How Long Does Vimeo Keep Videos?

How Long Does Vimeo Keep Videos?

Concerned about missing or deleted videos on Vimeo? This article covers how long videos are stored, deletion reasons, and recovery methods.

While using Vimeo as your video hosting or upload platform, there may be circumstances where your videos go missing, and you wonder what happened. Vimeo videos can be lost due to several factors, but even if it gets deleted, how long do these videos last on the platform? How easy is it to recover deletedVimeoo videos, and how long can Vimeo store them?

All of these and more are fully covered in this article. It is important to know that Vimeo serves quality in video hosting more than most available options, cast that worry aside because you are on the right track.

How Long Does Vimeo Keep Videos?

How long will Vimeo keep your videos? (Vimeo storage feature)

Most users trust Vimeo as a great video hosting platform, but that's not all there is about the wonderful application. Vimeo is different from YouTube basically because of this feature, one that is similar to what you have on your Google Drive. So yes, if you have always wondered if storing videos is possible on Vimeo. Vimeo is the best option when you seek a platform that helps you to both record and save videos. However, to store your videos on Vimeo, you would first upload them from your phone or laptop storage to Vimeo.

Dropbox is another way most content creators store their videos because of its large storage capacity, however, to cut down on the number of applications, Vimeo is not a bad option. The amount of videos you can store on Vimeo depends on the type of Vimeo account Plan you are running with. A thorough knowledge of how the basic, plus, and pro plan works are needed so that you don't run into storage issues while using Vimeo for your videos.

All the Vimeo plans have a specified data size limit, and it is spread across weeks. What this means is that you can access only a percentage of the total amount of storage available per week. However, If you are subscribed to a Pro or Plus Plan, you are not subjected to such things as file size limit or total storage limit. You are entitled to what is known as a lifetime storage cap; this is still dependent on how long you use the plan.

Why does Vimeo delete videos?

The paid membership plans on Vimeo are paid for, and since it is not a once and for all payment, it has to be renewed. There is a possibility that your payment expires, and you probably run into issues that delay payments or you didn't find out early enough, so what happens to all your videos? Do they get deleted? And if deleted, does Vimeo have any data recovery software that would prevent the complete loss of your videos?

First, when your subscription expires, the first thing that happens is that your account lapses to the basic plan regardless of any plan you were previously on. And when this happens, some videos may be lost, and this is because the storage capacity of the basic plan is just 5GB which is way smaller compared to other plans. But if your account lapses to basic, you would be able to keep 10GB of recently uploaded Vimeo Videos while the videos left would be moved to Vimeo's archive and stored for about a year. It gets amazing that once your account membership is renewed, all your videos are recovered and available to you again. This may, however take some time before the videos are moved from the archive back to your account.

Can I recover a deleted Vimeo video?

Your Vimeo videos can be deleted either by you or by Vimeo for reasons such as exceeding the maximum file size. But no worries, when Vimeo deletes your videos, they are usually moved to Vimeo's Archive, and they can be there for as long as a year. What are ways to recover deleted Vimeo videos before they are forever lost for a year?

A data recovery software or a free data recovery tool may be needed if you accidentally deleted copies of your Vimeo videos from both Vimeo and your local storage. Vimeo deletes videos when your account's storage limit is exceeded, which can be easily fixed when upgrading to a better account. But as stated earlier, do not worry about it because these deleted videos can be recovered from the archive but only within a year.

You can delete videos on Vimeo with the following simple steps. This you can do if the videos in question are not important or not of any use. Let's see how to delete Vimeo videos.

First, you log into your Vimeo account by going to the Vimeo homepage

Locate and click on the video icon, which can be found on the left side of your screen.

Find the videos you intend to delete and click on the three dots icon showing next to the selected video. A menu will pop up, and from the available options, click on Delete.

Note that your password will be required after you click on delete, and once the password is entered, the video is deleted.

Vimeo transcripts with Happy Scribe

The reason for deleting a video may be because it's not getting across to a larger audience which may be due to language barriers. Not to worry, if already deleted, you can recover deleted videos and get a transcript from Happy Scribe which can give your Vimeo Videos the boost it needs to be accessible to everyone. Closed captions can also be obtained with Happy Scribe which has a high level of accuracy.

So before you click on the delete button, give Happy Scribe a try and upload the video again

How to estimate your file size

File size may also be a reason why you would decide to delete those or Vimeo deletes it, but how can you estimate your file size, or what does a standard Vimeo video size look particularly due to its high quality?

Your video size can be accurately determined not with video resolution but with bitrate. Bitrate is the key determinant of file size because a Vimeo video with a 4k resolution may have a lower bitrate than one with 720p. A video with audio may also have its bitrate, other factors also include compression ratio, color depth, and so many more. There is no direct way to determine a file size because a lot of things go into what makes a file what it is. This can be from how it is edited or the editing software used. But it is better to watch out for file sizes as you upload videos on Vimeo to avoid exceeding file size limits, especially if you use a Vimeo Basic Plan.

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