Capture Every Nuance with our Verbatim Transcription Service

No in-house language team for creating Verbatim transcripts? We’ve got you covered.

With our dedicated team of expert linguists, we make sure that your Verbatim transcripts adhere to your special requests, brand voice and more. Also, we leverage our Industry-leading AI transcription engine as starting point, which saves time and money compared to more traditional transcription services.

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What is Verbatim Transcription?

Our Verbatim Transcription service is designed for capturing every nuance of a spoken audio or video file in detail. By transcribing every word, pause, and sound, this service provides an exact transcription of your audio or video files.

The verbatim approach ensures that nothing is overlooked, transcribing laughs, coughs, and even hesitations, which can be crucial for understanding the speaker's intent and emotion. It’s like giving your audio or video files the VIP treatment, making sure not a single detail is missed.

For example, verbatim transcription is crucial for legal proceedings where the exact language can influence the outcome of a trial, detailed academic research that requires thorough documentation of discussions and interviews, and any professional setting where the nuances of dialogue are essential.

SDH Subtitling: ‘Verbatim’ subtitling service

In addition to traditional uses, our Verbatim Transcription service extends to subtitling, offering a tool for filmmakers, content creators, and broadcasters. By providing precise subtitles that include all verbal and significant non-verbal sounds, this service enhances viewer increases and understanding and accessibility, especially in complex or nuanced multimedia content.

This service is called SDH Subtitling (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard Hearing). You can find more information about SDH Subtitling here.