Transcribe a short video or create Netflix-quality subtitles from scratch? We've got your back.

Happy Scribe is your go-to hybrid AI and human-made audiovisual language platform for all your subtitling, transcription, and audiovisual localization needs.

Here's why it's the ideal platform for integrating into your workflow:

Our Professional-Grade Subtitle Editor

Customize your subtitles with ease, ensuring they align perfectly with your audiovisual content.

Best-In-Class Transcription Editor

A user-friendly interface that simplifies the transcription process, making it accessible to everyone.

Quality Centre

Our Quality Centre includes advanced settings like subtitle timing presets, transcription customizations, and more.

Subtitle Style Guide

Ensure consistency and professionalism in subtitle formatting with predefined style guides.


Save time and maintain consistency in jargon, brand names and more with predefined glossaries.

"The impact of Happy Scribe on our subtitling workflows has been transformative."

- Quentin Guestin, Production Operations Team Lead at Welcome to the Jungle

Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH)

We provide an option for creating SDH-subtitles, to improve accessibility through crucial audio information, such as speaker identification and non-speech elements.

Verbatim Subtitles and Transcripts

With choosing our Verbatim service, you’ll receive a detailed and exact replication of spoken content, ensuring that all dialogue and spoken nuances are captured.

Team Collaboration Features

Collaborate with your team members on projects, ensuring smooth workflows and efficient communication.

Content Sharing

Easily share your transcriptions and subtitles with colleagues or clients for review and feedback.

Audiovisual Localisation Features

Automatically translate your transcriptions into more than 130 languages or choose human-made transcripts and subtitles for extra precision (77 languages and counting!). 

Integrations with Video Platforms

Seamless integration with popular video platforms for a hassle-free experience.

Happy Scribe API

Integrate our powerful transcription and subtitle services directly into your existing systems with the Happy Scribe API.

Generative AI tools

Generate summaries of your transcription or transform videos into engaging blog posts with our AI Assist.