Swift Transcription? Plug Into Our API.

Integrate Happy Scribe's transcription model into your systems with the Happy Scribe API. Our Speech-to-Text Standalone API offers a direct speech-to-text service with a 94% accuracy rate—outperforming competitors. Ideal for all types of audio processing and pre-recorded content, our API improves efficiency in document handling.

Happy Scribe's best-in-class speech-to-text accuracy ensures top quality transcriptions every time.

  • We’ve achieved top-market transcription accuracy at 94% (our competitors have 84-87% accuracy, according to our tests on more than 1000 English language audio files).

  • Our API easily integrates into any existing platform or business product.

  • Supports a range of audio sources and language detection

  • Provides immediate transcription results directly via API calls.

  • Read more about how to connect with our API here.