How to summarize your transcription using Happy Scribe's AI Assist

André Bastié
André Bastié
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Transcription Summary

This article explains how Happy Scribe's AI Assist tool can make your life easier by automatically summarizing your transcriptions into short, medium, or long summaries, saving you both time and money.

Imagine yourself working on a research paper, transcribing dozens of interviews - hopefully using Happy Scribe’s automatic transcription module - and you need to discover patterns and trends in the transcriptions. Summarizing these transcriptions can then be very handy, not only for academic purposes.

It's a bit of a chore to read through the whole thing just to find the main points, right? Or, you've got a long chat, filled with all the usual pleasantries and small talk. That's where AI comes in, summarizing the important bits to make things easier to read. More particularly, Happy Scribe’s AI Assist model lets you automatically summarize your transcription.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is pretty neat - it's how we translate spoken words into written text. In this piece, we're going to dive into different ways to summarize text once we've got a transcript or document.

Text summarization can be a real time and money saver for businesses. It makes it quicker to understand what's going on, cheaper than hiring consultants, and it can create high-quality summaries to boot. Happy Scribeoffers text summarization as a feature, along with other things like creating blog posts, e-mails and chapters.

Happy Scribe’s AI Assist Summary Feature

Let’s take a look at Happy Scribe’s AI Assist summary feature. First we’d open our transcription and click on the purple AI assist button:

Transcription Summary Feature

Then, it opens up an overlay window with the different AI Assist features available. Choose the option at the top, ‘Summary’.

Transcription Summary Feature

In the next window, you choose the length of the summary, Short, Medium or Long. You can also opt for a written summary or a summary in bullet points, depending on your needs.

Transcription Summary Feature

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Our AI model works its magic and after a minute, it presents your ready-to-go summary:

Transcription Summary Feature

In the final window, you can select and copy your summary and use it for your project:

Transcription Summary Feature

Try it out!

Please note that this feature is currently in beta, and we are working hard to ensure its final release soon.

To sum it all up, text summarization is a really handy use of machine learning and natural language processing. It's getting more popular thanks to its flexibility and ability to understand and summarize text. You can give our AI Assist a try by clicking here.

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