Transcription and Subtitling for E-Learning

We understand that transcription and subtitling increases course completion rates for E-Learning companies and improves content performance in new markets. Find out how Happy Scribe can transform your E-Learning business.

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Why Choose Happy Scribe for E-Learning?

Happy Scribe offers accurate, fast, and affordable transcription & subtitling for E-Learning companies, increasing accessibility for your content.

Transcription Subtitles
  • Exceptional Accuracy

    Exceptional Accuracy

    Our team of professional transcribers and advanced AI-driven tools guarantee 99% accurate transcriptions and subtitles.

  • Rapid Turnaround Time

    Rapid Turnaround Time

    Happy Scribe prioritizes speed without compromising quality, delivering your transcription and subtitling projects in record time. Our team collaboration features accommodate your content production workflow effortlessly!

  • Multilingual Support

    Multilingual Support

    With our global team of transcribers and subtitlers, Happy Scribe can accommodate a wide range of languages. Open new markets and languages for your E-learning content, with the press of a button!

  • Customisable Models

    Customisable Models

    We add a layer on top of our models to make them self-learn according to your edits and inputs (glossaries, documents and specific jargon).

Human & AI: Best of Both Worlds

Combining Human expertise and AI technology

This allows us to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of e-learning companies, adding flexibility to your team’s workflow.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, we will perform free reworks for our Human-proofread subtitles and transcriptions.

Boosting Engagement and Accessibility

Transcription and subtitling offer substantial benefits for e-learning companies. They enhance accessibility, enabling learners with hearing impairments to engage fully with the content. Besides that, they support learners in noisy environments or whose first language differs from the video's language, aiding comprehension. Transcriptions can also improve SEO and aid in content repurposing.

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