Meet Happy Scribe at GALA Conference 2024

André Bastié
André Bastié
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Meet Happy Scribe at GALA

Meet Happy Scribe at GALA's signature event for the globalization and localization industry, on 21-23 April 2024 in Valencia, Spain.

After being selected as the Globalization and Localization Association's (GALA) exclusive subtitling partner for 2024, we don't want to miss the yearly GALA conference, of course!

If you'd like meet us at the conference, don't hesitate to drop by our booth (15) or schedule a demo of our hybrid AI and human subtitling and transcription platform below.

Meet us at GALA 2024 — Booth 15

Come meet us at the GALA Conference in sunny Valencia; our team will be attending from the 21st of April to the 23rd of April 2024.

Book a demo at GALA here.

How can we help optimizing your audiovisual localisation workflow?

About Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is an Audiovisual Language Platform, enabling media brands around the world to scale their audiovisual language needs with ease. By combining language experts with state of the art AI, Happy Scribe helps teams securely manage contributors, streamline collaboration, and produce high-quality transcriptions, subtitles, and closed captions at speed.

About GALA

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is not just an association, it's the beating heart of the language services and technologies sector. As a nonprofit trade organization, GALA is the cornerstone for language industry businesses and professionals worldwide. GALA promotes and supports translation, interpreting, localization, subtitling, dubbing and the cutting-edge technologies forming the language services sector.

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