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And then in the end, I don't know what you're doing, but I like it. Hi, everyone. Welcome to Young and Hung, you here with my friend. This is Bob Betterer. Good to see everybody, a.k.a. the the sports commentator guru. And this is Griffin Johnson.


Yeah, I really like our title too.


You are young and I am. You know what?


Sorry I had to throw that in there. I don't know who thought of that title, but I think it was you, which is weird. Well, you know, sometimes you just got to lay down the facts and it just turns out that I'm young and.


Yeah, but, you know, it's weird. I mean, what do you why are you saying have you what's going on here? I mean, have you talked to some of the girls that while that I've been with. Because they are you are correct.


Well, they did tell me that your nickname is Big Rig, Bob. That's right.


Big Dick. Bob, welcome in, everybody. It is a pleasure to be here. Like you. Step right up. Step right up. What a beautiful day to day was.


It was nice. The weather was great. Yeah. And what do you think? Thanks, Aaron.


I just can't get over the fucking yelling and hugging you. That's unbelievable. I'm so glad that I'm going to be known as just hung. It is going to get me so much pussy on this podcast.


Well, Bob, I was tired of you talking about being a simps. I figured I'd help you out and let everyone at least believe that you're hung.


That's that's my boy right there, because the other one was Eskimo Brothers. That was our other term that we were going to call it.


But I realized I haven't been the same girl as you because I think you're young.


Well, now we're going to figure out if, you know, you being labeled as hung will help you in the DMS or not. Oh, please.


You kidding me? Reflooding they're going to be flooding like wildfire today. Speaking of wildfire, real quick, did you hear about the guy that why all those fires happened?


No, the guy that baby gender reveal what? Yeah, he was doing a gender reveal, dude. And he fucking, like, had fireworks and explosions and exploded and caused the whole entire forest fire.


Dude, I hope at least the baby was expected. If not, that's a real shitty chain of events to fucking me babies.


Obviously they weren't there. Bellegarde baby revealed the fucking baby coming off. Now it was fuckface. There was a fucking baby revealed like boy or girl. It was like, yeah, they had a baby on the way but they lit up like firecrackers.


Baby acting you know about having babies. I might have a couple other. They just came knocking. Yeah. Don't make enough money yet. Oh my my.


Anyway because I get a knock on the door from like this like twelve year old kids like hello father. I'm like fuck yeah.


I'd have to take him in. No I'd be a great father. You think I know I would. Yeah. Let the ladies now could be in a simp and just say I would make a great father like little Johnny.


Would you like to play online poker today. Two hours to play. He's he's ten years old. You haven't done sports gambling.


He just was born. The baby's just my baby's just born with like a pair of aces. Just comes out of his hands.


Dude, I can actually see it like that awkward moment when you you know, you go home with the girl and you wake up the next day and you didn't know she had a kid and you, like, walks out of his bedroom. You're like, oh, hey, that's happened. You're like, do you know about sports gambling?


Actually, the Saints won last night. I made about five hundred dollars. Yeah, exactly. I actually know what happened before. It's happened before.


I've actually been with a girl and, uh, woke up and there was like a baby crying in the next room. It's pretty horrifying. I didn't know what to do and I think we had unprotected, which is I don't recommend. But it was I think we didn't protect ourselves as well as we should have.


Well, I think the Plan B train was definitely taken off. Senator, Texas got to take that thing for me. Oh, my. It can you send me a video of you eating it? No, I'm just kidding. I'm making this all up. Come on. I'm not the devil over here, Griffin.


You know what I mean? I don't even know what to say to that one, I'm going to let you run with that, Bob. I'm looking. I'm looking. I'm looking to get I'm looking to get married soon. That's my goal. So what age, honestly? Thirty three. It's fucking time. You think it's time? Yeah.


I mean, thirty five, you know, but I promise, I just I don't I'm not dating anyone.


What would you say the new norm is for, for getting married nowadays. I say like I said, like thirty.


Yeah. Thirty is probably about it. So you're a little above the norm. I'm past the thirty mark.


I hit thirty. I'll tell you, you hit thirty Griffin shit gets real back, starts hurting your hangovers last longer. You know it's it's tough. You said Parta.


I mean I wouldn't know but I know you can talk about the three year old boys and see what they feel. But how did this come about? You know, Griffin, I'm curious to know.


I forget I think I was kind of drinking during that time when I agreed, even though I'm thrilled to be here with you on this podcast. But how did this happen? It's pretty iconic, actually.


We, uh, we met at at a party and we we we were talking about white gambling. Is that what you're talking about?


Yes, probably. Now it's all coming back to me.


We were definitely talking about and from from there on, I was like, who is this guy and why does he know so much about gambling later? To find out it's from experience.


Am I right? I do like to gamble that I did. I try and get you to gamble that night. Uh, you didn't try to give me the gamble, but you're definitely talking about a deal.


Yeah, definitely. Probably. What else is new over here? I'm over here. Thirty four years old. Put some fucking deals.


These young Tick-Tock kids are at least trying to he's out here and he said he's like trying to trying to get the next gambling experience. I need a fix. I always need a fix. Yes. So I'm curious to my audience who's here right now.


And your audience here, obviously, they already know what how did you get your start? Dude, I started all on Tick-Tock, I'm the tick tock guy for anyone that's listening. This is Bob's fans, 40 year old old dudes feel free to make fun of me. Some of you might not know what it is, but I started off in nursing school and I did videos because there's there's some people on my campus that were doing it. And I got involved in some of the videos and they did well.


So I was like, well, might as well. That's that's literally how it started.


And and Griffin Johnson has how many followers on Tick Tock, which I'm very excited about, nine and a half million.


Oh my God. I hit the jackpot because I am the worst tick tock here of all fucking time, but I'm still trying to blend in and fit in with the crew. I love your videos on there because you obviously don't know exactly what the post. What are you talking about? You'll literally take an Instagram story or something and save it and then post it on. Ticktock.


Yeah, that's my strategy, Griffin. I know. I know. I need to do better at it.


Sorry, dude.


I mean, I can't just, like, take my shirt off like you can and just be like you and have five thousand DM from fucking chicks everywhere. No chicks dig me.


By the way, if you're not doing the renegade, no one wants to see about what the fuck is the renegade. Are you serious. Yeah. Look it up. I don't look it up honestly.


I find I'll you'll have the renegade on my thing. I did get locked out of tech talk yesterday, by the way, which I'm very disappointed about. I have two point five million for a 33 year old man and don't make any jokes. I actually have a pretty good following.


Wow. For not having a single dance is pretty good. What's the most? Because I think I'm close to you. What's the most views you've ever had in one tock video? Uh, eighty million eighty right now.


I'm not close. Huh. I had eighteen. No, eighteen is good. Eighteen million is good.


I mean this is like average. That's, that's not bad. Eighteen million. Think about the eighteen million people.


It's nuts. Doesn't it make sense to me when you guys do your videos once again to pick your brain. When you guys do your videos. Do you guys like planet. Are you guys like I see a lot of you guys in videos together.


I mean I think now it's almost like like second hand nature. Whenever I first started, I used to really sit down and be like, OK, what's going to be viral? And now that I'm just so involved and I see so much, I'm in the trends and I can I kind of have the power to start trends a little bit on my own. Right. So it's much easier now. I most videos I have a total of probably two to five minutes in them and that's about it.


But you guys like wake up in the morning. It's a good morning, guys. All right. Two, four, six, eight. Here we go. Like and you guys rehearse it.


No, no. Like you pick out a sound. Right? So there's sound on Tick-Tock. That's kind of how it works. But getting jiggy with it, like like trendy, like whether it's a dance, whether it's like transition videos or whatever it is, there's there's sounds that are always trending. And you can actually look at Apple Music and pretty much tell the songs that are turning on Tick-Tock.


Am I supposed to use hashtags now? Not hashtags are miftah time out.


But I typed in my hashtag, by the way, you keep mocking me for not being that popular in tech talk. My fucking hashtag is 211 million hashtags.


Well, that's, that's where it gets tricky. So if I were going to use a hashtag on Tic-Tac, you would only be to promote my brand. So I would come up with my own hashtag. So like you could do hashtag zapped on every single video and then you're, you know, then people that follow you are like want to reach you.


They can put hashtags zapped and hope that, you know, they reach you.


Why are they calling me on their simp? Truthfully, y you know, we've gone over this before. You've teased me a little bit about it. It's like you're going to call the SIM.


What is this simp. Well that's you have to answer that. I don't know. I mean I looked it up. I think it's somebody like desperately tries to get poontang or whatever.


Do you desperately try to get poontang? I mean, sometimes, Aaron, you shut your fucking mouth over there. Sometimes I will use you know, if girls come over, my move is like, hey, yo, you guys want to ticktock dance together and then we'll do a tick tock, dance together and just, you know, that's I think that helps my cause, baby.


Like, well, Bob, I think that's what they call desperate, not a cent. So it's worse. That's another level. Yeah, that's another level. Oh my God.


If you ask a girl to do a take talk with you, that's not a sin. Yeah, but I don't care about it though.


But I don't care. But I think it's fun.


But that's really considered so this simple and then is just pure desperation. And I'm at the pit of despair down there.


So I would say the difference between a swamp is you like you know, you buy a table of girls a shot and you're like, that's old school being a gentleman.


No, you don't get that. No, that's being a nowadays. Come on, get up with the times.


All right. So what about this? Is it something if you take a girl out and make her pay? Now, what if that's called being broke?


Live from the fucking right field is Aaron Steinberg, who, by the way, it works for me, is fucking the worst of all time. I get a girl, so let's not even have you fucking comment in at all. I saw him get a girl one time.


Really? No.


Yeah, no, I just say don't stop. Don't back him up at all. He deserves the credit there at all. What are your DM's like?


Truthfully, they're actually scary. Really. Dude, I'm not going to lie one on one of these shows. I want to pull up some DMS and just read them. Absolutely.


We're going to have a contest. Who gets that? We pick I'll pick my top five DMS that I've got from girls and you pick your top five.


I think the scariest one today was Have My Children and I don't know why, but that one just really like messes with like I don't want kids.


You know, one kid's not right now. Maybe when I'm your age. What do you mean when you're. Yeah, you're right, I probably should be thinking about settling down. I probably should. I'm hanging out with these 20 year old, 21 year old Nick Doggers over at Saddle Ranch.


I went to the new place now to go.


Is salaries a new place?


For now, it's like the only place open where you can eat and drink and have a good time, like at least with a table of six.


You know, I'm surprised South Park hasn't made fun of you guys yet. Like you take talkers like that. Be a great episode. Like everybody, like going to Saddle Ranch is a little like South Park characters. And wherever they go, like maybe they'll run to another restaurant. They're all together. That was like a subtle show.


Maybe we should get Seth Macfarlane on here so we can educate them about o'clock so he can make a show. I would love to get Seth Macfarlane on.


Their family is one of my favorite shows ever. Really? Yeah. Do you watch Family Guy? I do watch Family Guy. Yeah, he that's he's from Boston to. Really. Yeah. Where are you from.


Indiana. Well Illinois. Indiana border.


And you go to school technically your senior. Yeah I'm a senior because I watch this first episode of because it's true.


Like I don't know you really and you don't know me. And the fact that we're doing this is kind of strange. But so like do you actually watch the covid-19 stuff happening right now? Do you do Zoome classes? Do you do like.


Well, I was already online, so I switched online last year, second semester, my junior year. So I don't have to do any Zoome like classes because I was already like doing completely online school.


Do you remember what the boys did, how they crashed all the fucking different class?


Dude, I'm actually really mad about that because now there's like so many things that out added like pass codes and all this like stuff like instructors can kick you out. Yeah. Like when it first started, none of that was even a thing. And then Noch started this crazy trend where they just go in and destroy Zoome classes. So there's so many procedures now they can, they can do anything mumu whatever they learn the hard way.


I mean they just came in, everyone else was trying to fight the kid. Ming, remember that video. Yes. There was like some guy in the fucking thing and he's like fuck you PMing like a fucking hilarious.


Yes he was doing, he's doing like an aerobics one, smoking a cigar and a Zumba class I believe. Yeah. Good stuff. You see Shila buffs thing. They did the table read.


I did not. Oh they all did this table really like Morgan Freeman. They had like all these different people. This is a little while ago. And Shil, they're reading the Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which is way past your time. You haven't seen it, obviously. And this character was kind of supposed to be this kind of fucked up, whatever kind of guy. And I don't know and nobody knows if he was actually fucked up, like acting or but he was smoking a blunt with like Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, like they were on a Zoome call.


And he did the funniest video ever. If you haven't seen it yet, you've been living on the moon.


I guess I do live under the ticktock rock.


Are you a sports fan at all? We're going to be to talk sport. That's what I know. I mean, I'm a sports. I like playing sports. I've never really followed them closely. I never watch TV at all, pretty much growing up. So I know a little bit because I've seen, you know, highlights and stuff, but I don't follow it closely.


Yeah, you think like I think the sports are weird as it is. Well, everything going on, I think sports are like dying. More people are interested in like you guys it fucking Saddle Ranch and they are like a 50 yard touchdown bomber from fucking Tom Brady.


It's kind of stupid. Like if you were to sit down and ask me what my talent is on tick talk, I would say taking your shirt off, taking my shirt off.


Like the most talented thing that I do in ninety percent of my videos is smile and take my shirt off, which is why I think this is great, because it finally like a podcast like this allows people to actually hear you had a long format here and to you know, I mean, I admit it.


Right. So I'm not I'm not stupid. I don't try to hide it like I'm doing something spectacular.


You admit that you're a simple.


I don't know what's the most thing, the one thing you've done that you might be like, all right, I'm a I am that, um, one time I went across all the way to L.A. to get a U-Haul to pick up a couch for a girl.


Oh, my God. That is time out. I have never reached that. It was a smart move. I actually thought about you the other day. Why? You know, sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. When was this? Uh, a while ago.


Who was the girl? It was like. It was like Charlie the millionaire of the house or something. No, not even I like I'm more into the college scene.


Uh, but the girl was just a random girl. I wouldn't say I wouldn't say random. I'm going to get this out of you. Who was the girl? A mutual a mutual friend. Had you hooked up with her prior now? Have you met her prior? Yes.


OK, so it was it was the same look, I need a couch. And she sent her a fucking U-Haul truck. That is ten out of ten on the desperation.


No, I will see. I already had the couch and we moved so I had the couch.


So not only did you you holler couch, you bought her basically a couch.


No, it was we were we weren't going to take the couch. I was I was being a helpful person, dude.


OK, who's the most vulnerable girl ever hooked up with? You can't plead the fifth on this is not an interview. It's our podcast. You can't plead the fifth, bro. Dude, come on, this is listen, this is your little fucking 12 year old girl click bait here, whatever it is.


But the most notable girl, I'll tell you mine.


Ariana Grande de what I'm messing with you, I want to see your reaction. Oh, I was dude, I was about I was about to walk out. I was going to walk over there and give you a high five and walk out because I wouldn't even be able to compare with just one phone call away to Scooter Braun.


That's it. It's not OK. Ongoing joke. Oh, man. You really hit me with the bomb right there. Yeah. Yeah.


So you don't know who it was. I mean, but there were some of the people, you know, like everybody knows that you hooked up with, like on the Internet.


I'm scared.


Why? Dude, this is just nobody's going to hear this. Come on. Just tell us. Nobody's listening to us. Nobody's nobody's listening at all. This is going to be posted on every every site in the entire world.


Are you like you only, like, drink during this podcast at all? Because I was going to say we could have like you can do three times, but you're taking a shot every time you pass. Like we're not being pussies on the show. Dude, I'm saying everything you're saying.


OK, so who's the most notable girl you fucked up with? Instagram model number 27. I don't know, I don't nobody really cool at all. Yes. I really never hooked up with anybody really famous, I don't think or anything like that. Um, I'm going to pass.


Yeah. Same sea. But you can't. The question on me, Griffo, you can't ask the same. OK, then how can you answer me if you're not even going to answer yourself because you're not allowed to ask the fucking question.


Because I asked you the question he could bring the same exact one back. And what do you think I was agreeing with me? Yeah, fire back, yeah, fire back. What I find I don't I fucking really don't know nobody.


I mean, I guess C.J. Franco. Four hundred and twenty thousand of you that likes on Instagram. Well, that was the one that got away.


Wow. Yeah. Yeah. I would say I would say none. I think I think like people would probably know the answer to this without me saying it. So just tell me if people already know.


No, I'm just going to let them infer I'm going to get this information so fast.


You have no idea. And I'm going to exploit you on every episode now, because if you're not going to give me this information, that's horseshit. We have a brotherly bond on this show and we will give information that I just gave you the information without saying it.


Charlie Amelio, that's the only name I know, dude, what's 16 someone come. How old is she? 16. Oh, that I didn't know. That's the I don't know who the fuck these people are. How old is that Adderson person and get on the mic.


I don't know anything. I'm sorry. My apologies. I do this. Well, who's like the hottest, like 20.


What is it like? What's the perfect age for a girl? For you. For me. Yeah. Like twenty. Twenty. Nice get to my age. You can't really dip that low. You've got to be right around the twenty four. Twenty five. If I go like twenty twenty one might be ok.


Twenty one, yeah, see, I could do like the twenty one at twenty five, you know, I like a good cougar. Yeah, yeah.


Would you ever hit like a 40 year old, a 45 year old chick?


She's like, Gravett, I want to take you down. Would you ever, um.


I mean, she's like kind of hot. She's like big, big boobies.


And like, I'm not I'm a more of an ass guy, but he's got a big fat old ass. If the night is right, I would highly consider it. The night is right.


That's going to be my thing. I'm just going to like bring him over today, bring him over this week and just have like a cougars here, just like circling him, which, by the way, first episode here.


And you come in and Vernon Davis is upstairs and, uh, you're calling me whatever that word is, the sympathy. I got two beautiful girls up there that I met, and I think one of them likes me.


Wow, what do you what do you buy? Well, I gave her rights to the car outside.


Oh, my not I did nothing actually last night we just sat we played beer pong, but we it was our last night to really go hard because, you know, in this house are we are we try and balance working hard and playing hard. You know, I like to have a good time. So, you know, I'll put in the work in the morning till the afternoon. And then at night time it gets a little messy, but we wake up and do the process over and over again.


Well, that's why we're here right now. But it's one hell of a time. Are you a big partier? I've had my phases.


I'm not going to lie. I wouldn't say I've ever been like a crazy partier, but I definitely like to go out and experience it kind of like drunk.


Or, you see, I could drink like seven bottles of tequila and just be like, hi, but I don't I don't change. Really. Yeah, I think I could I would drink everybody on the planet, which is sad.


I think it's it's the the ADHD. ADHD, yeah. Do you think I have ADHD. Maybe a little bit. Yeah I'd say so. I would say so.


I hate fucking giggle brains in the background over there. Right. God almighty.


Yeah. No I used to definitely ADHD actually. They sent me in early in school, uh in eighth grade. I went for my testing or actually no it was junior junior year.


I got diagnosed. My teacher was like, Bob is not right. They usually sent me four laps around the school before tests till I get my energy to run around.


Yeah. All right. Math test in fifteen minutes. Bob, go outside. Here's Ned. Ned will be your special assistant here with you.


I had like somebody sitting next to me doing class. An adult. Are you serious? No, no, I'm fucking with you with that, but like I used to get set for, like, sprints around. Wow. And I just go and see my friends. Fun fact.


I was valedictorian, believe it or not. Watsonia how many kids? Like five in school, basically. How many like 400 something.


That's fucking crazy. Yeah. What the fuck. Who are you. Dude, I'm just a kid with an iPhone. That is a fun fact that you need to be talking about more in dropping in front of girls like fuck you, ticktock following. If I had the ability to be like I'm valedictorian once.


Your speech, like did my speech, actually. I was absolutely awful, not for the fact that my speech was bad. It's just I wasn't serious and I guess I was supposed to be a lot more like serious and professional about it. And I think I I remember I did a dab in the middle of my speech and like, everyone started laughing and then I got some bad stares from my parents and stuff because they were expecting me. I switched it.


So like, I had two different speeches. I had one that I turned in and submitted, and then I had one that I showed my parents and my English teacher. He was really cool. So he didn't care that I was being like a troll on stage, but my parents were not the happiest about. Were you nervous giving the speech?


No. I mean, my school was pretty small, so I knew a lot of the people, so I felt pretty comfortable. But yeah, but that's not know.


A small school is 400 people small for a school. I think it was closer to 500.


500 people can't be that small. I don't think. I think that's what mine was. I think my my graduating class was like seventy something people.


Oh fuck that then. OK, never mind. I'll give you that much credit. I thought you beat out 500 people. Revelatory. You be seventy three people.


Oh I'm talking about my entire school about. Oh yeah.


No now you don't deserve all the credit. So electric. I don't like 60 people. Wow. Good for you. I mean good job but I was going to give you a crown of you.


I can't remember seventy something. Eighty some summer in there. We had three hundred and sixty one people in my class. My class rank was three fifty eight out of three. Sixty one I think. I was like that bed, I was in level I was in level three math where it went AP Advanced Placement, Level one smart people level to kind of just like I need a little bit help level three. Oh my God. We were all running around with fucking Bob graduated on just learning Algebra one.


No, I could I just didn't I couldn't focus in school, you know, more of a street smart guy than book smart.


So they all said, Bob, you know, I get I got the smarts to me, but, you know.


Anyway, so how many minutes is this, Ben, by the way? Twenty twenty minutes. What do we want to make this intro make that we can edit this up honestly.