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Welcome to Back to the Future, I'm your co-host, Daniel Driscol, joined today like I am every day that we do this with Bahcall Goslar. Hello, my Paul. Hello. How many days do you usually do this?


Oh, man. You're going to have a question for every answer I make from now on, huh? Yeah. Yeah, OK. That's how it's going to be. You know, this is the this is the tenth time I've done that's the tenth time I've brought us in. And, you know, it's a work in progress like this whole show.


But I think if I think that was all right, you know, listen, Daniel, I think we nailed last week, I don't think we can do any better. I think we just have to call it a day.


So you're saying we shouldn't even do it now? Yeah, OK. Yeah, that's basically what I'm saying. That sounds good to me. I mean, I'm look, I'd love for my schedule to be clear, but the listeners, Mark Paul, we do it for the listeners, Daniel. We do it for the listeners, dammit. We cut God damn you for listening. We do it for the listeners. And today we'll be discussing pinned to the Matt and Mark.


Paul, I already know you did the homework. I mean, come on. Of course, of your season professional.


I did look at my pages with tons of notes and lots of notes written all over them.


Those are those are a lot of notes, like a serial killers writing.


The way you're waving them around doesn't look like a man with two feet on the ground. I'll just put it that way. But sure, I'm glad you took a lot of notes. And they they do appear unhinged but thorough, which isn't always the worst combo. Before we get into the brief summary, because I just know you're you're chomping at the bit for that thing.


I've got a few corrections from the listeners they have been writing in to to let me know more than you. You're more insulated.


I can't tell you what pleasure it brings me when you tell me that listeners have comments about things that you've said and they have corrections and they want to. I love it, to be honest. Yeah.


So I've only recently started keeping track of these to like, really make sure they're nothing's getting lost in the shuffle. But this week, all three of them are mistakes I made. So yeah. You should grab some popcorn or something. You know that you're in for a real treat here.


Just to be clear, I'm perfect in every episode. I understand that. So there's no need to correct me. I'm putting it out there. Yeah. And also, just to be clear, you don't have the level of spare time I do. Or I'm going to like all these comments, get in front of me somehow. I'm sure if anyone writes in to you, it's not a it's not on your radar immediately. But I've got the spare time.


I do see these comments and and here they are. One listener wrote in to let me know that in the substitute I incorrectly referred to the teacher as Mrs Simpson. She's in fact, Miss Simpson. OK, big deal. So she I assume she'd be married. Not the case at all. She was too busy playing hockey to ever find her husband. The other correction is there's a second Burbank in America. It's Burbank, Illinois. And in talking about Burbank, before I.


I blundered, I just walked right into a blunder and said there was only one. There's at least two now, you know, and now, you know. And finally last week with Nikki Glaser, thank you so much again, Nikki Glaser, for being on this show and being a wonderful guest. She asked about the fight when Zach's shirt got ripped. I incorrectly said that was the fight with Mario. It was actually the fight with Screech. I'm sure we'll get to it.


Yeah, eventually.


So all these things happened and all these are these are all mistakes I made. And yeah, if we if we make a mistake again, we do it on purpose. So you have something to write in to us about. That's a feature of the show and we hope you enjoy that boy.


What a feature of the show. Also to become a regular feature. I would imagine that the audience would really like that.


I'm in correction corner. We can name the feature. Once you name a feature, give it a little jingle. It becomes, you know, it's a little more robust, but those are the mistakes thus far. We also have a crew update, a saved by the Bell alumnus Donald A Morgan picked up his tenth Emmy last week, his tenth career Emmy. Now, he was the lighting director for 40 plus episodes. Forty three, if you want to be specific about it, of the original series.


Oh, yeah. Well, congratulations, Donald. Yeah, congratulations, Donald. And he moved on to be a cinematographer, and that's what he picked up his tenth Emmy for his work on the ranch. And I learned that from the writer and producer Bennett Kramer's Instagram. He wrote a bunch of the original episodes and Bennett has been listening to the podcast. So thank you, Bennett, for for posting about your colleagues achievements.


We should definitely get Bennett on the show to be fun.


You know, he's one of his episodes is coming up. I think it's the friendship business. So maybe for that one, let's do it. All right. And with that, let's move into this summary. In case you didn't do the homework. It's career week at Bayside. And Zach gambled a dirt bike on Slater, winning a wrestling match against Vali's needed. Only Slater becomes concerned wrestling won't lead to a solid future. So he quits the team.


Zach schemes to get Slater to join Cooking Club to get him back to wrestling. Only Slater genuinely enjoys cooking, so Zach arranges for Screech to wrestle. Initech Slater steps in at the last minute to save Screech. He. Wins and realizes he can worry about his future later, and that's the episode and it's Act one and we're a bayside for career week, you get that nice banner and the halls are just bustling. But Mark Paul, I'd I'd like to point out immediately Zach's hair, holy hair.


Holy moly, this hair. It is Woody. So we talked about it last week.


The kind of evolution. It's like a bundle of fucking cotton candy at a at a fair it. Yeah, it looks like a shelf like it appears to be like a large shelf of hair and the physics of it. The as your head moves in the scene, it's confusing because you can kind of get a feel for like the one when you're facing camera, there's like an illusion of the hair. But as it moves, you see more of like, what's going on.


Yeah, I think we've talked about this on past episodes, but I was responsible for my hair. I've been responsible for my hair for most of my career. I think the only time that I've that I haven't done my hair was last season on mixed ish. It was the first time in 30 years of being in this business that I didn't do my hair. Actually, there was I take that back. There was one other TV movie I did with the Lawrence Brothers where I had extensions in my hair.


My hair was longer. Obviously I didn't do that. But for the most part, the styling of my hair has always been my responsibility. So I take full responsibility for that. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know how I got it to be that way other than the visor that I use.


But I think I use the visor for other iterations of this. I don't think that that see what happens here.


This is like extreme. This is like a very extreme version you can do.


And this is like my hair is growing out and I'm refusing to cut it and I'm still trying to make it work. And that's what this is. There's a lot of product to my hair. It's a lot of hairspray, a lot of good wishes.


And just like positive energy, I mean, it takes more than product to make hair do that. It's that's like a real thing.


Yeah. I don't know what's going on up front there. It's like, what's that flower you get up from.


I don't know what I mean. You went to prom, didn't you?


I actually didn't go to my prom. Oh, boy. Yeah, I'm going to save that for another episode. Well, that makes two of us. I didn't go to prom. Huh? So does this actually happen in school career week? I don't know. I mean, what are you talking about? You're the one that had went to school.


I'm sorry. I stumbled when I was going to say is I don't know. But then I paused on the don't and said the other know that I was trying to say, like the oh, no, I don't believe like I never attended any kind of fair full of booths telling me I could be like into computers or anything, that I never had that.


So I want to be a game show host. Right. Because I'm looking for a job with the most amount of money for the least amount of work. All I have to do, Zach says, is brush my teeth and smile. That can be further from the truth. Yeah.


I mean, I'm look, I've certainly taken my fair share of shots at Zach Morris, but who amongst us is not looking for the job with the most amount of money and the least amount of work, preferably? No work, all money. That would be the that's kind of like the dream job, right? Yeah.


I mean, I'm sure a lot of people think that actors, you know, you have to do is basically brush your teeth and smile and you're an actor. We know that to not be true. But I still come across quite a few people who think like, oh, I could be an actor, anyone could be an actor.


Well, sure. I mean, Mark Paul, you know, I've certainly run into people who think writing is just as easy as, you know, rolling out of bed and a cup of coffee and you just say whatever's on your mind. But, you know, it's a it's a nuanced craft and profession.


So if you say so.


Well, if you say that about acting, I mean, I think I could be an actor. I think you could be a writer.


I think we should do a Freaky Friday one day, just show up to each other's jobs and see if anyone notices.


So this is a pretty big time out. I mean, this is this is with a lot. Is this one of the bigger time outs of the run, like second wise?


Well, I'm saying with the amount of people being frozen under Zach's spell, is this like his like his widest reach?


Yeah. I mean, yeah. Like, how far does the time our reach is the entire galaxy. Just like the whole like like the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea.


There's a lot of moving parts to this time out. I would imagine that in the series it's, you know, a few people. Yeah. This is this is a lot of extras, a lot of background are are going along with this.


And they like they they kind of get flashy. We're one of the background background artists I term. I've learned from you, you say actors, but background artist peers.


She's like mid fall on the stage. Yeah.


So it's kind of like a flashy use of freezing everybody. But more than that, he I would imagine, just to answer your question, I think Zach's like time out abilities are rooted in the room he's in. Like, I think that's how far it goes. I think he's able to to freeze the room. But then what happens to the rest of the world? Wait, that doesn't make sense, huh?


Zach Morris can freeze the universe every time he turns out.


I am sure this was figured out in the writers room. I was never in the writers room, so I just said what they gave me and gave what they wanted me to do.


Yeah, I'm not so sure it was figured out in that room, but I think well, I think one of these days we'll crack the case and I'm a puppet. That's basically what I'm saying. Okay, so if you have anything to say, say to Dan. On Twitter, please, yeah, and I'll throw it in that correction corner, which was such a big hit, I'm sure it'll be back every week. And so, Mark Paul, this we learned that Zach is we've learned he maybe has a gambling issue, but he's he's been gambling every year on Edik, which is odd because, like, how many?


But what's this kid's career like? You know, like how many years is he had to gamble on him, but he bet a dirt bike. And in this time out, we get this kind of like it's you presenting a dirt bike in a fun dirt bike outfit. And as we learned from Mario, they they ask you guys what your interests were. You were and are a fan of motorsports. Yeah.


So at the time, I wasn't riding dirt bikes. I started red dirt bikes when I was three. And my first race was that when I was five, a race here in Los Angeles at a place called Indian Dunes, which anyone who's familiar with motocross and growing up in Southern California is very familiar with. My brother is 16 years older than me and he's the one that got me into motocross. My brother is a legend still in the motocross community.


He is arguably the greatest of all time. He is a goat when it comes to being a mechanic for motocross. He's had some of the whininess riders. One of his riders, Ricky Carmichael, had two perfect seasons in motocross. I believe it's twenty four motos. And he went two years without having any sort of mechanical and finishing first in each one of those motos, which hasn't been done and probably, I would assume, would never be done again.


But my brother is, is a legend, is is he's still known as the greatest. But going back to this scene with this motorcycle, it's a it's a Honda S.R. I, I look at it now and I said I would have an issue with it being an eighty. That is an eighty. I should have been on a one twenty five. Are those the the keys. Yes. Very good DaShawn. Well you're not going to like this.


I only know that because of Mario Kart so that's the only reason I know about KSE measurement. OK, but I still knew what you were talking about.


Better than knowing kids from getting high on, on heroin is.


Can you do that. Is that an option to know about motorcycle from heroin. I don't know.


I just thought of keys and the needle has to go. I didn't even know that. But I like your version of of Mario Kart better. Yeah. Mario Kart. Mario Kart teaches the young man that you are. I'm an adult man. Still playing Mario Kart.


Yes, but the helmet, all these things like the the as you put the motocross outfit. Yeah. You know, obviously we couldn't have had to be nondescript. We couldn't have anything like back in my day I was wearing answer and Alpine stars and Fox and things like that. But obviously on television you can't do that because of of, you know, the what were the legalities of it all?


I'm going to say those damn lawyers. But yes, the the legalities of it all. Yeah, but that helmet boy, that's not really a motocross helmet from the nineties, but. Yeah. What is it.


I didn't even pick up. Yeah. But like I could you're right. A motocross helmet from the nineties. I feel like it's more aerodynamic. Sure.


Yeah. That, that, that's probably as generic as you could possibly get it. It's interesting. I wasn't riding at this time because of, you know, being on on a show and focusing on being an actor. I didn't start picking up a motocross bike until I was about 17, 18, 19, somewhere around there. These years are all fuzzy to me.


But my point to this whole sort of discussion that I've that I've opened up is I probably nowadays would have said, guys, let's not do an eighty, let's deal one twenty five. Let's let's get rid of this helmet. Let's get a real motocross helmet. And I might have worn some form of apparel that my sponsors would give me like and a lot of the things that I do now, I wear glasses because of my time from wearing Oakley goggles during motocross.


Fox was one of my sponsors and I've done other projects, have worn some of the apparel to to sort of give a wink and a nod to my to my sponsors also, I'm sure to make it look more legitimate.


Like a lot of times people think that a brand in a TV show is automatic product placement, but sometimes it's just there to make the universe feel more real because if every single product in the shot is fake, that that pulls you right out of it.


Interesting, though, Honda, I've I've been riding Honda's as long as I can remember and still have a relationship with Honda. And you walk.


You walk past my bikes in my garage every time we do this podcast. Those are Hondas. I did I noted them on the way in to try to mentally compare to this. This little scene, which it's also it's also funny that in Zaks like fantasy here, he's not only the announcer of the game show, he also models the process. Yeah.


And I think this is again, I'm not a writer. Sure. But you could be I mean, we've covered that. I'm modeling off this bike and I'm seeing steel belted radial tires. Come on. It's a motocross bike. They don't have steel belted radial tires and molded handgrips that went right past any comfort cushion. It's a motocross bike racing Strabane. I just felt like the they they I guess they didn't have Google back then now. And it's I don't know.


I don't want to say somebody got lazy. Now you can say it, OK, as long as you say it. And I think it's a bit of lazy writing.


I mean, it's a motocross bike. Yeah. You wouldn't say that, right.


I mean, I would you say that I would because I know nothing about it. But I would I would also now now we have the extreme benefit of, like you said, Google. We would just Google it or bring in like like I would think now as a writer, we might if we knew one of the cast members was super into this, we would bring them in and say, does this sound right? Does this sound correct? Right.


Does this sound stupid? Would be the real question, which is why we need better tramer on this show.


Then we need you. And also you get that coming out of that fantasy. He like messes with Slaters Button. Did he did you catch that little thing? I did, yeah. It's he never really uses his freezing time to, like, be malevolent or impact the scene, but he he chose to do it then.


And we're at the max and, you know, every later and Zach fighting over a fry at the beginning of that scene right now, if you caught that as friends, will do I mean, a fry that's a big that's that was that acting or was that a you guys fighting over a fry? I don't know.


I don't know. It might have been me just trying to, you know, piss them off before the scene, trying to get in his head. Yeah, we did. I've said this in the past. We used to do that. We used to try to mess with each other, fuck with each other, you know, just trying to trying to kind of, you know, take you out of your game.


Like the sound is speeding. Everyone's ready. They're about to say action. And you're just like, let me fuck with him at the split second. Yep.


Yeah, that's fun because nothing's funnier than when you flub a line. No. In front of like one hundred people who are who you're you're messing with their time to see their family. Yeah. That's, that's hilarious.


So why does Max, does he do this in another shows. But why is he wearing a black t shirt.


Hmm. Oh. As opposed to his like standard red. Yeah. Uh, that is a good question.


I don't I don't totally know. I mean, maybe they just thought it looked good for contrast. I'm sure someone on Twitter will know. Yeah, I'm sure someone on Twitter will be like maybe they should be my co-host. Yeah.


I mean maybe. Yeah, you could. You had one job to find out why Max is wearing a black shirt. Yeah. Max, just with like the what I would imagine of all his magic tricks involved, like health code violations, like pulling out living poultry at a table is got to be high up there.


I love in this scene lark's delivery of I'll design your briefs. Yeah, she genuinely laughs at her joke and it makes a joke so much better.


It's also a funny joke, you know, because she was just talking about designing underwear and Jesse wants to be a lawyer. It's like what a what a fun briefs joke that is. And of course, Kelly, just the most wholesome young lady in America, she just wants like a big ol family, everyone else is talking about their jobs. She just wants a litter. Yeah, just a bunch of just a bunch of Keli's running around Anzac's. Right.


Anzac's. You and Slater just thought everything was going to be great with this. He just thought everything was great is wrestling, but they really get inside his head very quickly that his whole future might be doomed.


So I give him the wrestling title of slammers. Slater Yeah, that's the best I could come up with. So is this another beef with. No. The right. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You would never do that. Right, slammers.


So what would you do now that you have all the time in the world?


Just I don't have any time in the world. You're very busy. I think. I think we should just let I think we should let our audience come up with better names for us later as a professional wrestler.


OK, maybe see us later, like see it like a play on. See you later. Wow.


You know, OK, I see that they're just a first. Yeah. That's just like a first thought. Yeah. Off the top of your head. Just spit balling. Yeah.


We're just there's no bad ideas in this room. Right. No judgment. Except for that one. Except for that one. Yeah. It's is later. Sounded pretty good right about God.


So we find Slater now and Mr. Belding's office. Yeah. Where you go as a teen age as a teen age youth in peril.


Well, that's where Slater goes. I actually enjoy these scenes with with Slater and Belding.


They're great. They're I really it is so funny watching these again, like these are now my favorite scenes, the scenes in buildings office. Did you notice the pencils? I didn't. Let me let me let's let's go to tape. Perfect pencils.


That's really interesting. So you're as we've learned, you're saying that was like a dentist thing and then you would just go in there and kind of mess with his French fries or jack up his pencils?


Yeah, I like Dennis. Funny guy. He is a funny guy. The iconic laugh. Yeah.


He cracks himself up at that like the ultimate joke of like, can I get one second?


So we learn in this scene that Beldin had aspirations of possibly playing basketball. Yeah, he was like, right.


Or like a racecar driver. I think he says, well, that's just the setup for the joke. Right? He wanted to be a race car driver. Right. That was the adrenaline. Yeah. Principal doesn't have that thrill.


Correct. But then he says, I also wanted to be in sports. I wanted to be a basketball player. Help me understand this logic. So sure. It's a very funny joke. He says, we know what Slaters says, what stops you? And he goes, Sister Agnes. Yeah, she blocked all my layups, but then he he jumps to his thought of being a basketball player in his fifties and having his belly hanging out and his love handles tripping the referee.


How does he get to that point? I mean, normally a basketball player would retire before they're forty. Why does he jump ahead to his fifties as a basketball player? And that's what sets off the fantasy sequence with Slater.


I mean, you did you answered your own question. I mean, he he jumped that fast for the function of the show. Why why any adult human would jump to that is a it just wouldn't happen.


OK, so just to be clear, it's just I guess just advance the thing. And I'm so glad you you honed in on his sister Agnes joke because we've learned so much about Mr. Belding's past. In the course of nine episodes, he was playing basketball with nuns. He was possibly in Vietnam. We're possibly. Are you saying he stole valor?


I am. I am insinuating that his his conflicting story, once he was met with a obviously someone who is not stealing valor, Slater's father, he said he said he was in the National Guard. So, yeah, he may he may be stealing valor.


Can't wait to peel back this onion we call building.


Yeah. Yeah. The onion we call building and we get slaters off of building story, which is like just a fun excuse for Slater to completely zone out and go to fantasy land, which is a I thought was a really funny choice. We get another fuzzy pink fantasy. Which if you're, you know. Following along as much, these things were basically just like great opportunities to put you guys into super fun costumes. Maybe Max is wearing a black shirt before, so he's wearing a red one now and it looks different.


Maybe that's why it's not why?


Because later on in the max, he's still wearing a red shirt. Nice try, Daniel. All right.


I'm just I'm trying. I am trying.


Beldin doesn't look that much different. I mean, they just put a mustache on to say that he's supposed to be older. But I think they could have gone a bit further with, like, the greyness in the hair.


It could have given him a cane. He could have. You know, he doesn't. Yeah, he really does look exactly the same. He's just like older, balding now wears a bowtie.


I didn't want to point it out, but justice. Jesse. Yeah, I think it's fitting for the week that we've had our rest in peace.


Yeah, she she definitely like I had the same kind of thought seeing her like almost like, oh, she could play like a young RBG antibiotic or something. Yeah. And she'd have to be shorter. Right. I mean they have to they'd use like reverse Lord of the Rings camera tricks to make her very, very small.


Also it's fun. I like the whole thing of Lisa's name on buildings, but what a fun joke.


It is a fun joke. And I, I think that Dennis is manipulating the flashing lights like he had a button. Yeah. But I think the button it's just a weird thing. Like he turns around and it almost looks like he's about to take a piss. Like it looks like he's about to reach for his zipper. Yeah. He's angling down. And I mean, I haven't watched this before and I was before I noticed what was going on.


I'm thinking what the hell is building doing? And then, oh, the flashing lights. OK, but I think he's the one that's manipulating that nowadays. We just do it in post.


You know what? I would I would actually say you would still get the practical lights on the. But I think they look good and there's someone that props you could like, fix that up over lunch. I would still say you go practical. I think the the standard light, it's like a fun effect. OK, if you say so, I would I would say I'm in no position to make that call, but I would say so. I also kind of prophetic.


I mean, we're words on butts back in the end of the eighties. I feel like that really kicked into full gear right after the millennium. Oh, that's right. You know, like Lisa was ahead of it. She really was like ahead of her fashion time putting words on.


But how do we feel about screeches space costume and in space? I did an air quotes. Yeah, well, he's also like a teleporter because he just we've like, accepted that in the future there's not just space travel. You can just, like, materialize wherever you want.


I have a few comments about the wardrobe in this episode as well. I'm I'm really lashing out at the writers and the costume department. I don't mean to it's pretty even tempered lashing.


I mean, you're lashing is like Varya. Your initial page wavings at the beginning of this work gave me more concern. But your lashings now are very, very mellow. I've had a rough week, Dashiell.


You seem fine, but yeah, this this space suit, I mean, that's that's what we that's what they came up with. And by they, I mean we it is it is kind of like a middle school theater ish.


It's not it's not like photorealistic. I mean I don't think he's Buzz Aldrin, but yeah. I mean I don't know, you know, they did put you guys into so many costumes that I guess they had some of the corners got cut where some of the costumes are. You guys are in our our deluxe. I would say maybe Screech to Spaceman is like the middle of the rack and it's with Screech that I have these issues with.


And I'll point out later on in the episode, another wardrobe malfunction that I saw are OK.


And then we have Zac coming in as a game show host with a nice double breasted suit. Yeah, I mean, probably the least costumey of anyone in costumes. He's just in kind of like a nice like a nice suit, looking like an NBA player in the nineties, double breasted suit. And then Kelly with her sequined gown, she makes a little adjustment. I don't know if you guys caught that while she's, you know, displaying that beautiful nineteen inch TV.


She makes a little adjustment to her, her dress, I will look out for it. Yeah, it's really kind of have to watch for it, but it's with a right hand. I watch. There she goes. Nice little adjustment. Oh, yes.


OK, you know, she really was making sure that there was no no mishap on set. No Janet Jackson. Right. None of that. And yeah, that 19 inch TVs. So we are living in the world of the future. But yet televisions have gotten they have not changed at all. So what about slaters like belly costume? Because that that to me felt like the big if we're going to talk about wardrobe. Yeah. Yeah, it's OK.


You're bringing it up.


I will go there with you because I feel the same way. So he comes in and he's supposed to have a belly, right. Because Belding's whole thing was a beer belly, which gets called out again later by later. A beer belly, right? Yeah.


But I'm so confused by all that. There's a lot going on. I think it's all good, but there's just too much like I would have made the I would have made the as a producer, which I wasn't. Right. 16 on the show. No, but I would have made the call that there's too many things here. One is that belt and I can't tell if that's a singlet or I actually thought that that was the prosthetic like that was the belly prosthetic, the flesh tones singlet.


That's that's what I thought it was, too. Is that not what it is? No, I thought it was a belly protruding from a championship belt. That's that's what it looked like to me.


Well, then what are those straps then? Those straps are flesh colored as well.


Yeah, that's so that would be a mistake. I didn't that's why it was so confusing to me. Right. So what I think they should have done, I mean, if we're if we're going to you know. Yeah.


Let's get into it. Throw rocks at a glass house here. Right. But to your house. Sure. The belts should have been maybe over his shoulder, you know, carrying a belt over his shoulder. Then you would have seen that that singlet. He's filling out a single it with a belly underneath or make the singlet a different color so it doesn't look like it's flesh toned. Not that that's the color of slaters flesh. Right. But it does look like a the prosthetic belly.


It's confusing. It's it definitely is like one or three things. Too many. Right. But I got to give it to Mario. I, I laughed when he came through that door, his expression, his you know, what he's doing with his voice. I really enjoyed what he was doing there. Yeah.


His I work at the end of the scene is so funny. Like his like little like eye motions back and forth. I was cracking up.


If this is a reboot I would watch this show. This would be like Cobra Kyra here. Yeah. That that c it's a singlet that he's wearing.


Yeah, you're right. I did not I don't know why that light was throwing me so much, but it is it is like visually confusing. Too many things going on.


There's too much going on. Keep it simple then we're in the boys locker room and Zack and Screech, you know, pallin around pretender biking is as I'm sure you used to do all that is not pretend dirt biking.


I'm riding a Harley obviously in that scene. I mean. Well, you don't double up on a dirt bike, right? First of all, yeah, that's number one. But you're riding a chopper. You're right. Your are like a chopper position. Yeah.


And you, by the way, a dirt bike. They're not street legal, right? Well, you think that is going to stop, Zack? Yes, OK, I would think so.


I mean, you're not cruising for chicks on a dirt bike.


Yeah, I would wager Zack is I would think he thought he was hot stuff, you know, and going through this process, I kind of went back to the banks of my memory. And my first street bike was a nineteen ninety or nineteen ninety one EF zero six hundred. It was a black bike with like a a racing stripe on. It sounds fast.


Just the letters and numbers he said sounds very fast, but yeah my, my father, God bless him, he, he cosigned for me to, to get a street bike at sixteen. Wow. I have no idea why he would do that. I'm sure my mom had to be horrified by the fact that I got a street bike and rightly so. I mean, I never let my kid, my, my son now is sixteen. I would never let him get a street bike.


Yeah, but he had a racing stripe that was like powder blue and purple and it was a cool bike.


It sounds that sounds very cool. I remember having two accidents.


Yeah, well, the full story, one of them was on Sunset Boulevard. Give me some.


Give me some. Let's do some more fun geography stuff that no one cares about. Like where on sunset. It's a big street. It goes way downtown, closer to like, you know, the heart of sunset where all the clubs were like the Roxbury Bar one. Yeah. You know, around there. Yeah, the strip.


The strip where it's happening. Where it's happening. Yeah.


Yeah. I was in the center divider lane thing there. That's probably why I got an X and I don't even know what it's called. Right. You can't be there if you don't know what it's called, but a car clipped my front end.


While I was sort of perpendicular to traffic, might have been my fault, might not have been, but we walked away and and said, you know, no worries, I was good. No one got hurt. But, yeah, I live in a very different store. Could have been a very different story. And one of my second accidents, I remember was with with Lark Voorhies. I took her on the back of my motorcycle to Paquito, Mass.


Right here in Los Angeles, the one that's on Kohanga. And there. Yes. And I remember sitting on my bike waiting for her to get on the back and she jumped on my bike like The Dukes of Hazzard.


And I was not expecting that. And I tipped over right in front of everybody, hapkido mass.


So you were going zero miles an hour, zero miles an hour. But still, that's nonetheless bruise. My ego dumped the bike because you never want to dump a bike. Yeah. And dumped a bike right in front of a mass in front of a bunch of people with Lark Voorhies in the back of my bike.


And if we were living in a time with cell phone cameras, this would be archive footage we now have. It would be, yeah. By that time, Zac and Lisa crashed a bike appetito mass. Everyone would know that. But instead it was just A and C.


That's one of the reasons why I was able to ride motorcycles.


And while I was able to do motocross for a lot of my career without people knowing, because the lack of social media I remember I rode every day during my tenure on NYPD Blue, and it wasn't until probably the fourth year I pull up at a stoplight and Steven Bochco is at that stoplight. I pull up next to him, I flip up my visor and we kind of lock eyes and he looks at me, I look at him and we just nod.


And I thought, oh, God, I think I'm going to get in trouble for this. And I put my visor down. We both take off. And then the next day, sure enough, I get a call that Steven Bochco wants to see me in his office. And I go there, Hey, boss, what's up? He goes, I saw you on your bike. And I said, Yeah. And he goes, Do you think that's a good idea, that you're riding a bike while you're one of the stars of my show?


And I said, yeah, it's been something I've been doing for a while because you're not answering my question. And so anyway, you know, this was pretty social media, I'm sure, if I'm sure I would have been stopped many, many years before that if social media was around. And to this day, though, I still ride and it's still part of my still part of my DNA.


And I saw I pass the bikes on the way in.


But yeah, this is all wrong. This whole face. Whole thing. Yeah. It's not in the locker room cruisin on a dirt bike and then screech hops on and he says, I'm going to I'm driving. It's my turn to drive. You don't drive a dirt bike. You ride a dirt bike. Right. Come on.


I would say this is more filler than anything else as far as episodes go, although we do learn here the information that Zach gambled with a bike he doesn't even have, which is like advanced. Like, again, that's like that's like Adam Sandler and Uncut Gems or something. It's like this is like you're in a deep gambling hole. If you're betting stuff you don't even know, then we get the information that Slater quit the team pumped up.


And just like that, Act one is done. Hey, Dashiell Hammett, hi. Hello. Wouldn't you love if every clothing store you shopped at already understood your loves, your hates and total no go zones? Well, let me tell you, my friend, there is a company focused on making that happen. Stitch fix. I'm so glad, you know, know the company because they made it they made it happen for me.


I hate shopping for clothes.


I'm not the biggest fan either. It's a it's a very, like, uncomfortable experience. And I, I feel like I don't even know what I want sometimes. So that makes sense. Like I said, what I want, I'm an actor.


I don't know if you know this about me. Yeah. And actors have to go through wardrobe changes. But before we go through wardrobe changes, while we're filming, we have to go for a wardrobe fitting. Yeah. And in the fitting, they try clothes on us. They try to you know, it's like to see if it fits to see the look. They take pictures. I hate that process. I was thinking the other day, I don't get paid for acting.


I get paid for my wardrobe because I really feel this way. I hate trying on clothes because I want to just put on the clothes. I don't want to try them on. I want them to to fit right away and no thinking involved, walk out the door and feel great. That's what I feel stitch fix affords me. Yeah.


No it gives you that. Exactly. You yeah. You let them know your size and you let them know what you're into and what kind of outfits you like. And they, they send you a a box full of clothes and you get to try them all on from the comfort of your home and send back what you don't want. It's a fantastic service.


There's usually spot on. I've only had to return maybe one or two things. I think it was a pair of shoes that I didn't really need and a pair of pants that didn't quite fit the way I wanted. It was so simple. I put it right away in this prepaid four envelope and sent them back. I'm waiting for my my next fix, as they call it, and I'm really looking forward to getting it and trying on these clothes because I know it'll be what I asked for and what I want.


Yeah. And they this stylist that you work with over at Stitch Fix, they learn what you like and what you don't like. So every time you get that next box, they have a a more refined sense of what you're into and and the stuff that fits. It's a fantastic service. Can't say enough about it. You should upgrade your wardrobe and try stitch fix.


So get started today at Stitch Fix Dotcom Slash Zeti T.F. and you'll get twenty five percent off when you keep everything and your fix that stitch fix dotcom zeti T.F. for twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your fix stitch fix dotcom slash.


And we're in that, too, so we open up in the max. Max has a red shirt. Yeah. And he tells a story about his dad being a taxi driver. And then his mom gets him to say he wants to stop being a taxi. Yeah. And then his mom basically makes him work in the kitchen right before you know it. He's he's just back in that taxi again, punching that meter. Like, what was she having to make that was so complex or brutal on his soul?


But what the hell does that have to do with what Zach says to Max? Oh, you're asking.


Again, like this is more. Wow. Yeah. Like this is more a function of the story needing to advance quickly within twenty two and a half minutes or so. Right. But like nothing. I mean I think I think Max is just trying to like. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, what does it have to do with Slater? I say, you know, Slaters Slater does want to wrestle, I'm dead. And then he goes on about this story about his father.


Yeah, I think there's like a gas leak in the kitchen or something is just like boiling chickens out of hats and talking about taxicabs. A guy the guy is not.


Well, and I just want to point out, is that a different phone? I'm not an expert, but it is.


Yeah, it's different than the one you had before, I think. Did we lose the other one? Did props not in the box at the end of the day of episode two. Yeah.


I wonder if maybe they just thought this one looked better, but I'm I'm like almost positive. It is a different phone. Well well, I can't wait for Twitter. I can't wait for correction next week. Zack's phone, though, for whatever it's worth, it did change in series as it went on. You kept getting like newer, smaller technology. So by the time we're into season three and four, your phone was was quite compact. So Career Week actually is all week.


Yeah. I mean, it's not just a name like the name. We mean something. Yeah. It appears to be the entire week of. Of career stuff. Also, wait a minute, if it's career week, what are all those people in the hallway doing about their actual careers? Like if they're trying to tell you about a job, you should go get what are they doing all week? Like, just advertising is one of the signs to say agriculture.


I think it was architecture. Well, I'm looking at it in a mirror in your in your in your garage gym here. So I think that was my. My eyes not quite connecting the dots. Wow, look at look at the back of Zach's. Are there more Zach's hair talk? I just I can't it's like an enigma to me. I know see it.


But it's growing out, so I had to blow dry it. It's it just doesn't look good. I somebody should have give me a note and somebody may have given me a note, but again, I was responsible for my hair. I may not have taken the note, I may have said, nope, I want my hair like this. Well, you know, you did take is Max's story about cooking extremely literally because Zach immediately his scheme now involves getting Slater to try cooking and like that will push him into wrestling.


But then you have Kelly coming down the hallway in an apron. I thought she was only wearing an apron, so. Hell, yeah, join that class.


Yeah. Be pretty pretty scandalous. And imagine cooking club will get shut down pretty quick. God, I just can't stop watching my hair move every time I nod my head.


Yeah, like your head moves independently of the like. They're kind of each have their own axes.


I'm sure I was giving Donald fits with the lighting, by the way, because they're just like the light just goes right through that hair too. I should have won an Emmy for this. Yeah, I think he probably agrees.


And of course, this this cooking club thing, it's obviously going to going to blow up right in Zach's face. I mean, like. You know, as Ed Slater quickly did, it is it's a it's a room full of all the young ladies at Bayside. So I once were into the cooking class. Obviously it's a classroom. Later on, that classroom becomes a gymnasium.


Is it the same? I think it's the same space. If I remember correctly, there wasn't. We didn't have multiple sets like the locker room scene, for instance, right, so the boys locker room is different than the boys bathroom. That's essentially the same set they would just put in the lockers or they would put in the stalls. We didn't have a separate locker room and a separate. Bathroom. That makes sense, I never I never for.


I think they could expand that wall to be a bigger set. And if that's the case, then one of them was filmed earlier in the day. Whether it would be the cooking class or the wrestling, I would imagine, though, that in this case the cooking might have been first because it's less of a of a scene that you would need to get a reaction from the audience. Oh, interesting.


You were you were saying because of the audience stuff, I was thinking more about the setup. We're like, you could set up the cooking class overnight and then very quickly break it down. And all you really need for wrestling is the Mets.


Right. But that whole gymnasiums and again, the gym is very generous. Jim is very generous, but there's a lot of like, you know, hanging, punching bag pads and the and the bleachers. Yeah, I guess. Right. But I'm not sure I don't really remember these sets all that much other than the hallway always stayed the same. Belding's office was always off the hallway and right next to Belding's office. If we're if we're the audience, it was the hallway to your left was Belding's office.


And to that left was the max.


Ah. Whoa, that's crazy. Yeah, I would not have. And then I my to if you're looking at the audience. Looking at the hallway. Yeah. To the right was a classroom and I can't remember or not but maybe to the right of the classroom would be the gym set so they could like expand, they could remove the back wall, the classroom.


I think. I think and then if you're the audience to your left, to the left of the bleachers the audience sat at, that was the bathroom.


OK, so like they would have to kind of that that was where the the girls boys locker room bathrooms will be the same thing. They just would swap out. Yeah, right. And we're in cooking class and. The actor who plays the teacher, Mrs Cummings, played by Bunny Summers, her career started all the way back in nineteen sixty six on Petticoat Junction.


You might know her from Reanimator or The Last Star Fighter, but she was also in Big Top Pewee with one Dustin Diamond.


The year before this, Dustin was in Big Top Peewee. Dustin was in Big Top, huh? And so was Bunny Summers who who plays the, you know, the The Freewheelin musical cooking teacher here who also wore tap dancing shoes for her lesson plan. Was she known for this to sing and dance? Kind of like I don't know. I mean, I cruised through her very extensive again, started in nineteen sixty six IMDB and I don't think so.


I mean I think she was like a like we talked about someone, one of the other teachers who was on Broadway previously, and I think she was just had a lot of roles. And I guess she, you know, she showed up and she she knocked this right out of the park. This was a fun little scene. All right.


Before we start the next scene, which takes place in the max, I never noticed this before, but the glass door. Yeah, at the max. Yeah. To me, looks like a fairly simple, uh.


Huh, or is it just me? No, I mean, that is certainly a to use less scientific terminology, a boner inspired. No, I don't think that's just you kind of looks like.


Sperm or GAUD? Yeah, I mean, I can't unsee it. Oh, man. Well, I regret I regret doing that. Oh, man, yeah, I regret to inform you that now I can't either. And that's just going to be one of those things that is a that is with me until I die mcpaul that I want our audience also to point out other other symbols on this set. Yeah, because as we've pointed out, there's a lot of a subversive, borderline subliminal dirty stuff going on here, like our last teacher, Mrs.




Yes, right. I'm sorry. Sorry. Miss Cummings knows. Miss, is this this is OK. I'm certain someone will still find a way to correct me about that later today.


Is it phallic or phallic? It's phallic, but I wasn't going to correct you because this is your home and this has been established. The room where you practice martial. Did I say Felic?


You did. Yeah. It's Fallick. It is. Yeah, I know. My mind wanted to say fallick, but I said fallick.


You had a Freudian slip, but I don't know in which direction. Not a good direction. I mean I don't know but I'm glad I caught it because then I would have been. Oh you would have been in the correction. I caught it on my own, by the way, guys. Yeah. We didn't edit this. No, but. So this guy, NITC Neidl, do you want to talk about time?


I felt like his dick is in his bag. Marvin Neidl, Dick Right. Walks in. I don't know much about wrestling because I didn't wrestle in high school, but isn't there weight divisions? I'm so glad you pointed that out.


Yes, there are. There also would probably be like age divisions. And I don't think I don't think it goes to high school anymore. Yeah, he's not the same weight as Mario, even a little.


And certainly later in episode nowhere near the same way to screech. Right. So help me understand this too, because I've got a lot of questions with this episode, I guess. Yeah. So Slater is going to wrestle Natick. Yeah. Neeta can him have been wrestling. All these years, only Slater and Slater has lost it, so it seems like I'm so glad I'm asking this in the third act, by the way, because it isn't clear yet.


Now, it seems like Zach has been betting against Medick for years. OK, just just. But Slater just got to Bayside this year. Oh, right. And Zach is like, well, this will change everything. This is the year Nate is going down. OK, but what about the rest of Vali's wrestling squad? Where are they? Do we only have one wrestler?


It's so confusing because when we finally get to the wrestling match, it's like Nordic drove himself to the to the meat and is all alone.


There's nobody from Valley there. Not a single soul. Not if not a t shirt, not a nothing. All right.


We'll get to that today. I wouldn't want to jump ahead. This is too good. Also, just keep our our eyes on every face we meet here, played by Gino DiMauro. I hope I'm pronouncing that right, who was also on Kids Inc. with one Mario Lopez. And there's a lot of apron talk in this episode, by the way. Like Zach only joins the club to see Slater in an apron. And then NITC is making fun of Slater's apron.


Like, I don't know where the the vulnerabilities lied and just wearing an apron is being this like. Horribly silly thing to do with yourself, and it threatens to basically murder Zach if he doesn't produce a wrestler or a dirt bike by the end of the match. Jesse calls him Bubba. Called Slater Bubba? No, she calls us Natick Bubba. Because, listen, Bubba, huh? But isn't that a pet name that I remember? This is not a pet name that she uses for Slater.


I was going to say she will later, I believe, call like Bubba and Mama feel like they're the first time we hear Jesse say Bubba, huh?


Look at that.


You're welcome. Thank you. Thank you for doing. Look at that hair. I just every time.


Every time, like, it is like I never I swear to God, I never noticed it as being like so wildly fluctuating. But the fact that a 15 year old like when I was 15, I was also making choices with my hair to mix degrees of success for sure. But they weren't broadcast on television. So it's like very funny that you, as a 15 year old, you're like, no, I'm going to do it this way. It lives on forever.


But did you I mean, you've obviously watched these episodes a few times. A couple of times. Yeah. Did you ever notice this until I pointed this out?


I think I just kind of gave it like an overall like I didn't hone in on it, you know, like I maybe noticed Zach has hair in, the hair goes up or hair goes down. But I never really caught how like the lunacy of this these early episode Hair Choices.


Yeah. And by the way, this will be an ongoing thing for the series, right? My hair is a is is a very important part of my character and of the narrative. The fifth Beatle.


So much so that even in the reboot I asked Tracy Wakefield if we could make a mention of the hair because I said it was such an important part of my character. So there's a little Easter egg. If you're watching the reboot, hopefully they keep it in, but there is a little nod to the hair.


I look forward to that because I think that may have gotten added. It was added after they have done recently. It was added because it used to be something else. And I asked Tracy, I said instead of at instead of what was written, could we make it the hair? And she she looked at me quizzically and then I said, because hair is such an important thing to Zack and to obviously MP at yet during this, during this time.


So yeah. Hair.


Did you ask Tracy for a list of every joke I wrote so you could replace them and punch them up. Yes, absolutely right. You have that power. So yeah. Yeah. You are no longer credited on the rebound. Am I my health insurance. That's also gone too, right? Yes. OK, perfect. Good luck. Thank you. Any I needed, you know, some, just some good old fashioned threatening and brings us right into Act three.


So here we go with wardrobe. Remember I told you I was going to point out something on Screech? Yeah. The singlet he's wearing. Yeah. This thing is like, so what? So what size do you think they went with him. I know it's I have extra extra small. Well I don't think they make an extra extra small, which is why they had to double over the strap on his singlet. So if you notice there's a whole bunch of bunching up on his shoulder where they look like they just folded over the strap and then just put a seam in it because that singlet obviously doesn't fit.


Doesn't at all. I see what you're saying. So his are looking at screech. It's the right shoulder. So I guess his left. And all that fabric that's kind of folded under itself, that's what you're talking about. Yeah, because the strap was way too big, obviously. So they just kind of instead of went went you have just like maybe cut it, trimmed it and then just kind of attached it again. Instead, it looks like it was a last minute thing where they just folded it over and just pinned it out, even on the phone with the nearest wrestling studio for three year olds.


And I would have said, give me your biggest single if that's how I would handle it. He looks so sad in this thing. It's really just like you.


I mean. Well, I think there's two ways you can look at a single one is sad. Right. And the other one would be like Slater, right?


Yeah. You're either Slater or you're sad in a single.


That's a really good way to put it, because I don't think Neatnik pulls it off any much better now. But at least there's like a little more like. I don't know, I don't feel I don't feel bad for the guy like Screech really looks like a man who's just he's this is it. He's a he's on his way to get killed at school. And Zack offers to name the name the gym after him. Do you know if I if I got murdered like that, I don't think I would really care if the gym was named after me.


And of course, this was all to get Slater to. It's like bait to get Slater to wrestle Natick. And when Mario comes in, he almost I got I got what looked like him almost breaking. And I couldn't tell if it's just the visual of of Dustin in the singlet, but his like paws and delivery on the K'iche joke. Just look at Mario's face like he it looks like he's about to crack. So I'm trying to figure out if this is the actual if there's like a chalkboard behind those mats, which would confirm my theory that this is the same classroom.


As the baking classroom, you know, what might help is the what's that thing called like the speaker where the principal would talk through. All right. Like, that might be the thing that, you know, the unifying piece of set decoration or the the windows at the top of the right, the.


But they didn't have windows in the classroom, right? I don't know. I'm too lazy to rewin this thing. You know, this this train moves in one direction. That's right. Let's let the audience correct you onto it. Yeah. We'll see if the correction corner next week. But again, this is our Jim. This is an important wrestling match, but there's no representation from Valley zero. Only a very sad looking Medick. Yeah, he's just a forlorn, a forlorn needed.


And those are pretty sad looking mats for a wrestling match, I would imagine. I have, I have mat's like that in my gym right now. Yeah. I'm looking at their nicer.


It's funny because like Bayside is a school with so many resources, like they there's a pool that's been mentioned and I think in one episode someone's like on their way to tennis practice and like but yet when we actually see the athletics and see the space it looks just like so sad to use that adjective again. And there's two cheerleaders, possibly a third jessee, not wanting to wear the uniform.


I don't think I don't think cheerleaders wear denim is as regulation. I think Jesse is just like cheering with her friends.


And who are the who are the the the benches for like no one sitting on the bench, do they?


I think I think the gals take a seat after their their rousing.


They do. But the other benches are not for anyone like the, the background actors are just sort of sitting or standing behind them.


It has like it has like a street fight energy. That's what I said is exactly what I thought it was like. This is just a fight. Yeah. It's like it's like in the Yeah. Like like people gathering to watch a fight. There's also two extras that caught my eye. The one of them is one that's like pink neon pink to neon pink shirts. But one has like a big happy face. I love her shirt. I just thought that was so fun.


There's also extra in the background a woman, because we figured that out that everyone was much older than we were. But she's wearing cowboy boots. And I remember that look in the in the nineties and he always think that that was pretty hot when girls were cowboy boots like that particular look, very 90s. Look for me, it's like biker shorts and cowboy boots. Yeah, that was hot back then. Two very conflicting activities. Yeah. I actually I think I bought cowboy boots right after this.


Wow. You know, it's funny because I go I'm sorry, going back to your hair and like what was like fashionable of the time and what was like in trend. I tried to comb through some of the most popular in nineteen eighty nine movies to try to find out like where did you see this thing and like where did it click with you that this is what I should look like. Haven't cracked the case yet. But if, if any listeners do, please, please let us know.


And screech antagonizing Neeta because he, he thinks Slater will rescue him and. You know, after NITC almost murder Screech Slater shows up, say the day, and of course, we all know that that Mario was indeed a wrestler in real life.


Like he takes the stance, I would imagine that Gino is having to act across Mario. I think he puckered a little bit at the sight of Mario, like in his in his wrestling stance. I certainly would have realized, like, oh, crap. Oh, shit. This guy knows what he's doing and he's going to throw me and, you know, being obviously in a different weight class, it does look like Mario struggles to kind of make that throw you.


No, it's like it's a visually impressive maneuver all around. Yeah. Yeah.


I was I was actually very impressed by Mario's skill right here. And then, you know, going out the back door, as I call it, grabbing him and then throwing him. But he struggles and then finally thrown it was it was it was fun.


Yeah. Again, we talk a lot about safety and how things have changed. Never fly. You would never be like, look, sir, you are 16 years old. Can you please almost break your back in half to flip over this man who is like nearly twice your weight? No, they never would have taken that. They would have they would have inserted another guy. We had to cut right before the throw and they would have put it in stunt double.


Yeah, it would be an extreme close up on Mario's face, like struggling. And then you get like quick action. You're totally right.


I never I, I again, we've we've been very clear about this. I think I need to take more more. Alpha Brain is one Twitter followers said, but I don't remember there ever being a stunt coordinator or someone someone from that community. If there was no one. No, I mean, on my show next ish, I might show mixed ish if I I've I've had to like, trip on message. Yeah. And a stunt guy, a stunt coordinator has to come up to me and say, would you like to wear some kneepads?


Would you like to wear an ankle brace, maybe an armadillo in your back in case you fall on your back? And then would you also like to have somebody take the fall for you? There are so many protocols in place nowadays. Yeah, some some would say that it's a little too much. But back then, I don't remember anybody ever know zero. And that's coordinating these scenes. Like, I know that Mario and I will fight later on in the series because I've seen like the Meems and whatnot.


But I don't remember anybody, ever anybody ever being a choreographer for those scenes or a safety representative. Nothing. And yeah, Slater saves a day. I win my bet with Medick. And you also get in trouble like there's like a little bit of a tinge of a lesson.


The gambling is wrong. But like, I still like to believe that Zach got the dirt bike. You know, he just got detention also. And Slater doesnt have to worry about his future. He's just like, what a good lesson for kids. Just like, oh, you'll worry about it later.


And we get to end on a nice profile one last time to see how beautiful that that hair really was. Either side. There's a bit of Trump going on there, like Odali. Yeah. Yeah, right. You get a little whiff of Trump.


No, it's like a it's just it's one of those things where it's all about the angle. You look at it right from the side, you can just see so much going on.


It's something it's really it's I really never noticed it. It's it's like one of those things. Like when I look at Trump's hair, I always wondered, like, how does it get like what is going on there? Like how does it get there? What's going on?


I think you're dealing with, like, for lack of a better explanation, like a fifteen year old making their own choices.


Right. And that's what I feel about my hairstyle. And this is like what what is going on there? Yeah. How did I get that? I don't know. And it moves. I love the movement in the hair in this episode.


Oh yeah. It's like just enough product to get it there but not enough to keep it still. It's very fascinating stuff.


Well, I can't wait till next episode to see what happens with my hair. Well, I'm so glad you mentioned there's a next episode because there is it is called Beauty and the Screech. Any old guesses?


Well, there has something to do with Screech. I would say beauty. My mind right away went to a girl, a woman of some sort, but we already did the Bambi episode.


So. So you would say you would be the beauty where you thought something like that?


I would have called screeches woman Yeah. I could easily have been replaced with beauty and the screech because of you. Well you're always all about me. Yeah. It's always all about you know, it is it is about screech and a woman. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see next week. So please do your homework, my pal and listeners. Thank you so much. Mark Paul, thanks for listening. And we'll see you next week.


Thank you, Zach. To the Future is a production of Caden's Thirteen. It's executive produced by Paul Goslar, myself and Chris Corcoran, production and direction led by Terrence Mangan, editing and Mastering by Andy Jenniskens. Engineering and Production Coordination by Sean Cherry. Artwork by Kurt Courtney with illustrations by Jeff MacCarthy. Marketing is led by Josephine Francis with PR by Hilary Shupe, thanks to the whole team against their team and to you for listening.