How to Create E-learning Video Subtitles on Happy Scribe

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How to Create E-learning Video Subtitles on Happy Scribe

Creating accessible E-learning videos can be a complex task. Happy Scribe simplifies the process by offering transcription, subtitling and customizable features, ensuring an engaging learning experience for everyone.

With the growing increase in demand for online learning, most educators make their teaching materials available in videos and presentations. Videos are good but there are several reasons why the sound that comes with can't be used by a person at a particular time. This could be because of hearing impairments, inability to follow the language used, or being a place where sounds can't be used. All these and more are why transcripts and subtitles are required to give the best experience to students. It is important to note that transcription and subtitling are very different from using closed captions on your videos.

However, creating E-learning video subtitles can be daunting, especially for those new to the world of video content creation. Fortunately, with the help of Happy Scribe, a web-based transcription and subtitling tool, the process can be made much simpler and more efficient.

How to Create E-learning Video Subtitles on Happy Scribe

Uploading and Transcribing Your E-learning Video Content

A transcript is a written or otherwise typed document that contains the text format of words spoken in the video content. Transcripts can be created by the video creator or a professional transcription service can be hired to make things easier and faster. Most creators decide to do video transcripts themselves to get accurate transcriptions but using a happy scribe gives the same accuracy.

The first step in creating E-learning video subtitles with Happy Scribe is to upload your video content to the platform. Happy Scribe supports various video formats, including MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and more. Once your video has been uploaded, the tool will automatically transcribe the audio, creating a text-based transcript of the spoken content.

The important step is to convert the transcript into a VTT or SRT file; it should not be a Microsoft Word format. This is simple, depending on the transcription service software used, and most are available for free download. After the video transcript is uploaded, these tools convert the transcription file into the desired SRT file format. The VVT and SRT transcription file types are the most acceptable on many video editing software. Once the conversion is complete, you can download the file. Some video hosting platforms like Vimeo allow users to automatically create these files.

The next and final step is to upload the SRT file to your video. Most video hosting platforms like YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo all support adding third-party transcription files. This is possible through their captioning features. If your courses are available on Learning Management Systems, you must ensure they support caption files. With all these done, your course just became available to everyone regardless of their reason for not using a sound.

Creating Accurate and Well-Timed Subtitles with Happy Scribe's User-Friendly Editor

Once the transcription is complete, you can begin the process of creating subtitles. Happy Scribe offers a user-friendly subtitle editor that lets you easily adjust the transcription and add timing information to create accurate and well-timed subtitles. The editor also allows you to preview your subtitles in real time, so you can see how they will look and make any necessary adjustments.

There is always the possibility of having inaccurate transcription while creating video or audio transcripts. The quality of any speech-to-text technology is the level of accurate translation and captioning it gives. For an English transcription or a subtitle for a foreign language, accuracy is more important than just going for transcription altogether. It would not be professional to have a transcript or captions that are either slower or faster than the audio sound of the content. Using a professional transcription service like Happy Scribe can avoid all of these occurrences.

Happy Scribe does this easily thanks to the Deepl API it uses to create its transcription, translation, and captions. Happy Scribe is built and focused on delivering excellence per time. Every creator can avoid wrong transcription timing issues by using Happy Scribe. Have you watched a video where the audio plays faster and slower than the subtitles showing either above or below? That can frustrate any viewer because it is extra work to keep up with the audio, the live action in the video, and the subtitles going on separately.

Happy Scribe creates transcription quickly and easily; this is possible because of the easy interface of the subtitles editor. You can get both human-generated and AI-generated transcripts from Happy Scribe, each having its level of accuracy. Happy Scribe reviews are always good and show just how much quality you can get.

Customizing and Exporting Your E-learning Video Subtitles for Maximum Accessibility and Engagement

In addition to the subtitle editor, Happy Scribe also offers several tools to help you customize and optimize your subtitles. For example, you can choose from a range of font styles, sizes, and colors to create subtitles that match the look and feel of your E-learning video content. You can also adjust the positioning and timing of your subtitles to ensure they are easy to read and appear at the right time.

Once you have finished creating your E-learning video subtitles, you can export them in various formats, including SRT, VTT, and SSA. Most video players and platforms widely support these formats, so you can be sure that your subtitles will work seamlessly with your E-learning content.

Overall, Happy Scribe is an excellent tool for creating E-learning video subtitles. Its powerful transcription engine, intuitive subtitle editor, and flexible export options make the process of creating accurate and effective subtitles faster and easier than ever before. So if you want to create E-learning video content accessible and engaging for all viewers, be sure to try Happy Scribe!

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