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Feeling Happy

Future Shock

  • 5 episodes

Future Shock is een podcast over hoe we omgaan met voortdurende verandering. Achtergronden en verdieping van VPRO Tegenlicht. Chris Kijne of Tom Reijner in gesprek met denkers en doeners die ons helpen de toekomst te duiden. Iedere twee weken een nieuwe aflevering.

Sword and Scale

  • 11 episodes

The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the dark side of humanity and human nature. Our stories delve into the worst of the worst and include murder, rape, dismemberment and cannibalism. No crime is too brutal and no victim is too pure. The worst monsters are real.

Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner

  • 16 episodes

Join Glenn Kirschner, NBC News/MSNBC legal analyst and former Assistant U.S. Attorney at the D.C. U.S Attorney's Office as he brings analysis and insight to legal issues of the day, drawing from his 30 years as a federal prosecutor, homicide prosecutor and Army JAG. For 30 years, Glenn argued to juries, breaking down complex legal issues in ways that were universally understandable and relatable. He brings that same approach to his analysis of today's troubled legal landscape.

David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

  • 18 episodes

David Tennant, star of Doctor Who, Good Omens and Broadchurch, gets talking with the biggest names from TV, movies, comedy and elsewhere. Featuring superstar names like Olivia Colman, James Cordon and Whoopi Goldberg. A Somethin’ Else and No Mystery production.

The Tommy and Hector Podcast with Laurita Blewitt

  • 7 episodes

Pure conversation, of the language loving storytelling variety. Unpredictable and funny, carefree and intimate. Join Tommy Tiernan, his school pal Hector O'hEeochagain and Mayo woman Laurita Blewitt as they sit around the table in a shed at the bottom of a garden in the West of Ireland and just chat. You'll wish you were there to join in....

Highlights from The Pat Kenny Show

  • 196 episodes

Pat brings you the sharpest analysis of news and current affairs on the radio and fresh perspectives on the issues that will define a generation. Breaking news is interwoven with reflective news features and reports from a variety of reporters based across the country. Experts are on hand to guide listeners on everything from consumer and employment rights and health issues to savvy holiday options. And Pat is joined by all the best personalities from the entertainment world.   Listen and subscribe to The Pat Kenny Show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.          Download, listen and subscribe on the Newstalk App.        You can also listen to Newstalk live on or on Alexa, by adding the Newstalk skill and asking: 'Alexa, play Newstalk'.  

Haunted Places: Ghost Stories

  • 4 episodes

Flickering lights… Clanging metal… A sudden, cold rush of air… Parcast Network’s all-new original series is here—and with it, the scariest, most hair-raising ghost stories ever imagined. Join host Alastair Murden as he reaches into the cob-webbed collection of ghost stories from all over the world and brings to life a new, heart-racing tale every Thursday.  Haunted Places: Ghost Stories is a Spotify Original from Parcast. It premieres October 1st, with new episodes every week. Listen free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

De Gijzeling van Gladbeck

  • 5 episodes

In De Gijzeling van Gladbeck maken journalist Marcel van Roosmalen en zijn jeugdvriend Roel Gootzen een roadtrip door Duitsland voor een reconstructie van één van de meest roemruchtige bankovervallen ooit. Dat was in het Duitse stadje Gladbeck in 1988. Op de overval volgde een bloedige gijzeling. Welke rol speelden de media in dit spraakmakende gijzeldrama? Zijn er nog onbeantwoorde vragen? Marcel en Roel zoeken hier antwoord op in deze zesdelige serie. Deze podcast is een productie van BNNVARA en NPO Radio 1.

The Football Show on Off The Ball

  • 101 episodes

Joe, Ger, Dan and Kevin Kilbane reflect on the major football events of the day as well as some of the minor ones. Special guests, interviews and debates from at home and around the world

It's Complicated

  • 2 episodes

It's Complicated is an advice show where no topic is off-limits and no problem is too big, too small, or too weird. It's Complicated came about from my own personal struggles and now I want to share it with all of you.

Hidden In Plain Sight

  • 21 episodes

Long-form conversations with the executives, innovators, and thought leaders who are working to predict, solve, and preempt some of humanity’s most complex problems. Hosted by Mission CEO Chad Grills. New episodes drop every Tuesday and Thursday.

Maed in India

  • 16 episodes

Maed in India - India's first indie music podcast that showcases the best Indian independent musicians from India and abroad. Each episode presents an interview with an artist/band along with an exclusive stripped down session or acoustic renditions of their original music. The weekly show prides itself on being the destination for new music, little known stories, and unreleased music never heard before. It features all kinds of artists from new-comers to veterans and under a variety of genres from hip hop, blues, soul, to folk, punk, rock, and everything in between.

The Rachel Maddow Show

  • 55 episodes

Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.

Wat Je Niet Leert

  • 5 episodes

Soms loop je tegen dingen aan in het leven die je niet leert op school, maar wel had willen weten. Van alleen zijn of samenwonen tot omgaan met geld en jezelf verkopen; in ‘Wat Je Niet Leert’ gaat Nellie Benner met haar team op zoek naar antwoorden en levenslessen op basis van input van de Instagram-community @watjenietleert

Alle Wege führen nach Ruhm - AWFNR

  • 2 episodes

Der Karrierepodcast für Berufsjugendliche

El Transistor

  • 207 episodes

El Transistor, programa de radio deportivo presentado por José Ramón de la Morena

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

  • 17 episodes

Awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you with SuperSoul. Hear Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. All designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self.

El Larguero

  • 241 episodes

Las noches de la radio deportiva, con Manu Carreño

Skiete Willy Podcast

  • 6 episodes

De Skiete Willy Podcast is dé podcast over PSV! Vanuit Eindhoven bespreken voormalig PSV-middenvelder en cultheld Bjorn van der Doelen en clubwatcher Marco Timmer de meest belangrijke en onbelangrijke zaken rondom PSV.

Guerres de Business

  • 5 episodes

Chaque jour, des entreprises se font la guerre. Parfois, elles se battent pour votre argent. Parfois, c'est pour avoir votre attention. Et parfois, c'est juste pour le plaisir d'écraser le concurrent ! Et l'issue de ces combats a souvent des conséquences sur notre mode de vie et ce que nous consommons.Guerre de business va vous faire découvrir l'économie autrement. En vous plongeant au coeur même des plus grandes batailles du business de tous les temps, vous découvrirez les secrets de la réussite des plus grandes entreprises... mais aussi les raisons de leurs échecs.

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