From Challenge to Opportunity: How Welcome to the Jungle Cut Editing Time by 50%

Niek Leermakers
Niek Leermakers
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welcome to the jungle

Discover how Welcome to the Jungle dramatically reduced editing time by 50% by integrating Happy Scribe's transcription and subtitling technologies into their video production workflow, enhancing collaboration and content quality.

Welcome to the Jungle (WttJ) is an innovative job board platform that combines traditional job openings and high-quality company culture videos with independent career advice. The burden of time-consuming editing and coordinating freelancers had become so challenging that it began to jeopardize WttJ content development efforts.

As a Production Operations Team Lead, Quentin Guestin supervises a team responsible for crafting engaging video content that showcases corporate culture to potential job candidates. He collaborates with six staff members and multiple freelancers to produce the client profile films and pictures.

welcome to the jungle

Under Guestin's supervision, WttJ focuses on creating content that sets it apart from traditional job boards. By showcasing company culture and teams through high-quality video content, WttJ has distinguished and solidified its position in the job market industry.

The Goal: Spend Less Time on Editing Subtitles

For Welcome to the Jungle, the subtitling process used to be quite laborious. Freelancer management and quality control were especially cumbersome. Quentin’s team didn’t have enough in-house capacity to check the subtitles' quality properly, which allowed for mistakes to happen regularly. This resulted in creating a big pool of freelancers that needed managing and an endless amount of different subtitle versions that screamed for a simpler, more accurate subtitling process for their company's video content.

The introduction of Happy Scribe into their workflow marked a turning point, offering a much-needed solution that saved time and resources, allowing the focus to shift back to creating top-notch content for their clients.

Better Collaboration with Clients

WttJ changed its content development method after integrating Happy Scribe into its process. Happy Scribe’s easy UI and collaborative capabilities allowed the team to work together, promoting productivity and creativity. By automating laborious procedures and simplifying complicated processes, Happy Scribe saved WttJ time and resources, letting the team concentrate on providing customers with outstanding content.

"The impact of Happy Scribe on our subtitling workflows has been transformative."

As WttJ expanded, onboarded new clients and ventured into new markets, Happy Scribe proved to be a steadfast companion in the shifting job market industry. Happy Scribe provides a comprehensive portfolio of services, including transcription generation, subtitle creation, and robust team collaboration features. With such offerings, companies like Welcome to the Jungle are empowered to produce videos tailored for a global audience effortlessly.

The Power of A Solid Collaboration

Happy Scribe's collaboration tools have been a significant efficiency booster for Welcome to the Jungle. Creating a sharable link to the Happy Scribe’s subtitle editor allowed Quentin’s team to involve their clients in the subtitle approval process, streamlining the client validation process and granting more cents, cutting down on time-consuming feedback loops.

welcome to the jungle

Partnering with Happy Scribe enabled them to produce customized subtitles tailored to individual needs. Happy Scribe's collaboration tools improved communication between WttJ's internal teams and their clients, cutting down on time-consuming feedback loops.

Transforming Post-Production Workflows

The productivity of Quentin’s internal team got a boost right away after integrating the Happy Scribe into the post-production workflow. Happy Scribe's automation features speed up the tasks that used to take hours of manpower. Welcome To The Jungle’s video team used to take up to 11 days to finalize a subtitle project. With the new, streamlined process in place, the team completes a subtitling project in less than 4 days. The team can now spend more time on doing what they do best: creating engaging videos for their clients.

"Happy Scribe is now essential for our work, streamlining our processes and enhancing client connections."

Looking into the future, WttJ wants to integrate the Happy Scribe’s audiovisual language platform with its new video player, to create an even more effective video production workflow.

The partnership between Welcome to the Jungle and Happy Scribe reflects a mutual dedication to making the job-seeking process inclusive and visually appealing, a simple yet powerful synergy for making video content accessible to a much wider audience control over choosing preferred subtitles with less dependency.

About Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is an Audiovisual Language Platform enabling media brands, traditional language service providers and corporates around the world to scale their audiovisual language needs with ease. By combining language experts with state-of-the-art AI, Happy Scribe helps teams securely manage contributors, streamline collaboration, and produce high-quality transcriptions, subtitles, and closed captions at speed.

If you're interested in talking to our team about your audiovisual language needs, don't hesitate to reach out here.

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