How to transcribe audio on Vimeo

How to transcribe audio on Vimeo

Learn how to transcribe audio on Vimeo and make your videos more accessible. Explore the steps to obtain video and audio transcriptions using services like Happy Scribe.

Vimeo is a toolkit that helps you make, manage, share, transcribe, and market your videos. It also helps with live streaming and virtual events, depending on your subscription plan.

It has three paid plans: the starter plan, which is only $12 a month; the standard plan, which is just $20; and the advanced plan, which is $65. You need to select the plan you want to use and pay using your credit cards. The payment for the Vimeo tool can be made on the site.

It is very helpful in terms of transcription. Anytime you upload a video to Vimeo, it automatically transcribes the dialogue and makes closed captions available

How to get video and audio transcriptions

First, visit the Happy Scribe website. To transcribe an audio file, Happy Scribe employs speech-to-text algorithms. Its speech-to-text program can transcribe recordings in over 120 languages and dialects. If your file is less than 10 minutes long, you can use the free trial to get it transcribed at no cost.

Select the transcription service in Happy Scribe. Vimeo would like to receive, then click on the Get Started button, and it will take you to the order page.

You share a link to your video (it could be from YouTube or Google) at the order page and paste it into the public Vimeo URL of the video that you want to be transcribed. Make sure to use one line per publicly available URL.

After you have pasted in your video's URL (the video you want to be transcribed), you can add extra services to your order by checking the relevant options provided. Once you complete the necessary information, you can check it out. An email will be sent to you once your transcript is ready.

How to transcribe audio on vimeo

Vimeo's transcript editor

Vimeo's transcript editor has multiple features that make your transcripts 100% accurate. To use the interactive editor, go to the "My Files" page and click on the file you would like to edit. Users can transcribe using the Access fundamental embedding features.

View some metrics for your videos. Download your converted video or audio files. Access some privacy settings for your videos. 10 videos can be uploaded every day.

Create a channel and three showcases. Publish videos directly to your social media and online store platforms.

How can I create an account?

The steps for opening a Vimeo account are as follows:

  1. Visit Click the "Join" button. Enter your email and create a username and password.

  2. Follow the steps in your inbox to confirm your email. The foundation of your account is already set up. It's time to tweak it to represent your business and appear polished and appealing.

  3. Upload your logo or profile picture (the suggested size is 600 x 600 px).

  4. Include a quiet, looped cover video that will play at the top of your profile. The video's recommended size is 1920 x 540 px, and its aspect ratio is 1:3:33.How do I upload a video to Vimeo?

The following are the steps for adding a video to Vimeo:

  1. Log in to your Vimeo account. Click the "Upload Video" button on the homepage or the "Upload" link in the navigation bar.

  2. Choose "Choose File to Upload" from the menu that appears (at this point, you can also change your privacy settings).

  3. Click "Select" after selecting the file you wish to upload. You can enter the title and description information while the file is uploaded.

  4. The uploading will begin as soon as you click the button. The progress meter should indicate the upload time for your tiny gem.

How can I download a video from Vimeo?

To download a video, click the "Download" button below the video player (not all videos have this; see below for more information).

Once you click it, a little menu with links to other video versions will display.

You can choose which video version you want to download.

How do you add subtitles to your video?

Discover how to manually add captions or subtitles to your Vimeo video by observing these instructions:

  1. Open the desired video by going to your video manager. Click the [CC] icon next to the player to see the transcript panel.

  2. From the option for closed captions (to the right of the transcript), select Settings.

  3. Choose the language and file type, then click the "+" button to the right of My Uploads. Select file you need from your computer with the "Choose File" button.

  4. Toggle the file to make it active once it has been uploaded. Click the three dots next to the file name, then select the desired option to change, delete, download, or edit your transcript.

How to transcribe audio on Vimeo

How to automatically subtitle videos

Manual transcription may take so much of your time, but you can third-party tools to convert video files (MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.) or audio files to file formats (txt, SRT, etc.) or to perform text transcription. Happy Scribe is the best for manually making this work.

Transcription services have substantially improved manual transcription. Follow these steps to get automated transcription:

  1. Your video file should be uploaded. Next, click "Choose File" and choose the appropriate file from your folder. You can import from any location, including your laptop, the internet, or YouTube videos.

  2. Choose the language that was used in your video material.

  3. Choosing "Auto-Transcribe,"

  4. Select "machine-generated" or "human-created" (which are both accessible in some transcription providers).

  5. Select "Auto-Transcribe" from the list of subtitle options under Elements in the left menu.

  6. Your automated transcription will now appear. Using a text editor, modify the transcription if necessary.

  7. Pick the desired file type without leaving the subtitles page by clicking "Options".

  8. Click on the "Download" button after selecting your preferred text format.

Vimeo provides automatic transcription like Happy Scribe and other transcription tools. It works to make videos in text format. It can be accurate and sometimes can have 100% accuracy via third-party applications, especially when using interactive tools. Try Vimeo today for your new video recording.

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