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Never worry about running out of credit! If your balance ever falls below 30 minutes, we’ll automatically top up your balance with the amount of your choice.
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Never worry about your credits expiring. Use them when you want on the project that you want.
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You pay only for the length of the audio or video file that you upload to Happy Scribe. We don’t charge you for anything else. 


Happy Scribe
4.6 Happy Scribe saves me so much time. As a journalist, my dream was to have an intern to transcribe my interviews to me - but Happy Scribe answered my prayers instead! And for a reasonable price too. Super happy with it.


Happy Scribe
4.6 Great service and easy to contact for help with questions. I used this service for my dissertation study and it saved me a lot of time. I’d recommend this service to anyone in need of quick transcription service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! If you’re a student, you get 25% Off. For more details click here.

No. Our pay as you go pricing allows you to stay in control of what and when you pay.

Yes. Your security and privacy is our utmost priority. We use secure, encrypted payment systems to ensure that you can focus on the important stuff of making transcripts and subtitles.

If you need more than 75 hours, contact our sales team by filling in the form just above. They’ll get back to you very soon.

We currently cannot accept payment via Paypal but we do accept all Visa and Mastercard payments.

Need an invoice for your finance department? We have you covered. Every time you make a purchase, we instantly send you an invoice.

For online checkout, we only accept credit cards. If you need top purchase large volume, we also accept bank transfer. Contact our sales team for more details.

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