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Thank you. Hello, Fresh.


Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good times and the people that maybe.


But is that a real song?


Child sexual cringe when like a song would come on, it would have sex on it when you were a kid? No, just you.


I just I got giddy. I was like I got excited when I heard says Alsup.


That's why when Bob came out, it just kind of like it spoke to me.


Yeah. Yeah. I just understood. I know we just get each other, me and.


Yeah. Me and Carter. You know, when Zane first when you first played me your cover of Warp, I thought, like, you actually wrote the lyrics.


You'd never.


I did for that. Well, I thought the chorus was the same as like the wet us pussy song. But like I thought Zane was like, oh.


And I was like, oh, like a lot of people a lot of people hit me up saying that, like, they they actually have never like, listen to the lyrics.


Like they actually didn't know what the lyrics were until they heard my song. Oh shit, that's crazy. Because like I say it, like, very slowly and clearly enunciate it. Yeah.


But yeah, it is like my like I think my cousins or my family, they, when they heard that they thought I wrote it, they thought like that.


So that's what I thought I was like, who is this, a vulgar, a vulgar poet like imagine not knowing that was a real song and like your family member is sending it to other family members, like do you see what Zane's do?


Have you seen as what your son up to?


This is his latest thing that does sound like something that Lonely Islands would come up with. Yeah. Lonely Island.


Yes, I'm on a boat. I miss them so much.


They're so good.


I just had sex just some. And it felt so good. It did. All right. Well, let's get this episode started, baby.


Take off. It's. Yeah. It's going to to the point where it goes out and we're just like people like we don't want to see you dance just started.


No, it's not replaying old clip. I just got dancing.


I just feel like if we stop them, like, wow, they're getting really lazy now. We've got to keep the tradition alive. Do you guys do the same moves? Every time we try to? I try not to, but like, it ends up being the same.


We know like three, though, and we kind of recycle them.


OK, there's a shakin my ass are doing the whip.


So we've kind of added a new variation, like, you know, we start big juice, the funny juice, the funny, and then he gets very small, then just in the hands and then just think, oh, nice.


Oh, and now we're now we're saving it and we're putting in our pocket. Save it for a rainy day. All right.


Keep going each other. What was that like a like a nursery rhyme. Like The Princess Diaries. That's how I that's what it's from. But I think it is like a song people. Yeah it is.


I don't know if I'm pregnant. Oh. I was thinking to zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket right now is a bunch of those to you guys. Your teacher never told you that.


That sounds like a brick wall waterfall. Yeah. I think you got it all you like. Zip it, lock it now put it in your pocket.


So if you guys don't know, some of you don't know. But that is permanently back. Yeah. He did recover from his bicycle accident. Jimmy Johns, finally, have I recovered?


I would say yes, I am. I am.


I healed. You know, does it still hurt?


Occasionally it's this weird kind of phantom nerve feeling. So we just started.


Go find me for him to go. I don't I don't need to go find me.


Years goes over the Texas go find me fun for so long. Know.


But to clarify for the people who are listening back towards the end of my first chapter, being a part of unfiltered, I had a really bad injury with a bike. I was walking outside of a Jimmy John's in North Hollywood and if you're familiar with the area, be very careful because there's a total blind spot. When you walk out of the Jimmy John's, there are these big concrete columns.


And I was with Mike, I got my Italian nightclub and with the Kickin Ranch, and we and I walked outside before I walked outside and a guy on his bike was speeding like a bicycle, not a motorcycle. A bicycle was speeding down the sidewalk.


And that will probably be what would you define as speed feeling really good right now, saying that he was speeding on a bicycle, like on a, well, total blind spot. So it may have not been going that fast, but it was fast enough to knock me on the ground. That's a tall guy.


I mean, it was a lot like being so low and clipping his body out, he was going fast enough or I knocked him out of the first quarter of the second season.


But it was painful, you know, the great lady, like the woman who's, like, stomping on the grapes on the TV, that was me.


When I fell, I was like, oh, and I really injured my hand. They did an MRI. I had fractured the hook of my Hamade.


That's crazy. And but it wasn't that severe of a fracture.


And over time, it's gradually healed. But I never got it fixed.


I'm going I'm going to be honest with you. I had never laughed so hard when I saw you put a mask on your hand, that's all.




I remember when he posted a story and he had like a face mask wrapped around his arm.


I had to use with what I had to cover up my hand because it's hard to find the bandages that stick on your hand. Very well.


I mean, I could have dropped wrapped it, but he took it off your face and put it on your hand. Yeah, I put it in Ayten and then put the mask around and I made a little makeshift bandage. Okay I McGyver did ok, so appealed. But like there's a little chunk of bone that's still floating around on my hand.


Do you feel sometimes probably for the camera now I send them your prayers please.


He's going to need all the love and support. I just don't think I'm going to go through with the surgery because it's not that severe. But I think sometimes I'll just feel something on my hand and I have to, like, shake it loose. But that's why I was gone. But I am permanently back. That's where my life has gone.


I'm not satisfied we let him go for change. Excuse me, guys. He he started his own pockmark channel and he's finally back. He was busy doing that, really involved in his deep up.


You have a Depok.


I buy things on D Pop all the time. I haven't started one, but I am soon Patricia trying to set it up for me.


I can. I bought this, I bought this off the top. Yeah. Oh did you. Vintage.


I love going like I just like to search L.L. Bean and. Newly listed, because usually that's when someone's selling, someone's just trying to sell it really fast and I just type it, I can't do shopping, I can't like even the public.


I'm not able to, like, look for clothes. Yeah, you're not a shopper. You know how I could go into a store and I'll walk out with nothing or I'll walk out with something I'll never wear.


You just need to tell yourself that you like it. I do.


But that I never see that you don't want to change into it. That's a thing. Yeah. He won't go want to buy something, but he'll buy eight hundred dollar Burberry jacket.


OK, well that was like that was like a good seven years ago. Gucci sharp form. Yeah exactly. Ethan Hourigan, Badoo Jobs back in the Vine days and some of our first like good sized check from Vine.


We were like, oh, we are doing shit.


We were it was like a reoccurring chuck Chuck. It was it was pretty like unbelievable at the time. Like we were doing Vines and Munsen were like, oh my God, there's a steady income like Pardoo is hitting us up if you guys don't know what Badoo is. But there is like this op that was like kind of like Tinder is like a hot or not like a hot, hot or not, which is an awful way to go bad.


Mark Gordon.


Oh, that's horrible. Yeah. Yeah.


He's not hot or not. It sounds like a fake made up like kind of joke version that they would put on a TV show. Yeah. Yeah.


Like a flyspecking next. Right. Like an SNL skit, hot or not.


But at least it's very flattering that someone thinks you're hot and they don't just like you, you know.


Yeah, but for my looks, not my personality. Yeah.


But yeah, we're making a lot of money. So I was like, I'm going to buy myself a Burberry. I don't know why we did that. I went to a Burberry store. It was like the first time I've ever walked into a store like that. And I was like, I'll do that one. I never wore it.


But this military green puff like, well, why? It didn't look anything more than like fifty dollars.


This, this, this jacket.


I look like an old navy, just kind of, you know, I kept that Burberry bag like the bag for like a year.


Do you guys like the apple boxes. Yeah. Do you guys like have this weird tendency to keep apple boxes and or like really nice bags? They're too nice.


I keep my chargers in there. That's my spare charger. So I keep it in there. And when I need to use it, I'll take it out and I'll throw the box. Yeah. Did you ever hear that from, like, your dad, like always keep the boxes.


Yes. My dad still has our cell phone boxes and that's OK, you know, because because you want to, like, return it. It's not like what's the point? I guess so. It's just like the proper thing to do is to keep the boxes.


But I've just learned to get rid of it immediately. It just takes up space. But it's weird.


We have that, like, instinct to like, yeah, we got a hold on the entire desk drawer full of Apple product boxes.


Like sometimes I'll hide things in them like jewelry and stuff. If it's OK, don't tell the secrets. I mean they're high quality books. Really nice box. Thanks. And where's the Apple Watch.


Like quality shit man.


That is it. Yeah. There's a weird thing to do. I know. I think it just screams like just middle class, just trying to save money.


When I had braces they sold these little wax strips that you can. Yeah. If it was poking you, if the wires were poking you, if it hurt the inside of your mouth, you take a little bit of the wax that you buy. You put it in there.


My mom didn't want to buy it. There were probably like two dollars. You don't want to buy it. So she got me those wax juice candies.


Were you bought the bottle? Did you use them? Are you fucking kidding me? Tina it worked. It was wax. It was the same consistency. She was like, I'm not buying that here.


You get a candy out of it and it's cheaper. It looks like you see your er podcast. That's what the wax. Yes. Looked like inside you open it up.


And there was like four strips and you would use that my arms like, like that I would, my brother had braces but I would like take his and use them for like little magic tricks.


Oh I would take the wax in like you like take a card on the other side in the window and then my babysitter would come over and I'm like, you want to see a trick? And I mean like where's the two of clubs?


And I throw it down and I pull the blinds up and it would be like outside of I don't know why.


As a kid I always wanted braces for some reason we all did. Until you got there. I wanted braces and glasses. And then I got that I was nobody talked to me.


Yeah, I the one thing I got was a retainer, like the one that goes the little. Oh yeah.


But man shit like food would get in there and get stuck in there. One time I ate a salad and a lettuce, a whole fucking lettuce went in.


Oh I couldn't take it out.


And it was, it was like a Caesar dressing on the lettuce and was you there. And I told my I told my parents everything and we could go to the dentist. I had to wait till, like, I, like, went to go get it tight and then like a month.


So you're growing like a whole harvest up there. It's coming out. Yeah. I should be like a garbage disposal switch that like.


Yeah, whatever gets stuck. Yeah, but I remember I like to talk to girls in cause I'm like, you know, I have a retainer and I go to fly an American fly pick.


So it was like plastic. Oh, got to pick a color glitter, a design.


You put an American because they only have like three options like like a dinosaur skull and crossbones. And then I realized that having other colors on the roof of your mouth is probably not.


The people would go up to, say, the Pledge of Allegiance. He got his neck back.


And I think and you go to the front of everybody to the Pledge of Allegiance.


Yeah, I. I wanted glasses so bad, too. I used to say, you know, how they said, like, don't sit close to the TV when you're growing up.


Is it on purpose. I did it on purpose. I would sit this close because I thought glasses were the coolest thing.


I know I'm going to make my eyes go bad and I'm going to get the glasses. And you did. And I sure did.


But you got glasses. Well, my my mom didn't believe me that I needed it because you saw me sitting on the TV, like doing the thing. And yeah, she didn't believe me my entire life. And like, I was like, I know I need them. Like, I can't out of mom. Never needed the glasses.


No Winker. I say, oh so yeah, they just didn't believe me until I went to go.


I started wrestling in high school and I had to get a physical and like an eye exam to like prove that I was what I don't I don't know.


You wrestled in high school. Yeah. Yeah. You Russell, do you is this when you're you're like. Have you.


I wrestled my diet. I was having a hard time. I weighed 135. OK, that's what I wrestle. But was it your hair long. Could someone just go come here? I had to wear a hairnet. I had to wear like like I literally had I wear like this, I could do do rag but then I had to like flip it and like tie it and like then I'd put my head gear on top of it.


OK, are you just like teased it up and up. Right. So I had to get my physical and get my eye exam and I didn't pass and my mom was like, OK, do the test again, let's go. We don't have time for this. I was like, no, I actually can't see. So the doctor called her in and like, put up the eye exam thing that you like to look through and made it. So it was my vision.


So when she looks through it, she would see what I would see.


Oh, I didn't even know. Oh yeah. Yeah. So if you like, if you like, look at somebody, you put somebody's glasses on, you'll see basically like what their vision is. Does that make sense.


Mm hmm. I've heard of that. I didn't think it was true that. Yeah.


So basically they just like put the lenses in that little contraption and she look through it and she like she she broke down. She was like, I'm so sorry.


Like, I didn't know it was, you know, like, man, this is not normal. They don't have patience. Normally our parents believe their children here. Yeah. So she she finally saw what I saw and then I got my glasses.


So when you go to the wrestling matches, did you have to wear like athletic goggles with your that one?


No, I actually got the glasses real quick and then they put me on contacts for if I was wrestling. OK, cool. Yeah.


Did you ever have to go in and do the almost a video game test where you look at a little black square and you have a little controller and then, oh, you have to click click when you see like a little blurry thing in the corner.


No, you in this game, the only thing I remember is looking a little like hot air balloon. That's what I remember.


You do that in school. You didn't do that. We would have a test once a year in school.


They would check your vision and your hearing and you would you would put the headphones on.


When you would hear it, you would play. What's going on? What were they like, some old school ass headphones? They were like beige. Know I was in school. That wasn't. Yeah, cool. Oh, that is weird. It would be like the school year, but yeah.


Yeah, we get quieter and you have to. Why were they doing it in school? Because you have some parents who are like denying that something's wrong.


I thought I'd pretend I would pretend. I don't know how to write. I just so I go to the whole time.


I'm like having a laptop was fun in class. No, I've never had a laptop. I didn't get a laptop. I remember when flat screens first came to the school and they told you not to touch it because it was just oh, oh.


Like what do you mean jelly? Like, it's my hand. Go through it. Like, I just didn't understand it.


The only memory I have was the big clear and then like the neon green or the orange MacBook or Mac like yeah we get those in middle school.


What do you know, the big like it was desktop, the old desktop that was like clear and it had like orange like little like accents or like the old the old I-Max.




Yeah. But they had the laptops too that would they would have for us. I never got a laptop, we didn't get a computer model. That's why we had the good shit.


I remember our science teacher, we were doing an experiment with magnets and this was like the third grade and was like, this is a magnet. These are very serious.


Do not go up to the computer yet, but these don't go up and they don't look like right to the computer and like the computer shut down it everything because he was just trying to explain, like, don't go up to the right on your funny little forward.


I can imagine the students like we're like, oh, okay. So what were your laptops in school like?


Why didn't he bring up a lot of laptops. Yeah. Oh I know.


So I always remember there was a little cursor ball thing in the middle. Right. The little fellow person, it was like that little felt thing in the middle of the keyboard.


Yeah. It uses a cursor. Right.


I think a little bit here. Never mind.


Remember we were talking the other day about how we had to make brochures in schools.


Yeah. Like these. You guys are going to remember me like having to make a brochure.


You got to pick a topic and they would give you like a template of oh, and you'd have to like folder and like, yes, this is what the cover looks like.


The first lap should be the most important reason why we're not sure we were going to be traveling just about taxes.


I mean, I'm sure not to make a damn good job. I think I think I made one for my family that was like like why I deserve a dirt bike like this going home. No, I made a Venn diagram warning stuff.


We were not prepared for life out there. Twelve years of. Oh, no, no, no. That's a shame.


What a shame. I'm going to I'm just going to homeschool my kid synergized.


You haven't paid your taxes in six years. OK, let me explain to you why I don't know how this is sure to pass out to everybody and a PowerPoint presentation.


So these are my expenses. So you can see the overlap right here in the center. This is where they want to pay these. I don't want to pay.


Do you think why don't they teach taxes in school?


He's made a good point.


I think it's just because it keeps you in this fucking, like, dumb bubble or you that or I think there's a sensitivity towards it. Maybe.


Well, too bad you it because everybody's getting it. Everybody's got to pay. Yeah. You imagine though if your kid though comes from good school, it is like dad to be paid your taxes. Let me take a look at those ten ninety nine. You know Dad, that's a tax deduction audit you guys. That's OK. That's what they should teach you in high school.


High school, you're about to be like an adult, you know, like you're about to like get a job and all this shit. So they should teach you that in like eleventh grade, twelfth grade.


They should have told me to get a credit card when I was in high school. But they did. I did not know how to get a credit card.


Remember when we first moved out here, I couldn't get shit because I didn't have you couldn't get a credit card because you didn't have a credit card to show that you can have a credit card. You got to get lucky enough to find one person that I'll just give you the card without any credit. Yeah, I got to keep a secret. Like it was something random.


I had a credit card and I never used it because I thought, you're not supposed to use credit cards. You debit I use the debit card for years, earn zero point.


And I could afford I could afford the credit card. I could pay it off every month. But I did it because I thought credit cards were bad. Debit card every time I still use it, but I still preach financial responsibility. Don't don't spend every credit card.


You're literally you're taught as a kid to, like, only spend what you have. Like, if you have the money, that's what you spend. So any credit card is not how that works. You spend money that like is pretty much not from your account. Yes.


You pay it later, but like we were just taught to you better be a buy as you go.


Do remember that commercial where the guy was like put on my credit card and he's like in the limo and just like and he's like, put all the card.


So that commercial mess with me, it was like, I don't use a credit card because those things happen.




This guy buying all this expensive shit and putting it on his credit card like he can of right now.


Now I use credit everywhere because I would like to buy things because I'm obsessed with credit card points, like every time before I buy something.


I've never really I've never used points for anything. Oh, really? Yeah.


I just I've been saving mine for Japan, Eric. It's not going to happen. But those points are now erased because of the pain you'll get inspired to redo square one.


I finished some points.


My mom did say they'll never use your points for like a cash back. No, like like they put it towards like paying off the bill.


Usually don't put it to it. Don't use it as like cash.


What what do you mean by that? They give you five points. You can redeem them for like a stay at a hotel or whatever like you could do. Yeah. Or you can be like use points towards paying the bill.


It's not really great to use points whenever you're buying a flight that would normally be very, very cheap. And for some reason it's so last minute, so expensive. You're like this is a time to use points because it's absurd. I'm paying this much for you.


You have to use your points in a certain time, or does it all just collect throughout the years?


I don't know. I think some have different thresholds. That's a good question.


Yeah. One time, like I think I did look at my point on my credit card and it said something like fifteen percent off of some Groupon thing that of to a place I've never been to, I would never go to.


I was like, OK, well suck I guess on my card. I'm sorry you never went back. Amex fucked my credit up. Yeah. I couldn't buy my I couldn't buy a card because Amex doesn't like actually there's a difference between that.


All right. We're going to get technical. There's a difference between what works for American Express. So. So and she does. Yeah. Yeah.


So fax. So there's a difference between like a credit card and a charge card. So I got an Amex gold card. Yes. And I was like my first credit card. I'm going to do this. I actually had a chase before that, but it was like a thousand dollar limit, right? Yeah. And then my Amex gold card didn't have a limit. It was just whatever you spend, you just pay it in full at the end of the month.


You should some people pay them. No, you have to. Oh.


So there's no limit. So on my credit report, it only showed that I had a thousand dollar limit because my one card was a thousand and my Amex was just like whatever. So I was spending more than a thousand dollars on my credit or my my Amex card. And it showed that I was going over a hundred percent of my credit allowance, even though I was paying it in full every month. It showed that I was irresponsible with my my credit.


So I was doing it.


I dropped like over a hundred points in a couple months from using this card. And I was just like I had no idea. I was like, here I am. I'm like, get my credit now.


And you're paying, you're paying the shit on time. Someone's listening to this right now. It is hitting me like, oh my God, I can't feel like oh yeah.


Be careful with the charger, with the Amex charge cards because I ran into that same thing as you. Yeah.


Oh, you just making the phone. Just your do you see people asking their kids like you're talking on the phone and they do this or this.


Oh yeah. Younger kids will go like this all the time. Oh I'm sorry. We studied pantomime. What's in the mind.


We studied pantomiming in theater in high school where you seriously have the option.


You know, like if you're going to like drink a cup, you would you would grab the cup and you drink it and then you'd put it back where it was and you could always go back.


Oh, yes. Oh, like a little man when you play beer drinking games. Right. But if you had a phone, you wouldn't hold your phone like this. Like this is bad pantomimed.


Oh my God. You wouldn't. You would. Very good imagination. Yeah. That's how I like you would hold it. Yeah.


Yeah. So I sorry this is drilled in my brain not to do this, but I guess if I was just joking with you guys about being on this, call me.


But my instinct is to do that just to be like, yeah, I wish I took theater.


I like acting for like a year. Did you hold on? Did you see the other one?


That's like the phone, but they go show me taking a picture and like they'll ask like, oh, one person in there like this and they'll ask like a younger kid and they'll like, show me taking a picture and they go like this they.


Oh yeah. Oh wow. It's really weird.


Weird. I mean who fucking takes pictures of those cameras though.


Like not like a DSR like like that but it's just. Our instinct to like, yeah, this is this is still like use the volume up button as well.


I mean, we still do because this dispo yeah, we're just taking this way defeats the whole purpose of a disposable camera.


It is fun, though. I do. I do enjoy it.


There's something about waking up the next morning and like the camaraderie of everybody being like the pictures are up and then everybody's just like going, yeah, well, what's funny about this is that, like, we took so many pictures that night in the Cabin Tahoe and, you know, we were just all so drunk.


We were just taking a bunch of pictures and they were like, oh, my God, it's up and it's just too late. I know. That's what makes us so funny is that, like, it's the moment where it develops and you're like, oh, my God, what the fuck? What pictures do we take everybody in, like that role that you're in? See what you took that night that you uploaded to that exact says?


Who took which picture? Yeah. Oh, yeah.


It reminds me of that scene in Hangover when they just like, find the camera and they're like, what? Yes, exactly. What happened last time. They go through everything that feels like, yeah.


So I got my ADHD medication, I got my I got my whole thing.


I forgot what it's called, like Adina's or some shit. But we know that the doctor prescribed it to me.


He's like this 90 percent of my patients I take this completely changes her life. I was like, oh fuck. Yeah, I'm like, let's go.


I'm ready to rumble, pop this pill, pop these firecrackers and don't let me get back to work.


So I wake up. I'm so excited.


I waited two days because I was like I had to prepare my body for this experience, you know?


So I wake up, I this trip, it was like those fast rapid release like you put on your tongue, put on my tongue.


I was like, let's go, let's go, baby. So I went to work out. I felt really jittery and I worked out and then I went home and I was like, OK. And then by two p.m. I was completely it was like done like I was I just felt lethargic.


I was just like, fuck, I feel like what I normally feel like. Now this sucks what's going on.


I'm going to change my life no matter what I thought, too. And I don't like you're supposed to like kind of let it work like you have to do. Hum. Yeah, but I really did. I was like getting shit done but like I was just like, oh my God, it is not I don't feel it right now.


I just felt a little jittery in the morning and I went away and then I took it for the next few days and I still didn't work. So I was just like, maybe I'm not taking enough.


So I was like, oh, let me take two. So to over two, am I talking? I was just like, it's going to work.


It's going to work. I know. And all of a sudden, like, I just felt like just something took over my baby.


I thought I. Oh did I. Oh did. I was I was freaking out.


I remember walking up to Scott's house because this is when you came and I saw you.


Yeah. You looked rough.


This medication is supposed to like skyrocket your anxiety, but like it didn't really the days I was taking it first.


But when I, when I double dose, it was like through the fucking roof. I remember walking into Scott's house and I saw, like, there was like five people there that day.


And I was I looked over the wall.


I'm like, oh, fuck, I don't want I don't to talk to anybody. I don't want to talk to anybody. So I'm like walking up, walking home. And all of a sudden Scott takes out his camera and just starts pointing at me and I'm just like, oh, fuck. And I'm like talking to Jason. And he's still pointing the camera. I mean, which is completely OK. But like that day, I was freaking out.


It's like it's like when you're high and don't want people to know. Yeah, yeah. I look in a way that I like seems even weird.


I look at Scott and I was just like, can you get that camera out of my face. And like I don't like and I remember he was just like, oh and I remember it just completely just shot him down.


And I was just like and I remember just thinking about that the whole day. Like, I didn't apologize to him in the moment because I was just like I was just freaking out. So I was working out and I just remember thinking about and I went home and I kept on thinking about it. I'm like, oh my God, this is bad. This is bad. Like, I fucking hate this. I call my doctor. I'm just like, what do I do?


I talk to this guy.


What's your emergency is it's going to go away. It's like you just got to drink a lot of water, blah.


I get a FaceTime from Zayde and I'm like, Lete, isn't he in the house? And it's like, doo doo doo doo doo. Ed, do we have water in it? It's Zaineb. I could tell us sitting on his toilet it is bathroom and he goes like I think I took too much like I'm like I'm like slow down. I'm like, how much did you take. And he's like I took two of them and I'm like and I know the medication he's taking.


And I'm like, You're going to be five, you're going to be fine. You're just right now, you're really focused.


I felt like I took that weed cookie that one day. I thought it was just like I felt like it wasn't going to go away and I was like, fucked.


I was like saying, go, go work out, go running is like I just did. That's what focus feels like. Oh, really. Like a normal person. Right. Well, I haven't been focused on my life and this is crazy. It's like painful to fuck and I just can't stop listening to people. The boring people are.


The problem with those types of medications though is. Fixation and sometimes you can fixate on something like too much in too strongly like for you as the anxiety and overthinking, like how you reacted and interacted with Scott or whatever, and that light sends you down a spiral.


You sometimes feel like you take Adderall and then you spend like a whole hour on Facebook being like this.


And now I'm to say this is when I realized that this medication fucked me up, that this or that. And I was in my bed and I was just wired. I was like one thirty in the morning. I was like, oh, I'm not going to sleep tonight. I go and I'm like, Who? I need something to do. Download Sugar Crush. OK, I download sugar drums.


That's why that's how you know it's a problem. And look, when I'm playing the game and I lose all my lives and I'm like, I got to keep going.


He's just buying exercise and they give me another round.


That's how much money I spent that night on Sugar Crush. Not more than ten dollars. A hundred and fifty. Oh my God. 450 fucking dollars because I couldn't get past the next level.


What do you buy? I don't get it.


Longines movie. It was crazy. I was just like, oh my God, this is bad. I saw. I was like, I need I, I, I stopped playing the game and I was like, I need to play another game.


Go dollars. Right.


Bejewelled Farmville. I was like, you know what, I need to play another game. I was like, I'm going to play Monopoly Ivory, download Monopoly game one.


Oh, you know, he was going to be up for a while. You play that well, I got for the next six hours. You were just the thing about the monopoly. It's a it's a good game because it's a game about life, baby.


You know, it teaches you how to pay your taxes, teaches you how to rent, how to lease, how to how to, you know, flip houses. And she had a monopoly in school for it teaches you how to get out of jail. Capitalism, you got to roll through. It doubles.


It teaches you all that fun shit. And we played the game going to jail. So and it's crazy. It's crazy about this game because like in real life, it's really sad when people, like, lose their houses or like, you know, they lose all their money or whatever, but they have a monopoly.


Oh, it's a bloodbath.


You know, you just want to, like, see people fucking burned, just burned to the ground and it's fake money. How much real money is it's monopoly money. How much real money? A realistic version with like hundreds of thousands of them.


I've put my actual house in the game like I somehow put my hands over there. He's like, you take it all.


He puts his car keys up. Did you beat the computer? Of course I did. Or like online with people.


I was playing, like with computers. I was a fucking mess that I was playing with bots. And I was just like, I like the way when I was winning, I was just like, oh, fuck, yes. But it was like bots that I was playing.


Yeah. He gets addicted to stuff really easily like that though. Like I got him into Carcassonne.


And you were because Carcassonne is he a drug cartel or know you like it because it's a strategy game.


You wouldn't know about it. Members are Stratego.


Oh I love Statik. That's a good one.


Yeah. It's like you like buildOn. Sounds really stupid. You build roads and castles and you like, oh, like Settlers of Catan or it's simpler.


It's got like these tiles and they have like a river or road that will go through it and you can have to like you have to match it up and then you have to like build the border around a castle and then you libro game.


I don't play well. I just I spent six hours today setting up trying to hack my Oculus quest to to play Groundhog to the VR video.


Over the past five days, he's been like, Zane, I need to play Groundhog Day. I'm like, not what the fuck then was weeks ago.


Just let it go. But they made a VR game. That's the sequel of the movie. So you know the movie Groundhog Day. Yes. The weatherman Phil Connors is stuck in the same day over and over. Fast forward to the future present day. His son is a YouTube blogger who has to go to Punxsutawney and he finds himself stuck in the same day.


And he has this whole mystery about apparently my dad a long time ago was stuck in the same day for years and to change his life. And now I'm in it. So you have to do the same thing every day and interact with people. It's pretty fun.


But I had to hack the system and I did it into the mainframe. Six hours, six hours.


We are so proud of you. But I logged out of your steam account and I don't know your steam password or what your account name is. So you guys got to figure that out or just charge.


Why didn't you make your own account? Because he was I cleared the download caches and it logged you guys out and Zane couldn't remember your password.


So wait, I don't want to switch things up, but it's going to drive me up the wall if you don't. Help me figure this out. When he was saying, but it reminded me, I think it was on A.I.M., were you able to message board? Oh, smarter child.


Oh, you like talk to like you just like talking.


Yeah, but there was a there was a bar called Smarter Child that we would talk to. They all had different names like that. Right. Oh, I spilt my feelings to that robot. Yeah.


Yeah. It was like the Aleksa of A.I.M.. Yeah.


And you really felt like you were talking to somebody. You just want to know the other names.


All right. Only one I knew was smarter child.


You could use it. You didn't use like and I wasn't allowed I couldn't talk to anybody when I first got it and none of my friends had it, but like my mom's friends did.


So I would just like message all the more talking to my cousin. Yeah. Hey, Kelly, it's bad. She's like I mean, we're using A.I.M. because we didn't have phones.


Yeah, we had phones.


It was the first like way of messaging your friend. It was faster than email. Like I would email my my friends and cousin. Yeah.


Because I remember I would call their house. I remember like being in my friend's house using Gaiam, but like at the time I definitely had a phone. So I do.


Yes. With the texting was like, remember, it was like you press nine to the T9 texting ready to press the button three times. Oh let me.


I know I had the flip. I had slide. Oh. But I can only send like seven texts. Um you did not get the flip side thing until probably high school. Yeah I was.


Nobody had those types of phones like you had only people had those were sidekick people in middle school at least don't call me.


Oh. So you actually felt like you owed.


Oh yeah. 100 percent. I did not feel well. It was like. It was too much. Now you know your limits. I do know my limits. I was a law for me to drive you here. Dose responsibly. Yes, please delete the credit card from your phone so you're not.


Yeah. Buying the shit. But I do have a follow up appointments.


I'm going to switch up my medication.


So I'll tell you, my next list is they love this. I do like wine tasting, but for it it's like I'm trying not change my life and I need a I need to find the right path.


You just want to be drugged up all the time.


I mean, I feel like I'm in I'm in a point right now where I'm just like, I need this drug in order to have a better life.


I that's such a bad mindset to just like no, I'm not going to be able to continue my life in a good way without this drug.


And I think you'll use it for a while and then kind of weaned off of it. Yeah.


Like I did a lot in college and I rarely do it. Yeah. You know, or I'll just start doing heroin.


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So Mariah.


Yeah. You went to a wedding. Tell us all about. OK, I did. It was your parents wedding. He said Zane right down wedding. I'll know what I mean. So you went to a wedding. You went to a wedding last week, right.


Your parents got married. My parents. Congratulations. So I came across this tick tock and it was a wedding video. And the the caption was, I can't believe they put this in without consent. And it was like the bride and groom walking down the aisle. And then it cuts to a clip of Sesame Street characters turning around like the audience, like cheering like, oh, I know she is.


I'll show you. I'll show you what it's like.


They put the editor put this in without telling the bride and groom like, hey, right, we're going to put this in. And it was like their actual wedding, like video.


So it's like Sesame Street characters walking down the aisle.


No, so much on the show.


They're walking down the aisle and then it cuts to, oh, like in the wedding video, just like an edit the guys a wedding in the Sesame Street like show.


No, it's a no. It's somebody it in the wedding video, but it's like a wedding in this house mystery show. They took a clip that they took a clip from Sesame Street or the Muppets. I know.


No, I know that. But in The Muppet Show, was it like a wedding going on?


Probably, yes. Yeah. And they put it in there way and they did it without their consent.


I mean, that's what they said. So I was watching it and I was cracking up. I thought it was so funny.


And then I'm like, why don't I think this is weird? And then I thought I was like, oh, I text my parents. I said, Am I crazy?


Or is this same thing in your wedding? Her parents like film everything.


They have videos. Yeah, like they're like so they set me up like ten minutes later of their wedding video. They have the same shit.


They said they have a Cinderella scene, they have a Robin Hood scene and they have a mushahid show.


It's y you know, and I talk to my mom about it.


I was like, like, this is so funny, but I find it like a little bit normal. And then I was reading the ticktock comments. Every comment was like my aunt had the same thing, my uncle had the same thing.


It was a thing in the nineties. Oh, I don't know what it was and ate it like it was probably like you got the mop. It's like, how could they put that in your wedding video. Look at us. We love like filters and like. Weird clips and stuff back then, it was like, do you want to get a little funny package of us arriving in reaction shots of different parts of culture? It makes sense. No, it doesn't.


Yes, it does sense back that, like my parents said, like there's a scene of the Robin Hood scene where, like the the guy and girl kiss and they freeze frame it, but it's freeze framed for like 15 seconds, like a really long time.


Then it fades to my parents kissing. But it was so long. But my mom was like back then, it wasn't long. It was like we before it was exciting.


And we were like, you couldn't get edit anything edited personally like that unless it was a movie.


So it was crazy to see what it tell them.


It's just in the.


OK, and then it just looks like a horror or just cuts. Oh, gosh, it just cuts. Are you fucking Cinderella? That's so weird. It's like the whole scene. Oh, my God. Like minutes.


This was impressive. And they lived happily ever after. And then it fades to my parents.


I don't get it. No, I don't. Zero percent, I understand that even back then it worked, though, so it was a different time.


It was a different time.


Nixon said, oh, my God, that transition was just in their wedding video. I like it, I like it, too, it's fun, and then it goes back and then it ends up at our. No, it's quirky and fun, it has a good sense of humor. Your parents had a sense of humor. That's great. Yeah, in my wedding, they replaced that video that they're showing to Zanjani Drunk for ten minutes.


That's weird. I just remembered a quick little thing, the go into the chapel song.


So when it was my brother's wedding, just like a few months ago, we got into the car and I was the best man and I was driving everybody to go to the actual wedding. So it was like the boys. So we're driving. I get into the car and I plug my phone in to like put it onto the the radio. And I put on Pandora and I just hit play. And the first song that came on was Go into the chapel, coincidentally.


Yeah, we all freaked out, like I literally turned it on and I just pressed play on Pandora and I was going to the chapel and we're like, Why? And I was we looked at each other. We were like, what is going on?


Maybe it's kind of like Instagram as they kind of hear what you're what you're like doing. And then they just we weren't mine. I could not believe it. You used to be a big Pandora guy.


I still in you. Do you have a spot that you search every Spotify? No, I have Spotify. Finally, he know when you guys were living together, you would only play your music off YouTube or Pandora.


When I did it, I did. I didn't have the fucking numbers. I never even had the fucking you. He wouldn't have a premium account and ads would come on all the time. It would be bumping at a party every day. Hey, Pandora listener. And you don't want to buy you. Oh, it's like they take your phone off the fucking argue.


But I was playing he you would always play like some underground Florida like trout music. I would only be on YouTube.


So like I get it, they should make a remix to go into. But I, I do have Spotify. I just like the randomisation of Pandora. There's Spotify radio.


I don't like, like the stuff that they have it it's the same like you see like the fifty songs that are on it.


And then it's just like you know why though. Because you've been, you've been using Pandora for so long. Pandora now knows your music and knows what you like. Like my trainer, he he refuses to use Spotify because he's been using Pandora for so long and it's just saved what he likes to listen to. So now his playlist is perfect. Don't judge me. I just feel like a stocks for Pandora is going down.


I just I don't really hear about it. I hope they I hope they stay afloat.


Why don't you put a billion dollars in Pandora so it goes up and people can be. I never thought about that.


Maybe I shouldn't eat.


That's a billion dollars because every time we throw in a new company to like invest in Pandora to the moon or to the moon, we actually had this really funny story I wanted to share with you guys.


We were at a restaurant the other day and we were waiting in line.


And there's this little girl like standing out front with their family. And I saw her and like I was like, right. I was like, that looks just like your cousin, but like a little or version like a younger version. And she was like, holy shit. That does like they just had like a very similar face. And then she was like, oh, she's probably from Staten Island. They all look the same. And we like joked about it.


And then we go to sit down and we're eating and they ended up being at a table next to us. So she's talking to the waitress and we overheard and they're like, oh, we're from Staten Island and I'm like, are you fucking like we guessed it.


And it was just so funny that, like, we happen to, like, just have this conversation now. There's no. And then obviously Mariah had to go say, oh, of course, you literally, like, took a deep breath.


I was like, now I have to speak up. Like, no one's telling me to do anything or see my best if I didn't say anything.


My mom, every time, like somebody comes up from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, my mom's like, find out. Last name made a name street they lived on. This happens a lot. We come across a lot of people. And when I know from or when I know someone's from Staten Island, Jersey, Pennsylvania, there's always a connection like that with everybody because they could be your best friend. Right. So I go up to the table and I'm like, I don't want to be weird, but I heard you're from Staten Island.


I was like, I was born there. I'm from Great Kills. And I started, like, explaining everything. He's like, oh, what street? I told him the street. And he goes, Oh, we own a restaurant on that block. And I was like, oh my gosh, no way. Which restaurant, whatever we're talking.


And then so that was weird enough as it is. And then the daughter I noticed she was like doing Tic Tacs and I was like, oh, I saw you doing Tick Tacs. I'm a dancer too. I was like, do you dance? And she was like, Yeah, she dances on I. And I was like, oh my. Do you know it's called L.A. Dance? Like I was like, do you know L.A. dance shows. That's where she dances.


I said, My cousin owns that studio. She goes, Your cousin's Tracy. I was like, my cousin's Tracy. Then the dad goes, How crazy is? And the dad goes, you know, Tracy's ex-boyfriend. I was like, Yeah, he goes, I was in jail with him. What he was like he was my friend in jail. I was like, wait.


Oh, I was down. I was like, man with Texas. Just everybody connected somehow.


So weird how everybody knows each other in Staten Island.


So we are don't we get that shit ever every time, you know, but not even Florida like you could tell me about somebody from Plantation and I have no idea.


But I feel like politicians are literally the smallest little town. Like it's different, like New York and Texas. I feel like everybody talks to everybody. I feel like community.


You just do your own little person. In Florida, we all do drugs with everybody. So we have to fucking but we just don't remember because we do too much.


So we odair black out blackout's community, we get out there and that's, that's actually that's crazy.


That is wild. It's been like my story. So I met this guy.


I know but I don't even know if it's that interesting but this is kind of crazy so. But you brought up about like their backyards used to touch or whatever.


So my uncle lives in Grand Prairie, which is like twenty minutes away from where I'm from. Our last name's King.


There was one girl who went to my high school in her last name was King Lindsay King. No, no relation.


We're not we're not married. She wouldn't have to change your last name. That's great. But it's not related. So I'm not like I think my cousin's birthday party was a family reunion. We're in the backyard. We're twenty minutes away from our house in a whole different in a whole different town and a whole different suburb. And we're at my uncle's house. Our last name is King and we're playing in the backyard. And guess who pops her head over there?


Lindsay, Lindsay King.


I'm like, oh, what do you what are you doing?


Why are you back there? And she goes, My uncle lives here.


And I'm like, oh, what's her uncle, whose last name is King, lives behind my uncle, whose last name is King.


Out of all of the notes in the backyard, I was probably like ten or something.


And I'm like, wait, so why is this happening? We are related. We knew we weren't we weren't related at all.


We start because her mom came out. My mom comes out. She's like, oh my God, Michelle, Cindy, how go. No way. So who lives in it? Just incidents.


Why do you think design houses like school lights are always going to go order? Crazy. Crazy. I still remember that day well at night, but there was no relation.


How do you think they assign oh, you want to buy a house but you have to buy this house because we have to go a certain order that is that is really cool.


Spoiled. I wish we had stories like that, you know, in Florida.


Just start talking to people. I don't know. You're got to have no shame. You don't want to go up to somebody that looks like they're from that look like us. I guess, you know, I guess I need a brother.


There was there was one YouTube video I did. And then at the end, like, you know, how we were like, do like an outro and like say goodbye.


So in the outro is where I would usually put like about a 30 second clip of me doing like facial expressions, trying to get a thumbnail.


And it was me and David going, like, did you see.


Oh. What and it was like I usually would put it in and then I would pick a little screen grab from that and then I would delete it shut.


So it was like this along as Altro of me and David just doing these facial expressions. And it was the most embarrassing cringe thing. And I uploaded the video, didn't realize it was in the end of it, pushed it through. And then the comments were just like, oh my God, the end of the video. Are you guys seeing this? I feel like I'm not supposed to see this. And I'm like, what did I do? I feel like I put it in and I'm watching it.


I'm like, oh, my God. And then at the end, he's like, You think we got it? Yeah, we got the most embarrassing thing.


And you know how you can edit something in YouTube? Yes. So I went to go do the trimmer.


It was my first time ever editing something like after the fact.


So I went to trim and I thought I had cut that section out, but it deleted everything like, oh, just this.


So I'm like, thank God that's done. And then I put my phone away, like, check back later and everybody's like, what is this video? It was just the entire video upload was just, oh my. Yeah, I bet, I bet it worked for us. You think we got it. Yeah. There should be good. I was fucking devastated there.


It was. My God.


I had a scare like that before.


One one time it was me Kaleen Aaron filming in my living room and it was we were filming for maybe like fifteen minutes like all straight raw footage and for some reason instead of uploading the edited it goodbye uploaded that raw file.


It was the same time. So when I saw the 14 minute clip I was like, perfect, that's my edit.


It was for you. I feel like I'm nuts. So I know you watch.


I'm like, oh my gosh.


So it was me crawling around just making jokes and shit. And there's times where, like, someone didn't like they stuttered or something and we were just resay the joke. Oh, it was fucking embarrassing. It was so bad. And we were like redoing like the times we're doing it like you're like say something.


You're like, all right, let's do it again. Cleanaway quicker so we can like, you know, because not when you're filming, not everything is perfect all the time.


Sometimes you say something funny, like somebody was talking or you just got to repeat it. But when you see it in raw form, it is fucking terrible.


That was really funny. All right, let's do that again. Say it quicker. I'm just not going to talk. So you go ahead.


And it just like it's like seeing something you're not supposed to like really behind the scenes. That's what. Yeah, that's how these videos are made. It's so embarrassing.


My favorite one was of Jason when I uploaded that video with all my heart, my gut saying, no, no, not not mine, not one.


So I watch a video. You've never heard that story. So no, no, not it was it was fully edited. It was edited properly.


But I mean, we did a I did a bit with Jason where I was like he like got naked. We were dragging him across the grass. It was like very visual, like raw.


And it was so fucking funny. I was like, I have to post this, but, you know, I'll just put the block screw over it, just like I normally do. And I upload it.


And I was like, no, you didn't have forgotten or anything. So like watching this video, there's this fifty year old man. It was it was so bad.


And I was like, deleted it.


Oh, I need to call Jason before because people have already probably downloaded this clip. It's going to be on Twitter. He's going to see this. He was up for it was up for like six minutes.


And I know and I was with Zane when it happened.


And I think we had somewhere we had to be in. Hold on. I'm just uploading this right now. I'm like, all right, come on, let's go. And then he's like, pushes it, pushes it through. And he's like, hold, let me just check something.


He goes, oh, my God, oh my God. He goes down. He's on the ground. Obviously, they just let out the biggest fart ever because he's just so stressed. It just is like out of his body. And I'm like, oh no.


And I'm like, you didn't put the bug studios goes the shit.


Like what you saw on that video that would have gotten my channel permanently banned, like it was so much so much of Jason that was just everything.


No, no, no.


It was it was just it was it was it was just a lot. It was a lot too much.


It was it was it was really fun. More than I should have been. Yeah. But I remember I remember that happened. And then like later on that day I told James, I'm so sorry. He's like, it's fine. Whatever I was like it was karma for when you released my not that day.


So I guess we're even a lot of people were speculating that you did it on purpose, that two people thought I did it on purpose.


But like, I was like, no, you did not do that.


Although that was I would like to I mean, that would have that would have like he staged the heart and we'll do it in a couple of minutes.


It's just like the most like. Thing your body could have done in like a moment of pure stress, is he just like let out the biggest part, like fight or flight or fight is just like let me tell you right now, I just didn't know how I was always going to tell Jason.


Like, how do you even start that conversation eye for an eye and not for another. But say, is he like, oh, that's all right.


It was like stress for like the first like minute. And then, like, he was just like, it's fine, whatever. And I was just like, no, Jason, like, you don't understand what I uploaded.


I guess he thought I just uploaded something small where I was like, no, no, no, Jason. It was like a solid thirty five seconds of your being dragged.


And you just it was just a lot.


It was it was it was an eye opener. Now, like now I like I make sure I watch it like 15 times before it's like uploaded. I even have like a sense of like I get scared. I get nervous before it goes public on videos now because I'm just like, did I miss something?


It is pretty sketchy. Like it's just like. There's a lot that could go wrong. Yeah, and with the way that people are quick to grab it. Yeah.


And with the way the Internet works, is that, like, you mistakenly post something or whatever and you are just like you are you are fucked.


Like it's like it was just like offended anybody.


You are just you are just done because you just mistakenly posted that. Oh.


Did I ever tell the first time I almost got scammed by the white van speaker scam.


Well I guess like a red all I may have said this on a previous podcast when I was on, but it happened again today. If you don't know about the White Van Speaker's scam, they target guys like us, mostly young dudes in their 20s.


Skinny. This happened to me in West Hollywood. I don't know, like a couple months ago or like maybe a year ago, a guy pulled up and was like, Yo, man, I work for, like this speaker company. I have this huge thing and I'm leaving town and I can't take it with me. It's like two thousand dollars and I'm willing to sell it to you.


Oh, it's like a stolen art truck. And then they like, no, I don't think it's stolen. No, it's not stolen. It's just super, super cheap. Speakers that they're acting like are worth a lot and they're cutting you a deal. And one of my friends has fallen for this. And he thought he was getting this super great deal and he was going to resell the speakers. But the speakers are worth like less than hundred bucks.


Oh, my God. But they try to get you to pay like a couple hundred dollars.


Were these guys that you saw, like, that day in a white van?


Yes, in a white band.


This today was it today or was it yesterday? Yesterday? It was yesterday.


I was driving over Scott's to work out. And this guy pulls up to me and like, I don't like this Chevy van. Like like Devon's van. Like Astro van. Yes.


And like was like, roll down your window. Roll down your window. And I'm like, I thought something was maybe wrong with my car. It was really off putting. And I was just like very uncomfortable. And I rolled down my window.


He goes, hey, we worked for like this Soundsystem thing. We're leaving town. And we I we got to sell these speakers. I'll give them to you. Supercheap The work comes and I go. This is the White Van Speakers scheme.


Oh, yes. I go, no, it's the white man speaker scam. And he goes, Huh what. It just zooms off, takes a right.


And I'm like, and I'm like, he's about to probably turn down on Scott Street and it's going to come up to all these guys and try to sell them. And Scott would buy this. Yeah. Thousand dollars for five. I'll take it. You know, a couple of he just feel bad. You feel bad, he'll tell you. It's like, you know, they're take it off the land. And main problem you guys are dealing with a lot of stress.


These people will catch you and make you seem like it's just like they're in a rush and they're cutting you this great deal. They'll catch you in parking lots. They'll catch you on the street.


How do people fall for it, though, like a lot of people get anything from anybody you because you think you're getting this great deal. This speakers look really, really cool and great, but they're shit.


Not like a car like that came up to me and did that. I wouldn't think that they're selling me a speaker. I think they're trying to kidnap me like that. Seems so sketchy by itself.


Like not even they probably think of every different types of tactics to get some of these attention. They do the parking lot thing. They just pull over if they see me parked or they will try to just wave you down. I'm just like in the truck.


I'm like, so you guys still going to something? You got to deliver these to me. Are you bringing them to my house or am I helping you guys deliver the speakers? I'll to summarizing.


But I do have a billboard already.


But yeah. But the first time I didn't tell the guy this is a scam, get away from me. I was like, sorry but I'm not interested. But I knew it was happening this time.


I just set it right to their face like I have those speakers. This is the way you said it. Like reminds me of a kid going stranger danger, like a white man speaking like I feel like I have to share that because I feel like right now they're on the prowl.


So if you don't know about it, look it up and learn about it.


And you see me like this. I'm pushing my speakers because I have that like I got scammed. Right, right.


And if they can't if they came out in front of my house, I would like think twice about it. I'd be like, I mean, they're here.


Yeah, well, like on the road, I'd be like, fuck that. Because, like, that's like that's really shady.


But they look for guys like us because we always fall for it and we always want to deal. Baby. Huh.


Girls are smarter. You are the white big speakers. What. No, you should've just followed them the whole time and everywhere they stop, you're just like I don't buy speakers from the white bad speaker scam. This dude look rough though.


He was missing teeth or like maybe had like a snaggletooth or something. It looked like he used to do meth, but he's got his act together.


But they got caught up with the scam, got a job now because sometimes people get into it where people get into it because they got scammed and now they they want to go to the speaker. So they want to get it.


But you know what? Let's let's be completely honest. But they don't have the tactics. Hey, this is. Figures that are there worth two thousand one days?


Well, you know, when you get them and you plug it in when you're home, like you press play on your music, it's just muffled you you can't be too pissed at these guys because when you buy a product from, like Apple Product and Best Buy, don't they up the price of the products because.


Yes, but it's a quality product. This is already made.


Yes, it is shitty. It is a no, it's a shit.


I think they're upping it like more from one from when they know you bought it. When you come home and you plug it in, it's like the worst audio you've ever heard.


That's like their little like cherry on top, like, oh, this footage.


You know what I think is a scam, too. And a lot of people do it and it's school. The people who go to like Ross or TJ Max Wal-Mart, and they'll go get products that are on sale and they'll scan it and see what it's going for on Amazon.


Yes. See talks of some dude who's like how I make ninety thousand dollars a month and they go to a TJ Maxx and they scan the products and then take them to Amazon. Right.


And it's like the discounted cheaper at like TJ Max. And then they go and sell it on Amazon for four more than they just bought it for. Really. They're like they're like basically flipping like just whatever products.


And what was the amount they made? I, I think it's wrong. Yes, I think it's wrong too, because those products are there at affordable prices for, you know, lower income people to be able to have access and afford.


And it's sad when they go up in intake and they collect real Plato, they can do this.


I just think it's so bizarre. I don't like it. So work out for over twenty one and there would be like tourists that would come by. I like a bulk of like a hundred different dresses and they'd buy them all and they would go back to their country and sell them for like four times the price. Usually that's reverse. What, or we go to other countries and buy all of it super cheap and then come here to sell it.


Oh, so they're just they're just taking their shit back. Yeah, maybe. Yeah. That's all. Reverse capitalism.


I never understood that in the whole the shipping shit. Oh yeah.


When you go through like Alibaba and stuff were you literally you sell something online and you jack up the price and then you don't even have the products, you just have this fake store where you're selling stuff. Yeah. And then they order it from you and then you go and order it from this store and ship it directly to them.


Yeah. So many of the swimsuit businesses that are out there all premade in China and they're just buying them wholesale and drop shipping them. And then you get your receipt and it's like all in Chinese and you're like, I thought I got it from ocean babes bathing suits.


But no, you just bought it from China and somebody just like went and placed your order for you.


And then it's kind of like the fucking the postman shit. Like we just discard restaurant ghost restaurants. Yes. And they just started this. So like like a month ago, I, I'm going through Boston. It's like, oh, what's Pimpin Posto? What's this place. Oh yeah. That's someone with Ragu in their kitchen just whipping it up in like I order it and then like I forget what restaurant it came from.


Do you remember the restaurant that it came out? It was like Panera Bread or something.


And I was like, if I knew this shit came from Panera, ordered like best damn burrito.


Is this Chipotle tired of these fun names like smack my ass sandwiches. And that's not a fun one.


You see, it's a lie sandwich. It's like it's crazy on you, that shit. You see, you know what I mean? It's like you it you know, you know, Sellami does it.


I don't think about it. You look at it again, you're like, hold on, wait a second. They would never name a restaurant pimpin pasta thing.


I would be questioning this since day one of quarantine and everybody shut me down. What do you know the one that was like. I'm sure you just haven't seen it. I was like, you know, it doesn't exist.


Such a jerk chicken. So they know they have like, they want to be like really real.


They're like it's like the best fucking pizza dude.


You're like, I'm like, I've never seen this. Right.


It's probably just hit the wall. It's so it's underground. It's an underground place.


You don't, you know, sandwiches, what do you call the sandwiches that are longer that you get at like Subway?


I call them like like cookies. You're talking about like a mass. I want to buy. You buy for a party. No, no, no.


Not like just like I like. From Jimmy Johns, our sub or a hogy a submarine hoagie? Yeah, I call it a hero.


That was one of the quotes, a Mediterranean, the euro. The test that you made me take. That was one of the questions. Oh, hero. Yeah. Oh, I can't believe how fucking accurate that survey we are. Yeah.


Oh yeah. This is crazy accurate. Yeah.


There's this really great New York Times survey that they did a few years ago in it. How do we really want to explain it?


Yeah, they did this really great survey that you take and it figures out where you're from based on your local lingo of how you call certain things, things like do you call them do you call them gym shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, sneakers?


What he called what do you call the highway? Do you call highway a freeway, an interstate? What do you call the day before Halloween? I have no name for it. Mischief night, cabbage night. What do you do? You call them fireflies, lightning bugs. And based on all of those little answers they get, they can pinpoint where you're from in the United. And it was so say exactly what your client said.


New York and Pennsylvania, which I understand were both my answers come from because they say different things. Yeah, I'm primarily from Pennsylvania. Yeah. But some tendencies come from New York, which is outside Pembroke Pines, Miami.


Like, what the fuck is this crazy. Yeah, it's very, very cold. We should put a link to it. Yeah. The people. Yeah. It's fun to play with your friends.


You figure it out it'll be under Natsuko.


Funmi, speaking of Pembroke Pines, Miami, we have a cool little segment we're going to do real quick about weird Florida news.


We should do it every episode because we've been finding some crazy fucking shit that's happening in Florida. I mean, we've been finding shit all the time.


The craziest shit comes out of Florida. It's insane. It's embarrassing. It's like I'm surprised it's not the onion like the news that comes out of it.


So did you see that old guy who just got arrested like 90 year old dude? I cry thinking about it.


He was making a bunch of food and would always give food to the homeless. I forget what part of Florida I was like South Florida. I think it might have even been felt like Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Yeah.


And he maybe cook a whole bunch of food up at his church and would just pass it out to a lot of the local homeless people. And the cops came and I guess they just passed some new law that you can't feed the homeless.


They arrested him, got a license, just 90 year old man, right?


Yeah. They arrested him. Yeah, they took him out. And then the cops were like, walk out, put in, like, that's.


So the guy is just trying to help people that can't eat right now. There's some things that you let slide. All right. He's 90 years old. Let him do what he was like. What was the law that the cops were saying that he was breaking?


Can't serve. I'm pretty sure you can't serve food without a license. That's why a lot of those people get arrested with those hotdog carts and shit because they don't really give them shots are fired.


But yeah, but they're homeless like it's it's they. That's crazy.


He's helping the community. OK, Orlando Airport passenger busted trying to board a plane with twenty two pounds of meth.


OK, I'm so sorry. Like, all right, it was a wild weekend and we just we were just trying to get our shit back from.


Is that the actual picture. Yes. Or what where in Florida do you think this happened? Guys are Miami. You were Tallahassee to Orlando? Yeah, we see a 180 pounds, but he had nine hundred dollars of cash with him and he claimed the drugs weren't his and like he should I would do the same thing.


You know, I believe him. A TSA agent spotted him at the gate around 8:00 a.m. on January 22nd and stopped him for a random bag check before he could board his flight.


So he had already made it through security with a twenty two bags of meth.


Twenty two pounds like he honestly, those machines that they have, I don't think it like it scans for like weapons and shit. I don't think like drugs really comes up in their system.


I don't think so too. Could just be bags of flour. Did I ever tell you about what happened to me at the airport when I moved out here? You tried to smuggle drugs?


No solos in my bag.


I had brought like I was really into tea at the time, like I just always had, like, different tea. So I had like a couple hundred dollars worth of tea. I just really liked it and were in, like, containers. And I had them in my Carry-On and I went through TSA. Everything was great.


And I go and I'm waiting to board and all of a sudden I see three guys like jacked like huge dudes, and they're circling around me and they're all looking at me and they're just walking around me.


And I'm like, why are they looking at me?


Like, I just like it's like, what did I do? All of a sudden one comes up to me, Are you Heath Husar?


Oh, I was like, Yeah, yes, I am.


Would you like a picture? And I was like, yeah, he's like, you have anything in your bag you shouldn't have. Oh. And I was like, well, no. He goes, OK, let me ask you this. Are you transporting anything in your bag that somebody gave to you? Oh, my goodness.


And I was like, no. He goes. Do you have anything illegal, I was like, no, he goes, we're going to have to search your bag. And I'm like, oh, you're nervous or you were like, I was I wasn't like nervous, but I was I thought it was really bizarre. And they're causing a huge scene now. So should everybody.


They should have just grabbed you by the sign, right? Make everybody pull me like a back room or whatever. I didn't stop yet.


So now everybody in the whole boarding like lobby area is staring at these guys coming up to me, and I'd be one of them. If somebody is getting stopped, I'm like, what's going on?


People are looking at me like, get them.


You can't take them out. And I was just like, and I'm like, I don't have anything. So they're like, open your bag. So they're unzipping my bag now and they're going through my shit. They're pulling my underwear out, move and stuff.


And I say, yes. And it was the most uncomfortable feeling.


And then he like pulls out my Tyvon a ten and he started laughing at that point. He goes, What's this? Opens it up.


And he's looking at it and he pulls like the teeth out and he's like, Oh, this is Ginger Spice. He goes. What do you like, tea? And I was like, yeah, that's why I have it in my bag. He's like a huh, interesting. And he's looking around and I had like a vape at the time, he goes, I thought you said you didn't have anything illegal in here. I was like, I don't he's like, then what's this?


Oh, my God, they need to walk away with something. I know you could tell her is reaching for something.


So he goes then what's this? And I was like, that's that's a vape. He goes, you know, you're not allowed to fly with this. Right?


You could tell he felt stupid because he just tried to, like, bust me for, like, oh, you like tea.


And what's your favorite tea? I was like Oolong.


You started, like, grilling me with these questions, but he found the vape and he's like, you shouldn't be flying with this. And I was like, I fly with it all the time. It's not illegal. And he was like, you shouldn't have lied to me. Oh, he's embarrassed, OK? He's like, you need to check it in with the person at the desk. And I was like, what?


He so I walked. I was like, can I fly with this? Are like, yeah.


So I put it, I put it back in and they like what I go through TSA, they see me with a puff, they don't say anything. It's definitely allowed. They don't like do anything about it.


But yeah, you could tell they felt so fucking stupid and then they're like, all right, that's it. And like my shit still everywhere, like all over the place, people are still staring and they're like, all right, that's it. I was like, can you put my stuff back in the bag and pack it back up? And he was like, yeah, and then he started pulling back and he's like, have a good day, he's out of it and now make an announcement to the whole fucking terminal.


It was not a fucking Orkan drug lord or drug lord. And everybody clapped. I would have told the people next, but they were all rooting for my fucking demise. Get them out.


It's only tea, asshole.


And that moment I would have like honestly, if I were you, I would have been like, but guys, it was t t like just like crazy. They found after t. Yeah. I'm curious. The whole process, like they let me go through like obviously they saw something but didn't stop was erb's herbs and look like herbs.


But they let me go through and then phoned in the SWAT. Who was it at this hour.


Are you. He saw I be completely honest sometimes I look at the people looking at the machines to see if they're actually looking like some are just like. It's like they're not even looking at the budget, because I see the screens, I'm just like, are they really paying attention to they recognized you because they must have had your I.D. and your I.D. doesn't look like you at all.


They probably had eyes on me the whole time.


Yeah. Oh, yeah.


Soon as I think they started when they started to like I leave the whole, like, scanner thing where it shows like hot spots on your body, we're like, yeah, that's what does.


I know mine's always actually your mind's always accurate because every time I have a clip in there's a there's a square on my bun.


Weird. Yeah. I went through and there was a big red blotch on my genitals and they're like, we're going to have to pat you down.


Like you just cancel the heath from Zanin Heath unfiltered his crotch. And I just I checked them for metal.


I well, I had been out on like a paddleboat, you know, paddleboats like the seats get kind of wet. And I went to the airport like within an hour after my final paddleboat ride, it was in Michigan.


And the guy was just like, feel in my rear. And he goes, is it raining?


He said, yes. And I was like, I was sorry. It was on the boat. Like, it's just it's wet for me sitting on the boat.


He's like, Oh, that's what that is. So what was he like?


Correct. Yes, it was just me.


My pants were damp and he was like, is it raining? You know, I'll never forget. OK, food delivery driver accused of stealing teacup poodle puppy from Jacksonville Beach condo. I used to have a teacup poodle.


So a man was arrested after snatching a puppy while delivered food to a Jacksonville Beach home on Saagar. Get away with that. The dog owner, his wife ordered a pizza from the restaurant through GrubHub.


And the police said that the guy arrived with the food at the family's home inside a condominium building.


The poodle exited the residence and he grabbed the poodle and hit her in the delivery bag.


I just can't believe GrubHub would allow that. And that's why we use door dash.


Imagine getting your dog stolen from the pizza up.


More like grub pub grab pup over.


I was, like, giving you recognition for that joke. Thank you. I'm always scared to look at everybody.


When I make a joke, you just close your eyes. Yeah, I grew up so long as it's coming. Hold on.


There was one Florida story that I saw that you sent me.


It was the hacker. Yeah, a hacker apparently hacked like a water system.


It was a Miami like recently and poisoned the water supply within one minute was able to change the water levels from this entire water plants to poisonous levels.


What isn't that crazy? Where Florida. Which which which. Well, which part of Florida where his parents I know there's a movie out there that like that was like the plot of the show.


These movies are giving people ideas. I swear to God I robot I.


I was not. I was not. Oh wait I robot Mr. Robot.


Sorry, not a robot with wheels Mr. Robot.


Someone pours on the water, they're able to put like more of that as well as Woody. Right. There is a snake in my boot. Oh Tampa. That's where my grandma lives. Hacker Town.


Recently I saw Florida orange juice like the factory. Yeah. And they had a water tower.


And I was like, is that filled with orange juice or water?


You know, like they you that I thought that tower was just a fucking sign. I didn't like what is in there, what's water. Why is that water?


There's no way there's water in that, you know, through the Animaniacs live there. Maureen. Oh no. You know, at the beginning of Animaniacs it opens up and they're like, where the NSA eggs. But there's no water in that.


Not in that one. Have you seen Aquamarine when she cries and she lives there?


Yeah, but like, what is that water for the city city. No doubt. Water in that little tank. No, it's it's a it's a pressure gauge.


I'm pretty sure your tone moved with your hand. It's a pressure gauge. I'm pretty sure you're talking about the ones that you see randomly in the middle of a city like the big bowl. It looks like it doesn't look like it's big enough to to fucking nourish the whole city.


So I'm not that's why there's a water plant saying it. A filtration filtration. What what power do I might be. Don't like irrigation.


No, it fluctuates. I'm making all this up, everybody. That sounds so good to me.


Like air pocket like like it's almost like, like a mini kind of like volcano. That's where it goes through to like pressurize the entire thing.


Can we look this up? Because I know I tell everyone I know water, water towers for fuck Artec talks are going to be you know, what were you learned on Tic-Tac there?


Talking about they say it's not really water in it. We start this rumor, all right. I'm right o pressurized water for distribution.


God, I like how do you everybody know?


I say just make something up because I know that the water level in it fluctuates. And if it's fluctuated an insulated area that involves pressure. So it like operates as this pressure gauge to distribute the water. I feel that memorandum are sitting next to you.


Forty six plus five hundred and eighty six.


Three hundred and now. Exactly. I don't have that kind of. He's not as smart as we thought. That's right. It goes like a child. OK. Oh what's this boy's go to Jupiter to get more stupider.


They do. Girls go to college to get more knowledge.


OK then if you are coming to us for knowledge or get any sort of information, baby, we are not the source.


I couldn't even tell you the definition of knowledge. I'd be like smart knowledge means things that you know in your brain. Good. Hey, I heard this one thing and I thought it was so fucking funny, but accurate at the same time. How would you explain the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge, I think, is like crystallized intelligence.


That's things that you like have accumulated that you know you know, that the assembly and what the you know, the oceans of the world where the Atlantic is, where the Pacific is, wisdom is based off of experience, your own like human journey.


So I have more wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Yes. Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.


Mm hmm. Yes, that. Oh, I like that. Oh, you just came up with that in your Bruno. I didn't know what it was that I like your wisdom that you just spoke.


That's just memory is like sex and technology. I heard it. And I like sex. Oh, my God. It makes sense what it really does.


There was also another thing that I just learned recently. Remember how we talked about the hibernation thing? Yes.


So a camel, right. You know, the hump on a camel water.


There's we were taught there was water in it, but there's no there's no water in the camels hum.


Or the water to every fucking teacher told us that they're going to store their water because they don't get water often. So they suck it up and then they stored in their back. Yes.


And that's why I thought, like, we're CamelBak. Yeah. CamelBak tap water in the back. That's why they call it a CamelBak is because there's water in it. That's what you see. That's why you can't trust that.


It doesn't make sense. I mean, I'm not I'm not saying anything. But when people write shit back then and we're supposed to follow it now, that's why we shouldn't trust everything that there's a water park in Pennsylvania called CamelBak Beach.


You told me. There you go. Is there a fountain with, like, water spewing out of the camel's back?


Did you guys ever hear that song? Sally had eight. Oh, wow. The first time. Oh, my God. What is that where you said the line up and then you were like, yeah, you had to go. Yeah. Oh yeah.


Seven humps I the first time I ever got my shit, the first time I ever got my card signed in kindergarten is when you know when you got your card signed is when you did something bad that you had to show your parents. You did all the yellow card because in our music class we all had a line up.


And I when when it would come to me, I would step forward. I'd be like, Sally had five such like stop stepping forward.


And I did it three times in a row. And she goes, sit down right over there. And Miss Hawker, Borcher, I know you got remarried. If you're listening, I'm so sorry. And I remember that to this day. She's me, Miss Zorn, Miss Hornchurch, Miss Hawker. Sally had seven, eight humps. Boulder sign got in trouble. The kindergarten teacher came in and goes, Why are these kids sitting here, Mysore?


And she goes, because their main character, energy like that reminds me that teachers would actually punish us like that for like like a little shit like that. We follow the rules.


She told him three times.


And I know he has ADHD. No, he doesn't. He has he thinks he's the star of the show. You need to take his fast release tablets then.


And the old razzle dazzle not you can't make up your choreography. No one button or the other suits. Oh, it's not.


OK, now Mike and I can see everyone else saying they're lying on mats, mouthing it, just waiting for his turn. It's just frustrated when they don't say it fast enough.


It just came out of me. I couldn't stop. I just had to step forward. I've heard.


What what is it? What is what was that song?


I don't get it to teach you to count it about camels with multiple jobs not full of water, dry humps that.


Oh, I'm just thinking of people like just like starving or just like really.


Parzania doesn't care.


Oh God. My God. Take his water. Just Farmigo just blood coming out of it like like a turkey.


Karvonen You know what I learned from talking.


You can't touch your palm to your shoulder. I can. Yes. You bull shit.


Wait. How did you do that. Is just not it.


Oh be nice. I can't, I can't get it.


I can't get it getting to this.


No I can't say for the people listening because it's completely naked. So I know that he has one but he's doing the hamburger. You know, the one that I grew up and was taught and up until three days ago thought bats were blind.


That's why they echolocate everything that you see behind us. They echolocate.


They can't go to the phrase like this that doesn't know they have perfect fucking vision.


I still always thought like seeing that I thought they were they were not blind because I never thought Bouser blind, even when they were telling me about Cibils like, fuck, there's no way. Wait blind.


And why do they echolocate? They they do it at night on top of like their their sight to find like movement and like to increase their vision.


Yeah. I guess. Just like but then why don't birds echolocate. I don't know. But they can see. Oh I think that pisses me off.


Bat poop can make you go blind. In fact I don't know that either. Or maybe they all poop or poop in mascara.


I'm going down the road but I kind of want to tribecca location that poop.


No bat poop that would cause mind if you eat it, if you rub it in your eye, if you touch it, smell it as well.


I think rubbing any poop in your article that causes a bug that poop makes you it's just in the room. Get it away.


Do you know the guy who's blind who can do echolocation himself? Yes. He like he takes his tongue and he can sense where boundaries are. He's like riding a bike.




It's just like him while driving. That's why you're driving. You're right. You said bike on a bike. Yeah. Yeah.


Riding a bike, riding a driving, even riding a fucking bike. How the fuck do you know he there's no way here he can hear the sounds bouncing off snot nosed.


They're fucking on a bike on the street. There's no way you're blind.


You're blind, you're you're your other senses. Yeah. Yeah. Get stronger.


Some people are. He's got a gift like that. Yeah. It's kind of like a superpower. I think he can see a little bit checking to see if I have him on.


I was if I was my mom would be like he can see if I was legally blind.


I can see a little bit, oh, I would tell the whole world I was 100 percent blind and maybe take advantage of it.


Oh, yeah, I can see that.


It would be like the girl who claimed she had like a stroke or something that was oh, where she was.


And she couldn't walk, but she could run. Yes, that was crazy.


Oh yes.


She was running and then all of a sudden she would stop and she would like seize up because you because she took a shot. Right. It was like some vaccine or a flu shot or. Yes. In the news, people covered her story because she was trying to sue the company. Yeah.


And then the news company traced her down and saw her in a parking lot walking completely normally confronted.


And then she started speaking in a British accent.


I didn't know what they like. They saw me walking. I'm fine now. What do I have?


That thing caught in a that was like I feel like that was the first time I saw someone on the Internet get cancelled by both of the original, though, the original text, which she started to cancel culture for sure.


But also there are those people that have really bad stutters that can sing perfectly.


Yeah, that's interesting. Oh, that makes us stuttering.


Yeah. Talking and then singing. It's like walking and running.


Kodaly Yeah. Who's that. He has autism and he's. Blind, yeah, he was on, so he has oh. Oh, yeah, that's crazy. He has the hardest time speaking but then when he sings, yeah I'm like beautiful voice. You don't never you never heard enough. Sounds familiar.


I'll have you watch it.


It's crazy when he has an incredible voice. Wow. Have you guys heard of. I just saw us on tape talk about have you guys heard of astral projecting or.


Yes, I, I've, I haven't done.


Well I like talk to you. Yeah. I have an astral project. I have, I have out of body experiences.


Sorry. Go. No, no, no. I just saw the take off of the girl explaining it and she's like I'm just like looking at this video like this girl's crazy. And I go to the comments and everybody's talking about how they've astral project and how they've had autobody experiences. And people are like these comments were like, no, do not do this. Like I did this and I took so long for me to get back to my body.


I'm like, wait a fucking sec. Where are these people? Who is this like, not what it's like. More like he's not talked about more. This is like a real thing.


There's a vlog one time where I was telling you that I had woken up in you had surprised me with Lord sitting on the couch and I was talking to her and you guys were talking to me, OK, that was a time where I astral projected out of my body dreaming. Correct.


It only happens when you're dreaming, but you're just so your heart goes out of your body. And I it's happened to me multiple times. It usually happens when I'm out of town and I'm sleeping in a foreign place and I have friends there in family who I'm like excited to see. But I'm like in this weird state of knapping where I think I've already awoken and I'm talking to them in another room. And then I realize I'm in this loop where I'm like, no, I'm actually sleeping, but I am like out of my body.


You're at that place. I'm at that place in the room talking to those people. It's all in my dream. But I'm out of my body and it feels so real.


I feel like I've already woken up. Oh, I might.


And then and the next thing I know, I'm like opening my eyes and I'm like, I'm still in bed. We just talk about this. Yes. You know, so you don't you don't do a purpose like purpose.


You know, it happens these people are talking about this like, oh, they they can't do this if they want.


It's just getting to a state of awareness in your dreaming. And honestly, the possibilities are like infinite.


I know, but I think now you have a choice. I hate talking about dreaming like I really hate it because I hate when also people start talking about their dreams, like, do you want to hear about this thing that didn't happen? Like, it gets to a point where it's like kind of silly. Yeah.


Yeah. I don't like talking about it. You know, it's just like when you hear someone tell about a crazy dream, I'm like, cool, but it didn't happen. But all those things are possible lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. This is my belief.


I think that like when we die, we are like we are in like we're in a dream once we die. But it's like our heaven or our like what we want to be in for the rest of our life.


Have you have you seen the show on Netflix about near-death experience? I've seen a couple.


Like where like like they're about to die and like they see. Yeah. They like like they leave their body. Yeah. And they, they've had these like crazy not visions but like one of the ladies, she died on the operating table and like left her body and saw and was watching the doctors performing surgery on her. Saw everything that was going on, it was this long process and she was like dead and they were trying to bring her back and they ended up bringing her back.


And she came back and was like talking to the doctor and was like explaining and talking about everything that she had seen while she was out and unconscious.


And the doctors was like, how do you know this? How did you see all this? Like, it's not possible.


Like you were dead when this was going on, like how she was like I left my body and I was looking down and I was watching it happening and then got pulled back into my body.


And then another guy had a similar experience member. She talked about how vivid the colors were and all the stuff. He had the same experience.


He was like the colors were vivid and it was like this whole and another lady, she was a kayaker and went over a waterfall and ended up being like trapped and pinned under and like died underwater. And like her body got sucked out like 20 something minutes later and was unconscious the entire time.


Somehow they brought her back to life. And while she like I don't know how she wasn't brain damage or anything like that, she doesn't know either. But while she was dead, she, like her whole life, flashed. She did the things she was talking to God. And he was just I guess that's what she was saying, was that like he was like, this isn't your time yet. You're going to go back. You're going to finish.


You're going to have this journey and you're going to tell about this experience. And it was this crazy thing. But like, nobody knows how she survived. And he was like, I am going to tell you, though, that your son is going to die young, just a heads up or something like that, or your son will live to see eighteen or.


Yeah, he did had his 18th birthday. She thought it was an 18. And so she told him and then he ended up dying like really, really shortly he was a professional skier or something, got into a crazy accident and passed away when he was 18 or 19 or something crazy actually was just talk to my brother earlier about it.


But he died and his heart completely stopped and they brought him back to life and he was out, I guess, for like 30 seconds. He had some weird virus of the lining in his heart. And they my parents, I rushed him to the hospital, he wasn't feeling good, he felt like his heart was being squeezed. So they pulled him in and they sent him, like, straight to the emergency heart unit, whatever. And he was like sitting there and he was like he said he was on the table, looked up and he was like, my heart.


And then he just went out and he said that he was laying there and he just like felt his body being like pulled forward. And he said he saw a bunch of, like faces and people that, like, he couldn't recognize. But he was like getting closer. And he said it was like this really warm, welcoming feeling. And it was just like.


He's felt light and happy, and then all of a sudden he started getting further away from it and they started like getting like. Pulled back and then he, like woke up and they were like, shocking his chest, and then he said he looked over and then he heard the doctor in the room.


He was like, well, that was intense. And he was like, did my heart just stop? And they're like. Yeah, wow, that's crazy. That is like what he's always wanted, like a near-death experience to like. Have his own proof, like proof religiously, and he was like, dude, that was it.


Yeah, this was maybe like. Four or five years ago, the brain is crazy, like I just wonder how, like everybody's brains were like brains work when like that time comes like someone that doesn't believe in God, that, like, has a near-death experience.


What do they experience when their show had when their mother died?


Didn't believe in anything. Yeah. Yeah. It happens to a lot of people that don't believe.


Yeah. And they're like, well, that's crazy. That is like, oh, scary. That is chilling.


I'm just like imagining that like dying. And he sees like a Groundhog Day, a Groundhog Day.


But that's just his happiness and that's why his brain is telling him like, OK, this is your path after what happened to Punxsutawney.


All right, cool. That was a roller coaster and that was a roller coaster. That was fun.


Some good stuff that was really highs, lows, happiness, sadness, confusion, epiphanies.


All right, guys. Well, that's it for today's episode. Thank you so much for listening and watching, guys. If you want to get the cream of the coffee, go to come out of coffee dotcom and you can get the house blend in the bag or the K cups. That's all we have left right now.


Sorry, we should have all the flavors available and more soon. Very soon. Very hopefully in a couple of weeks I think.


And I smelled one of those new flavors in me. Oh my ones.


That's not that's not even the one that's coming out yet. One is labeled that one was revolutionary.


That was very special.


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I got to say, I made a typo. So it goes even further. I had a crazy story. Reminds me, I have this crazy story now. That's it. That's it. Guys, we love you. Bye, guys. Oh, benhamou.