Subtitling for Wistia Course Videos

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Wistia Course Videos

Explore how to improve e-learning accessibility by adding subtitles to Wistia course videos, leveraging the integration of Wistia and LearnWorlds, and the capabilities of Happy Scribe.

Wistia is a popular video hosting platform many e-learning creators use to host and share their course videos. One important aspect of creating e-learning content is making it accessible to all learners, including those who may be deaf or hard of hearing. Subtitling is one way to provide access to course videos, and in this article, we'll explore how to add subtitles to Wistia course videos.

Wistia Course Videos

Why Subtitling is Important for E-Learning

Subtitling, also known as captioning, is adding text to videos that synchronize with the audio. Subtitles are an important aspect of e-learning content, as they provide access to learners who are deaf or hard of hearing. Subtitles also benefit learners who may have difficulty understanding spoken language due to accents, background noise, or other factors. Additionally, subtitles can improve retention and engagement for all learners, providing additional context and reinforcement of the content.

Wistia and LearnWorlds Integration

LearnWorld is a user-friendly and outstanding training builder for every business owner. With it, you can educate every relevant force in the business world (customers, employees or staff, and more), or you can simply have it as a tool for offering online courses. LearnWorlds school aims to ensure every learning activity created is interactive and stands out from other virtual schools. This they achieve by Integrating with Wistia.

The purpose of integration is to allow customers to connect their data to create a deeper affinity with a tool.

While Wistia boasts of being a top video hosting platform, LearnWorld has kept users thrilled with their video learning activity presented in high-quality video format. You can connect LearnWorlds school to your already existing Wistia account. Integrating is good; it helps to use relevant marketing tools. Several management systems are integrated with LearnWorld, of which Wistia is a part.

LearnWorlds school integrates with Wistia to create a high-quality video presentation of its courses. With this, learning activity is done with ease, stored for future reference, and shared among various users across the globe.

Wistia Pricing

Unlike other video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Wistia offers a free plan that is quoted as free forever. With this, you are still allowed to use basic analytics to track your progress and customize widgets to present your brand uniqueness. Wistia may not create app purchases for you for different features; this is verse each plan consists of great features that align with your video needs.

With a $19 annual payment, the Wistia Plus plan helps you implement a video strategy that engages your audience with a record of leads and offers you basic video editing tools. At the same time, looking for actionable insights as to how your video performs with a Pro plan that costs $79 annually. A $319 pricing gives you every Wistia experience but at an advanced level, this includes live streaming and unlimited video channels. You can also contact the company for a premium account with a Single Sign-on feature like the LearnWorlds small SSO login type. This is for those ready to take everything Wistia has to offer.

Wistia does not require a credit card for its payment; for your subscription after the trial period, PayPal is a great payment method.

Steps to Connect Your Wistia Account to LearnWorlds

A professional video hosting platform like - Wistia can add value to your business and this is because texts can be easily converted to videos, performances of such videos can be tracked, and overall engagements are formed with users. Your videos can add customized features to suit your brand image. To do all these, however, you need a Wistia account, and here's how to get it.

Whether from your mobile phone or PC, navigate to Wistia from your school webpage. Locate settings, choose the video, and select a provider.

While choosing a provider, select Wistia from the available options. A connect account option will appear.

The next thing to be asked is to access authorization to the Wistia account. An authorization gets you logged into your Wistia account.

Once you successfully connect Learnworlds school with Wistia, go through your video library to create a video learning activity for users. This shows course users how to get the best of online education.

How to Add Subtitles to Wistia Course Videos

Adding subtitles to the Wistia course video is a straightforward process that can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Caption File

The first step in adding subtitles to Wistia course videos is to create a caption file. Caption files are text files that contain the transcribed text and timing information for the subtitles. There are various tools available for creating caption files, including Happy Scribe, which uses AI technology to transcribe videos quickly and accurately.

Step 2: Upload the Caption File to Wistia

Once you have a caption file, you can upload it to your Wistia video. To do this, navigate to the video settings and click on the Captions tab. From here, you can upload your caption file and choose the caption format you want to use. Wistia supports various caption formats, including SRT and VTT.

Step 3: Adjust the Caption Settings

After you've uploaded your caption file, you can adjust the caption settings to customize the appearance of your subtitles. Wistia allows you to adjust your captions font, size, color, and background to match your branding.

Step 4: Publish Your Video

You can publish your video once you've added your subtitles and customized the caption settings. Your subtitles will now be available to viewers who can choose to turn them on or off as needed.

Subtitling Wistia course videos with Happy Scribe

Subtitling is an essential aspect of creating accessible e-learning content. By adding subtitles to your Wistia course videos, you can provide accessibility to learners who are deaf or hard of hearing, improve retention and engagement for all learners, and ensure that your content is accessible to a wider audience. With the right tools, such as Happy Scribe, adding subtitles to your Wistia course videos is a simple and effective process that can benefit both you and your prospects.

Using Happy Scribe to add subtitles to your Wistia videos is a simple and effective way to make your e-learning content accessible to a wider audience. The AI-powered tool can transcribe your video quickly and accurately, and its customization options allow you to match the subtitles to your branding.

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