Why transcribe a Zoom Meeting with a third-party application?

Why transcribe a Zoom Meeting with a third-party application?

Transcribing Zoom meetings using a third-party application increases engagement, inclusivity, and comprehension while making content searchable and better documented. Third-party transcription apps offer greater accuracy, ease of use, readability, time savings, and extra features like automatic summaries and language support.

Zoom meeting calls tend to be intense and are often full of important information. If you find yourself struggling to keep track of everything that is covered or want to help boost your team productivity, you need to start transcribing your audio. Here we’ll go over the main reasons why you should start transcribing your meetings and why you need to select a third-party transcription app for the best results.

5 benefits of transcribing your Zoom Meetings

There are numerous benefits to transcribing your Zoom meeting. Find out why you need to use a transcription service to get the most out of your meetings and other Zoom recordings.

1. Increase engagement levels

Transcribing your Zoom meetings is a great way to increase the engagement levels of your team or clients. Once the speaker confirms that they will create and share a transcription of the meeting, participants will no longer need to worry about making notes while simultaneously trying to listen and participate in the discussion.

Increased engagement levels allow your team to better engage and could even result in improvements in productivity. With everyone’s full attention, more valid points, questions and suggestions are going to be raised live on screen during your meeting rather than as a flurry of individual emails at a later date.

2 Make your meeting more inclusive

Have you ever struggled to understand what was being said during an online meeting due to connectivity problems or background noise? Then you’ll know how beneficial it can be to have a live transcript of what is being said. As host, transcribing your Zoom meeting will also make it more inclusive for team members with hearing impairments.

With increased globalisation, your host may be in another part of the world from yourself and speak with a different accent, or you could have multiple team members using a non-native language. Add a Zoom meeting transcription to make your meeting more accessible to all, including participants who are on the move or sitting in on other meetings and may need to mute.

3. Make your meeting content searchable

Turning your video meeting audio into text files is really useful when you need to search for specific information. Rather than sift through an hour-long recording to find out exactly what was said on a certain point, you can simply search for a work and click through the matching results in your transcript.

Meeting transcripts also enable you to easily repurpose your meeting content to create summaries, infographics and guidelines. This can save you hours rewatching your meeting and trying to note down and condense everything that was said.

4. Increase team/client comprehension

Even if you’re an ace at public speaking, getting your message across on screen can be a challenge. Your audience may be occupied with other projects or simply not paying close attention. They could also be in an area with loud background noise or have to take an important call.

Having a meeting transcript also serves as a safety net. With on screen captions and a full transcription afterwards, users can read and re-read any parts that they missed or struggled to understand. With a copy of the meeting to read later, your team will be able to better get to grips with exactly what was said.

5. Better document your meeting for future reference

Remembering the exact details of a video meeting conversation can be tricky. Even if you make notes. Did she really say 20% or was it 40%? Rather than wasting time replaying your meeting recording, everyone can simply look at the transcript and easily find the correct information.

Having a transcript of your meeting is essential to avoid potential misunderstandings between team members or with clients. When you share your video recording transcript afterwards, everyone present has a record of what was actually said in black and white, step by step.

Zoom's third party apps provide a better accuracy in transcriptions
Zoom's third party apps provide a better accuracy in transcriptions

Why use a third party transcription application?

So it’s obvious that you need transcriptions of your Zoom meetings, even if you record them to the cloud for future reference. Seeing as Zoom has its own Live Transcription feature, why do you need to use a third-party transcription app? Here are the main reasons why you should use a third-party service.

Greater Accuracy

Transcribe your Zoom video recording with a third-party app for greater levels of accuracy. The software that these services use is proven to be much better at automatically transcribing the correct words and phrases. If you want your meeting to be taken seriously, you don’t want your participants to miss important points while laughing out loud at the on screen typos. Third-party transcription apps provide much more professional quality, even with free versions.

Ease of Use

Use a third-party transcription tool to make it easier to get your Zoom meeting transcription in one simple click, once you have set up your account. Some services even have settings that enable you to automatically record and transcribe Zoom meetings, even if you are not present. Third party services also put a lot of effort into making their tool as easy to use as possible with simple user interfaces that meet your needs.

Better Readability

With a third-party app, your transcription text files and live on screen captions will be much easier to read. Their software automatically records speaker changes and is able to add punctuation and capitalization. This also has the added benefit of making your transcription look more professional, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Save Time

Enable a third party app in your Zoom settings and save time that you would otherwise need to spend editing your transcriptions of Zoom meeting recordings. Thanks to their superior accuracy levels, you won’t have to edit every single sentence to achieve the results that you want.

Extra Features

One of the main benefits of using a specialist transcription tool to transcribe your Zoom meeting or recording is that they tend to have a wealth of extra features that you will really like.

Some of the most popular app features include:

If these extra features are of interest to you, you may need to sign up for a paid account or subscription service. Some transcription software apps may include certain elements in their free plans or you may be able to check out the entire suite with a free trial account.

Final Thoughts

Using a third-party app is the best way to ensure an accurate Zoom transcription for all of your meetings and recordings. Highly accurate and packed with extra features, take the next step and sign up with a new transcription service to ensure your meetings come across loud and clear to all of your participants.

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