How To Recover a Zoom Recording From Zoom Cloud

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How To Recover a Zoom Recording From Zoom Cloud

Zoom recordings serve various purposes, from information retrieval to correspondence. Understanding how to locate, replay, and recover these files, and maximizing their use, can be invaluable.

It's normal now that Zoom users record meetings or sessions for many purposes. While some see this move as a way to return to the sessions to recoup valuable information, others use these files as a reference or even for meeting correspondence. Regardless of its uses, one thing is sure: Zoom recordings will continue to be around as long as Zoom meetings.

In light of this, specific steps come with the recording process. From the recording process to its location, it's essential to understand a lot of variables to make the most of Zoom recordings. That's why you also need to understand the concept of Zoom Cloud.

Nevertheless, there are cases where many users accidentally delete Zoom recordings or meeting videos. In this case, they can get confused and ask how to recover their files. Look no further. An answer is afoot. Read on as this piece explores the recovery of Zoom recordings and explains the different ways to get these files.

How To Recover a Zoom Recording From Zoom Cloud

Where Are Zoom's Recordings Saved?

Online attendees can host conferences and meetings using Zoom software. This tool will enable users to record meetings, work together on projects, and share displays. However, some newcomers could need help locating them. The Zoom recording exists in the following locations:

Location of Zoom Cloud Recording

Log in to Zoom > Recordings > Cloud Recordings.

- Location of Zoom Recording on a Computer:

C:\Users\PC\Documents\Zoom or C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\

It's possible to rewatch the Zoom meeting after finding the recordings.

How Do I Recover A Zoom Recording From Zoom Cloud?

For many, it is no surprise that they must restore their Zoom recordings when lost or deleted. One way to do that is through a workable technique on the Zoom Cloud. This method ensures quick Zoom video recovery.

Only licensed users who have Cloud Recording enabled can use this approach. It's critical to understand that data erased from the Cloud Recording Trash is irreversibly lost and cannot be retrieved.

Note that Zoom will keep deleted recordings for 30 days in the Trash. A recording destroyed for longer than 30 days is gone forever. You may see if your local computer drive contains a copy of a different version.

- Step 1: Go to Recording after signing into Zoom.

- Step 2: Under Cloud Recording, select "Trash (number)".

- Step 3: Choose the deleted recording and click "Recover."

- Step 4: To confirm the recovery, Click "Recover".

When you do all these, you can scan and watch the Zoom videos in the recording list once more.

How To Rewatch A Zoom Meeting

It's essential to confirm that a recording of the Zoom conference exists on your local device or in the Zoom Cloud before playing it back. Following the steps below, it's possible to revisit the meeting if you or the host recorded it.

If the meeting was captured on a local recording device

- Step 1: Go to the spot on your computer where you saved the recording of the Zoom conference. This could be a specific folder or the default place, depending on your Zoom settings.

- Step 2: Find the audio recording file. Zoom saves recordings by default as MP4 files that include a timestamp in the filename.

- Step 3: To play the recording in a media player installed on your computer, such as Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, or QuickTime, double-click on the recording file.

- Step 4: You can review the Zoom meeting by playing the tape in the media player. Using the media player's controls, you can pause, fast-forward, rewind, and change the playback speed.

If the conference was captured on camera and stored in the Zoom Cloud

- Step 1: Log into your Zoom account by visiting the website.

- Step 2: Go to the "My Recordings" area after signing in. You can find it in the left sidebar under the "Recordings" tab.

- Step 3: You'll find a list of the recorded meetings in the "My Recordings" section.

- Step 4: Locate and click on the meeting tape you wish to rewatch.

- Step 5: You will have several options after choosing the recording, including playback, sharing, and downloading.

- Step 6: Click the "Play" button to replay the Zoom meeting. Doing so will launch a web player, allowing you to see the recording in your browser.

- Step 7: Playback features on the web-based player will include play/pause, volume adjustment, and timeline scrubbing. These settings allow you to browse the tape and return to any point in the meeting.

- Step 8: You can close the playback window after replaying the Zoom conference.

Remember that you can only replay a Zoom meeting if it is recorded and saved on your local device or in the Zoom Cloud. It's only possible to rewatch the session if you record it.

The accessibility of Cloud recordings also depends on your Zoom membership level and the retention options established by the account administrator.

Is There An Expiry Date On Zoom Recordings?

Zoom typically keeps the recording for seven days before sending it to the Trash. The Trash holds deleted things for up to 30 days. However, Zoom recordings can expire depending on your membership plan or the settings and storage restrictions the Zoom account administrator imposes. After 30 days have passed since the deletion, it is irretrievably lost. In light of all these, here are some essential things to think about concerning Zoom recordings' expiration dates:

Cloud Recording Storage

The account administrator can alter the Zoom Cloud Recording Retention time. They can specify how long you should keep recordings in the Zoom Cloud before they are automatically destroyed. The choices are typically between 30 days and unlimited retention.

Storage Restrictions

The storage limit for Zoom cloud recordings may vary depending on the connected subscription plan with the Zoom account. If the storage cap reaches its limit, older recordings may be removed to make room for new ones.

Local Recordings

If you recorded the meeting locally, rather than in the Zoom Cloud, on your device, it will remain available until you actively remove it or it runs out of space on your device.

Maximizing Zoom Recordings With Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is an online transcription service with a respectable star rating that allows you to quickly and accurately transcribe Zoom meetings. There is no restriction on the file size or length you can upload. By supplying a "starting timestamp," you can also choose the time to start transcribing. It covers multiple languages, automatically detects speakers, and lets you incorporate your vocabulary.

You can easily export your transcript from Happy Scribe in various formats. Upload your MP4 or audio file to Happy Scribe, select the language of the source audio, and then click "Transcribe" to start the transcription process. When finished, it's simple to download the transcription to your computer.

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