Is There a Free Translation App for Zoom Meetings?

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André Bastié
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Is there a free translation app for Zoom meeting ?

Embrace Zoom, the preferred virtual communication tool, and discover its seamless integration with live translation for globalized meetings.

Many worldwide firms today have adopted the common practice of holding online meetings. A much more practical and affordable method of virtual meetings is video conferencing services like Zoom. When a large portion of the workforce works remotely, Zoom meetings have also emerged as the most effective means to conduct team meetings within a business.

A Zoom conference is an excellent tool for conducting business. Still, it can become problematic if not everyone can communicate in the same language. You can be on a call with someone speaking a different language because everyone uses Zoom to communicate while working from home. And even if increasing globalization gradually eliminates obstacles to speaking, you'll still need to consider them when organizing meetings with foreign participants.

Companies frequently employ live-translation service providers for physical panels. Whether such services can happen via video calls may be a concern. Yes, that is the response. The existence and extent of free translation applications are additional issues. Continue reading to learn more and get the answers to these and other vital concerns.

Is there a free translation app for Zoom meeting ?

Does Zoom Have A Translation Feature?

According to an announcement made at the time, real-time translation and multilingual captions were made available by Zoom under the newly redesigned Zoom One suite on June 22, 2022. With the new features, you can now translate meetings from any of the ten languages that are currently supported—Simplified Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian—into English.

The launch of the new translation function marks the completion of Zoom's efforts to integrate live translation into its meetings; these efforts were undoubtedly significantly boosted with the company's acquisition of Kites.

Any Zoom meeting has a host assigned to it. They can appoint other hosts, share their screens, take notes on the fly, and more. That host can designate an interpreter using Zoom Interpretation. The interpreter has only recently joined the session as a participant.

They will then be given a separate audio channel to talk into once they are appointed. Those attendees who require interpretation will select that audio channel to listen to the meeting. It is also possible to continue listening to the original audio channel at a reduced volume.

You must have a business, educational, or enterprise Zoom account to use Zoom Interpretation. Additionally, you will need an ID for the automatically generated meeting. It's important to understand that this unique functionality requires setup by Zoom Support.

Does Zoom have a live translation feature?

The two leading translation technologies that are open to hosts of multilingual Zoom meetings and webinars are:

Language Interpretation

This method connects simultaneous interpreters to your conference. It allows them to convey the original speech in a different language in real-time. Participants choose their favorite language during a meeting.

Live translation of the captions or subtitles

Meeting participants are handed captions or subtitles to read what is being said. However, these captions are generated automatically using artificial intelligence technology and are in the user's chosen language. They show up instantly on the screen.

Is there a free translation app for Zoom meeting ?

Benefits Of Translation Apps For Zoom Meetings


Most translation tools for Zoom Meetings offer AI and thematically translated captions to your video call to promote cooperation and participation. The incorporation instantly recognizes the audio from the person talking. It transcribes and converts it into captions for attendees to follow along with.

As a result, Zoom users can communicate in different languages on the same video conference, with captions displayed in the language spoken by each participant. Each foreign-speaking participant will be able to understand the dialogue as a result.

Elimination of the language constraint while creating new worldwide prospects

There are multiple translation apps for Zoom meetings, ranging from Chinese, French, German, and Italian to Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. They are compatible with all language pairs and do not require translation to or from English.

For example, if four people were on a Zoom call and each spoke a different language, like Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, or Chinese, the speaker's audio would be translated into subtitles in each participant's language. Because live-translated captioning decreases the worldwide language barrier and opens the door to new international relationships, these apps assist firms in conducting cross-border meetings.

Provision of live-translated captioning

The necessity for translated captioning cannot come soon enough. Various translation applications are so simple to use that all they require before your Zoom meeting is to turn captioning on. When any one of the participants speaks, the clever incorporation will display translated subtitles at the bottom of your Zoom screen.

These apps also work in real time, so you can instantly grasp what is being said. Captioning will only translate if you enable these applications on your Pro or Business account. As a result, for a tiny monthly charge, some of these apps provide immense advantages in modern-day society.

AI and context-aware translations

The sophisticated software in translation apps intelligently and reliably transforms the speaker's audio into captions, sensing any dialects and subtleties. The software automatically displays the captions in the language each Zoom user selects, allowing them to recognize the conversation instantly. These apps employ their translation software rather than Zoom's for improved quality, even when slang terms, jargon, and acronyms are included in the audio.

A low-cost method of holding cross-border discussions with people who speak a foreign language

With so much ambiguity surrounding trips abroad, translation applications allow you and your company to have Zoom meetings with international stakeholders. It will save money on pricey translators and time! Numerous translation applications have been created as a low-cost way for you and your business to communicate in multiple languages simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

Translating Zoom Meetings With Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe, trusted by the BBC, Spotify, and Forbes, is an ideal alternative if you need exact transcriptions of your Zoom conference recordings. The company offers machine- and human-generated transcripts with quick turnaround times, with automatic transcriptions commencing within a few minutes. If you need your transcript quickly, this is the option for you.

Happy Scribe includes a subtitling and captioning service, human subtitle and transcript translations, the ability to share your transcript, several file formats, and a user-friendly editor. Unlike most other products, you pay for audio minutes, so there are no annual or monthly expenses. Their automated service is currently available for a free trial.

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