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Supported Languages

Below is the list of popular languages we support for transcription and subtitles.

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How to translate a video?

  1. 1. Upload your video.

    With our uploader, you can import your file from anywhere, whether it's on your laptop, Google Drive, Youtube, or Dropbox. The first 10 minutes are free and there's no file limit.

  2. 2. Select the language of the video.

    We support transcription in 120 languages, dialects, and accents.

  3. 3. Choose "Transcription" or "Subtitles".

    To translate your video, we first need to transcribe it. Depending on the format that you want to export, choose "Subtitles" if you plan to add the subtitles to your video later. Choose "Transcription" if you want to have a transcript instead.

  4. 4. Choose "Machine generated" or "Human made".

    Our automatic transcription software is lightning fast and 85% accurate. With our human service, your file will be transcribed and proofread by an expert and native speaker and delivered with 99% accuracy.

  5. 5. Receive your transcript/subtitles.

    Our automatic software will convert your file to text in just a few minutes (depending on the length of your file). If you choose our human service, your transcript will be ready within 24 hours.

  6. 6. Select "Translation" and choose your language.

    Our video translator will generate the translation of your video within a minute.

  7. 7. Click on "Export" and choose your preferred file format.

    It's that easy to get translate your video to translated.

Translate Your Videos for a Global Audience with Happy Scribe

Subtitle and Translate Your Video Content Effortlessly

Engage with viewers worldwide by breaking down language barriers and making your content universally accessible. Happy Scribe leverages cutting-edge AI technology to provide instant and accurate video translations, enabling seamless communication with audiences in over 100 languages.

With auto-generated subtitles and precise subtitle translations, Happy Scribe ensures that your message resonates effectively across diverse global audiences, accurately capturing nuances and dialects, ensuring that every word is translated with precision.

Happy Scribe doesn't just stop at AI-generated subtitles in multiple languages. We dive deep into the intricacies and subtleties of language, with our professional subtitling service that combines technology with human expertise. Our AI model´s output works hand in hand with our skilled linguists fluent in all major languages.

This fusion guarantees that our translated subtitles not only meet the highest standards but also capture the cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions that give each language its unique flair. With a keen understanding of both technology and human psychology, this combination ensures that content producers and media production project managers can effectively reach a global audience.

Why Choose Happy Scribe for Video Translation?

Your Gateway to Global Reach

  • AI Translation Power: Our cutting-edge AI technology ensures your subtitles and subtitle translations are 85% accurate, allowing for easy adjustments to achieve total precision in your content.

  • Human-proofed accuracy: For unparalleled precision, choose our human-powered subtitles and subtitle translations known for their 99% accuracy rate, guaranteeing flawless communication.

  • Multilingual Options: Expand your reach globally from English to Russian and beyond, utilizing our extensive language capabilities spanning over 100 languages to connect with a diverse audience worldwide.

Efficiency and Effectiveness Combined

  • Quick and Time-Saving: Save time by easily uploading your video, selecting the desired language, and simply clicking to translate—no need for complicated steps or unnecessary hassle.

  • Affordable Solutions: Say goodbye to the expensive price tags commonly linked with traditional translation services, and opt for cost-effective options that fit your budget.

  • Translation Accuracy: Rest assured with translations that are not only contextually relevant but also exceed the accuracy levels of standard tools like Google Translate.

Content Amplification Made Easy

  • Simple Repurposing Process: Easily download subtitles and transcripts of your videos, streamlining content repurposing for various platforms.

  • Seamless Embedded Subtitles: Effortlessly hard-code subtitles onto your videos, ensuring universal accessibility and engagement.

  • Enhanced SEO Benefits: Improve visibility and ranking potential. Videos with subtitles tend to rank higher in search results, expanding your reach and impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many languages can I translate my video to?

    Happy Scribe supports automatic translation in more than 50 languages.

  • How does video translation work?

    To translate your video, we first need to extract the audio from them and convert them into text. Happy Scribe's transcription services transcribe video accurately and deliver it back to our clients in the shortest time possible. Once you receive the transcription, you can automatically translate it from your user dashboard.

  • Is it necessary to transcribe my video before translating it?

    Yes, it is. Users can choose between automatic or human transcription. The former is more accurate, and it's perfect if you want to save time proofreading the file. Automatic transcription is faster, however, you will need to proofread the transcript yourself afterward.

  • How long does it take to transcribe and translate video files?

    With our human transcription service, 1-hour files can be processed in less than 24 hours. If you choose automatic transcription, transcribing a 1-hour file can take minutes. Once you receive the transcripts, you can translate the text from your user dashboard. Translation will take some seconds, as everything is automatic.

Customer Reviews
Rated Excellent 4.8/5 based on 850+ reviews
  • Reliable and quick with nice features…
    Reliable and quick with nice features for exports and review. I was super pleased with the results and quality. It wasn't perfect, but I was dealing with recordings that weren't particularly high quality themselves.
    Tomer Strolight - Trustpilot
  • Great service that is quick and easy.
    Great service that is quick and easy.
    Karina Erickson - Trustpilot
  • Compared to the other crappy services....
    Compared to the other crappy services, it's so good!!! It actually works, and its so nice. You can navigate easily, no ads, payments, hidden money, anything like that.
    Junnosuke Tomita - Trustpilot
  • I've won a lot of time on my…
    I've won a lot of time on my transcriptions work. It is not perfect with not really good audio but it does the job !
    Maëva Gros - Trustpilot
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