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Audio to text for Podcasters
Automatic Transcription Tool

Happy Scribe can securely transcribe your podcasts to text
in more than 119 languages and accents in a matter of minutes.

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Why Happy Scribe?

Der Transkriptionseditor - Happy Scribe

How to transcribe a podcast to text?

  1. Upload your file. We can transcribe almost all formats of audio and video files. No size restriction.
  2. We auto-transcribe your file. Your file will be converted from audio to text in just a few minutes.
  3. Proofread and Export. Make sure that the transcript is well transcribed. Add some final touches and click on export.
Team Management Option

Team Management

Create project teams for unified collaboration with multiple individuals. Generate an unlimited amount of teams/projects. Includes centralised billing.

Audio to text in more than 119 languages

+119 Languages

You can transcribe interviews in almost any language and accent (+119 available to date).

Transcript Speaker Identification

Speaker Identification

We recognize when a speaker changes. You just have to add their name.

Realign your transcript with your audio

Realign Transcript & Track

After you edit a transcript, it might be useful to realign the text and the audio to ensure a correct timecode throughout the document.

Export your transcript in different formats

Export in different formats

You can easily export in Word, TXT and PDF.

Share your transcript Publicly

Share Transcript Publicly

On Happy Scribe, you can share a view-only page of your transcript.

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Why Transcribing Audio To Text?

Improves SEO Rankings

Including subtitles and transcriptions with your podcast increases SEO rankings, as search engines need text to crawl through. The end result is increased viewership.

Makes Social Media Sharing Easier

A transcription of your podcast makes it easier, and more likely, for a listener to copy and paste an interesting quote into their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. This is ultimately extends your viewership.

Can Increase Subscription Rates

Studies show that most people prefer to skim through the transcripts of videos first, before deciding to listen/watch the whole thing. Having a transcript of your podcast can help push them to subscribe to the podcast faster.

Easily Extends Your Content

It is quicker to scan transcription text to find interesting content to reformat through different mediums such as social media posts, a blog post, or an engaging e-mail newsletter.

Increases Web Accessibility

The European Federation of Hard of Hearing People estimates that 1 in 10 individuals are either hard of hearing or deaf within the EU. Providing a transcript of your podcast provides an accessible way to extend your content reach.

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