How To Install Zoom Cloud Meeting On PC

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André Bastié
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How to install Zoom cloud meeting on PC?

The shift from in-person to virtual meetings has revolutionized business communication. Dive into the Zoom era and its benefits.

Before this time, businesses and companies preferred live meetings and in-person appointments with their clients, where participants were present in person to have business interactions, rather than virtual meetings

The use of apps, software, and tools like Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Meet, and other tools that facilitate virtual interactions did not enjoy the wide acceptance it now enjoys in business climes.

How to install Zoom cloud meeting on PC?

What Is a Zoom Cloud Meeting?

Zoom Cloud Meetings, otherwise known as Zoom Meetings are meetings that are hosted by the Zoom application.

Although it has paid plans and premium features, this free app is software that enables desktop clients or mobile phone users to host video conferencing meetings, audio meetings, webinars, meeting recordings, live chat, calls, and other forms of collaborative interactions, or join as a participant.

The available versions of the program (Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise) support different internet-enabled devices and allow users from different locations to join a virtual meeting in real time.

In this post, you will learn how to successfully get Zoom Cloud Meeting on your PC. Once you’ve decided on the Zoom plan that suits you best, you can sign up and get Zoom on your PC and start enjoying this software app.

5 Easy Steps to Successfully Install Zoom Cloud Meeting on Your PC

Step 1: Open a Web Browser

What’s your favorite web browser? Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge? Launch the app (your preferred web browser).

Step 2: Visit Zoom Website

Once you launch your preferred software, you should come face-to-face with the browser’s home page. In the address bar of that web browser, which is usually at the top section of your browser, type “” and press “Enter” or click the “Go” icon.

You should be viewing the homepage of the Zoom website. If this is the case, you’re ready for the next step on how to get Zoom meetings on your PC.

Step 3: Download and Save the Software on Your Device

When you are on the homepage, locate the top menu bar, click on the “Resources” tab, and from the options in the dropdown menu, select “Download Zoom Client”.

To initiate the process, click on “Download” under the “Zoom Client for Meetings” section. This option allows you to get the Zoom application for video conferences.

By default, the installer file typically named “ZoomInstaller.exe”, will start downloading when you click the button.

Your PC may display a prompt for you to edit the file name and choose a location to save the file. You may leave the settings as they are, but for easy access, you can choose a preferred location on your PC to save the file and wait for the download to complete.

Most PC users have the default download location on their device to be “Downloads folder” or “Documents Folder”. Either of the two are good too.

Step 4: Run the Installer File and Get Zoom Cloud Meeting on Your PC

Once the process completes, open your “Downloads” folder or the folder you selected in Step 3 and locate the installer file on your PC.

To start the installation process, run the installer file by Double-clicking the file and permitting the program to run on your device.

If the installation program runs successfully, the Zoom installation wizard will launch.

One such instruction is to accept the terms of service. It is ideal for you to review the terms of service before you click the accept button.

After acceptance, select the installation location, and choose any of the additional options that Windows displays on your screen.

Step 5: Launch the Zoom App and Access your Account on Your Device.

As soon as the installation is complete, a Zoom icon (shortcut) should appear on your desktop and program list, or use the Windows search bar to find it. Double-click on the icon to open the application and get it running.

When it opens, a pop-up on your Windows display will prompt you to sign in or create a new account.

If you already have a Zoom account, access it by clicking on the “Sign In” option to enter your email address and password.

If you don't have an account yet, click on “Sign Up Free” to create a new account.

After signing in, you will have access to the software and its features. Now, you can easily join, schedule, or host your meetings.

How to install Zoom cloud meeting on PC?

Can I Get Zoom on a Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can use Zoom on your mobile phone. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, all you need to do is download the version that’s suitable for your mobile phone, install it, and either create or sign in to your Zoom account.

Can I Record my Meetings on Zoom?

There may be a need to record a virtual video conferencing meeting, Zoom has made it easy to record meetings to your device or Zoom cloud for future reference and access by any other person who was not a participant.

Can I Share My Screen During Zoom Meetings?

The host of a meeting or any of the participants can display a visual presentation or share an entire video with other participants, without any hassle.

Using the Zoom screen-sharing tool is easy. The user interface of the Zoom App simplifies the process of sharing one’s screen during a meeting.

Can I Translate or Transcribe My Zoom Meeting Recordings Using Other Applications?

There is a higher chance of achieving increased productivity and the chance of carrying everyone in a meeting along when you utilize third-party applications to help you translate or transcribe your Zoom meetings.

The benefits of transcribing your meetings are numerous. Happy Scribe is a company that offers top-notch translation and transcription services in over 70 different languages.

With Happy Scribe, the security of your file is guaranteed and its quality will not be compromised.

To Install or Not to Install?

Wondering if you still need to install a Zoom Cloud Meeting on your PC? You don’t have to, but it is better if you do so.

The interesting features of the Zoom app, such as meeting recordings, chat rooms, presentations, sharing features, links, etc., have made effective collaboration and communication between businesses a lot easier.

Do not forget that Happy Scribe is ready to help you communicate efficiently during your Zoom meetings with partners or employees in any part of the world, even if they speak different languages.

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