actually let's put it here on young and hung on the record. When I die I want everybody that we to go garage selling, buy something for two bucks and sell for seven one hundred percent.


We are praying that, that we are praying that doesn't happen 50 years from now.


Please, God, I know you're sort of sort of pressed for time and you are a busy guy, but I'm curious about routine. That's that's a big thing with me because I think that the hardest thing for me is to especially with how busy my life is. Griffins love yourself, everybody else's is. What's the perfect RUGGIE Do you have a Sabbatino you up at 5:00 a.m.? Are you in bed at nine p.m. or does it go all over the place?


And how important is that and how important is it to have a set routine?


I think it's important to have a set routine. If you know yourself well and you know a set routine brings you value. I think introverts need to double down on being an introvert. You can round yourself out. I think extroverts should not apologize. They should double down, but watch themselves because you can make people unhappy. For me, I don't need a routine, but I'll go through routine tendencies, like I can go for months kind of doing the same thing, waking up at the same time, working out like whatever.


But then if I change because I want a long flight, it threw me off. I just adjust to the latest thing. Like, I don't have rules for myself. It's basically just a mindset of like what will work for me right now. I'm not my greatest strength is not judging myself or thinking I have to. And so, like, I don't know. Basically, I wake up, I grab my phone, I go take a shit, I catch up to make sure there's no fires because I have an office in London and Singapore.


I check like anything that makes me happy. Weather at the moment, it's sports cards. How am I how's my bids? If it's if it's fantasy baseball, like I had my picture, if it's sports in general, like how to game that and watch go. And then I just kind of move on with my meetings. Like for example I used to work out in the morning right away always. And now with COGAT, I do it at night because I way more energy and I'm getting a lot more strength then.


So I'm just willing to adjust. But I mean my main strength of like the one thing I do do subconsciously, not actively through meditation or actually physically, I do wake up with a lot of gratitude. I'm a big fan of waking up and knowing I didn't get a phone call in the middle of night that shattered my soul. I'm just very. Genuinely grateful. Thank you, life for giving me another full night of sleep where I didn't have to get a phone call that made me cry on the spot.


Right. I mean that, by the way, it may sound like I'm really into that shit. Like, why get upset about losing money or having something stupid happen when what you're really worried about is the three to seven people, 12 people that you love so much that God make 20 million on a deal and the next day have your mom die. If you love your mom more than breathing, are you happy now you're dead? And so I keep it in perspective.


Here's this, too. Real quick, do you step away? How do you step away from all the tick tock and all the crazy work? Dude, I'm not going to lie. It's really hard to step away right now. Everywhere we go out in public, it's like, you know, people ask you questions and cameras like. So I think the only way is I don't really like spending money, but I did get myself a car and I'll literally just get in my car and drive because no one can stop me like I can do what I want.


I just turn on music and it's just me and my car. And that's like a thirty minute thing though. Yeah. I would say thirty minutes, sometimes an hour. It just depends on my mood. You know, we all go through stuff and have sometimes I bad days and sometimes I don't do it at all. But that's definitely how I escaped.


Gary, do you step away because you're a fucking maniac, you love to work, you push hard work, you're saying, hey, don't stop, don't push. You know, it's funny.


I push hard work if you love it, but I push self awareness way more. I push hard. You know, it's funny. I sometimes see people take what I talk about and like when people do parody videos of me and all that stuff, I'm like, man, I guess hustle is easier to hear than self-awareness. Patience, like all the like. To me, hard work is an ingredient like it's one of the things like it's very hard to succeed without putting in the work.


You can think about push ups, you can ponder sit ups. You can be philosophical of eating. Right. But if you actually don't do those things, you will not have those things manifest in your actual body. That's how I think about success in business, in life. Like, yes, hard work is part of it. But I'm not one of these like guys that think like you have to go eight hours a day. I believe in it when you love it.


I'm a big fan of, like, doing something you love and leaving money on the table because then it's compounded you have the energy to go hard because you fucking love it. Yeah, that's why I like when people go narrow to Bob. It's what I like about your career, to be honest. Like, you know, like if you recall back to when we talked early on, I was like, Bob, you're uniquely really great at this.


And if you can stay in that pocket instead of the eight hundred fucking other things that I can go like, you'll have more energy versus like people try to go too wide. And so, yes, I'm a big, big, big fan of hard work, but I'm way bigger fan of being self-aware to know what you're good at. So and looking for happiness. Karma, I'll check out any second I want. I, for example, that the sports car is full circle.


We're the white hot moment of it. Over the last six weeks, I was the Pied Piper. This is my opportunity to flex like nobody's business. I haven't said a peep in six weeks.


I brushed on it. I need to give you some credit. I saw you off the grid. I'm going to fuck this guy. I need some credit here because I just I'm focused on something else right now. Like so like it's like I'm a big fan. It's like when I check out I'm SEIA, like, I'm like, if I'm out, I'm super out. Like even with an 015 football team, don't even if you can text me and said I found four hundred million in Pokemon cards, all you have to do is drive down here and you can get a third of it because we got to give you credit because that's how we found it.


If that's next weekend, Sunday at four nineteen pm when jets oh five jets this season, probably Flacco for another week before Sam comes down playing the bullshit dolphins at four nineteen. It's fucking first quarter. I'm not even answering your call. That's how locked in and escaping I am from.


This is where we're going to tell Gary true. Not because you're going to find that collection and we're going to fucking bring it to him. You won't even get it. You think. You think I haven't been answering since you've been reaching out through D.M. and other friends. We see how little I answer. If you haven't hit me up during a Jets game, I love it.


OK, yeah, I think it's an ongoing theme. Now, before we get to wrap this up, give us you've been right so far. What's the next big thing we can look for that's going on in the world?


And I'm not sure this is why I have such a good reputation we have over here right now.


I don't I'm not to that point, I'm not Nostradamus. What I'm great at is you can find videos of me talking about musically five years ago, like when I see it, I go hard, but I don't have a feel like I have to be right or I'm on the spot here to tell you, like, I pay attention to everything. I watch everything, you know, like I love seeing trends. I love looking at it. I think audio I don't think people understand that you're going to dictate most things are going to be walking around in house like all the audio stuff.


I love the Alexiev Google home shift fifteen years from now.


Alexa, is that possible? We figured that maybe this is the voiceover, the only hope I have left.


But to that point, real quick. I do think you will map every word you've ever said through podcasts, it will create an audio library and the following will happen. I'll make this prediction 15 years from now. Lakers Heat Game six comes on and I say, let's just use Alexa. But it might be a different company altogether. It doesn't even exist yet today. Alexa, have Bob call this game. And literally with that call to action, you will now call the game for me with A.I. by using the words because they'll take the actual announcers and put your voice over it like that's crazy.


And I think that five G and I, I think there's some big technologies that people have to wrap their head around yet buy or sell three things. In what time frame do the next 12 months. Go ahead. Tick tock super by SFL. That's two dollar twenty two but SFL s Griffith Johnson by far better by you say.


But he's such a fucking liar because I want it to be known. It's hard to bet against Jerry and Dwayne. I think they're beasts.


I think it's really, really American football competing is just too, it's too tough and they've done it now. Very good job, Gary, with the because remember, we were watching the NFL like you were no there was no preseason. There was no fucking like I watch baseball. Why the fuck are they putting the Muppets behind the fucking plate reminding me I'm in a pandemic, get rid of them basketball. I don't like the fucking people on the sidelines with the fake fans.


It's like just make it streetball. NFL we didn't know it was going to happen, so we tuned in. That first night was the Chiefs game they played and the NFL did it right. They didn't remind me that we were in a pandemic. We didn't see. It was just like it was watching real football, which I think they did a very good job with.


Yeah. I mean, football has the advantage, though, because the way we watch on TV to incorporate fans the way basketball and baseball did.


Right. Because you're a part time out. But if it was the NBA, it's like, why not make it? I would have made a little bit more streetball. I just fucking hate the fans. That's what I'm saying. I hate the virtual fence. I get it.


I listen. All of these sports deserve a lot of credit. I think they've all executed way beyond. I mean, Gary Bettman is one of the I mean, I loved hockey as a kid. What I very much don't like what the NHL has done over the last twenty five years to be contemporary, even though there's some great rule changes. But like I give a lot of credit, that's as an operator and as somebody who realizes that when you sit in that seat, you have to think of actually everything, not like, oh, I'm just the talent.


All the organizations deserve a massive amount of credit on something like this.


All right. Well, we're good. That's how fast Gary controls it before we keep it safe. The show is always like Godzilla on the left. It's nothing without God. That's it.


Gary, thank you so, so much for your Thanksgiving success to see. I told you, he likes he talks a lot. He does. He had some great insight, though, on the on the whole card industry. I have so many Pokemon cards from when I'm a kid. I don't know if they're valuable or not. But what we waiting for, dude like that really got me thinking. I'm almost about to book a flight back home just for a few days to go through my closet because I have like, you know, the binders and you can get the nice folders for cards.


Yeah. I mean, I have one that's probably like this. Do you think they're still in mint condition though? No, they are really. Yeah. I was like very OCD when I was a kid and like, I would not I would always get holders. So like any card I have is in a holder, like a protection with me, which I can have somebody go and check them out if you want.


I mean, like, you know, I'll have somebody else.


You don't have to go. I can take care of it. It's like you have your stack is missing.


My parents call me the like. Why in the hell is there this weird grown man going through your closet in your room and Juan Pablo here stocking your closets?


Why are they going through all of your Pokémon cards?


I just got back from Chicago, by the way, which is one of my favorite cities on planet Earth.


It's about two hours from me and two and a half. So I'm sitting at the restaurant, OK? And I'm kind of posting, obviously, like where I am, but not the exact location because I'm trying to pump sports gambling right now, which is a big thing. We just partner with points and whatnot. And so I'm sitting there on my phone and guess who walks in? Out of nowhere, you wouldn't know you don't know me well enough, I have no idea my ex-girlfriend unannounced, Katie Carney, walks in and she's a beautiful big blonde girl, big fucking boomer's strapped to her chest.


And I was like, fuck, because I'm kind of like seeing this girl now and I end up having a drink together. It went great. But yeah, I had to evacuate Chicago and come back. So if I can ask why, why did you break up if she's so fantastic?


You know, I was just a little bit worki like I was working a lot.


Work, work, work. Why don't you. I was very busy and I you know, I didn't read that one. I might have fucked up that relationship. I kind of got in trouble for some things that I should have done working in the wrong area. That's in the past.


Moving on, I have a new girl that I really like. And I'm just curious, do you think I should send her flowers?


I think you should probably just buy flowers and then put a story in. Oh, there it is.


The old zingers start to get to know my style because three steps ahead of you. Yeah, I won't be Valentine's baby. Here's one feed post now. The first episode said he sent flowers to Addison. Whatever do you. Did you ever. What's the coolest thing you ever said to a girl.


I have a dumb question. The coolest thing. But let you send it to you, me and with girls. If you've a girlfriend, you to send her gifts all the time like I did. I feel like I would do a lot.


I did a lot of like cool dates, like going places and like, you know, my last year when I took on a helicopter ride to Orange County. What do you want, a fucking bachelor? Give me a helicopter ride. I literally ordered a helicopter and had to fly from L.A. to Ossy just to go on like a Griffin's, like I'm so good with managing my body and all that. Guys got fucking helicopters flying in for girls. You're calling me a simply a helicopter.


Oh, it sounded like a really good idea. And then it ended up like last minute in the place was supposed to eat, didn't work out. And it was then we went to McDonald's.


You are never allowed to give me shit again. Dude, I only lost to my ex-girlfriend. Beats by Dre headphones and a laptop. That's it. You lost a helicopter. I mean, you had to pay for a fucking helicopter to pick her up and go on a date. Dude, it wasn't like that expensive. It wasn't crazy. It was like three thousand dollars.


That's a lot of money. How serious. Who was the girl? And this is no more this on this podcast. I'm sick of it. I'm not going to be digging out for you when I ask a question. From now on, you get three passes and then you have to do something stupid, like going to have shots light up the table. And every time Griffin doesn't give you what I fucking know, he has to rip shot.


Who was the girl you took on a fucking helicopter ride?


Griffin As Bob would say, Alexa, me, Alexa to me dies right now. That's not the one.


That's twenty five or whatever. Right. There is not a name. Now do you still not know. I told you so many times I will look now by the way, are you, are you, are you a sports fan.


Sort of. Did you see the injury? Because I am going to touch a little bit sports for my audience.


Dak Prescott. Yeah, I did. Yeah I did. You posted it on your feet, dude. I'm just going through my Instagram and all of a sudden I see an ankle at a 45 degree angle when his leg is straight. I was like, well, you think I did that for the viewers, dude? So I saw someone say, I know you didn't post this for sympathy. You posted it for the clicks.


You shut your fucking mouth, Griffin, along with everybody else you gave me. Shit. Here's the deal. I posted that because I'm kind of like I look at it like I'm a media platform and look at a lot of people are like this. It's football injuries happen. Yes. It was gruesome, was horrific. And like I just know personally, I always post shit that I would want to see and whatever. I have no problem going on and seeing a fucking ankle snap.


It sucks. It happens. But football is tough sport. People get fucked up. I'm not a pussy with that shit. That's been a lot of injuries this year.


If you show me something like there's a site, it's horrible.


By the way, I found it's like best guru.com or something like ghar something. It's like horrible to all people, like dying the most horrific ways. And I'm just saying I, I went there the other day and looked at some stuff. It was horrifying.


How did this go from Gary V to Gore? Whatever.


I don't know. It just popped in my head. Like I told you, I suffer from ADHD and I've got to take my medicine this morning. I told you they sent me four laps around the school before tests. Yeah, I don't think that probably helped, huh? No, I didn't. Because my problem was, is with ADHD, with me.


And it's a lot of people suffer from ADHD out there. I just don't know. There is hope for you out there. OK, there is. OK, guys, with my three step program, if you swipe up, you can get to be.


No, but I literally I used to study for tests for hours and hours and hours and I'd be like so excited and I'd be showing up in the next morning and I'd sit down the test and I'd fucking forget it all. And it was so devastating. So you just quit studying.


So I just said, fuck it, you know, I'm going to run around the school, my broadcast voice and hopefully shit hits. Well, I think that's pretty inspirational, though, because what was your GPA? What does the high school was GPA, grade point average. My grade point average, honestly, was probably the lowest you could possibly that.


Well, the fact you didn't know what I meant by GPA, you kind of told me I'm not allowed to give too much information on this because it's kind of like a scandal. But I definitely paid off my high school teacher with Red Sox tickets to I'm going to say which one to pass the class.


Front row Yankees, Red Sox went from a four average to a she gave me a C plus fun fact for. So what I was referring to is a lot of kids struggle with school, so it's there's there's hope there. You don't have to have a good GPA because look where you are. You know, you're doing all of this. I don't depend on me. I hit the jackpot, dude. I mean, I got so lucky. And there's still a lot of room for improvement.


But the one thing I wish I had gotten better at and focused more on is the schedule. So sorry. No, no, that's fine. But school schedules through assignment notebooks, they call them in my day.


You know what assignment? I think everyone does. Yeah. As they all met. It's pretty normal. Yeah. Do they still say that to the kids now. Yeah. And agenda your assignment notebooks. So I was always very bad at like writing down that stuff. So it is basically scheduling. That's the one thing if you're listening out there and just make sure you stay organized and write everything down. That's my just fun fact for the deadest one.


Let everybody know that that's what you need to do in order to get a little closer to success. I'm not good at giving. I'm not fucking Gary videoed. I'm giving motivational speeches over here. It's not my style.


Right. But I mean, you are a young hustler. You hustle street smart bro. I am street smart. That's all I got.


I love when people say that like like I've met people and it's just like the the dumbest person you've ever met, you know, like I'm not book smart. I'm street smart.


I didn't fucking say like that. They say like a fucking nag. I was just like, oh I'm like I used to sling rock on the corner and they say something stupid or do some really dumb and like I'm street smart. I don't know anything about school. I didn't say I know you're hanging out with, but I used to be moving bags, bro. I used to move bags of cash throughout the city.


Like, tell me you don't know, especially in school. You tell me to know a girl that had like a 4.0 GPA, but she would like go out and you would see her on the weekends or whatever, and they would just she would make the dumbest mistakes ever. Yeah. So she wasn't street smart. That's what I'm saying. But like those are like the same people are like I'm street smart. Every time someone says that they're street smart and they have to justify that.


I feel like it's because they're not.


You got to do like five years in prison like I did. You got to have a body count of three. Is that why you're wearing a beanie when it's like eighty degrees in here?


Yo, I'm from like people don't know where I'm from. I'm not fucking with you. I'm from like Lawrence, Massachusetts, one of the top ten deadliest cities in the world.


No it is not. No, it's what's up there. It's like maybe top five hundred but it's like the top ten in your state. Lawrence is fucking tough. There's a lot of activity going on there.


All I know is like I'm protection on the streets over there. I mean, you might as well put on a wife beater. They're not four layers of a hoodie and jersey and everything else.


Why does it fucking my outfit?


Is there a problem that I wear sweatshirts and beanies when it's 90 degrees, it's like eighty degrees in L.A. and you're walking around in sweatpants, a hoodie, a jersey, a t shirt and a beanie on your for the gram.


For the gram itself with a gram. No I don't know. I just feel very comfortable. I have OCD, I suffer from OCD.


You never know when you're going to have to take a quick flight out to Denver, Colorado, to send for girls out to Christina.


You always got to be prepared. Can't get her off my mind.


I honestly was thinking about, like, writing her song and going outside the window and playing, like, the guitar or something like that.


Too much. Yeah, I would say. Have you ever gone to those lengths? Cannot say. I already have her in the bag though. That's the thing.


Like I already got her like she's mine and everybody sitting out there, everybody is listening out there. You stay out of her. Do you understand me? Stay away from Christina Samuelson's DNA. What is her Instagram? Do you fuck it? Don't worry about that one. You go with fucking Millennial, whatever her name is, and go have your fun. Right.


I'm not I don't want you stop sticking around. I think I already took her out with Kyle and the boys the other day. And let's just say they were they were locked eyes a little bit and there was some phone numbers or something being exchanged.


I don't know what happened is is is on your on your burner. So when you're listening to this episode, we will right now be in or at least I will I will be in Abu Dhabi.


We talked about it before. Why?


I don't know. This man randomly just says, I'm going to Abu Dhabi, texted Dina. And I said, we want to be the media. We want to cover the fight. What are the rules like? They're basically if you say the word the you get your head cut off, you can't do anything. It's so strict. I'm going to get a Zoome call. It's just going to be you like in jail. I am.


Dude, I'm seriously afraid of that. I don't. And I'm going with these guys that are nuts is fucking crazy. I just don't think I don't think it's good for them or you because you're probably not going to be able to make it back within the next twelve months.


Can't give me paranoid. So like maybe I go, maybe I don't. We'll see. I'm not sure. Like if I have to fake covid I will not afraid to fake it. We've had three tests by the way, which is hilarious but we had to do and we have to go to Vegas. Dude, we don't know very much touchiness. We have to go to Vegas in quarantine for 48 hours by ourselves in a hotel room. Can you imagine Kyle, Steve, me in fucking Vegas having to stay in the room with all the temptations?


Like I don't even think this is really going to Abu Dhabi. I think this is just a prank show that we're going on that's like bullshit. And I think they're just like I am absolutely. There's a 50/50 chance I break out of that room to go gamble.


And when do you think covid stuff is going to be over? I don't know.


I gave up a long, long time ago and thinking that's all I know is it's only been a year. I went to Chicago and it was promising because, like, you could go in L.A., you can't go and sit in the restaurants inside.


Right, it's like, well, outdoors, yeah, yeah, for the most part. But Chicago is all like indoor and outdoor, so it felt a little bit more real life. But the reason why I think it's like that is because every business would die in Chicago because of the cold weather coming up. Like you're not going to be able to set up tables outside and eat in fucking minus 10 degree weather.


So I think what they're doing is those states are just kind of being a little more lenient on being able to eat inside due to I lived on the Illinois Indiana border like literally two and a half, three hours from Chicago my whole entire life.


And I've actually been in like the city to Chicago that I can remember one time. Illinois and Indiana are two great states.


If you like sports gambling, go to points where I was going to lose points. But endorsement there.


But never mind, probably Bob, 250, no big deal.


So you look at Indiana, Illinois, where the borderline. Yeah, like literally like the the border, it's like zero zero zero north is like the first street.


We have our Instagram, Twitter. Instagram is young in Hong Podcast's. The Twitter is being set up as we speak. You're the expert in that. You're fucking responsible for that shit. OK, ok, I set that up. I'm going to do young and hung part as well. The most important place the YouTube people want to see video, right? Of course. What is our YouTube? Do we know what our YouTube is? Griffin Yeah. It's just young in Hong Kong and you can just look up young and hung on YouTube and it'll pop up with the first episode.




We also chose a very interesting title because I Googled Young and Hung. Griffin, you know, comes up horrible things.


I love it. So do I. But it's just very confusing because it's like it's just way more fun. Like now everyone's going to go on their Web browser and type in Young and Hung to see what comes up. Yeah, you don't want to know.


It's like elephant cock dudes banging chicks. Bang, boom, boom. That's like young like Pakistan. Griffin a bubble and we're like buried.


We're not the top yet. Well now we have to get it to the top.


So they have to go through all that porn and shit before they see us. That's not good.


No, no. Don't check it out. No, don't go there. No, please don't. Look, I'm anti porn. I don't look at porn. Not not a poor guy.


No, please don't type in young and hung and give us five star reviews on Apple and Spotify and leave us review that maybe says something good that's bad.


No, you don't. If you look up young and hung, you will come up and you do not want to do that.


No, trust me away. Stay away. All right, so you know what to do. Apple, Spotify, everywhere that is hosting podcasts, that's where you can listen to audio stream. If you're driving to work, you want to listen to two knuckleheads. Like I said, this story, our podcast is going to be whatever the fuck it is. Bryce Hall might be smoking a blunt. Gary V might talk for three hours about fucking baseball cards.


Shaquille O'Neal might play a fucking spelling bee. Who the fuck knows what's going to happen in this podcast? But I like that the unpredictability of it every week.


So every Monday, 6:00 a.m. Eastern time, you can find us here. We have good convos every single time with different people. It's just going to you never know what you're going to get, really. That is the end of episode two.


It was an honor. A pleasure to be with you guys tonight. Make sure plays like we said, subscribe, download all the rest.


No, seriously, Bob's really going to go broke if you don't. So that's one hundred percent true. We take care, everybody. See you later. We'll see you.