Our Professional-Grade Subtitle Editor.

Meet Happy Scribe’s Subtitle Editor, a powerhouse tool designed to perfect your subtitles before they reach your audience. This editor not only simplifies corrections but gives you full control over every element of subtitle creation—from timing to text formatting.

Subtitle Editor

  • Sync your subtitles with the audio using our interactive waveform editor.

  • Adjust start and end times with our timecode feature or directly in the waveform for frame-perfect precision.

  • Style your subtitles with customization options that include font changes, color, and more for Netflix-quality subtitles.

  • Spot a mistake? Click and fix it right away. Use our handy "Find" tool to zap repeated errors and update speaker names. No time for perfecting your subtitles? Try our 100% human-made proofreading service.

  • Export your subtitles in multiple formats including SRT, VTT, TXT, or as an MP4 with burnt-in subtitles.

  • Push subtitles directly to popular video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, streamlining your workflow.

  • Share your subtitle files easily within your Workspace or with external collaborators through secure links.