Best 12 Transcription Software in 2024 | Happy Scribe

André Bastié
André Bastié
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Best 12 Transcription Software in 2024 | Happy Scribe

In this post we analyse the best automatic transcription software you can use in 2023 to auto generate transcripts.

Are you still not transcribing your audio and video content? Transcribing your media is a total win-win for creators and viewers alike, so it’s a great idea to start using automatic transcription right now.

Whether you wanna transcribe your YouTube video or boost your SEO game, transcription software and services are a must for anyone working with media in 2024.

Here's our updated list of the top 12 Best Transcription Software in 2024.

1. Happy Scribe

Looking for a quick and accurate automatic transcription software? Our unique tools got your back!. With 85% accuracy in over 120 languages, you'll get your transcript super fast and efficiently. Give it a try!

2. Rev

With 170,000 customers worldwide, Rev is a popular choice for automatic transcription. It offers 99% accurate manual results and 80% accurate automated audio transcription. Trusted by thousands for good reason!

3. Sonix

Sonix transcribes and translates audio and video in over 40 languages and delivers your transcripts in 5 minutes. Full API support and loads of exporting options make Sonix a super versatile choice.

4. Otter

Otter lets you record something on your phone and transcribe it on the spot. With its free version, you'll even get one of the best free music transcription software available on the market.

5. Descript

With 24-hour deliveries, Descript offers accuracy, privacy, and cloud storage. Plus, it's got a bunch of cool features like customizable speaker labels, timestamps, and more.

6. Transcribe

Transcribe works with over 60 languages and converts your audio/video files into text with ease. Whether you need medical transcription software or something for your podcasts, speeches, or interviews, Transcribe has got you covered.

7. Trint

Trint uses AI software in over 30 languages to import a file, turn it into text, and let you edit it. With easy collaboration and exports into Word and CSV formats, Trint is super handy for professionals.

8. Temi

Temi offers automatic video to text transcription software with speaker identification, custom timestamps, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Get your results quickly, even on the go!

9. Audext

Audext uses web-browser based software to automatically transcribe your audio for a decent prrice. With a built-in editor and auto-save progress, Audext also offers subscription-based services.

10. Vocalmatic

Vocalmatic lets podcasters and journalists transcribe audio and video files with just a few clicks. Upload your files, and Vocalmatic's AI will take care of the rest.

11. Maestra

Maestra is an all-in-one platform for automatic transcription, captioning, and voicing. Convert your audio and video files to the format you need in just a few seconds.

12. Dragon Anywhere

If you prefer a classic software-based solution, Dragon Anywhere is an excellent choice. It learns your speaking style over time, becoming more accurate the longer you use it.

Why use transcription software?

Well, you'll save time, boost your SEO, reach a wider audience, and make your content more accessible. So many reasons to hop on the transcription train.

When choosing a transcription software, consider accuracy, turnaround time, pricing, editing tools, and the number of languages available. But most importantly, try it out and see if it's the perfect fit for you!

What are the main reasons for using transcription software?

Time Savings

Using transcription software, you can reduce turnaround time up to 4 times.

To boost your SEO

Your SEO strategy can greatly benefit from using transcribed content. The reason being, that if you don’t, you’re basically losing out on a lot of content that you’ve poured hard work into, only for it to not really “count” by Google’s standards.

You could have an hour-long video with great quality content, but if it is not reflected somewhere in text-form, Google will not be able to interpret it, and as a result, your content’s SEO ranking will take a hit.

You can think of it as getting more bang-for-your-buck (and effort) if you produce audio or video with rich text-form content. It’s all about making it easier for Google to understand what your content is all about. By doing so, your content will rank better and the likelihood of it reaching the audience it was intended for will increase significantly.

To hit a wider audience

If you produce podcasts or videos for Youtube or any other social channel, you’ll want to consider transcribing your media. This practice will help you expand on your audience and maybe even reach out to other demographics other than your main one.

Have you ever watched a video without any audio? Perhaps while on the subway, bus, or even while waiting for your turn at the bank? Of course you have, so has everyone else!

Watching videos with audio isn’t always possible, so by transcribing your content, you are providing your audience with text-format content that will not only help to keep them engaged for longer, but it’s also proven that textual information increases the viewer’s comprehension of the subject and makes it easier to remember. What’s the point of producing content if your viewers won’t remember it?

Plus, transcribing your videos is a great way to reach more viewers whose native language is not necessarily the same as the one featured in your content. By being able to read the information and not just listen to it, they will be more likely to watch, understand, and retain the content you’ve worked so hard to create.

To make your content more accessible

Transcription services make it possible for your media to be accessed by a wider audience, including the deaf and hard of hearing. In 2024, content accessibility should be at the core of all content marketing strategies, and using transcription services is a step in the right direction to optimize your content for people of all levels of abilities.As you can see, transcribed files will always have a use if you’re in media production!

What aspects to consider when choosing a transcription software?


When it comes to transcription software, this is the most important factor to consider. Most AI-based automatic transcribing solutions can achieve accuracy levels of up to 90%, whereas human transcribers can achieve accuracy rates of nearly 100%.

When it comes to transcription software, we recommend using the free trial to assess the tool's accuracy. Is it possible that the transcriptions it generates have grammatical errors? Are there any punctuation mistakes? These are some of the things you should think about.

Turnaround Time

The time it takes for a transcription service to return a completed transcript is referred to as turnaround time. Automatic software is quick, taking only a few minutes to complete a full transcript. However, you may have to proofread the final transcript.


When it comes to any software, cost is always a factor worth considering, and automatic transcription software is no exception. As you may have noticed, most services have a multi-tiered pricing structure that varies depending on the features you require.

Large organizations can choose tailored plans, but small enterprises and individual content creators can choose pay-as-you-go. Most transcription software comes with a free trial or demo version that you may use to see if it's right for you.

Editing Tools

When using a transcription software, it is likely that you need to proofread the final transcript. We recommend you choose a tool that offers an easy-to-use transcription editor, enabling you to play your recording while you proofread the automatically generated transcript.

If you are part of a big corporation looking for a transcription software for your business, make sure the tool you choose has collaboration tools and workspaces. Luckily for you, Happy Scribe offers sharing options, and has workspaces available so you can share transcripts or subtitles with your team.

Transcription in multiple languages with Happy Scribe

In case you are planning to automatically transcribe your content in several languages, one of the things you should look for is the number of languages available in each of the software.

Happy Scribe is the ideal solution for automatic transcription of your content in multiple languages, as it offers an extensive range of languages supported by its cutting-edge technology. With a user-friendly interface, quick and accurate transcriptions, and seamless integration with various platforms, Happy Scribe ensures that your content reaches a global audience, making it the go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and reliable multilingual transcription services.

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