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Hello, fresh dotcom slash 10 unfiltered. Thank you. Hello. Fresh. OK. Well, we want to give us a little countdown before we surrender. Sure.


You know what? You want me to start from live alone till nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.


It's all very early. This is this is a dance and no music and no music.


Larry, let's go ahead. Welcome back to CNN Unfiltered.


I'm not saying I mean, that's that's saying over there. And this is what, Vicky.


Thank you so much for joining us.


Thank you for having me. We're so excited right now. I hope you you're excited as well. I'm really this is going to be so far.


We went to the Solomons for a quick bite. And I remember turning around and I'm like, oh, my God, that's fucking whoa. So first thing I was I remember we just started, like, having guests. I was like, oh, my God, guys, we got to get her on the podcast. I'd be so much fun. And I got up and I was like, I'm so sorry to bug you. But no, I mean, my buddy has this podcast you want to be on and she's like, fuck, yeah.


OK, thank you for bugging me.


No, no, we got a tick tock done and I'm pretty sure we did the 11 ten nine joke. Oh yeah. Yeah. And then and now you're here. So we're really happy to see you here. Thank you.


A little for now. Eight for the five.


Oh are you sick of that joke there. Yeah. Yeah. I don't care. You don't care. Yeah. Why did you start at 11.


I was gonna start from ten but you just like I don't think I stutter live. I think they just cut it.


They say yeah. Oh I think she did more. Yeah.


Well did you go over was 60 seconds. Oh wow. I didn't count to sixty. Yeah. Why is your name.


Well Vickie honestly I've made a name like before I was famous or whatever because like when I was in middle school when I used to be like she Vicky because I was like a big chiki fan.


And then I was like, nah, I sound lame.


So then I changed and I was just looking for, like, the little words that were before Vicky and and they said, well, you went to the God, you went to the generator, you know, the other random like the Wu Tang name generator. Oh is that what it's called. Oh, that's like how Childish Gambino got his name if you type in the same post.


Yes. Funny. You probably interesting in general and came out and then is that possible. And so you just took that and that's what that's I think that's the story. Right. That's what they said. Oh, whoa.


Mine was a really lame I don't even know how well it gets a boutique named name generator, but mine was like, I don't like Red Ninja or something, OK?


I'm not as cool. So did you have to go around and tell people like from now on, like since you like you found that name, did you say, like, call me? Well, Vickie, no, no, no.


She's just like you write my name Victoria. You gotcha. Yeah. And I think because she, like you, change all your name on social media. Well, Vicky. So people just like take that like OK, that's one. Vicky Yeah. You're nice. You got to let your platform off for you and you have Mirch now this is Big Vicky.


Big, big, big big. Yeah. Yeah. OK, sounds good. OK. Oh I didn't realize what big Vicky. Oh I don't know Big Dick. Yeah. Like big big big big energy you know.


Oh I'm like thinking and stuff you haven't even thought about.


Oh my team we got, we got to change the first day.


So how long have you been doing social media. Oh I started when I was seventeen.


Wow. So that's three years ago, correct. Yeah. Very cool. I'm going to be twenty one. Oh that's a big one. But I don't smoke or drink and then do nothing else. I don't smoke because it makes me paranoid saying I don't like smoking at all.


Yeah. Because you're not going to have anything to drink on your 21st birthday.


Yeah I am going to get drunk. Oh yeah. What's your first drink though. That you want to. What are you going to do to celebrate. I'm going to Puerto Rico.


OK, well. I'm going to Puerto Rico because none of my friends have passports, you want to get away from your parents? No, they have to come with me and no one I have a passport but of my friends.


Oh, you can go there without a paddle. I think it's a US territory. It's borderline almost.


Where would you have wanted to go if they had passports? Jamaica.


OK. She going to be like TSA knew where they would have just flown her to get the idea. Yeah. I'm sure you should link up with Logan, Paul.


I think he's about to move there to Florida. That's what he was saying, because the taxes are free there.


Is that what it is with the taxes are free. You don't pay any taxes what the government is used to not be.


Wow. There's no way. There's no I mean, I guess Alaska pays their citizens just to live there.


I think nobody wants to live there. You guys went and you said there was no darkness. Yeah, it was it was crazy.


I know you feel like you've just been partying all night and like, the sun's come up, but it's just like that all night.


So you're like, should we be going home? Doesn't get tired either.


Like, we'll be up till like 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning and like it just your brain, right? Yeah. Oh, weird.


Do I do. We went ice glacier trekking.


My brother and his fiance just got engaged. So I brought these two, I brought these two with me and we did like we went to Alaska. We did all of these.


Like I said, we were either ice or glacier track. Yeah.


There you go. We just like ATVs and shit. And then after that, we did this awful cruise right.


After which he. Yeah, I didn't go on the expedition. When you were saying a glacier hiking, I was like, fuck that. I'm you on the boat.


I'm going to be on the cruise and I'm just going to gamble.


Yeah, but it was funny seeing you guys on the cruise with, like, winter coats, like it was freezing.


I was trying to make sense. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's that Alaska cruise. So it's like, you know, you go on it just so you can see, like the glaciers that you're like.


So it's really cold out there. Yeah. Yeah. I've been on the cruise. Yeah. You, I go it was so fun.


I went, I was like 15. We went to like the Bahamas and I did a cruise there too. Like you did like the party cruise. Was it like the carnival you know.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh I know. Because we did the only cruise that you shouldn't be doing. We took like the boringness cruise. I like the people that were on our cruises. Yeah. Fuck yeah. They say the cruises are for the newlywed, the nearly dead and the over there, you know, we were on the nearly dead. It was crazy. We were like the only people on our cruise ship that was like our age. Really.


Yeah. That's crazy. It was crazy.


Yeah. We definitely picked the wrong one. Yeah.


But it's a great way to see Alaska, though, because Alaska is a hard place to get around to see. And it's so beautiful because you're just zipping point eight point B and you're seeing just this beautiful scenery.


So Alaska's like like not attached to the United States. I know it's a part of you. Right, right. Right. It's it's just like Vancouver, Canada, up towards there.


It is like it's crazy how big Alaska is. Do you think Alaska is like the same size as like the other states on the nod? But like, when you really look at how big Alaska is, it's fucking insane.


Yeah, it's massive. It's like half the size of the United States. It's something like a third.


Yeah, it's oh, it's a nasty people live up there. I don't know the type of people who like to fish that like to like everybody that we met. We're, we're really nice. Yeah. Like everybody was like really sweet and kind to us. And some guy ended up flying a boat and landing it on the water that we were like staying on and like flying or sorry, flying an airplane boat.


Yeah, I was like, yeah. And in my head I was it was a boat because I was like on the water and then it like took off and it was like but I definitely like, like being there.


We understand why a lot of people don't want to live there. It's like it's a very different lifestyle. And again, you don't like everybody does not do a lot of Canadians.


Well, there I don't know. Maybe why would you ever want to leave? Canada is really hard to get into. Yeah, I wouldn't leave Canada got good health care.


But you're now you're you're from Atlanta, Georgia.


Yeah. You love it. Yeah.


Yeah, I've been. Yes I have. I was there for work. We worked at that big like stadium. The Mercedes Benz stadium I think.


So there is something, the big one right off the highway, right. Yeah. Yeah. I went to the Coca-Cola factory.


Oh yeah. I went there when I was a kid. I tried all the different flavors of every country. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's pretty cool. There's where I am there.


Yeah. He's going to do you miss. Yeah.


I'm on my move back for the. Really. Oh yeah.


Do you know God Damaso go right now. So he's in Atlanta. Oh yeah he is.


Yeah he does a lot of, he does a lot of like Instagram videos going yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. So his first name basis for everybody is a friend of ours. We met him like through Vine and he's like still one of our favorite guys.


He's so fucking quiet is incredibly funny. Yeah. Yeah. He's really good. You know, having a smart mouth guy that.


What does that mean. Finds small. He sleeps on. I try to be funny, he's witty, he Cluedo. Yeah, yeah. I don't know man.


I mean, you know, it's all yours. Yeah, he's really funny. And let him know each other. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


So you've been telling them no.


Oh yes. I had a layover there. Oh yeah.


Oh that doesn't count. I got, I got stuck in traffic there. Driving time for a lot of them. Yeah. Oh yeah.


Driving up to Tennessee. Oh yeah. It is crazy. Traffic in Atlanta. Yeah.


Brutal traffic never seems to get around in traffic in Atlanta.


I don't like to travel here because in a way to get around it.


How do you get around it. I do my thing. You do your thing. Yeah. Like, you know, a little sad thing. OK, like you know the shoulder. Yeah. No, you take that and then I'll be right in HIV lane.


I'll be by myself. Oh, don't expose yourself. No dummy or anything like that. He didn't do that. I just know it's crazy when I get like dummies I love. Yeah. People put a hoodie over the passenger seat when I get on the HOV lane, I saw the same thing. Say that when I get in the HIV lane, I tell him, I tell my brain that I have no idea that this is the carpool lane. Oh, yeah.


Just in case, when I get stopped, I already have that like to do the old switcheroo. Like you're going to switch over that. He likes where he ran. I was the other passenger.


I just act very dumb when I get sore, but I get, I get a ticket every time. Yeah. It's, it's a minimum five hundred ninety five nonstop like three times on the show because I drive by a cop who's in the truck.


That's how I got you there looking the whole time. That's like the best way to do it.


So you'll, you'll pull into like that raggedy lane that has like trash and debris and like really rough and just drive on that.


What kind of car do you drive? Well, and then I have my Nissan. I just you know, I can do anything.


You said you wanted a four by four because some of the some of the shoulders are pretty rough.


But out here, I don't do that because my car is nicer or what kind of car you drive in now. I'm Mercedes.


Oh, OK. Yeah.


What model do you know you have my business. Oh she's looking and signaling her like don't answer a G wagon.


Oh I'm making fifty five 680. I'm speaking into existence.


OK, that's manifesting in law of attraction. Is that your dream car.


I do not think I want my dream. Could probably be a hellcat. Whoa. What's a challenger. No truck that was driving a truck. Yeah. Is that language like you.


I wanna say it out. Yeah. I believe it or not that's is that it was the time of the year. You don't want to.


I call it a year so I'm calling Lambo truck. Sorry buddy. What's your name again.


On my phone. It was not one it them. No I'm sorry. No, no you're good. You're good. So ok. Uh huh. That's cool. What is a health. Your health care is like the top of the line.


Challenger. Maybe a hundred thousand dollars.


Oh I like a billion dollars shrub's. I'm not sure it's a dodge. Right. Well they have the health care and then they have the the demon. Yeah, the demon.


That's what Chodak drives. What type of sayto Hornig stuff. Yeah. What is this like. What's the demon dodge. It's a dodge dodge.


It's like how do you know what the heck is. Cause you see the SRT and you see the cat.


Oh showing know it's the beam me.


The demon has an actual devil, a devil face where the Hellcat logo badge would be. OK. Yeah the tires I think they put from the factory, they're like wider in the back and then skinny they're on like Slick's.


Oh yeah. It's the only car stock that'll pull wheelies.


What's the demon Uli's like on the back. It's like, it's like a mode you put on the fucking car just like the power is so insane.


It's got so much talk that it will get like a couple of inches off the ground in the front yard.


It's crazy to me. I don't know why, because I think they're dangerous.


That's why you want it. No reason why I'm scared. Oh, yeah.


When did you get your driver's license? I beheaders, obviously, since you were sixteen.


Yeah, OK, you can't get a license, but everybody said I'd drive crazy. You drive pretty well. Did you really passed and got the test. It was it. Did you pass the first time.


Honestly I don't know how I pass by. You think you're a good driver.


Come on over. Oh you did, but you still got it. But I'm a good driver though, because I'm scared of car accidents.


Yeah, I took three oh three three. Yeah.


Your fault or their fault. First time I told them I. His car is my fault. I wouldn't pay since I run a red light and two miles away the second time. Oh yeah, it was this girl. She was so dumb.


She was trying to race you the road here.


A lot of those shoes her mom, BMW and these guys have said is in their BMW. So they tried to race in the parking lot.


And then I'm like, oh, turn my car right here. So she turned she hit a tree. None of us had a seatbelt on.


Oh, shit. Everybody OK? Yeah. I was bleeding this stuff down. Oh, Jesus. Yeah.


No one.


The vic in the train was like, yeah, I'm terrified of car accidents. Yes. I've really no, I've had like fender benders, but yeah. Not like a serious accident. Yeah. Your first accent reminds me of mine.


That was exactly what happened. I wasn't paying attention and it burned. What kind of clout using it was it was it my Mitsubishi Golon.


It was like I pay like two thousand dollars for the car. It was a piece of shit. It broke down on me like every fucking week they was.


You glad it wrote you gatecrashed, you know.


I mean, I didn't total it crazy because it's a two thousand dollar car. No, I hit it and like the hoodie, the hood just went up.


So it was up for like the next two years, like he never got it fixed. And it was just like, oh, that's yeah.


That's high on my Nissan. Yeah.


Like it's like all messed up, but I don't care for my my side view mirror was hanging off and you how to tape it on. I didn't get my shit. Yeah. When you have a shitty car like that you just don't really care about me.


Like a kind of a cool feeling though. Like not having to worry, like because I feel like a lot of the times I'm driving and I'm so worried about somebody like sideswiping or hitting me or if I could to like a parking lot, I'll park like I'll walk five minutes to get to a store just so I don't like park near anybody because I don't want somebody to like ding it really.


Car you good. I have a raas plus which Rob Ford Raptor.


It's like a big truck. OK, yeah. And then I have a Ford Lightning which is a smaller really fast truck.


I have a Lamborghini hurricane. Oh don't play with you.


And then I actually just got a new car a couple of days ago. Look, are we saying it. I don't know. Like, you know. Oh, we got that Vogl be up.


OK, I just bought a Porsche 911 Turbo's.


I don't play with that play. Know it's fucking nice. You got a custommade like food from what, Germany? Yeah. So I ordered it back in October and I custom sparked the entire thing out like I ordered everything in the car. Custom, and then they made it in Germany and then they shipped it over and it's the driver side going to be on the other side.


No, it's left, OK. What are you like to have a car like that? Like in the past two furies, he's driving that Nissan Skyline. I suppose it's an import like, OK, but you can still drive an import car, right?


Drive it like an import law that it has to be. No, I think it's twenty five years and then you can import. Oh, a car. OK.


Well actually yesterday I wish I had that car on the other side because I was in the in and out drive through and I've never been to this one before. And the cash register was here and there was a lane here in a lane here and I couldn't see it from behind. And the guy was like, pick a lane. So I like picked the left lane. And I was by myself and the cash register was on the right side. So to park it, hop over to the other side.


And why do that? The one right on Lankershim. Everyone has to do that, or I think everybody else had a passenger with them.


I was by my side. Normally you're eating with people.


Yeah, nobody's nobody's going in and out. But you just that HlV dummy. I don't like who I was on the freeway. Think you had the HOV lane.


Oh, that's really funny, Marai. This just happened last night.


So what do you tell the police when they pulled you over and HlV Lane?


Oh, that I don't know any laws. Well, you always say why you pulled me over, officer. I pretend I know nothing.


I'm like, oh, this is my first day driving.


Are you serious? Because I need to know in case I go for you.


I just moved here. You say, I'm sorry. I saw the ghost of my own son.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I've been having just these paranormal things I just heard it was like I forgot where I saw, but it was like a group of girls and they got stopped by the cops. She was like, oh my God, what do I know? And then all of a sudden she came up with something lasic and the cop pulls up to the window.


She's like, she she just had a miscarriage. Oh, my God. She was like, OK, go, go. And they drove off. Just start laughing. It was was crazy.


I just got pulled over earlier today, today casual.


And I had my phone in my hand and I was speeding, which I didn't know because I it's just hard drive but but like and then the cop for me over it was like, oh you're fifty. And you had your photo here. I was like, my friend just died.


Oh you can't say that at all. The cops I'd be like, which friend? Show me that. So I like it then.




But he was really nice and then gave me a ticket for having my phone in my hand which he said the same, same price as a parking ticket.


OK, can I give you a ticket for lying to him.


Not for like here's a ticket for long and no. Oh well I, I think it's like the probable cause. Yeah. They'll try to find some other shit to do. Oh God.


You can't do that because that's your conversation that's covered in the blood of Jesus.


That's not going to happen. I mean, do you want kids.


Yes. How many. Like a now they just want to have nothing. I want four or five. Your name Monday.


Same way this one is like ten and I was like also four. Four four. Yeah. I love kids. What do you want to start having kids when I get married. OK, good answer.


That's, that's good. Yeah. As I should. As you should. Do you have any names that you want to name your kids. Yeah.


I was thinking about massiah. OK. Oh Josiah. You're religious. Yeah. Amish. They're Bible Chris.


I know and I like the name Destiny. You kind of look like a destiny for you. Yeah. Thank you. You're welcome. She's like this. How old are you? How old do you think I am. Twenty to twenty six.


Oh no I think I am to forty. Whoa. OK, what about me also over here.


Twenty four. You think I'm twenty four. Yeah. You don't think I like her.


Well dancers. Twenty eight. Twenty. I'm twenty seven furl. Oh you get that. You're a little behind us. Yeah. We just, we look so you, you're a little ahead.


They get a lot of work that I'm a grade ahead of. You all agreed.


We're not in school like your competition. Like to go to new pop and rock and roll. We're the class you can't control. What is that. Twenty seven. The party on two thousand anyway. Sorry about that.


No you ignore us whenever he goes off on a tangent.


Just how can I have to to just nod. Yeah, oh, shit.


No, no, we are seeing anyone, not really you talking to people, I mean, like I got hoes, OK?


But I really don't like I could I could like, you know, I just don't want to settle down, like, I just don't be standing standees like these these dudes could be, you know, saying I got time.


Or what kind of characteristics do you like to see in these shows.


Now, like, if I'm looking for somebody. Yeah.


Like what do you want when you want to see a man or what would you like to have.


Yeah, I would say loyalty. Yeah. Respect. Yeah. And then like God fearing. OK, yeah. You said God fearing. Yeah.


Yeah, yeah. Oh interesting. I never heard that one.


I think you have like the fear of God is what like really makes you believe in your faith because people can like oh yeah I'm this but then they're not really taking their faith that seriously. You should have a sense of fear of God to make your faith seem real. Yes.


Oh yeah. Funny. Yeah. Funny is pretty important.


God for me is like, OK, so let's say like you want to go out in and kill somebody. Right. And but you're not going to do that because you do that, you know, God going to be mad at you.




Or like let's say like you want to fight somebody you impatient or and you want to cuss somebody out, you're like, OK, God will want me to do that.


Yeah, OK. That makes sense because we do have a forgiving God. But the fear of God motivates you more to be a good.


We have forgiven God, but if you know better, he is a different and keep doing the same thing, you know, saying yeah, it keeps you in line.


Yeah. Yeah. And have you found somebody that met this criteria in the past.


Yeah. Actually I have x ok. Yeah. One, two. How long ago did you guys break up. Like three years ago. OK. Like well this friends first when I was in a relationship maybe like four months got.


Yeah. Yeah. But you guys were friends for like a long time but yeah yeah yeah yeah. UCU and friends become, you know, something serious.


I come to the yeah. It's like a cute little love story. Yeah. But not in this case I'm guessing.


Uh not so much.


So we see you started doing music. Do you still do music right now or was that. Yeah. The music. Yeah. Yeah. How are you. How are you liking it. Are you having fun with it.


Yeah. I took a little break when we started back. Yeah. What about your other music.


No, I just say have a Christmas song. Oh yeah. We've all done some music. I guess I just had a song come on. A couple of days ago. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It's called Saddle Ranch. Oh yeah. Let me see.


I go. Oh that's sad. All right, I go. I'll play the song that rattles. Oh well you should do a remix, right.


Oh yeah. Oh that would be good. Really.


Yeah. Let's do it and take charge.


But what if he blows it off. All right. So is that like sponsored by severance. No.


We just really like Saddle Ranch that I am paying you for. No I wish I now I should promo.


Yeah. It was a part of our life. That's all right. They did giving me a lot of free alcohol so. Oh that'll make up for. Oh sure. That's true. Our names are on the bar right. Yeah.


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That's join Honey Dotcom unfiltered. Thank you so much, honey. We appreciate it.


And we appreciate the savings. We like your like dream celebrity to meet.


Um, who is your client. Who you are like to me. Lord God.


No, no, no. She's a lawyer.


She has a crush on you. She's a God fearing you're going get lot lawyers.


She's a musician. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. She's been in hiding for a little bit. What do you want me to look for. You want to me.


I don't know. I couldn't even answer that question. I don't know. I just started watching John back so I would say Keanu Reeves.


OK, what about you? I don't know. I was a little baby. The baby. The baby. Yeah. Wait, so the baby. A little baby.


Is the baby to the little baby? Yeah.


No, I'm like, come on, put it that way. They'll be running from me. Demagnetize.


OK, they're going to claim this little baby.


He he it too hard.


Oh I've heard all these songs. Don't know.


Now do you know Miss. Do you see baby. No me. That was who he wanted to meet. And he did on his birthday. Yeah. I don't know.


Why don't you want to meet the game of Miss Juicy Baby. She Coalmines of Atlanta. No she had little women of little.


I said she's in like a lot of chips. I hope you get it together. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Pretty. Yeah.


Yeah that's that's the, that's the show that she's on through that Zane's dream girl. Yeah but different girl. Can we work out.


I don't know. I think you should marry her. Should I. I can make it work very, very hard to follow your heart baby.


Like you're just in from my mom. You know, all the cloud, all the clouds shall be cute together.


You think so. Yeah. You you don't even know who she is.


And I know, but she could see the way you're talking about her and she she gets up vibes. OK, yeah.


That's just so you could think.




Yeah. Yes. She has a Christmas song. Oh yeah. Let me have the dog. It's me, him and then our other friend. Oh very. Yeah. Just something we threw together.


We tried a music career. It was about exes you know.


You should say you should send your tsong. Yeah. OK, so now it is.


We saw that Khateeb and making a song for you on Instagram. That's a huge deal. She goes to die.


Guess who have followed me, huh. Who doesn't anymore.


Bobby Smart really got out. Just don't follow me why he got out of jail.


But now he's like, I got to clean up my feet. Do you ever hit these people up?


Oh, and guess what else bothers me that I had of a meal for you today? The nun got him. I got him.


And like, Khateeb follows me like, that's crazy. And I love you. Ever you ever. Messager Yeah. You have a lot of ideas.


You see them like one time I had the video songs. You posted it.


Oh, nice. And out in her rap snakes.


OK, reposted it. Oh, are they are they actually that good. Yes. I think it's like chipps that.


Make you like a rapper puts out like their own flavor, so they're like, oh, I'm actually trying to have their own flavor of rap now.


Oh, I thought it was like an Instagram story series she does called Rap Snacks, and she just bust a little freestyle dance, like a little a little a little something of what they've been working on, you know, like a little teaser.


Yeah. Right before the whole meal.


I like that. It's a good idea. Raps Thanks. I've never seen these before.


Notorious big. See, that's my favorite. You like Boosey Badass. That's my favorite rapper. No way. Yeah. Lil Bush. Yeah he did. He did.


You know, it's all right. But is that not him. Did he die or is he. He's alive. Was he in jail.


No, he got out of jail and like came out like super like jacked in like really like fit like that finnemore really.


I wonder if I went to jail, but I come back rent or I like what I just work out a lot and they just came out that she said it.


I figured though if you spend a lot of time in a cell, you would at least, you know, start doing some pushups.


You know, everybody handles like you never know what they go through. And then I probably get depressed if I handled that differently, you know.


Sure. You're smart. Yeah. Would I be able to have my trainer come to I don't know if you have trainers in jail like my best friend. Oh, really? He's locked up right now. And he got his he met a friend in there and it is like really buff and he trains him. That's pretty cool. So maybe maybe it will work for me in there.


I love you're very sure that it's going to happen. Yeah. Future tense, Zain. If you get arrested and go to jail, what do you think it would be for?


Public intoxication, the public indecency. Yeah, so you would never get behind the wheel of a car drunk, I know that for sure. But I'm worried you would, like, get butt naked.


Yeah. Yeah, I can get arrested. You know, it was like this guy was arrested for. That would be something.


Yeah. What did Snooki do? Public intoxication. Oh, where's the beach. OK, but you know what?


Like I feel like I feel like now it's like kind of accepted. Have you ever served time? How much time have you served?


No, just a few hours. Oh OK. Yeah. Oh that's good. Do you want to talk about it. Yeah.


OK, recently it was just because I didn't know my license was spent over a year. Oh my.


Oh I've definitely been in that situation before.


We continue, we want to give a big thank you to our next sponsor for this podcast. Better help guys. It's twenty, twenty one. I think it's like cool to talk about your mental health and happiness. Right. Maybe Drake made it cool in a song. Exactly.


And humans aren't meant to keep everything inside. It makes us sick and therapy helps.


It doesn't have to be just sitting around talking about your feelings.


So what is therapy exactly? Well, it's whatever you want it to be. Maybe you're not feeling motivated right now.


I didn't mean that on you.


Or maybe you're feeling a little bit insecure about yourself, Zane. Oh, man. Or even if you're just battling a temper. Don't. I didn't mean to look at you as just messed up. Yeah, I know I am. Here comes the sun. I'm going and I'm trying to deal with it. But thank God something like better help is available for us to use.


It's time we stop being ashamed of normal human struggles that we all deal with and start bettering ourselves because we all deserve to be happy.


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And I'm going to be honest, it's kind of hard for us guys to go into a therapist and find ourselves. And I'm going to be honest, it's kind of hard for us guys to take ourselves and go see a therapist. It's yeah, it's a lot easier for us to to do it over the phone or online. And it just it gives you that sense of comfort of being in your home without being kind of, you know, restricted being in somebody else's room.


Yeah, I literally just had a call with one of them last week and it felt so good, felt so good to be in my bedroom, in my bed and just talk to them on the phone now.


Hey girl was my name was Samantha something.


I've been doing this but like it was just it was really nice to just do it in my house and and they're great over there.


So vent and just let your feelings out and it's ok.


It's OK to bury yourself in guys in person therapy session could cost like hundreds of dollars per session. Better help. It's cheaper and is just as effective.


You can work all day on your physical health, but if your mind's not healthy, are you truly healthy? I don't know. A lot of people overlook their mind and they worry about their outer appearance. Yeah, but everything comes from inside. Oh yeah. Everything, everything is here.


I'm talking about myself like everything is. It's true.


And it's like it's making it's making work really hard for me right now because, like, just I'm just overthinking everything and consequences down.


You better get help. Better out. There you go.


And for ten percent off visit, better help dotcom slash estate and heath and see what therapy is. That's better.


Help Dotcom, Zane and Heath.


That's better. HELOC dotcom slash Zane and he.


Thank you. Better help and thank you for being there for our listeners.


What's your favorite holiday?


Christmas. OK, what about you? I guess Christmas because you get gifts, but Christmas.


Christmas time you get a time with Christmas time, you know, it's like once a month building up to it. So it's almost like season within itself.


No holidays and feeling like that holiday, though, I love Halloween time, but I hear the day of Halloween, I'm stressed out. I don't have a costume. That's true. Yeah. Yeah. That's because you procrastinate. I guess it's just I don't know.


Yeah I go probably Christmas stuff.


Yeah but you like family like. Oh they're cool. Cool.


Yeah. How's your parents feel about like what you do. Like being in this industry.


They don't that their way odours. They don't really get into it. Yeah. Yeah. No they're confused by it. Yeah. So are my parents. Yeah. My parents are very confused by everything for me. Yeah.


Yeah. It's tough because like you can't really like seek advice from them because they can't really relate at all to what you're going through.




So there's such this weird shift that happens where you're just like the, like I love you but I just they help with the financial talk, you know.


Yeah. Other than that I don't spend money but they support what you do.


Yeah. I guess you could. Yeah. That's good. Yeah. Have you had any like altercations recently. I'm not talking about like big beef that like online knows about but like have you had to like throw some hands.


I almost got into these girl Whataburger. I was in all this. Were you in Texas or were. Yeah, I was in Dallas. Oh. Aren't you from Dallas. Yeah.


Town doesn't know Zane's name. He's from Dallas, Texas. You have a good contacts memory like. Yeah, yeah. I'm the same way that I'd like. I know.


I know your name. I said, aren't you from Dallas.


Yeah that's my name isn't Zane. I love it. I love it. I know. I know it. What do I look like. She asked her Instagram what we do. Oh no. She likes screenshot. I'd like each one.


Good hat heads who welcome Azana heth unfiltered. Wait, so you're Mariah. Yeah. Yeah.


Matt Zane. And he's there we go. Yeah that's so I'll find you.


What's her. Is Mariah Matt then.


He doesn't even look at this. She just stayed with me. So next thing you were water right.




So I went into work, I had my mask on so you couldn't really tell it was me. And then the girl was like, well, Vicky Boots, I hate her.


And then I was ignoring her.


I was told, like you, you are gone before you say, I don't think she realized. It was did you realize it was, you know, did you even still. Yeah. Yes. And I was just ordered my food and I was like, I'm not going. Or so I just left and then my home, I went back in because he had a problem with me. So, so, so. So they're like we moved back in there and she was just talking and we spent a fight.


But like, I wasn't trying to fight there and get like, you know, I'm not trying to get banned from everywhere in the United States.


If you do get into a fight, what's your strategy? Do you go for, like, the jugular, the hair? No, I really think you don't really think you just kind of out like I haven't been in three fights. Did you win all three?


Three. Yeah.


That's why I feel like I've been in like three or four in my life, too. Yeah. Yeah, it would have been. I think you kind of have this reputation, though, for like being like a total mess with you, knowing it on. I'm not like you're not like that. It's good to know you've really matured like a bunch over the past year.


Hey, man. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


We have our own strategies. We've been in a couple of fights. They're pretty like I just I completely block out one right before. It's like like I block out. It happens the next day.


I'm just like I need someone to show me a video because I have no idea what I just got myself into for real.


I feel like Heath, you're like you have like some moves. Yeah. You like to view combat.


It's not that that I like. Oh you got to move with your foot first because then they don't expect that and then you catch them over here.


I feel like Heath doesn't intentionally want to hurt somebody right away. He kind of just wants to scare them like. Yeah, I mean like a little cold and I like that stuff out.


Yeah. It's more of like a last resort. Yeah. But do you know, like, standard combat. Absolutely.


No, I did karate for five years and I, I couldn't do a like a karate.


I feel like I just, I have a really good intuition and like just a sense of fighting. Yeah.


I'm like I'm like I think spider monkey I think I go endophytes. Not worried.


Yes I bite.


Well one time Mike Tyson over here, one time my buddy, we were in Dallas and we were on the dart train and he got in a fight with this older guy and I was trying to hold him back.


And then he was like really drunk and like put me, like, in a choke chokehold. And I was like, what are you doing? Like, I'm trying to stop you. And he wouldn't let me go.


So I just bit him on his cheek. Oh, my God. Did you draw blood for you?


Yeah, it was like he's much bigger than me. No, I didn't draw blood, but, like, I looked like a mark on him. I was doing it. You gave a guy a hickey, you know?


But, you know, I bit his cheek. Well, that's that's the childish part of me. Like, I hate fighting. I don't want to be in combat. And I can't, like, feel like I want to get a good slug on him.


No, I'll just like, step the fuck away.


Here's like that guy in that one and I use my full I know my arms aren't strong.


I can't like fight, but I will use my whole body to like take people down and I'm pretty good at jump on them.


Yeah. And I'm better when I'm drunk, when I'm drunk I just have no limit because when I'm sober I get really scared and I hold dark. But when I'm like drunk and there's a fight and my friends are getting hurt. Your adrenaline is like yelling, yeah, yeah, we got we got a fight outside of a strip club really well out of a strip club over a guy who got carried down to that place.


Who's calling you? I don't know who this is. Two to five. That's the answer you want to answer. So you answer it on your.


Oh, it's. A afternoon, at least two people when I want to hang up. Oh, you got the airplane. Oh, my. Yes.


Yeah, I call failed the distance they call ended.


Oh, my God. Whoa, whoa. That is amazing. That that's g yo. I never heard that before. I always do that.


That's a game. You're going to start doing all of our work.


Like, that's actually genius. Hey, that should. That's amazing.


Yeah, but you don't like that dude saw call like I feel like he saw them say reconnecting.


Yeah, that's even better. You're so smart. Oh, that's even better. That's insane. Yeah.


If I get a face time from a number I don't recognize, I usually I'll cover the the camera. Now we all do that.


I like this. I just leave it up so much.


I'm like, can I face I just I have to see this for myself because I like I just still kind of don't believe that you want your number.


Oh I'll FaceTime you too. How do you think she got so. I'm embarrassed.


I have misjudgements messages here that you want to face that I'm doing her right now. I have your name as a Vicky in parentheses.




OK, ok. You ready? Yeah. Hey, how are you doing? What do you want? You want to hang out tonight? Let me see. Let me just say hello. Oh, I froze.


Oh, that's good. Wow.


Oh, you're kidding. He doesn't say that's really cool reconnecting Gharbia, can you hear me? Ah, you didn't get this from like a tick tock. This is like tick tock shit.


This is like what you would call on take. Oh yeah. You should put that on. You should post because I have not seen that to hang up. Yeah.


Oh my God. Make you forget my name a little bit. Your name. Zane like. She made it seem like she was thinking to explode, so I don't know your name. Who was he? Oh, that's so funny.


Oh, God, that pizza's hurting me. What are your hobbies? What do you like to do? Like many secret talents. Yeah. You binge watching any shows. Do you like to.


I don't like to watch TV a lot because you don't really get a lot of benefit out of it.


OK, I agree with that 100 percent, but I like movies like sometimes we're like hobbies.


I like to workout out just like a good hobby.


Take pictures.


Yeah, well Frank, make money. OK, travel.


Those are great hobbies. What about your knitting watercolor? He's not kidding.


He's not sure that they should teach you how to knit. You want to learn how to knit. You said you'd like to read. Mm hmm. He likes to read, too. What's your favorite book?


Oh. Have you ever read 48 Laws of Power?


Yeah. Yes. You're reading some like I would like self-help books. I just read a lot of fiction over years, actually.


Help helps you. Yes. I only read if I'm trying to learn. So I like that book, but it's very manipulative. Yeah, it is.


It's like it's like a handbook on how to like and like take advantage of people. And I don't know really it's good, but it's very like he's like I live by that book. What do you know.


I read the Bible Tudo. Yeah. And a lot of Christian books like Just How to be a Better Person is the.


That's good. Yeah. I should start I should start reading too. There's a Christian book. I got to remember the name. I'll show you later.


But it's about being a Christian and surviving Hollywood likes to have it on my nightstand if you want it. Yeah, I need it. It's called I'm not Hollywood.


Good. That's really fucking trademarked. That shouldn't come out with a book.


Oh, you guys wanna play the game. Yeah. Smash. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Get a I want to you want to enter the game.


That's what I wait around to it in the questions here.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this special edition of Unfiltered Smash or Pass with special guests video Becky. If you guys do not know the rules of smash or pass, what will happen is, Zain, he, me or Mariah will say a name of somebody. Vickki here has to say, will she smash or will she pass? It's all to you. It doesn't always have to be sexual. It's honestly just like a thumbs up. Thumbs down.


Yeah, it's like, oh, it's like hot or not, right? Yes. You know, hot or not. Right. Yeah. You want to play a little smashup, you're to have it like you got a special guest here. His name is clang clang, clang, clang.


Come on. Faceplant into the can you already know what time. And is this a boy mitha. Right. Yeah.


Come on, come on now say.


All right, so we have a special guest here playing this mousetrap. Ask him wait. Do we want to like establish what Charles like relationship?


How do you guys really your man, bro? And look like you're trying to get your story straight. You know what he was telling me to tell it to to be real like I used to date grandma. What's that saying to the mike?


Oh, I used to date her grandma and she was just a good child. Like other brothers and sisters.


They were bad and saying, God, yeah, I don't know if you're kidding or not. No, no.


I'm twenty nine saying her grandmother, like, I know what it is. I know how we get out there on tennis sometimes. I don't know. Sorry. Sorry. How old was grandma at the time.


Sixty two when you did it Grandma. OK, I mean I would take Jane Fonda out on a date that. Yeah. I was single.


What about Jennifer Lopez. She's not 62. She is. I, I would want to meet her. That's who I want to meet. She's like freshman 40 right now. Right. Love her. She's my idol.


Me too. I love her. Are you OK with the breakup? Was it a little rough or. I know I've been said that's why I'm here. She make it sound good because I've been through that breakup. Right. I want to talk about it. It kind of gave me. Oh, no, I'm sorry about that.


But what do you think it is? Are you Spanish? No, thank you. Good close.


Yeah, I'm good Italian. Oh, that's what I was.


So I have a feeling you guys are not in the edit that out like. No, that's buddy.


OK, ok, so you guys know the rules of smashup pass. You guys can have your own responses.


You guys can still be gotten here. Oh she does pretty. You are so believable with it, it was so believable to the point where I didn't want to roast it, I was like, OK. I mean, we cut it because what if what if we're saying all this shit and you actually did that like crazy? I know I didn't want to roast you.


I was like, am I really that young? I grew up with my grandparents.


I did the same because I was putting the clues together, because first I mentioned pranks as a hobby and she said nothing. And then you said your parents are older. And I was like, there's no way.


Oh, yes, 60 to 62.


Of course, we're going to have you on this game real quick and we're going to start pulling people up. You guys can agree or disagree, you know? Yeah. Once we got Cardi B first smash, definitely.


Respectfully, uh, it's me. Don't kill me.


Grandma and Grandpa. Come here. Yeah. Don't worry about us. You don't kill me off said I think smashy would be a lot of fun.


You know, she she post crazy shit. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. Who is Miley Cyrus.


I'm taking her to the studio and go yeah she pretty Miley Cyrus. That's Miley Cyrus.


Yeah. She's the one who drove past this house. Yeah.


I saw her on my street. How do you know she was her. Because she looked like that. Yeah. Which I was outside.


I was I was getting into my truck. No way.


She was driving by and I looked and I was just like, oh my God. A lot of celebrities live in this area. Yeah.


And this is like two minutes from my house. Oh, yeah. It's by the way, we it was only Arizona. Oh, it's Mostue.


Right next we got. Oh, come on.


I guess, you know, I'm, I had to pass especially because I'm cool little baby.


Oh okay. Oh okay. Oh good. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah me too. Oh I do. I'm going to pass him for his baby mama.


I will say I do think little baby is really cool. Yeah.


Like I think he was like he seems like somebody that's fun that young people so in the non weirdest way possible it's my slow baby.


Okay. Yeah he's cool. OK, next one.


We got it in the sallyanne these. I love styling.


Oh she break up with each other. I'm in the I'm here so that means. Oh yeah definitely.


Who's yadda yadda. He's cool. It gets cold. I mean I would say smash because he seems so smart. I've seen like a couple of interviews with him so respectfully explain this smile so I could join you like my boy, like he's matched with him like oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


No we're not talking about like sexually.


I don't know, he's a cool as y'know Smash and Bash is crazy right now we have Rihanna kiss her feet, smash and bounce. She seems like somebody love her.


I would love to meet but just like if I ever had, like, her full attention, I'd crumble like, you know, like anything like I would have to, like, stop.


She seems intimidating. I'd be like, you don't need to look at me. Yeah.


Like she's learning like I love how I look. But if I was to want to look like somebody would be her.


Yeah. Oh, she's beautiful. And there was a button right here that you could you could push switch to look like.


Are you doing me though. I mean we like big big. Yeah.


Big, big energy. All right.


Next, let's try this is Travis Scott. We have Scott. Oh. Reporting live, this Travis guy. You have Travis. This is a dope as motherfucking artist. Like, I've heard a couple songs. I like the songs, but like, I know what it's like to be a person.


Just go to his shows and that's it. Yeah. Yeah. You're locked in. Yeah. This is really the performance. You know, artist guy's writing about that guy right there, the best performer you ever see on this earth.


OK, have you seen Scotty Siah. Very good. So do I love her. She looks really good in real life.


And guess what? Oh yeah. Those white boys.


We love me. OK, good. Know. No, no, I'd say smash her music. Yeah. Who else we got. Oh Smash on Sunday. That really Ronda. Oh good.


Oh no I can't. No MacMillian. My favorite. One of my favorite. I can't.


Oh I thought for a second. You've never heard of her. I'm like holy shit. Yeah. I never heard no no music.


Oh I just I love that movie. We were gonna do a J.C. Penney. They're probably playing on there.


You have your hundred percent herders heard her music.


OK, she was on the Disney Channel. Yeah. Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon five oh eight. I like you're going. No, no, no.


My Laura looking at Logan. Paul New. Definitely smash looking face time out. He looks he looks a lot better and I feel like he's also definitely grown up quite a bit. All right.


Well, that's I understand that was a great round of smash art. That's where gwozdecky and clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, Salalah. Wow.


Is there anybody you need to call? Anybody you want to shout out?


Listen, we don't get whoa big. You have four million followers. That's the only thing I got. Oh, she's at three.


Oh, that's easy. So we need to go to six, maybe four. Oh yes. That's all. We're going to get there. So a million and we're going to get you to a million, OK? All right. Don't go. Remember she looked at. She's the one who hasn't. Well, we'll see where she followed when she leaves. I can make some phone swaps. Yeah. Was our name is Zain.


Oh, no. They came out without me. That was me, I'm picky. So he has his good side of a good side and he didn't want to sit down with that name to this.


I know we could do that. Now, you guys did. I was like, well, this is.


Oh, that would be good. That was fun. That was. How long have you been growing your dreads going on?


Like seven years. Wow. How long are they. Oh, like right here.


Right here. So you remember.


But they come out, they like drop out. Oh geez honey.


Like honey to know I smoked and used to s and when I was little kid out of here that makes me grow.


Yeah. That's some Jamaican shit. OK, that's.


He's been every time you put that on tick tock people are using like rice water that's trending right now to grow your hair. You both got remedies you've got to do.


You take the tip and then feed it back through underneath. Yeah. You know, the more detail. Yeah.


It looks good though. Thank you so much. Why. Yeah, I know what time it was. Good. Good grades are good. How to dress.


Vicky, thank you so much for joining us. That was so much fun.


Thank you so much. Of course. What's your last name. You and my business.


OK, well guys, thank you guys again for tuning in to CNN. He's unfiltered. We release the audio form of this podcast every Monday and the video every form on every Tuesday on YouTube, dot com cytosine and anything you want to shout out before we we close it.


Thank you for having me. Yeah. Do you like anything? You have any products coming. I'm take my Instagram using. Well Vickie give me an A for me. OK, ok guys.


Get her to four million. We'll have all her shit in the description below so make sure to check that out. Yeah. Thank you again. We love to have. Yeah that was, that was a blast.


Thank you guys. Appreciate it guys. Thank you so much.


See you all in a week. Bye bye. See you guys.