How Much Does Zoom Transcription Cost?

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How Much Does Zoom Transcription Cost?

Unlock the power of Zoom transcriptions to optimize remote interactions, ensuring every critical detail is captured and easily accessible.

The need and use of quality and accurate Zoom transcriptions keep showing up in today's remote systems to enhance various aspects, including teamwork, distant relationships, and even learning processes. It's easy to think about the live Zoom calls you have, only to realize that you failed to write down a crucial detail.

Now imagine that someone on your team recorded the live session. You'll feel free knowing you're safe and can use it for future purposes. However, the only difference here is that you'll have to spend more time listening to the lengthy audio to find what you need. While recording your meetings is a good idea, doing so consumes much of your time and can unwittingly create a new issue.

How much does Zoom transcription cost ?

Most of the time, you must record and share essential and accurate information from Zoom meetings. There are better options in these cases than recording calls to the cloud or taking thorough notes with an app like Fireflies. That's why you need to transcribe Zoom meetings. Users can get transcripts for free either on the software or using third-party transcription tools or apps like Happy Scribe, Grain, Otter, GoTranscript, and Rev, to mention a few. These users also ask about how free these services are and other cost-related questions. Read on as this piece explores the Zoom transcription costs, how free the transcription feature is on Zoom, and further valuable details.

What Does Zoom Transcription Mean?

Zoom transcription means transforming the audio and video files into text documents. It is vital since the software or app offers a written file, otherwise known as transcripts, that is simple to grasp, especially for hearing-impaired people.

You can use Zoom to record some of your virtual meetings automatically and preserve and feature the negotiations' details for future reference for your team. While this action is positive, having a written and accurate record of the meeting's proceedings is also great. That's where features like Zoom's transcripts and captions come in.

An accurate transcription of your Zoom conference can significantly increase participant participation. Additionally, transcripts and captions also serve as some of the best methods to improve the social inclusion of your webinars.

Is the transcription feature on Zoom free?

Zoom records sessions and conferences on the software or app and then stores them on a cloud server for access and editing by users as needed. Yes, Zoom provides free transcription services for all recordings stored in the cloud. However, a few requirements exist before using the software to record your meetings. Below are explanations for some of them:

- You must subscribe to Zoom under Education, Business, or Enterprise plan.

- You must configure your account to allow cloud recording.

- You must have administrator rights or be the account's owner.

If you satisfy these requirements, you can automatically enable Zoom transcription with the steps below.

- Step 1: Log into your Zoom account

- Step 2: Select "Create audio transcript" under Settings > Recordings.

- Step 3: Record your meeting in the cloud and access the transcript later.

Zoom's native transcription has free features that recognize the call's speakers automatically. It divides the transcript into smaller chunks based on timestamps rather than speakers.

The software's native transcription is reliable but isn't the best service because of its limitations. One is that Zoom members can't read, use, or share the text. Another is that the app features only a few languages, and you cannot download the transcript in many file types.

How much does Zoom transcription cost ?

The Costs Of Zoom Transcription

The kind of file you have and features like its quality significantly impact how much Zoom audio and video transcription will cost. For example, transcription fees for audios that feature two or more speakers will be higher than those with just one speaker. Additionally, poor-quality files with less accuracy take longer to convert to text, raising the cost.

Factors That Determine Zoom Transcription Costs

Audio quality

Transcribing a lousy audio file is more challenging than a good and accurate one. The transcriber will add more time to listen to and understand what is being said for an inferior file. The transcription costs of these files are higher because more effort and accuracy are required. This also means that the transcription cost of high-quality audio recordings into text will be reduced.

Response time

Within a few hours, you could have the transcript of your Zoom meeting for any use. However, the urgent nature of the project may also impact transcription costs. For example, you would need to add more money for Zoom transcription services if you need a transcript within four hours. The price can be lower if the turnaround time is extended by three to four days.

Pricing systems

It's vital to remember that several services provide a range of service pricing models. Zoom's transcription services are the same. The following are typical price schemes for Zoom transcription:

Hourly plan: You pay a transcriptionist a set sum for each hour they spend to transcribe under the hourly price system. Although it is one of the most widely used pricing models in the US, it has certain drawbacks. For instance, you will continue to pay the agreed-upon sum for each hour of transcription, regardless of the caliber of the transcript.

Per page: As the name suggests, this fee schedule applies to buying the Zoom transcript by the page. Because it allows for taking into account the quality and accuracy of the transcript, it is a better rate strategy than the hourly approach.

Per minute: Using the price scheme, the transcriptionist is compensated for each minute an audio file is transcribed. They can see the amount they earn based on the audio recording duration. The most popular pricing structure in the transcription industry is by the minute.

Per text line: This price model assesses a set fee for each translated line.

The number of speakers

Transcribing a multi-speaker audio file features more complications than transcribing a single one. An audio file with multiple speakers will cost more to convert into text. With more speakers, transcription becomes more complex, which impacts the price.


To transcribe each accent accurately, human transcriptionists must understand each in an audio recording. Human transcriptionists have a lot of work to accomplish because there are different accents in English and other languages. Any transcript with unique accents may be more expensive since it can be challenging to grasp and type.

Getting Zoom Transcriptions With Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe provides manual and automated transcription, like some of the best transcription service providers or apps such as Otter, Grain, Rev, Fireflies, and GoTranscript. It is a transcription service solely concerned with transcribed files, whether audio or video.

There is no restriction on features such as the size or length of the files you can submit on the app. Additionally, you can specify a "starting timestamp" to indicate the time you want to begin the transcription process. You can add your vocabulary as it recognizes multiple languages and automatically detects the speaker's voice for accuracy.

As a transcription service, Happy Scribe has text editing tools that simplify proofreading and create your transcript in different quality and accurate formats.

As a transcription service, Happy Scribe has text editing tools that simplify proofreading and create your transcript in different quality and accurate formats.

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