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Supported Languages

Below is the list of popular languages we support for transcription and subtitles.

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Dedicated Transcription Editor

Made for transcribers, our interactive editor will ease the way you interact and edit your transcripts.

Transcription Subtitles
  • Sharing in a snap

    Sharing in a snap

    Collaborate with all your stakeholders by sharing your transcripts in view-only or edit mode — no matter where they are in the world.

  • Multiple export formats

    Multiple export formats

    Export in all formats that you can think of. Our platform prepares you files that are ready for any kind of platform.


  • No limits on uploads

    Upload files of any size and length. Our software supports them all.

  • Multiple Export Formats

    We provide exports in TXT, DOCX, and more.

  • Edit Starting Timecode

    By providing the starting timestamp, you can decide when the transcription starts.

  • APIs & Integrations

    Seamlessly integrate with your favourite applications: Zapier, Youtube, and more.

  • Workspaces for collaboration

    Create spaces for you to share your files with the rest of your team.

  • Security & Confidentiality

    All files are protected and remain private. Your transcripts are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do our transcription services work?

    Happy Scribe lets you choose between automatically transcribing your files or using our human transcription service. Our transcription software uses speech recognition technology. It has an accuracy of up to 85% and will get your files transcribed in minutes. The human transcription service has an accuracy of 99% and your files will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

  • How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?

    If you choose human transcription, the turnaround time for 1 hour audio files is 24 hours. On the other hand, if you choose automatic transcription, you will benefit from quick turnaround times. However, you might need to proofread the text files to make sure everything is alright.

  • How much does your transcription service cost?

    The price of our transcription service varies depending on the service you use.

  • Who will transcribe my video and audio files?

    If you go for our automatic transcription offer, no one will access your files outside our algorithms and you. When choosing our human transcription service, your files will be transcribed by professional transcribers to maximize the quality. Whatever is your selection, you can rest assured that both your audio and video content will remain confidential.

  • What happens if the audio quality is bad?

    The quality of your files plays an important role on the quality of the final transcript. However, our automatic audio transcription software is powerful enough to extract the speech out of any background noise. In addition to that, our human transcribers are also skilled enough to sort out any difficulty related with audio/video quality.

  • Do you offer translation services?

    Sometimes you might be in need of translating your text files, or even the subtitles you wanted to generate. We have got you covered. Even though we don't have a team of translators, we do offer an automatic translation software integrated in your user dashboard. Whenever you need to transcribe your transcripts, don't hesitate to use it. Your transcription will be translated to the language of your choice in a matter of minutes, and thanks to the timestamps you'll be able to use the translated text to create subtitles or captions.

  • Is automatic transcription better than human transcription?

    Automatic transcription is best if you need your transcript to be done quickly and don't mind proofreading the output by yourself. Human transcription is better when you need more accurate transcripts and don't mind waiting a little longer until your text transcription is ready.

  • What makes Happy Scribe different compared to other alternatives?

    Amongst the best transcription services there are other transcription companies, like Rev, Scribie, Gotranscript, GMR transcription, Temi... but what makes Happy Scribe different?
    We provide a unique set of tools to ease up the transcription process. From a free transcription editor to a complete set of subtitling tools, we are the first transcription company to provide transcription and subtitles as a platform where you can edit, collaborate and share your transcripts. Our transcriber community has the best human transcribers in the world and our automatic transcription software is just the best. Our prices are affordable and inclusive, offering discounts to those businesses seeking to transcribe or subtitle large amounts of audio and to educational institutions or students around the world. Finally, Happy Scribe has one of the best turnarounds in the industry. No matter the amount of files you need to have transcribed, you can rest assured you will receive completed transcripts within 24 hours after submission.

  • How do you keep my files secure?

    Your files are confidential and safeguarded against unauthorized access. All of our professional transcribers have signed NDAs and strict confidentiality agreements.

  • Is automatic transcription better than human transcription?

    Automatic transcription is best if you need your transcript to be done quickly and don't mind proofreading the output by yourself.

  • Who can use Happy Scribe's transcription services?

    From creators needing to transcribe their podcast to production companies seeking video transcription or reserchers looking for verbatim transcription, anyone can benefit from Happy Scribe's transcription services. Our platform takes the transcription workflow of audio/video files to the next level, enabling users to save time and money, by leveraging the power of outsourced transcription.

Customer Reviews
Rated Excellent 4.8/5 based on 850+ reviews
  • im so happy with the subtitles
    im so happy with the subtitles, are amaizing and so easy to used
    ValeriaD - Trustpilot
  • works great and has a bunch of…
    works great and has a bunch of different settings to transcribe it best for you.
    Alexzandra Certo - Trustpilot
  • Great experience using the app so far
    Great experience using the app so far with more coming (I'm sure). Easy to use and accurate transcriptions even for a non-native speaker
    Dominic Chen - Trustpilot
  • Happy to have discovered Happy Scribe
    I've just discovered Happy Scribe. I tried it out on some interview videos in Ukrainian. I was very pleasantly surprised at the results and at the ease of editing the result subtitles for exporting as SRT files.
    Mr Walker - Trustpilot
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