Summarize, Organize: Transcription meets AI!

Welcome to Happy Scribe's AI Assist, a feature that uses Generative AI to speed up your transcription process.

Let’s say, you’re performing academic research and you’d need to summarize all of your research interviews. That’s where our AI Assist comes in!

Our free AI tool will do all of that for you. In seconds. This feature is now available in English, French, Spanish, and Italian, providing various tools to streamline your workflow.

Ai Assist

  • Chapters: Automatically organize your file content into distinct chapters.

  • Blogpost: Craft blog posts in various styles using your file's content.

  • Email: Create emails derived from your file's content.

  • Summarize your transcripts with the touch of a button - ideal for creating scripts, paper cutting and summarizing research interviews

  • Ask anything: Submit a custom query related to your file. Consider requesting a quiz based on the content – you're sure to be impressed!

Read more about how to use Happy Scribe's AI Assist below: