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Oh, that Billy. What a cute little baby that boy is. Hello, Daniel. Yeah, he he certainly defied the odds to still be with us by the end of this episode as a as we were to discuss, it seemed touch and go there for the bolster.


And it did seem touch and go there. I was just more concerned about making sure that he didn't have any whiplash or head injuries. You know, you have to be careful with babies at that age.


And he was a youngster, especially if you're carrying them around in a in a duffel bag. But maybe we're getting maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. Out of ourselves. Totally. McPaul, this episode, in case you couldn't tell, was another one where they rewind the clock last week was running Zach. And you can tell you you age down again substantially. This was recorded if I read the production notes correctly, between Mamas and the Papas, where you guys all were fake, married and pinned to the mat where you were gambling for a dirt bike.


So that's where young Billy fit in originally. And they shelved it. They were like, we're going to hold on to this. Yeah, I know what time period or era we're in by the by my quaff, by my my, my, my job that I had going on up there. This is that Fizer look, which I'm not a fan of. I felt like my friends betrayed me because there's just a lot of telling you. Yeah.


There's just a lot of cotton candy woven and stuff going on. There are a lot of hairspray and I don't know what I was thinking, but nobody told me anything else. So I just kind of went with it and I, I, I cringe when I watch it now. Yeah.


I went through several like regretable hairstyles and it looks over the years of of adolescence, but fortunately none of them were on national television and syndicated forever. So, yeah, I'm grateful for that. You know, not everyone gets to make those mistakes in private or most people do.


But listen, this is one of done this is one of the reasons why I did not watch the show is because I was I didn't like the way I looked or the way I sounded or the way I acted and all that stuff and the whole the whole thing.


And that's why now we can have a podcast with with the preface of saying that I have never watched these episodes, but I did watch this episode. I did do my homework. It was a fun little episode. Fun. Let's get into it.


Why don't you give the the a synopsis and then we can discuss further this very necessary summary here of so much happened. Uh, Kelly's parents got snowed in on a ski trip, so she has to secretly watch her baby brother Billy at school on yearbook photo day. Kelly gives Billy his act to go to her cheerleading photo. Zac puts Billy in a gym bag and narrowly avoids being discovered in French class, then learns Kelly broke her arm and they'll need to watch Billy for the rest of the day.


Zac and Slater change Billy, then give him to Jesse and Lisa, who lose Billy while they're getting their picture taken in Home EC class. Kelly returns to learn they lost her brother, but he's safe in Belding's office, who they all convinced now has memory loss. Also, Max was the yearbook photographer, and that is the end of the episode. And we're, in fact, one more call just like that, uh, at the max for Kelly's big emergency.


Everyone's at the max in the morning having their breakfast, I guess.


Yeah, well, Kelly said she has an emergency. She wants to meet us at the max and she comes walking through the door with very 80s hair, by the way.


Yeah, I was going to have that. I have that here in my notes of like because this is early, early first season. Everyone's look is a little all over the place. You you mentioned your hair. Kelly has too much hair. Looks like they didn't quite know what to do with Lisa. And, uh, you know, of course Mario's Mario's mane is is Mario's mane. I mean, nothing thing is his mo. It just kind of went back and forth and how tight it was.


But it seems about the same. You know, it's funny because you said first season, but I know for a fact that this wasn't like usually a first season or a season of television is I mean, we just had 13 episodes of Mixed Dish last year. We did about twenty two.


If you look at like on Hulu, I think the first season was saved by the bell says sixteen. But if I remember correctly, we only shot maybe ten, our first run and then we went on this basis.


It's confusing on streaming. Yeah. But we want to know your status and then we came back. So some time has passed from the very first season to what would this would. Obviously we shot this in the first season, but it wasn't my making myself clear here. Help me help me clear it up for our audience. I get it. Yeah.


You're saying this was released within the what the audience would perceive as season one. But for the actors, you shot some, then you took a break, you came back and you shot the rest.


Yeah, but I'm saying with my look and with this hair and this whole thing, there was some time between Miss Bliss, part of the first season of Saved by the Bell, and then this. I feel like we took a break somewhere after maybe ten. 13 episodes to come back to shoot this, but this was still this is now airing in the second season, but we shot it in the second half of the first season. I don't know if that makes sense to anybody, but it makes a little bit of sense.


If you're watching on streaming, it's it's season three because they retroactively made Miss Bliss season one. So it just a big, mysterious, confusing web. You know, I have a drink in front of me. I know you do, too. I'm going to Mississippi because why not? It seems like we're doing math right now. And I don't like I don't want to do math. I hate math. Oh, my God. Look at so many.


There's almost too many similarities.


I it's not like do I love math? I actually do. Do you love math. I do. I love math. Now, I didn't love math growing up. I like puzzles. I like to solve puzzles. I love I love chess. I love like sudoku. I love, I love things that, you know, with numbers and patterns and and things like that. I didn't growing up though. I was I wasn't necessarily a great student.


And I think because I was busy acting and I was pulled away from my studies. But now I enjoy doing math. I enjoy doing kindergarten and first grade level math because that's where I'm at right now. I would like that too, because I don't feel like a genius. I mean, I like what you just described to me as you like you like games, like Sudoku is like a game. Yeah. But involves numbers. Yeah. I mean, but if you look at math, math is a puzzle.


It's a mystery. It's, it's, it's a there is an outcome and there's no guessing. It's like you have to follow this, this pattern and you will come to your answer. I think it's like math is beautiful in a way.


No. Yeah, I guess. I mean, I took math as long as I was in grade school, in high school. And let me tell you, Marble, there was plenty of guessing on my sheet when I and you got them wrong because you can't guess. And that I didn't. Yeah. Didn't always didn't always crush it in math would be my my synopsis. No and academic days. It's why I also like jujitsu because I feel like jujitsu is in a way a version of like chess, you know, you're, you're, you know, grappling another human being.


But there's there's problem solving. And I don't know, I just I like I like that part of math where it's, you know, you have a problem and there is a solution. You just have to find the way to that answer. And I enjoy it. How do we get our video games? I don't know, because because we were talking about I'm sure there look, we can save that for another podcast. The point is now we're off math and we're back in the max just like that for more of a screeches bug humor.


He was making a fly omelet and we got a little screech character stuff. He plans to marry Lisa. That won't happen. Only two people involved in this scene will get married. That is Zack and Kelly. Uh, yeah. Speaking of Kelly here, her parents went on a ski trip alone. And I know we've talked about the cost of skiing specifically. Um, what's what's your read on that marble that that Karpovsky the heads of the family were like, we're going to bail on our seven kids and take again.


I contend skiing is on the pricier side of travel and luxury like sports. Entertainment seems kind of selfish.


Well, it seems a little selfish. There's so many there's so much wrong with this setup. I mean, yes, they have seven kids. Let's give the age of the kids roughly. Kelly is what, fifteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen year. She doesn't have a car yet. She didn't go through. So let's say fifteen, let's call fifteen. She has three older brothers. So let's say, OK, you know, maybe the oldest.


I mean, if they had kids every nine months, which is weird, but I'm going I'm going to get a pen and paper now. We're doing math. Yeah. Now we're doing math. So let's say the oldest at the at the at the young end of the spectrum would be eighteen, which he's not. He's got to be nineteen possibly twenty nineteen. So let's say nineteen. OK, so we know that she has three older brothers then it's Kelly then.


And how I know this because I went down the rabbit hole after watching this episode. It really bothered me because as a parent there's so many things that are wrong with this opening scene. There's Kelly, then there's Nicky and then I find out that there's Kyle, you know, because let's say is 13.


I think we learn that book, Kyle ten. I mean, what is going on at the capacity house? That's another ten like Billy, who is. Yeah, I mean, he's under a year.


No, fresh. That's a fresh baby. That's a fresh paint. Has that smells like a new car. Yeah. OK, so there's a fourteen year gap between Kelly and Billy. These parents are so irresponsible. I don't know, it just, it just rubs me the wrong way that they left Kelly and the kids. Where's the baby sitter who's watching this house full of kids so.


Right. So as we don't know all those numbers, it looks like a beautiful mind on my piece of paper to give the audience like in case they're just catching up. Now what why? Kelly has brought us all into the max and why she has a baby strapped her back? Yeah, because the parents got snowed in and they they left like no to no baby sitter. I mean. Yeah. So I mean, the local mountains of like where did they go.


I mean, if we're here in the Palisades, I would have to say if they were if they were far enough. I crunched these numbers. If they were we're doing a lot of math here on a Sunday, folks.


If they were far enough away where they could have gotten back but didn't, it was probably like Big Bear, which is like a couple hours away from L.A. and maybe it was maybe was like mountain high or like they were nearby. There's not generally enough snow at these places to ever get snowed in. Most of the snow is made by machines. Correct. So, like, if you're even further out, like mammoth, well, that's like six or seven hours away and like it it just they were they are certainly too far.


It's more than like a quick jaunt down the highway to be leaving this menagerie of children. Oh, and here's the thing. I mean, I have four kids, so I've gone through it a few times. The kid is billies under a year old and she's going on a ski trip. I don't know. I mean, they're stressed. They're stressed about money. I'm not stressed about their children. I'm just I'm not saying you can't. And granted, Billy is the seventh kid.


It's like after a while you're just like he's going to be fine. But still, it just feels weird. Like here's a here's also a family that the dad is strapped for cash and takes Kelly's money away for a prom dress to pay for. What did he have to pay for, by the way? Food.


I mean, he needed to literally feed his family like he was like I was like, I don't know how. I mean, they also have a mortgage, the lights on, you name it. I don't you think thirty four dollars pays? Kelly, I don't know how I'm going to pay for my EPIK Pass to go skiing, so I'm going to take your prom money. I mean, this is just so much wrong going on here. I feel so bad for Kelly.


Yeah, it's played very sweetly and quickly of Kelly, like Johnson with her tiny brother in a backpack. But it's like it's like it's like when you really break it down quickly.


Like also I certainly missed days of school for less than this. Like, I wish I would wake up with, like a cough or something and just or just not be in the mood and would not go to school that day if my parents had left me alone and I had to keep a baby alive. No chance. I'm got yearbook photos be damned. I will not be the attending. And I guess that brings us to, like, why this episode, Durjan?


See, Paul, what's the what's the reason for the season here? Why is why isn't everyone just staying at home to keep a baby alive? And it's the frickin yearbook. Like what? Who who needs a photo of themselves in their club that badly? And the answer is the kids are Bayside. They really need this, apparently, for reasons I don't fully understand. Story, I guess it's a TV show, that's probably what I don't know, it's just it's odd to me that the writers would come up with this and this would pass the room.


Right. Like I could I could I could hear this. I mean, look, I just think at a certain point, if I'm just using my, like, writer brain here, but at a certain point, someone was like their kids, my babysitter as a kid. What if what if we did an episode where they to, like, babysit a kid or something? And that's the page. And so I like. Yeah, that makes sense.


And then someone else is like, well, you know, we got to film the whole thing at Bayside. So what is it? How do we get a baby to Bayside. And that's where the the wheels fall off the wagon. Real quick for me. Um, and this baby's pretty everywhere. I'm I'm going to give some insight into babies. And, um, unless you were a fan of Full House, you wouldn't know that there's usually twins.


I am I am a fan of Full House. And I do know about the twins thing. And I think please tell me your thing, but I have a I think whoever was behind full house was psychotic because they had twins on set. They had twins on set playing one character, Michelle. But then later on in series, they were like, you know what else we need on this set? More twins. And then Jessie and was his wife, Rebecca.


They have a pair of twins. So then you have two kids on set who can't, like, take breaks because with babies, as you're about to share, that's why you work with twins, like keep one of them on ice. So, yeah, I think Full House is running a twisted ship, a twisted ship full of twins.


But in case the audience doesn't know, we usually have twins because they may only I don't know what the labor rules are, the laws for young actors.


But the younger you are, the less time you're allowed to be on set.


So let's say that these baby can only work three hours. Well, if you have twins, sure, they do the math. Here we go. Three. Oh, my God. That's six hours of baby time.


Yeah, six hours baby time. So I'm sure this Billie had another baby, Billie somewhere man. But this whole passing around of this kid, I was just like watching it cringing because as a parent, I mean, this kid is getting passed around. I'm watching the head making sure that he's not going to snap his head back. Billy looks strong, though. So good for Billy there. But, man, as a parent, I mean, I'm wondering, like, where was the I don't remember where the mother was, but like a like a like a handler for an animal, you'd be right off set, like, ready to jump in there and grab Billie away from, you know, from I mean, it's a tense moment for me.


Well, you you guys are kids. I mean, that's also just an aside about babysitting in general. It is odd that we trust like just barely not children to keep our tiniest of humans alive. But, yeah, I mean, this is like. I had I had a I had a similar feeling watching this kid get passed around for a joke, they could have just put Billy in a stroller or something and had everyone take turns putting their hands on the back of the stroller, but.


No, and even with Mario holding the baby with a bag in his hand and on his arm, I mean, I was just I was just like, oh, please don't don't drop the baby. And you know what? There could have been a take where we actually did drop the baby, but then we just have we got the baby back up, number two. So no big deal. You've got a baby double. And to your point, we're in the halls of Bayside now after the max because they you can't work with a baby all day.


They they do a little trick here where the baby is in a duffel bag. So we don't need to see the baby. Wait for spoiler alert. There's no baby in the bag. I probably should have. Well, you were sitting down again, so I felt comfortable revealing that level of news with my acting that you you would not be able to tell that there wasn't a baby in that bag. I mean, you do say shush and you do hold it, there's a line coming up in this scene, I don't know much about babies and it's like, yeah, I believe that because you put one in a gym bag and it's just roll.


I mean, talk about an unsupported neck. That is that's not I mean, I guess back in the day, people there weren't even like, you know, seatbelts in the in the rear seats of cars, like safety was different. But that is I think even in nineteen ninety people would know that's not how you transport a baby Loosley in a bag. Yeah, it's funny.


Zach says I don't know much about babies because I'm an only child. I kind of grew up as an only child because there's such a gap between me and my next sibling. My sister is eleven years older than me and my next sister after that is 15. My brother is 16 years older than me. So I kind of grew up in an empty house by myself. But it also meant that I had nieces and nephews while I was still a teenager.


My my one of my closest nephews is Ian and he's eight years younger than me. So you guys were much closer in age and hung up then. Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, I teased the hell out of this kid and because he was with us quite a bit and my my my sister's daughter, Brittany, she's about 14 years. Yeah. There's a there's actually a picture of me on Saved by the bell with her on my lap while I'm in the classroom.


I think it's out there somewhere, but she's like 15 or 16 years younger than me.


So I had a lot of experience with babies. You know, unlike Zach, I was I was very comfortable with them. And I think you can see, like, I spend a lot of time in this episode holding a baby. And I did pretty well. I was very supportive. And I think there's like genuine warmth coming from me and trying to protect this little kid. I've always been that way. I mean, I I've you know, I work with kids on Mixed Dish.


I worked with a kid on passage, on the passage and some of the other things that I've done. So I'm always very comfortable around kids and animals. You know, we lump those in together when we're talking about, you know, being here in the business. Yeah.


I mean, if you're on set, you don't have a line. You're either a baby or an animal. So that's that's what's going on in each one of them has a handler. Yeah. And it's it's tough to work with babies in with animals. I mean, there's just a lot of there's a lot of protocol that goes into it.


Yeah. Generally speaking, anyone who is at your job who doesn't actively know they are currently at a place of business, is hard to work with and babies and animals fall into that category. That's my favorite thing about those those hot like Fox used to do, like man versus beast stuff, real salacious, like can this bear eat more hot dogs in this man? And the answer was always, yeah, because the bear just showed up to eat. He doesn't care about the cameras or the lights.


They're just stoked at this pile of hot dogs. He doesn't know what a TV show is. Yeah, less work for the bear is like I don't have to work for this food. This is amazing.


Oh, my God. Yeah, this is. Can we come can we do this again tomorrow. And yeah. We get a. We are in we see building here making the all the many announcements throughout the day, we get a lot of jokes from building about, you know, each with each little club has its own little building joke to go along with it. It's fun. McPaul, use that F word. It's also a way to keep building in the mix.


You know, it's a way to like he's not really on these stories. He's just kind of on his own island in his office until the end. So give him some jokes. And we're in French class, Madame, with as I said, that's how it's written off f it's you know what it means in French right now. Egg. Oh, well, that was anticlimactic, I thought it'd be like like dirty, it just is an egg.


OK, I don't know what that means. I mean, what do you have, madam? Ovaries. I mean, it's madam.


I don't know. OK, madam. Sure. She is played by one Mary Pat Gleason, but I could not believe her. IMDB We're talking decades of TV sister Sister Murphy Brown, Mama's Family Blossom NYPD Blue Marble, two broke girls scandal shameless. Those are just to name a few. She has been working in movies Basic Instinct, Traffic, Bruce Almighty and Beverly Hills, just to name a few. Mary Pat Gleason booked tons of stuff. All right.


I have a trivia question for you. Oh, God. Out of her IMDB. What shows did we have in common that we worked on you and her? Yes. Oh, I just had NYPD Blue. Is there more in this? That's why there's a tripped Jesus. You think it would be that easy? No, I don't, but I also look at your list, you tell me look at your list. I don't have I don't have everything.


Do you also on, um, did you were you on Blossom? I was. OK, and one more. Oh, you're just saying of these ones. Yeah. No way were you on. Shameless, no. Well, I'll give you one one, one, two, now one more besides that now is just one more. And then and then we're done and I'm going to give it to. I don't. OK, I'm going to go to process of elimination.


I don't think you were on Mama's family. That was it. I'm going to say I'm not going to go ahead. That was it now. But it wasn't Mama's family. But go ahead. I said, I will only give you one more. You were kind of like you're cheating the system here. All right. I am cheating. OK, two girls.


No, I wasn't tubercles. It was Murphy Brown.


Oh, man. I was going. That was my next one. Well, it's hard because I didn't know if it was like I could easily see you. Being on any of those shows is like, let's bring in Marble Goslar.


And, you know, I was I wasn't Marble Goslar on Murphy Brown. I was just the blond kid who played the anchor chair. But no, I was on Blossom and NYPD Blue. We were on the same show, but not at the same time. I think she was on and like nineteen ninety seven and I didn't come on until two thousand. And this is again like the difference in early saved by the bell and later saved by the bell.


Last week was running back a a more serious episode and dealing with like death and slavery. And this week now it's like again it's an older episode but it's like wow wow baby sounds it's like this is this is as bad as cartoony is saved by the bell gets Zach in the back of the class, you know, making baby sounds while the French teacher is oblivious. Just almost feels like a different show. These early episodes. You guys are more kids.


This stuff feels more like what children would do.


Yeah. And help me out here. But usually when background has lines and they are repeating what Zach says, you get paid.


Oh, right. I just gasped. Yeah, I think I mean, I think I think I think NBC had to cut a check to every kid in that room. Yeah. This was a I think this was an expensive episode to do expensive bit. Yeah. It's a bit expensive when we have about twenty background artists in here and each one of them is repeating what I'm saying.


And I think they get paid a little bit more.


They do. They're all paid. They're all paid more that day for sure. Good day for them. Yeah, why not? And a good day for everyone, it's a fun bit and it's like a cartoon. It just is like a cartoon of like, you know, it's like a stop hating yourself kind of thing. Or just like these are like things that are no, humans don't act this way, but suddenly is like it's just a fun, silly little thing.


Look at you without fun.


I love it. It's a fun word. Hey, Daniel, did you know that the new season of fortnight is here? That's right. If you play for night or know anything about it, you'll know that the storyline evolves with every season and it's better than ever whether you're playing Battle Royale Daly or hopping in for special events and party royale, the island changes with every development that gets thrown at us. Now the island has grown wild. So must you battle with wildlife and craft your weapons?


Experience the zero crisis finale in game now and pick up the Season six battle pass to run wild against primitive landscapes with Laura Croft, Teen Titans Raven and Agent Jones go to Fence Dot GGGI Season six. Just the number six to see it all. Just like that, we're in to the bayside hallway here, we learn Kelly broke her arm, get like these yearbook photos or bad news. They were they are cursed by an ancient which no one should be taking these pictures.


Kelly is in the hospital now and Zack has a moment where he can, like, do the right thing, you know, go to an adult. Perhaps he does not.


But I mean, hello. Under no circumstance. Hello. There's a baby in the halls of Bayside and no one seems to bother with it. No one blinks. No one I mean, if it was a different if it was a different show, a baby at high school would be like a different a very special episode kind of thing. But no, it's not that kind of show. I mean, we have people walking behind Zack and I'm holding this baby and no one says, what, there's a baby in Bayside High?


Yeah. It's a it's a big jump from earlier before the last classroom scene when they were like, no one can know about this baby. And suddenly they're just waving that thing around in the hall. Not a care in the world. I don't I don't have the answers. They're all right. I'm going to point out something here, and I'm going to sound like a grumpy little fuck, but I'm going to do it anyway. Please. I love it.


I hate when they make baby sounds on television and film like these fake baby sounds. Mm. Why do they do that. Like.


Yeah but I get it in the last scene like you didn't see the baby was like it was a gag. Right. The baby's in my hands. Clearly you can see this baby and it's goo goo goo. I mean it's like these dumb sounds and it's like it, it doesn't even sound like it's coming from the baby. It's, it's, it's obviously a you know, it's it's it's a sound effect. But they do this in film and television.


They do it whenever you see a dog and the dog like will turn its head and then it'll go like that. That sound. Yeah. What dog ever does that have you ever heard a dog do that?


We do know that once. Yeah. Actually there's two scrapie do also. Yeah. Yeah.


But I know that's dog in real life like turns its head and goes and does that in every TV and film dogs make noises whenever the camera comes on to them. And same with babies. Whenever the with a camera like points to a baby, even if you can see its mouth it goes people, it makes dumb sounds. It's like why, why are we doing this. We know it's a baby. Do we need to have it. Do we need to beat you over the head and say, guys, baby, we got it.


We got it. I think you I think you do. And think it's a I think this is a.. This is a writer speaking. I think part of it now. Now because because you're concerned that the baby wasn't acting in a way that would make real noise. But that's that goes back to the thing of like they don't know they're at a job like the you know, they can't be miked up. Listen, if they could if they made to get what you need, if they made sounds like this baby's taking a shit, I would buy that right.


Like if the baby was grunting. That's funny. Yeah, that's just good. That's awesome.


Because babies poop whenever they don't they don't know that they're on, you know, they don't know they're in the halls of Bayside. So if they made a sound like restaurant wherever they ate any place, any time, yeah, I would get it. But these babies are like like it's it's cooing and in amazement.


I hate that. Anyway, moving on. OK, that's a look. That's a fair point to bring up. And there's going to be a that's just just giving everybody a heads up. I have like two or three more I hate in this episode. They're all fun just like this last one I think. But, you know. Sure. Just just warning you, I thank you. I was sitting down, so I appreciate the heads up and yeah, we like this would be the time to get an adult again, like there should have been an adult.


This is the fault again, of the Karpovsky parents, who I'm going to say is we're watching this together. Mark Paul are the worst parents of Bayside, and I really think they have like they did the thing which judgment aside, maybe you shouldn't have too many kids depending on your living situation. Just a thought. They had too many kids. And they have to rob each child's piggy bank once a week just to make ends meet and go on their ski trips.


Uh, they're the worst. Um, and is but Zach is being also bad now. He's he's saying only I can handle this responsibility. And speaking of only I can do this, yes, are they hired to be the photographer, someone, someone who should be at his restaurant because obviously he doesn't know how to handle the the books. And maybe that's why he has a job as a photographer, because he he needs the money.


Is it because he should really focus on making one business work before diving into the second UBM? Max is here and I mentioned earlier how you know, the story thing. If they gave Mr. Belding the talking over the P.A. to keep him in the episode, Ed was still more featured at this point in series. And they were like, we got to get Max at this whole episode as a bayside. What do we do for Max? I know he's the guy taking all these pictures and.


Sure, I guess why not? He says they're paying him a bundle. He says he's making out like a bandit here, is he? That's all right. I mean, he's he's going to blow it all the way anyway on who's running the restaurant then some some shitty gag that, you know, is going to get a reaction from the kids at the max. Oh, you're saying he's going to blow his, like, all the money they gave him on, like a cake that turns into glitter or something?


Like he's going to like what?


I'm trying to understand how this guy, the max, is always busy. It does. It does great business. And yet we had to pull him out of debt. It is confusing. It's certainly confusing. And also, he's a shitty photographer. I'm just going to throw it out there. Right. I hate when anyone who's taken a photo says cheese or in his case, he says cheeseburger. And later he he has Mr. Belding say medium rare.


Was this your second date? Yeah, this is my second unrelated to this is this is the second date. And I was like a freestyle hate. I mean, when I was watching this, I was like, man, I really hate when people tell you to say something when they're taking a picture, just take the fucking picture, OK? If I do like when someone's like, don't smile or like, say, butt cheeks or something like just like crazy, say anything.


Listen, let me do my thing if I want to smile. Great. And here's a thing to they say it all the time. When, when I mean now we're we're getting into, you know, first world problems here when you're when you're doing like a red carpet or something and and you're you're on the red carpet and and photographers will always say that to be like, hey, Mark, Paul, can we get a smile? And inside I'm going, no, no, go fuck.


You can't. And the thing is, like, I'm smiling. I'm actually smiling on the inside. I'm giving you a like a warm look. And they're like, hey, show some teeth now go fuck yourself. I don't want to show my true self. Yeah, that's what I want to say. Yeah. And you don't do it though. I don't think would go well if I told them that, because it's funny you see the same photographers at every, at every event and stuff like that.


But but regardless, let's say you're at a birthday party and people go, OK, cheese and like, no, stop it.


No, just take the picture, will you?


Have you mentioned your your multiple children? I've seen parents do the thing with kids where they at the last second say don't smile. And that gets a smile out of kids. Would you would you pull that kind of trick on your own flesh? Oh, listen, let them be people be when they take a photo, if they want to take a look however you can. And here's the thing. And this goes to another another thing about this. This shot, you know, he says to Mr.


Belding wants to take a photo for Mrs. B, he wants to do like a portrait shot and he has a do that. And so pipe ready to go. It's so stupid. Yeah. But right before the shot ad, you know, Max will say, see, medium rare. And then and then Belding's as medium rare. The pipe falls out of his mouth. Funny gag and the picture is taken. And what I'm my point is, is that back then we used film.


Right. So I love that time where you took a shot and whatever you got, that's what you used. And nowadays, because of digital and everyone has a camera now, I sound like a grumpy old man. I'm right. I know where this is going, but I'm right here with you. I love those candid shots where people's eyes were kind of close or somebody was looking away or maybe the smile wasn't perfect. Every photo now has to be possible.


In a way, it's your best angle and out of it, your best look, your best smile, like there's no sense of just rawness anymore and a way of like that. That film had I mean, if you look like old family albums of your parents or something like that, I mean, there was a lot of shots where you just candid shots and they weren't perfect. But they're just there's just something about them. It's just like they're real.


And I feel I feel like nowadays, you know, we just we have I mean, I've probably thirty thousand photos on my iPhone. Right. You know, because you take photos of everything, but, you know, you never just let people just be in photos anymore. Yeah. There's also something nice about that film, you know, era of photography, which was pretty much everything up until, what, the early two thousands of like you wouldn't know what you had.


You didn't know what the picture was until you got developed. And that in and of itself was like a cool thing of like because now you take a picture with a group of people, everyone wants to see it. So you get photo approval and it's like, I know I need I need a reshoot and like and then you cannot please everyone all the time now. And there's some beautiful simplicity of like we do sound like two old people. That's OK, folks.


We're not getting any younger. Um, but yeah, I do, I do miss that. And I like it like weddings and stuff which seems to be the last place you see like a pile of disposable cameras. It's it's a good thing because like, yes, you take a picture but you're not dwelling on it and you know, so what, your eyes are closed. Who cares? Who cares. Yeah. I used to shoot exclusively with film.


I don't anymore. I have like a digital Leica that I use.


That I love and I go in and I manipulate it through Photoshop and all this stuff, but back in the day of film you didn't know what you got and sometimes you fucked up a whole session like, you know, I used to do sports and and, you know, I'd fuck up with a shutter speed or whatever and just wouldn't get anything. But also the the the reverse of that or the the the negative one of the positives word is that sometimes you got something special and you didn't you didn't know that it would come out that way.


You know, maybe the shutter speed was a little slow, but it got this really cool effect. And you were like, wow, look at this photo. I got this. And I didn't even try to get this effect. And yeah, now it's like every photo you take, you look at it, you know, you manipulate that or, you know, change it up a little bit to try to get the effect that you want. But something something great about film of where you just never knew what you were going to get.


Yeah, well, we are we we are now in the territory of two very, very old people.


If you were under the age of 20 years old, I'm not sure why you're here. But welcome and sorry. We are so.


And. Where are we? We're watching, say, in the locker room, we're in the locker room. They said Billy's crying. Yeah, there you go. There's my header for my notes. Billy is crying. And it is just so funny that, like, I get that Kelly is motivated by the yearbook photo and it's important to her. And look, I guess they all are. I guess it's a TV show about kids. Whatever one person involved needs to stand up and say, hey, I don't care if my photo is in the yearbook with my club, but no one will do that.


No one in this friend group is willing to put the life and safety of Billy above their yearbook photo. And I thought that was just nuts and nuts to me, your header says Billies crying, Billy's not crying. By the way, the sound effects are making Billy cry, which is, again, why I hate that. What do you what do you want to do?


Do you want to do you want to like like pinch the baby's feet with, like, safety benders? Like now how would you like to get the baby to cry. I don't know. You don't need I don't think you need sound effects to say, you know what? He's really fussy. I don't know. I mean, a burlap sack over mommy or daddy's head out of frame that probably get the baby to cry.


Mommy and daddy, just Zack could have easily have said, you know, Billy's been fussy for the last 30 minutes. He's just like, I can't get them to to settle down here. You don't need to hear a sound of it. And here's another thing I hate, though. Yeah. Slater does it do not touch a baby's mouth like it's going gross? He comes over and I say, like, you know, Billy's Billy's crying. I know what's going on with him.


And he puts his finger in Billy's mouth like I've seen people do that it's it don't do that nowadays. We can't do that. Obviously, there's a but there's there's yeah.


One of the one of those one of those good things, covid, which is in a baby's mouth. But don't, don't do that. Don't ever go to a baby and touch it. Like don't ever touch a pregnant woman's belly. I hate when people do that and and you never ask are you pregnant. You never never you just wouldn't you can never do that. But I have had you know, how many people come up to a pregnant woman will touch the belly, go like, oh my God, what is it?


A boy, I'm going to shut up. Get out of here. Don't touch a woman's belly. Don't put your finger in a kid's mouth. It's not your kid. And even if it were your kid, don't put your finger in the mouth. You don't know where your fingers been. And Slater does it. And it's it's supposed to be endearing. It's supposed to be like but it's not like go, go, get away. Anyway, next time.


Next time Mario wants to come on, we will we will make sure to pull this clip and say, why were you trying to kill that child actor? I can't wait, you know. And then speaking of things you shouldn't do in real life, Marple, I notice, you know, you work out you're an athletic guy. What would you say if I said, hey, mcpaul, I'm going to go hit the gym and before or after haven't decided I'm going to have a ding dong and a can of root beer?


Yeah. What do you think my dad is going to be like? Well, I thought about Slater's gym bag. I thought about this. And yeah, it's not a breakfast of champions. Sorry for the the cliche stupid cliche there, but. Right. I mean, that was pretty stupid. That's is it. I didn't think. No, I think you're being too hard on yourself. It's fun anyway. But I thought about this and yes, it's weird for a man who look or a boy who looks like that.


A boy who looks like that man, a boy who looks like that man to eat Ding Dongs and root beer. But Slater is a wrestler and. Oh, so it was like trying to make weight. No, no, no, no, no, no. I think that after wrestling, you know, it's very vigorous and you do lose a lot of sweat and calories and stuff. You know, you eat a ding dong, have a root beer.


It's I used to be a competitive cyclist, and after my races, I went down a can of Coke to get that sugar level right up there again. And, you know, a ding dong, it's not going to hurt a a person who's in that shape is going to have no problem burning Bernie Madoff. OK, well, there's the real answer to should should you have Ding Dongs and root beer at the gym? The answer is maybe. The answer is it depends.


Here in the. The locker room we get we get them shoving a diaper full of shit into Mancuso Locker, and I thought that was such a quickly moved through beat here.


If I, Mancuso and I came back to the gym, I'd be like, guys, I just saw you in here with a baby.


I know who did this.


This is not the perfect crime. I know, but but slaters. The Alpha here, obviously with Mancuso he flexed and Mancuso with that hair just runs off the diaper that we pull out, though. It's huge. Who's this diaper for?


This is not a kid's diaper that we fight. Oh, you're saying this? Well, I mean, it probably was a kid's diaper. No, it's not started, but. No, no, no. I'm just joking around. I'm just saying Billy's been shitting in this thing all day.


No, no, no, no. It's not the it's not the diaper that we pull off. It's the diaper that we fight over, the new diaper that that new diaper is. Oh, the new diaper is for like it's huge. Like props founded in the adult section. Yes.


And it's funny, there's there's a couple of times like watching this episode where there's some genuine giggling from us and when we pull the diaper off, I don't know what was going on, but but both Mario and I just like, you know, teenage giggle there. And then we realize, like, the baby's actually naked. There's like, baby, but is I that's in my notes. Is that legal, by the way? Like, how much of a baby's.


But can you put on TV? But we also see very little of it. We see baby ppy too. I don't know if you caught that. Whoa. No, I didn't. I mean, I didn't I didn't have to look for it. Yeah. You don't need to rewind it or whatever, but we're not going to go to tape. No ability it is there. And I thought that's really odd.


Like why did we show that and can we show that? I mean you did I and not only did you show it, you syndicated it for three decades. So yeah. I mean, if I was also like, I wonder if the kid who played Billy was like going around to bars when he or she was in their twenties being like, check out my butt on saved by the bell. I would. Why not? It's a fun story. It could have been Billy's brother, though, you know, because he had a twin.


Remember that, right? Oh, man. I wonder if that was like an issue on Thanksgiving, like which baby had to show their butt on TV. And if that was a cool thing or a bad thing, I would think it was cool. But maybe it really threw a wrench in their family. Who knows what they're up to. Maybe a future guest on the pod, baby. Billy, if you're out there, we'd love to have you.


And it just I thought I saw something that was pretty interesting. But, you know, when Slater opens up his locker, he doesn't turn any dials, you know, for the competition. And then when he opens up Mancuso Locker as well, he doesn't turn the dial. No, why? Why would anyone lock their lockers? I mean, what's anyone going to do, throw a diaper full of shit inside? But then me being Zack, when I open up Slater's locker, I turn the dials.


But you knew you knew his combination. That's what that also implies. But but you see what I'm saying there? Like Slater opens up, Mancuso goes I and he opens up his and there's no dial turning. But yet I turn a dial.


It's you think you were asking like you were like but again, I don't like I know what I think is that I should have gotten a note from the director.


I don't know who directed this. It was a done is done. I was done. I should have gone in Danville for the run of it. I should have got a note saying, you know what, don't mess with the dial. We're keeping a consistent that the lockers are always unlocked. There's no need to turn a combination. But I still did it. I think it was just a a thing where I could have gotten a note just to say don't turn the dial.


No one else is OK. So you don't hate it, but you don't love it somewhere in the middle. Marple, I know you don't know this because why would you? But this will not be the last time that Zack and Slater tend to a baby at Bayside with the help of athletic clothing. So just for your for your knowledge, you'll you and Slater will take care of another naked baby before this. This rodeo's done. Can't wait. You're going to have to it doesn't happen until the end of the final season.


OK, so we're in a fuzzy pink fantasy here. We're Zack Pictures. Having a baby, of course, on the twenty twenty reimagining. We do get to see Zack Morris's child and not all the way far off from what? From what was imagined here. You know what I have in my notes you Mark Ball is what the hell was the background? It looks like crumpled up construction paper like for this like father son fantasy.


Like what? What was that? I don't know.


I don't know. I'm trying to figure out all the money, paying the extras. They spent all the money paying the kids in the class and now they had no money to make to give you guys a nice backdrop for this montage. It looks like a pile of trash behind you.


I it makes no sense because this had to be I mean, this took time to make I mean. We could have used any backdrop, we could have just used anything blue use that you literally use the max, why not?


Zach and his kid are at the max, like there's a million ways to do it anywhere. It looks it just folks, at a certain point we're making TV over here. Can we spend a little bit of that money to make it look like TV? Because that looks more like student film or maybe even like a lesser known playhouse or something like it doesn't look TV ready. Franco, if you're out there, we'd love to have you on. But boy, oh, boy, buddy.


This one, this one.


It's just crumpled up paper like it's not even like a like a clean syk. Like I like a clear background and yeah, we'll go through Zach meeting as many iterations of child and they're all you know, they're their versions of Zach.


Take that as you well. And we're in the halls of Bayside where boy, oh, boy, Billy is just getting passed around here like a I don't know, like a like a joint at a music festival to those still happen joints and music festivals, I don't know. We're so old marble. It's usually it's pens now, now, now it's all digital, all the way.


Has the power to charge your weed.


Sure. Why not passing anything now the rule not to you, but to get those drugs away from my mouth.


I don't want to die, but it's funny. I walk into the hallway and immediately like I use slaters shirt, you know, that I took out of his locker. And immediately Jesse goes, you're using slaters shirt as a diaper. Like, how does she know Slater? Sure. She really knows what what he wears, I guess. I don't know. That's because Slater, by the way, will see this baby with a shirt on and doesn't say a word.


Well, that's not like, hey, that's like the difference.


That's difference between guys and girls, men and women, if you will, a. Maybe, maybe men less observant. Just I love this scene, I'm sure I'm pretty sure you didn't catch it because I don't see it in your notes, but I wish I could play the audio for this. There's such a genuine giggle that comes out of my mouth in this scene, and I had to rewind it a few times to figure out what it was. Do you remember this?


I said, let's go to tape. I don't want to review the baby penis, but I'm happy to review your giggle. That's fun.


Now, it was funny. I hand over the baby to Jesse and I wrote in my notes at first because I heard the giggle. I wrote Something Happens with Elizabeth Berkley and her hair. I thought maybe my hand got caught in her hair. Can we play the audio for this? Is that possible? Is that is that you know, I'm going to just I'm going to say probably not.


So maybe we just. Anyway, I really want you to you can play it for us. I can hear it, I think.


OK, let me let me turn up the sound. I don't know how the best way that you or. I don't know. I'm turning up the sound. You'll hear it. Here we go. So I hand over the baby and just listen to this giggle and then see if you can catch why I giggle.


OK, go for seconds. We can make this great. Oh, perfect. It's only just make this point that. OK, look, it's not. Thank you for the. You're just. That's ok. Please just I see what happened.


Do you see what it looks like. A young mark Paul may have gotten a a back handful of a young Elizabeth Berkley on set as what I just saw.


I love that I saw a moment between two teenagers. I love it.


I mean. Both chuckle I mean, because also you're you're working with a live grenade, right? Like, so for those who could not see what we just saw, when you hand Billy off to Jesse, your your you know, or off hand Billy off to Elizabeth. That's the other human being. Actor. Yeah. Your hand kind of gets wedged between Billy and Elizabeth and WAPs. Yeah. I got I got a backhand of boob and back and a boob and you both chuckled.


I mean, I look, I don't want to normalize anything and consensual here like it was an accident. And you both seem to laugh and I should not pick up on that. But now that you say it, I lost both of your faces. Your faces make the same. Oh, no reaction to. It's such a great moment. I'm so I'm so happy they kept it. I'm sure.


I'm sure you thought it was because when I was 15, I thought every boob I came into any kind of orbit with was a great moment. So, yeah. No, no. But it's it's it's a cute moment to watch and it's like it's a genuine, like, giggle from me of going like, oh my God, I'm so sorry. I just groped your boob by accident. And Elizabeth's reaction is, is know she just kind of like plays it off.


But I was like, oh my God, please don't be mad at me for having grazed your boob with my hand while I was trying to remove it from holding this baby. I don't know. I love that moment because it is a real moment. And, you know, it's it's two teenagers and it's me being a very immature teenager at that time. Yeah. Giggles I start having backhanded her boob anyway. You wait.


You know what? I never noticed my balls were on pause here with Elisabeth very much supporting Baby Billy's head. They hadn't figured out the geography of Bayside yet, and the door behind Lisa is the door to Home EC class, which will later be Belding's office. I didn't realize that. S.E., I imagine, is for home ec. That's I mean, I guess that makes sense. And like, yes, Lisa and Jesse are right outside the door, but that'll be Belding's office for the the rest of the show.


And boy, did they luck out that it just so happened to be the day in Home EC class, which we are. And folks were in Home EC class baby day. Everyone gets a baby if you're going to hide a baby in class. They certainly got lucky on the day they had to do it. Mrs. Hatcher, played by one Patrica Darbo. She played Nancy Wesley on four hundred and thirty four episodes of Days of Our Lives, from nineteen ninety eight to twenty seventeen.


That is a lot of TV more. Paul, have you ever made four hundred and thirty four episodes of a TV show? No, I don't even think of if you add up all the episodic television that every single thing.


Yeah that's, that's, that's a job guys. That is a real job. And she was also in Beverly Hills. I thought that was neat with Mary Pat Gleason from earlier this episode, as well as the twenty seven movie Moving MacAllister. So they probably had the same representation. That was my guess. And they were also both on step by step and Mama's family, just not in the same episode. So, yeah, I'm going to say they they know someone in casting.


They kept booking the same thing. And yeah, Mrs. Hatcher is one of the many oblivious teachers at Bayside. We've now met to this episode. And I thought that was interesting just because Miss Bliss, which we'll probably watch together at some point. Why not? Uh, she was so on top of you guys and so smart as an adult in the room, that it's just funny that once you get to Bayside, like every single adult you encounter is just like some version of inept.


I thought that was interesting.


And this is a trope of many shows like this, though, where they have children as the as the the stars. I mean, all adults are generally like this, you know. Yeah, they're morons. It's the it's the home alone effect. Kids love to see other kids get the drop on adults. I know I did when I was a kid. And here comes Max in his photography sweater. Uh, yeah, boy, oh, boy, Ed, they were just trying to fit you in.


And he's here to take yearbook pictures of Home EC class, I mean, let's not ask too many questions about what's going on here. And we get this little whoopsie daisy, mix them up where? Screen shows up to retrieve Billy and somehow Screech leaves the class, goes all the way down the hall and is inside of the locker room before realizing he's holding, before realizing he's holding a doll.


It works the same way. The line. You got a dummy, you dummy, you dummy. Yeah, well, that I mean, look, I would actually have no problem with you got a dummy, you dummy. But it was not five minutes ago that I was like, I don't need a ding dong. You ding dong in the same room. I have a problem with double's twins, if you will. Any of that bump me, give Zach a different line.


But what are we gonna do? It's 30 years later. And speaking of threes, we're in Act three. It's the bayside hallway. And yeah, the gang like coming to grips with the reality where this is arguably and you can find me on the Internet if you want to argue. This is arguably one of the darker like story twists and say by the bell words like, guys, we lost a baby. We need to we need to get the police involved, maybe like the feds, if this baby crossed state lines and how long it's been since we've seen the baby.


But it's you know, instead we get this like Scooby Doo looking for the baby behind Kelly's back sequence.


Yeah, it's like a silent film in a way. But why are we going in? It's like speed ran out of lockers. Like, how could Billy possibly be in a locker?


It's I don't know.


I mean, it's literally just to do the it's like so so it's a few things. It's the footage speed ramp. So it's sped up, it's blocked off camera trick. So you guys enter one locker and magically come out of another. And yeah, there's like the even like reverse footage of screech sliding up the banister.


It's, it's all just in service. It is Scooby Doo. I mean they would do this in Scooby Doo. They'd be running from the bad guy and they would go in one door and impossibly come out another. And you were competing with that crime solving dog and his, you know, drug addict friends in a van on Saturday morning. So I guess that that was the thought.


But I think it's more crucial that Max has to, like, take these pictures of Kelly while you guys are frantically trying to find her brother. It's like this. And also, she just broke her arm, folks. I mean, Kelly's having a real day. She might never see her parents again. They're snowed in at the biggest blizzard to ever hit a mountain high. But who who took Kelly to the hospital?


Who dropped her off? No idea. Like, did somebody call her parents and say, where the fuck are you?


Does she know what her insurance situation is like? Going to the hospital for a broken arm is not the same thing as hitting up the school nurse for a Tylenol.


What is going on? What is this is good. Don't know also. I mentioned before it wouldn't take much as a child to to get me to be like, well, today is not a school day. If I broke my arm, Paul, I just got home. I'm not going back to school. No frickin way. I know. You know, unless you're under no circumstances.


I I was playing flag football at school and I, I jammed my pinky pretty good catching a ball. And that night it swelled up and I told like I think I broke my finger and my mom just said, you know what, if it turns blue, we'll go to the hospital and yeah. So in the next day I went to school, hadn't turned blue yet, but it started to turn blue. And then I got a chance to call my mom from school and told her, it's blue.


I think I need to go to the hospital. And the nurse seems to think so, too. And my mom just said, yeah, what are they going to do with a broken finger? We'll just put a Popsicle stick on it. And that was about it. I'd never I never went to the doctor for this broken finger and. Yeah. Were you acting at the time where because like. No. Would you have like, no SAG insurance or like.


Oh yeah. I mean, I was acting because I was I started acting when I was four. I got my my saccade in 1984, so I was ten.


So like wouldn't like wouldn't it be. But I did. She does not want to like deal with like the hassle of like. Yeah. And suddenly also something like you're more in the system, you have to go back for checkups. It's like it's a pain. No I get it. It's not just me. That's just how we grew up. We grew up like I just shake it off kind of thing, like, you know, and especially like with my dad, like don't tell your dad, don't tell your dad you got hurt.


I don't know why. Because my dad was the sweetest guy. Like, he never no one ever laid a hand on us. But we weren't allowed to tell my dad, if you got your dad wasn't gonna, like, strangle you like Homer Simpson because you enjoyed your son. No, but it was a weird thing. Like, I remember I cut my finger, you know, because my dad said we're trimming these trees or these bushes with like this electric trimmer.


Make sure you always have both hands on the electric chair. It's a very good advice, by the way. I give that as free advice for audience and it's good advice. And being a kid, I think it was older. I was like I was I remember what house was. So I had to be like 12 or 13, maybe 14. And of course, I held a branch of a bush and nipped my finger a little bit. I got a nice little scar still to this day on this middle finger of mine.


And I remember going, holy shit, I just might have cut my finger off. And I did not tell my dad, like, I just wrapped it up in something and didn't tell him until he finally figured out. He's like, what's wrong with your finger? And I'm like, you know, I told him what had happened and he didn't care. But it was just like a weird thing. We weren't allowed to tell my dad whenever we got hurt, or at least that's what my mom used to say.


And I don't know, maybe it was my mom's thing, but it was like if you got hurt and, you know, whether it was skateboarding, that's really funny, biking, whatever. And I got hurt a lot. I mean, I have a lot of scars all over my body. You never were allowed to tell your dad, don't tell your dad. And I'm like, OK, I won't tell my dad. I don't know why.


Because, like, what's going to happen? Yeah, there's I mean, I guess at it as a child, you don't you're not like, well, why? You're just like, oh, yeah, sure. Don't tell dad. Yeah. And here's the thing. My dad never laid a hand on us, but I was scared he didn't need to.


You were too busy breaking your own fingers. And but by the way, I was scared of my dad, you know, and my my neighbor, the neighborhood kids were scared of my dad.


And we talked about this Mario and I talked about this where our father you were each afraid of each other's father, you know, a normal, healthy environment in a workplace. This is funny to know your coworkers, dad, and be like, I'm afraid of him. Yeah. That would be so funny if one of my coworkers now I knew their father and I was like, also, I'm afraid of your dad.


I would love to bring that energy to to work when I'm working in a building with humans. Again, we're going back to this this scene between Kelly and, yes. US in the hallway. I noticed something that she did in this scene and the next one. And I was trying to figure out what she was doing. But she's wearing this cast and she's picking them at her nails, like maybe it's her cuticles or whatever. But if you watch these scenes, she just has this nervous thing that she's doing with the hand that's in the cast.


And we'll see more of it in buildings office. And I'll point it out. I give you a timestamp in case you want to watch it, but I appreciate it. Very funny.


She starts it when she when she does the photos with with. I see it. Yeah. Yeah, she does.


She's she's like she's like she's like digging at it. Yeah. She's fiddling with her fingers and then it gets, it gets to a fever is feverish pitch and Belding's office boy she'll do this with her hands right there. See that she starts like doing this thing. Lenovo's uncomfortable. Like I wonder if maybe that's what like because also. They probably would. It's not a real cast. I mean, they just popped her into that thing, but. It's not a real cast, by the way, you take those on it's TV, we're making TV.


Yeah. So now that we're in Belding's office, I pointed out even more. Can we talk about your sweater, by the way, for a second? I don't I don't love it. I feel like Zach has a lot of cool clothes and all the time Slater would call him preppy, I thought was like, yeah, I get it. But like, this is preppy. I this is like a weird I don't know, didn't didn't do it for me.


Well, I'd say about that. I didn't kill it in the wardrobe fitting that we had.


So I blame me I guess because I could have easily and I usually love the wardrobe I love and I love what Zach wears. And I'm like even Slater has like pink tank top and asawa like Slaters outfit almost looks more like a thing you would just see in humans walking around a I don't know what they were going for with with Zach's khakis and geometric shaped sweater, taking some big swings I guess. Abia, we're in buildings office here for the big the big climax where the gang essentially like Trex, building into thinking he has some kind of like advanced memory loss.


Why he wouldn't remember the thing they're telling him, which is messed up. It's messed up because, like, now he has to go see, like doctors or get like MRI eyes. I mean, now we are in the realm of expensive medical treatment because he's forgetting major events like like children handing him a baby, that you'd go see specialists after that. But it's but we pick at his vanity, right. Because he's just he's afraid of getting old and he does want to be old.


And again, we've we've said this Dennis Haskins playing Mr. Belding here is eight to nine years younger than I am right now. Then you are as you sit before me right now. I know that's that's insane. That's right. I refuse to process it. Speaking of math, I refuse to do that math, Marple, because my brain can't handle it. But it's funny. Yeah, you're right. It is. It is it is a ploy at his age.


But it is also is like. This again, I get it, it's a show for kids, it's Saturday morning, we're having fun, but like this logic makes no it just makes no sense.


It makes no sense that they would like like I didn't even really track how Billy wound up in Belding's office. Here's the thing. You know, it does make sense, a question that that Mr. Belgin poses. What is Kelly's baby brother doing at Bayside in the first place? First place? Yeah, I mean, step one question one exactly like that.


That right there and seen. And can you imagine if if Kelly Karpovsky walked into Bayside and said, Mr. Belding, its first period, I'm dealing with a personal family emergency. I cannot make it to your Facebook photos. I need to go home and watch my kid.


Belding would be like, please do my kid, my brother, please do. And by the way, we'll put a little Kelly picture on the yearbook page like this could be the most fixed by a conversation story in the world. But then we wouldn't have this this juicy, juicy TV all these years later. And yet here comes Max to tie it all together, and you know what, Mark Paul, it wouldn't be enough to have Max running around as the photographer all all episode.


We better see some magic.


And we do the old dove in the armpit gag.


Yeah. Check out. I've covered it up. Speaking of where Kelly picks at her cuticles, watch her go to town here. Oh, no. See that look like she's really digging and picking. She's like, uh, kind of get whatever is under my nails. I don't know what she's doing. What is it you done? I do that sometimes. Like, I my I have nervous hands sometimes or like I like all kind of like fidget.


I she was probably just being a human being is my guess. It's probably not character related. Oh we're like zoomed in. Yeah. She's really going to town. That's not good. You would expect a note, you know, to your point of like shouldn't someone in charge give a note. She does it throughout the the entire scene to I don't know, maybe something was bothering her with her hand. I don't know. Maybe who knows. And yet we get this like convincing building.


He's aging and is mentally deteriorating. And we're in the halls of Bayside for the final scene. We're first of all, Kelly kisses Zack and Slater. She hasn't quite made up her mind yet. Who's her dance partner? Uh, she gives you both a peck. She gave me a peck. But she not only gave Slater a peck, but she rubbed his arm. Don't think I didn't notice that. I mean, he's got more arm than you.


You're you're covering those those green beans in a sweater and sweaters. You know, I know he's on I start working out and I started wearing just the beginning of. Yeah, I get it.


You were like, I need arm rubs to um.


And yeah. You know, Billy's first word is Zaghloul I mean he really made an impression on this kid.


Yeah. I like it. Just all these years later. You don't like it now. I mean, come on, we had to like have these fake babies sounds and then the fact of the kids is, I mean, come on, I thought you were just reacting to the the arm rub. It seemed like you were you were more that was more the issue than the baby sounds. And. Sure.


I mean, come on. Did we really need I mean, we're already into the cartoon of it all with, you know, the the the in and out of the lockers and the the baby wires and stuff. And then this part where he said, Zack. Yeah.


You were competing with cartoons. Right? You know, they were they were they were finding the balance. I mean, as we continue going, I think we're in kind of a sweet spot of of the new episodes. We're going to keep watching of of you guys growing up in the show growing up. But, yeah, this is definitely a it feels so weird to rewind to these episodes in the middle of a later season because it it feels totally different.


And I make a little bit of a mistake here at the end. You know, where I talked to the camera TTC as to DC. Yeah, we like to call it, but I look at one camera and then it goes to a close up and I look at that camera. But I, I think I, I reacted a little too soon. I should have waited until I got into, into, into my camera, my close up and then started my TTC.


But if you notice I'll look at the the wide shot camera right there and then. Yeah. See I see. Yeah. Kind of messed up there again. Now my fault though I feel like I should have gotten a note right there. I think we should have had a tape too. But maybe being with a baby on set now they're just like get this, this day needs to end. This day needs I.


I promise you the thought when when you finish that last scene was like, thank God. We got through it. We got through it. And then when we got through this episode, look at that, we're done. We do have some homework. It's an episode called The Fabulous Building Boys. We want to wager a guess what's going on there, because I've been on Hulu check you cheated? Yea, I cheated a bit. I do know that we are going to appreciate your honesty.


Yeah, thank you. We are going to meet Rod Beldin, Rod Belding, a fabled character of Saved by the Bell as far as the one in dones go. And I guess we'll just have to wait until next week to see what the fuss is all about.


Thank you, Mark. Paul, thank you, the listener. And we'll see you next week. Bye, Zach. To the Future is a production of Caden's 13. It's executive produced by Michael Goslar, myself and Chris Kaufman Production and direction, led by Terrence Mangan, editing a mastering by Andy Jesuit's. Engineering and Production Coordination by Sean Cherry. Artwork by Kurt Courtney with illustrations by Jeff MacCarthy. Marketing is led by Joseph Francis with PR by Hillary Suf.


Thanks to the whole team of Cain's 13 and to you for listening. See you next week.