Netflix-quality Subtitles with our Quality Centre

Happy Scribe's Quality Centre ensures high-quality, distribution-ready subtitles and transcripts with minimal revisions. Our Quality Centre, featuring subtitling Style Guides and Glossaries, also includes advanced settings like subtitle timing presets, transcription customizations, and more.

Quality Centre

  • Define and save your preferred reading speed, duration, maximum characters per line (CPL) and minimum frame-accurate gap for your subtitles.

  • For extra clean subtitles or transcriptions, you can request our linguists to correct the speaker's grammar mistakes.

  • You can order Verbatim (or literal) transcriptions, directly from the app, in case you need to capture false starts, stutters or any other verbal cue.

  • Share with our linguists how you would like to identify your speakers, and what type of tags you prefer for your orders.

  • Get better accuracy by including uncommon terms, industry-specific terminology and proper nouns in your glossaries.