Can You Transcribe a Zoom Meeting with Happy Scribe?

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André Bastié
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Zoom transcription with Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a transcription service that provides both AI software and professional transcribers to create text files of Zoom meetings with up to 99% accuracy.

It’s really important to transcribe your Zoom meetings to make sure that everyone has fully understood what has been said. Unlike just a recording alone, an accurate transcription of your meetings ensures that your team has sufficient documentation of what was said in order to make the best decisions moving forward. You may have discovered Happy Scribe in a Google search. Here’s all you need to know about this G2 award-winning transcription service.

What is Happy Scribe?

Happy Scribe is one of the best transcription services for transcribing your Zoom meetings. This platform provides both software and professional transcriptionist text files of your Zoom meeting’s audio. If you are looking to improve your team communication, sharing a text file of your latest meetings is a great way to make sure that everyone is on board. We like Happy Scribe as it provides numerous additional features that make it a really easy transcription platform to use.

Happy Scribe Zoom Transcription
Accurate, fast, and affordable - Happy Scribe is the best way to transcribe your Zoom meetings.

How Accurate is Happy Scribe's Transcription Service?

If you need a highly accurate transcription for your Zoom meeting, Happy Scribe is one of the best transcription companies on the market. Its cutting-edge AI software automatically transcribes your meeting with a high accuracy level of 85%. Alternatively, opt for Happy Scribe’s human transcription services for outstanding accuracy levels, rated at 99%. All of their transcriptionists are professional, native transcribers so you can be sure that your Zoom transcriptions will be of the very highest quality.

When Will My Zoom Transcription Be Ready?

Happy Scribe is well known for its quick turnaround times. If you opt for machine generated transcripts, you can expect to receive the audio text from your Zoom meeting automatically in just a couple of minutes. Human generated transcripts are also extremely rapid. Expect your video transcript to be ready to review and publish in just 24 hours.

Zoom Transcripts with the Happy Scribe Tool
With Happy Scribe, choose between machine and human transcription to get unbeatable accuracy.

How to Transcribe a Zoom Meeting With Happy Scribe

It's really easy to transcribe the audio from your video meetings with Happy Scribe. Simply follow the steps below for machine-generated or human-generated transcript files.

1. Record Your Zoom Meeting Make sure that you are the host when you start your meeting. Press record and conduct your Zoom video meeting as normal. 2. Upload Your Video or Audio Recording Sign into your Happy Scribe account and upload your meeting recording. Your meeting will be saved in your Zoom account as MP4 or M4A files if it is audio only. 3. Choose Your Audio Language Unlike many competitors, Happy Scribe supports a huge number of languages and dialects - currently over 120. Plenty enough to cover even multi-national teams. 4. Choose Your Transcription Type Choose between a machine-generated and a human-generated transcript. If you need help deciding between the two, consider the following: Machine-generated transcripts are accurate, rapid, and inexpensive. What’s more, your first 10 minutes are free, as part of Happy Scribe’s free trial. Transcripts that are typed by professional transcribers take longer and cost a little more, but they are more accurate and normally do not require any editing whatsoever, saving you time and effort. They are ideal if you are looking for a professional quality transcript. 5. Your Transcript is Ready Export your completed transcript from Happy Scribe. You can choose from a variety of formats so you can put it to use immediately. Share it with your team or upload it to your favourite social media platform.

What Are the Benefits of Using Happy Scribe?

There are numerous benefits to using Happy Scribe transcription services, let's find out more about all that this platform offers.


Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is Happy Scribe’s high accuracy levels. While all machine-generated transcripts will require some proofreading, with up to 85% accuracy levels, you can rest assured that your transcript text will be of top quality. Or else opt for a human-generated version for unbeatable precision.

No Subscription Required

One of Happy Scribe’s main advantages when compared to the competition, such as Otter AI, is that there is no annual or monthly subscription fee. You simply pay as you go minute by minute, so you’ll never have to worry about overpaying or if you are making the most of your subscription tier. With Happy Scribe’s pricing system you only pay per minute of audio transcribed. This also makes it easy for you to assess just how much you’ll be spending up front. For business customers with large volume orders, Happy Scribe provides personalised pricing quotes, complete with discounts and centralised billing.

Choice Between Machine & Human Transcription

Unlike most other third party transcription services, you can choose between human and software generated transcription text for each and every transcription text. This is actually really useful, as when you want to upgrade to a professional transcriber’s version for a really important team meeting, you won’t have to seek out another company and set up a new account.

Fast Turnaround Times

Choose Happy Scribe for a fast turnaround in just minutes for your software generated transcript or 24 hours for a human-generated service. This is much faster than most other providers, so you can get your speech to text in record time for increased productivity.

Extra Features

Happy Scribe also offers numerous extra features that can help save you time and effort taking notes the next time your business teams meet on Zoom. *Interactive Transcription Editor - easy to use, the specialised editor allows you or your team to edit your text as needed. *Sharing Link Feature - share your transcription text with your team in no time. Simply toggle the share link on and allow editing if you want to give your team the opportunity to make adjustments. *Subtitle & Caption Services - Happy Scribe can also create captions and subtitles for your Zoom meeting videos. *Translation Service - if you would like to make your video more accessible, take advantage of the translation service for multi-lingual transcript files. *App Integrations & APIs - integrate your transcript with all of your favourite apps for a seamless transition.

Happy Scribe Services

Happy Scribe is certainly one of the best transcription services for your Zoom meetings. Thanks to their transparent pricing, with no monthly or annual fees, fast turnaround times, and really useful extra features, little wonder they are such a popular choice for creating the best Zoom meeting transcripts. Whether you need a software generated or a human generated transcription, make sure that you check out their website for the latest offers and to benefit from their free trial.

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