Best Captioning Software of 2024 | Happy Scribe

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Best Captioning Software of 2024 | Happy Scribe

Closed captions can dramatically improve your videos’ SEO and view rates. Check out these easy-to-use solutions that will get the job done!

As video content continues to surge in popularity, the need for accessible and efficient captioning software is more important than ever. Creating captions not only enhances the accessibility of your content for individuals with hearing impairments, but it also caters to a wider audience, including those watching in noisy environments or non-native speakers of the language used in the video. This article will explore the best captioning software options available in 2024

What are the best closed caption options on the market?

Now that we’ve covered the why, let’s jump right into the how! Here’s our list of the best captioning software that will do the job for you.

You can try your luck with one of the thousands of options out on the market that provide closed captioning services or opt for real-time captioning software, but if you want to spare yourself the headache, browse through this curated list of the most used and reliable companies.

1. Happy Scribe

In the world of captioning software, Happy Scribe stands out with its robust features and advanced technology. Happy Scribe harnesses the power of AI to transcribe and caption videos quickly and accurately.

- Advanced AI: Happy Scribe utilizes artificial intelligence for quick and precise transcription and captioning. This feature allows the software to handle large volumes of content efficiently.

- Multilingual Support: Happy Scribe supports over 119 languages, making it a versatile choice for content creators targeting a global audience.

- Customizable Captions: The software allows users to modify the font, color, and size of the captions to match their branding.

- User-friendly Interface: Happy Scribe offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy even for beginners to navigate and use the platform.

- Editable Transcripts: Happy Scribe provides the option to edit the transcriptions to ensure accuracy before finalizing the captions.

- Integration: Happy Scribe integrates seamlessly with many video hosting platforms, making it a convenient choice.

Happy Scribe offers a combination of advanced technology, user-friendly interface, and high customization level, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals. Its multilingual support is a significant advantage for global content creators.

2. Rev

Rev is another popular choice when it comes to captioning software. Known for its professional services, Rev provides both automated and human transcription services.

- Professional Transcription Services: Rev offers transcription services by professionals, ensuring a high level of accuracy.

- Automated Transcription: For a faster and more affordable option, Rev also offers an automated transcription service.

- Foreign Language Subtitles: Rev offers subtitles in multiple languages, broadening the reach of your content.

- FCC and ADA Compliant: Rev’s captions are compliant with FCC and ADA standards, ensuring accessibility.

Rev is known for its accuracy, especially when using its professional transcription services. The option to choose between automated and human transcription services provides flexibility based on budget and accuracy requirements.

The cost for professional transcription services can be high. Also, while Rev supports foreign language subtitles, its range is not as extensive as Happy Scribe’s.

3. SubtitleBee

SubtitleBee is a captioning software known for its simplicity and speed. It offers automated captioning and subtitling services.

- Fast Captioning: SubtitleBee promises fast turnaround times for its captioning services.

- Easy Editing: The platform provides an easy-to-use editor to check and correct the generated captions.

- Multiple Export Formats: SubtitleBee supports multiple export formats, providing flexibility based on where the video will be hosted.

SubtitleBee offers a simple and straightforward solution for captioning. It is a good choice for those who value speed and simplicity.

4. Descript

Descript is a unique captioning software that does more than just transcribe and caption videos. It offers a new approach to editing audio and video files.

- Overdub: Descript’s standout feature is its ability to create a realistic voice clone that can be used to make edits or corrections in the audio.

- Transcription and Captioning: Like other software on this list, Descript also offers transcription and captioning services.

- Text-based Editing: Descript allows you to edit your audio and video files by editing the text of the transcription, making it a powerful tool for content creators.

- Multitrack Recording: The software supports multitrack recording, which can be useful for podcast recording or other multi-speaker situations.

Descript's unique text-based editing feature and the Overdub feature make it a standout in the captioning software space. It offers a suite of tools that are useful for not just captioning but also editing and creating content.

5. Sonix

Sonix is an automated transcription, translation, and subtitling platform trusted by millions of users worldwide.

- Automated Transcription: Sonix uses advanced AI to transcribe video and audio files quickly.

- Translation: Sonix supports translation into multiple languages, making it a good choice for content creators targeting a global audience.

- Automated Subtitling: The software can automatically generate subtitles for your video, which can then be edited for accuracy.

- Collaborative Tools: Sonix allows multiple users to work on a transcript or subtitle file simultaneously, which can be beneficial for larger teams.

Sonix provides fast and reliable automated transcription and subtitling. Its collaborative tools and translation capabilities are notable features.

Getting started with captions

If you regularly manage media and video, you know that even thinking about captioning your project can be a daunting idea if you’re not familiar with the process, but fear not! Today’s technology has made closed captioning easier than ever before. If you’re looking for the best captioning software solutions that will handle your job, we’ve got your back!

Whether you’re interested in automatic captioning software for a quick YouTube video, or lengthy projects, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the software on this list.

But before we reveal the best captioning software, let’s quickly go over why adding captions is so important.

Why captions matter

The most evident reason to include captions is that they allow your content to be accessible and to a wider audience, including deaf and hard of hearing people.

And let’s not forget that nowadays, over 90% of viewers -yes, that many!- tend to watch videos without any audio. So by not including captions, you’re not providing your audience with enough incentive or information to keep engaging with your content in certain contexts. Surely enough, they will scroll past your videos in search of others that do.

As if the above reasons aren’t important enough, adding captions can significantly help boost your videos’ SEO. Since Google can’t index audio, when you don’t include subtitles or closed captions, the only information Google can rely on are your video’s title and description, which as you can guess, is not enough information for good SEO results. Adding captions to your videos will help Google interpret and index them, resulting in better SEO rankings!

What’s the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

Subtitles are essentially intended for hearing viewers who benefit from having a video or audio dialogue transcribed or translated into text. Subtitles fundamentally show spoken content but do not incorporate non-verbal information such as sounds, background noises, tone differentiation or any other relevant audio information.

Captions on the other hand, transcribe both the dialogues as well as all other non-speech elements of a video and assume the audience is not able to hear the audio. Captions make your videos accessible to a wider-audience by providing the viewer with full context.

Now that you’ve found the best video captioning software, it’s time to get to work to unlock your videos’ full potential by making them accessible to as many potential viewers as possible!

Choosing the Right Captioning Software for Your Needs in 2024

When selecting captioning software, it is crucial to consider your specific needs and budget. Happy Scribe stands out with its advanced AI technology, multilingual support, and high level of customization, making it a versatile tool for diverse captioning needs. However, each software listed has its unique strengths, and the best fit will depend on your specific requirements and preferences.

Regardless of the software you choose, incorporating captions into your video content is a necessary step in making your content more accessible and inclusive. As video consumption continues to rise, ensuring your content can reach as wide an audience as possible will be key to your success.

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