Our Best-In-Class Transcript Editor.

Welcome to the Happy Scribe Transcript Editor—where every word counts. Watch our editor transform your audio or video into an editable, reviewable transcript that’s nearly ready to go. It’s intuitive, feature-packed, and designed to make your transcription process as smooth as silk.

Transcript Editor

  • Not sure about a section? You can highlight a word or sentence in different colors for further review, or add a comment to the transcript. Also, the editor shows you the word that’s been spoken at that moment in blue, so you always know where you are in the transcript.

  • Spot a mistake? Click and fix it right away. Use our handy "Find" tool to zap repeated errors and update speaker names. No time for perfecting your transcript? Try our 100% human-made proofreading service.

  • Securely share your transcripts, invite team members to edit and review, and never worry about losing changes with our auto-save.

  • Automatically translate your transcript, turn your audio into subtitles, or export directly to formats like Word, PDF, and more.

  • Every word is synced with time codes, allowing for precise edits and easier navigation through your transcript.

  • Automatically detects and labels speakers, segmenting paragraphs to clarify who said what.

  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts, automatic text and audio alignment, and features like rewind to speed up your transcription workflow.

  • Never lose a previous version. Our editor keeps a detailed history, so you can revert to earlier versions or compare changes with ease (great for teamwork!).